1929-1987; bulk: 1967-1987

Guide to the Collection

Restrictions on Access

The Pan American Society of New England papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

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Collection Summary


This collection consists of the records of the Pan American Society of New England, including correspondence, administrative records, programs, membership records, material pertaining to the Shattuck Library, financial records, and scrapbooks.

Historical Sketch

The Pan American Society was incorporated in 1941 in Massachusetts. Its formation was partially in response to the Good Neighbor policy and the influx of Latin American students coming to study in the United States instead of Europe during World War II. Its first president was Virginia Chandler Peabody Shattuck. The society's organization was made up of volunteer committees and a staff, directed by a board of governors, consisting of a president, executive vice president, vice president, treasurer, assistant treasurer, and secretary, and eventually a librarian. In 1943, it became affiliated with the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, when it was suggested that smaller branches be created elsewhere in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Following this, it became the of Pan American Society of New England. It housed the Shattuck Library, named for Dr. James Cheever Shattuck and Virginia Chandler Peabody Shattuck, which consisted of over 11,000 volumes of books on Latin American places, people, history, language, and culture. In 1987, the bulk of the library was donated to Boston University.

PASNE's aims and purposes were to develop an appreciation of Latin American culture, history, and problems relative to the United States; to promote good will through educational study and research; to arrange public lectures, recitals, and exhibits; and to ensure solidarity within the western hemisphere. Programming was the main function of the society and focused on two categories, service and hospitality for Latin American students, consuls, and guests and the education of North Americans to a greater knowledge and understanding of Central and South Americans.

Collection Description

The Pan American Society of New England records consist of 20 record cartons, one document box, and 5 OS boxes of mostly printed material. The collection pertains to the daily operations and event programming of the society and includes correspondence, administrative records, program materials, material pertaining to the Shattuck Library, membership information, financial records, and scrapbooks. Program material makes up the bulk of the collection and contains event announcements, publicity, background information on event participants, and some transcripts of addresses given by Latin American ambassadors and dignitaries, mainly for the "Latin America Up to Date" lecture series.

Arrangement Note

This collection is loosely arranged chronologically and alphabetically within each series.

Processing Information

This collection has been minimally processed and retains most of the original folders.

Acquisition Information

Pan American Society of New England, October 2000.

Restrictions on Access

The Pan American Society of New England papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Please note employee payroll records are restricted.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Correspondence, 1962-1983

Loosely arranged in chronological and alphabetical order in series.

This series contains correspondence of the Pan American Society of New England. It includes letters written to and received from PASNE officers, program participants, ambassadors and embassies from Latin American countries, organizations, internal proceedings, and daily operations of the society.

Carton 1Folder 1-9SH 12U3

Chronological files, 1979-1984

Carton 1Folder 10-14SH 12U3

Board of Governors, 1967-1982

Carton 1Folder 15SH 12U3

Presidents—Vincent, John C., Jr., 1968-1969

Carton 1Folder 16SH 12U3

Presidents—Moor, Edgar J., 1971-1973

Carton 1Folder 17SH 12U3

Presidents—Herbert, John R., 1973-1975

Carton 1Folder 18-21SH 12U3

Presidents—Goodsell, James Nelson, 1980-1983

Carton 1Folder 22SH 12U3

Presidents—Barnes, William S., 1984

Carton 1Folder 23-25SH 12U3

Executive Directors, 1972-1985

Carton 1Folder 26SH 12U3

Executive Directors—Brisk, William J., 1977

Carton 1Folder 27-28SH 12U3

Executive Directors—Ingrao, Hector C., 1981-1983

Carton 1Folder 29-31SH 12U3

Program Director—Quiroga, Vivian, 1981-1983

Carton 1Folder 32SH 12U3

Secretary—Curtin, Neal J., 1981-1983

Carton 1Folder 33-35SH 12U3

Read, Vail, 1970-1978

Carton 1Folder 36SH 12U3

Meyer, Mercedes, 1974-1975

Carton 2Folder 1SH 12UA 2

Treasurer—Sisto, John A., 1969

Carton 2Folder 1SH 12UA 2

Treasurer—Sutherland, Robert L., 1969-1973

Carton 2Folder 3SH 12UA 2

Treasurer—Stebbins, Warren and Alfonso Orbegoso, 1973-1974

Carton 2Folder 4-5SH 12UA 2

Treasurer—Clark, Bernard, 1978-1983

Carton 2Folder 6SH 12UA 2

Language Program Director—Molina de Goldman, Yolanda, 1982-1983

Carton 2Folder 7-9SH 12UA 2

Library, 1977-1983

Carton 2Folder 10-13SH 12UA 2

Membership, 1977-1985

Carton 2Folder 14SH 12UA 2

Programs—Benefit concert, 1978

Carton 2Folder 15SH 12UA 2

Programs—Citation for Virginia Chandler Peabody Shattuck from Organization of American States, 1973

Carton 2Folder 16SH 12UA 2

Programs—Fundraising luncheon, 21 March 1963

Carton 2Folder 17SH 12UA 2

Programs—Great Cities of the World Conference and Osvaldo Andres Cacciatore, 1980

Carton 2Folder 18SH 12UA 2

Programs—Latin American Conference, 1962

Carton 2Folder 19SH 12UA 2

Programs—Massachusetts Archive exhibit, 5 October 1973

Carton 2Folder 20-21SH 12UA 2

Programs—Pan American Society general, 1964-1978

Carton 2Folder 22SH 12UA 2

Programs—Project Yes, 1981

Carton 2Folder 23SH 12UA 2

Organizations—ACCION International, 1980

Carton 2Folder 23SH 12UA 2

Organizations—ACCION International, 1980

Carton 2Folder 24SH 12UA 2

Organizations—American Academy of Political and Social Science Philadelphia, 1960-1968

Carton 2Folder 25SH 12UA 2

Organizations—American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese-Mass Bay Chapter, 1965, 1974

Carton 2Folder 26SH 12UA 2

Organizations—American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service, 1964

Carton 2Folder 27SH 12UA 2

Organizations—American Friends Service Committee, 1970

Carton 2Folder 28SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Amigos de las Americas, 1980

Carton 2Folder 29SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Anthropology Resource Center, 1981

Carton 2Folder 30SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Boston Center for the Arts, undated

Carton 2Folder 31SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Boston College-Department of Romance Languages Spanish Film Program, 1973-1974

Carton 2Folder 32SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Boston Committee of Foreign Relations, 1967-1973

Carton 2Folder 33SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Boston Federal Executive Board, undated

Carton 2Folder 34SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Boston Public Library, 1962-1974

Carton 2Folder 35SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Caribbean Center for Advanced Studies, 1974

Carton 2Folder 36SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Chauncy Hall-Chapel Hill School program for students from Latin America, 1969-1971

Carton 2Folder 37SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Center for International Visitors, 1980

Carton 2Folder 38SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Circulos Latinoamericanos, 1980

Carton 2Folder 39SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Committee on Latin American Studies Harvard University, 1980

Carton 2Folder 40SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Council of the Americas, 1958-1975

Carton 2Folder 41SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Education Collaborative for Greater Boston, undated

Carton 2Folder 42SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Education for Action, 1967-1972

Carton 2Folder 43-44SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Educational Exchange of Greater Boston, 1977

Carton 2Folder 45SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Ediciones del Norte, 1982

Carton 2Folder 46SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Framingham Public Library (Spanish section), 1973-1974

Carton 2Folder 47SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Foreign students, 1977-1978

Carton 2Folder 48SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Galaxy Theater, 1981

Carton 2Folder 49SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation, 1976

Carton 2Folder 50SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Inter-American Foundation, 1980

Carton 2Folder 51SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Intergovernmental Committee for Migrations, 1981

Carton 2Folder 52SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities, 1972-1975

Carton 2Folder 53SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Massachusetts Homemaker's Council, 1966

Carton 2Folder 54SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Massachusetts State Federation of Women's Clubs, 1969

Carton 2Folder 55SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Massachusetts Teacher's Association, 1972

Carton 2Folder 56SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Metro Cultural Alliance, 1978-1983

Carton 2Folder 57SH 12UA 2

Organizations—New England Aquarium, 1981

Carton 2Folder 58-59SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Organization of American States, 1982

Carton 2Folder 60SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Oxfam America, 1982-1984

Carton 2Folder 61SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Pan American Board of Education, 1971

Carton 2Folder 62SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Pan American Council of Chicago, 1972-1975

Carton 2Folder 63SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Pan American Development Foundation, 1978-1982

Carton 2Folder 64SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Pan American Society of the United States, 1976-1982

Carton 2Folder 65SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Partners of the Americas, 1973-1975

Carton 2Folder 66SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Proyecto Amistad, 1979

Carton 2Folder 67SH 12UA 2

Organizations—School for International Training, 1977

Carton 2Folder 68SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Skaggs Foundation, 1982

Carton 2Folder 69SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Spanish Club of Boston, 1973

Carton 2Folder 70SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Pan American Union, 1956-1972

Carton 2Folder 71SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Spanish Cultural Institute of New England, 1979-1980

Carton 2Folder 72SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Suffolk University Modern Language Department, 1973

Carton 2Folder 73SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Up with the People, undated

Carton 2Folder 74SH 12UA 2

Organizations—United States Information Agency, 1961

Carton 2Folder 75SH 12UA 2

Organizations—United States Inter-American Council, 1963

Carton 2Folder 76SH 12UA 2

Organizations—University of Massachusetts, 1980

Carton 2Folder 77SH 12UA 2

Organizations—University projects with Latin America, undated

Carton 2Folder 78SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Villa Jones International Cultural Center, undated

Carton 2Folder 79SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Waltham Hospital Spanish Liaison Program, 1972

Carton 2Folder 80SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Washington International Center, undated

Carton 2Folder 81SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Washington Office of Latin America, undated

Carton 2Folder 82SH 12UA 2

Organizations—WBZ, undated

Carton 2Folder 83SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Wellesley College, 1980-1981

Carton 2Folder 84SH 12UA 2

Organizations—WGBH, 1982

Carton 2Folder 85SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Williams College Center for Development Economics, 1964

Carton 2Folder 86SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Women's Educational Equity Communications Network, undated

Carton 2Folder 87SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Women's Transportation Group, 1980

Carton 2Folder 88SH 12UA 2

Organizations—Worcester Art Museum, undated

Carton 2Folder 89SH 12UA 2

Organizations—World Affairs Council, undated

Carton 2Folder 89-90SH 12UA 2

Organizations—World Affairs Council, 1974-1982

Carton 2Folder 91SH 12UA 2

Organizations—World Health Organization, 1965

Carton 2Folder 92SH 12UA 2

Organizations—World Organization for Cultural Exchange, undated

Carton 3Folder 1SH 138I Z

Individuals—Alazraki, Jaime, February 1980

Carton 3Folder 2SH 138I Z

Individuals—Bernays, Edward, 1977

Carton 3Folder 3SH 138I Z

Individuals—Cabrera Infante, May 1980

Carton 3Folder 4SH 138I Z

Agencies—Consuls, 1975-1979

Carton 3Folder 5SH 138I Z

Agencies—Consulado de la Republica de Venezuela, 1977

Carton 3Folder 6SH 138I Z

Agencies—Department of State, 1955-1966

Carton 3Folder 7SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Argentina, 1980-1981

Carton 3Folder 8SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Barbados, 1983

Carton 3Folder 9SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Bolivia, 1981-1982

Carton 3Folder 10SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Brasil, 1981-1982

Carton 3Folder 11SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Chile, 1980-1982

Carton 3Folder 12SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Colombia, 1980-1983

Carton 3Folder 13SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Costa Rica, 1981

Carton 3Folder 14SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of the Dominican Republic, 1980-1983

Carton 3Folder 15SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Ecuador, 1980-1982

Carton 3Folder 16SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of El Salvador, 1980-1981

Carton 3Folder 17SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Guatemala, 1980-1981

Carton 3Folder 18SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Haiti, 1981

Carton 3Folder 19SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Honduras, 1980

Carton 3Folder 20SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Jamaica, 1980-1981

Carton 3Folder 21SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Mexico, 1980-1983

Carton 3Folder 22SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Nicaragua, 1981

Carton 3Folder 23SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Panama, 1981

Carton 3Folder 24SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Paraguay, 1980-1981

Carton 3Folder 25SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of Peru, 1980-1981

Carton 3Folder 26SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia Cuban Interests Section, 1980

Carton 3Folder 27SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of the Suriname, 1981

Carton 3Folder 28SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of the Trinidad and Tobago, 1981

Carton 3Folder 29SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of the Uruguay, 1980-1981

Carton 3Folder 30SH 138I Z

Agencies—Embassy of the Venezuela, 1980-1982

Carton 3Folder 31SH 138I Z

Agencies—Internal Revenue Service, 1980-1982

Carton 3Folder 32SH 138I Z

Agencies—State Agency for Surplus Property, 1979-1983

Carton 3Folder 33SH 138I Z

Financial, 1969-1980

Carton 3Folder 34-39SH 138I Z

General, 1965-1983

Carton 3Folder 40SH 138I Z

Fundraising, 1956-1961

Carton 3Folder 41-42SH 138I Z

Information requests, 1980-1983

Carton 3Folder 43SH 138I Z

Inter-office memo, 1981

Carton 3Folder 44SH 138I Z

New building, 1975

Carton 3Folder 45SH 138I Z

Notary public, 1982

Carton 3Folder 46SH 138I Z

Program notices and newsletters, 1967-1967

Carton 3Folder 47SH 138I Z

Stock power notices, 1967

Carton 3Folder 48SH 138I Z

Volunteers, 1974

II. Administrative records, 1941-1984

Loosely arranged in chronological and alphabetical order in series.

The administrative records of PASNE contain the society's constitution, by-laws, history, mission, committee meeting agendas and minutes, reports, and select member and board of governor biographies.

Carton 3Folder 49SH 138I Z

Constitution and by-laws, February 1968

Carton 3Folder 50SH 138I Z

Constitution and by-laws (revised), 1968

Carton 3Folder 51SH 138I Z

"Master Plan for Pan American Society" by Dr. Edward L. Bernays, ca. 1973

Carton 3Folder 52SH 138I Z

History and purpose, undated

Carton 3Folder 53SH 138I Z

Purpose and program, 1941-1952

Carton 3Folder 54SH 138I Z

"Purpose and Programs" by John C. Vincent, Jr., 1970

Carton 3Folder 55SH 138I Z

Certificate of existence, 1980

Carton 3Folder 56SH 138I Z

Commonwealth of Massachusetts corporation status, 1987

Carton 3Folder 57-71SH 138I Z

Board of Governors meetings, 1965-1976

Carton 4Folder 1-9SH 12U4 $

Board of Governors meetings, 1976-1986

Carton 4Folder 10-11SH 12U4 $

Board of Governors biographies, 1940s-1970s

Carton 4Folder 12SH 12U4 $

Board of Governors lists, 1960s-1970s

Carton 4Folder 13SH 12U4 $

Board of Governors resignations, 1955-1974

Carton 4Folder 14SH 12U4 $

Annual meeting, 12 December 1973

Carton 4Folder 15SH 12U4 $

Advisory Committee, 1956-1973

Carton 4Folder 16SH 12U4 $

Committees, 1976

Carton 4Folder 17SH 12U4 $

Economic Study Committee, 1958-1959

Carton 4Folder 18-21SH 12U4 $

Executive Committee, 1968-1979

Carton 4Folder 22SH 12U4 $

Finance Committee, 1977

Carton 4Folder 23SH 12U4 $

Library Committee, 1976

Carton 4Folder 24SH 12U4 $

Membership Committee, 1955

Carton 4Folder 25-26SH 12U4 $

William H. Prescott Memorial Committee, 1957-1959

Carton 4Folder 27SH 12U4 $

Program Committee, 1977

Carton 4Folder 28SH 12U4 $

Search Committee for Executive Director, 1976

Carton 4Folder 29SH 12U4 $

Vice Presidents' meeting, 1959-1965

Carton 4Folder 30SH 12U4 $

Annual report, 1977

Carton 4Folder 31SH 12U4 $

Director's report, December 1978

Carton 4Folder 32SH 12U4 $

Fall report, 1978

Carton 4Folder 33SH 12U4 $

Proxies, 1975-1976

Carton 4Folder 34SH 12U4 $

Voting members, 1953-1976

Carton 4Folder 35-36SH 12U4 $

Internship program, 1978-1986

Carton 4Folder 37SH 12U4 $

Position descriptions, 1965-1978

Carton 4Folder 38SH 12U4 $

Signed contracts, 1987

Carton 4Folder 39SH 12U4 $

General, 1975-1979

Carton 4Folder 40SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Barnes, William, 1980-1984

Carton 4Folder 41SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Barreda Tomás, Pedro M., 1979

Carton 4Folder 42SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Briggs, Everett E., 1980

Carton 4Folder 43SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Cornel, Carol, 1980

Carton 4Folder 44SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Dominquez, Jorge I., 1980

Carton 4Folder 45SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Escovar Salomon, Ramon, 1979

Carton 4Folder 46SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Gardner, Hanun B., undated

Carton 4Folder 47SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Goldman, Yolanda, 1970

Carton 4Folder 48SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Goodsell, James Nelson, 1977

Carton 4Folder 49SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Herbert, John Ruggs, 1976

Carton 4Folder 50SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Ingrao, Hector C., 1976

Carton 4Folder 51SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Jaramillo, Samuel, 1979

Carton 4Folder 52SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Lastavica, Dr. Catherine C., 1982

Carton 4Folder 53SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Lastavica, Dr. John, undated

Carton 4Folder 54SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Lester, Allen H., 1967-1975

Carton 4Folder 55SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Marshall, Dorothy, undated

Carton 4Folder 56SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Montero, Martha, undated

Carton 4Folder 57SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Morales Carrion, Dr. Arturo, 1982

Carton 4Folder 58SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Morby, Jeffrey L., undated

Carton 4Folder 59SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Navas Ruiz, Ricardo, undated

Carton 4Folder 60SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Ortiz de Webb, Asid, 1983

Carton 4Folder 61SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Parker, Sam, 1981

Carton 4Folder 62SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Pick, Pedro J., 1985

Carton 4Folder 63SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Sandler, Clara, 1985

Carton 4Folder 64SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Thompson, William I., III, undated

Carton 4Folder 65SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Valdez, Abelardo L., 1978-1979

Carton 4Folder 66SH 12U4 $

Biographies—Weiser Varon, Benno, undated

Carton 4Folder 67SH 12U4 $

Biographies, undated

III. Programs, 1929-1987

Loosely arranged in chronological order in series.

This series contains material pertaining to PASNE programming. Material documents the numerous conferences, courses, lectures, seminars, presentations, concerts, performances, social events, art exhibits, awards, and contests the society organized, collaborated on, or attended.

Carton 5Folder 1-3SH 12UB 3

Club Español de Boston, 1929-1964

Carton 5Folder 4SH 12UB 3

Pan American conference, 15 April 1944

Carton 5Folder 5SH 12UB 3

Training course—Latin American Business Relations, ca. 1945

Carton 5Folder 6SH 12UB 3

Maria Moors Cabot awards, 1947, 1958

Carton 5Folder 7SH 12UB 3

Five Year Report—40 Suitcase exhibit on Latin America, 1950

Carton 5Folder 8-10SH 12UB 3

Speakers, 1955-1966

Carton 5Folder 11SH 12UB 3

Pan American Day, 1958

Carton 5Folder 12SH 12UB 3

William H. Prescott centenary, 1959

Carton 5Folder 13SH 12UB 3

Miscellaneous programs, 1960s

Carton 5Folder 14SH 12UB 3

Newspaper releases, 1960s

Carton 5Folder 15SH 12UB 3

Photographs, 1960s

Carton 5Folder 16SH 12UB 3

Radio stations-Latin American programs, 1960-1962

Carton 5Folder 17SH 12UB 3

South America-Impatient Volcano film by Carl de Suze, 30 November 1961

Carton 5Folder 18SH 12UB 3

Latin American conference, November 1962

Carton 5Folder 19SH 12UB 3

Brazilian Student Project/Associacao Universitaria Interamericana, 1963-1965

Carton 5Folder 20-21SH 12UB 3

Ballet Folklórico de Mexico, 1963-1965

Carton 5Folder 22SH 12UB 3

Maria Moors Cabot awards, 1963-1978

Carton 5Folder 23SH 12UB 3

Pan American conference, 13-14 November 1964

Carton 5Folder 24-38SH 12UB 3

Conference—"Private Initiative in Latin American Development," 22 April 1965

Carton 5Folder 39SH 12UB 3

Chile film by Nicol Smith, 9 November 1965

Carton 5Folder 40SH 12UB 3

People to People program, 1965

Carton 5Folder 41SH 12UB 3

Current Issues in Inter-American Relations series—"The Dominican Republic" by Bruce Palmer, 27 October 1966

Carton 5Folder 42SH 12UB 3

Current Issues in Inter-American Relations series—"The Inter-American Agenda" by Lincoln Gordon, 10 November 1966

Carton 5Folder 43SH 12UB 3

Parranda student dance, 9 December 1966

Carton 5Folder 44SH 12UB 3

Current Issues in Inter-American Relations series—"Chile: Challenge and Opportunity" by Ralph A. Dungan, 10 November 1966

Carton 5Folder 45SH 12UB 3

Hospital Infantil, Manizales, Colombia medical equipment, 1966

Carton 6Folder 1SH 12TZ Q

Current Issues in Inter-American Relations series—"Recent Developments in Argentina" by Edwin M. Martin, 13 January 1967

Carton 6Folder 2SH 12TZ Q

Current Issues in Inter-American Relations series—"Inter-American Economic Development" by Felipe Herrera, 4 April 1967

Carton 6Folder 3-4SH 12TZ Q

Current Issues in Inter-American Relations series—Radcliffe Club participation, 1966-1967

Carton 6Folder 5SH 12TZ Q

Five Inter-American Discussions series—moderated by Milton I. VangerFebruary-April 1967

Carton 6Folder 6SH 12TZ Q

Ballet Folklórico de Mexico, 9 May 1967

Carton 6Folder 7SH 12TZ Q

Exhibit—Esso Art Collection, 22 May-1 June 1967

Carton 6Folder 8SH 12TZ Q

Program Questionnaire, May 1967

Carton 6Folder 9-10SH 12TZ Q

Brazilian and Venezuelan students, Harvard Summer Program, July 1967

Carton 6Folder 11-12SH 12TZ Q

Program financial statements, 1967-1969

Carton 6Folder 13SH 12TZ Q

Latin America in World Perspective series—"The OAS and the UN" by Sol M. Linowitz, 17 October 1967

Carton 6Folder 14SH 12TZ Q

Inter-American Discussions series, October-December 1967

"Reports on Cuba" by James Nelson Goodsell; "The Alliance for Progress" by David Bronheim; and "Report on Chile: Is the Revolution in Freedom Succeeding?" by Dr. Paul N. Rosenstein-Rodan.

Carton 6Folder 15SH 12TZ Q

Jorge Luis Borges dinner, with Juan Marichal, 3 November 1967

Carton 6Folder 16SH 12TZ Q

Fiesta Latino Americano, 9 December 1967

Carton 6Folder 17SH 12TZ Q

Prospective speakers, 1967

Carton 6Folder 18SH 12TZ Q

Asociacion Universitaria Interamericana/Associacao Universitaria Interamericana, 1967

Carton 6Folder 19SH 12TZ Q

Sturbridge and Tanglewood, 1967

Carton 6Folder 20SH 12TZ Q

Program notices, 1967-1970

Carton 6Folder 21SH 12TZ Q

Hemisphere and Organization of American States (HOASA) project, 1967

Carton 6Folder 22SH 12TZ Q

Program planning, 1967-1972

Carton 6Folder 23SH 12TZ Q

Latin America in World Perspective series—Wellesley Club of Boston participation, January-April 1968

Carton 6Folder 24SH 12TZ Q

Latin America in World Perspective series—"U.S. Arms Sales to Latin America," 31 January 1968

David Bronheim, moderator; Ralph A. Dungan, Robert Sayre, and Adam Yarmolinsky, panelists.

Carton 6Folder 25SH 12TZ Q

Conversations with Three Correspondents series, February-April 1968

"Cuba and the International Culture Congress," Juan de Onis; "Washington Looks at Latin America," Nathan Miller; "The Unseen Revolution and the U.S. Press," Barry Lando.

Carton 6Folder 26SH 12TZ Q

"Algunas Vistas Ineresantes de Argentina y de Chile," by Andres E. Breiter, 29 February 1968

Carton 6Folder 27SH 12TZ Q

Latin America in World Perspective series—"The Case for an International Development Tax" by Alberto Lleras Camargo, 14 March 1968

Carton 6Folder 28SH 12TZ Q

"Elegance of Native Dress" exhibit at Westbrook Junior College by Mario Nannetti, March 1968

Carton 6Folder 29SH 12TZ Q

Olympics in Mexico talk by Jaime Pena Vera, 18 April 1968

Carton 6Folder 30SH 12TZ Q

Fiesta Panamericana, 27 April 1968

Carton 6Folder 31-40SH 12TZ Q

Spoken Spanish Contest, 27 April 1968

Carton 6Folder 41SH 12TZ Q

Teaching Sisters of Archdiocese of Boston open house, 4 May 1968

Carton 6Folder 42SH 12TZ Q

Meeting for Latin American girls, 5 March 1968

Carton 6Folder 43SH 12TZ Q

Latin America in World Perspective series—"The Panama Canal Question," 8 May 1968

John Moors Cabot, moderator; Ellis O. Briggs and Robert J. Fleming, Jr., panelists.

Carton 6Folder 44SH 12TZ Q

Paintings of Mario Torroella art exhibit, 4-17 October 1968

Carton 6Folder 45SH 12TZ Q

"Chavin and its Influence on other Peruvian Cultures" lecture by Dr. Robert Fong, 18 October 1968

Carton 6Folder 46-47SH 12TZ Q

Urban Problems in Latin America series—"University Citadel in an Urban Environment," 23 October 1968

Seymour Lipset, moderator; Ernst Halperin, Richard Paisner, and David Spencer, panelists.

Carton 6Folder 48SH 12TZ Q

"Gold of Latin America" lecture by Clemency Coggins and exhibit reception, 19 November 1968

Carton 6Folder 49SH 12TZ Q

Maria Moors Cabot awards, 15 November 1968

Carton 6Folder 50SH 12TZ Q

Informal Wednesday evening discussions, 1968-1969

Carton 6Folder 51SH 12TZ Q

Teachers meetings, 1968

Carton 6Folder 52SH 12TZ Q

Tour to Mexico, 1968

Carton 6Folder 53SH 12TZ Q

United Farm Workers' Organization Committee, 1968

Carton 6Folder 54SH 12TZ Q

Interamerican University Foundation (AUI)/Brazilian Student Project, 1968

Carton 7Folder 1SH 13BC T

Children's Art Center, "The Cultural Foundations of the United States" exhibit, 12 January-12 February 1969

Includes programs with illustrations by Allan Rohan Crite.

Carton 7Folder 2SH 13BC T

"Sport and Ritual in the Ball Courts of El Tajin, Veracruz" lecture by Michael Kampen, 29 January 1969

Carton 7Folder 3SH 13BC T

Tour of Latin America, 3-24 February 1969

Carton 7Folder 4SH 13BC T

"Fiesta Colla" (Bolivian arts and craft) exhibit and lecture by Grace Goodell, 8-22 March 1969

Carton 7Folder 5SH 13BC T

Pan American Week, 14-19 April 1969

Carton 7Folder 6SH 13BC T

Piñata Party, June 1969

Carton 7Folder 7SH 13BC T

World Health Organization 22nd Annual Assembly, July 1969

Carton 7Folder 8SH 13BC T

Program notices, August 1969-June 1970

Carton 7Folder 9SH 13BC T

New England Book Festival exhibit, 12-14 September 1969

Carton 7Folder 10SH 13BC T

Gretta Keyes, 2 September 1969

Carton 7Folder 11SH 13BC T

Latin American Culture course, September 1969-May 1970

Carton 7Folder 12SH 13BC T

United States Relations with Latin America series—Gabriel Valdes, 26 November 1969

Carton 7Folder 13SH 13BC T

Boston Globe supplement, 1969

Carton 7Folder 14SH 13BC T

Rodeman C. Rockefeller and Harvey Schwartz dinner, 17 October 1969

Carton 7Folder 15SH 13BC T

Informal Discussion series—"Considerations about Cultural Education as Cultural Action" by Paulo Freire lecture, 4 November 1969

Carton 7Folder 16SH 13BC T

"5 Colombian Artists" art exhibit, 8-17 November 1969

Fernando Botero, Noé León, Leonel Góngora, Alejandro Obregón and Omar Rayo.

Carton 7Folder 17SH 13BC T

"President Nixon and Alliance for Progress" open forum with David Bronheim, 18 November 1969

Carton 7Folder 18SH 13BC T

"Faces of Mexico" photography exhibit by Charles J. Luna, December 1969-January 1970

Carton 7Folder 19SH 13BC T

Brazilian Student Project, 1969

Carton 7Folder 20SH 13BC T

Pan American Day proclamation, 1969

Carton 7Folder 21-24SH 13BC T

Student dances and balls, 1967-1969

Carton 7Folder 25SH 13BC T

Latin American Theatre Archive, 1969

Carton 7Folder 26SH 13BC T

Charter flights, 1969

Carton 7Folder 27SH 13BC T

Student program, 1969-1970

Carton 7Folder 28SH 13BC T

"What's Wrong with the U.S. Foreign Aid Program in Northeast Brazil?" lecture by David Wood, 28 January 1970

Carton 7Folder 29SH 13BC T

"Latin American Limelight" radio program Emerson College (WERS), January 1970

Carton 7Folder 30SH 13BC T

Hallucinogens in the Life of Latin American Aborigines symposium, January 1970

"The Place of Hallucinogenic Plants in the Plant Kingdom" by Dr. Richard Evans; "The Chemist's Role in the Search for Hallucinogenic Plants" by Dr. Robert F. Raffauf; and "Mushrooms and Their Importance to Native Religious Concepts" by R. Gordon Wasson.

Carton 7Folder 31SH 13BC T

Cocktail party for Brazilian illustrator and designers, 6 February 1970

Carton 7Folder 32SH 13BC T

"Off the Beaten Track Through Galapagos Islands and South America" talk by Robert Firger, 1 March 1970

Carton 7Folder 33SH 13BC T

"Today's Cuba: Some Personal Impressions" talk by Rabbi Everett Gendler, 11 March 1970

Carton 7Folder 34SH 13BC T

Dinner and reception for Charles Meyer, 3 April 1970

Carton 7Folder 35SH 13BC T

The Latin American Church: Historical Challenges and Contemporary Radical Issues lecture series—"The Relevance of Bartolome de las Casas to out Contemporary World" by Dr. Lewis Hanke, 9 April 1970

Carton 7Folder 36SH 13BC T

The Latin American Church: Historical Challenges and Contemporary Radical Issues lecture series—"Liberation: The New Conviction of the New Latin American Church" by Fr. Louis Colonnese, 10 November 1970

Carton 7Folder 37SH 13BC T

The Inner World of Jorge Luis Borges film, 15 April 1970

Carton 7Folder 38SH 13BC T

"Hemispheric Cooperation in Ecological Affairs" talk by Maria Buchinger, 29 April 1970

Carton 7Folder 39SH 13BC T

Latin American walking tour of Back Bay, April 1970

Carton 7Folder 40SH 13BC T

Informal Discussion series—"The Press in Latin America Today" with James Nelson Goodsell and William Montalbano, 12 May 1970

Carton 7Folder 41SH 13BC T

Mexican student strike poster art exhibit, 1970

Carton 7Folder 42SH 13BC T

"The Bold Tradition" IBM Mexican art exhibit, 29 May-12 June 1970

Carton 7Folder 43SH 13BC T

American Andean relief expedition, 1970

Carton 7Folder 44SH 13BC T

Las Vidas Secas Brazilian Cinema Nôvo film by Nelson Pereira dos Santos, 18 May 1970

Carton 7Folder 45SH 13BC T

Discussion groups in Spanish, October 1970-April 1971

Carton 7Folder 46SH 13BC T

"Ventana al Alma-Una Vision de Chile" photograph exhibit by Carol Ginandes, 13-23 October 1970

Carton 7Folder 47SH 13BC T

"The Heights of Macchu Picchu" Peruvian earthquake relief benefit, 6 November 1970

Carton 7Folder 48SH 13BC T

"Chile and Latin America in Light of Allende's Election" lecture by James Nelson Goodsell and Arpad van Lazar, 17 November 1970

Carton 7Folder 49SH 13BC T

Business luncheon series, 30 November 1970

Carton 7Folder 50SH 13BC T

Antonio das Mortes and Black God, White Devil Brazilian Cinema Nôvo films by Glauber Rocha, 4-11 December 1970

Carton 8Folder 1-2SH 12U5 /

Latin America tour, 1970-1971

Carton 8Folder 3SH 12U5 /

Program financial statements, September 1970-June 1971

Carton 8Folder 4SH 12U5 /

Latin American culture course, 28 September 1970-May 1971

Carton 8Folder 5SH 12U5 /

Piñata party, December 1970

Carton 8Folder 6SH 12U5 /

Pan American Day proclamation, 1970

Carton 8Folder 7SH 12U5 /

"Molas from San Blas Island" exhibit, 12-29 January 1971

Carton 8Folder 8SH 12U5 /

"The Criminals" play by Jose Triana, 30 January 1971

Carton 8Folder 9SH 12U5 /

Latin America Up to Date series—João Augusto de Araújo Castro, 7 February 1971

Carton 8Folder 10SH 12U5 /

Zoila Muñoz voice recital, 23 February 1971

Carton 8Folder 11SH 12U5 /

"The Golden Hues of Enrique Sanchez of Mexico" exhibit, 26 February-26 March 1971

Carton 8Folder 12SH 12U5 /

Milton Academy exhibit, 1 March 1971

Carton 8Folder 13SH 12U5 /

"Student Movements: A Comparison" with Octavio Arizmandi, Juan Baraona, Oscar Espinosa and Vin McClellan, 11 March 1971

Carton 8Folder 14SH 12U5 /

Land in Anguish Brazilian Cinema Nôvo film by Glauber Rocha, 19-20 March 1971

Carton 8Folder 15SH 12U5 /

"Haiti: Viewpoints" lecture by Royal Cloyd, 23 March 1971

Carton 8Folder 16SH 12U5 /

Lithographs and drawings by David Barajas exhibit, 5-16 April 1971

Carton 8Folder 17SH 12U5 /

Hemisphere and Organization of American States (HOASA) project meeting, 15 April 1971

Carton 8Folder 18SH 12U5 /

Contemporary Mexican jewelers at Alianza, Inc. exhibit, 23 April-23 May 1971

Carton 8Folder 18SH 12U5 /

Contemporary Mexican jewelers at Alianza, Inc. exhibit, 23 April-23 May 1971

Carton 8Folder 19SH 12U5 /

"Drawings of Guatemala" by Frances Allen Rosenblatt exhibit, 20 April-11 May 1971

Carton 8Folder 20SH 12U5 /

"Peruvian Military as an Agent of Social Change" talk, 11 May 1971

Carton 8Folder 21SH 12U5 /

30th Anniversary brunch and Black Orpheus film, 16 May 1971

Carton 8Folder 22SH 12U5 /

Brazilian Harvard Summer program, July 1971

Carton 8Folder 23SH 12U5 /

Business luncheon series—Don Galo Plaza talk, 30 September 1971

Carton 8Folder 24SH 12U5 /

Art and photographic exhibit program possibilities, September 1971

Carton 8Folder 25SH 12U5 /

Brazilian Budget Group reception, 26 October 1971

Carton 8Folder 26SH 12U5 /

World Wide Fair booth, October 1971

Carton 8Folder 27SH 12U5 /

Museum of Fine Arts tour group reception, 22 November 1971

Carton 8Folder 28SH 12U5 /

Latin America Up to Date series—"A New Outlook for Ecuador" by Carlos Mantilla Ortega, 22 November 1971

Carton 8Folder 29SH 12U5 /

Reception for delegation from Antioquia, Colombia, 14 November 1971

Carton 8Folder 30SH 12U5 /

Latin America Up to Date series—"Impressions of Antioquia, Colombia" by Jessie J. Sargent, 16 December 1971

Carton 8Folder 31SH 12U5 /

21 Inch Classroom project by John Gray, 1971

Carton 8Folder 32SH 12U5 /

Theatre Week, 1971-1975

Carton 8Folder 33SH 12U5 /

Maria Moors Cabot awards, 1971

Carton 8Folder 34SH 12U5 /

Pan American Day proclamation, 1971-1972

Carton 8Folder 35SH 12U5 /

"Chile under Allende" lecture by James nelson Goodsell, 13 January 1972

Carton 8Folder 36SH 12U5 /

"Latin American Development Activities on the Community Level" film presentation by Dr. Sy Rotter, 24 January 1972

Carton 8Folder 37SH 12U5 /

"The Andean Code-National Sovereignty of the Affiliated Countries" panel with Daniel M. Schydlowsky and David Morawetz, 23 February 1972

Carton 8Folder 38SH 12U5 /

Harold Martina concert, 8 February 1972

Carton 8Folder 39SH 12U5 /

Jamaican Folksingers, March 1972

Carton 8Folder 40SH 12U5 /

"Adult Productivity-A Function of Infant Malnutrition?" talk by Marcelo Selowsky, 14 March 1972

Carton 8Folder 41SH 12U5 /

Latin America Up to Date series—"Mexico's Projections in the 70's" by Jose Juan de Olloqui, 22 March 1972

Carton 8Folder 42SH 12U5 /

International Festival at Quincy Public Schools, 2-9 April 1972

Carton 8Folder 43SH 12U5 /

"Argentina, from Crisis to Crisis" talk by Richard D. Mallon, 5 April 1972

Carton 8Folder 44SH 12U5 /

Venezuelan independence evening, 18 April 1972

Carton 8Folder 45SH 12U5 /

Guillermo de la Plaza lunch, 20 April 1972

Carton 8Folder 46SH 12U5 /

Doris Dana luncheon, 20 April 1972

Carton 8Folder 47SH 12U5 /

"The Art of Ancient Peru" course by Charlotte Thomson, 8 March-26 April 1972

Carton 8Folder 48SH 12U5 /

"Venezuelan Oil Policy" address by Dr. Hugo Perez la Silvia, 26 April 1972

Carton 8Folder 49SH 12U5 /

Latin America Up to Date series—"Argentina's Foreign Policy" by Dr. Carlos Manuel Muniz, 23 May 1972

Carton 8Folder 50SH 12U5 /

"Indian Cultures of Latin America" exhibit by students at Memorial School, Manchester, Mass., May 1972

Carton 8Folder 51SH 12U5 /

Puerto Rican scholarship fund reception, 2 June 1972

Carton 8Folder 51SH 12U5 /

Puerto Rican scholarship fund reception, 2 June 1972

Carton 8Folder 52SH 12U5 /

Tertulias bi-weekly get-togethers, September 1972-June 1973

Carton 8Folder 53SH 12U5 /

Fall programs, 1972

Carton 8Folder 54SH 12U5 /

Colombian Week at Wheelock College, 16-21 October 1972

Carton 8Folder 55SH 12U5 /

"Iberian, Indio, and African Elements in the Folk and Popular music of Latin America" course by Ernst Halperin, 17 October 1972-3 January 1973

Carton 8Folder 56SH 12U5 /

"The Art of Ancient Mexico" course by Charlotte Thomson, 19 October-21 November 1972

Carton 8Folder 57SH 12U5 /

"Color Waves of Latin America" paintings by Kay Alvarado exhibit, 20 October-18 November 1972

Carton 8Folder 58SH 12U5 /

"Sights and Sounds of the Americas" exhibit at the Museum of Science, 22-29 October 1972

Carton 8Folder 59SH 12U5 /

Whole World Celebration fair, 25-29 October 1972

Carton 8Folder 60SH 12U5 /

"Peru Today: Economic and Political Aspects" by Dr. Carlos Mariotti, 20 October 1972

Carton 8Folder 61SH 12U5 /

Bishop Luis Bambarén talk at the Museum of Science, 25 October 1972

Carton 8Folder 62SH 12U5 /

Juscelino Kubitschek dinner, 1 November 1972

Carton 8Folder 63-64SH 12U5 /

Samuel Eliot Morison dinner and talk, 15 November 1972

Carton 8Folder 65SH 12U5 /

Latin America trip raffle, November 1972

Carton 8Folder 66SH 12U5 /

"Primitive Paintings of Brazil, Haiti, Guatemala, and Colombia" art exhibit from the collection of Jacqueline Montagu, 21 November-21 December 1972

Carton 8Folder 67SH 12U5 /

Boston University Center for Latin American Development Studies opening, 22 November 1972

Carton 8Folder 68SH 12U5 /

Latin America Up to Date series—"Uruguay and Latin American Integration" by Hector Luisi, 13 December 1972

Carton 8Folder 69SH 12U5 /

Tertulian Musicales, 1972

Carton 9Folder 1SH 12U1 -

Winter schedule, 1973

Carton 9Folder 2SH 12U1 -

Coffee and conversation meetings, 23 January-15 May 1973

Carton 9Folder 3SH 12U1 -

Mexican serigraph and art book exhibit, 26 January-1 March 1973

Includes exhibit of silkscreen prints by Clifford Brent Peterson and art books loaned by Cesar Santiago Ramírez.

Carton 9Folder 4SH 12U1 -

"Wildlife in Jeopardy" lecture by John Walsh, 30 January 1973

Carton 9Folder 5SH 12U1 -

Executive luncheon series, January-May 1973

Carton 9Folder 6SH 12U1 -

Nicaraguan relief fundraising, January 1973

Carton 9Folder 7SH 12U1 -

"Mayan Art" course by Charlotte Thomson, 6 February 1973

Carton 9Folder 8SH 12U1 -

Latin America Up to Date series—"Honduras and the Central American Common Market" by Roberto Gálvez Barnes, 1 March 1973

Carton 9Folder 9SH 12U1 -

"Israel's Contribution to Latin American Development" lecture by Bruce Kasdan, 22 March 1973

Carton 9Folder 10SH 12U1 -

"The Morning After: Observations of Socialist Chile" lecture by Arpad J. von Lazar, 29 March 1973

Carton 9Folder 11SH 12U1 -

Pan American Day proclamation, March-May 1973

Carton 9Folder 12SH 12U1 -

Spring calendar, 1973

Carton 9Folder 13SH 12U1 -

"Two Years of Chilean Socialism and Its Future Outlook" lecture by Thomas Reichmann, 4 April 1973

Carton 9Folder 14SH 12U1 -

TV program on Catch 44 WGBX, 25 April 1973

Carton 9Folder 15SH 12U1 -

"Assessing Peru's Social Economic Outlook" lecture by Dr. Guillermo van Oordt, 18 April 1973

Carton 9Folder 16SH 12U1 -

Dedication of Domingo Sarmiento statue donated by Argentina to the city of Boston, 21 May 1973

Carton 9Folder 17SH 12U1 -

Latin America Up to Date series—"International Financial Aid to Latin America" by Alberto Quevedo-Toro, 14 May 1973

Carton 9Folder 18SH 12U1 -

YMCA summer day camp Latin American programs fundraising, June 1973

Carton 9Folder 19SH 12U1 -

Nicaraguan earthquake report by Dr. Raquel Cohen, June 1973

Carton 9Folder 19SH 12U1 -

Nicaraguan earthquake report by Dr. Raquel Cohen, June 1973

Carton 9Folder 20SH 12U1 -

Latin America Up to Date series, 1973

Carton 9Folder 21SH 12U1 -

Fall calendar, 1973

Carton 9Folder 22SH 12U1 -

Domingo Sarmiento memorial service, September 1973

Carton 9Folder 23SH 12U1 -

Coffee and conversation meetings, September 1973-June 1974

Carton 9Folder 24SH 12U1 -

Inter American Press Association general assembly, 14-19 October 1973

Carton 9Folder 25SH 12U1 -

"Argentina and Chile-Turmoil and Revolution" lecture by James Nelson Goodsell, 30 October 1973

Carton 9Folder 26SH 12U1 -

Whole World Celebration fair, 7-11 November 1973

Carton 9Folder 27SH 12U1 -

"The Military Model for Reconstruction in Chile" lecture by Richard G. Parker, 27 November 1973

Carton 9Folder 27SH 12U1 -

"The Military Model for Reconstruction in Chile" lecture by Richard G. Parker, 27 November 1973

Carton 9Folder 28SH 12U1 -

Latin America Up to Date series—"The Similarities and Differences, United States, Japan, and European Economic Community: Their Individual Policies and Strategies" by Willis Armstrong, 29 November 1973

Carton 9Folder 29SH 12U1 -

"Three Latin American Films"—The Green Wall, Imaginero, Miguel: Up from Puerto Rico, 10-11 December 1973

Carton 9Folder 30SH 12U1 -

Archive Femenino, 1973-1974

Carton 9Folder 31SH 12U1 -

Massachusetts Archive for the Archivo de Arte Interamericano in Chile, 1973-1974

Carton 9Folder 32-35SH 12U1 -

Archivo project, 1973-1974

Carton 9Folder 36SH 12U1 -

Ladies' Latin American hotline, 1973

Carton 9Folder 37-39SH 12U1 -

"An Introduction to Latin American History and Culture" course, 15 January-24 April 1974

Carton 9Folder 40SH 12U1 -

Bilingual course, January 1974

Carton 9Folder 41SH 12U1 -

"Programs for the Socially Disadvantaged in Massachusetts" workshop, 21 March 1974

Carton 9Folder 42SH 12U1 -

The Latin American Curch: Historical Challenges and Contemporary Issues series—"The Relevance of Bartolome de las Casas to our Contemporary World" lecture by Dr. Lewis Hanke, 21 March 1974

Carton 9Folder 43SH 12U1 -

Bus trip for Latin American students, 10-14 April 1974

Carton 9Folder 44SH 12U1 -

Latin America Up to Date series—"Peru and the U.S." by Fernando Berkemeyer, 25 April 1974

Carton 9Folder 45-46SH 12U1 -

Spring concert, 5 May 1974

Carton 9Folder 47SH 12U1 -

"Exporting to Brazil" seminar by U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 22 May 1974

Carton 9Folder 48SH 12U1 -

Honduras Relief fund, 1974

Carton 9Folder 49SH 12U1 -

Fall calendar, 1974

Carton 9Folder 50SH 12U1 -

Supervisor's workshop, 1974

Carton 9Folder 51SH 12U1 -

"El Dorado" The Gold of Ancient Colombia" exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts, 10 September-3 November 1974

Carton 9Folder 52SH 12U1 -

Latin America Up to Date series, September 1974-June 1975

Carton 9Folder 53SH 12U1 -

"Libertad" performance by Camarata Bariloche, 24 September 1974

Carton 9Folder 54SH 12U1 -

"Inter-American Cooperation for Development in the 1970's" conference by Center for Latin American Development Studies at Boston University, 16-17 October 1974

Carton 9Folder 55SH 12U1 -

Bilingual conference, 18-19 October 1974

Carton 9Folder 56SH 12U1 -

Fiesta Bienvenida Paella Party, 15 November 1974

Carton 9Folder 57SH 12U1 -

Whole World Celebration fair, 20-21 November 1974

Carton 9Folder 58SH 12U1 -

Calendar of events, 1974

Carton 9Folder 59SH 12U1 -

Musical program possibilities, 1974-1975

Carton 9Folder 60SH 12U1 -

1976 Bicentennial, 1974

Carton 10Folder 1-2SH 13BB S

"An Introduction to Latin American History and Culture" course, 21 January-22 April 1975

Carton 10Folder 3SH 13BB S

"The United States and Venezuela View the Future" symposium, 26-29 January 1975

Carton 10Folder 4SH 13BB S

Guatemala trip, February-April 1975

Carton 10Folder 5SH 13BB S

"A Fresher Look at Cuba" lecture by James Nelson Goodsell, 13 February 1975

Carton 10Folder 6SH 13BB S

Mexican Toy Festival at the Children's Museum, 1975

Carton 10Folder 7SH 13BB S

Dominican Republic cultural exchange, April 1975

Carton 10Folder 8SH 13BB S

National Folk Ensemble of Peru, April 1975

Carton 10Folder 9SH 13BB S

"Socio-Political Organization at Chan Chan" lecture by Michael Moseley, 23 April 1975

Carton 10Folder 10SH 13BB S

Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra trip to Mexico, June 1975

Carton 10Folder 11SH 13BB S

Instituto Español, 26 June-1 August 1975

Carton 10Folder 12SH 13BB S

Student trip to Caracas, Venezuela, 14-24 July 1975

Carton 10Folder 13SH 13BB S

Portuguese language month, October 1975

Carton 10Folder 14SH 13BB S

Maya Art and Hieroglyphs course by Charlotte Thomson, 14 October-16 December 1975

Carton 10Folder 15SH 13BB S

Economics in Latin America series—"Brazilian Investment Strategies and Opportunities" discussion with Charlton Ames, William S. Barnes and George Shaw, 24 November 1975

Carton 10Folder 16SH 13BB S

Lia Cimaglia Espinosa concert, 12 December 1975

Carton 10Folder 17SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series, 1975-1976

Carton 10Folder 18SH 13BB S

Whole World Celebration fair, 1975

Carton 10Folder 19SH 13BB S

Calendar of events, 1975

Carton 10Folder 20SH 13BB S

Mexico trip, 5-16 January 1976

Carton 10Folder 21SH 13BB S

Interciencia Association/American Association for the Advancement of Science conference, 18-24 February 1976

Carton 10Folder 22SH 13BB S

"Text and Image in the Art of the Maya" course by Charlotte Thomson, 21 April-23 June 1976

Carton 10Folder 23SH 13BB S

"The Panama Canal in the World Today" panel discussion, 8 November 1976

William S. Barnes, moderator; Richard Wyrough, Lawrence Jackley, Phillip Harman, and Nicholas Nonnenmacher, panelists.

Carton 10Folder 24SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"Brazil Today" by João Batista Pinheiro, 23 November 1976

Carton 10Folder 25SH 13BB S

"Gold and Jade in Pre-Colombian Art" course by Charlotte Thomson, 7 December 1976

Carton 10Folder 26SH 13BB S

Program printouts, 1976

Carton 10Folder 27SH 13BB S

Freedom Trail slide lecture, 1976

Carton 10Folder 28SH 13BB S

New England Council of Latin American Studies, 1976-1982

Carton 10Folder 29SH 13BB S

January calendar of events, 1977

Carton 10Folder 30SH 13BB S

"The United States and Latin America: Next Steps" report discussion with Robert A. Pastor, 14 January 1977

Carton 10Folder 31SH 13BB S

"Challenges to Freedom of the Press in Latin America" panel, 18 January 1977

Carton 10Folder 32SH 13BB S

"A Night with the Devil" concert with Justino Diaz, 23 January 1977

Carton 10Folder 33SH 13BB S

Latin American Indians series—lecture by James Billip, 22 January 1977

Carton 10Folder 34SH 13BB S

"Origins of Argentine Nationality: Assimilation and Dispersion" talk by Hector C. Ingrao, 10 February 1977

Carton 10Folder 35SH 13BB S

Latin American Indians series—"Indian Leadership in Ecuador" lecture by Jeffrey Ashe, 18 February 1977

Carton 10Folder 36SH 13BB S

"Peasants and Social Schange in Latin America" presentation by Rodolfo Stavenhagen, 22 February 1977

Carton 10Folder 37SH 13BB S

Juan Sisay de Santiago Atitlan painting exhibit, 28 February 1977

Carton 10Folder 38SH 13BB S

Latin American Theater Festival colloquium and reception, 5 March 1977

Carton 10Folder 39SH 13BB S

Poetry reading by Martin Robbins, 10 March 1977

Carton 10Folder 40SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"Argentina Today" by Jorge A. Aja Espil, 23 March 1977

Carton 10Folder 41SH 13BB S

Societies on the Brink" lecture by David Maybury-Lewis, 30 March 1977

Carton 10Folder 42SH 13BB S

Pan American Day, April 1977

Carton 10Folder 43SH 13BB S

"Military Rule in Latin America" seminar by William J. Brisk, April 1977

Carton 10Folder 44SH 13BB S

"Arisits in Exile" exhibit, 3 May-11 June 1977

Carton 10Folder 45SH 13BB S

Business luncheon series—"Changing Roles of Multinational Agribusiness Operations in Latin America" by Ray Goldberg, 4 May 1977

Carton 10Folder 46SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"Costa Rica's Development Objectives" by Rodolfo Silva, 23 May 1977

Carton 10Folder 47SH 13BB S

"Tortillas for the Gods: The Symbolic Meaning of Maya Indian Ritual in Highland Chiapas, Mexico" lecture by Evon Vogt, 8 June 1977

Carton 10Folder 48SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"Imperatives and Realities of Today's World-the Guyana Perspective" by Rashleigh Jackson, 21 June 1977

Carton 10Folder 49SH 13BB S

"Trade and Investment Law and Policy in the Western Hemisphere" seminar by William S. Barnes, 12 October-16 November 1977

Carton 10Folder 50SH 13BB S

"Understanding the Panama Canal Treaties" panel with William S. Barnes, Thaddeus R. Beal, and James Nelson Goodsell, 7 November 1977

Carton 10Folder 51SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"Non-Documented Aliens" by Hugo Margain, 17 November 1977

Carton 10Folder 52SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"Venezuelan Within the North-South Relationship" by Ignacio Iribarren Borges, 8 December 1977

Carton 10Folder 53SH 13BB S

Program print outs, 1977

Carton 10Folder 53SH 13BB S

Program print outs, 1977

Carton 10Folder 54SH 13BB S

Calendar of events, 1977

Carton 10Folder 55SH 13BB S

Ballet Peruano de la Universidad Nacional Federico Villareal, Kaye McKinnon de Pacheco, 1977-1978

Carton 10Folder 56SH 13BB S

Master paste ends, 1977-1978

Carton 10Folder 57SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"The Paraguayan Republic: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" by Mario Lopex Escobar, 26 January 1978

Carton 10Folder 58SH 13BB S

Business luncheon series—"The New International Economic Order" co-chaired by Paul Rosenstein-Roden and Jeffrey L. Morby, 1 February-17 May 1978

Carton 10Folder 59SH 13BB S

"Winning Friends in the Hemisphere" film by Julian Bryan and presented by Jane Loy, 21 February 1978

Carton 10Folder 60SH 13BB S

"Ornithological Exploration in South America" lecture by Peter Alden, 13 March 1978

Carton 10Folder 61SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—talk by Virgilio Barco, 29 March 1978

Carton 10Folder 62SH 13BB S

"The United States and the Caribbean, 1900-1975" seminar by Reid Andrews, 12 April 1978

Carton 10Folder 63SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"Spain and the Western Hemisphere" by Juan Jose Rovira, 25 April 1978

Carton 10Folder 64SH 13BB S

Pan American Day proclamation, 24 April 1978

Carton 10Folder 65SH 13BB S

Pan American Day, 14 April 1978

Carton 10Folder 66SH 13BB S

Proclamations, 1977-1978

Carton 10Folder 67SH 13BB S

"Human Rights in Latin America" lecture by Michael Moffit, 17 April 1978

Carton 10Folder 68SH 13BB S

"2,500 Years of Peruvian Weaving" exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts, 28 March-11 June 1978

Carton 10Folder 69SH 13BB S

"Guatemala: A People Besieged" presentation by James Y. Bradford, 24 May 1978

Carton 10Folder 70SH 13BB S

"U.S. Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean: Where We've Come, Where We're Heading" talk by Terence A. Todman, 8 June 1978

Carton 10Folder 71SH 13BB S

"Latin America in Today's Africa" talk by Anani Dzidzienyo, 20 June 1978

Carton 10Folder 72SH 13BB S

"Brazil: Mysticism and Color" exhibit by Cleto Pereira, 11-28 July 1978

Carton 10Folder 73SH 13BB S

"The Ethnic Roots of Latin American Folk Music" lecture by Ernst Halperin, 27 September-8 November 1978

Carton 10Folder 74SH 13BB S

Language program, 3 October-4 December 1978

Carton 10Folder 75SH 13BB S

Lecture by Jose Isaacson, 10 October 1978

Carton 10Folder 76SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"Bolivia: The Heartland of South America" by Carlos Iturralde, 16 October 1978

Carton 10Folder 77SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"Nicaragua in Crisis" by James D. Theberge, 13 November 1978

Carton 10Folder 78SH 13BB S

Latin American Christmas tree in Boston city hall, 25 November 1978

Carton 10Folder 79SH 13BB S

"Search for Mayan Inscriptions" lecture by Ian Graham, 29 November 1978

Carton 10Folder 80SH 13BB S

Latin America Up to Date series—"New Treaties and a New Panama: The Road Towards Democracy" by Ricardo Bilonick Paredes, 7 December 1978

Carton 10Folder 81SH 13BB S

Program print outs, 1978

Carton 11Folder 1SH 13BF W

Language program, 8 January-12 March 1979

Carton 11Folder 2SH 13BF W

Latin America Up to Date series—"Uruguayan Politico-Economic Development over the Past Four Years" by Jose Perez Caldas and Jorge Sienra, 18 January 1979

Carton 11Folder 3SH 13BF W

Mayan Guatemala trip, 19-28 January 1979

Carton 11Folder 4SH 13BF W

"Latin America Today" with Amigos de las Americas, 24 January 1979

Carton 11Folder 5SH 13BF W

"Cuba: Twenty Years of Revolution" lecture by Jorge Dominguez, 31 January 1979

Carton 11Folder 6SH 13BF W

"Poesia del Amor de America Latina" poetry reading, 14 February 1979

Carton 11Folder 7SH 13BF W

"The Music of Brazilian Carnival" presentation by Ernst Halperin, 21 February 1979

Carton 11Folder 8SH 13BF W

"Our Hispanic Heritage" film by MERCO Productions, 28 February 1979

Carton 11Folder 9SH 13BF W

"Liberation Theology and the Role of the Catholic Church after Puebla" lecture by Stephen Kinzer, 13 March 1979

Carton 11Folder 10SH 13BF W

"Brazil's Economic Growth and Abandoned Kids" presentation by Steve Murphy, 20 March 1979

Carton 11Folder 11SH 13BF W

"Milk Marketing and the Community Health in Antioquia, Colombia" lecture, 27 March 1979

Carton 11Folder 12SH 13BF W

Pan American Day proclamation, 19 April 1979

Carton 11Folder 13-14SH 13BF W

Boston Salutes the Americas—Day of the Americas/Pan American Day, 21 April 1979

Carton 11Folder 15SH 13BF W

Thomas Cabot reception, 23 April 1979

Carton 11Folder 16SH 13BF W

"Imagination vs. Censorship in Argentine Letters" by Luisa Valenzuela, 25 April 1979

Carton 11Folder 17SH 13BF W

Language program, 1979

Carton 11Folder 18SH 13BF W

"Sandinista Nicaragua: The New Equation" seminar by James Nelson Goodsell, 18 October 1979

Carton 11Folder 19SH 13BF W

"U.S.-Latin America Technology Transfer: Is It Working?" seminar by William Barnes, 24 October 1979

Carton 11Folder 20SH 13BF W

"Martin Fierro y la Argentinidad" seminar by Ricardo Navas Ruiz, 30 October 1979

Carton 11Folder 21SH 13BF W

Ballet Internacional de Caracas, 16-20 October 1979

Carton 11Folder 22SH 13BF W

Hispanic Heritage Week, October 1979

Carton 11Folder 23SH 13BF W

"Mayan Weavers from Guatemala" lecture by Lydia Parks, 13-14 November 1979

Carton 11Folder 24SH 13BF W

"The Author and His Works: A Personal Testimony" seminar by Samuel Jaramillo, 21 November 1979

Carton 11Folder 25SH 13BF W

"A Conversation with Two of Nicaragua's Leaders" talk with Jaime Wheelock Roman and Victor Tirado Lopez, 10 December 1979

Carton 11Folder 26SH 13BF W

"Peru: Ancient Art and Architecture" seminar by Gonzalo and Elisa Calle, 11 December 1979

Carton 11Folder 27SH 13BF W

Foundation support programming, December 1979

Carton 11Folder 28SH 13BF W

Calendar of events, 1979

Carton 11Folder 29SH 13BF W

Santo Domingo trip, 1979-1980

Carton 11Folder 30SH 13BF W

Program print outs, 1979

Carton 11Folder 31SH 13BF W

"Oil in the North-South Dialogue" lecture by Hugo Prez-Lasalva, 9 January 1980

Carton 11Folder 32SH 13BF W

Latin American Folk music lectures, 16 January-12 March 1980

"Latin American Country Music," "Latin America-The Music of the Cities," and "The Ethnic Roots of Latin American Folk Music".

Carton 11Folder 33SH 13BF W

"How Revolutionary are Latin American Revolutions?" seminar by Susan E. Eckstein, 9 February 1980

Carton 11Folder 34SH 13BF W

"South America without Tears: A Travel Seminar" by George Brandt, 17 February 1980

Carton 11Folder 35SH 13BF W

"Latin America in Retrospect-The Seventies" seminar by Dorothy Marshall, 27 February 1980

Carton 11Folder 36-38SH 13BF W

"Mexico: Why Now?" seminar by Judith H. Carey, James Nelson Goodsell, and Richard D. Robinson, 29 February 1980

Carton 11Folder 39SH 13BF W

Latin American Regional Project in International Studies Group, 5 March 1980

Carton 11Folder 40SH 13BF W

"Cuban Foreign Policy in the 1980s" seminar by Jorge Dominguez, 5 March 1980

Carton 11Folder 41SH 13BF W

"¿Pertenece America Latina al Tercer Mundo?" seminar by Samon Excovar Salom, 19 March 1980

Carton 11Folder 42SH 13BF W

"The Spanish Culture in American Society" seminar by Ricardo Navas-Ruiz, Rodolfo Cardona, and Clara Estow, 19 March 1980

Carton 11Folder 43SH 13BF W

"Central America and the U.S.: A Troubled Relationship" discussion by Hewson A. Ryan , 9 April 1980

Carton 11Folder 44SH 13BF W

Boston Salutes the Americas—Day of the Americas/Pan American Day, April 1980

Carton 11Folder 45SH 13BF W

Ramon de los Reyes Spanish Dance Theatre, 25 April 1980

Carton 11Folder 46SH 13BF W

"Development Lending in Latin America & the Caribbean by the Inter American Development Bank" seminar by Jacobo Stempel, 1 May 1980

Carton 11Folder 47SH 13BF W

"Stone Flowers: A Family's Life in Clay" seminar by Carole Cornell, 5 May 1980

Carton 11Folder 48SH 13BF W

"The Role of Economic Assistance in U.S. Response to Reform and Revolution" seminar by Arthur Mudge, 8 May 1980

Carton 11Folder 49SH 13BF W

"Ancient Visions: Astronomy in Pre-Columbian America" seminar by James Cornell, 20 May 1980

Carton 11Folder 50SH 13BF W

"The Mochica Culture of Ancient Peru" seminar by J.W.S. Cox, 22 May 1980

Carton 11Folder 51SH 13BF W

"D. F. Sarmiento and Horace Mann" seminar by Gladys Varona-Lacey, 22 May 1980

Carton 11Folder 52SH 13BF W

Faculty, graduate students, and researchers reception, 28 September 1980

Carton 11Folder 53SH 13BF W

"The Role of Petroleum in the Economic Development of Trinidad and Tobago" seminar by Victor C. McIntyre, 18 September 1980

Carton 11Folder 54-55SH 13BF W

Great Cities of the World Conference—Jubilee 350, 21-27 September 1980

Carton 11Folder 56SH 13BF W

"U.S. Elections: Impact on U.S.-Latin America Relations" seminar by James Nelson Goodsell, 23 September 1980

Carton 11Folder 57SH 13BF W

Día de la Raza reception, 9 October 1980

Carton 11Folder 58SH 13BF W

Hispanic Heritage Week, 12-18 October 1980

Carton 11Folder 59SH 13BF W

"El Salvador-A Society in Change" by Roberto Jiminez Ortiz, 14 October 1980

Carton 11Folder 60SH 13BF W

"Beagle Channel-Chilean Perspective" seminar by Jose Miguel Barros, 22 October 1980

Carton 11Folder 61SH 13BF W

"Chile-U.S. Relations: Elements for an Up to Date Approach" seminar by Jose Miguel Barros, 23 October 1980

Carton 11Folder 62SH 13BF W

"Contemporary Latin American Fiction: An Introduction" seminar by Ricardo Navas-Ruiz, 5 November 1980

Carton 11Folder 63SH 13BF W

"Brasil: Country of Tomorrow" seminar by Juan Freudnethal, 13 November 1980

Carton 11Folder 64SH 13BF W

"A Perspective on the Migration of Puerto Ricans to New England" lecture by Eduardo Alvarez, 18 November 1980

Carton 11Folder 65SH 13BF W

"U.S. Policy towards Latin America-the Human Rights Factor" seminar by Robert Cox, 20 November 1980

Carton 11Folder 66SH 13BF W

"Contemporary Cuban Fiction" seminar by Pedro Barreda Tomas, 24 November 1980

Carton 11Folder 67SH 13BF W

"Weavers of Chinchero" slide presentation by Edward and Christine Franquemont, 25 November 1980

Carton 11Folder 68SH 13BF W

"Ecuador: Present and Future" seminar by Ricardo Crespo-Zaldumbide, 4 December 1980

Carton 11Folder 69SH 13BF W

"Andean Pact: Political and Economic Development" lecture by Ricardo Crespo-Zaldumbide, 4 December 1980

Carton 11Folder 70SH 13BF W

"Bilingual Education: Is It Working?" seminar by Charles M. Grabau, 9 December 1980

Carton 11Folder 71SH 13BF W

"Brazil: Contemporary Fiction" lecture by Hoki Moniz, 10 December 1980

Carton 11Folder 72SH 13BF W

"Latino Community in America: Will it Survive this Century" seminar by Alexander Rodriques, 11 December 1980

Carton 11Folder 73SH 13BF W

Fiesta Navidena, 17 December 1980

Carton 11Folder 74SH 13BF W

Christmas Party at University of Massachusetts-Boston, 18 December 1980

Carton 11Folder 75-76SH 13BF W

Calendar of Events, 1980

Carton 11Folder 77SH 13BF W

Fliers, 1980

Carton 11Folder 78SH 13BF W

"Jamaica: From Joshua to Joesph" seminar by James Nelson Goodsell, 8 January 1981

Carton 11Folder 79SH 13BF W

"A Proposed Solution to the Beagle Channel Controversy" seminar by William S. Barnes, 21 January 1981

Carton 11Folder 80SH 13BF W

"New Styles of Development in Latin America" seminar by Daniel Schydowski, 3 February 1981

Carton 11Folder 81SH 13BF W

"The Taino Indian Culture" seminar by Robert Burke Camerieri, 19 February 1981

Carton 11Folder 82SH 13BF W

Latin America Without Tears series—"The Hard Facts" seminar by George Bradt, 12 February 1981

Carton 11Folder 83SH 13BF W

"Cuban Relations with the Caribbean and Central America" seminar by Jorge Dominguez, 23 February 1981

Carton 11Folder 84SH 13BF W

Latin Carnival, 28 February 1981

Carton 11Folder 85SH 13BF W

"Contrasts: People, Art, Landscape in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru" seminar by Juan Freudenthal, 5 March 1981

Carton 11Folder 85-86SH 13BF W

Latin America Without Tears series—"Travel Seminar" by George Bradt, 3-17 March 1981

Carton 11Folder 87SH 13BF W

"Bolivia-The Present Regime...The Perspective of the Church" seminar by Philip E. Pulaski, 11 March 1981

Carton 11Folder 88SH 13BF W

"Population Crisis and Socio-Economic Development" seminar by Juan Julio Wicht-Rossel, 24 March 1981

Carton 11Folder 89SH 13BF W

"El Salvador: Another Vietnam?" panel with Hewson A. Ryan, James Nelson Goodsell, Mauricio Silva, and James Toedtman, 26 March 1981

Carton 11Folder 90SH 13BF W

"Creation vs. Evolution" seminar by Dr. Wilder-Smith, 30 March 1981

Carton 11Folder 91SH 13BF W

"Jorge Amado: A Portrait of Brazil" seminar by Hoki Moniz, 31 March 1981

Carton 11Folder 92SH 13BF W

Spoken Spanish Contest, April 1981

Carton 11Folder 93SH 13BF W

Boston Salutes—Independence of Paraguay, 9 May 1981

Carton 11Folder 94SH 13BF W

Boston Salutes—Independence of Argentina/25 de Mayo, 26 May 1981

Carton 11Folder 95SH 13BF W

Arts and crafts sale, 30 May 1981

Carton 11Folder 96SH 13BF W

Boston Salutes the Americas—Day of the Americas/Pan American Day, 14 April 1981

Carton 11Folder 97SH 13BF W

Boston Marathon, 15 April 1981

Carton 11Folder 98SH 13BF W

"Human Rights in America, from Carter to Reagan" seminar by Brain Smith, 23 April 1981

Carton 11Folder 99SH 13BF W

"Clay on Fire: Tradition and Change in Modern Mexican Pottery" seminar by Carole Cornell, 30 April 1981

Carton 11Folder 100SH 13BF W

"Copan: Ancient City of the Maya" seminar by Dr. Richard Leventhal, 1 June 1981

Carton 11Folder 101SH 13BF W

Boston Salutes—Colombia, 18 July 1981

Carton 11Folder 102SH 13BF W

Open house, 23 July 1981

Carton 11Folder 103SH 13BF W

Boston Harbor Cruise, 30 July 1981

Carton 11Folder 104SH 13BF W

Open House-Teacher's Day, 11 September 1981

Carton 11Folder 105SH 13BF W

Boston Salutes—Costa Rica and Guatemala, 12 September 1981

Carton 12Folder 1SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Chile, 18 September 1981

Carton 12Folder 2SH 12UC 4

Moonlight Cruise, 24 September 1981

Carton 12Folder 3SH 12UC 4

Día de la Raza/Columbus Day reception, 7 October 1981

Carton 12Folder 4SH 12UC 4

"Economic history of Colombia, 1903-1980" seminar by Enrique Ogliastri, 14 October 1981

Carton 12Folder 5SH 12UC 4

"Cultural History of the Andes" seminar by Donald Foster, 21 October 1981

Carton 12Folder 6SH 12UC 4

"Un Basquejo Bio-Poetico de Pablo Neruda" seminar by Theresa Mendes-Faith, 21 October 1981

Carton 12Folder 7SH 12UC 4

"The First Stargazers: Astronomy in Pre-Columbian America seminar by James Cornell, 27 October 1981

Carton 12Folder 8SH 12UC 4

"Mompox, Colombia-Museum City" seminar by Clara Estow, 28 October 1981

Carton 12Folder 9SH 12UC 4

"Latin America-A Political Journey" seminar by Dorothy Marshall, 29 October 1981

Carton 12Folder 10SH 12UC 4

International Year of Disabled Persons, 4 November 1981

Carton 12Folder 11SH 12UC 4

"Nicaragua: An Update" seminar by Lawrence Simon, 10 November 1981

Carton 12Folder 12SH 12UC 4

"Reflections on the Origin and Development of Chilean Democracy" seminar by Samuel Valenzuela, 16 November 1981

Carton 12Folder 13SH 12UC 4

40th Anniversary Pan American Society of New England, 8 December 1981

Carton 12Folder 14-15SH 12UC 4

Seminar publicity, 1981

Carton 12Folder 16SH 12UC 4

Calendar of events, 1981

Carton 12Folder 17SH 12UC 4

Program highlights, 1981-1982

Carton 12Folder 18SH 12UC 4

Internship program, 1981-1982

Carton 12Folder 19SH 12UC 4

Benefit/Opening of Guadalaharry's restaurant, 18 January 1982

Carton 12Folder 20SH 12UC 4

Portuguese language program, 1981-1983

Carton 12Folder 21SH 12UC 4

"Don Quixote Helped the Jews" seminar by Benno Weiser Varon, 21 January 1982

Carton 12Folder 22SH 12UC 4

"Belize: New Player in the Americas" seminar by James Nelson Goodsell, 25 January 1982

Carton 12Folder 22SH 12UC 4

"Belize: New Player in the Americas" seminar by James Nelson Goodsell, 25 January 1982

Carton 12Folder 23SH 12UC 4

"An Apache View of U.S. Energy Resources" seminar by Oscar Rodriguez, 11 February 1982

Carton 12Folder 24SH 12UC 4

"Unidad y Diversidad en la Cultura del Caribe" seminar by Antonio Benitez Rojo, 10 March 1982

Carton 12Folder 25SH 12UC 4

"The Caribbean Basin-Alternative Prescriptions for Change" lecture by Sally Shelton, 6 April 1982

Carton 12Folder 26SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Venezuela, 19 April 1982

Carton 12Folder 27-28SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes the Americas—Day of the Americas/Pan American Day, 21 April 1982

Carton 12Folder 29SH 12UC 4

"Venezuela After the Oil Boom" seminar by Terry Karl, 26 April 1982

Carton 12Folder 30SH 12UC 4

"Capula's Kilns: Changing Ceramic Techniques in Mexico" presentation by Carole Cornell, 27 April 1982

Carton 12Folder 31SH 12UC 4

FDR 100th birthday commemoration, 29 April 1982

Carton 12Folder 32SH 12UC 4

"Economic Update: Bolivia" seminar by Juan Antonio Morales and Juan Demeure, 10 May 1982

Carton 12Folder 33SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Paraguay, 12 May 1982

Carton 12Folder 34SH 12UC 4

"Logosophy: A New Conception of Man's Life" seminar by Gaston R. Levy, 26 May 1982

Carton 12Folder 35SH 12UC 4

PASNE and Center for International Visitors reception, 26 May 1982

Carton 12Folder 36SH 12UC 4

"Falklands/Malvinas Crisis Realities and Perceptions" panel discussion with Susan Diesenhouse, Jorge I. Dominguez, Dr. Roberto Etchepareborda, and James Nelson Goodsell, 1 June 1982

Carton 12Folder 37SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Colombia, 7 August 1982

Carton 12Folder 38SH 12UC 4

"What You Should Know About the Falklands/Malvinas Conflict" seminar by Jorge I. Dominguez, Dr. Roberto Etchepareborda, James Nelson Goodsell, and Hector C. Ingrao, 8 September 1982

Carton 12Folder 39SH 12UC 4

"Falklands/Malvinas Conflict: The Aftermath" seminar by Dr. Roberto Etchepareborda and James Nelson Goodsell, 9 September 1982

Carton 12Folder 40SH 12UC 4

Open house-Teacher's Day, 13 September 1982

Carton 12Folder 41SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Mexico, 16 September 1982

Carton 12Folder 42SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Chile, 17 September 1982

Carton 12Folder 43SH 12UC 4

Día de la Raza/Columbus Day reception, 13 October 1982

Carton 12Folder 44SH 12UC 4

"Handicraft Production: An Effective Tool in Community Development" seminar by Ronald Fishman, 19 October 1982

Carton 12Folder 45SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Brasil, 16 November 1982

Carton 12Folder 46SH 12UC 4

Update on Latin America series—"Economy and Politics in Venezuela During the 1980s" seminar by Gustavo Coronel, 17 November 1982

Carton 12Folder 47SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Brasil, 30 November 1982

Carton 12Folder 48SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Ecuador, 6 December 1982

Carton 12Folder 49SH 12UC 4

Update on Latin America series—"The Central American Revolution: An Eyewitness Account" seminar by Stephen Kinzer, 7 December 1982

Carton 12Folder 50SH 12UC 4

Update on Latin America series—"Mexico's New Administration: Prospects for de la Madrid" seminar by Peter Smith, 15 December 1982

Carton 12Folder 51SH 12UC 4

Ceremony to honor Dr. Baruj Benacerraf, 16 December 1982

Carton 12Folder 52SH 12UC 4

Update on Latin America series, 1982-1983

Carton 12Folder 53SH 12UC 4

Centro las Gaviotas, 1982

Carton 12Folder 54SH 12UC 4

Calendar of events, 1982

Carton 12Folder 55SH 12UC 4

Coral de los Buenos Aires, 1982-1983

Carton 12Folder 56SH 12UC 4

Update on Latin America series—"Update on Brazil" seminar by James Nelson Goodsell, 23 January 1983

Carton 12Folder 57SH 12UC 4

Coral de los Buenos Aires, 24-25 January 1983

Carton 12Folder 58SH 12UC 4

Claudio Arrau concert and reception, 28 January 1983

Carton 12Folder 59SH 12UC 4

40th Anniversary Teacher's Day/95th Anniversary death of Domingo F. Sarmiento, 11 September 1983

Carton 12Folder 60SH 12UC 4

Día de la Raza/Columbus Day, 12 October 1983

Carton 12Folder 61SH 12UC 4

Día de los Muertos, 26 October 1983

Carton 12Folder 62SH 12UC 4

Pot Luck, 27 October 1983

Carton 12Folder 63SH 12UC 4

Update on Latin America series—"Future of Democracy in Argentia" seminar by Sylvia Maxfield, 16 November 1983

Carton 12Folder 64-65SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Barbados, 30 November 1983

Carton 12Folder 66SH 12UC 4

"Tertulia Navideña/Las Posadas," 13 December 1983

Carton 12Folder 67SH 12UC 4

Biography series, 1983

Carton 12Folder 68SH 12UC 4

Calendar of events, 1983

Carton 12Folder 69SH 12UC 4

Women's Educational and Industrial Union, 1983

Carton 12Folder 70-71SH 12UC 4

Dialogue on Inter-American Affairs series—The National Bipartisan Commission Report on Central America panel, 13 February 1984

William S. Barnes, moderator; John R. Silber, Francis J. McNeil, Robert White, and Oscar Bolioli, panelists.

Carton 12Folder 72SH 12UC 4

Spring Serenade, 28 March 1984

Carton 12Folder 73SH 12UC 4

"Espejo de Escritores" film presentations, April-May 1984

Carton 12Folder 74SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Argentina, 25 May 1984

Carton 12Folder 75-76SH 12UC 4

"Landscapes of Bolivia" Hugo Palazzi Moscoso exhibit, 1-8 June 1984

Carton 12Folder 77SH 12UC 4

Open House, 1-8 June 1984

Carton 12Folder 78SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Mexico, 15 September 1984

Carton 12Folder 79SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes, September-November 1984

Carton 12Folder 80SH 12UC 4

Tertulia: "Una Gringa se Enamora del Peru" by Helen Hirson, May 1984

Carton 12Folder 81SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Brazil, 16 November 1984

Carton 12Folder 82SH 12UC 4

Calendar of events, 1984

Carton 12Folder 83SH 12UC 4

Boston Center for Adult Education, 1984

Carton 12Folder 84-85SH 12UC 4

Dialogue on Inter-American Affairs series—Central America, 13 March-10 April 1985

Carton 12Folder 86SH 12UC 4

Spring Serenade, 26 March 1985

Carton 12Folder 87SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Paraguay, 15 May 1985

Carton 12Folder 88SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Argentina, 25 May 1985

Carton 12Folder 89SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes, 1985

Carton 12Folder 90SH 12UC 4

Spanish summer language schedule, 1985

Carton 12Folder 91SH 12UC 4

45th Anniversary Pan American Society of New England, 6 December 1985

Carton 12Folder 92SH 12UC 4

Calendar of events, 1985

Carton 12Folder 93SH 12UC 4

"The Great Powers in Latin American Folk Music" lecture by Ernst Halperin, 10 February-7 April 1985

Carton 12Folder 94SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Paraguay, 10 May 1985

Carton 12Folder 95SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Peru, 28 July 1986

Carton 12Folder 96SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Bolivia, 6 August 1986

Carton 12Folder 97SH 12UC 4

Boston Salutes—Chile, 18 September 1986

Carton 12Folder 98SH 12UC 4

Open House, 9 October 1986

Carton 13Folder 1SH 13B9 Q

Tango Argentino benefit, 26 October 1986

Carton 13Folder 2SH 13B9 Q

Día de la Raza/Columbus Day, 12 October 1986

Carton 13Folder 3SH 13B9 Q

Calendar of events, 1986

Carton 13Folder 4-10SH 13B9 Q

Language program, 1986-1987

Carton 13Folder 11SH 13B9 Q

Latin American film series, 21 January-15 April 1987

Carton 13Folder 12SH 13B9 Q

Hector Villa-Lobos gala centennial concert, 8 March 1987

With Maria Clodes Jaguaribe, Karol Bennett, and Anderson-Mclellan.

Carton 13Folder 13SH 13B9 Q

"Brazil: Path to Modernity" talk by Marcilio Marques Moreira, 17 March 1987

Carton 13Folder 14SH 13B9 Q

Spring Serenade, 10 April 1987

Carton 13Folder 15SH 13B9 Q

Boston Salutes—Venezuela, 17 April 1987

Carton 13Folder 16SH 13B9 Q

Los Huasos Quincheros, 15 May 1987

Carton 13Folder 17SH 13B9 Q

Boston Salutes—Argentina, 9 July 1987

Carton 13Folder 18SH 13B9 Q

Boston Salutes—Mexico, 17 September 1987

Carton 13Folder 19SH 13B9 Q

Ballet Folklorico de Chile, 16 October 1987

Carton 13Folder 20SH 13B9 Q

Boston Salutes—Panama, 5 November 1987

Carton 13Folder 21SH 13B9 Q

Latin Night Benefit, 15 November 1987

Carton 13Folder 22SH 13B9 Q

National Year of the Americas, 20 November 1987

Carton 13Folder 23SH 13B9 Q

Calendar of events, 1987

Carton 13Folder 24-27SH 13B9 Q

Program announcement originals, 1970s-1980s

Carton 13Folder 28SH 13B9 Q

Mendoza Foundation, undated

Carton 13Folder 29SH 13B9 Q

Project Awareness, undated

Carton 13Folder 30SH 13B9 Q

Latin American Student Council, undated

Carton 13Folder 31SH 13B9 Q

Paulist Center, undated

Carton 13Folder 32SH 13B9 Q

Society for Citizen Education in World Affairs, Inc., undated

Carton 13Folder 33SH 13B9 Q

U.S. Committee for Justice to Latin American Political Prisoners, undated

Carton 13Folder 34SH 13B9 Q

U.S. government-Small Business Administration, undated

Carton 13Folder 35SH 13B9 Q

Club Colombia, undated

Carton 13Folder 36SH 13B9 Q

Earthwatch, undated

Carton 13Folder 37SH 13B9 Q

Virginia C. Shattuck photograph exhibit, undated

Carton 13Folder 38SH 13B9 Q

ProBASIS (the Boston area seminar for international students), undated

Carton 13Folder 39SH 13B9 Q

Society of St. James the Apostle, undated

Carton 13Folder 40SH 13B9 Q

Vita Boston, undated

Carton 13Folder 41SH 13B9 Q

Daughters of the American Revolution-Wellesley chapter, undated

Carton 13Folder 42SH 13B9 Q

Cuban Refugee Foundation, undated

IV. Membership, 1941-1986

Loosely arranged in chronological order in series.

This series contains material relating to membership of PASNE. It consists of individual and corporate membership lists, reports, outreach and campaigning, and information on organizations with similar missions for future membership or collaboration opportunities.

Carton 13Folder 43-53SH 13B9 Q

Reports, 1941-1977

Carton 14Folder 1-8SH 13BE V

General, 1954-1985

Carton 14Folder 9-19SH 13BE V

Lists, 1972-1973, undated

Carton 14Folder 20-30SH 13BE V

Prospective individual members, 1964-1979

Carton 14Folder 31-33SH 13BE V

Prospective corporate members, 1968-1977

Carton 14Folder 34SH 13BE V

Corporate members—American Biltrite Rubber Co., undated

Carton 14Folder 34SH 13BE V

Corporate members—American Biltrite Rubber Co., undated

Carton 14Folder 35SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Arthur D. Little International, 1968-1980

Carton 14Folder 36SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Babson College/James A. Boudreau (institutional library member), 1983

Carton 14Folder 37SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Boston State College Library, 1978-1980

Carton 14Folder 38SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Bunker Hill Community College, 1979-1982

Carton 14Folder 39SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Cabot Corporation, 1975-1981

Carton 14Folder 40SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Chas. T. Main, Inc., 1977-1983

Carton 14Folder 41SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Cooper and Lyebrand, 1977-1984

Carton 14Folder 42SH 13BE V

Corporate members—General, undated

Carton 14Folder 43SH 13BE V

Corporate members—First National Bank of Boston, 1955-1985

Carton 14Folder 44SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Fulbright Fellows, 1978-1982

Carton 14Folder 45SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Empresa Lineas Maritimas S.A. (ELMA), 1984-1985

Carton 14Folder 46SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Gillette, 1956-1987

Carton 14Folder 47SH 13BE V

Corporate members—library institutional members, undated

Carton 14Folder 48SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Martin Luther King Center, 1979-1981

Carton 14Folder 49SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Metropolitan Cultural Alliance matching program, 1979

Carton 14Folder 50SH 13BE V

Corporate members—New England Merchants Bank, 1963-1982

Carton 14Folder 51SH 13BE V

Corporate members—New England Mutual Life Insurance, 1976-1984

Carton 14Folder 52SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Raytheon, 1976-1984

Carton 14Folder 53SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Salem State College, 1980

Carton 14Folder 54SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Shawmut Bank, 1958-1976

Carton 14Folder 55SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Sheraton Corporation, 1968-1982

Carton 14Folder 56SH 13BE V

Corporate members—Simmons College Library (institutional library member), 1976-1986

Carton 14Folder 57SH 13BE V

Corporate members—State Street Bank, 1965-1982

Carton 15Folder 1SH 13BH Y

Corporate members—State Street Bank, 1965-1982

Carton 15Folder 1SH 13BH Y

Corporate members—Suffolk University, 1978-1985

Carton 15Folder 2SH 13BH Y

Corporate members—University of Massachusetts (institutional library member), 1978-1982

Carton 15Folder 3SH 13BH Y

Corporate members—William Underwood, 1963-1982

Carton 15Folder 4SH 13BH Y

Corporate members—Wellesley College Clapp Library (institutional library member), 1976-1982

Carton 15Folder 5SH 13BH Y

Corporate members—Wheelock College Library (institutional library member), 1976-1979

Carton 15Folder 6-8SH 13BH Y

Contributions, 1964-1979

Carton 15Folder 9SH 13BH Y

Membership rate increase, 1967-1973

Carton 15Folder 10-12SH 13BH Y

Correspondence, 1975-1979

Carton 15Folder 13-17SH 13BH Y

Membership campaigns, 1974-1982

Carton 15Folder 18SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Ideas and work plans, undated

Carton 15Folder 19-21SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Questionnaires, 1973-1984

Carton 15Folder 22SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Charlton Ames-Walter Thompson survey, February 1973

Carton 15Folder 23SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Internal notices, undated

Carton 15Folder 24SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Press releases, 1981-1982

Carton 15Folder 25SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Pan American Society of New England presentation, 12 July 1979

Carton 15Folder 26SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Brochures, 1976

Carton 15Folder 27SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Article about PASNE, undated

Carton 15Folder 28SH 13BH Y

Outreach—The Vincent Club Yearbook, undated

Carton 15Folder 29SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Program attendee lists, undated

Carton 15Folder 30SH 13BH Y

Outreach—News release samples, 1971-1975

Carton 15Folder 31SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Form originals, undated

Carton 15Folder 32SH 13BH Y

Outreach—ACCION International, January 1975

Carton 15Folder 33SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Bulletin originals, 1976

Carton 15Folder 34SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Teaching equipment, undated

Carton 15Folder 35SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Corporate language program, undated

Carton 15Folder 36SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Television, undated

Carton 15Folder 37SH 13BH Y

Outreach—Calendars, 1975-1976

Carton 15Folder 38SH 13BH Y

Resources—ACCION Communal, undated

Carton 15Folder 39SH 13BH Y

Resources—ACCION International, undated

Carton 15Folder 40SH 13BH Y

Resources—Adult Education Association, undated

Carton 15Folder 41SH 13BH Y

Resources—Alianza Hispana, Inc., undated

Carton 15Folder 42SH 13BH Y

Resources—Alicia Patterson Fund, undated

Carton 15Folder 43SH 13BH Y

Resources—Academy of American Poets, undated

Carton 15Folder 44SH 13BH Y

Resources—American Institute for Free Labor, undated

Carton 15Folder 45SH 13BH Y

Resources—American Youth Hostels, undated

Carton 15Folder 46SH 13BH Y

Resources—Amigos de las Americas, undated

Carton 15Folder 47SH 13BH Y

Resources—Alternative Resource Collections, undated

Carton 15Folder 48SH 13BH Y

Resources—American Assembly, undated

Carton 15Folder 49SH 13BH Y

Resources—American Freedom from Hunger Foundation, undated

Carton 15Folder 50SH 13BH Y

Resources—Boston College, undated

Carton 15Folder 51SH 13BH Y

Resources—Book review of Cien Anos de Soledad, 15 November 1978

Carton 15Folder 52SH 13BH Y

Resources—Bi-national centers, undated

Carton 15Folder 53SH 13BH Y

Resources—Bureau Internacional de Antitrioes, undated

Carton 15Folder 54SH 13BH Y

Resources—Boston public schools, Dept. of Bilingual Education, undated

Carton 15Folder 55SH 13BH Y

Resources—Boston Committee in Solidarity with the Independence of Puerto Rico, undated

Carton 15Folder 56SH 13BH Y

Resources—Boston University, Center for Latin American Development Studies, undated

Carton 15Folder 57SH 13BH Y

Resources—Boston University, International Student Center, undated

Carton 15Folder 58SH 13BH Y

Resources—Boston Entertaining Arts, undated

Carton 15Folder 59SH 13BH Y

Resources—Boston Council for International Visitors, undated

Carton 15Folder 60SH 13BH Y

Resources—Cabot Corporation, undated

Carton 15Folder 60SH 13BH Y

Resources—Cabot Corporation, undated

Carton 15Folder 61SH 13BH Y

Resources—Center for International Studies, M.I.T., undated

Carton 15Folder 62SH 13BH Y

Resources—Center for Rural Development, undated

Carton 15Folder 63SH 13BH Y

Resources—Center for the Study of Development and Social Change, undated

Carton 15Folder 64SH 13BH Y

Resources—Chile Action Group, undated

Carton 15Folder 65SH 13BH Y

Resources—Centro de ACCION, undated

Carton 15Folder 66SH 13BH Y

Resources—Committee of Returned Volunteers, undated

Carton 15Folder 67SH 13BH Y

Resources—Catalogues, universities in Mexico, undated

Carton 15Folder 68SH 13BH Y

Resources—Casa de Hostos, undated

Carton 15Folder 69SH 13BH Y

Resources—Centro Intercultural de Documentacion, undated

Carton 15Folder 70SH 13BH Y

Resources—Center for Inter-American Relations, undated

Carton 15Folder 71SH 13BH Y

Resources—Committee for the Americas, Inc., undated

Carton 15Folder 72SH 13BH Y

Resources—Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dept. of Community Affairs, undated

Carton 15Folder 73SH 13BH Y

Resources—Communiversity, undated

Carton 15Folder 74SH 13BH Y

Resources—Council for Public Schools, School Volunteers for Boston, undated

Carton 15Folder 75-76SH 13BH Y

Resources—Council of the Americas, undated

Carton 15Folder 77SH 13BH Y

Resources—Council for International Visitors, Philadelphia, undated

Carton 15Folder 77SH 13BH Y

Resources—Council for International Visitors, Philadelphia, undated

Carton 15Folder 78SH 13BH Y

Resources—Council on Religion and International Affairs, undated

Carton 16Folder 1SH 12U9 1

Resources—National Council for Community Services to International Visitors (COSERVE), undated

Carton 16Folder 2SH 12U9 1

Resources—Department of State guests, 16 October 1956

Carton 16Folder 3SH 12U9 1

Resources—Educational Development Associates, undated

Carton 16Folder 4SH 12U9 1

Resources—Experiment in International Living, undated

Carton 16Folder 5SH 12U9 1

Resources—Farmers and World Affairs, undated

Carton 16Folder 6SH 12U9 1

Resources—Fundacion Puente, Inc., undated

Carton 16Folder 7SH 12U9 1

Resources—Foundations, undated

Carton 16Folder 8SH 12U9 1

Resources—Hispanic Society of America, undated

Carton 16Folder 9SH 12U9 1

Resources—Harvard University, Committee on Latin American Studies, undated

Carton 16Folder 10SH 12U9 1

Resources—Hispanic Office of Planning and Evaluation (HOPE), undated

Carton 16Folder 11-12SH 12U9 1

Resources—International Seminars, Inc., undated

Carton 16Folder 13SH 12U9 1

Resources—Inter-American Foundation, undated

Carton 16Folder 14SH 12U9 1

Resources—Inter-American Press Association, undated

Carton 16Folder 15SH 12U9 1

Resources—Interamerican University Foundation, undated

Carton 16Folder 16SH 12U9 1

Resources—International Institute of Boston, undated

Carton 16Folder 17SH 12U9 1

Resources—International Newsletter Committee, undated

Carton 16Folder 18SH 12U9 1

Resources—Latin American Student Council, undated

Carton 16Folder 19-20SH 12U9 1

Resources—Latin American Studies Association (LASA), undated

Carton 16Folder 21SH 12U9 1

Resources—Latin American Information Committee, undated

Carton 16Folder 22-23SH 12U9 1

Resources—League of Women Voters-Overseas Education Fund, undated

Carton 16Folder 24SH 12U9 1

Resources—Latin American Scholarship Program (LASPAU), undated

Carton 16Folder 25SH 12U9 1

Resources—Massachusetts and Antioquia, Colombia partners, undated

Carton 16Folder 26SH 12U9 1

Resources—Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs, undated

Carton 16Folder 27SH 12U9 1

Resources—Mayor's Office of Public Service, undated

Carton 16Folder 28SH 12U9 1

Resources—Metropolitan Educational and Cultural Alliance, undated

Carton 16Folder 29SH 12U9 1

Resources—Modern Foreign Language Association, undated

Carton 16Folder 30SH 12U9 1

Resources—Multinational Library (formerly Biblioteca Latina), undated

Carton 16Folder 31SH 12U9 1

Resources—Museum of Fine Arts, undated

Carton 16Folder 32SH 12U9 1

Resources—Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities, undated

Carton 16Folder 33SH 12U9 1

Resources—Northern Conference Center (Panamerican Association for Festival of New World), undated

Carton 16Folder 34SH 12U9 1

Resources—National Center of Afro-American Artists, undated

Carton 16Folder 35SH 12U9 1

Resources—New York Theatre of the Americas, undated

Carton 16Folder 36SH 12U9 1

Resources—National Association for Puerto Rican Civil Rights, undated

Carton 16Folder 37SH 12U9 1

Resources—New Hampshire Council of World Affairs, undated

Carton 16Folder 38SH 12U9 1

Resources—New Beginning Hispanic Information Center, undated

Carton 16Folder 39SH 12U9 1

Resources—New England Council of Latin American Studies (NECLAS), undated

Carton 16Folder 40SH 12U9 1

Resources—Overseas Education Fund Institute, Boston University, undated

Carton 16Folder 41SH 12U9 1

Resources—Oxfam-America, undated

Carton 16Folder 42SH 12U9 1

Resources—Organization of American States (OAS), undated

Carton 16Folder 43SH 12U9 1

Resources—Partners of the Americas (formerly Partners of the Alliance), undated

Carton 16Folder 44SH 12U9 1

Resources—Peace Corps School to School projects, undated

Carton 16Folder 45SH 12U9 1

Resources—Peruvian Airlines, undated

Carton 16Folder 46SH 12U9 1

Resources—Peruvian American Council for Educational Exchange, undated

Carton 16Folder 47SH 12U9 1

Resources—Population Reference Bureau, Latin American Dept., undated

Carton 16Folder 48SH 12U9 1

Resources—Portuguese-American Federation, undated

Carton 16Folder 49SH 12U9 1

Resources—Puerto Rican Research and Resources Center, undated

Carton 16Folder 50SH 12U9 1

Resources—Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre Co., undated

Carton 16Folder 51SH 12U9 1

Resources—Spanish Institute of Intercultural Communication, Regis College, undated

Carton 16Folder 52SH 12U9 1

Resources—Rotary International, undated

Carton 16Folder 53SH 12U9 1

Resources—Service Bureau for Women's Organizations, undated

Carton 16Folder 54SH 12U9 1

Resources—Society for International Development, undated

Carton 16Folder 55SH 12U9 1

Resources—State Dept, Agency for International Development, undated

Carton 16Folder 56SH 12U9 1

Resources—Spanish Cultural Institute, undated

Carton 16Folder 57SH 12U9 1

Resources—Teacher Centers Exchange, undated

Carton 16Folder 58SH 12U9 1

Resources—Twentieth Century Fund, undated

Carton 16Folder 59SH 12U9 1

Resources—Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, undated

Carton 16Folder 60SH 12U9 1

Resources—United Nations, undated

Carton 16Folder 61SH 12U9 1

Resources—UNESCO, undated

Carton 16Folder 62SH 12U9 1

Resources—University of Massachusetts, Amherst, undated

Carton 16Folder 63SH 12U9 1

Resources—United South End Settlements, undated

Carton 16Folder 64SH 12U9 1

Resources—United National Association of Greater Boston, undated

Carton 16Folder 65SH 12U9 1

Resources—United Community Services, undated

Carton 16Folder 66SH 12U9 1

Resources—U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Foreign Commerce, undated

Carton 16Folder 67SH 12U9 1

Resources—Spanish American Center, undated

Carton 16Folder 68SH 12U9 1

Resources—Roxbury Community College, undated

Carton 16Folder 69SH 12U9 1

Resources—Vermont Council on World Affairs, undated

Carton 16Folder 70SH 12U9 1

Resources—Vermont-Honduras Alliance for Progress, undated

Carton 16Folder 71SH 12U9 1

Resources—World Wide Broadcasting Co., undated

Carton 16Folder 72SH 12U9 1

Resources—Woodrow Wilson Memorial Library, undated

Carton 16Folder 73SH 12U9 1

Resources—World Affairs Center, University of Minnesota, undated

Carton 16Folder 74SH 12U9 1

Resources—World Affairs Council, undated

Carton 16Folder 75SH 12U9 1

Resources—World University Service, undated

Carton 16Folder 76SH 12U9 1

Resources—YMCA-Campamento Hispano, undated

V. Shattuck Library, 1969-1987

Loosely arranged in alphabetical order in series.

This series contains material related to the Shattuck Library. It includes donations, deaccessions, guides to the library, reports, correspondence, financial records, policies, daily operations, and library bulletins.

Carton 16Folder 77SH 12U9 1

Book classifications, undated

Carton 16Folder 78SH 12U9 1

Book returns, 1979

Carton 16Folder 79SH 12U9 1

Deaccessions, undated

Carton 16Folder 80-81SH 12U9 1

Donations, 1969-1987

Carton 16Folder 82SH 12U9 1

ESL sources, undated

Carton 16Folder 83SH 12U9 1

Film possibilities, undated

Carton 16Folder 84SH 12U9 1

Guide to using Shattuck Library, undated

Carton 16Folder 85SH 12U9 1

"An Introduction to the Professional Collection: Shattuck Library," undated

Carton 16Folder 86SH 12U9 1

Evaluation project, undated

Carton 16Folder 87SH 12U9 1

Financial, undated

Carton 17Folder 1-3SH 12TY P

Financial, 1976-1977

Carton 17Folder 4SH 12TY P

Management, undated

Carton 17Folder 5SH 12TY P

Miscellaneous, undated

Carton 17Folder 6SH 12TY P

Library policy material, undated

Carton 17Folder 7SH 12TY P

Library report, 1976-1977

Carton 17Folder 8SH 12TY P

Library correspondence, 1979

Carton 17Folder 9SH 12TY P

Loans, undated

Carton 17Folder 10SH 12TY P

"Massachusetts Archive" catalog, undated

Carton 17Folder 11-29SH 12TY P

Publishers A-Z, undated

Carton 17Folder 30-31SH 12TY P

Publishers pending, undated

Carton 17Folder 32SH 12TY P

Sale of Shattuck Library to Boston University, 1987

Carton 17Folder 33SH 12TY P

Shattuck Library book acknowledgements, 1987

Carton 17Folder 34SH 12TY P

Shattuck Library bulletin, 1978

Carton 17Folder 35SH 12TY P

Spanish speaking library materials fund, undated

Carton 17Folder 36SH 12TY P

Walpole Library donations, undated

VI. Financial records, 1951-1987

Loosely arranged in alphabetical order in series.

The financial records of PASNE consist of financial statements, reports, budgets, fundraising, receipts, ledgers, and account balances.

Employee payroll records are restricted.

Carton 18Folder 1-3SH 13BD U

Financial papers, 1960s

Carton 18Folder 4-21SH 13BD U

Financial statements, 1965-1986

Carton 18Folder 22SH 13BD U

Annual report, 1962-1971

Carton 18Folder 23SH 13BD U

Monthly report, 1975-1976

Carton 18Folder 24-30SH 13BD U

Treasurer's report, 1962-1983

Carton 18Folder 31-35SH 13BD U

Budget, 1967-1986

Carton 18Folder 36SH 13BD U

Events budget, 1974

Carton 18Folder 37SH 13BD U

Fundraising—Arthur D. Little Foundation, 1956-1977

Carton 18Folder 38SH 13BD U

Fundraising—Beatrice A. Rogers Memorial Fund, 1974

Carton 18Folder 39SH 13BD U

Fundraising—Benefits lists, 1975-1976

Carton 18Folder 40SH 13BD U

Fundraising—Bergen Rapalyea Memorial Fund, 1970-1971

Carton 18Folder 41SH 13BD U

Fundraising—Blanche E. Lyon will, 1969-1978

Carton 18Folder 42-50SH 13BD U

Fundraising—Campaign, 1963-1967

Carton 19Folder 1-3SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Committee of the Permanent Charity Fund, Inc., 1974-1978

Carton 19Folder 4SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Christine M. Ayars bequest, 1980

Carton 19Folder 5SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Contributions, undated

Carton 19Folder 6SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Donations, undated

Carton 19Folder 7-9SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Ford Foundation, 1951-1954

Carton 19Folder 10-13SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Foundations, undated

Carton 19Folder 14SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Fuller Foundation, 1962, 1966

Carton 19Folder 15SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Gifts in the name of Mercedes Madden, 1977

Carton 19Folder 16SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Dr. George Cheever Shattuck Memorial Fund, 1972

Carton 19Folder 17-18SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Guatemalan Earthquake Relief Fund, 1976

Carton 19Folder 19SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Goodman Fund, 1970-1973

Carton 19Folder 20SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Jose A. Godoy Memorial Fund Contributions, March 1972

Carton 19Folder 21SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Johnson Foundation, 1966

Carton 19Folder 22SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Katherine Lyford Memorial Fund, 1966

Carton 19Folder 23SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Lafay Fund library purchases, undated

Carton 19Folder 25SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Massachusetts Foundation for Humanities and Public Policy, 1979

Carton 19Folder 26SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Matching funds from Permanent Charity Fund for librarian salary, 1974

Carton 19Folder 27SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—O.C.F Foundation, 1976-1982

Carton 19Folder 28SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Pathfinder Fund, 1970

Carton 19Folder 29SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Peru Earthquake Relief Fund, 1971

Carton 19Folder 30SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Prospectus to present to foundations, 1962

Carton 19Folder 31SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Refusals by companies, 1966-1968

Carton 19Folder 32SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Renovations fund, 1966-1967

Carton 19Folder 33SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Skaggs Foundation, 1981-1982

Carton 19Folder 34SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—Spaulding-Potter Charitable Trusts, 1963

Carton 19Folder 35SH 12U7 %

Fundraising—WGBH, 1966-1967

Carton 19Folder 36SH 12U7 %

Receipts—A.B. Dick Company of New England, Inc., 1975

Carton 19Folder 37SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Argus Business Machine Co., 1977-1979

Carton 19Folder 38SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Calligraphers, undated

Carton 19Folder 39SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Center Screen Film Society, Boston Center for the Arts, 1974

Carton 19Folder 40SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Clarendon Liquers, 1970

Carton 19Folder 41SH 12U7 %

Receipts—George Ellis and Co. Inc., 1973-1974

Carton 19Folder 42SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Hurst & Hurst, 1983-1985

Carton 19Folder 43SH 12U7 %

Receipts—International Institute of Boston, 1972, 1980

Carton 19Folder 44SH 12U7 %

Receipts—New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1976

Carton 19Folder 45SH 12U7 %

Receipts—The Boston Phoenix, 1978-1979

Carton 19Folder 46SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Orlando C. Moyer & Co., 1969-1975

Carton 19Folder 47SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Poole Signs, 1967

Carton 19Folder 48SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Real Paper, 1979

Carton 19Folder 49SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Schoenhof's, undated

Carton 19Folder 50SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Site rental of 75A Newbury St., undated

Carton 19Folder 51SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Thomas Groom & Co., Inc., 1976

Carton 19Folder 52SH 12U7 %

Receipts—U.S. Postal Service, 1981

Carton 19Folder 53SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Wayside Secretarial Service, 1981

Carton 19Folder 54SH 12U7 %

Receipts—White Memorial Fund, 1974

Carton 19Folder 55SH 12U7 %

Receipts—Xerox, 1970-1975

Carton 20Folder 1SH 13BA R

Receipts—Property management, 1945-1984

Carton 20Folder 2SH 13BA R

Receipts—Bank deposits, 1971-1974

Carton 20Folder 3-5SH 13BA R

Financial records, 1965-1987

Carton 20Folder 6-9SH 13BA R

Checking ledger, 1983-1986

Carton 20Vol. 1SH 13BA R

Ledger, 1945-1954

Carton 20Folder 10-11SH 13BA R

Cash disbursements, 1981-1982

Carton 20Folder 12-14SH 13BA R

Cash disbursements, 1974-1983

Carton 20Folder 15Vol. 2SH 13BA R

Cash disbursements, 1983-1986

Carton 20Folder 16SH 13BA R

Petty cash, 1966-1978

Carton 20Folder 17SH 13BA R

Commonwealth of Massachusetts tax info, 1967-1971

Carton 20Folder 18-19SH 13BA R

Massachusetts state quarterly tax reports form M-941, 1971-1979

Carton 20Folder 20-23SH 13BA R

Federal quarterly tax reports form M-941, 1971-1984

Carton 20Folder 20-23SH 13BA R

W-3 forms, 1974-1982

Carton 20Folder 25SH 13BA R

Tax correspondence, 1982-1984

Carton 20Folder 26-29SH 13BA R

Federal income tax form 990, 1964-1981

Carton 20Folder 30SH 13BA R

Federal census form CB-8200, 1982

Carton 20Folder 31SH 13BA R

Attorney General form 12, 1965-1975

Box 1Folder 1Vol. 3SH 1BCU

Pay roll, 1968-1975

Pay roll records are RESTRICTED.

Box 1Folder 2Vol. 4SH 1BCU

Pay roll, 1981

Pay roll records are RESTRICTED.

Box 1Folder 3Vol. 5SH 1BCU

Pay roll, 1984

Pay roll records are RESTRICTED.

VII. Scrapbooks, 1941-1964

Loosely arranged in chronological order in series.

Scrapbooks of the Pan American Society of New England containing printed material, newspaper clippings, and ephemera.

OS 1Vol. 6SH 1BCV


OS 2Vol. 7SH 1BCW

Disbound, 1941-1944

OS 3Vol. 8SH 1BCX


OS 3Vol. 9SH 1BCX

Disbound, 1954-1957

OS 4Vol. 10SH 1BCY


OS 5Vol. 11SH 1BCZ

Disbound, 1957-1964

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Pan American Society of New England records, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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