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"At the Superior Court of Judicature ..."

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At the Superior Court of Judicature, Court of
Assize and General Goal Delivery, now holden at
Boston, for the County of Suffolk, came on the
Trial of Eight Soldiers belonging to the 29th Re-
giment, who stood indicted for the Murder of the
several Persons on the Evening of the 5th of March
last, by firing their Guns in King-Street: The Ex-
amination of Witnesses took up five Days, the Coun-
cil for the Crown and the Council for the Priso-
ners held about two Days: On Wednesday Fore-
noon the Honorable Court summed up the Case,
which finished after One o'clock P.M. when the
Jury went out, and in about two Hours brought
in their Verdict, Two of the Soldiers guilty of
Manslaughter, the other Six, Not Guilty. The
two former were recommitted to Goal, and the
six were discharged.

His Majesty's Ship Glasgow sailed last Thurs-
day for England: In her went Passengers,
James Murray, Esq; Capt. Preston of the 29th Re-
giment, Lieut. Ross of the 14th, Lieut. Scott, of
the Navy, and his Lady, the Lady of Capt. Le-
moyne of the Royal Train of Artillery, Capt. A-
therton, who was commissioned in the Ranging
Service by General Amherst, & Mr. Robert Fletch-
er, of Halifax, Printer and Stationer.