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"Extract of a Letter from London, dated July 27, 1770."

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Extract of a Letter from London, dated July 27, 1770.
"You may rely on it as a matter of fact, that it is
voted in C--l, to send several Regiments into
Boston, to support such people there in importing and
vending their Goods, as will in Opposition to the sense
of province, pursue such a Business ; and that a
number of ships are also ordered to invest the Town" --
If the foregoing be true, it shows how important the
Non-importation agreement has been,even in the opinion
of administration ; how great a pity it is therefore, that
the merchants did not continue it, at least one season
longer. It remains then that the LANDHOLDERS take
the matter under their consideration, and withhold from
buying a single article -- We can live without the bau-
bles of Britain -- If there are no purchasers there can
not long be Importers ; we shall save our money, and
save our Country.

It is said that the fresh Talk in England of sending
Troops to this Place was occasion'd by an Affadavit sent
from hence, by -- under the immediate direction of
**** in which the Province in general and some respecta-
ble Persons in particular have been grossly calumniated --
it is certainly high Time that Magistrates who take De-
positions ex parte, so the prejudice not only of private
Characters, but of the whole Community, should be dis-
countenanced by higher Authority.