1804-1874; bulk: 1825-1841

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Collection Summary


This collection consists of the diaries and professional papers of Alexander Hill Everett (1790-1847), American diplomat and editor, as well as materials by other members of the Everett family.

Biographical Sketch

Alexander Hill Everett (1790-1847), brother of statesman and orator Edward Everett, was an American diplomat, editor, and writer. After graduating from Harvard in 1806, he served as secretary to John Quincy Adams and traveled with him to Russia from 1809-1811. He married Lucretia Orne Peabody on 21 September 1816. After he returned from Russia, he served as secretary to William Eustis, Chargé d'Affaires to the United Kingdom and Netherlands, until 1824. Everett then served as the U.S. Minister of Spain from 1825-1829. Everett returned to the United States after his term as minister ended, and he remained in Boston from 1830-1840, during which he became editor of the North American Review and sat on the Massachusetts General Court. Afterward, he was appointed U.S. agent to Cuba and resided there before accepting a position as U.S. Commissioner to China 5 years later. In poor health by this point in his life, Everett died en route to his new post in China. He was survived by his wife Lucretia, who had up to that point accompanied him on all of his journeys abroad, until her death in 1862.

Enoch Huse Everett, another brother of Alexander Hill and Edward Everett, was born in 1803 and died at only 23 in Salem, New Hampshire, in 1826. There is little documentation of his life, but his diary suggests that he suffered from an unnamed chronic disease for which he received treatment in Salem until his death.


Everett, Edward Franklin. Descendants of Richard Everett of Dedham, Mass. T. R. Marvin & Son printers, 1902.

Collection Description

The Everett-Noble papers consist of 4 document boxes containing diaries, correspondence, and other writings dating from 1804 to 1874, the bulk of which falls between 1825 and 1841. The collection is divided into two series: volumes and correspondence.

Much of the collection consists of writings by and correspondence to and from Alexander Hill Everett. This includes eight years' worth of diaries and journals documenting his work as John Quincy Adams' personal secretary during Adams's term as Minister Plenipotentiary to Russia; his diplomatic work in Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Cuba; and the years he spent living in Boston. Also included are other writings from various points in Everett's career as well as English- and Spanish-language correspondence from his time as U.S. Minister of Spain.

Materials by other members of the Everett family include Enoch Huse Everett's diary, which spans just under two months and documents the weather in Salem, N.H., and his ongoing battle with poor health, as well as an unsigned book of poetry and artwork. Also included is one letter and a notebook with transportation figures relating to the Boston and Worcester Railroad, which was owned at various points by different Everett family members.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mrs. W. H. Noble, Jr., 1972.

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Use of portions of this collection is restricted. Select items are available as color digital facsimiles (see links below).

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Portions of this collection are available as color digital facsimiles.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Volumes, 1809-1866digital content

Arranged chronologically.

Diaries by Alexander Hill Everett and his brother, Enoch Huse Everett, as well as other writings by unidentified members of the Everett family.

Diaries, 1809-1841digital content

Box 1Folder 1digitized
Alexander Hill Everett Journal Narrative, Aug. 1809-Sep. 1811
Box 1Folder 2digitized
Alexander Hill Everett diary and expense book, [1809-1810]
Box 1Folder 3
Alexander Hill Everett diary 1, 7 Apr. 1814-30 July 1814
Box 1Folder 4
Alexander Hill Everett diary 2, 20 Jan. 1832-13 Mar. 1832
Box 1Folder 5
Alexander Hill Everett diary 3, 14 Mar. 1832-6 June 1832
Box 1Folder 6
Alexander Hill Everett diary 4, 15 June 1832-22 Sep. 1832
Box 1Folder 7
Alexander Hill Everett diary 5, 23 Sep. 1832-4 Feb. 1833
Box 2Folder 1
Alexander Hill Everett diary 6, 5 Feb. 1833-2 June 1833
Box 2Folder 2
Alexander Hill Everett diary 7, 3 June 1833-1 Dec. 1833
Box 2Folder 3
Alexander Hill Everett diary 8, 3 Dec. 1833-10 Apr. 1834
Box 2Folder 4
Alexander Hill Everett diary 9, 11 Apr. 1838-10 Dec. 1838
Box 2Folder 5
Alexander Hill Everett diary 10, 3 Mar. 1839-12 Nov. 1839
Box 2Folder 6
Alexander Hill Everett diary 11, 5 Dec. 1839-18 Feb. 1840
Box 2Folder 7
Alexander Hill Everett diary 12, 24 Feb. 1840-31 May 1840
Box 2Folder 8
Alexander Hill Everett diary 13 (Havana), June-Dec. 1840
Box 3Folder 1
Alexander Hill Everett diary 14 (Havana), 1 Jan. 1841-26 Jan. 1841
Box 3Folder 2
Enoch Huse Everett diary, 12 June 1826-29 July 1826

Other volumes, 1804-1866digital content

Box 3Folder 3
Alexander Hill Everett college writings, 1804-1808
Box 3Folder 4digitized
[Alexander Hill Everett] notes on Russia, etc., [1804-1811]
Box 3Folder 5
Lawyers' Commonplace Book, 1825
Box 3Folder 6
[Alexander Hill Everett] Spanish-language notes on Spanish customs and trade, [1826]
Box 3Folder 7
Boston and Worcester Railroad transportation figures and other expenses and accounts, 1847-1858
Box 4Folder 1
Sketch and poetry book, 1866

II. Correspondence, 1825-1874

Arranged chronologically.

Composed mostly of correspondence to and from Alexander Hill Everett regarding his diplomatic work. Also included is one letter discussing the Boston and Worcester Railroad, with which several members of the Everett family were involved.

Box 4Folder 2
Jan. 1825-Aug. 1825
Box 4Folder 3
Sep. 1825
Box 4Folder 4
Oct. 1825-Dec. 1825
Box 4Folder 5
Jan. 1826-Feb. 1826
Box 4Folder 6
Mar. 1826
Box 4Folder 7
Apr. 1826-May 1826
Box 4Folder 8
June 1826-July 1826
Box 4Folder 9
Aug. 1826-Sep. 1826
Box 4Folder 10
Oct. 1826-Nov. 1826
Box 4Folder 11
Dec. 1826
Box 4Folder 12
Jan. 1827-Feb. 1827
Box 4Folder 13
Mar. 1827
Box 4Folder 14
Apr. 1827
Box 4Folder 15
May 1827
Box 4Folder 16
June-July 1827
Box 4Folder 17
Aug. 1827
Box 4Folder 18
Sep. 1827-Nov. 1827
Box 4Folder 19
Dec. 1827
Box 4Folder 20
Jan. 1828-Mar. 1828
Box 4Folder 21
Apr. 1828-May 1828
Box 4Folder 22
June 1828-July 1828
Box 4Folder 23
Aug. 1828-Sep. 1828
Box 4Folder 24
Oct. 1828-Nov. 1828
Box 4Folder 25
Dec. 1828
Box 4Folder 26
Box 4Folder 27

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Everett-Noble papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848.
Everett, Alexander Hill, 1790-1847.
Everett, Enoch Huse, 1803-1826.
Everett family.


Massachusetts. General Court.


North American Review.
Account books--1809-1811.
Havana (Cuba)--Description and travel.
Russia--Description and travel.
Russia--Foreign relations--United States.
Saint Petersburg (Russia)--Social life and customs.
Salem (N.H.)--Social life and customs.
Spain--Foreign relations--United States.
United States--Foreign relations--Russia.
United States--Foreign relations--Spain.