Conversation, Public Program Faith Healing, Vaccination, and the First Amendment: A Conversation with Alan Rogers 23 February 2012.Thursday, 6:00PM - 7:30PM Pre-Talk Reception at 5:30 P.M. Alan Rogers, Boston College Moderated by Steve Marini, Wellesley College

Professor Alan Rogers’s research and teaching focuses on the U.S. Constitution and American legal history. His most recent book and a cluster of scholarly articles focused on the death penalty in Massachusetts. He is currently working on two projects: the contested intersection of faith healing and the First Amendment; and a history of the anti-vaccination movement from 1721 to the present, for which he was awarded a New England Regional Consortium Fellowship. His most recent book is Murder and the Death Penalty in Massachusetts.

Considering the Common Good: What We Give Up/What We Gain

In this conversation series, facilitated by Professor Stephen Marini of Wellesley College, guests will address issues of self-interest and shared sacrifice, private concerns and community benefits, and the intersection of individual and collective goals. Using historical and contemporary examples, each guest will illustrate approaches, promises, successes and failures. In the ensuing conversations, guests and audience members will explore the challenges and choices involved in defining and balancing individual freedom and the common good.

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