Washington: Capitol (studies), recto, [1792]
by Thomas Jefferson

Identification numbers: N388
18.8 cm x 18.6 cm (7-7/16" x 7-1/4")

Page N388.1a
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[DESCRIPTION: Studies for the Capitol, showing circular floor plan with four oval rooms at top, bottom, left, and right as well as a rectangular room ("passage and stairs") in center. This drawing--N388.1, was formerly attached (via two small paper hinges), to a blank sheet of coordinate-lined paper, dimensions: 29.6cm x 23.8 cm (11-11/16" x 9-3/8"). This page image shows drawing N388.1 approximately where it was attached to the blank piece of paper with a grid of red lines. ]

[See view of N388.1 without backing. See other side of page--N388.1 verso.]

[Please note: Nichols gave two sheets with studies for the Capitol the same number, N388. See other sheet--N388.2.]