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Letter from Nathaniel Folsom and John Sullivan to Meshech Weare, 12 October 1774

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Philadelphia October12th 1774


we are now Reviewing our proceedings & hope in a
few Days to be ready to take our Departure we have
Endeavoured a State of American Rights the Infringments of
those Rights & pointed out the modes of Redress in our
Last we Informed you of the modes of Redress which
were a non Importation commencing in Decemr next and
a non Exportation to commence in September 1775. We
have wrote a Letter to General Gage Desiring him to forbear
his fortifications at Boston to forbear siezing upon private
property & to Restore the communication between Boston &
the country we have formed an association to be signed
by the colonists which if adhered to will doubly be
the means of Saving American Liberties we have agreed
upon an address to the King but no petition to Parliment
also we have agreed upon an address to the Inhabitants
of British America & another to the Inhabitants of
Great Britain These perhaps General Gage would call
Manifesto -- we have Declared the Acts of parliment
made since 1763 Illegal & void & Every person an
Enemy to American Liberties who attempts to act under
authority of them we have approved of the conduct of

the Bostonians & Ingaged to assist them with the united
force of America & that in case they should be under
the fatal necessity of Quitting Boston all America will
contribute to Reimburse them for the Damage they may
sustain by such Removal -- we have agreed upon
methods to prevent the violation of the non Importation
& non Exportation agreements we have Recommended Industry &
frugality & Ingaged ourselves to set the Example --
These Sir are the general outlines of what we have
Done time will not permit us to be more particular
we hope in a few Days to have the pleasure of
giving you a more particular amount by word of
mouth in the Interim we are Dear Sir with much

Respect your most obedient Servants
Jno Sullivan,
Nathel. Folsom
[Subscription (recipient's name at foot of page) :]

To the Hon Meshech Weare Esqr
to be communicated to the
committee --

Messrs. Folsam
& Sullivan
from Philadelphia
Octr 12, 1774