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John Rowe diary 5, 2 May 1768, page 751

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[End of previous entry not transcribed. See page image.]

2d May [1768] Monday A fine clear morning but very
Cold WNW -- H. Re. Dind at home with Mrs
Rowe Sucky Wm. & Gilbt Speakman & Antony
Letchmere, met the Merchants at the Townhouse
in the Representatives Room -- agreed to the Resolutions
of the City of New York -- not to write for any --
goods after the first of June, nor Import any
after the first Day of October, untill the Act
Imposing Dutys on Glass Paper &c be Repeald
spent the Evening at home with Mrs. Rowe &
Sucky --

[Beginning of entry for 3 May 1768 not transcribed. See page image.]