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Authorization of payment from Massachusetts Governor Francis Bernard to Thomas Hutchinson, 10 December 1766

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Province of the Massachusetts Bay,

YOU are by and with the Advice and Consent of His
Majesty's Council, ordered and directed to pay unto
the Honble. Thos Hutchinson Eqr. the sum of
Three thousand, [ . . . ]
pounds, seventeen [ . . . ]
him by an act of the General Court in their late
Session in full Compensation for the Losses & suffering
that He and the several persons in his Family sus-
tained in the late Times of Confusion

Which Sum is to be paid out of the Appropriation for
grants --

For which this shall be your Warrant.

Given under my Hand at Boston, the 10th Day of
Decemr -- 1766, in the 7th Year of His Majesty's Reign.

To Mr. Treasurer Gray

Fra Bernard

By Order of the Governor, with the
Advice and Consent of the Council,

Jno: Cotton
D: Surg

[See page image for faintly legible sums in upper left corner.]

Recd, Fourteen hundred & Sixty pounds sixteen shillings

Tho Hutchinson

Received seven hundred and thirty
four pounds, one shilling & one penny

Tho Hutchinson

p Jno Spooner 266-13-4 [illegible] recd

Tho Hutchinson

recd [illegible] Two hundred sixty six pounds

Tho Hutchinson

Recd four hundred & sixty six pounds 13/4 in full

Tho Hutchinson

466.13.4 in full


Appn. for Grants --
Hon: Hutchinson
Esq: 3194.17. [ . . . ]