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Death of Warren


June 18, 1775   Letter from James Warren to Mercy Otis Warren

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Letter, June 18, 1775, from James Warren in Watertown, Massachusetts, to his wife Mercy Otis Warren. James Warren of Plymouth, a member of the Massachusetts General Court, married Mercy Otis of Barnstable in 1754. James, his wife Mercy, and her brother James Otis all were outspoken opponents of British rule. Mercy wrote a number of propagandistic plays and poetry in the Patriot cause; after the war, she published an early history of the Revolution.

In his letter, James Warren recounts the "extraordinary nature of the events" leading up to and following the Battle of Bunker Hill. He also compares the death of Joseph Warren to the fate that General James Wolfe suffered during the Siege of Quebec in 1759—a comparison later captured in John Trumbull's painting The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker's Hill. James Warren succeeded Joseph Warren as president of the Massachusetts Provisional Congress.

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