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Thomas Jefferson Papers : Notes on the State of Virginia manuscript
Massachusetts Historical Society
Thomas Jefferson Papers: an electronic archive

From the Coolidge Collection of Thomas Jefferson Manuscripts at the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts.

List of crops, vegetables and plants, by Thomas Jefferson

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List of crops, vegetables and plants, by Thomas Jefferson

This document relates to Query 6 ("A Notice of the Mines...") and to query 7 ("A Notice of all what can increase..."), in Thomas Jefferson's book, Notes on the State of Virginia. In the manuscript of Notes on the State of Virginia, it relates to page 23, attachment 1 and page 48. Page numbers appearing in the top left hand corners of this document ("page 68.69." on the first page and "page 148" on the second page) refer to pages within the Paris edition of the work, Notes on the state of Virginia : written in the year 1781, somewhat corrected and enlarged in the winter of 1782… [by Thomas Jefferson], [Paris: s.n.], 1782 [i.e. 1784].