Questions about Content:

1.Whom do John and John Quincy meet when they arrive in Paris?

2. Does John Quincy believe that his situation in Paris is better than his brother Charles's, who remained in Massachusetts in 1778? Explain.

3. What issues do John Quincy and his older sister, Abigail, discuss in their letters? Does Abigail believe that her situation in life is equal to that of her younger brother, John Quincy? Explain.

Questions for Drawing Historical Connections:

4. At this period of history, what rights did women lack?

5. The leader of the American delegation in Paris up to this time, Benjamin Franklin, was considered by many Parisians and Americans to be one the greatest men of his time. Summarize his contributions.

6. The plays offered in Paris theaters were classified as either comedies or tragedies. Define these terms.

Questions for Thought, Discussion, and Writing:

7. The letters in this section demonstrate both compassion and jealousy among the Adams siblings. Which quality do you believe is more evident?

8. Would John Quincy's sister feel less jealousy towards a talented younger brother if their relationship were taking place today? Explain.

9. John Adams discourages his son from attending comedies in Paris. Why? What type of activities do parents discourage today for similar reasons?