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John Rowe diary 11, 18-19 April 1775, pages 1986-1987

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18 Aprill Tuesday

Rainy Weather WSo I dind at
home with Capt Linzee Mrs Linzee Mrs Rowe & George
Inman-- & Spent the Evening at home with them and
Jack Rowe --

19 Aprill Wednesday

Last night the Grenadirs of
Light Companies belonging to the Severall Regiments
in this Town were Ferryd over Charles River & Landed
on Phipps Farm in Cambridge from whence they
Proceeded on their Way to Concord, where they arrivd
Early this day. On their march they had a Skirmish
with Some Country People at Lexington --
The First Brigade commanded by Lord Percy with
Two pieces of Artillery set off from this Town this
morning abt Ten of Clock as a Reinforcement which
with the Grenadiers & Light Infantry made about
Eighteen hundred Men -- The People in the Country
had Notice of this movement Early in the Night
Alarm Guns were fird thro the Country & Expresly
sent off to the Different Towns so that very Early
this morning Large Numbers from all Parts of the
Country -- were Assembled --
A Generall Battle Ensued which from what I can
Learn was Supported with Great Spirit on both Sides
and continued untill the Kings Troops got back to
Charlstown which was near Sunset -- Numbers --
are Killd & Wounded on Both Sides -- Capt Linzee
& Capt Collins in two Small Armd Vessells were indeed
up Charles River to Bring off the Troops to Boston
but Lord Percy & Generall Smith thought Proper to
Encamp on Bunkers Hill this Night -- this Unhappy --
affair is a Shocking Introduction to all the Miseries
of a Civil Warr,
I dind at home with the Revd Mr Parker Mr Linzee
Mrs Rowe & Geo Inman, & spent the Evening at home
with Mr Inman Mr Linzie Mrs Rowe Geo Inman & Jack --

20 Aprill Thursday

cold Weather WNW -- The Generall
Sent Some more Troops to Charlstown Last Night &
this morning so that, Lord Percy & The Troops under
His Command Returned to Town, this night some
People abo Two hundred Attackd Capt Linzee
in the Armd Schooner a Little Below Cambridge
Bridge. he gave them a Warm Reception -- So