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"New-York, December 6, 1773. Whereas our nation ..."

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NEW-YORK, December 6, 1773.

[This dateline relates to the date of the publication of the letter.]

WHEREAS our nation have lately been in-
formed, that the fetters which have been
forged for us (by the parliament of Great-Britain)
are hourly expected to arrive, in a certain ship, be-
longing to, or chartered by, the East-India Compa-
ny. We do therefore declare, that we are determi-
ned not to be enslaved, by any power on earth ; and
that whosoever shall aid, or abet, so infamous a de-
sign, or shall presume to let their store, or stores, for
the reception of the infernal chains, may depend up-
on it, that we are prepared, and shall not fail to pay
them an unwelcome visit, in which they shall be
treated as they deserve ; by


New York, Nov. 27, 1773.

[This dateline relates to the date of the letter.]