Guide to the Collection

Restrictions on Access

The bulk of the Henry Cabot Lodge papers II are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Collection Summary


This collection consists of the papers of U.S. senator and diplomat Henry Cabot Lodge, including correspondence and papers related to his service in World War II, his diplomatic career in Vietnam and the United Nations, and his 1952 Senate race against John F. Kennedy.

Biographical Sketch

Henry Cabot Lodge (1902-1985) was a U.S. senator and diplomat, the son of poet George Cabot Lodge and Mathilda Frelinghuysen Davis and the grandson of U.S. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924). He graduated from Harvard in 1924 and worked as a journalist until 1933. He married Emily Sears in 1926, and the couple had two children. Elected as a Republican state representative in Massachusetts in 1932, he moved up to the U.S. Senate in 1936. He took a temporary leave of absence from the Senate and served in World War II with American tank units in Libya. Lodge was re-elected to the U.S. Senate in 1942, but resigned in 1944 to serve with the army in Europe. He was elected once again to the Senate in 1946, but lost in 1952 to John F. Kennedy while working on Eisenhower's campaign. President Eisenhower appointed Lodge ambassador to the United Nations, where he served until 1960. That year, he ran as vice president with Richard Nixon, losing to the Kennedy/Johnson ticket. In 1963, President Kennedy appointed Lodge ambassador to Vietnam, and he was again appointed in 1965 by President Johnson. He served in that position until 1967, and then served in 1968-1969 as ambassador to Germany. In 1969, Lodge headed the U.S. delegation to the unsuccessful Paris Peace Talks with Vietnam. From 1969 to 1977, he served occasionally as an envoy to the Vatican for Presidents Nixon and Ford.

Collection Description

This collection consists of the papers of U.S. senator and diplomat Henry Cabot Lodge, including general correspondence; papers related to his service in World War II in the 8th Army, 1st American Tank Detachment (including three small diaries); and material concerning his diplomatic career in Vietnam and the United Nations, his 1952 Senate race against John F. Kennedy, the Paris Peace Talks, SALT II, and his books. The collection also contains correspondence with Dwight D. Eisenhower, as well as letters from Lodge's wife Emily S. Lodge in Vietnam to family members at home. The bulk of the collection is general correspondence.

Acquisition Information

The Henry Cabot Lodge II papers were a bequest to the Massachusetts Historical Society by Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. in 1985.


The Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. papers II are arranged, for the most part, in the order in which Lodge gave them to the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Restrictions on Access

The bulk of the Henry Cabot Lodge papers II are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Other Formats

On microfilm, P-373, 33 reels.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. General correspondence

Arranged alphabetically by person, organization, or subject.

See the General Correspondent and Subject List at the end of this guide.

Carton 1SH 13FK +Reel 1
Carton 1SH 13FK +Reel 2
Carton 1SH 13FK +Reel 3
Carton 2SH 13FL %Reel 3
Carton 2SH 13FL %Reel 4
Carton 2SH 13FL %Reel 5
Carton 2SH 13FL %Reel 6
Carton 3SH 13FM 0Reel 6
Carton 3SH 13FM 0Reel 7
HED - Johnson, Louis
Carton 3SH 13FM 0Reel 8
Johnson, Lyndon - Kennedy, John
Carton 4SH 13FN 1Reel 8
Kennedy, Joseph - KEY
Carton 4SH 13FN 1Reel 9
KH - Lodge, G. C.
Carton 4SH 13FN 1Reel 10
Lodge, G. C. - MAS
Carton 4SH 13FN 1Reel 11
Carton 5SH 13FP 3Reel 11
Carton 5SH 13FP 3Reel 12
Carton 5SH 13FP 3Reel 13
Carton 5SH 13FP 3Reel 14
Carton 6SH 13FQ 4Reel 14
SA - Smith, H.
Carton 6SH 13FQ 4Reel 15
Smith, J. - VAN
Carton 6SH 13FQ 4Reel 16

II. Confidential journal

This volume contains memoranda Lodge wrote to himself, 1948-1963 and 1965-1967.

Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17

III. Military papers

This series consists of material related to Lodge's military service in World War II and afterwards.

Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17a
Military record, 1924-1981
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17b
Resignation from Senate, 1944
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17b
Illness, 1944
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17b
World War II personal correspondence
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17b
World War II diaries/notebooks (4 vols.)
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17b
First American Tank Detachment
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17b
Medical records
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17b
Libya lecture
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17b
Fort Leavenworth lecture, 1 July 1948
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 17b
"The Strasbourg Incident," ms. by Major John W. Price
Carton 8SH 13FS 6Reel 17b
Scrapbook, resignation from Senate, 1944
Carton 8SH 13FS 6Reel 17b
Scrapbook, Lodge in World War II, 1942-1945

IV. Senate campaign of 1952

This series consists of material related to Lodge's Senate race against John F. Kennedy in 1952.

Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 18
Miscellaneous campaign materials
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 18
Lodge/Kennedy voting records
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 18
Polls/voting estimates
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 18
Television campaign
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 18
Press releases, undated
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 18
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 18
Carton 7SH 13FR 5Reel 18
Supporters from World War II

V. Vietnam papers

Arranged alphabetically by person, organization, or subject.

See the Vietnam Papers: General Correspondent and Subject List at the end of this guide.

Carton 9SH 13FT 7Reel 19
A - DO
Carton 9SH 13FT 7Reel 20
Carton 9SH 13FT 7Reel 21
Carton 10SH 13FU 8Reel 21
Carton 10SH 13FU 8Reel 22
Carton 10SH 13FU 8Reel 23
Carton 10SH 13FU 8Reel 24

VI. Emily Sears Lodge Saigon papers

These papers consist mainly of letters written by Emily Sears Lodge to Mrs. A. S. Alexander and family and to Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Lodge from Vietnam, 1963-1964.

Carton 10SH 13FU 8Reel 25

VII. Paris Peace Talks

Arranged alphabetically.

Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Miscellaneous papers
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Background papers
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Criticism of Lodge
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Departure from Paris
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
French correspondence
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Hoopes, Townsend (article by)
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
January 14th trip
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
March 2nd session
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Mekong rice
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Notes on Midway Island Conference
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Officer Corps of Vietnamese defense forces
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Pacification and development of South Vietnam
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Pentagon papers
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
President's statement
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Prisoners of war
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Report of USAID director to the ambassador, 1969, 1970
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Speech material
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Statements concerning Paris Peace Talks
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Thank-you notes
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
United Kingdom ambassador's opinion
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
United States and Vietcong talks
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Vance, Cyrus
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Walsh, Lawrence E. (ambassador)
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 25
Writings (not used)

VIII. Vietnam memoir

This series consists of the manuscript of Lodge's book, never published, about his experience in Vietnam.

Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 26

IX. SALT II papers

This series consists of papers related to SALT II and Lodge's participation in and support of the talks.

Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
Undated notes and clippings
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
Speeches and statements
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
Statement of Henry Kissinger, 31 July 1979
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
White House questions and answers
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
Chronological file, 1977-1980

X. Books

The Storm Has Many Eyes (1973)

Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
Contract and paperwork
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
Duplicates of source material
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
Eisenhower campaign duplicates
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
Royalty statements
Carton 11SH 13FV 9Reel 27
University Microfilms International (UMI)

As It Was (1976)

Carton 12SH 13FW AReel 27
Carton 12SH 13FW AReel 27
Contract and paperwork
Carton 12SH 13FW AReel 27
Royalty statements
Carton 12SH 13FW AReel 27
Unused material

XI. Lodge-Eisenhower correspondence

Stored ONSITE at Ms. N-166.

Arranged chronologically.

This series consists of correspondence between Henry Cabot Lodge and Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1950-1982. Items dated after Eisenhower's death are about him. Several Lodge-Eisenhower items were discovered after microfilming. Box 4 contains this unfilmed portion of the correspondence.

Box 1Reel 28
1950-Aug. 1954
Box 2Reel 28
Sep. 1954-June 1955
Box 2Reel 29
July 1955-Mar. 1960
Box 3Reel 29
Apr. 1960-1982
Box 4

The letters in this box are not included on the microfilm, P-373.

XII. Newspaper clippings

Arranged in rough chronological order.

This series consists of newspaper clippings concerning Lodge's career, 1925-1985. The originals have been discarded.

Carton 12SH 13FW AReel 30
Carton 12SH 13FW AReel 31

XIII. Miscellaneous printed material and ephemera

This series contains printed matter and ephemera removed from the main body of the collection.

This material is not included on the microfilm, P-373.

Carton 12SH 13FW A
Papers removed from: General correspondence, A - M
Carton 13SH 13FX B
Papers removed from: General correspondence, N - Z
Carton 13SH 13FX B
Papers removed from: Confidential journal
Carton 13SH 13FX B
Papers removed from: Military papers
Carton 13SH 13FX B
Papers removed from: Vietnam papers, A - C
Carton 14SH 13FY C
Papers removed from: Vietnam papers, D - Z
Carton 14SH 13FY C
Papers removed from: Emily Sears Lodge Saigon papers
Carton 14SH 13FY C
Papers removed from: Paris Peace Talks
Carton 14SH 13FY C
Papers removed from: SALT II papers

XIV. Oversize material

This series contains maps, other printed material, sketches, and Lodge's citation for a Bronze Star, 7 Aug. 1944.

This material is not included on the microfilm, P-373.

Box OS
Stored ONSITE at Ms. N-166.

General Correspondent and Subject List

Listed here are correspondents and subjects appearing in Series I of this collection.

A Abbott, Gordon, Jr.
Acheson, Dean
Adams, Charles Francis, III (1866-1954)
Adams, Charles Francis, IV (b. 1910)
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Sherman
Aiken, George D.
Air Bags
Alaska (Preservation of wilderness)
Alessandroni, Walter E.
Alexander, Archibald S., and family
Allen, Terry de la Mesa
Allin, (Bishop) John M.
Alsop, Joseph
Altschuler, Mitchell
American Arbitration Association
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)
American Security Council
American Veteran Committee
Amnesty (of Vietnam War resisters)
Anderson, Dillon
Anderson, Marian
Andrews, John K., Jr.
Anschutz, John R.
Anti-Defamation League
Armstrong, H.F.
Army, Marilyn
Arpin, Robert
Asia Society
Askew, Thomas A.
Asleson, Robert
Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
Atlantic Institute for International Affairs
Auriol, Vincent
Austin, Warren R.
Author's Guild
Avant Garde
B Bacevich Andrew J.
Bader, William B.
Badger, Sherwin C.
Bailar, Benjamin F.
Baker, Annette
Baker, George P.
Baker, Howard H., Jr.
Ballou, Lance C., Jr.
Barbour, Robert E.
Barcos, James W.
Barnes, Charles B.
Barnes, Charles B., Jr.
Barnes, George L.
Barnes, Phoebe
Barnes, Sylvia
Barraclough, Sir John
Barrett, Edward W.
Bartlett, Thomas A.
Bates, William H.
BBC Interview
Beal, Willis P.
Beaudry, Robert M.
Beck, Inc., Manufacturers
Behrens, Mrs. Earl C.
Belaunde, Teresa Moreyra de
Belaunde, Victor A.
Bell, David E.
Bell, William E.
Benjamin, Robert S.
Bennett, Alan H.
Benton, William
Benzaquin, Paul
Beranek, Leo L.
Berg, John
Berle, A. A., Jr.
Beverly Cove Improvement Association
Biddle, --Bierkoe, George O.
Bigelow, Edward L., Jr.
Bingham, Barry
Binns, Joseph P.
Birdwood, Lord
Bishop, Jim
Blair, Clay
Blair, William McC., Jr.
Black, Eugene R.
Blaustein, Jacob
Bleicken, Gerhard D.
Bliss, Ray C.
Blouet, Max
Bock, William H.
Bohemian Grove
Bohlen, Charles E.
Bohlen, Edwin U.C.
Bok, Derek Curtis
Bolton, Frances P.
Bonnet, Henri
Borah, William
Boston University
Boston Evening Transcript (original employee record)
Botsford, Charles G.
Bottari, Joseph
Bouche, Rene R.
Bowers, Mr.
Bowles, Chester
Bradford, Robert F.
Bradley, Omar N.
Braggiotti, D. Chadwick
Brandt, Willy
Brayman, Harold
Von Braun, Wernher
Bricker, John W.
Brickley, Bartholomew
Bridges, Styles
Bridwell, Thomas J.
Briggs, Ellis O.
Brooke, Edward W.
Brooks, John E.
Brown, Benjamin H.
Brown, Edmund G.
Brown, Harold
Brown, John Mason
Brownell, Herbert, Jr.
Bruce, David K.E.
Brucker, Wilber M.
Bruner, Richard W.
Buchanan, Wiley T., Jr.
Budd, Sgt.
Bui, Diem
Bui, Duong-Chi
Bullard, Thomas R.
Bullock, Hugh
Bunau-Varilla, Philippe
Bunche, Ralph J.
Bundy, McGeorge
Bundy, William P.
Bunker, Ellsworth
Burden, William A. M.
Burger, Warren E.
Burgess, Carter L.
Burke, John R.
Burns, James MacGregor
Bush, George
Butler, John Marshall
Butler, Ken
Butterworth, Fred
Byington, Alberto Jackson, Jr.
Byrd, Harry F., Jr.
Byrnes, James F.
Byroade, Henry A.
C Cabot, John M.
Cabot, Thomas D.
Cabot Family Genealogy
Caccia, Sir Harold
Campaign Staff List (1960)
Canada (Ambassador to Germany)
Canfield, Cass
Cann, Clifford N.
Capper, Arthur
Carens, Thomas H.
Carpenter, David J.
Carpenter, H.G.
Carpenter, Patrick
Carroll, James M.
Carstens, Karl
Cartano, John D.
Carter, James Earl
Carter, Jay Franklin
Case, Clifford P.
Casey, Maie
Chaffee, Adna Romanza
Challenger, Richard D.
Chamberlain, Charles E.
Chandler, Porter R.
Cherne, Leo
Children's Fund
Childs, Marquis W.
Christian, John
Christy, Marian
Chuong, Tran Van
Church, Frank
Churchill, Randolph
Churchill, Sir Winston
Cima, Anthony P.
Clark, Don
Clark, Frank M.
Clark, Forrester (Tim) A.
Clark, Mark W.
Clark, Paul F.
Clarke, Bruce C.
Clay, Lucius D.
Clement, David H.
Clifford, Clark, M.
Clifton, Chester V.
Cough, Roy F.
Clurman, Richard
Coakley, Dan
Codman, Charles R.
Cole, Albert
Cole, Louis M.
Colonial Wars, Society of
Colson, Charles W.
Columbia Broadcasting Systems (CBS)
Comerford, Richard
Committee of Americans for the Canal Treaties, Inc.
Conant, James B.
Connery, Lawrence J.
Connolly, Lewis T.
Conte, Silvio
Cook, Charles D.
Cooke, Terence Cardinal
Coolidge, Calvin
Coolidge, Charles A.
Coolidge, Louis A.
Coolidge, William A.
Cooper, John Sherman
Costello, Clement C.
Costello, Thomas F.
Cowles, Gardner (Mike)
Cresci, Frank
Crittenberger, Willis D.
Cross, Jonathan
Crowley, John W.
Culler, Jonathan D.
Cunningham, Bill
Cult of Weakness
Curley, James M.
Currier, Donald E.
Cushing, Richard J.
Cutler, Robert A.
D Dabney, Virginius
Dahlen, M.A.
Daniel, Clifton
Daniels, Jonathan
Darden, Colgate W., Jr.
Davenport, Russell W.
Davies, John
Dean, Jonathan
Defense (Revolutionary War Privateer Brigantine)
De Gaulle, Charles
De Gourcuff, Louis
De Lapp, Sim A.
De Lattre de Tassigny (General)
Delta Queen (Mississippi Riverboat)
De Maio, Walter J.
Demas, Peter
De Palma, Samuel
Derksen, J.J.
De Seynes, Philippe
De Streel, Quentin and Helena
Devers, Jacob L.
De Wasseige, Robert
Dewart, Alan
Dewey, Thomas E.
Dillon, C. Douglas
Dillon, Clarence
Dirksen, Everett McKinley
Ditzen, Lowell Russell
Dixon, Sir Pierson
Dobrynin, Anatoly F.
Dodd, William E., Jr.
Dodge, Joseph M.
Dole, Robert J.
Donovan, Hedley
Doolan, John M.
Doubleday Company, Inc., Publishers
Douglas, James H.
Douglas, Lewis W.
Douglas, Paul H.
Dowden, Charles Merrill
Drury, (Miss) Michael
Duff, James H.
Dulles, Allen W.
Dulles, John Foster
Dunn, John M.
Dunne, Irene
Dwight, William
E Eaker, Ira C.
Early, Stephen
Eastman, Joseph B.
Eaton, Fredrick M.
Echeverri-Cortes, Mrs. Carlos
Eisenhower, Milton S.
Eliot, George Fielding
Ellsworth, Robert
Ely, Joseph B.
Ely, Paul
Endicott, Mrs. William C.
Ernst, Morris
Essex Club
Everett, Evelyn Clay
Evers, Howard W.
F Fanfani, Amintore
Farley, James A.
Farley, John W.
Fawzi, Mahmoud
Feinman, Ronald
Feldman, Trude B.
Felt, Benjamin F.
Fergusson, Robert G.
Field, Janet F.
Finch, Robert H.
Finger, Seymour Maxwell
Finletter, Thomas K. Finstrom, Carol
Fischer, Robert
Fischer, Rudi
Fisk, Shirley Carter
Flemming, Arthur S.
Flexner, James Thomas
Ford, Gerald R., Jr.
Ford, Henry II
Fordham, Laurence S.
Forrestal Diary (Publication of)
Forrestal, James V.
Forrestal, Michael V.
Foster, William C.
Fox, John
Foxhall, George
Frankfurter, Felix
Franklin, George S., Jr.
Franklin, H. Bruce
Frederica, Queen of Greece
Frelinghuysen, Peter, Jr.
Fuess, Claude Moore
Fulbright, J. William
Fuller, Alvan T.
Fulton, James G.
Furstenberg, Freiin Wiltraud Von
G Gabrielson, Guy George
Galbraith, John Kenneth
Gallagher, Robert P.
Gamage, Virginia C.
Gandhi, Indira
Gard, Richard Al
Gardner, Richard
Garment, Leonard
Geass, E.L.N.
George, Walter F.
Georges-Picot, Jacques
Georgetown University
Gerard, James W.
Germany, American Council on
Gibbons, Charles
Giles, Frank S.
Gilhooley, John J.
Giscard D'Estaing, Valery
Gish, Lillian
Goheen, Robert F.
Goldberg, Arthur J.
Goldberg, David B.
Goldwater, Barry
Goodman, Allan E.
Gordenker, Leon
Goulding, Phil G.
Graham, Katharine
Grant, Robert
Grenfell, Sir Wilfred
Greenough, Malcolm W.
Grey of Fallodon, Lord
Gridiron Club
Griess, Thomas E.
Griswold, Erwin N.
Griswold Whitney
Gross, Ernest A.
Gruenther, Alfred M.
Guggenheimer, Morley
Gullion, Edmund A.
Gustafson, Milton O.
Guttenberg, Freiherr Karl Theodor Von Und Zu
Gwinn, David B.
H Habib, Philip C.
Hagedorn, Hermann
Haig, Alexander M., Jr.
Hall, Leonard W.
Halle, Kay
Halsey, William F.
Hammarskjold, Dag
Hammond, John Hays
Hammond, Mason
Hancock, John, Mutual Life Insurance Company
Hannigan, Judson
Hansbury, J. Samuel
Hanson, Elisha
Harlow, Bryce N.
Harper's Magazine
Harper and Row Publishers
Harmon, E.N.
Harriman, W. Averell
Harrington, Joseph B.
Harron, Robert
Hart, Mrs. Moss
Harvard University
Harvard Presidents
Harvard Republican Club
Hatch, Franck
Hatfield, Mark O.
Hawaii (Statehood)
Hearst, William Randolph, Jr.
Heaton, Leonard D.
Heath, Edward
Heckler, Margaret M.
Hedges, Charles W.
Heffelfinger, F. Peavey
Heiliger, Klaus
Heiskell, Andrew
Henderson, Loy W.
Herter, Christian A.
Herter, E. Miles
Hesburgh, Theodore M.
Heselton, John W.
Hewes, James E., Jr.
Higgins, John P.
Hickenlooper, Bourke B.
High Voltage Engineering Corporation
Hillenbrand, Martin J.
Hillman, Serrell
Hilsman, Roger
Hoagland, M.B.
Hoegh, Leo A.
Hoffman, Paul G.
Holbrooke, Richard
Holland, Spessard L.
Hollister, Paul
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Hoover, Herbert
Hoover, Herbert, Jr.
Hoppenot, Henri
Hopper, Bruce
Horan, Charles Francis
Horovitz Workmen's Compensation Library
Hotchkis, Preston
Hovey, Chandler
Howard, Roy W.
Hoyt, Palmer
Human Events Magazine
Humphrey, George M.
Humphrey, Hubert H.
Humphreys, William Arthur
Huss, Pierre J.
Hyland, C.K.
I Ickes, Harold L.
Imhof, Nancy
Ingalls, David S.
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Irwin, John N.
Irwin, Wallace, Jr.
Ives, Irving M.
J Jackling, R.W.
Jackson, C.D.
Jackson, Henry M.
Jackson, Russell Leigh
Jacquemart, Andre
Javits, Jacob K.
Jebb, Sir Gladwyn (Baron Gladwyn, Lord Gladwyn)
Jenkins, Burris, Jr.
Jessup, John K.
Jewish Supporters of H.C.L.
John Paul II, Pope
Johnson, Howard D.
Johnson, Louis A.
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Johnson, Peer P.
Johnson, U. Alexis
Jones, John A.
Jones, Robert T., Jr.
Jorden, William J.
Joyce, Edmund P.
Jubilee Yacht Club
Judd, Walter H.
Juin, (Marechal) Alphonse
K Kahn, Ronald R.
Kaye, Mrs. Danny
Keedick Lecture Bureau, Inc.
Kefauver, Estes
Kelley, William F.
Kendall, David W.
Kennedy Edward M.
Kennedy, John F.
Kennedy, Joseph P.
Kennedy, Moorhead C., Jr.
Kennedy, Robert F.
Kennedy, Stephen P.
Kenny, Herbert A.
Kerr, Clark
Kerr, George V.
Key, David McK.
Khan, Aga
Khan, Prince Aly S.
Khan, Thanat

Khrushchev, Nikita
Kirk, Alexander
Kisssinger, Henry A.
Klutznick, Philip M.
Knight, Goodwin J.
Knight, John S.
Knowland, William F.
Knowlton, Kenneth A.
Knowlton, William A.
Knox, Dudley W.
Kohler, Foy D.
Koppelmann, Elmer
Kornfeld, Albert
Kosciusko-Morizet, Jacques
Kotschnig, Walter
Krock, Arthur
Kuchel, Thomas H.
Kunhardt, Philip B.
L Laboulaye, Francois de
La Farge, Henry A.
Lafollette, Charles M.
Lafollette, Robert M.
Lafontant, Jewel
LaGuardia, Fiorello H.
Laird, Melvin R.
Lall, Arthur
Lamont, Gordon
Lamont, Thomas S.
Landon, Alf M.
Lansdale, Edward G.
Larmon, Sigurd S.
Larsen, Roy E.
Larson, Arthur
Larteguy, Jean
Lasky, Victor
Lawford, Valentine G.N.
Lawrence, Amory A.
Lawrence, Frederic C.
Lawrence, James
Lawrence, John S.
Lawrence, (Bishop) William
Leach, W. Barton
Lebel, Remy
LeClerc, Jean
Lefkowitz, Louis J.
Lemay, Curtis E.
LeMercier, Claude
Leonhart, William
Leoni, E.H.
Lequerica, Josefina Ramirez de
Library of Congress
Lie, Trygve
Live Magazine
Liles, Allen
Lindsay, Franklin A.
Linen, James A.
Lippmann, Walter
Lloyd, Selwyn
Lodge, George Cabot, Jr. Lodge, George Cabot, Jr. Senate Campaign of 1962
Lodge, Henry Cabot, Sr.
Lodge, Henry Sears
Lodge, John Davis
Lodge Villa
Lomax, Terrance J., Jr.
Longarini, G. N.
Longworth, Nicholas, Mrs.
Lord, Mary (Mrs. Oswald B.)
Lothian, Marquees of
Lothrop, Francis B.
Loud Patricia
Lovestone, Jay
Lovett, Robert A.
Lovett, Robert W., Mrs.
Luce, Clare Boothe
Luce, Henry R.
Luce, Stephen
Ludlow, James M.
M MacArthur, Douglas
MacGillivary, Charles A.
MacNeil, Neil
MacNider, Hanford
MacOmber, William B., Jr.
MacVeagh, Charlton
Macy, John W., Jr.
Mahoney, John P.S., Jr.
Maguire, Ellen Fallon
Magnuson, Warren G.
Mangone, Gerard J.
Mansfield, Mike
Marcus, Richard W.
Marks, Leonard H.
Martin, Graham
Martin, John S.
Martin, Joseph W., Jr.
Mason, Norman P.
Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.
Maule, Henry P.
Mayers, Henry
Mayo, Charles G.
Mayo, Katherine
McAuliffe, Charlotte M.
McAuliffe, Edward F.
McCall, Thomas
McCann, Kevin
McCardle, Carl W.
McCarthy, Joseph R.
McClellan, John L.
McCloy, John J.
McCorison, Marcus A.
McCormack, John W.
McCormack, Robert R.
McCoy, Frank Ross
McCrary, John Reagan
McCue, Cynthia B.
McCullough, G.S.
McCutcheon, P.S., Mrs.
McFarland, John Joseph
McGill, Ralph
McGrath, Thomas L.
McGrory, Mary
McKeldin, Theodore R.
McKellar, Kenneth
McKone, John R.
McLaughlin, Kathleen
McLean, Daniel E.
McNary, Charles
McQuillan, Mary K.
Means, Augustus G.
Meany, George
Medeiros, Humberto Cardinal
Mee, Charles L., Jr.
"Meet the Press"
Meizler, Lauri
Mele, Don A.
Melson, C.L.
Menon, V.K. Krishna
Merritt, S.A.
Metman, Claude
Metress, Patrick A.
Metropolitan Club
Metternich-Winneberg, Princess Tatiana Von
Meyers, Howard
Mickelson, Sig
Middlesex School
Miki, Takeo
Miller, William E.
Miller, William J.
Mills, Ogeden L.
Mintener, Bradshaw
Mitchell, James P.
Moch, Jules
Moen, Harlan G.
Monks, John Peabody
Monnet, Jean
Monro, C. Bedell
Montgomery, John D.
Moore, Francis D.
Moore, Jonathan
Moorman, Lewis J., Jr.
Morgan, Allen H.
Morgan, James
Morris, Brewster H.
Morrissey, Nicholas P.
Morrow. E. Frederic
Morse, F. Bradford
Morse, Wayne
Morton, Thruston B. (Thurston)
Motley, Arthur H.
Mullen, Robert R.
Muniz, Joao Carlos
Murakata, Akiko
Murphy, Frank
Murphy, George
Murphy, James Lawrence
Murphy, Ray
Murphy, Robert D.
Murphy, Timothy J.
Mussolini, Benito
Myers, J. William
Myopia Hunt Club
N Nakayama, Riri
Napoleon, Prince Louis
Nash, Bradley
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
Newberry, Cammann
Newell, James W.
New Hampshire (book about, by Charles Brereton)
Newsom, Earl
Newton, Henry C.
New York Times
Nixon, Richard M.
Norstad, Lauris
Nunez-Portuondo, Emilio
Nutting, Anthony
O Oberdorfer, Don
O'Brien, Francis J.
O'Brien, Vincent P.
Oddie, Tasker L.
Olcese, Donald
Olmstead, Freeman Bruce
Olmstead, J. Blaine
Osborne, Stanley DeJ.
Osman, Yacoub
P Pantaleoni, Helenka
Pappas, John C.
Pappas, Thomas A.
Parker, Chauncey
Parker, Daniel P.
Parsons, Geoffrey
Patria E Lavoro Society
Patterson, Richard C., Jr.
Patterson, Robert P.
Patton, George S., Jr.
Paul, Randolph
Paulsen, Norman
Payne, Frederick B.
Peabody, Endicott
Pedersen, Richard F.
Pennoyer, Robert M.
Percy, Charles H.
Persons, Wilton B.
Pheiffer, William T.
Phillips, Christopher H.
Phillips, Neill
Phillips, William
Pihl, Marshall R.
Pinkham, Charles H.
Pinkley, Virgil
Pleven, Rene
Poletti, Charles
Polls (significance of in elections)
Poppeliers, John
Porter, William J.
Powers, John E.
Price, Don K.
Prince, Gordon
Princi, Peter W.
Puhan, Alfred
Pulliam, Eugene
Pusey, Nathan M.
Pyle, Howard
Q Quie, Albert H.
Quinlan, John M.
Quigley, Thomas B.
R Rabb, Maxwell M.
Rabb, Ruth (Mrs. Maxwell M.)
Rafferty, James
Ramsbotham, Sir Peter
Rathbone, Monroe Jackson
Rawlings, E.W.
Reader's Digest
Reagan, Ronald
Reece, Brazilla Carroll
Reed, Charles S.
Reid, Ogden R.
Resnick, Charles H.
Reuther, Walter P.
Reynaud, Paul
Reynolds, Betty A.
Reynolds, Bruce
Reynolds, Robert R.
Richardson, Elliot L.
Richardoz, Lucien
Riesel, Victor
Roach, Hal E.
Roberts, Clifford
Robertson, A. Willis
Robertson, Edward V.
Robinson, Denis M.
Rocco, Giselle B. V.
Rochedieu, Violette Perrenond
Rockefeller, John Davison, 3rd
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Rogers, William P.
Romney, George
Romulo, Carlos P.
Rooney, John J.
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Franklin D., Jr.
Roosevelt, Nicholas
Rose, H. Chapman
Rosenbaum, William Morris
Rosenberg, Case
Ross, John C.
Ross, Nellie Tayloe
Rostow, Walt W.
Rowan, Marcia A.
Rubottom, Roy R., Jr.
Rumsfeld, Donald
Rush, Kenneth
Rusk, Dean
Rusk, Howard A.
Ryan, John L., Jr.
S St. Albans School
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
St. Paul's Within-the-Walls
Salerno, Joseph
Salinger, Pierre
Salm, Peter A.
Salomon, Irving
Saltonstall, Leverett
Saltonstall, Sally
Saltonstall, William L.
Saltzman, Charles E.
Samuelson, Rupert
San Francisco Examiner
Sarnoff, David
Sarros, Peter
Saturday Evening Post
Scali, John A.
Scelba, Prime Minister [Mario]
Schaetzel, J. Robert
Schepens, Charles L.
Schmidt, Adolph
Schroeder, Gerhard
Schuck, Victoria
Schuyler, George S.
Schwartz, Arthur
Schwarz, Frederick A. O.
Schwien, Edwin E.
Scranton, William W.
Scribner, Fred C., Jr.
Sears, Henry Francis, II
Sears, John W.
Sears, Mason
Seaton, Fred A.
Seidman, L. William
Semmes, John Gibson
Seward, William W.
Seymour, Paul E.
Shanley, Bernard M.
Sharp, Allen
Sheehan, Neil
Sheen, Fulton J.
Short, W. C.
Shotwell, James T.
Shriver, Robert Sargent, Jr.
Sibley, Alden K.
Sieverts, Frank A.
Sihanouk, Prince Norodom
Silver, Abba Hillel
Simmons, Edward
Simon, Caroline K.
Sisco, Joseph J.
Skouras, Spyros P.
Slim, Mongi
Small, Ernest H.
Smedberg, William R., III
Smeterlin, Edith
Smith, Beverly, Jr.
Smith, Gerard C.
Smith, H. Alexander
Smith, James H., Jr.
Smith, Margaret Chase
Smith, Peter
Smith, Walter Bedell
Soames, Christopher
Spaak, Paul-Henri
Sparkman, John J.
Spaulding, Josiah A.
Speeches/Press Releases (of Henry Cabot Lodge)
Spellman, Francis Cardinal
Spiegel, Jacob
Spivak, Lawrence E.
Stanford University
Stanton, Frank
Stark, Richard Boies
Stassen, Harold E.
Steelman, John R.
Steinert, Alan
Steinhardt, Laurence A.
Stennis, John C.
Stepanovich, Nick T.
Stephens, Thomas E.
Stern, Thomas
Stettinius, Edward Reilly, Jr.
Stevens, George
Stevenson, Adlai E.
Stewart, Michael
Stickney, Henry A.
Stimson, Henry L.
Stout, Rex
Storey, Richard C.
Storey, Robert G.
Strauss, Lewis L.
Stratton, Samuel S.
Stuart, Sir Campbell
Sullivan, William H.
Sulzberger, Arthur Hays
Sulzberger, C. L.
Swift, John Edward
Swihart, James W.
Swope, Herbert Bayard
Symington, W. Stuart
T Taft, Robert A.
Taft, Robert, Jr.
Taylor, Charles H.
Taylor, Maxwell D.
Tehan, Arline B.
Tetler, James R.
Thailand (Ambassador)
Thant, U
Thayer, Robert
Thayer, Walter N.
Thom, Corcoran, Jr.
Thompson, Llewellyn E.
Thompson, Sir Robert
Thurman, Roy
Tillinghast, Charles C., Jr.
Time Magazine
Tobey, Charles W.
Tobin, Maurice J.
Todd, Eleanor (Mrs. Webster)
Tolstoy, countess Alexandra
Treadway, Richard
Trice, J. Mark
Truman, Harry S.
Tubman, William V.S.
Tufts, Henry H.
Tupper, Eleanor
Tuttle, Elbert P.
Tidings, Eleanor (Mrs. Millard)
Tyler, William R.
U United Nations: Confirmation as Ambassador
United Nations: HCL Opinion of
Urban Coalition
U.S. Command of Foreign Military Personnel
V Valentin, Michel
Valeo, Francis R.
Van Deerlin, Lionel
Van Zandt, James E.
Vance, Cyrus R.
Vandenberg, Arthur H.
Vandenberg Resolution
Vann, John Paul
Vanuxem, General
Varga, Bela
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Villamin, Vincente
Volpe, John A.
Volpe, S. Peter
Volunteer Freedom Corps
Voorhees, Tracy S.
Vyshinsky, Anatoly Y.
W Wadsworth, James J.
Wadsworth, Reverdy
Wagner, J. Addington
Wagner, Robert F.
Wainhouse, David
Wald, Jerry
Waldheim, Kurt
Walker, Stanley
Walker, William O.
Wallace, Mike
Walsh, David I.
Walsh, John
Walt, Lewis W.
Wang, Tsio-Yong
Wardwell, J. Otis
Warner, Richard
Warren, Earl
Warren, Shields
Washburn, Abbott
Watson, Albert S.
Wayne, John
Weaver, Arthur J.
Weaver, William O.
Webb, James E.
Webster, Edwin S.
Weeks, Sinclair
Weeks, William D.
Wellington, Rebecca G.P.
Westmoreland, William C.
Wheeler, Burton K.
Wheeler, Earle G.
Wheeler, Mary (Mrs. Bancroft C.)
White, Kevin H.
White, Robert M., II
White, Thomas W.
White, Wallace H., Jr.
White, William A.
Whitney, John Hay
Whittier, Sumner G.
Wilcox, Francis O.
Wilkins, Roy
Wilkinson, Clarence S.
Wilkinson, L.
Williams, Aubrey
Williams, James T., Jr.
Williams, John J.
Williams, Ira J.
Williams, W. Walter
Willis, Charles F., Jr.
Williston, Arthur L.
Willkie, Wendell L.
Willoughby, Charles A.
Wilson, Bob
Wilson, Charles E.
Wilson, Samuel V.
Wilson, Woodrow
Winship, Larry
Winslow, Richard S.
Winter, John Alexander
Wisner, Frank G.
Wister, Owen
World Almanac
Wright, John
Wright, Lloyd
Wulfing, Peter
Wylie, Craig
Wylie, J. C.
Wyzanski, Charles E.
Y Young, Andrew
Young, Benjamin Loring
Young, Kenneth T., Jr.
Young, Milton R.
Z Zeeland, Paul Van
Zipf, George Kingsley
Zorlu, N. Fatin Rustu

Vietnam Papers: General Correspondent and Subject List

Listed here are correspondents and subjects appearing in Series V of this collection.

A Abrams, Creighton W.
Ambassador's Duties
Announcement (July 8, 1965)
Appointment and Resignation
Assets and Liabilities
B Ball, George W.
Becker, William A.
Bennett, John T.
Berger, Samuel D.
Berlin, Richard E.
Black, Eugene R.
Bolton, Frances P.
Braddock, Daniel M.
Browne, Malcolm W.
Buddhists in Vietnam
Bumgardner, Everett F.
Bundy, McGeorge
Bundy, William P.
Bush, George
C Calhoun, John A.
Can, Ngo Dinh
Carver, George
Carver, Michael
Casualties (military
Catholics in Vietnam
Cercle Sportif Saigonais
Chan, Nguyen Hou
Chiu, Ban It
Citizens' Committee for Peace with Freedom in Viet-Nam
Civilian Casualties
Co, Nguyen Huu
Collins, Arthur S.
Confidence Course
Consultant to the President
Cooper, Chester L.
Cordier, Andrew W.
Corruption in the Military
Coup of November 1, 1963
Coup of January 1964
Coup of December 1964
Crisis of Spring 1966
Crittenberger, Willis A.
D Davis, John E.
Declaration of War
Departure Letters (1964 Compliments)
De Puy, Williams E.
Diem, Ngo Dinh
Diplomatic Notes
Disosway, G.P
Don, Tran Van
Driver, W.J
Duncan, Robert B.
E Education
Eifler, C.W.
Evans, Tad
F France
Freedom House Public Affairs Institute
Frosch, Robert A.
Fulbright, J.W.
Fulton, James G.
G Gardner, John W.
Garst, Roswell
Gaud, William S.
George, Robert J.
G.I. Bill
Gilligan, John J.
Gladwyn, Lord
Gleason, Thomas W.
Godley, G. McMurtrie
Goldberg, Arthur J.
Goodpaster, A.J.
Gorman, Frederick G.
Grandjean, Madame --
Grandjean, Philippe
Greeley, Dana McLean
Guerilla Warfare
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Guy, William L.
H Habib, Philip C.
Ham, Lewis, Jr.
Hand, Lloyd N.
Hanna, Richard T.
Harriman, W. Averell
Harrold, Jacques
Hart, J.L
Hatfield, Mark O.
Hathaway, William D.
Haugerud, Howard E.
Hays, Wayne L.
Hearst, William Randolph, Jr.
Heffelfinger, F. Peavey
Heintges, John A.
Hertz, Gustav C., Mrs.
Higgins, Elmer M., Jr.
Hilsman, Roger
Hinckley, William Kenneth, Jr.
Hoach, Le Van
Hobby, Oveta Culp
Holland, Spessard L.
Holmes, Julius C.
Holt, Harold
Honolulu Meeting
Hop Tac
Hope, Bob
Hughes, Richard J.
Humphreys, James W., Jr.
Huntley, Chet
Hyland, John J.
I Ignatius, Paul R. International Voluntary Services (IVS)
J Jacbson George D.
James, Hatcher M., Jr.
Jen, H.P.
Jessup, John K.
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Johnson, Nicholas
Johnson, Norvel N.
Johnson, U. Alexis
Josephson, Robert L.
Jouve, Robert
Judiciary Committee
Just, Ward
K Kalischer, Peter
KATUSA (Korean Augmentation Troops to U.S. Army)
Katzenbach, Nicholas DeB.
Kennedy, Robert F.
Khanh, Nguyen
Kilpatrick, Carroll
Kinnard, Harry W.O.
Kissinger, Henry A.
Kohler, Foy D.
Komer, Robert W.
Kuntze, Archie C.
Ky, Nguyen Cao
L Labor (Program for Reform)
Lake, William A.K.
Land Reform
Lanham, Charles T.
Lansdale, Edward G.
Larsen, Stanley R.
Larteguy, Jean
Legality of U.S. Position in Vietnam
Leonard, Colonel --
Leonhart, William
Lessons of Vietnam
Letourneau, Jean
Lewis, Robert A.
Lien, Hu
Life Magazine Article: "Persistence in Vietnam:
Lilienthal, David E.
Loan, Nguyen, Ngoc
Lodge, George Cabot
Long An Province
Lottery (For VIetnam Nantional Housing Fund)
M MacArthur, Douglas, II
Malmberg, Eric
Mangham, T.G., Jr.
Mann, Charles A.
Mansfield, Mike
Marcos, Ferdinand E.
Marsh, William H.
Martin, Graham
Matthews, H. Freeman, Jr.
McCarthy, Joseph F.
McCarthy, RIchard D.
McCormack, John W.
McGee, Gale W.
McGrath, Thomas C., Jr.
McNamara, Robert S.
McNaughton, John T.
Merchant, Livingston T.
Miki, Takeo
Military in Vietnam Miller, Bryce B.
Mills, Wilbur D.
Minetrakinetra, Bancha
Mohr, Charles
Momyer, William W.
Moore, David J.
Moore, Joseph H.
Morse, F. Bradford
Moyers, Bill D.
Murphy, Robert D.
Murphy, Thomas J.
N Negotiations
Nhat, Truong Duy
Nitze, Paul H.
O Oakes, John B.
O'Connell, R.
O'Konski, Alvin E.
Open Roads
Ortona, Egidio
P Pacification
Palmer, Joseph, 2nd
Patton, James R., Jr.
Peadley, Willie C.
Peirce, Neal R.
Phan Thanh Gian Families
Phillips, Richard I.
Pike, Douglas
Poats, Rutherford M.
Poff, Richard H.
Police Field Forces
Porter, D. Gareth
Porter, William J.
Post Reports
Powell, Herbert B.
Prepatory Papers before Becoming Ambassador (1963)
Provincial Reconnaissance Unit
Q Quang, Thich Tri
Quat, Phan Huy
Quesada, E.R.
R Ramsey, Douglas K.
Reed, John H.
Reidy, Mary
Reinhardt, G. Frederick
Reston, James
Reynolds, Cyril F.
Rice, Edward E.
Revolutionary Development
Robertson, A. Willis
Rockefeller, David
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Rodino, Peter W., Jr.
Romney, George
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Rostow, Eugene
Rusk, Dean
Rusk, Howard A.
Russel, Eliott
S Salisbury, Charlotte Young (Mrs. Harrison E.)
Salisbury, Harrison E.
Saltonstall, Leverett
Sauvezon, Marie-Georges
Schmaus, Leroy D.
Schwartz, Abba
Scranton, William W.
Secrest, Robert T.
Shaplen, Robert
Shin, Sang Chul
Sisco, Joseph J.
Sisk, Bernard F.
Skouras, Spyros P.
Smith, Bedell
Smith, Margaret Chase
Song, Yong Eik
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO)
Spellman, Francis Cardinal
Stark, Richard B.
Statements/Remarks about Vietnam
Steinbeck, John
Stewart, Potter
Stinchfield, Frank E.
Storey, Richard C.
Students (Vietnamese) in U.S.
Swanstrom, Edward E.
Symington, James W.
Symington, Stuart
T Tabarena, Santiago
Tanham, George K.
Tao, Nguyen Van
Taylor, Maxwell D.
Tchen, Hou-Jou
Teague, Charles M.
Teague, Olin E.
Television (Responses to Interviews on TV)
Teo, Nguyen Van
Terrorism--Viet Cong Use of Terror
Thi, Hue, Le
Thich, Tam Chau
Theilman, Calvin
Thieu, Nguyen Van
Thompson, Sir Robert
Thurmond, Strom
U.S.S. Tortuga Trip
Tower, John G.
Trager, Frank N.
Tran, Van Chuong
Tran, Van Do
Tran, Van Don
Tran, Van Khien
Trinquier, Roger
Tsiang, Tingfu F.
Tydings, Joseph D.
U Unification
United Nations
United States in Vietnam
V Valenti, Jack
Van, Mrs. Tran Van
Vance, Cyrus
Vickery, Ray
Vietcong (Composition of)
Vietnam: Background
Vietnam: Bombings
Vietnam: Briefing Papers
Vietnam: Chinese Communists
Vietnam: Opinions
Vietnam: Papers/Remarks
Vietnam: Rebuttals
Vietnam: Saturday Evening Post Article
Vietnam: Speech Material
Vietnam: Sympathy Letters
Vietnam: U.S. Presence
VIP Visitors
W Walt, Lewis W.
Wehrle, Roy
Westmoreland, William C.
Weyand, Fred C.
Whalley, J. Irving
Wheeler, Earle G.
White, Paul Dudley
White, William L.
Whitener, Basil L.
Willimas, Ogden
Wilson, Richard L.
Wilson, Samuel V.
Wives of Personnel
Y Young, Kenneth T., Jr.
Young, Milton R.
Young, Whitney M., Jr.
Z Zorthian, Barry

Photographs Removed from the Collection

Photographs from this collection have been removed to the Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. photographs II, ca. 1880-1979. Photo. Coll. 185.

Preferred Citation

Henry Cabot Lodge papers II, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963.
Lodge, Emily Sears, 1905-


Great Britain. Army. Eighth. First American Tank Detachment (1939-1945).
Paris Conference on Vietnam (1973).
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks II.
United States. Congress. Senate.
United States. Delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations.


Diplomats' spouses--Vietnam.
Legislators--United States.
United States--Foreign relations--Vietnam.
Vietnam--Foreign relations--United States.
Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975.
World War, 1939-1945--Personal narratives.