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The Private Jefferson

Explore Jefferson’s complexity through select correspondence and writings including the Declaration of Independence, records of farming at Monticello, and his architectural drawings.

Brown Bag Training the Eyes: Romantic Vision and Class Formation in Boston, 1830-1870 this event is free 1 August 2012.Wednesday, 12:00PM - 1:00PM Justin Clark, University of Southern California

In the middle of the nineteenth century, romantic vision, the apprehension of the invisible or the ideal through a combination of mental and ocular vision, became a popular way for Americans to engage not only with the natural landscape, but with the city and city life. This project investigates why, in the spectacular world of the nineteenth-century city, Boston’s Transcendentalists, clairvoyants, blind autobiographers, naturalists, artists, photographers, and numerous others became invested in seeing more than meets the eye.