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In Congress, Friday, June 9, 1775. Resolved, That no Obedience being due to the Act of Parliament for altering the Charter of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay ...

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In CONGRESS, Friday, June 9, 1775.

RESOLVED, That no Obedience being due to the Act of Par-
liament for altering the Charter of the Colony of Massachusetts-
, nor to a Governor or Lieutenant Governor, who will not
observe the Directions of, but endeavour to subvert, that Charter, the
Governor and Lieutenant Governor are to be considered as absent,
and these Offices vacant : And as there is no Council there, and the
Inconveniences arising from the Suspension of the Powers of Govern-
ment are intolerable, especially at a Time when General Gage hath
actually levied War, and is carrying on Hostilities against his Majesty's
peaceable and loyal Subjects of that Colony ; that in Order to con-
form as near as may be to the spirit and substance of the Charter, it
be recommended to the Provincial Congress to write Letters to the
Inhabitants of the several Places which are intitled to Representation
in Assembly, requesting them to chuse such Representatives ; and that
the Assembly when chosen should elect Counsellors, which Assembly
and Council should exercise the Powers of Government, untill a Go-
vernor of his Majesty's Appointment will consent to govern the Colony
according to its Charter.

A true Copy from the Minutes,


By Order of the Congress,

JOHN HANCOCK, President.

Colony of the } In Observance of the foregoing Resolve of the Honorable Continental
Massachusetts-Bay.} CONGRESS now sitting at Philadelphia.
THESE are to request you forthwith to cause the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of
your Town, that have an Estate of Freehold in Land within this Province or Terri-
tory, of Forty Shillings per Annum at the least, or other Estate to the Value of Forty Pounds
Sterling, to assemble at such Time and Place as you shall appoint ; then and there to elect and
depute one or more Freeholders, resident in the same Town, according to the Numbers set
and limited by an Act of the General Assembly, Intitled "An Act for ascertaining the Num-
ber and regulating the House of Representatives," to serve for, and represent them, in a Great
and General Court or Assembly, to be convened, held and kept for the Service of the said
Colony, until the End of the Day next preceeding the last Wednesday of May next, if ne-
cessary, and no longer, at the Meeting-House in Watertown, upon Wednesday the 19th Day
of July next ensuing the Date hereof, and to warn the Person or Persons so elected by the
major Part of the Electors present, at such Election, to be timely notified by one or more of
the Constables of your Town, to attend the Service of this Colony, in the said General Court
or Assembly, on the Day above prefixed, by Nine of the Clock in the Forenoon and so from
Day to Day during their Session and Sessions. Hereof we desire you not to fail, and make
Return of this Letter with the Name or Names of the Person and Persons so elected or de-
puted, and of their being notified, unto the said General Assembly, at the Time and Place
above mentioned, for its Meeting.

Given under my Hand this 19th Day of June, Anno Domini 1775.

    By Order of Provincial Congress

To the Select-Men of
the Town of
.     Sec'ry.

PUrsuant to the Letter within written, the Freeholders and other
Inhabitants of the Town of     qualified as is therein
directed, upon due Warning given, assembled and met together
the     Day of     1775, and did then elect and depute
    to serve
for and represent them in the Session and Sessions of the Great and Ge-
neral Court or Assembly appointed to be convened, held and kept at the
Meeting-House in Watertown, upon Wednesday the nineteenth Day of
July 1775 ; the said Person being chosen by the major Part of the
Electors present at said Meeting. Dated at     aforesaid,
the     Day of     Anno Domini 1775.

The Person chosen as aforesaid,
notified thereof, and summoned to
attend accordingly, by me, {Select-Men of
Constable of