Garden Book, page 43
by Thomas Jefferson

[1811 ] where when t ranspld. come to table gone miscellaneous.
Lettuce tennis July 27.
radishes qu.what
turneps Summer 3d. terrace
double parsley submural 29.
Lettuce White Aug. 5
Dutch Brown
Endive curled
Spinach. winter
Lettuce White. 12
Dutch brown
Endive curled
Spinach winter this sowing got exactly it's full growth by beginng. of winter.
lettuce, Dutch Brown 29.
Endive curled
corn sallad
Spinach winter this sowing came tolerably well for winter use.
Lettuce Dutch brown Stone house Sep. 14.
Lettuce D.brown 3d. terras 21.
Endive curled do.
Corn Sallad do.
Spinach winter do. this sowing too late for winter.