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Jeduthan Baldwin journal, 8 December 1775-14 March 1776

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Dec. 8 Bought Cloth for Great coat

Dec. 10. 1775 Recd. 68 Dollars, Rashon
money -- paid Hide for Olivers Coat. Blanket
& Sundry articles. & pair of Long Breaches

11 finish the Fortification on Cobble Hill

12 Begun the causey at Leachmor Neck

13 Began the Coverd Way onto Leachmor
hill. Col. Glovers Regt. & Capt. Fosters'
Compy of the Train Marched for Marble
head. upon hearing of 3 men of War lying
at that place. bought a watch for 8 £

14. wrkd on leachmor point went in the
afternoon to Dotchester point to See the
mashine to blow up Shipping -- but as it
was not finished, it was not put into the

15. Came from Dtchester & went to Leach
-mor point to work. Recd. a letter from Jesse
Cutter. Oliver' Shirts & Geese from Brookfd.

16. Stakt. out the Fort on Leachmor point.

17.went to work on Leachmore point, it was
Very Foggy in the fornoon, & when the
Fog cleared away we had a Very havey
fire from the Ships, & from Boston but
thro' Divine goodness we Recd by little damage.
Abel Woods was wounded in the Crotch or thigh
workt all night, got our men covered.

18. Day of Dec. 1775
went down in the afternooon to Leachmor
Wrote to Mr. Forbes --

19.Went upon Leachmor point to work
a No. of Shot & Shells were thrown from
Bunker Hill & from Boston at us
& at Coble Hill, many of the Shot lodgd in our Brest work.
& some of the Bumbs Brok high in the are & 2 near
our works, but no Mischief done this Day

20.went upon Leachmore Point. we recd
a No of 24 lb Shot from Boston into our
breastwork & others Just went over all in
a direct line hit the wall. Several
Bumbs burst in the air. one was
thrown from Bunker Hill into Cambg
by Phineys Regt. 13 inch which did not bust
went to see Abel Woods found him Comfortable
bought cups & Glass Ware for 7/6

21 went to Leachmore point in the morning
went to Watertown in the afternoon.
it was Very cold this Day. The Enemy did
not fireat us this Day

22 at home Recd. Betseys Letter wrote by Dr. H
bought 6yd of Garlic 28/. & Sent it to Brookfield

23 went to Leachmor point this morning
Wore Genl. Putnams great coat. Magr. Durkee
went Home with Capt. Waterman & Lt. Bigham

24. Lords Day & a very Snowy cold Day.
Cut down the orchard at Leachmor
point, & laid the trees round the fort
had 4 oxen Drowned coming of ye point.

25. a Very cold Day dind with Genl.
Putnam. went upon leachmor Point
at Sunset. & then went to Gen. Washing.
in the Evening. found & Skind ye 4 drownded oxen

26.went to Leachmor point Laid a platform
for the Great Morter. workt at the bridge,
the Day fair & extreem cold. Dind
with Genl. Washington & Lady --

27.went to Watertown paid 10 Dollars
to pattin. Col. Comings Lodgd. with me

28.went to Leachmor point finished the
Bridge & 2 platforms in ye loer Boston

29.Laid one Waterform for a morter in ye
loer Boston & a platform for a canon in ye
upper Boston at Leachmor point. Cold

30.cut out 2 ambrasures at Leachmor point --
a No. of guns heard of at Sea. Supposed to be Ships
coming in, or privateers Engaged

Decr. 31. 1775.Lords Day it Raind
in the morning. No fateague this Day
went to Meeting Mr. Leonard Preachd.
from Exodus 111. & 10 --

Jany. 1. 1776.the Old Troops Went of & left
the lines bair in Some parts, cold

2 Took a plan of the Fortification at
leachmor point. warm pleasant Day

3.went with 40 men to work at Leachmor
in the forenoon & to Watertown in ye
afternoon. a, warm, pleasant, Day.

4 to leachmor point cast the ambrasures

5 went to the half moon Batery at Inmans
Point, a pleasant Day

6 to Inmans point & to lechmor point
a Very windy Day

7 Lords Day, workt the Surceler Battery
on Inmans point, & Cut out the obtuce
ambrasure in the upper Bastion on
Leechmor point. & throw down the Stone
wall there. took a plan of Cobble Hill Fort.

8.finished the Sircular Battery at Inmans
Point. & workt. with 100 men Lechmor p
Laid out the west Redoubt in the corner
of the orchard at Leachmor point

Major Knowlton with a number
of officers & Men crosst. the Milldam
to Charlestown & Burnt eight Houses & other
of the Buildings there which made a
great light. left only 6 houses remaining.

9.Begun upon the west redoubt on L. Point
it Raind several Showers this Day &
cleared off cold just at night when the
wind rose & was very high --

10.had 5 teems carting Sodds, laid them
in the new works, layd the Abertee
round the new works -- cased the ambrasure
in the uper Redout, & Raised
the Epolimey there, this Day Excessive
cold and windy --

11.workt. at Lechmor point. Drawd in Abatree Brok ground for the new work. finished
laying out the work with Stones. it raind
& Snowd. in the Evning, & was a cold Day.

12.workt at Lechmor pint had 100 Rifelmen
to work with us 200 from Prospect Hill. which
made 300 in all, but found the Ground very
hard frosen a foot thick in general. the oxen
workt. well this Day raw cold Chilley wind
Col. Miflin gave me a Quire of paper to Draw
plans on

Jany 13. 1776 workt. at Lechmor point had 4 teems
carting Sods. laid out 2 ambrasures in the
west Redoubt. Capt. Dier & Lt. Grey
came down & Joind us

14.Lords Day workt. at Lechmor point
Breakfasted, & Supt. with Genl. Putnam
in company with Col Trumball, Mr --
Hutchison Majr. Cary, Mrs. Morgan
Capt. Abbott & Lady & Mr Webb --

15.Workt. at Leachmore point
it was a Raw cold Day & Snowd.
some. Col. Little & Col Serjant
were officers at the works
Recd. an order from Genl. Putnam
for wine. the order as follows, viz:
To Commisery Avery Sir
Deliver Col. Baldwin fifteen Gallons
of Wine, which is necessary for health
& comfort he being every Day at
Cambridge Jany 12, 1776.
Israel Putnam M.G.
a great Whirrawing in Boston, pulling down
housen in Charlston & in Boston

16 workt. at Lechmor point. Majr. Magraw
officer of the works. a Very Still calm
Day a great Stir & Noyse in Boston.
we Doubled our Guards in front this

17 paid David Kelly 2/6 in full for Shaving
& agreed for his Shaving & Dressing hair
Every Day for 8/ a Quarter
workt. at Lechmore point Majr. Maclary
officer of the Fateague a very thick
fog till about 2 oclock & then the wind
at west cleard of the fog & it raind &
Snowd & was a Stormey afternoon &

18 Recd. the News of the Death of Sister
Forbes by dr. Rogers. Wrote to Father
Parkman & Mrs. Baldwin. Comisary
Avery & Mr. Grey Dind with me.
no fateague this Day at Lechmor pint
Recd. the news of the Death of Genl. Ma
gomery & others before Quebeck ye 30 of Decr.

19 went to work at leachmor pint the ground was
frosen 22 inches Deep as hard as a rock, &
in one night it frose in the trench 8
inches deep so that we pryed up cakes
of frosen Earth 9 feet Long & 3 feet broad
it was fair but very cold this Day

Jany 20. 1776
workt. all Day at Lechmor point this
Day clear & cold. could not dig sods in
the marsh it was so frosen

21 Lords Day Stayd. at home wrote to
Mr. Forbes. & Mrs. Baldwin. 12 Ingions came
from Canady to see Genl. Washington it was
a cold Day went to Col Gridleys in the
Evning. Drank Coffey, & then went to Genl.
Heaths, spent the remainder of the evening.

22 workt. at Lechmor with a large party.
Genl. Washington, Putnam & Gates, with
several other Gentn came down to see
the works. the ground was frosen in
2 feet deep and excessive hard, in some
places the men got thro the frost & in
other places they did not all, Day
rold up an old wall into a line for a
brestwork very cold & high tide this Day

23 workt. at lechmor pint, 13 of the Cocknawa
ger Indians came to see the works, the
Regulars in Boston exercised on Boston
Common, & went thro many firings, --
the Day pleasant but a raw cold chilley
wind, the ground excessive hard frosen

Jany 24. 1776 Camp at Cambridge
workt. at Leachmor point, cut Sods had 5
teems carting sods. a Topsel Schooner was
brought by the Ice up charls River to
new boston with the Tide before she got
clear of the Ice. 8 men made there escape from the Admaral' Ship

25.went to Leachmor point in the fornoon
took a draft of Fort N. 1 & N. 2 in
the afternoon. Col. Durkee. Lt. Bringham
& other officers came into Camp

26 Mr. Leonard Came into town Attended prayers
this Morning. the Fateague men all
Employed in Poiling up wood & housing
Coal &c. I went to Lechmor. but no work there

27 Made a Plan of Lechmore point, this Day
Very Cold but fair

28.Lords Day went to Meeting Mr. Leonard
preachd. & in his Sermon Addressed ye
close of his Discourse to a number of Indians present --

29 went to Watertown with Joseph Newell. Sent
by him a bag of old Cloaths & a box and firkin
heard that 22 Companies of Regulars wer gone to
New York

30 workt at Lechmor pint

31 workt at Do. got leave of absents from camp ye Day.

Feby 1. 1776 Set out for Brookfield in the Morg --
Dind at Wistown Capt. Baldwin drank Coffey
at Northboro. Lodgd at Shrewsbury --

2 Breakfasted at worcester. Dind at Leicester
at Mr. Tods with Mr. Allen who accompan
ied me to my house found my family well

3 at home

4.at home went to meeting heard Mr. Appelton preach from 1 Peter 3. & 7.

5. went to the South parish to Mrs. Welches
Capt. Upham'. & Revd. Mr. Fish.

6 at home

7.at home

8 Set out for Cambridge Lodgd. at Shrewsbury

9 dind at Framingham Col Buckminster'
callt at Robert Jenesons & Mr. Pigeons
waited upon Genl. putnam & Washington

10.at home in camp. it Stormd Some.

11.Lords Day. workt. at Lechmor pint it was
a cold Day. the ground frosen very hard 28
inches deep. we made Very large mines
under the frosen Surfice to get Earth to
fill the parripets. the outsides of which was partly raised with stone
& part with timber.

12.at lechmor pint. pickt. up the Regulars
bullets fired towards lechmor on the Ice
man got 80. another 60. & many others
got large Numbers. the Genl. officers went
upon Dotchester pint

Feby 13. 1776. workt. at Lechmor. Genl. Washington
with a No. of the Genl. Officers came upon
the pint. found a good bridg of Ice to Boston

14.at day Break I arose by the light of 4
fires Shining into my Chamber Windows
Supposed to be housen in Boston set on fire
by our people, but about 10. o.clock were
informd. that a 2 Detachments of Regulars
one from the Castle the other from Boston
10. or 1200 in all. landed at Dorchester point
& attempted to take our guard. but were disa
pinted. - & they Set fire to 8 or 10 Housen on
the pint & retreated to the Castle again
a Snowey Day. I at home. no fateague to Day.

15.workt. at Lechmor. Col Durkee taken Sick one of our men fell thro'
the Ice near Boston, but after 15 minutes he
got out himself. -- bought 50 lemmons 12/
Col. Holden officer of ye Fateague.

16.workt. at Lechmor. Mr. Leonard, & Dr. Foster came to See the works. the Chanel open
up into the bay between Lechmor & Boston

17 workt. at Lechmor. Genl. Washington, Putnam
& Gates came Down to See the works ordered a
Guard house to be built. Recd. Mr. Forbes letters.

18. Lords Day. Workt. at Lechmor began the
Guard House & digging to Set it in. I went to
Meeting in the afternoon.

19.Workt. at Lechmor -- afternoon I went to Newton
a prusian came into our Camp

Feby 20. 1776.workt at Lechmor point
dug round & undermind large pieces of
frosen Earth which we rold out on Skids
of Several Tons weight each, in diging
for the Guard house, a fine pleasant Day

21.workt. at Lechmor. 200 men orderd for guard
at this place a fine pleasant Day Wind S.W.

22 workt. at Lechmor. laid up the Timber
upon the Polmong befor the guard House
a Snowey wet uncomfortable Day

23.workt. at Lechmor. Raisd. the Guard House
3 prisoners taken at Roxbury -- pleasant Day.

24.workt. at Lechmor. the Carpenters at work
on the guardhouse. a person from Boston confirms the Intelligence that the Regulars
were prepairing to imbark. the Vessels were Wooded & waterd. ready for a Voyge
with the chief of the heavey Artillery
on bord.

25. Went to Meeting in the forenoon. & to
Lechmor, in the afternoon began the Chimney

26. workt. at Lechmor. Discovered the Enemy
building a battery on the high ground East
from the Magazene at West Boston, where
they workt. very Briskly but the air being
thick & foggy we could not see clearly
at Evning Recd. orders to go to Dotchester in
the morning after I had waited on Genl. Washn.

27. went to Roxbury & Dotchester point lodgd. with Col. Learnard
in Roxbury

28. went to Dotchester point. Recd order to
have Every thing prepaird. to take post at
that place. went to Cambridge in ye Evening

29. went to Dotchester, ordered platforms Laid at Cambridge

March 1. at Roxbury Laying Platforms for Cannon
& 2 for Morters.

2.Building Bumb Batteries. went upon
Dotchester Hills with ye Generals recd. there
Instruction' Dind with them at Genl
Thomases. Pulld. down 2 buildings on Roxbury
neck in ye Evning. filld the ambrasures
with Abbatree. throd. Shels & Shot into Boston
Split 3 morters this Evning

3.at Roxbury. a No. of Shot & Shells thrown this
Day into Boston. Lieut. Bingham was bur
ied this Day. had everything in readiness
for taking post at Dotchester this Night
the Congress was split with the 3d Shell
or shells thrown from her

4. prepairing for taking post. an alaram
by the regulars by bots going round to New boston
went upon Dotchester Hill in ye afternoon
the army Came on at dusk with 280
carts & wagons with the materials for the
fortifications. 6 works thrown up this
night at different places on the Hills &
high ground a very Great work for one Night

March 5. 1776.workt. on Dotchester point
on alarm about Noon by the Shipping
salling down & Regulars embarking on
bord. one Man had his hand Shot off.

6.workt this Day at Dotchester point genl
Washington Putnam with other Genl. officers
was Down to See us. Raisd 2 Barracks

7. workt. at Dotchester point.

8 workt. at Dotchester point began a battery
on Battery Hill. proposed taking post at Nook Hill.

9 at Do laid out a Battery on the point
towards the Castle. Laid out a Work on
Nook hill which was proposed to be done
this night. but soon after dusk a Very heavy
cannonade began at Boston over nook Hill
Killd 4 Men. among the Slain was Docr
Doal of Lancaster & Adams of Brookfd.
the Cannonade lasted all night very heavy.

10. at Do 30 Ships under Sail at once going
down -- a great Sir in Boston getting Stough
on bord the Ships & by all appearance prepar
ing to depart, attempted to take post on Nook Hill

11 at Dotchester, firing all night, opined a battery.

12 atempted to take a post on Nook hill, firing all night.

13 at Dotchester point. Recd orders for to go to
New York, went to Watertown Recd. 9. 15. 0
for ye Selectmen for gunns

March 14. 1776 at Cambridge. Recd. a Warrant for 116 3/4
of Dollars for Service as Engineer in the
Continentall army to the 14th of March
Inclusive. went to Roxbury Dind at
Genl. Wards. with Revd. Mr. Saml. Baldwin
Recd. a Very friendly Letter from Mr.
John Adams Esqr. of Congress at
Philidelphia. Recd. the money above
mentioned at Evning. bought a Horse
& Saddlebaggs. many things ought to
have been noticed from the 4th Day of
March to this time which in a hurry
have been omited, but peculiar
preservation cannot be forgotten
by the person Sensible of his preservation