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Letter from Cyrus Baldwin to Loammi Baldwin, 15 August 1765

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Boston Augt 15th 1765


When you was here last I promised that I would pay
you a Visit this Saturday coming, believe I shall not be
able to , by reason of a Goomboyl [gumboil (probably)] that began with me last
Tuseday night which has Swelled up the left side of my face very
much. I had little Rest with it last night and am now hardly able
to keep up it seems to be near come to a head and is broke sience I began
this sentance, shall by leave of a good Providence come up saturday sen
night hope these will find you all in good health

Yesterday morning we had something so Rair as to draw the attention
of almost the whole Town it was no less than the Effigie of the
Honourable Stamp Master of this Province hanging on one of the great
Trees at the south end directly over the main street behind him was a
Boot hung up with the Devil Crawling out, with the pitchfork in
his hand, on the Effigies Right arm was writ and sew'd on the letters
AO. on his left arm was wrote these words (I'ts a glorious sight
to See a Stamp-man hanging on a Tree) on his breast was a
large paper fraimed , and the lines much like what follows

Fair freedoms Cause I've meanly Quitted
For the Sake of a little Pelf
The Devil has me outwitted
And now I have hangd myself

NB He that takes
This down is an
enemy to his --

This Effigie hung in this manner alday, tho the Sheriff with
another Officer or two went and askd liberty to take it dow but
to no purpose, after sun sett the North gave up &
the South keept not back the mob Increased every moment.
and they took the Image down, after the performance of some Cerimo
nies it was brought by the Mob through the main street
to the Townhous, carried it through and proceeded to the supposd Stap Office
near Olivers Dock and in less than half an hour laid it even
with the ground then took the timbers of the house and caryd
'em up on Fort Hill where they stampd the Image & timber &
made a great bonfire. at length the fuel faild they Immediately fell
upon the stamp Masters Garden fence took it up stampd
it and burnt it, if any piece happen'd to be cast upon the
the fire before it was stampd it was puld of and the Ceremony
pasd upon it and put on again. not contented with this they
proceeded to his Coach house took off the doars stampd 'em & burnt
'em while they was doing this the Sheriff began to read the
proclamation for the mob to withdraw

which Insenc'd the Mob so much that they fell upon the
Stamp Masters dweling house broke glass Casements & all; also
broke open the doars enterd the house & bespoil'd good part of
the house & furniture, braking the looking glasses which some
said was a pitty, the answer was that if they would not
bare staming they was good for nothing. the Coach & booby-
hutt were drag'd up the Hill & would have been stamp'd &
burnt had not some Gentlemen Oppos'd it & with much difficulty
they prevented it. they continued their fire till about 11 oClock
then Retired. I beleve people never was more Univassally [illegible] pleasd
not so much as one could I hear say he was sorry, but a smile sat
on almost every ones countinance. It is reported that Mr.
Olver the said Stamp Master wrote to the Governor & Counsel that it was not
worth while for him or any body else to accept the office
of a Stamp Master in this place. Augt 16th there was a
pretty large Mob last night but dont hear that any
damage was done thereby. Tis hopd that Mr. Oliver
has Suffer'd will be Sufficient warning to others not
to take Offices that Encroach upon American liberty.
Thus I have endeavourd to let you a little into the Transacti
ons of the two last days. it is now time to Conclude this long
Epistle which I do by Subscribing myself your ever
Loving Brother
C. Baldwin

PS my face is much better I had a comfortable night, but
shall not come up till next week.


Cyrus Baldwin
Letter Respg Stamp
act &c
Augt 15. 1765

On the Brest
Fair Freedoms glorious Cause I meanly Quited
Betrayd my Country for the Sake of Pay
But at Length the Devil has me outwitted
Insted of stamping others have hangd myself
Whoever takes this down is an Enemy to his Country
on his Right Arm
AO in Capitales
on the left
What greater Joy Can New England see
Than Stamp men hanging on a tree


Labell on Andrew
Oliver Effigy.
Stamp Master
about the year