Highlight from the Collections: The Lafayette Medals

5 days 9 hours ago
By Evan McDonagh, Library Assistant Visitors to the MHS will not be surprised to learn that the Society holds an extensive records collection on early American history. On paper and film alone, the Society houses more than fourteen million pages of manuscripts, approximately 120,000 images, more than 10,000 broadsides, and over 2,500 maps among a plethora […]
Carol Knauff

Missions to the “highways of sin”: Reports of the Penitent Females’ Refuge Society

1 week 5 days ago
By Jenna Colozza, Library Assistant MHS Digital Volunteers who have tried their hand at transcribing historical documents with the MHS’s new crowdsourcing portal may already be familiar with the efforts of missionary Luman Boyden to bring aid and religious piety to struggling families in 19th-century Boston. Volunteers as well as readers of Laura Wulf’s blog post […]
Carol Knauff
3 hours 10 minutes ago
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