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This collection consists of the papers of John Davis Long (1838-1915), 28th governor of Massachusetts, Congressman, and Secretary of the Navy, and contains material on Massachusetts politics and government, the temperance issue, the United States Navy, and the Spanish-American War.

Biographical Sketch

Born in Buckfield, Maine, on October 27, 1838, John Davis Long was the son of Zadoc Long (1800-1873), a farmer and trader of prominence, and Julia Temple Davis Long, a descendant of Dolor Davis (1593-1673), who emigrated to Massachusetts from Kent, England, in 1634. After preparing at Hebron Academy in Maine, Long went on to Harvard, where, often homesick and uncomfortable, he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and graduated second in his class in 1857.

From 1857 to 1859, Long tried teaching and, for a time, served as principal of Westford Academy in Massachusetts, before shifting his focus to a legal career. From 1860 to 1861, he studied law at Harvard Law School and in the Boston offices of Sidney Bartlett (1799-1889) and Peleg W. Chandler (1816-1889). Following his admission to the bar in 1861, he returned to Maine to begin practice. Two years later, however, a more self-assured and ambitious John Davis Long made his way back to Boston.

Though maintaining an office in Boston, Long moved his residence to the South Shore community of Hingham, Mass., in 1869. In 1870, he married Mary Woodward Glover (1845-1882) and began to drift into politics. Associating mainly with civil service reform elements, Long supported Democratic and Liberal Republican candidates for office and himself ran as an independent for the state legislature before settling into the dominant regular Republican Party. Elected four times to the Massachusetts House of Representatives between 1874 and 1878, he became Speaker in 1876. He was considered a moderate figure who embraced the causes of temperance, prison reform, and women's suffrage. During this period, the Longs had two daughters: Margaret (1873-1957) and Helen (1875-1901).

In both 1877 and 1878, Long was a candidate for governor. He failed to capture the party nomination but accepted a consolation bid to run for lieutenant governor in 1878. After a single term in the lesser office, he was nominated for governor by the Republicans and defeated the colorful Democrat, Benjamin Franklin Butler (1818-1893), by 13,000 votes in a vituperative contest. He was re-elected by 52,000 votes in 1880 and won a third term in 1881.

In his journal, Long wrote that he "filled it [the governorship] well and honestly and not without grace and brilliancy." On the whole, his administration was thought to have been efficient but largely uneventful. He practiced retrenchment in the area of state finance and did his best to preserve Republican Party unity for his three years in office. He occasionally showed an awareness of corporate abuses and labor unrest but, in the manner of the times, took no strong, potentially divisive stands on these issues.

Mary Woodward Glover Long died in 1882. That same year, Long was elected to Congress from the Second District of Massachusetts and remained a member of the House until 1889. He served ably, but without real distinction, as a member of the Appropriations, Commerce, and Shipping Committees. During his stay in Congress, he became a close friend of future president William McKinley (1843-1901) of Ohio. Long married Agnes Peirce (1860-1934) in 1886, and the following year, their son Peirce Long (1887-1941) was born.

Seeking more national stature, Long ran unsuccessfully for the United States Senate in 1883 and 1887, but, in the 1880s and 1890s, found himself increasingly in the shadow of a younger, more forceful Massachusetts figure, Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924), who, after distinguishing himself as a Representative, maneuvered his way into the Senate in 1892.

After eight years out of the political limelight, President McKinley appointed Long Secretary of the Navy in 1897. Long's plan was to direct departmental affairs in a general fashion, leaving details in the hands of the entrenched bureau chiefs, and to restrain his overzealous Assistant Secretary, Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), whom he regarded as something of a "bull in a china shop." Despite occasional differences of opinion, the conservative, small-navy Secretary got on well with the impetuous, large-navy assistant and was sorry to see him go off to war in 1898.

After the Navy's successful performance in the Spanish-American War, Long was considered a leading candidate to become McKinley's vice-presidential running mate in 1900. However, at the GOP convention, Long confronted the ambitions of Lodge and Roosevelt. In the end, Lodge helped obtain the nomination for his New York friend over Bay State favorite son Long.

With McKinley's assassination in 1901 and Roosevelt's succession to the presidency, Long decided to leave the cabinet, because his powers had been derived from McKinley and he was uncomfortable under his former subordinate. After resigning in 1902, Long, an accomplished writer, fashioned a series of historical, partly autobiographical articles which were later published as The New American Navy.

The sociable, cultivated Long spent his last years primarily in Hingham. He served as president of the Harvard Board of Overseers from 1902 to 1914 and as vice president of the Massachusetts Historical Society from 1914 to 1915. He also wrote poetry, an avocation since boyhood, and lent his name to the causes of world peace and the abolition of capital punishment. He died on August 28, 1915.

Collection Description

The papers of John Davis Long span the years 1820-1943 and consist of 76 boxes of loose manuscripts; 148 bound volumes of letterbooks, journals, and scrapbooks; and one oversize box. The bulk of the collection is made up of Long's professional correspondence while serving as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, lieutenant governor and governor of Massachusetts, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts, and Secretary of the Navy under William McKinley during the Spanish-American War. Subjects covered in the correspondence include: political patronage, elections and appointments, taxation and commerce, temperance, prison reform, and naval operations and preparedness. Supplementing this correspondence are several scrapbooks detailing Long's public career.

The collection also contains Long's private journals, written from 1848 to 1915, as well as some of his personal correspondence and creative works. A lifelong writer, Long penned many poems, articles, stories, and plays.

The last series in the collection is dedicated to the papers of other family members and includes the journals and correspondence of Long's father, Zadoc Long; scrapbooks belonging to his daughters Margaret and Helen; the writings of his son Peirce; and photographs and genealogical material.

Acquisition Information

Gift of the Long family.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Correspondence, 1840-1929

Arranged chronologically.

This series consists of incoming correspondence. Outside of a smattering of family and legal correspondence, 1863-1874, and a single family letter from 1929, the bulk of material found in these boxes relates to Long's public career, 1874-1902.

Among the more notable correspondents represented in the collection are: Charles Francis Adams II (1835-1915), George S. Boutwell (1818-1905), Gamaliel Bradford (1863-1932), William E. Chandler (1835-1917), John Hay (1838-1905), Thomas Wentworth Higginson (1823-1911), George Frisbie Hoar (1826-1904), Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924), Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), Moorfield Storey (1845-1929), and naval luminaries George E. Belknap (1832-1903), French Ensor Chadwick (1844-1919), George Dewey (1837-1917), Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840-1914), Bowman H. McCalla (1844-1910), William T. Sampson (1840-1902), and Winfield S. Schley (1839-1909).

A. Undated correspondence

Box 1

B. Legislative correspondence, 1863-1878

Box 2
n.d., 1863-1876
Box 3
Box 4

C. Lieutenant gubernatorial correspondence, 1879

Box 5

D. Gubernatorial correspondence, 1880-1882

This subseries contains gubernatorial correspondence, including important material on political patronage and occasionally on such subjects as state elections, railroads, taxation, and the temperance and prison reform issues.

Box 6
Jan.-Sep. 1880
Box 7
Oct.-Dec. 1880
Box 8
Jan.-Sep. 1881
Box 9
Oct.-Dec. 1881
Box 10
Jan.-Oct. 1882

E. Congressional correspondence, 1882-1896

This subseries contains congressional correspondence, including letters discussing federal patronage, pensions, and other constituency matters, as well as, to some extent, the issues of civil service reform, interstate commerce, and a tax on whiskey.

Box 11
Nov. 1882-June 1883
Box 12
July-Nov. 1883
Box 13
Dec. 1883-Jan. 1884
Box 14
Feb.-Mar. 1884
Box 15
Mar.-May 1884
Box 16
May-July 1884
Box 17
Aug.-Nov. 1884
Box 18
Dec. 1884-Jan. 1885
Box 19
Feb.-Mar. 1885
Box 20
Apr.-Aug. 1885
Box 21
Sep.-Dec. 1885
Box 22
Jan.-Feb. 1886
Box 23
Mar.-Apr. 1886
Box 24
Apr.-June 1886
Box 25
July-Oct. 1886
Box 26
Nov. 1886-Jan. 1887
Box 27
Feb.-Apr. 1887
Box 28
May-Sep. 1887
Box 29
Oct. 1887-Jan. 1888
Box 30
Jan.-Mar. 1888
Box 31
Mar.-May 1888
Box 32
June-Sep. 1888
Box 33
Oct. 1888-Jan. 1889
Box 34
Feb. 1889-1896

F. Naval correspondence, 1897-1905

This subseries largely concerns Long's tenure as Secretary of the Navy. In addition to standard bureaucratic matters, this correspondence deals with preparedness, naval operations during the Spanish-American War, Cuba, the Philippines, and the Sampson-Schley controversy, in which the wartime conduct of Rear-Admiral Winfield Scott Schley was called into question.

Box 35
Jan.-Apr. 1897
Box 36
May-Sep. 1897
Box 37
Oct.-Dec. 1897
Box 38
Jan.-Feb. 1898
Box 39
Feb.-Apr. 1898
Box 40
Apr.-May 1898
Box 41
May-June 1898
Box 42
June 1898
Box 43
July 1898
Box 44
Aug.-Sep. 1898
Box 45
Sep.-Nov. 1898
Box 46
Nov.-Dec. 1898
Box 47
Jan.-Feb. 1899
Box 48
Feb.-Apr. 1899
Box 49
Apr.-June 1899
Box 50
June-Aug. 1899
Box 51
Sep.-Nov. 1899
Box 52
Nov. 1899-Jan. 1900
Box 53
Jan.-Mar. 1900
Box 54
Mar.-May 1900
Box 55
May-July 1900
Box 56
July-Oct. 1900
Box 57
Oct.-Dec. 1900
Box 58
Dec. 1900-Feb.1901
Box 59
Feb.-Apr. 1901
Box 60
Apr.-June 1901
Box 61
June-Aug. 1901
Box 62
Sep.-Nov. 1901
Box 63
Nov.-Dec. 1901
Box 64
Jan.-Feb. 1902
Box 65
Feb.-Apr. 1902
Box 66
May 1902-1905

G. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1840-1929

Box 67
Box 68
Miscellaneous government documents, clippings, and other printed material, n.d., 1893-1908
Box OS
Certificate of thanks for an oration from the City of Malden, 1885
Box 69
Miscellaneous printed material, clippings, prints, photographs, etc., n.d., 1840-1901

II. Bound volumes, 1848-1922

A. Political and legal letterbooks, 1879-1897

This subseries consists of bound letterbooks, mostly dating from Long's years as lieutenant governor and governor. Volumes 2-5 contain Long's incoming personal and official correspondence as lieutenant governor. The more important letters deal with party politics, patronage, and temperance. Volumes 7-14 likewise contain a mixture of Long's personal and public correspondence while governor. Subjects covered range from official appointments and railroad reform to Long's poetry. Volume 15 contains a substantial collection of his letters to his second wife, Agnes Peirce Long.

Vol. 1
Speech notes, n.d.
Vol. 2
Jan.-Apr. 1879
Vol. 3
Apr.-June 1879
Vol. 4
June-Sep. 1879
Vol. 5
Sep. 1879
Vol. 6
Sep.-Oct. 1879
Vol. 7
Feb.-Apr. 1880
Vol. 8
Apr.-June 1880
Vol. 9
Jan.-Feb. 1881
Vol. 10
May-July 1881
Vol. 11
Mar.-Apr. 1882
Vol. 12
July-Aug. 1882
Vol. 13
Sep.-Oct. 1882
Vol. 14
Dec. 1882-Feb.1883
Vol. 15
Letters to Agnes Peirce Long, 1885-1897

B. Naval letterbooks, 1897-1902

This subseries contains letterbooks dating from Long's tenure as Secretary of the Navy. These volumes have been divided into three groups according to their original Navy Department designations: "Personal" (P) letterbooks, "Personal Official" (PO) letterbooks, and "Other Offices" (OO) letterbooks. The original numbers of the volumes are noted in parentheses.

Personal (P) letterbooks, 1897-1902

These letterbooks contain copies of letters concerning family and friends, personal invitations, home mortgages, etc.

Vol. 16
Mar.-Aug. 1897 (orig. vol. 1)
Vol. 17
Nov. 1897-Mar. 1898 (orig. vol. 2)
Vol. 18
Mar.-Aug. 1898 (orig. vol. 3)
Vol. 19
Aug. 1898-Jan. 1899 (orig. vol. 4)
Vol. 20
Jan.-May 1899 (orig. vol. 5)
Vol. 21
May-Dec. 1899 (orig. vol. 6)
Vol. 22
Dec. 1899-Apr. 1900 (orig. vol. 7)
Vol. 23
Apr.-July 1900 (orig. vol. 8)
Vol. 24
July-Dec. 1900 (orig. vol. 9)
Vol. 25
Dec. 1900-Mar. 1901 (orig. vol. 10)
Vol. 26
Mar.-June 1901 (orig. vol. 11)
Vol. 27
June-Oct. 1901 (orig. vol. 12)
Vol. 28
Oct. 1901-Jan. 1902 (orig. vol. 13)
Vol. 29
Jan.-Apr. 1902 (orig. vol. 14)
Vol. 30
Apr. 1902 (orig. vol. 15)

Personal Official (PO) letterbooks, 1897-1902

These letterbooks contain Long's Navy correspondence.

Vol. 31
Mar.-Oct. 1897 (orig. vol. 1)
Vol. 32
Oct. 1897-Jan. 1898 (orig. vol. 2)
Vol. 33
Jan.-Mar. 1898 (orig. vol. 3)
Vol. 34
Mar.-Apr. 1898 (orig. vol. 4)
Vol. 35
Apr.-May 1898 (orig. vol. 5)
Vol. 36
May 1898 (orig. vol. 6)
Vol. 37
May-June 1898 (orig. vol. 7)
Vol. 38
June-July 1898 (orig. vol. 8)
Vol. 39
July-Sep. 1898 (orig. vol. 9)
Vol. 40
Sep.-Oct. 1898 (orig. vol. 4)
Vol. 41
Oct. 1898-Jan. 1899 (orig. vol. 11)
Vol. 42
Jan.-Mar. 1899 (orig. vol. 12)
Vol. 43
Mar.-June 1899 (orig. vol. 13)
Vol. 44
June-Sep. 1899 (orig. vol. 14)
Vol. 45
Sep.-Dec. 1899 (orig. vol. 15)
Vol. 46
Dec. 1899-Feb. 1900 (orig. vol. 16)
Vol. 47
Feb.-Apr. 1900 (orig. vol. 17)
Vol. 48
Apr.-July 1900 (orig. vol. 18)
Vol. 49
July-Oct. 1900 (orig. vol. 19)
Vol. 50
Oct. 1900-Jan. 1901 (orig. vol. 20)
Vol. 51
Jan.-Apr. 1901 (orig. vol. 21)
Vol. 52
Apr.-Sep. 1901 (orig. vol. 22)
Vol. 53
Oct. 1901-Jan. 1902 (orig. vol. 23)
Vol. 54
Jan.-Apr. 1902 (orig. vol. 24)
Vol. 55
Apr. 1902 (orig. vol. 25)

Other Offices (OO) letterbooks, 1897-1902

These letterbooks contain copies of communications with other departments of the federal government, as well as with Massachusetts and Boston city officials.

Vol. 56
Mar.-Nov. 1897 (orig. vol. 1)
Vol. 57
Nov. 1897-June 1898 (orig. vol. 2)
Vol. 58
June 1898-Jan. 1899 (orig. vol. 3)
Vol. 59
Jan.-Oct. 1899 (orig. vol. 4)
Vol. 60
Oct. 1899-June 1900 (orig. vol. 5)
Vol. 61
June 1900-Feb. 1901 (orig. vol. 6)
Vol. 62
Nov. 1901-Jan. 1902 (orig. vol. 7)
Vol. 63
Jan.-Apr. 1902 (orig. vol. 8)

C. Private journals, 1848-1915

This subseries consists of Long's numerous private journals. Volumes 64-77 are handwritten and contain his frequent jottings, including examples of his poetry. Volumes 78-84 are typewritten copies of his journal, with a number of letters to his wife Agnes and to his children, Helen, Margaret, and Peirce Long. Volume 85 contains both handwritten and typed pages. Volumes 86-88, written by hand, are sporadic reflections upon his last years, 1906-1915. The original numbers of the volumes are noted in parentheses.

Vol. 64
Handwritten private journal, 1848-1852 (orig. vol. 1)
Vol. 65
Handwritten private journal, containing a list of college expenses, Jan. 1853-July 1856 (orig. vol. 2)
Vol. 66
Handwritten private journal, Oct. 1855-Oct. 1857 (orig. vol. 3)
Vol. 67
Handwritten private journal, Dec. 1857-Oct. 1858 (orig. vol. 4)
Vol. 68
Handwritten private journal, Oct. 1858-July 1859 (orig. vol. 5)
Vol. 69
Handwritten private journal, Apr.-Sep. 1859 (orig. vol. 6)
Vol. 70
Handwritten private journal, Sep. 1859-May 1861 (orig. vol. 7)
Vol. 71
Handwritten private journal, 1861-July 1863 (orig. vol. 8)
Vol. 72
Handwritten private journal, July 1863-Aug. 1864 (orig. vol. 9)
Vol. 73
Handwritten private journal, Sep. 1864-Nov. 1866 (orig. vol. 10)
Vol. 74
Handwritten private journal, Nov. 1866-Apr. 1870 (orig. vol. 11)
Vol. 75
Handwritten private journal, Apr. 1870-Dec. 1876 (orig. vol. 12)
Vol. 76
Handwritten private journal, Dec. 1876-Jan. 1883 (orig. vol. 13)
Vol. 77
Handwritten private journal, Jan. 1884-Dec. 1897 (orig. vol. 14)
Vol. 78
Transcript of private journal, containing letters to Long's wife and children, Dec. 1897-July 1898 (orig. vol. I)
Vol. 79
Transcript of private journal, containing letters to Long's wife and children, July-Dec. 1898 (orig. vol. II)
Vol. 80
Transcript of private journal, containing letters to Long's wife and children, Jan.-May 1899 (orig. vol. 1)
Vol. 81
Transcript of private journal, containing letters to Long's wife and children, June-Dec. 1899 (orig. vol. 2)
Vol. 82
Transcript of private journal, containing letters to Long's wife and children, Jan.-May 1900 (orig. vol. 1)
Vol. 83
Transcript of private journal, containing letters to Long's wife and children, June-Dec. 1900 (orig. vol. 2)
Vol. 84
Transcript of private journal, containing letters to Long's wife and children, 1901
Vol. 85
Private journal, containing both handwritten and typewritten pages, 1902-1904
Vol. 86
Handwritten private journal, 1906
Vol. 87
Handwritten private journal, 1907-Apr. 1913
Vol. 88
Handwritten private journal, Apr. 1913-Aug. 1915

D. Miscellaneous volumes, 1860-1864

Vol. 89
Harvard Law School notebook, 1860-1861
Vol. 90-91
Two handwritten copies of Little Marie, a play by Long, 1863
Box OS
Two photostat copies of Little Marie, a play by Long, 1864

E. Scrapbooks, 1856-1922

Most of the scrapbooks in this subseries concern Long's public career.

Vol. 92
Sep. 1856-Sep. 1870
Vol. 93
June 1874-Aug. 1876
Vol. 94
July 1876-July 1877
Vol. 95
July 1877-Sep. 1878
Vol. 96
Sep. 1878-Sep. 1879
Vol. 97
Sep. 1879-June 1880
Vol. 98
June-Dec. 1880
Vol. 99
Dec. 1880-Mar. 1881
Vol. 100
Mar.-Aug. 1881
Vol. 101
Aug. 1881-Jan. 1882
Vol. 102
Jan.-Apr. 1882
Vol. 103
Apr.-Aug. 1882
Vol. 104
Aug.-Nov. 1882
Vol. 105
Nov. 1882-Apr. 1883
Vol. 106
Apr. 1883-Nov. 1884
Vol. 107
Oct. 1884-Apr. 1886
Vol. 108
Mar. 1886-May 1887
Vol. 109
May 1887-Nov. 1888
Vol. 110
Nov. 1888-Nov. 1893
Vol. 111
Nov. 1893-Nov. 1898
Vol. 112
Oct. 1898-May 1900
Vol. 113
May 1900-Sep. 1901
Vol. 114
Sep. 1901-Dec. 1903
Vol. 115
Dec. 1903-Feb. 1907
Vol. 116
Mar. 1907-Mar. 1912
Vol. 117
Apr. 1912-1922

III. Family papers, 1820-1943

A. Zadoc Long, 1820-1873

This subseries contains the journals and letterbooks of Long's father, Zadoc Long, which chronicle life in Buckfield, Maine, and detail the views of a rural American on the issues of the day. Also included in this subseries is one account book of Zadoc Long's trading firm, Loring & Long, dating from 1853 to 1871, which also contains some of his poetic offerings. The original numbers of the volumes are noted in parentheses.

Vol. 118
Journal, 1820-1843 (orig. vol. 1 & 3)
Vol. 119
Journal, 1835-1843 (orig. vol. 2)
Vol. 120
Journal, Jan. 1844-1853 (orig. vol. 4)
Vol. 121
Journal, Feb. 1853-1857 (orig. vol. 5)
Vol. 122
Journal, 1858-1860 (orig. vol. 6)
Vol. 123
Journal, 1860-1861 (orig. vol. 7)
Vol. 124
Journal, Sep. 1861-Nov. 1863 (orig. vol. 8)
Vol. 125
Journal, Nov. 1863-Nov. 1866 (orig. vol. 9)
Vol. 126
Journal, 1866-1870 (orig. vol. 10)
Vol. 127
Journal, July 1870-Mar. 1872 (orig. vol. 11)
Vol. 128
Journal, Mar. 1872-Feb. 1873 (orig. vol. 12)
Vol. 129
Letterbook of correspondence from Zadoc Long to John Davis Long, 1857-1859
Vol. 130
Letterbook of correspondence from Zadoc Long to John Davis Long, 1864-1865
Vol. 131
Letterbook of correspondence from Zadoc Long to John Davis Long, 1870-1873
Vol. 132
Letterbook of correspondence from John Davis Long to Zadoc Long, 1867-1871
Vol. 133
Account book of Loring & Long, containing some examples of Zadoc Long's poetry, 1853-1871

B. John Davis Long, 1856-1892

This subseries consists of John Davis Long's notebooks, including a short story, handwritten volumes of his poetry, an account of the activities of the Scituate Sardines beach club, 1857-1885, Long's translation of Sophocles' Edipus, and a draft of his 1882 gubernatorial inaugural address.

Vol. 134
Notebook containing a short story written by John Davis Long for the Buckfield Lyceum in Maine, n.d.
Vol. 135-136
Two notebooks of John Davis Long's poetry, 1856-1861
Vol. 137
Notebook relating to the activities of the Scituate Sardines, a Hingham, Mass., beach club, 1857-1885

Note: The volume was formerly an 1857 account book of Zadoc Long and contains notations on some of his transactions.

Vol. 138
Notebook containing John Davis Long's English translation of The King Edipus of Sophocles and miscellaneous notes, 1881
Vol. 139
First draft of Governor Long's inaugural message to the Massachusetts legislature, 1882
Vol. 140
Handwritten draft of At the Fireside, a book of John Davis Long's poetry, 1892
Vol. 141
Obsolete index to some of John Davis Long's scrapbooks, n.d.

C. Helen Long, 1895-1901

Vol. 142
Address book, n.d.
Vol. 143
Scrapbook, 1895-1901

D. Margaret Long, 1915-1923

This subseries consists of a scrapbook of obituaries and other biographical material on John Davis Long. The scrapbook belonged to his daughter, Margaret Long, a physician and author.

Vol. 144
Scrapbook of material relating to the death of John Davis Long and biographical notes, 1915-1923

E. Peirce Long, 1927-1943

This subseries contains some papers of John Davis Long's son, Peirce, a New England lawyer who, like his father, harbored literary ambitions. Also included in this subseries is a draft of From the Journal of Zadoc Long, edited by Peirce Long.

Box 70
Two copies of the play The Persians of Aeschylus Done in the Modern Idiom, by Peirce Long (1927), and a draft of his comedy Hippocleides Should Worry (1935), including notices for The Persians of Aeschylus, 1927-1935
Box 71-72
Two drafts of What Happened at Clytemnestra's, an unpublished novel by Peirce Long, 1935
Box 73-74
A draft of From the Journal of Zadoc Long, edited by Peirce Long, 1941-1943

F. Long family, 1880-1943

Box 75
Miscellaneous charts, correspondence, and notes on the Long family genealogy, n.d.-1943
Box 76
Miscellaneous Long family photographs, n.d.
Vol. 145-146
Two albums of Long family photographs, [1880-1900]

G. Miscellany, 1889-1905

Vol. 147
Diary of Persis Seaver (Long) Bartlett, 1889-1892

Persis Seaver (Long) Bartlett (1828-1893) was John D. Long's sister. Included is information on the Bartlett family, the death of Persis's son Percy, and her travels in the U.S. and abroad.

Vol. 148
Scrapbook of clippings concerning the wedding of Josiah Quincy and Mary Honey, Oct. 1905

Preferred Citation

John Davis Long papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Bartlett, Persis Seaver Long, 1828-1893.
Boutwell, George S. (George Sewall), 1818-1905.
Butler, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1818-1893.
Chadwick, French Ensor, 1844-1919.
Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1850-1924.
Long family.
Long, Agnes Peirce, 1860-1934.
Long, Helen, 1875-1901.
Long, Margaret, b. 1873.
Long, Peirce, 1887-1941.
Long, Zadoc, 1800-1873.
Mahan, A. T. (Alfred Thayer), 1840-1914.
McKinley, William, 1843-1901.
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.
Sampson, William Thomas, 1840-1902.
Schley, Winfield Scott, 1839-1909.


United States--Congress.
United States--Navy.


Massachusetts--Politics and government.
Spanish-American War, 1898.
United States--History--1865-1921.

Materials Removed from the Collection

Photographs from this collection have been removed to the John Davis Long photographs, 1899-1918. Photo. Coll. 500.55.