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"Extract of a Letter from Philadelphia, Dec. 4, 1773. Our tea consignees ..."

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Extract of a Letter from Philadelphia, Dec. 4, 1773.

"Our Tea Consignees have all resign'd, and you
need not fear; the Tea will not be landed here or
at New-York. All that we fear is, that you will
shrink at Boston. You have fail'd us in the Impor-
tation of Tea from London since the Non-impor-
tation Agreement, and we fear you will suffer this
to be landed -- If you suffer the Ships to haul in
and land any Article of Goods whatever, you may
depend it will be told in Philadelphia that you
smuggled the Tea too. We remember heavily
the boxes fill'd with Brickbatts, &c. which were
said to be Goods returned to London. Such Tricks
(which were never publickly resented in Boston and
PUNISHED) make your Enemies rejoice, and weaken
the Confidence of your Friends. -- May God give
you Virtue enough to save the Liberties of your
Country, and depend on it, it shall not betray them