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Notes of the State of Virginia Manuscript

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Manuscript page 103, "the first symptom of the depreciation..." (Queries 21 and 22)


Page 103 had two tab attachments (103.1 and 103.2). Both attachments have writing on both sides and are long additions to the concealed text which Jefferson crossed out. In its flipped down position Attachment 103.1 completely concealed Attachment 103.2. When reading this page, one must flip up Attachment 103.1 to read the verso before continuing directly onto the recto of Attachment 103.2. After reading the verso of Attachment 103.2 the text continues on the next full-page, page 104. overview of page 103.

Full page 103


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Your selected passage, "young as we are, and with such a country to fill up " can be found on Attachment 1 verso, lines 17-31 of 31

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