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Appointment as lieutenant in Massachusetts militia, 19 May 1775

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[This is a printed form completed in manuscript.]


To Gamalial Whiting Gentleman, GREETING.

WE, reposing especial Trust and Confidence in your Courage and good Conduct,
Do, by these Presents, constitute and appoint you the said Gamaliel Whiting
to be Lieutenant of the     Foot Company in the
Regiment of Foot whereof John Fellows Esr is Coel raised by the Congress
aforesaid, for the Defense of said Colony.

You are, therefore, carefully and diligently to discharge the Duty of a Lieutenant
in leading, ordering, and excercising the said Company in Arms, both inferior Officers
and Soldiers, and to keep them in good Order and Discipline; and they are hereby
commanded to obey you as their Lieut., and you are yourself to observe and
follow such Orders and Instructions as you shall, from Time to Time, receive from the
General and Commander in Chief of the Forces raised in the Colony aforesaid, for the
Defense of the same, or any other superior Officers, according to military Rules and
Discipline in War, in Pursuance of the Trust reposed in you.

By Order of the Congress,

Jos Warren President P.T.

Dated, the 19th of May A.D. 1775

Sam Freeman Secretary P.T.

Note the word "Lieut." He served as Captain;
that officer resigning and leaving the company at Springfield on the march to
Boston. [These lines were probably added later.]

Suffolk:Ss : Roxbury 13 June 1775:

Personally appeared Gamalial Whiting and Took
and repeated the Oath presented by Congress to be
taken and Subscribed by the officers of the Massachusetts
army: Before me --

Wm Holden Jus Peace
Gam. Whiting

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