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Letter from Titus Hosmer of the Committee of Correspondence for Middletown, Connecticut, to the Boston Committee of Donations (copy in letterbook volume 2), 17 October 1774, pages 81-83

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Middletown Octo. 17. 1774


Your Letter of the 13th of May last directed to Mr. Benjamin
Henshaw with his answer thereto have been communicated to us, since wch.
there have been several meetings of this Town to Consider the subject of your
Letter when the following persons where chosen their Committee of Correspondence
to wit Matthew Fallcott - Richard Alsop - Titus Hosmer - Solomon Sage -
Roger Riley. Nathl Gilbert - Isaac Miller - Ebenr. Johnson. Stephen Hubbard
Francis Clarke. Philip Mortimer - Benja Henshaw & George - and the Town
Unanimously declared thier Resolutions to concur in every necessary Measure
to procure their Rights and Libertys entire and undimineshed --

The various measures adopted by the British parliament in their last
Session; and the steps administration have already taken to carry them into
execution. so plainly Demonstrates our common Danger --

that this Town cannot assume it as a merit that a claim to Divest us
of property Liberty and life. set up and asserted many years ago, and
now attempted to be enforced by measures equally cruel arbitrary and
unjust by a blow aimed at our Head in the Distruction of our Ancient
Capital by the grossest violation of royal Faith in tearing up by the
roots the ancient Charter of your Province -- by all the Evils of pandora's
Box let loose in the new form of Government imposed upon you the Security
and protection given to your Enemies and oppressors by the last acts and the
Train of licensed Villians entrusted to shake the rod over you have roused
our attention and zeal and determind us to unite wth. our Brethren thro
the Continent in a determind Opposition to the Destructive measures pursuing
against us, and a Virtuous and manly struggle in every lawfull and con-
stitutional Way for our Libertys and Rights which must never be given
up nor parted with --

In the course of things we are sensible many dangers will threaten
many Evils overtake and many Hardships be felt and endured by those parts
of America that shall become particularly obnoxious to the British Ministry
and that Craft and Policy as well as open Insult and Violence will be used
to force a Submission of perticular Places and Provinces to weaken and
disunite us, to which we apprehend it is our Duty to oppose a constant
adherence to our Rights, and a Union of Every part of America against
the Violence and oppression which may threaten or be inflicted on any part
of it -- The Town of Boston is honourd by the first Attack; as she has been
the first to explain assert and Vindicate the Rights of America, and Detect and
hold up to publick View stripped of every Colour and Disguise the wicked plans
Devised against them. her Glory would have been incompleat had she not been
the first to suffer in the Common Cause -- we congratute you that you
are found worthy to suffer in so good a cause. The Resentment of wicked men
are a glorious proof of merit in the objects of their Revenge -- hitherto we
have nothing to ensure, nothing to Desire in the hard part you have to

-- to support, we presume not to advise; we admire and applaud your Constancy
and perserverance and do not so much wish as assure ourselves they will continue
and rise superiour to the malice Fraud and policy of your and our Enemies

We feel ourselves greatly interested in your sufferings their Cause & Event
and think it our indispensible Duty to furnish you with every Support & Aid
in our power -- The Inclosed Bill of Lading is the Contents of a Small Collection
which we commit to you to be issued according to your discression for that
purpose this we consider as the first payment of a Cargo Debt we owe you
and we shall be ready to repeat it from time to time as long as your necessity & Our
Ability shall continue --

We more then wish, we pray for your prosperity
that you may have virtue to do and suffer all that wisdom and sound policy
require of you at this juncture that the Craft and Sublety the Force and
Violence of your adversaries may be frustrated and that you may have the
Honour the Glory to save yourselves and your Country from Ruin
We are
Your Assurd Friends & Obd. Hble
Servants --
In the name and in behalf of the Committee of Correspondence at
Middletown --
Titus Hosmer Clark

PS Since writing the foregoing the Committee have Directed me to Inclose Copies
of the Bills of Lading - only and retain the Originals as all our Subsribtions are
not Collected. The Freight is not paid, one of the Bills of Lading is taken by the
young man that was employd by us appointing payment of the Freight in
Boston and as the Vessell is gone it is now too late to recall it you will please
to draw upon me for the Freight of the whole & your Bill shall be honourd
upon sight we have Enough subscribed and Collected to Answer the freight
I am
your Humb Servt --
Titus Hosmer

To the Committee of
at Boston