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John Rowe diary 13, 28 March 1776, page 2129

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28 March [1776] Thursday very cold weather WNW
This day The General Court made a handsome
Entertainment at Capt Marstons that now
lives in Colo Ingersoll's house for Genl Washington
& the other Generalls of the United Colonies --
& the Revd Dr. Elliot preached at Chaunceys
meeeting a Sermon on the Occasion giving a
History of what has hapind in Town
during the Seige -- I dind with Twenty
four Gentlemen at Watermans Tavern in
Roxbury all Free Masons by Invitation
among them was Colo Clarke Colo Parsons
Colo Willis Colo Serjeant Capt Keys Mr Webb
Mr Chase, The Rest I dont know their Names
I Came home & spent the evening with Mr Parker
Mr Warren Mrs Rowe & Jack Rowe