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Letter from Samuel Adams to James Warren, 27 November 1772

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Boston Novr 27 1772

My dear Sir

I hearewith inclose you a printed Copy, as
far as it is workd off, of the Proceedings of this
Town. The Selectmen of Plymouth will have
it sent to them as soon as the Printers can
finish it. The Tories are taking all imaginable
Pains, to disparage it in the Minds of the other
Towns. I am under no Apprehensions with Regard
to Plymouth. The Copy of your Petition was very
acceptable to me; I have publishd it in three of
our Papers, and the Friends of Liberty are highly
pleasd with the Spirit of it. I am very desirous
of knowing the consequent Proceedings of the Town
though I doubt not but you have acted your part well.
There is a Peice in Drapers paper under the Signature
I.H. said to be wrote in Hingham; If I could beleive
this, I should think it was the genuine Production
of Deacon H--y's Genius, it is much like the Rant,
which you and I have heard. I rather think however
it was "fabricated" in the Cabal. You are particularly
interested, in behalf of our town, to take Notice of
it. The same paper impudently "reports" that there
were not twenty men at the Town meeting besides the
Selectmen & some of the Committee when the Letter was
passed, which you may rely upon to be false, as hundreds
who were present can testify. You know the Tories have
[Subscription (recipient's name at foot of page)] To Coll Warren

"a scurvy trick of lying" to serve the Purposes of Des
potism. The Town of Roxbury have appointed a
Committee of Nine to take into Consideration the
proceedings of this Town, five of this Committee
are said to be Whigs, on the other side are Isaac
Winslow and the Mr. Mayo, who was foreman of
the Grand Jury who cleard the Soldiers, and afterward
was advanced to the Rank of Major of the Regiment,
though our Friend Heath (who is of this Committee)
thought himself, and in the opinion of Major Genl.
Brattle was, degraded thereby. Cap. Heath bids me
expect that matters will go right at the adjournment
of their Meeting. On his Zeal & Integrity as well as
good Sense you know we may rely. -- I hear that
Marblehead is to have a meeting next week. I have
reveived favorable accounts from our worthy friend
Mr. Gerry, and hope for good Tidings from thence.
My dear sir, we must exert ourselves to awaken
our Country men to a Sense of the danger they are
in of immediate & perhaps irrecoverable Ruin. --
Every kind of Opiate is administerd daily which
our enemies can invent. If the Old Colony fails, I
shall be apprehensive indeed; but I will not entertain
the Thought while Coll. Warren and others, tho' few,
remain in it. I have wrote in great Haste & must
now conclude -- Yours,
Saml Adams


Pray write me by the first opportunity.


Mr. S. Adams
Lett. Nov. 1772