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Broadside Account


Broadside. By An Express Arrived at Philadelphia...

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By An Express Arrived at Philadelphia on Saturday Evening, Last We Have the Following Account of the Battle at Charlestown, on Saturday the 18th of June Instant.... Broadside printed at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, by Francis Bailey, June 26, 1775.

Broadsides—single sheets printed on one side—served as public announcements or advertisements. Generally posted or read aloud, they were the popular "broadcasts" of the day, bringing news of current events to the public quickly. In this instance, so quickly that the Battle of Bunker Hill is misdated as taking place on the "18th of June." Broadsides tell us what people at a distance knew at the time and how quickly news traveled. This account was printed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, more than 300 miles from Boston, a little more than a week after the battle.

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