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Restrictions on Access

The Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr. papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Collection Summary


This collection consists of papers of Judge Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr., including personal and professional papers.

Biographical Sketch

Judge Charles Edward Wyzanski, Jr. was a champion of civil liberties known for controversial judicial decisions and a polymath with an apparently eidetic memory. He was also a compulsive writer who seemingly kept copies of most of the letters he wrote, as well as multiple copies of speeches and other writings, and who wrote voluminously about his personal philosophies and opinions on a wide range of topics. His interests ranged far beyond the subjects of law and jurisprudence. He was deeply attached to his family and to Harvard University and counted among his greatest accomplishments his activities outside of the judicial world, including his work with the Ford Foundation and his position in the Harvard Society of Fellows. His mentors included Augustus Hand, Learned Hand, and Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Wyzanski was born in Boston in 1906, the son of Charles Edward and Maude Rebecca (Joseph) Wyzanski. A graduate of Brookline High School, he continued his college preparation at Phillips Exeter Academy, graduating in 1923, and attended Harvard College (Class of 1927) and Harvard Law School (Class of 1930). He married Gisela Warburg in 1943, and the couple had two children: Charles Max (born 1944) and Anita (born 1946, later Robboy).

Wyzanski served as law clerk for United States Circuit Judge Augustus N. Hand, 2nd Circuit, 1930-1931, and for Circuit Judge Learned Hand, 2nd Circuit, 1932, and over that time was also an associate of Ropes, Gray, Boyden and Perkins in Boston, 1930-1933. Wyzanski was proposed by Felix Frankfurter to Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt as solicitor of labor under Labor Secretary Frances Perkins, a position he held from 1931 to August 1935, when he joined the staff of the solicitor general, Stanley Reed, as special assistant to the attorney general. He was also associate and later partner of Ropes, Gray, Best, Coolidge, and Rugg, 1937-1941, and a public member of the National Defense Mediation Board, 1941.

Wyzanski was appointed United States district judge in December of 1941 and served from 1942 to 1986 as chief judge, 1965-1971, and senior judge, 1971-1986. His outside activities included serving as trustee of the Ford Foundation, member of the Council of the American Law Institute, senior fellow of the Harvard Society of Fellows, overseer of Harvard University, president of the Harvard Board of Overseers, lecturer at Harvard, visiting professor at MIT, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Devise Lecturer at the University of Colorado, lecturer at the Salzberg Seminar for American Studies, Herman Phleger Professor of Stanford University, Sulzbacher Lecturer at Columbia University, and author of Whereas--A Judge's Premises: Essays in Judgment, Ethics, and the Law (1965) and numerous articles. Among the greatest influences on his thinking were Montaigne, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Learned Hand, Augustus Hand, and Felix Frankfurter. He counted among his best friends Paul Freund, Tom Eliot, Henry Bragdon, Dick Morse, Alan Steinert, and Henry J. Friendly.

Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr. died in Boston in 1986.

Collection Description

The Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr. papers are arranged in eight series: Education/schools, Department of Labor, Judicial papers, Other activities, Correspondence, Speeches and writings, Biography and autobiography, and Miscellaneous subject files. Series I contains correspondence of Wyzanski with his schools and summer camp (Camp Wigwam in Harrison, Maine) and in his later years (mainly concerning alumni matters). The series also contains school papers for his senior year in grammar school, high school, and some college items.

Series II consists primarily of papers pertaining to Wyzanski's work on the National Labor Relations Act and items concerning Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins. Judicial papers (Series III), the largest series in the collection, contains both administrative files from Wyzanski's District Court office and case files for a number of cases in the District Court, the Northern District of California, the Southern District of Florida, and the Circuit Court of Appeals. Wyzanski also created files for "Charges to the Jury" in a number of cases and "Opinions, etc."

Series IV documents Wyzanski's activities outside of normal judicial work, such as voyages abroad for various foundations and teaching materials for Boston University, the Salzberg Seminar, and other conferences and institutions. Also included are materials for some of his club memberships. Series V (Correspondence) contains an alphabetical file established by Wyzanski, as well as large sections of correspondence with specific individuals (Henry Bragdon, Felix Frankfurter, and the two Hands). Included is a sub-section of family correspondence, mostly letters from Wyzanski to family members.

Series VII contains biographical information on Wyzanski, including his thinking and philosophy on many issues, as well as several oral histories done at different times, autobiographical writings, and articles about Wyzanski. Included is material that Wyzanski sent to Bill Moyers when the two of them corresponded about the possibility of Wyzanski appearing on one of Moyers's television programs.

The miscellaneous subject files (Series VIII) contain material on subjects that did not seem to belong in other places within the body of the papers.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr., 1984-1986, and Gisela (Mrs. Charles E.) Wyzanski, 1988-1989. Letters to Marc Friedlaender given by Marc Friedlaender, May 1988.

Restrictions on Access

The Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr. papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Arrangement Note

These papers were in great disarray prior to this arrangement, but some categories were created by Judge Wyzanski or his office staff: Department of Labor, Judicial files (including opinions, case files, and staff files), speeches and writings, correspondence, and "autobiographical" papers. The remaining series were created from papers scattered throughout the collection. There is often overlap between series; for example, correspondence may be found in Miscellaneous subject files (Series VIII) as well as in Correspondence (Series V).

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Education/schools, 1918-1986

Wyzanski attended the Edward Devotion Grammar School in Brookline, Mass., from which he graduated in June 1918. He graduated from Brookline High School in 1922 and attended Phillips Exeter Academy for one year, graduating in 1923. He completed his undergraduate degree at Harvard College in 1927 and his law degree at Harvard Law School in 1930. He maintained relationships with these institutions as an alumnus, a trustee for Phillips Exeter, an overseer of Harvard University, and a member of the Harvard Society of Fellows. Before high school, Wyzanski attended summer camp at Camp Wigwam in Harrison, Maine, and he maintained some contact with the camp into adulthood. This series contains later correspondence relating to the camp, the schools, various alumni groups, gifts, the Harvard Society of Fellows, and other related topics. Actual school papers (essays, tests) are filed at the end of the series.

Carton 1SH 1ACSFolder 1
Camp Wigwam, 1961-1968
Carton 1SH 1ACSFolder 2-6
Phillips Exeter Academy, 1953-1986
Carton 1SH 1ACSFolder 7-21
Harvard University, 1943-1986
Carton 1SH 1ACSFolder 22-27
Harvard Law School, 1945-1986
Carton 1SH 1ACSFolder 31-44
School papers, 1918-1927 and undated

II. Department of Labor, 1933-1986

Wyzanski was proposed by Felix Frankfurter to Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt as solicitor of labor under Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, a position he held from 1931 to August 1935, when he joined the staff of the solicitor general, Stanley Reed, as special assistant to the attorney general. This series contains papers and correspondence having to do with his work for the Labor Department, principally the National Labor Relations Act (which he called the "Labor Disputes Act") and refugees and immigration policy, as well as later materials concerning Frances Perkins. These include correspondence with and about Perkins, writings about her, and correspondence with her biographer George Martin. The series also contains a bound volume entitled "Disputes Act, National Labor Board," including drafts and revisions, both typescripts and printed proofs, with many annotations, memoranda, etc., dating from 1934. In August of 1935, Wyzanski joined the staff of the solicitor general (Stanley Reed) as special assistant to the attorney general.

Carton 2SH 1ACTFolder 1-3
General papers and correspondence, 1933-1937
Carton 2SH 1ACTFolder 4-24
Labor Disputes Act, various drafts and revisions, 1934
Carton 2SH 1ACTFolder 25-28
Refugees and immigration policies, 1930s
Carton 2SH 1ACTFolder 29-30
Frances Perkins, 1934-1973

Correspondence and papers about her.

Carton 2SH 1ACTFolder 31-34
Frances Perkins, 1971-1986

Writing about Perkins and correspondence with her biographer George Martin.

Carton 2SH 1ACTFolder 35
"Disputes Act, National Labor Board," 1934Bound volume.

Includes many annotated drafts of the act later titled the National Labor Relations Act.

III. Judicial papers, 1942-1986

Wyzanski was an associate and later partner of Ropes, Gray, Best, Coolidge, and Rugg, 1937-1941. After serving as a public member of the National Defense Mediation Board in 1941, he was appointed as United States district judge for the District of Massachusetts, serving from 1942 to his death in 1986. He was chief judge, 1965-1971, and senior judge, 1971-1986. After the early 1970s, he often sat in courts of appeal around the country and less regularly in the district court.

This series, the largest in the collection, has six subseries. General files (A) consist of material that was scattered through many boxes but labeled "judicial." These files (arranged alphabetically by titles Wyzanski gave them) pertain to his actual office work, administration, and the mechanics of being a judge, mostly record keeping. Staff files (B) have to do with the many people who worked in his office over the years, mostly secretaries and law clerks. The District Court files (C) consist of case files from his local district court cases and for the Northern District of California and the Southern District of Florida. The Circuit Court of Appeals (CCA) files (D) include his cases in the CCA 1, 2, 4, 5, and 9. Charges to the jury (E) were files created by Wyzanski, as were Opinions (F), which he filed separately.

A. General files, 1942-1986

Arranged alphabetically.

Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 1
Activities, 1983-1984
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 2
Administration, 1st Circuit, 1982-1986
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 3
Applicants, various, 1961-1985
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 4-5
Assignments, 1944-1986
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 6-7
Caffrey, Andrew A., memoranda, 1980-1983
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 8
Clerk's office, administration of, 1984
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 9-21
Correspondence, 1942-1986
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 22
Disqualification statements, 1973
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 23
District Court, future meetings, 1983-1984
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 24
District Court, orders, 1982-1983
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 25
District Court, senior judge, 1971
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 26
District Court, Frank M. Coffin, 1979-1983
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 27-32
Financial disclosures, 1970-1985
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 33
Federal Judicial Center, 1981-1984
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 34-36
Health insurance, 1976-1983
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 37
"Important Cases": Fong Foo v. U.S., 1962
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 38
Judicial Conference of the U.S., bicentennial questionnaire, 1976
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 39
Law clerks, 1983-1986
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 40
Library, 1976-1985
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 41
Miscellaneous judicial issues, 1942-1975
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 42
Personnel, general, 1966-1986
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 43
Recollections of associates, 1977
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 44-45
Secretaries, 1951-1961
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 46
Social Security amendments, 1983-1986
Carton 3SH 1ACUFolder 47-50
Travel file, 1980-1986
Carton 28SH 15CN 0
Bench books, 1974-19853 volumes.

Notes in bench books limited to these time periods: Nov. 1974, Jan.-Feb. 1975, Jan.-Feb. 1976, Nov. 1983, Mar. 1984, Nov. 1984, May 1985, Nov. 1985. They appear to be from cases in the District Court, Northern District of California.

B. Staff files, 1944-1986

Arranged alphabetically.

Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 1
Botto, Karen L. (later McFarland), 1976-1980
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 2
Broad, Barbara Prentice, 1952-1977
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 3-12
Brown, Jack E., 1952-1986
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 13
Chayes, Antonia, 1970-1986
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 14
Coleburn, Lila, 1972-1975
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 15
Cooper, Mabel, 1961-1970
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 16
Daniels, Carney, 1962-1965
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 17
de Lacoste, Laure Isabelle, 1985-1986
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 18
Del Monaco, Maria, 1985
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 19
Dodge, Anne Schaefer, 1956-1966
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 20
Epstein, Stanley M., 1944-1967
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 21
Frazier, J. Clifford, 1983-1985
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 22
Gibbons, Katherine Benoit, 1952-1977
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 23
Goldman, Anita, 1982-1985
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 24-25
Kaysen, Carl, 1950-1979
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 26-28
Laffey, Sheila, 1972-1986
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 32
Lee, Jonathan, 1972
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 33
Lucht, Marilyn, 1973-1986
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 34
McDevitt, Jane M., 1970-1977
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 35
Mayhew, Prudence, 1954
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 36-39
Moore, Howard, Jr., 1961-1975
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 40
Morss, Mary Shiverick, 1954-1981
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 41-42
Murphy, Russell G., 1969-1984
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 43
Murray, John B., 1950-1973
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 44
Nadeau, Thérèse E., 1978-1984
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 45
Norris, Melvin, 1956-1959
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 46-47
Preiskel, Barbara Scott, 1948-1983
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 48
Rhoades, Stephanie, 1985
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 49
Rogalin, Richard, 1965-1969
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 50
Rollins, Wylie, 1971-1972
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 51
Rotenberg, Jill, 1984-1985
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 52
Rylander, Linda, 1976-1977
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 53
Schlezinger, Anne F., 1954-1955
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 54-55
Schultz, Vicki, 1982-1986
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 56
Scott, Anne T., 1961
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 57
Shepherd, Katherine, 1955-1961
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 58
Stevenson, Margaret, 1982-1986
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 59
Stillman, Larry J., 1985
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 60
Svederofsky, Anna M., 1953-1954
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 61
Tobin, Arthur H., 1959-1973
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 62
Wald, Rina, 1972
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 63-66
Weinberg, Louise, 1971-1983
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 67-68
Weinreb, Lloyd L., 1965-1984
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 69
White, Udell S. R., 1948-1986
Carton 4SH 1ACVFolder 70
Young, Cynthia, 1985

C. District Court, 1942-1985

Arranged alphabetically.

Massachusetts, 1942-1985

Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 1-3
Records of cases, 1942-1982
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 4
Pending cases, 1972, and extra judges
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 5-9
Castro v. Beecher, 1971
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 10-11
Centro Presente, Inc. v. Smith, 1985
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 12
Ray Charles, 1966
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 13
Dionne v. Springfield School Committee, 1972
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 14
Feinstein case, 1966-1983
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 15
Keys v. Wolfe, 1983
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 16
Logan v. Epresa Lines v. Jarka Corp., 1965
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 17-18
Martin v. Wyzanski, 1952-1960
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 19-20
Plymouth mail robbery case, 1967
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 21
U.S. v. Goldfine, etc., 1958-1960
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 22
U.S. v. McInnes, 1960
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 23
U.S. v. Simmons, 1956
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 24-28
U.S. v. Sisson, 1968-1969
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 29
U.S. v. Slobodkin, 1943
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 30
U.S. v. United Shoe, 1951
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 31-32
U.S. v. Webster, 1961-1966

Northern District of California, 1977-1984

Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 33
Miscellaneous cases, Oct.-Dec. 1983
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 34
Dellums v. Smith, et al., 1983
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 35
Detro v. Noren, 1983
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 36-37
Kaplan v. Burroughs, 1977-1980
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 38
Rowe v. Proler, 1983-1984
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 39
Sakellar v. Lockheed Missiles, 1983-1984
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 40
U.S. v. Mitchell, 1983
Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 41-45
U.S. v. Tebha, 1981-1984

Southern District of Florida, 1983-1984

Carton 5SH 15CD XFolder 46
Miscellaneous cases, 1983-1984

D. Circuit Court of Appeals, 1978-1986

Arranged by court in numerical order and, within the CCA number, by date. Within the sittings, files are arranged alphabetically.

1st Circuit Court of Appeals, 1978-1985

CCA1, undated and 1978

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 1
Monomoy Fisheries v. Bruno & Stillman Yacht Co., undated
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 2
Ware v. Colonial Provision, 1978

CCA1, 1980

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 3
Aertson v. Landrieu
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 4
Continental Investment Corp. v. Wallace & Wallace
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 5
Federal Insurance Co. v. First National Bank of Boston
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 6
Furtado v. Bishop
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 7
Garcia v. Batista
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 8
Hardy v. Callahan
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 9
Lloyd, Carr & Co. v. U.S.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 10
Merriam Co. v. Webster Dictionary Co.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 11
Sands, et al. v. Murphy, et al.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 12
U.S. v. Antoni
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 13
U.S. v. Gordon
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 14
U.S. v. Holmes
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 15
U.S. v. Lieberman

CCA1, Jan. 1981

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 16
Manning v. Grimsley

CCA1, 9-13 Feb. 1981

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 17
Miscellaneous cases
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 18
Argonaut Ins. Co. v. Director, Office of Workers' Comp., U.S.D.L.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 19
Armor Elevator v. Phoenix Urban Corp.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 20
Carbone v. Meserve
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 21
General Foods Corp., et al. v. Mass. Dept. Public Health
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 22
Hedison Mfg. v. N.L.R.B.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 23
Heritage Home v. Seekonk Water
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 24
Kurzon v. H.H.S.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 25
Leaster v. Fair
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 26
Longton v. Berman
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 27
Lovell v. Snow
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 28
Melanson v. J. Duane Co.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 29
N.L.R.B. v. Laborers' International Union
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 30
Premium Management v. Waker v. Emery
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 31
U.S. v. D'Alito
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 32
U.S. v. McNiff
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 33
Williams v. City of Lewiston

CCA1, 2-5 Mar. 1981

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 34
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 35
Allen Pen Co. v. Springfield Photo
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 36
Barker v. Olin Corp.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 37
Big Y Foods v. N.L.R.B.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 38
Burlington, Town of v. Mass. Dept. of Education
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 39
Jiminez, et al. v. Almodoyar, et al.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 40
N.L.R.B. v. Amber Delivery
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 41
N.L.R.B. v. St. Anne's Hospital
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 42
N.L.R.B. v. Savin Bus
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 43
U.S. v. Anduze-Cantillo
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 44
U.S. v. Silva

CCA1, 6-10 Apr. 1981

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 45
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 46
In re Judith Berkan

CCA1, 4-8 May 1981

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 47
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 48
Bixby v. Pancoast, etc.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 49
In re Correia v. Correia
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 50
Eastern Maine Medical v. N.L.R.B.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 51
Fres v. Secretary, H.H.S.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 52
Hussey v. Sullivan, et al.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 53
Miller Brewing v. Falstaff Brewing
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 54
N.L.R.B. v. Living and Learning Centers
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 55
New England Concrete Pipe v. D/C Systems
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 56
Ortiz v. Secretary, H.H.S.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 57
Rubien, et al. v. Tilney, etc.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 58
U.S. v. Barletta
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 59
U.S. v. Rivera
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 61
Wyman-Gordon Co. v. N.L.R.B.

CCA1, 1-5 June 1981

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 62
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 63
Burlington, Town of v. Mass. Dept. of Education

CCA1, Oct. 1981

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 64
Bleeker v. Dukakis, et al.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 65
Constance v. Secretary, H.H.S.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 66
Federal Insurance Co. v. Baybank
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 67
Free v. Landrieu, Secretary H.U.D.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 68
Gammal v. Merit Systems
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 69
McCollester, et al. v. City of Keene
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 70
N.L.R.B. v. Cumberland Farms
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 71
Stone, et al. v. Samaha, etc., et al.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 72
U.S. v. Green, et al.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 73
U.S. v. Pena
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 74
U.S. v. Talavera
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 75
Walsh v. U.S., et al.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 76
Woods Hole v. U.S.

CCA1, 8-12 Feb. 1982

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 77
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 78
Carpenito v. Secretary, H.H.S.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 79
In re Continental Insurance Corp.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 80
Jeffers v. Gulf Oil Co. v. Marcoin
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 81
Salang v. Secretary, H.H.S.

CCA1, 1-3 Feb. 1983

Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 82
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 83
Bonanno Linen v. McCarthy
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 84
Damiani v. Rhode Island Hospital
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 85-88
Great Northern Nekoosa v. U.S.
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 89
McDonough v. U.N.H. Trustees
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 90
Munoz-Mendoza v. Pierce
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 91-92
O'Neill, et al. v. Town of Nantucket
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 93
Pension Benefits Corp. v. Ouimet
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 94
Scott v. Schweiker
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 95
U.S. v. Chernack & Chernack
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 96
U.S. v. Dillon
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 97
U.S. v. Disangro
Carton 6SH 1ACWFolder 98
U.S. v. Nightingale

CCA1, 5-9 Nov. 1984

Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 1
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 2
Afcodian v. Brompton Air Services
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 3
Alcaide v. Wilkes Industries
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 4-9
Bell v. Streetwise Records
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 10
Capraro v. Tilcon Gammino, Inc.
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 12
Caribbean Insurance v. American Bankers Life Assurance
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 13
Cazzola v. Codman & Shurtleff
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 14
Eagle Moisture Protection v. Cooley
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 15
Galant v. Gordon
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 16
Greene v. Union Mutual Life Insurance
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 17
Grendel's Den v. J. P. Larkin
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 18
Haskell v. Consolidated Rail Corp.
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 19
Independent Foot, etc. v. Shaw's
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 20
Local 369 v. Boston Edison
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 21
Mohr v. General Electric Co.
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 22
Tremblay v. Marsh
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 23
U.S. v. Mass. Maritime Academy
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 24
U.S. v. Strout
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 25-26
V.S.H. Reality v. Texaco

CCA1, 7-8 May 1985

Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 27
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 28
Boston, City of v. S.S. Texaco Texas
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 29
Chapman v. Macena
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 30
Demoura v. Montaup Electric
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 31
Donovan v. Elca
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 32
Isaac v. Harvard Univ.
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 33
Langton, et al. v. Fair, et al.
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 34-42
Littleton Stamp v. Delta Airlines
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 43
In re Danny Lopez-Soto, etc.
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 44
U.S. v. Crooks
Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 45
U.S. v. Rosetti

CCA1, Sep. 1985

Carton 7SH 15CP 2Folder 46-53
Kumar v. Univ. of Mass. Trustees

CCA1, 11-15 Nov. 1985

Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 1
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 2-3
American Home Assurance v. Libby-Owens-Ford
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 4
Atlantic Financial Management, Inc.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 5-6
Aviles v. Burgos, et al.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 7
Brock v. Brooks Woolen Co.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 8
Broussard v. Caci, Inc., etc.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 9
Colman v. Retirement Equities Fund
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 10
John Doe v. John Roe
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 11
Emmanuel v. Sandoz, Inc.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 12
Gilmore v. Buckley
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 13
Mass. Assoc. Afro-American Police v. Boston P.D.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 14
Nicolazzo v. U.S.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 15
Norwood, et al. v. Riverview
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 16
Santiago-Rivera v. Royal Ins. Co.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 17
U.S. v. Milad K. El-Debeib
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 18
U.S. v. Gary John
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 19
U.S. v. Johnston, et al.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 20-21
U.S. v. Tannous
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 22
Warmings A.G. Food Center v. State of Maine
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 23
West v. Sears, Roebuck

2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, 1982-1986

CCA2, 16-17 Dec. 1982

Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 24
CCA2 general information
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 25
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 26
American Insurance Co. v. North American Company, etc.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 27
B.D. International Discount Corp. v. Chase Manhattan Bank
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 28
Finkelstein v. Chock Full O' Nuts
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 29-35
Holt v. Continental Group
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 36
Johnson & Hall v. Scully
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 37
Katz Communications Inc. v. Evening News Association
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 38
McCrary v. Smith
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 39-47
New York State Assoc. for Retarded Children v. Carey
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 48
U.S. v. Gallina
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 49
U.S. v. Wheeler
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 50-52
Wiesner v. Roth, et al.

CCA2, 24-25 Oct. 1983

Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 53
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 54
Associated Metals & Minerals Corp. v. Sharon Steel
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 55
Coleman v. Smith
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 56
423 South Salina Street v. City of Syracuse
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 57
Friel, et al. v. Sun Oil Company
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 58
Goya Foods v. S.S. Italica, et al.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 59
Liberto v. Emery
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 60
Lotrionte v. U.S.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 61
Osipova v. Dudley, et al.
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 62
Pickering v. Foschio
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 63
U.S. v. Baccollo
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 64
U.S. v. Dennis
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 65
U.S. v. Kramer
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 66
U.S. v. Mandanici
Carton 8SH 15CS 5Folder 67
U.S. v. Trzaska

CCA2, 3-5 Oct. 1984

Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 1
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 2-3
Beneficial Commercial Corp. v. Thomas
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 4
Garland v. U.S. Parole Commission
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 5-6
Grumman v. Rohr
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 7
Lostal v. Manville Corp., et al.
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 8
Mitchell, et al. v. Cuomo, et al.
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 9
Merelite Construction Corp. v. NYC District Council Carpenters Benefit Funds, et al.
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 10
Northern Oil v. Standard Oil
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 11
Solinsky v. Arthritis Foundation
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 12
Trusthouse Forte v. 795 Fifth Ave. Corp.
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 13
U.S. v. Rodriguez
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 14
U.S. v. Walker
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 15
Valentin v. State of New York
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 16
Volkswagenwerk v. Beech Aircraft

CCA2, 13-17 Jan. 1986

Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 17
General material, CCA2, Nov. 1985-Jan. 1986
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 18
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 19
Arce v. Sanderson
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 20
In re James A. Baker III, et al.
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 21
Belford v. Martin-Trigona
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 22
Colan v. Continental Telecom
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 23
Fennell v. Warner-Lambert
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 24
Fennessey & Guthrie v. International Dairy Queen, et al.
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 25
Gottlieb v. American Library Association
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 26
Griffin Hospital v. Commission on Hospitals
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 27
Henschel v. McCoy
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 28
Kozak v. Queens Transit
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 29
Toliver v. Cache
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 30
U.S. v. Atkinson
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 31
U.S. v. Cohen
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 32
U.S. v. Hernandez
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 33-34
U.S. v. Jiminez
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 35
U.S. v. Johnson
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 36
U.S. v. Missineo
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 37
U.S. v. Zamorano & Lewis
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 38
In re Joseph S. Wool

4th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1983

CCA4, 9-13 May 1983

Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 39
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 40-41
Carrier v. Hutto
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 42-43
Cephas v. Fagelson, et al.
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 44-45
Chandler v. Schweiker
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 46
Chippenham v. Bondurant
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 47
Dodson v. Anderson
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 48
Eakins v. Hinton
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 49-52
Farish v. Courion / Bly v. Otis Elevator
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 53-63
Faust v. South Carolina Highway Dept.
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 64
Gilley v. Rose's Store, et al.
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 65-66
Moyer Reed Plaster v. U.S.
Carton 9SH 15CL +Folder 67
Prudential Lines v. Hellenic Lines
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 1-3
Troy v. Hampton, et al.
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 4
U.S. v. Dalton
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 5
U.S. v. Iaquinta / U.S. v. Shine
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 6-8
U.S. v. Litman
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 9
U.S. v. Murrow
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 10
U.S. v. Missouri Valley Construction
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 11
U.S. v. Odom
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 12
U.S. v. Reed/Hawkins
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 13
Williams & Benson v. United Motors

5th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1982

CCA5, 25-28 April 1982

Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 14
General information about CCA5, 1982
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 15
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 16
Beef industry anti-trust litigation
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 17
Booker v. Dallas Schools
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 18
Donovan v. Wiese
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 19
Higgins v. Smith International
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 20-22
Hornay v. Covington County Bank / Poling v. Covington County Bank
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 23-24
Jackson v. Hallowell
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 25
James v. Bell Helicopter
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 26
Jutras v. Gulf Fleet Marine Corp.
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 27-28
Keyes v. Wolfe
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 29
Kocke v. Eli Lilly Co.
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 30
McCannell v. U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 31
Marcotte v. American Motorists Insurance Co.
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 32
Mills v. Zapata Drilling
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 33-34
Posada, et al. v. Lamb County, Texas
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 35
PTA Marketing v. Haile, et al.
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 36
U.S. v. Boyd
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 37
U.S. v. Kozachenko
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 38
U.S. v. Rasmisel
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 39
U.S. v. Terry

9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1983-1984

CCA9, 12-16 Dec. 1983

Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 40
General information
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 41
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 42
Berkovitz v. Iran
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 43-44
Board of Trade of San Francisco v. Electronic Arrays and Swiss Credit
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 45
Carroll v. Cluck
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 46-51
Gathercole v. Global Associates
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 52
Houston v. Bryan
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 53
Kaholokula v. Hula Records
Carton 10SH 15CF ZFolder 54-55
Kirby, et al. v. Donovan
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 1
Laguana v. Guam Visitors Bureau
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 2
Lee v. Naval Air Rework Facility
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 3-6
Lord Jim's v. N.L.R.B.
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 7-8
N.L.R.B. v. Sonoma Vineyards
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 9
Poorsinav v. MSPB
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 10
Sacramento v. Hubert, et al.
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 11-15
Sisson v. U.S.
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 16
Thorns v. Sundance Properties
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 17-18
U.S. v. Gwyn and Augustine and Arizona Credit Union
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 19
U.S. v. Mejia
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 20-23
U.S. v. Neumann Caribbean
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 24
U.S. v. Rodriguez-Villarreal
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 25
U.S. v. Seybold

CCA9, Nov. 1984

Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 26
In re Atlantic Financial Management, Inc.
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 27
Kirby, et al. v. Donovan
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 28
Lee v. Lehman
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 29
Rutherford v. Berkeley, et al.
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 30
U.S. v. Johnston, et al.
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 31
U.S. v. Mitchell
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 32
U.S. v. Tebha

E. Charges to the jury and other jury matters, 1942-1985

Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 33
Charges to the jury, undated, 1942
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 34
Charges to the jury, 1943
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 35
Charges to the jury, 1944
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 36
Charges to the jury, 1945
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 37
Charges to the jury, 1946
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 38
Charges to the jury, 1947
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 39
Charges to the jury, 1948
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 40
Charges to the jury, 1949
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 41
Charges to the jury, 1950, 1952
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 42
Charges to the jury, 1954, 1956
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 43
Charges to the jury, 1960-1965
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 44
Charges to the jury, 1967
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 45
Charges and instructions, miscellaneous, 1949-1978
Carton 11SH 15CT 6Folder 46
Jury selection and management, 1972-1985

F. Opinions, 1942-1975

Arranged alphabetically.

Opinion file

Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 1
Miscellaneous materials related to opinions
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 2
Index to Opinion File: "Miscellaneous Opinions, Orders, etc."
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 3-4
Opinions, A
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 5-7
Opinions, B
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 8
Opinions, C
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 9-11
Opinions, D
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 12
Opinions, E
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 13
Opinions, F
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 14-15
Opinions, G
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 16-20
Opinions, H
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 21-22
Opinions, I
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 23
Opinions, J
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 24-28
Opinions, K
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 29-30
Opinions, L
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 31-39
Opinions, M
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 40-42
Opinions, N
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 43
Opinions, O
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 44-45
Opinions, P-Q
Carton 12SH 15CJ $Folder 46-53
Opinions, R
Carton 13SH 1ACXFolder 1-11
Opinions, S
Carton 13SH 1ACXFolder 12-13
Opinions, T
Carton 13SH 1ACXFolder 14-33
Opinions, U
Carton 13SH 1ACXFolder 34-36
Opinions, V
Carton 13SH 1ACXFolder 37-43
Opinions, W-Z

Federal Supplement reported opinions

Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 1
Opinions, B
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 2
Opinions, C
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 3
Opinions, D-E
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 4
Opinions, F
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 5
Opinions, G
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 6
Opinions, H
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 7
Opinions, I-J-K
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 8
Opinions, L
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 9
Opinions, M
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 10
Opinions, N-O
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 11
Opinions, P-Q
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 12
Opinions, R
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 13
Opinions, S
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 14
Opinions, T
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 15-17
Opinions, U-Z

IV. Other activities, 1930-1986

This series consists of papers related to Wyzanski's activities outside of normal judicial work and some of his club memberships, although not all of his memberships are represented here.

A. Foundations and clubs, 1930-1986

Arranged alphabetically.

Foundations, 1953-1986

Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 18
Asia Foundation, Asia trip, 1969
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 19
Carnegie Foundation, 1976
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 20
Ditchley Foundation, 1974
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 21-33
Ford Foundation, chronological file, 1953-1986

Ford Foundation, topical files

Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 34
Turkey and Israel, 1957
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 35
West Africa, 1960
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 36
East Asia, 1961
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 37
Argentina and Chile, 1963
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 38
East Africa, 1964
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 39
Philippines, Japan, etc., 1965
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 40
Latin America, 1968
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 41-42
Kendall Foundation, 1973-1977

Clubs, 1930-1986

Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 43-47
Examiner Club, 1930-1975
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 48-54
Saturday Club, 1947-1986
Carton 14SH 1ACYFolder 55-57
Tavern Club, 1951-1983

B. Conferences, seminars, institutes, visiting lectureships, 1948-1986

Arranged alphabetically.

Carton 15SH 1ACZFolder 1
Anglo-American Conference on the News and the Law, 1977
Carton 15SH 1ACZFolder 2-3
Aspen Institute, 1954, 1972-1982
Carton 15SH 1ACZFolder 4-9
Boston University, seminar course, 1985-1986
Carton 15SH 1ACZFolder 10
Harvard University, visiting lecturer, 1949-1950
Carton 15SH 1ACZFolder 11
Hebrew University conference, 1985-1986
Carton 15SH 1ACZFolder 12-13
M.I.T. courses, 1948-1950
Carton 15SH 1ACZFolder 14-16
Salzburg Seminar, 1972-1975
Carton 15SH 1ACZFolder 17-21
Stanford School of Law, visiting professor, 1973-1975
Carton 15SH 1ACZFolder 22
Yale University Law School, 1965
Carton 15SH 1ACZFolder 23-27
Miscellaneous seminar materials (readings)

V. Correspondence, 1922-1986

This series is divided into three subseries. Subseries A (Cartons 16-18) consists of alphabetical files of general correspondence, organized by Wyzanski. This subseries contains significant amounts of correspondence with some individuals, named below, but also includes correspondence with many others. Correspondence with Henry Bragdon, Felix Frankfurter, Augustus Hand, and Learned Hand is arranged separately in Subseries B (Cartons 19-20). Subseries C (Carton 21) consists of family correspondence, primarily letters from Wyzanski to family members.

A. General correspondence, 1922-1986

Arranged alphabetically.

Included is correspondence with four U.S. presidents: Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon (one letter each).

Carton 16SH 1AD0Folder 1
Unidentified writers or recipients
Carton 16SH 1AD0Folder 2-4
General correspondence, A

Includes (among others) Dean Acheson and Bailey Aldrich.

Carton 16SH 1AD0Folder 5-17
General correspondence, B

Includes (among others) Richard Breitman, McGeorge Bundy, Warren E. Burger, Charles C. Burlingame, and Frank W. Buxton.

Carton 16SH 1AD0Folder 18-30
General correspondence, C

Includes (among others) Frank M. Coffin, John Cowles, and Charles P. Curtis.

Carton 16SH 1AD0Folder 31-33
General correspondence, D
Carton 16SH 1AD0Folder 34-38
General correspondence, E

Includes (among others) Thomas Ehrlich and Thomas H. and Lois Eliot.

Carton 16SH 1AD0Folder 38-44
General correspondence, F

Includes (among others) Paul Freund and Henry Friendly.

Carton 17SH 1AD1Folder 1-5
General correspondence, G

Includes (among others) John K. Galbraith and Arthur Garrity.

Carton 17SH 1AD1Folder 6-15
General correspondence, H

Includes (among others) Edward B. Hanify, William H. Harbaugh, John M. Harlan, Oliver W. Holmes, and M. A. deWolfe Howe.

Carton 17SH 1AD1Folder 16
General correspondence, I
Carton 17SH 1AD1Folder 17-18
General correspondence, J

Includes (among others) Lyndon B. Johnson.

Carton 17SH 1AD1Folder 19-25
General correspondence, K

Includes (among others) Edward M. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Henry Kissinger.

Carton 17SH 1AD1Folder 26-35
General correspondence, L

Includes (among others) Thomas D. Lamont, Monte M. Lemann, Stephen B. Lemann, Thomas Lemann, and Fulton Lewis, Jr.

Carton 17SH 1AD1Folder 36-44
General correspondence, M

Includes (among others) Archibald MacLeish, Alpheus T. Mason, and Richard F. Morse.

Carton 17SH 1AD1Folder 45-46
General correspondence, N

Includes (among others) Reinhold, Ursula, and Elisabeth Niebuhr.

Carton 18SH 1AD2Folder 1-3
General correspondence, O

Includes (among others) Iris Origo.

Carton 18SH 1AD2Folder 4-5
General correspondence, P
Carton 18SH 1AD2Folder 6
General correspondence, Q
Carton 18SH 1AD2Folder 7-14
General correspondence, R

Includes (among others) Cyril, 1st Viscount Radcliffe, Elliot L. Richardson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Carton 18SH 1AD2Folder 15-28
General correspondence, S

Includes (among others) Leverett Saltonstall, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Bernard G. Segal, Henry Lee Shattuck, and Alan Steinert.

Carton 18SH 1AD2Folder 29-32
General correspondence, T

Includes (among others) Matthew Tobriner.

Carton 18SH 1AD2Folder 33
General correspondence, U-V
Carton 18SH 1AD2Folder 34-46
General correspondence, W

Includes (among others) Bethuel Webster, Stanley A. Weigel, Edward Weinfeld, and L. Arnold Weissberger.

Carton 18SH 1AD2Folder 47
General correspondence, Y
Carton 18SH 1AD2Folder 48
General correspondence, Z

B. Correspondence with Henry Bragdon, Felix Frankfurter, Augustus Hand, and Learned Hand, 1930-1982

This subseries consists mostly of Wyzanski's copies of letters written to Henry Bragdon, although there are a few original letters from Bragdon to Wyzanski. Correspondence of Frankfurter and the Hands include some original letters, photocopies, and carbon or retained copies. Wyzanski included correspondence with others about Frankfurter and the Hands, some with other family members of those individuals.

Carton 19SH 1AD3
Wyzanski to Henry Bragdon, 1961-1976
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 1-10
Wyzanski to Henry Bragdon, 1977-1982
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 11
Henry Bragdon, notes and correspondence for an edition of Wyzanski's letters, 1968-1980
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 12-28
Correspondence with Felix Frankfurter, 1930-1964
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 29
Correspondence about Felix Frankfurter, 1965-1973
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 30
Correspondence with Estelle Frankfurter, 1973-1975
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 31
Correspondence between Felix Frankfurter and Augustus N. Hand, 1931-1952
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 32-44
Correspondence with Augustus N. Hand, 1930-1954
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 44-45
Correspondence with Mrs. A. N. Hand and others, 1955-1965
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 46
Correspondence with Arthur Savage (grandson of Augustus N. Hand), 1948-1977
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 47
Correspondence with S. Speers (granddaughter of Augustus N. Hand), 1955-1977
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 48-54
Correspondence with Learned Hand, 1932-1961
Carton 20SH 1AD4Folder 55-56
Correspondence and writing about Learned Hand, 1947-1961

C. Correspondence with family, 1933-1982

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains retained copies and photocopies of Wyzanski letters to family members, as well as some originals. Early letters include a lot of information concerning Wyzanski's work at the Department of Labor and at the Office of the Solicitor General. Included are letters to his son Charles in the Peace Corps in Nigeria and his daughter Anita in Israel, Oct. 1967-June 1968.

Carton 21SH 1AD5Folder 1-46
Letters written to his parents, mostly his mother, 1933-1946
Carton 21SH 1AD5Folder 47-66
Letters to family, mainly his children, and a few other relatives, 1960-1982

Mostly written while Wyzanski was traveling abroad on various foundation trips.

VI. Speeches and writings, 1926-1986

This series consists of chronological files of Wyzanski's writings, both published and unpublished. Subseries A contains more formal writing pieces, and Subseries B contains notes and memoranda.

A. Speeches, etc., 1926-1986 and undated

Arranged chronologically.

Included are speeches, addresses, lectures, essays, articles, book reviews, and miscellaneous writings, all by Wyzanski, as well as correspondence related to them. The "Foundation Speech File," compiled by Wyzanski, contains notes and writings regarding the Ford Foundation and is filed at the end of the subseries.

Carton 22SH 1AD6
Speeches, etc., 1926-1964
Carton 23SH 1AD7Folder 1-26
Speeches, etc., 1965-1986
Carton 23SH 1AD7Folder 27
Speeches, etc., undated
Carton 23SH 1AD7Folder 28-30
Foundation speech file, 1955-1965
Carton 28SH 15CN 0
"The Rights of Man," 22 Apr. 1975Audiotape.

B. Notes and personal memoranda, 1947-1986 and undated

Included are notes and memoranda for speeches and other writings, written by Wyzanski mostly to himself, as a record of thoughts for future use in speeches, lectures, essays, articles, etc.

Carton 24SH 19NJFolder 1-22

VII. Biography and autobiography, 1922-1987

This series is divided into three subseries. Subseries A includes typescript commonplace-books, mainly containing notes and reflections on his reading; "pieces," or notes and memoranda, extracts, copies of letters and other items that Wyzanski used to record his thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and actions; and an "autobiography" that he wrote at different times, but reflecting his life up to 1977. Subseries B contains biographical writings about him by others, oral history interviews, and genealogical notes and writings about the Wyzanski family. Subseries C consists of correspondence with television personality Bill Moyers and a volume of "exhibits" and "annexes" that Wyzanski sent to Moyers to support his philosophy and view of life.

A. Autobiography, oral history interviews, genealogy, 1923-1986

Carton 24SH 19NJFolder 23-29
Commonplace-books, 1951-1961

Mostly a record of reading.

Carton 24SH 19NJFolder 30-31
"Autobiography," 1976-1977

Describes Wyzanski's life in full up to 1977.

Carton 24SH 19NJFolder 32-33
General biographical information, gathered for reunions, etc.
Carton 24SH 19NJFolder 34-43
"Autobiographical pieces," 1923-1968

Miscellaneous notes, reflections, articles, copies of letters, and other writings that reflect Wyzanski's thoughts on his life, his work, and his philosophy.

See also Series VI (Speeches and writings).

Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 1-16
"Autobiographical pieces," 1969-1986
Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 17
Wyzanski's 80th birthday celebration, including birthday greetings and correspondence, 1986

B. Biography, oral history interviews, genealogy, 1922-1987

Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 18
Wyzanski's death and memorials, 1986-1987
Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 19-25
Columbia University oral history by Harlan W. Phillips, 1954
Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 26-31
Ford Foundation oral history, 1972
Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 32
Columbia University oral history, 1976
Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 33
Ropes and Gray history interviews, 1984
Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 34-40
Articles and writings about Wyzanski, 1933-1986
Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 41-42
Morton Rose, genealogical materials connected to the Wyzanski family, 1922-1977
Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 43
Family history and genealogy, miscellaneous, 1959-1984
Carton 25SH 15CC WFolder 44
Biographical materials on Gisela Warburg Wyzanski, 1967-1982

C. Bill Moyers correspondence and explanatory materials, 1978-1983

Included is correspondence with Bill Moyers and a large amount of biographical and explanatory material sent to him ("exhibits" and "annexes"), including articles/readings that reflect Wyzanski's general thinking and philosophy about many aspects of his life.

Bill Moyers first reached out to Wyzanski in Sep. 1978, inviting him to participate in the PBS series Bill Moyers' Journal, which would debut in Jan. 1979. In a letter of 15 Sep. 1978, Moyers explained to Wyzanski, "You're so much a part of the life and wisdom of 20th Century America that I cannot honestly think of anyone else with whom I would rather do a broadcast." Wyzanski repeatedly turned him down, due to a long bout with depression, but in 1982 he agreed to do a piece in Moyers's program on CBS Cable, A Walk through the Twentieth Century. The show was suspended in February 1983, so the project was canceled.

Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 1
Correspondence, 1978-1983
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 2
Exhibits A, B, D, E, F, G, H, 1982
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 3-37
Exhibit C, Part 1, 1943-1979
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 38
Exhibit C, Part 2
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 39-42
Exhibit C, Part 3
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 43
Exhibit C, Part 4
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 44
Exhibit C, Part 5
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 45
Exhibit C, Part 6
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 46-53
Annex C, Part II
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 54
Annex C, Part III
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 55
Annex C, Part IV
Carton 26SH 15CA UFolder 56
Annex C, Part V

VIII. Miscellaneous subject files, 1902-1986

Arranged alphabetically.

Some of these files were created by Wyzanski or his assistants, and some were created for items that did not seem to fit in other series.

Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 1
Bankruptcy, general orders, 1933
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 2
Boston, City of, minority hiring, 1972-1973
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 3
Cambridge, City of, police department, 1972
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 4
Civil disobedience, 1967
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 5
Drug cases, 1973
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 6
Fidelity Fund, 1965
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 7-9
Frankfurter, Felix, notes on, 1964-1984
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 10-15
Hand, Augustus N., writings by and about, 1902-1970
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 16-22
Hand, Learned, writings by and about, 1926-1968
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 23-24
Hiss, Alger, 1948-1985
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 25
Honorary degrees, 1954-1974, other certificates, 1932-1943
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 26
Hughes, Charles Evans, 1986
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 27-30
Immigration and refugees, 1965-1985
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 31
Judges, 1969-1972
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 32-33
Kennedy family, miscellaneous, 1960-1983
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 34
Mafia/Angiulo/Boston crime families, 1968-1983
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 35-36
Morrissey, Francis X., nomination, 1965-1973
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 27
Social Security, 1937
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 38-40
U.S. Supreme Court cases, 1938-1974
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 41
Tauro, Chief Justice, loan, 1972
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 42
Vietnam War, constitutionality of, 1973-1974
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 43
United World Federalists conference, 1948-1950
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 44
Watergate, ethics and law, 1973-1974
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 45
Miscellaneous articles/subjects, 1968-1982
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 46
Miscellaneous articles/subjects, 1983
Carton 27SH 1AD8Folder 47
Miscellaneous articles/subjects, 1984-1985

IX. Oversize material

Included is oversize material pulled from the rest of the collection.

Folder OS
Stored onsite in OS drawers.

Preferred Citation

Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr. papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Bragdon, Henry W. (Henry Wilkinson), 1906-1980.
Eliot, Thomas H. (Thomas Hopkinson), 1907-1991.
Frankfurter, Felix, 1882-1965.
Freund, Paul A. (Paul Abraham), 1908-1992.
Friendly, Henry J.
Hand, Augustus Noble, 1869-1954.
Hand, Learned, 1872-1961.
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963.
Morse, Richard F.
Moyers, Bill D.
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994.
Perkins, Frances, 1880-1965.
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945.
Steinert, Alan, 1901-1969.
Weissberger, L. Arnold, 1907-1981.
Wyzanski family.
Wyzanski family--Genealogy.


Camp Wigwam (Harrison, Me.).
Ford Foundation.
Harvard University.
Harvard University--Alumni and alumnae.
Harvard University. Society of Fellows.
Phillips Exeter Academy.
United States. Department of Labor.


Emigration and immigration law--United States.
Judges--United States.
Labor--United States.