Public Program, Conversation Postponed:
Postponed: Bringing Back the Pilgrims: Living History at Plimoth Plantation
22 April 2020.Wednesday, 6:00PM - 7:00PM Registration closed Catherine Allgor, MHS; Richard Pickering, Plimoth Plantation; Malka Benjamin, Plimoth Plantation; and moderator William Martin

How do historians create authentic public history? How do they tell their story to a wide and diverse audience? Living history makes the past accessible, but like all popular history, it must balance accessibility with an accurate depiction of the human past. Theatrical techniques like dialogue, costuming, setting, and character development can bring a historical moment to life, but the story that’s told must be rooted in serious scholarship and careful research. How do ‘Living Historians’ meet this challenge? Join us for a lively panel discussion among historians who have grappled with these questions.