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John Rowe diary 13, 18-20 March 1776, pages 2123-2124

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18 March [1776] Monday very fine Weather WNW --
Major Crister & Capt Huntington Lodgd at Our house
The Town very quiet this night. Several of
my Friends came to see mee from the Country
I dind at home with Mrs. Rowe & Jack --
& spent the Evening at home with them

19 March [1776] Tuesday good weather WSW --
numbers of People belonging to Boston --
are dayly coming in -- Genl Washington &
his Retinue were in Town yesterday I did
not hear of it otherways should have paid my
Respects & waited on him -- I dind at home
with Mr Parker Mr. Warner Richd Greene Mrs
Rowe & Jack Rowe

This afternoon the Kings Troops burnt the
Blockhouse at the Castle & the Continental
Troops a throwing up a Battery in Forthill
most all the Ships are gone from King Road
into Nantasket Road --

20 March [1776] Wednesday cold weather Wind North --
Major Chester Mr Keys & Mr Webb paid me
a visit joined at home with Rihd Greene
Herman Brimmn Capt Skimmer Mrs. Rowe
& Jack Rowe & spent the Evening at home
with Capt John Haskins Mr Richd Greene--
Mrs. Rowe & Jack Rowe

They Burnt the Barracks & houses at the
Castle this Afternoon & destroyed Every
thing they could on the island -- & blew
up the Fortifications all around it