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Charles Sedgwick Papers, 1813-1908

» III. Correspondence with Katharine Sedgwick Minot, 1826-1880

... Minot, spans from Alice's childhood (age 7) to adulthood (age 32). Letters written during the Civil ... view

Charles Sedgwick Papers, 1813-1908

» IV. Correspondence with William Minot II, 1842-1892

... provides personal insight into the Civil War. His letters discuss the war strategy of the time, the number ... view

Charles Sedgwick Papers, 1813-1908

» VI. Correspondence with Grace A. S. Bristed, 1848-1890

... of the local women as the Civil War approached. Grace recalled an incident to her niece, Alice, where her ... view

Charles Sedgwick Papers, 1813-1908

» VII. Correspondence with William D. Sedgwick and papers regarding his death, 1861-1863

... 1861-1862, when he was fighting in the Civil War. In 1861 he was commissioned as first lieutenant ... view

... and Elizabeth Buckminster Dwight and became active in the United States Hospital Service during the Civil War ... view