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This collection consists of the records of King's Chapel, organized as an Anglican church in 1686, later a Unitarian church.

Historical Sketches

History of King's Chapel

King's Chapel was the first Anglican church in Boston, established under the authority of the Lord Bishop of London, Henry Compton. The Bishop chose and licensed the first minister of King's Chapel, Reverend Robert Ratcliffe, who arrived in Boston on May 15, 1686, and conducted a public service of the liturgy at the Boston Towne House on June 6. On June 15, 1686, a meeting was held at the Towne House which established King's Chapel. Two churchwardens were chosen to conduct meetings, call the minister, hire employees, and serve as treasurers.

On June 30, 1689, a small wooden meeting house was dedicated for Chapel services. The vestry of the Chapel was formed at a meeting of the congregation held April 11, 1699. The vestry consisted of nine men, selected to represent the congregation and advise the minister and wardens on all church matters. Chosen annually, the size of the vestry varied from 9 to 28 members during the 18th century, and the colonial governor and lieutenant governor served as ex officio members. Later, as Chapel membership increased, the wardens and vestry delegated some tasks to committees organized to solve particular problems or take particular actions.

The minister of King's Chapel conducted regular services; lectured on catechism; performed marriages, baptisms, and burials; visited the sick and troubled; and corresponded with the government of the Church of England. On March 4, 1698/9, Reverend Christopher Bridge arrived from England to serve as assistant minister to Reverend Samuel Myles. Selected and ordained by the Lord Bishop of London and given the title of King's Lecturer, Bridge conducted Sunday afternoon services, visited the sick, and sometimes gave catechism lectures. Because his salary of £100 a year came directly from the Crown, the King's Lecturer often acted independently of the minister, wardens, and vestry of the Chapel, leading to frequent disputes throughout the 18th century.

When Thomas Brattle died in 1713, he bequeathed his organ to King's Chapel. William Price, a member of the congregation, agreed to play the organ until the arrival of Edward Enston, an organist from England. The first church organ in New England was thereby assembled in King's Chapel on March 2, 1714, and the first service with music was held there. King's Chapel organists were primarily responsible for playing the organ, but gradually assumed the responsibilities of choirmaster as well. The first concert of the Handel and Haydn Society was held at King's Chapel on December 25, 1815.

When King's Chapel was built, congregants sat on formes, or benches, rather than pews. Box pews were built in 1712, and the sale of pews, their rents, and taxes were regulated by the wardens and vestry. Beginning in 1733, voting rights, formerly determined by church attendance, were granted only to proprietors of pews. Between 1747 and 1920, the proprietors of pews undertook many of the major duties of the Chapel. They selected the wardens, the vestry, and the minister; collected pew rents and kept pew records; appointed committees; and set policies for the church.

In the early 1750s, the original wooden church was replaced by a larger stone building, designed by architect Peter Harrison. The congregation of King's Chapel included wealthy Boston merchants, local officials, British army and navy officers, and a number of prominent Tory families. Because the Chapel represented the established Church of England in Boston, the American Revolution and events in Boston between 1773 and 1776 had a profound effect on the church. In 1774, loyalists, including a number of members of the Chapel, began fleeing Boston to Halifax, Quebec, and England. On Sunday, March 10, 1776, Reverend Henry Caner held a final service at the Chapel before embarking for Halifax, Nova Scotia. With him he took the communion service; the register of baptisms, marriages, and burials; and the first book of church records. In 1776-1777, with its minister gone and its congregation depleted by one-third, King's Chapel merged with Trinity Church in Boston and offered services at Trinity under Reverend Samuel Parker. Between 1777 and 1781, the Old South Society held services at King's Chapel while their church was being restored.

In 1782, the King's Chapel wardens asked James Freeman to officiate as lay reader until he could be ordained. Freeman delivered sermons and conducted services twice every Sunday, but his views diverged from the traditional Anglican dogma to embrace Unitarianism. When he sought ordination from American Episcopal churchmen, he was refused on several occasions. Finally, on November 18, 1787, the proprietors of pews ordained Freeman in the presence of the congregation of King's Chapel, effectively terminating the Chapel's Episcopal affiliation.

The 19th century saw many changes in the administration of King's Chapel. The position of King's Lecturer ceased with the separation of the colonies from Great Britain. In 1803, the wardens and vestry called Joseph Stevens Buckminister to accept the position of assistant minister. Buckminister declined, but Reverend Samuel Cary eventually accepted the position, serving as assistant minister from November 1806 to June 1807. The assistant minister conducted weekday services, delivered sermons and catechism lectures in the absence of the minister, undertook parish calls, and taught Sunday School. On January 1, 1809, Cary was ordained as colleague pastor at King's Chapel. In 1824, the procedure for appointing an assistant minister was formalized, and the proprietors voted to create the position of "associate minister," appointing Francis William Pitt Greenwood to the post. At the end of the nineteenth century, the church also hired a parish visitor, an individual with social work training to assist the minister in his parish duties.

On December 22, 1861, Henry Wilder Foote was ordained as minister of King's Chapel. Although the Chapel took no position on the issue of slavery until the Civil War was declared, Reverend Henry Wilder Foote and the congregation as a whole participated in Reconstruction efforts. As early as 1868, King's Chapel raised money for the education of freedmen in the south, supporting such institutions as the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, the Calhoun Colored School, and the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute. The Chapel endowed the Mary Foote Hospital at Hampton and supported a scholarship fund for Indian children at Tuskegee.

In 1907, an indenture was written which established a board of three trustees, to be elected by the proprietors of pews. The purpose of the indenture, ratified by the faculty of Harvard Divinity School, was to ensure the continuation of Christian worship at King's Chapel. In the absence of such worship, King's Chapel would become the property of Harvard Divinity School.

By 1918, the number of proprietors had dwindled considerably, and communicants who were not proprietors sought a voice in the governance of the Chapel. The Society of King's Chapel was formed in 1920 and consisted of all communicants who signed the membership book of the Chapel. The Society, a policy-setting body that votes on important issues such as the election of ministers, wardens, and vestry, the hours and frequency of services, and the acceptance of gifts and bequests, meets annually on Easter Monday or when called by the senior warden. Other administrative tasks are the responsibility of the wardens and vestry. The senior warden serves as the chief administrative officer of King's Chapel.

History of the Price Estate

William Price, first organist and long-time proprietor of King's Chapel, died in Boston on May 17, 1771, at the age of 87. His will, probated a few days later, left a valuable estate on Cornhill in trust to the Chapel, reserving a life interest in the estate for his widow Sarah and his nieces Sarah and Margaret Creese. Trinity Church was named to administer the trust if King's Chapel declined the bequest. In the turmoil of the Revolution, the acceptance of the trust was lost; however, the minister and wardens of King's Chapel formally accepted the trust on August 30, 1789.

William Price's last surviving niece, Sarah Creese, died on April 21, 1809. She devised the Price estate to her nephew William Pelham, believing that her uncle would have objected to the Chapel's adoption of the Unitarian liturgy and would have revoked his support.

On April 26, 1809, the proprietors of pews of King's Chapel reaffirmed their acceptance of the Price trust. William Pelham, however, was living at the Price estate, and when he refused to leave or pay rent, the Chapel brought an action of formedon in remainder against him before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. The case was brought before the court in March 1813. Pelham charged, among other points, that the ministers and wardens of King's Chapel were not the lawful successors to the estate because the Chapel was no longer affiliated with the Episcopal Church. The court ruled for King's Chapel, and Pelham was removed from the estate and ordered to pay damages to the Chapel.

On June 13, 1824, the vestry of Trinity Church was advised by a committee on the Price estate that King's Chapel might not be the rightful heir to the estate and that Trinity might obtain the trust. On September 17, 1824, the rector and church wardens of Trinity entered the Price estate and claimed possession, but they were ousted by J. Stoddard and B.C. Forbisher, the King's Chapel tenants. Trinity sued the tenants through the clerk's office of the Court of Common Pleas, and the case was carried up to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, which heard the writ of sur disseizen in quibus on November 1, 1828. In its arguments, Trinity claimed that the Price estate was improperly accepted by King's Chapel and that the Chapel's secession from the Church of England rendered it incapable of performing the religious duties specified in Price's will.

On November 21, 1828, Trinity and the Chapel agreed to an out-of-court compromise in the form of an indenture. Trinity was awarded the trust and its administration, and King's Chapel would receive half of the trust's income.

At the seventh annual convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Massachusetts in May 1860, a committee was appointed concerning the Price estate. The Episcopal Church objected to the compromise between Trinity and King's Chapel and brought a third lawsuit before the Supreme Judicial Court in Equity in April 1862, requesting that no part of the Price estate income be given to King's Chapel. The case was adjudicated in favor of Trinity and King's Chapel in 1864.

Biographical Timeline of Ephraim Peabody

Ephraim Peabody (1807-1856) was the minister at King's Chapel from 1846 to 1855.

30 Jan. 1807
Mary Jane Derby is born in Salem, Mass., the daughter of Eleanor and John Derby.
22 Mar. 1807
Ephraim Peabody is born in Wilton, New Hampshire, the son of Ephraim and Rhoda Abbot Peabody.
5 July 1816
Ephraim Peabody, Sr., dies in Wilton, New Hampshire.
Peabody attends Dummer Academy at the expense of his uncle, Samuel Abbot.
Peabody attends Phillips Academy in Exeter, Mass.
Peabody attends Bowdoin College, A.B. 1827.
Peabody attends Harvard Divinity School.
June 1830
Peabody begins preaching in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Peabody attends Meadville Theological Seminary.
22 May 1831
Peabody is ordained by Dr. Walker and Dr. Parkman in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Peabody accepts a call to the ministry in Cincinnati.
5 Aug. 1833
Peabody marries Mary Jane Derby in Salem, Mass.
7 July 1834
Peabody's son Samuel is born.
Oct. 1835
Peabody's son Samuel dies.
Peabody edits The Christian Messenger with James F. Clarke and William G. Eliot.
Peabody's daughter Ellen Derby is born.
Peabody preaches in Mobile, Alabama; suffers poor health.
July-Aug. 1837
Peabody preaches in New Hampshire and western Massachusetts.
Sep. 1837
Peabody is offered a pulpit in Mobile, Alabama, but declines.
Peabody preaches in Boston; assists William Ellery Channing; serves as chaplain to the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
May 1838
Peabody is inducted as minister of the New Bedford (Mass.) Congregational Church in a joint appointment with John H. Morison.
6 Oct. 1838
Peabody's daughter Anna Huidekoper is born.
21 Nov. 1840
Peabody's son George Derby is born in New Bedford.
10 Jan. 1842
Peabody's son George Derby dies.
21 Nov. 1842
Peabody's daughter Emily Morison is born.
15 Feb. 1843
King's Chapel treasurer C. P. Curtis asks if Peabody would consider a call to King's Chapel as "colleague minister" with Rev. Francis W. P. Greenwood.
26 Feb. 1843
King's Chapel wardens print a notice that Peabody might accept a call if offered.
2 Mar. 1843
Peabody declines to be considered for the King's Chapel call.
4 Mar. 1843
A resolution of support for Peabody's ministry is passed by the First Congregational Church of New Bedford.
22 Feb. 1845
Peabody's son Robert Swain is born in New Bedford.
Apr. 1845
Peabody's daughter Emily Morison dies in New Bedford.
May 1845
Hollis Street Church, Boston, inquires whether Peabody would accept a call.
13 Oct. 1845
The First Congregational Society of Cincinnati calls Peabody as minister.
15 Oct. 1845
King's Chapel inquires whether Peabody would accept if called.
16 Oct. 1845
Peabody says he would probably not accept a call from King's Chapel.
26 Oct. 1845
King's Chapel calls Peabody.
27 Oct. 1845
Peabody refuses the call of the First Congregational Society of Cincinnati.
3 Nov. 1845
Hollis Street Church calls Peabody as minister.
9-12 Nov. 1845
Peabody decides to decline King's Chapel and accept Hollis Street Church.
13 Nov. 1845
Peabody receives a protest from members of the Hollis Street Society claiming they were not consulted about his call for political reasons.
26 Nov. 1845
Peabody accepts the call from King's Chapel.
11 Jan. 1846
Peabody is installed as King's Chapel minister.
Dec. 1847
Peabody's son Francis Greenwood is born.
Peabody is awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree by Bowdoin College.
Rhoda Peabody, Peabody's mother, dies.
Peabody spends 6 months in Europe.
Peabody spends the winter in St. Augustine, Florida, to recover his failing health.
28 Nov. 1856
Peabody dies.


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Collection Description

The King's Chapel records, 1686-1942, are arranged into ten series: I. Records of the wardens and vestry; II. Records of the proprietors of pews; III. Registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials; IV. Financial records; V. Committee records; VI. Correspondence; VII. Lectures and sermons; VIII. Price estate papers; IX. Ephraim Peabody papers; and X. Miscellaneous collections.

Series I and Series II, the records of the wardens and vestry and the proprietors of pews, consist of minutes of meetings, votes and resolutions, correspondence, reports, and other papers generated and received by those bodies in the course of church business. Series III contains detailed registers of marriages, baptisms, and burials at King's Church between 1703 and 1931. Series IV consists of bills, receipts, and other financial documents. Series V contains minutes, reports, and notes of committees appointed by the wardens and vestry and the proprietors of pews. General correspondence between 1698 and 1899 is arranged chronologically in Series VI. Series VII contains lectures, sermons, prayers, and other words spoken in the Chapel, and Series VIII documents the legal battles over the Price estate involving King's Chapel, Trinity Church, the Price family, and the Episcopal Church.

Series IX contains the personal papers, primarily the correspondence, of Ephraim Peabody, one-time minister at King's Chapel. Series X consists of miscellaneous collections and individual items related to the history of King's Chapel.

For an alphabetical list of correspondents represented in Series VI (Correspondence) and Series IX (Ephraim Peabody papers), see the Index of Select Correspondents below.

Acquisition Information

Deposited by King's Chapel, 1947, 1954, 1959. The Ephraim Peabody papers were a gift of the Peabody family, 1979. The choir music (Box X.2) was a gift of the University of Missouri at Kansas City, May 1997.

Restrictions on Access

There are restrictions on the use of this collection. Users must sign an agreement stating that they understand these restrictions before they will be given access to the collection.

Restrictions on Use

The records of King's Chapel have been placed on deposit at the Massachusetts Historical Society. The Massachusetts Historical Society does not claim ownership of the literary rights (copyright) to this collection. The Massachusetts Historical Society cannot give permission to publish or quote from documents to which it does not hold copyright. Use of these materials does not imply permission to publish. Requests for permission to publish should be addressed to the minister of the Chapel, who will forward them to the Wardens and Vestry for action. If permission is granted, the records should be cited as the Archives of King's Chapel and a copy of resulting publications donated to the King's Chapel library.

All reproductions, including photocopies and digital photographs, are for personal use only. Personal use copies may not be donated to or deposited in other libraries or archives, or made available to other researchers, without the written permission of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Records of the wardens and vestry, 1686-1917

Arranged chronologically.

The bulk of this series consists of minutes of meetings of the wardens and vestry, beginning with the first meeting of the Chapel at the Boston Towne House on June 15, 1686. Other papers in this series include notices and calls for meetings, records of votes and resolutions, petitions, correspondence, committee reports, and legal papers created or received by the wardens and vestry in the course of their duties.

From 1686 until the formation of the proprietors of pews, the records of the wardens and vestry served as the single official record of the church. Important correspondence received and sent was written into the "church books," or minute books of the wardens and vestry, as were the minutes of early meetings of the congregation and many of the church's early financial records, such as pew rents, sales, and taxes. This series also contains a record of the first meeting of the proprietors of pews; from 1768 to 1812, minutes of meetings of the proprietors of pews were bound together with the minutes of the wardens and vestry.

See also: Series IV. Financial records; Series VI. Correspondence; and Series VIII. Price estate papers.

Vol. 16 (XT)
First record book, 1686-1719
Box I.1Folder 1
Church book, i.e., minutes of wardens, vestry, and meetings of the congregation, 1686-1729
Box I.1Folder 2
Papers, 1700+
Box I.1Folder 3
Minutes, 1713
Box I.1Folder 4
Minutes, 1724-1730
Box I.1Folder 5
Minutes, 1731-1740

See also: Votes on pews at meetings of the wardens and vestry and of the congregation, 1733-1743 (Financial records, box 1, folder 7).

Box I.1Folder 6
Minutes, 1740-1753
Box I.1Folder 7
Petition of the organist, 1743
Box I.1Folder 8
Record of votes, resolutions, etc., together with some brief memoirs of the transactions relating to the rebuilding of King's Chapel in Boston, 1747-1753
Box I.1Folder 9
Committee appointed 11 Apr. 1748 to seek land to enlarge the church and build a school house on School Street
Box I.1Folder 10
Indenture between Boston Selectmen and King's Chapel wardens and vestry, 1748
Box I.1Folder 11
Committee for Rebuilding the Chapel, minutes, 1748-1749
Box I.1Folder 12
List of King's Chapel church wardens, 1749
Box I.1Folder 13
Minutes, 1753-1773
Box I.1Folder 14
Minutes, 1768
Box I.1Folder 15
Minutes, 1774-1776
Box I.1Folder 16
Papers, 1783
Box I.1Folder 17
Minutes, 1787
Box I.1Folder 18
Committee on the ordination of Dr. James Freeman, 1787
Box I.1Folder 19
Plan for the ordination of Dr. Freeman, 1787
Vol. 34
King's Chapel vestry records, "1782"

First record begins 1787-1867.

Box I.1Folder 20
Minutes, 1790
Box I.1Folder 21
Sale of Clarke's Ship Yard, 1795
Box I.1Folder 22
Minutes, 1797
Box I.1Folder 23
Minutes, 1798
Box I.1Folder 24
Minutes of proprietors of pews, 1768-1812; minutes of wardens and vestry, 1798-1805
Box I.1Folder 25
Sexton's duty, ca. 1800
Box I.1Folder 26
Minutes, 1800
Box I.1Folder 27
Minutes, 1801
Box I.1Folder 28
Minutes, 1802
Box I.1Folder 29
Minutes and resolution, 1803
Box I.1Folder 30
Minutes and committee report, 1804
Box I.1Folder 31
Minutes, 1805
Box I.1Folder 32
Minutes and notice of meeting, 1806
Box I.1Folder 33
Minutes, 1807
Box I.1Folder 34
Minutes and notice, 1808
Box I.1Folder 35
Minutes, notice, and Price estate papers, 1809
Box I.1Folder 36
Minutes and notice, 1810
Box I.1Folder 37
Minutes, 1811
Box I.1Folder 38
Minutes, 1812
Box I.1Folder 39
Minutes, 1813
Box I.1Folder 40
Report on the bell, 1815
Box I.2Folder 1
Papers, 1817
Box I.2Folder 2
Proposal on pews, 1822
Box I.2Folder 3
Notices and description of correspondence with Francis William Pitt Greenwood, 1824
Box I.2Folder 4
Minutes, 1827
Box I.2Folder 5
Minutes, 1842
Box I.2Folder 6
Minutes, 1844
Box I.2Folder 7
Minutes, resolutions, subscriptions, 1856
Box I.2Folder 8
Minutes, 1857
Box I.2Folder 9
Committee reports, 1859
Box I.2Folder 10
Minutes, 1860+
Box I.2Folder 11
Minutes and communication to the proprietors, 1860
Box I.2Folder 12
Box I.2Folder 13
Report of committee on the settlement of legal expenses in the Price Fund litigation, 1865
Box I.2Folder 14
Lists of wardens, vestrymen, and treasurers, 1866
Box I.2Folder 15
Report of committee appointed 22 Apr. 1866 on the disposition of the income of the Price Fund
Box I.2Folder 16
Vol. 37
King's Chapel vestry records, 1867-1917
Box I.2Folder 17
Box I.2Folder 18
Box I.2Folder 19
Box I.2Folder 20
Report of committee on the organization of charities, 1875
Box I.2Folder 21
Box I.2Folder 22
Communication between wardens and vestry of King's Chapel and Trinity Church, 1876

II. Records of the proprietors of pews, 1723-1924

A. General papers, 1723-1924

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains miscellaneous papers of the proprietors of pews, including minutes, votes, pew plans, lists of proprietors, records of pew rates and taxes, and registers of pew deeds.

See also: Reports of the treasurer and auditors of the chapel, 1828-1893 (Committee records, box 1, folders 15, 16, and 17).

Box II.1Folder 1
List of proprietors, n.d.
Box II.1Folder 2
Memorandum of the arrangement of Rev. Mr. Lowell's society in the pews of King's Chapel, n.d.
Box II.1Folder 3
Pew tax list, n.d.
Box II.1Folder 4
Plan of pews, n.d.
Box II.1Folder 5
Plan and taxes of the pews, n.d.
Box II.1Folder 6
Notes on pew proprietors, 1723-1724
Box II.1Folder 7
Papers, before 1749
Box II.1Folder 8
Lists of proprietors, 1754-1785
Box II.1Folder 9
Vote of proprietors, 1759
Box II.1Folder 10
Vote of proprietors, 1768

See also: Minutes of the proprietors of pews, 1768-1812, bound with minutes of the wardens and vestry (Records of the wardens and vestry, box 1, folder 24).

Box II.1Folder 11
[Thomas] Bulfinch's minutes of doings, proprietors of pews, 1782-1787
Vol. 30
Records, 1782-1861
Box II.1Folder 12
Proprietors of pews, minutes, 1785
Box OS
N. Wheelwright's statement of the pews in Chapel, Easter, 1789
Box II.1Folder 13
Plan of pews, 1790
Box II.1Folder 14
Papers, 1794, 1795
Box II.1Folder 15
Minutes, 1797-1798
Box OS
Plan of pews, ca. 1800
Box II.1Folder 16
Minutes, 1800-1805
Box II.1Folder 17
Minutes, 1806-1810
Box OS
[Subscription for the salary of the assistant minister], 1808
Box II.1Folder 18
Minutes, 1811
Box II.1Folder 19
Papers, 1824
Box II.1Folder 20
Papers, 1840-1844
Box II.1Folder 21
Papers, 1845-1849
Box II.1Folder 22
Blank forms for legal agreements concerning pews, 1850+
Box II.1Folder 23
Papers, 1850+
Box II.1Folder 24
Pew plans, 1850+
Box II.1Folder 25
Papers, 1854
Box II.1Folder 26
Minutes, 1857
Box II.1Folder 27
Papers, 1861-1864
Vol. 25
Records, 1861-1928
Box II.1Folder 28
Papers, 1870-1874
Box II.1Folder 29
List of pew owners, 1879
Box II.1Folder 30
Schedule of pew rates, 1878
Box II.1Folder 31
Papers, 1880-1884
Box II.1Folder 32
Papers, 1885-1889
Box II.1Folder 33
Papers, 1890-1894
Box II.1Folder 34
Papers, 1895-1898
Vol. 23
Register of deeds, volume I, 1754-1807, and plan of tombs, 1798
Vol. 24
Register of deeds, volume II, 1811-1852
Vol. 46
Register of deeds, volume III, 1853-1924Located at King's Chapel.
Vol. 47
Register of deeds, volume IV, 1754-1895Located at King's Chapel.

B. Pew deeds, n.d.

Box II.2
Pew no. 2-50
Box II.3
Pew no. 51-80
Box II.4
Pew no. 81-115

III. Registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials, 1703-1931

Arranged chronologically.

This series consists of official bound registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials at King's Chapel, as well as notes on these sacraments. Chapel ministers used the Anglican liturgy for the sacraments until 1785.

Registers of baptisms generally include the name of the child, the names of the parents or sponsors, and the date of the baptism; they may also indicate the date of birth, the name of the minister conducting the service, and whether the person baptized was a child or an adult. Registers of marriages list the names of the bride and groom, the date of the ceremony, and occasionally the location of the ceremony and the name of the officiant. Registers of burials contain the name and age of the deceased, the date of the service, and may also indicate the race, occupation, and social status of the deceased (including biographical notes for socially prominent individuals); the place and cause of death; the location of the service, if other than King's Chapel; and the name of the officiating minister.

Note: The official registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials from 1895 to the present are available at the King's Chapel Parish House.

Vol. 39 (XT)
Register of baptisms, 1703-1843

The text of this volume has been published in The Colonial Records of Kings Chapel 1686-1776 (ed. James B. Bell), which is available in the MHS reference collection.

Vol. 40 (XT)
Register of burials, 1714-1843
Vol. 41 (XT)
Register of marriages, 1718-1841
Box OS
Register of marriages, 1748-1750
Vol. 38 (XT)
Register of baptisms, 1787-1895, marriages, 1788-1885, and burials, 1788-1895
Box III.1Folder 1
Marriages, baptisms, and funerals, 1826
Box III.1Folder 2
Notes on baptisms, marriages, and burials, 1880+
Box III.1Folder 3
Notes on marriages, 1884-1889
Box OS
Record of marriages, 1884-1889
Box III.1Folder 4
Register of burials, 1885-1895
Box III.1Folder 5
Typescript record of burials, 1885-1895
Box OS
Record of baptisms, 1886-1895
Box III.1Folder 6
Notes on christenings, 1886-1908
Box III.1Folder 7
Notes on the registers of Henry H. Edes, ca. 1890
Box III.1Folder 8
Notes on burials, 1892-1908
Box III.1Folder 9
Births, marriages, and deaths, 1905-1910
Box III.1Folder 10
Register of christenings, marriages, and burials, 1905-1931
Box III.1Folder 11
Plan of Mt. Auburn Cemetery, 1907
Box III.1Folder 12
Notes on burials, 1927-1931

IV. Financial records, 1719-1899

Arranged chronologically.

This series contains bills, receipts, financial estimates, contracts, subscriptions, account books, ledgers, contribution books, accounts of pew rents, sales, taxes, and checks. The records in this series document the financial activities of the wardens, vestry, proprietors of pews, committees, and all other bodies or individuals acting for the church, including the construction of the stone Chapel, building repairs, the salaries of employees, charitable contributions, and gifts from the congregation.

See also: Series I. Records of the wardens and vestry; Series II. Records of the proprietors of pews; Series V. Committee records (Finance Committee); and Series VIII. Price estate papers.

Box IV.1Folder 1
Bills and receipts, n.d.
Vol. 12 (XT)
Ledger, 1719-1858
Box IV.1Folder 2
Bills and receipts, 1724
Box IV.1Folder 3
Account book, 1727-1731
Box IV.1Folder 4
Bills and receipts, 1728
Box IV.1Folder 5
Account of moneys received and disbursements made by church wardens of King's Chapel, 1731-1737
Box IV.1Folder 6
Bills and receipts, 1733
Box IV.1Folder 7
Book for registering of pews, 1733; votes on pews at meetings of wardens and vestry and of the congregation, 1733-1743; account of contributions, 1745-1747
Box IV.1Folder 8
Bills and receipts, 1736
Box IV.1Folder 9
Bills and receipts, 1747
Box IV.1Folder 10
Contracts, 1747
Box IV.1Folder 11
Subscribers for rebuilding King's Chapel, Sep. 1747
Box IV.1Folder 12
Contribution book, 1747-1755
Vol. 22
Financial records, 1748-1757 (i.e., 1747-1759)
Box IV.1Folder 13
Sundry accounts, 1747-1766
Box IV.1Folder 14
Bills and receipts, 1748
Box IV.1Folder 15
Account book, 1748-1766; receipts, 1748-1750
Box IV.1Folder 16
Contracts, 1748
Box IV.1Folder 17
Bills and receipts, 1749
Box IV.1Folder 18
Contracts, 1749
Box IV.1Folder 19
Bills and receipts, 1750
Box IV.1Folder 20
Contracts, 1750
Box IV.1Folder 21
Bills and receipts, 1751
Box IV.1Folder 22
Contracts, 1751
Box IV.1Folder 23
Bills and receipts, 1752
Box IV.1Folder 24
Bills and receipts, 1753
Box IV.1Folder 25
Contracts, 1753
Box IV.1Folder 26
Account of mony [sic] received and distributed to the poore [sic] of King's Chapel, 1753-1757
Box IV.1Folder 27
Bills and receipts, 1754
Box IV.1Folder 28
Contracts, 1754
Box IV.1Folder 29
Pew receipts, 1754-1756
Box IV.1Folder 30
Bills and receipts, 1755
Box IV.1Folder 31
Contracts, 1755
Vol. 13
King's Chapel ledger, 1755
Vol. 32
Financial records, 1755-1758
Box IV.2Folder 1
Contribution book, 1755-1764
Box IV.2Folder 2
Bills and receipts, 1756
Box IV.2Folder 3
Bills and receipts, 1757
Box IV.2Folder 4
Contracts, 1757
Box IV.2Folder 5
Bills and receipts, 1758
Box IV.2Folder 6
Contracts, 1758
Vol. 14 (XT)
King's Chapel poor's book, 1758-1773 (i.e., 1758-1774)

Use photocopy of book in Box OS.

Box IV.2Folder 7
Subscription toward supporting the officers of the church, 1759
Box IV.2Folder 8
Memorandum contribution book, 1759-1761
Box IV.2Folder 9
Bills and receipts, 1761
Box IV.2Folder 10
Bills and receipts, 1764
Box IV.2Folder 11
Contribution book, 1764-1770
Box IV.2Folder 12
Bills and receipts, 1766
Box IV.2Folder 13
Contracts, 1767
Box IV.2Folder 14
List of the subscribers toward finishing King's Chapel, 1767-1770; credits and debits of proprietors of pews, 1768-1772
Box IV.2Folder 15
Bills and receipts, 1767-1772
Box IV.2Folder 16
Contracts, 1768
Vol. 1
King's Chapel receipt book, 1768-1790
Box IV.2Folder 17
King's Chapel contribution book, 1771-1793
Box IV.2Folder 18
Bills and receipts, 1774
Vol. 11
King's Chapel ledger, 1774-1827
Box IV.2Folder 19
Bills and receipts, 1775
Box IV.2Folder 20
Bills and receipts, 1782-1785
Vol. 28
Financial records, 1782-1787
Box IV.2Folder 21
Subscriptions, 1785
Box IV.2Folder 22
Bills and receipts, 1786-1789
Box IV.2Folder 23
Subscriptions, 1786-1789
Box IV.2Folder 24
Bills and receipts, 1790
Box IV.2Folder 25
Contracts, 1790
Box IV.2Folder 26
Bills and receipts, 1791-1795
Vol. 2
Receipt book, 1795-1811
Box IV.2Folder 27
Bills and receipts, 1798-1799
Box IV.3Folder 1
Bills, receipts, and estimates, 1800+
Box IV.3Folder 2
Bills, receipts, and estimates, 1800-1805
Box IV.3Folder 3
Bills and receipts, 1806-1810
Box OS
Subscription for the salary of the assistant minister, 1808
Box IV.3Folder 4
Bills and receipts, 1811-1814
Vol. 36
Price Fund receipt book, 1814-1828
Box IV.3Folder 5
Contracts, 1815
Box IV.3Folder 6
Bills and receipts, 1815-1816
Box IV.3Folder 7
Bills and receipts, 1817
Box IV.3Folder 8
Bills and receipts, 1818
Box IV.3Folder 9
Bills and receipts, 1819
Box IV.3Folder 10
Bills and receipts, 1820
Box IV.3Folder 11
Bills and receipts, 1821
Box IV.3Folder 12
Bills and receipts, 1822-1823
Box IV.3Folder 13
Bills and receipts, 1824
Box IV.3Folder 14
Bills and receipts, 1825
Box IV.3Folder 15
Bills and receipts, 1826
Box IV.3Folder 16
Bills and receipts, 1827-1830
Vol. 26
King's Chapel ledger, 1827-1850

See also: Reports of the treasurer and auditors of the chapel, 1828-1893 (Committee records, box 1, folders 15, 16, and 17).

Box IV.4Folder 1
Bills and receipts, 1831-1840
Box IV.4Folder 2
Bills, receipts, and estimates, 1841-1850
Box IV.4Folder 3
Subscription for Tremont Street pavement, 1842
Box IV.4Folder 4
Amount of payments to pensioners of King's Chapel, Boston, 1847-1855
Box IV.4Folder 5
King's Chapel account to F. Smith, sexton, 1848-1864
Box IV.4Folder 6
Bills and receipts, 1848-1860
Box IV.4Folder 7
King's Chapel pew tax book, 1851-1866
Box IV.4Folder 8
Subscription to the Book Fund, American Unitarian Association, ca. 1855
Box IV.4Folder 9
Account, trustees of the Price estate, 1855-1859
Box IV.4Folder 10
Contracts, 1859, 1861
Box IV.4Folder 11
Accounts, trustees of the Price estate, 1861-1864
Box IV.4Folder 12
Bills and receipts, 1861-1864
Box IV.4Folder 13
Contributions from King's Chapel, 1862-1875
Box IV.4Folder 14
Bank account record, 1863-1867
Box IV.4Folder 15
Checks and receipts, 1865
Box IV.4Folder 16
Account, trustees of the Price estate, 1865-1869
Box IV.4Folder 17
Checks and receipts, 1866
Box IV.4Folder 18
Checks and receipts, 1867-1869
Box IV.4Folder 19
Accounts, trustees of the Price estate, 1870-1874
Box IV.4Folder 20
Checks and receipts, 1870-1875, 1880
Box IV.4Folder 21
Accounts, trustees of the Price estate, 1875-1880
Box IV.4Folder 22
Account of visiting ministers, 1890-1893
Box IV.4Folder 23
Checks and receipts, 1891-1899

V. Committee records, 1748-1924

Arranged alphabetically.

This series consists of minutes of meetings, drafts of reports, notices, notes, and memoranda of committees appointed by the wardens of vestry and the proprietors of pews. Committees were assigned specific tasks and reported their findings to the body that appointed them. Records in this series document efforts by King's Chapel on behalf of the poor, as well as the construction of the stone church in the 18th century. Other committees represented in this series include the Finance Committee, the Committee on Southern Work, the Committee to Revise the Liturgy, and the Music Committee.

Note: Some of the items in this series have been removed to a legal-size document box (Box 1L).

See also: Series I. Records of the wardens and vestry; Series II. Records of the proprietors of pews; Series IV. Financial records; and Series VI. Correspondence.

Box V.1Folder 1
Charities Committee, account of the King's Chapel Fund, 1827-1842
Box V.1Folder 2
Charities Committee, 1844
Box V.1Folder 3
Charities Committee, 1861
Box V.1Folder 4
Charities Committee, 1870-1879
Box V.1Folder 5
Charities Committee, 1891-1900
Box 1LFolder 18
Committee for Rebuilding King's Chapel, 1748-1752
Box V.1Folder 6
Committee on Southern Work, receipts and disbursements, 1897-1924
Box V.1Folder 7
Committee on Southern Work, reports, 1898-1923
Box V.1Folder 8
Committee on Southern Work, accounts, 1899-1909
Box 1LFolder 19
Committee to Engage a Minister, 1808
Box V.1Folder 9
Committee to Examine the Financial and Prudential Concerns of the Church, 1826
Box V.1Folder 10
Committee to Revise the Liturgy, [1827]
Box V.1Folder 11
Committee to Revise the Liturgy, [1863]
Box V.1Folder 12
Employment Society, 1858-1863
Box V.1Folder 13
Employment Society, 1889-1900
Box V.1Folder 14
Employment Society, 1900-1923
Box V.1Folder 15
Finance Committee, reports of auditors and treasurers to the proprietors of pews, 1828-1849
Box V.1Folder 16
Finance Committee, reports of auditors and treasurers to the proprietors of pews, 1850-1869
Box 1LFolder 20
Finance Committee, 1870-1879
Box V.1Folder 17
Finance Committee, accounts of the treasurer, 1880-1893
Box V.1Folder 18
Ladies Union Circle, accounts, 1872-1873
Box V.1Folder 19
Music Committee, 1869
Box V.1Folder 20
Music Committee, 1878-1883
Box V.1Folder 21
Music Committee, 1884

VI. Correspondence, 1698-1919

Arranged chronologically.

The bulk of this series consists of business-related correspondence: letters to and from agents, church officials, ministers, members of committees, other churches, maintenance personnel, and others. The series contains some correspondence of a personal nature beginning in the second half of the 19th century, as well as larger numbers of letters during periods of transition, such as the construction of the stone Chapel, new ministerial appointments, and revisions of the liturgy. Also included in this series are a few Reconstruction-era letters from children attending schools endowed by King's Chapel, describing their ambitions and thanking the Chapel for its support. For a list of correspondents in this series, see the Index of Select Correspondents.

Note: Some of the items in this series have been removed to a legal-size document box (Box 1L).

See also: Series I. Records of the wardens and vestry.

Box 1LFolder 1
Box VI.1Folder 1
Box 1LFolder 2
Box VI.1Folder 2
Box 1LFolder 3
Box VI.1Folder 3-8
Box 1LFolder 4
Box VI.1Folder 9-10
Box 1LFolder 5
Box VI.1Folder 11
Box 1LFolder 6
Box VI.1Folder 12
Box 1LFolder 7
Box VI.1Folder 13-16
Box 1LFolder 8
Box VI.1Folder 17-18
Box 1LFolder 9
Box VI.1Folder 19-22
Box 1LFolder 10
Box VI.1Folder 23-31
Box 1LFolder 11
Box VI.1Folder 32-35
Box 1LFolder 12
Box VI.1Folder 36
Box 1LFolder 13
Box VI.1Folder 37
Box 1LFolder 14
Box VI.1Folder 38-43
Box 1LFolder 15
Box VI.1Folder 44-46
Box VI.2Folder 1
Box 1LFolder 16
Box VI.2Folder 2-24
Box VI.3Folder 1-23
Box VI.4Folder 1-20
Box 1LFolder 17
Box VI.4Folder 21-24
Box VI.5

This box is located in Carton 13 of the King's Chapel additions. To view this material, follow the link to that guide and request Carton 13. The King's Chapel additions are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance.

VII. Lectures and sermons, 1700-1895

Arranged chronologically.

This series consists of sermons, lectures, prayers, charges, lessons, epistles, announcements, transcripts of funeral services, installations of ministers, and all other records of words spoken at King's Chapel. The series contains both published and manuscript sermons, often delivered on more than one occasion and at more than one location. Chapel ministers used the Anglican liturgy until 1785, and many of the sermons had loyalist themes. In addition to Sunday services, the minister often delivered sermons on special occasions such as the birthday, death, coronation, or inauguration of a national leader; declarations of war or peace; national holidays; spiritual holidays; anniversaries; and occasions marking the lives and passing of members of the congregation.

See also: Series III. Registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials; Series IV. Financial records; Series V. Committee records (Committee to Revise the Liturgy); and Series IX. Ephraim Peabody papers.

Box VII.1Folder 1
Andrew Peabody, "512. Romans VIII, 31: If God be for us, who Can be Against Us?" n.p., n.d.


Box VII.1Folder 2
Joseph Haynes, A Discourse, etc., [on truth], n.p., n.d.

Printed fragment of sermon.

Box VII.1Folder 3
Requests for prayers of the congregation, 1700+
Box VII.1Folder 4
Benjamin Wadsworth, Ministers Naturally Caring for Souls: A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Bridge, a pastor of the First Church of Christ in Boston... (Boston: B. Green), 1715
Box VII.1Folder 5
Henry Caner, Joyfulness and Consideration; or, the Duties of Prosperity and Adversity: A Sermon Preached at King's Chapel, in Boston, before His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq.; Captain-General and Governor in Chief, The Honorable His Majesty's Council and House of Representatives, Of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England, January 1, 1761. Upon occasion of the Death of our late most gracious Sovereign King George the Second (Boston, New-England: Green & Russell and Edes & Gill), [1761]
Box VII.1Folder 6
East Apthorp, The Constitution of a Christian Church...Sermon at the Opening of Christ-Church in Cambridge on Thursday, October 15, 1761 (Boston: Green and Russell), 1761
Box VII.1Folder 7
Samuel Langdon, The Duty and Honor of a Minister of Christ: A Sermon Preached at Windham, near Casco-Bay, at the Ordination of the Reverend Mr. Peter Thacher Smith, to the Work of the Gospel Ministry, and the Pastoral Care of the Church there, September 22, 1762 (Portsmouth, in New-Hampshire: Printed and sold by Daniel Fowle), 1763
Box VII.1Folder 8
Henry Caner, The Great Blessing of Stable Times, Together with the Means of Procuring It. A sermon Preached at King's Chapel in Boston, August 11, 1763. Being a Day of Thanksgiving appointed by Public Authority on Occasion of the General Peace (Boston: Thomas and John Fleet), 1763
Box VII.1Folder 9
James Bowdoin, A Philosophical Discourse, Addressed to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, in the Presence of a Respectable Audience, assembled at the Meeting-House in Brattle-Street in Boston on the 8th of November, 1780, after the Inauguration of the President into Office (Boston: Benjamin Edes), 1780
Box VII.1Folder 10
Christopher Gore, request for prayers for the parents of Mrs. Gore, 9 Mar. 1788


Box VII.1Folder 12
"P.M. at Hampton--September 2, 1792," [sermon preached on the text 22 Matthew 11, 12, 13: "And when the King came in to see the Guests, he saw a Man which had not on a Wedding Garment..."], [1792]


Box VII.1Folder 13
[King's Chapel format for] "Service at the Grave," ca. 1800


Box VII.1Folder 14
James Miltimore, A Sermon, Preached in Gorham, November 16, 1803 at the Ordination of the Rev. Jeremiah Noyes, to the Pastoral Office in that Town (Portland: Printed by Jenks and Shirlet), 1804
Box VII.1Folder 15
Samuel Cary, A Sermon Delivered at King's Chapel, Boston, January 1, 1809, Being the Sabbath of the Author's Ordination, as one of the Ministers of that Society (Boston: Printed by J. Belcher, State Street), 1809
Box VII.1Folder 16
James Freeman, A Discourse on the Russian Victories, Given in King's Chapel, March 25, 1813...and a Catalogue of the Library given by King William III to King's Chapel in 1698 with Introductory Remarks by Henry Wilder Foote (Cambridge: John Wilson & Son, University Press), 1881
Box VII.1Folder 17
Samuel Cary, A Sermon Preached at King's Chapel, Boston, September 9, 1813, the day of the National Fast (Boston: Isaiah Thomas), June 1813
Box VII.1Folder 18
William E. Channing, A Sermon on War: Delivered before the Convention of Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts, May 30, 1816 and Published at the Request of the Officers of the Peace Society of Massachusetts (Boston: Wells and Lilly), 1816
Box VII.1Folder 19
[Francis William Pitt Greenwood], "Dwelling in the House of the Lord: Preached after Sickness," King's Chapel, 23 Feb. 1834


Box VII.1Folder 20
[James Freeman], "A Prayer for a Person Bound to Sea," n.d., [before 1835]


Box VII.1Folder 21
Francis William Pitt Greenwood, A Sermon Preached in King's Chapel, November 22, 1835, the Sunday after the Funeral of the Rev. James Freeman, D.D. (Boston: Printed for Russell, Shattuck and Williams), 1835
Box VII.1Folder 22
[Francis William Pitt Greenwood], "3. Public Worship," King's Chapel, 6 Jan. 1839


Box VII.1Folder 23
Francis William Pitt Greenwood, A Good Old Age: A Sermon Preached at King's Chapel, Sunday, March 7, 1841, on the Death of Joseph May, Esq., Aged LXXXI Years (Boston: Printed by S.N. Dickinson), 1841
Box VII.1Folder 24
"Order of proceeding for the induction of the Reverend Ephraim Peabody into the Office of Minister of King's Chapel," King's Chapel, 11 Jan. 1846


Box VII.1Folder 25
Francis Parkman, A Sermon Delivered in the New North Church in Boston, Jan. XXVIII. 1849, on Resigning his Pastoral Charge (Boston: Printed by John Wilson), 1849
Box VII.1Folder 26
Theodore Parker, A Sermon of the Moral Condition of Boston, Preached at the Melodeon, on Sunday, Feb. 11, 1849 (Boston: Crosby and Nichols), 1849
Box VII.1Folder 27
[Ephraim Peabody], "Remembrance of the Departed," [King's Chapel?], Sep. 1849


Box VII.1Folder 28
[Ephraim Peabody], "Jeremiah 45:5. And Seekest Thou Great Things for Thyself? Seek them Not," [King's Chapel?], 3 Apr. 1853


Box VII.1Folder 29
Ephraim Peabody. "II Timothy 4:7. 8, I have fought a good fight," [King's Chapel?], 8 Jan. 1854


Box VII.1Folder 30
[Ephraim Peabody], "Fidelity in Loneliness," [King's Chapel?], 9 Apr. 1854


Box VII.1Folder 31
Arthur B. Fuller, An Historical Discourse, Delivered in the New North Church, October 1, 1854 (Boston: Crosby, Nichols and Company), 1854
Box VII.1Folder 32
Cyrus A. Bartol, Dying with our Friends: A Sermon on the Character of Rev. Ephraim Peabody Delivered in the West Church, Boston, December 7, 1856 (Boston: Office of the Quarterly Journal), 1857
Box VII.1Folder 33
J[ohn] H. Morison, "Sermon Preached December 7, 1856: John XVI:16: A Little While and ye shall not see me & again a little while, & ye shall see me; because I go to the Father," n.p., [1856]


Box VII.1Folder 34
George Putnam, A Sermon Preached in King's Chapel, Boston, December 7, 1856, being the Sunday next following the Burial of Rev. Ephraim Peabody (Boston: Eastburn's Press), 1856
Box VII.1Folder 35
John Weiss, A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of Ephraim Peabody...Preached before the First Congregational Society, New Bedford, December 7, 1856 (New Bedford: Mercury Job Press), 1856
Box VII.1Folder 36
Chandler Robbins, Character of Ephraim Peabody (Cambridge: Metcalf and Company), 1857
Box VII.1Folder 37
J[ohn] H. Morison, "A Memorial of Rev. Ephraim Peabody" (Boston: Crosby, Nichols and Company [from the Christian Examiner for March 1857]), 1857
Box VII.1Folder 38
[Henry Wilder Foote], "Colossians I:7," n.p., 186?


Box VII.1Folder 39
James Walker, The Spirit Proper to the Times: A Sermon Preached at King's Chapel, Sunday, May 12, 1861 (Boston: George C. Rand & Avery), 1861
Box VII.1Folder 40
[James?] Walker, [sermon and prayers delivered at the installation of Henry Wilder Foote at King's Chapel], [Dec. 1861]


Box VII.2Folder 41
[Order of service for the installation of Henry Wilder Foote], [King's Chapel], [22 Dec. 1861]


Box VII.2Folder 42
"Selections read at the Funeral of Lieutenant James A. Perkins; Additions for Mr. Stevenson's Funeral," [King's Chapel], 16 May 1863


Box VII.2Folder 43
[Henry Wilder Foote], "LXVI: Reopening the Church. Sept. 1863. Pleasures and sorrows, a part of the light and truth wh. are to guide us to the holy hill of God...", 6 Sep. 1863


Box VII.2Folder 44
[Henry Wilder Foote], "LXVII: At raising the widow's son of Nain: Luke VII:14, 15," King's Chapel, 13 Sep. 1863


Box VII.2Folder 45
[Henry Wilder Foote], "LXXXII: Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus: Colossians III:17," King's Chapel, 7 Feb. 1864


Box VII.2Folder 46
[Henry Wilder Foote], "LXXXVII: The Church a Charitable Organization --Zaccheus," King's Chapel, 20 Mar. 1864


Box VII.2Folder 47
[Henry Wilder Foote], "XCVII: The Value of Ordinances: 'And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord,' Isaiah LIV:13," King's Chapel, 20 Nov. 1864


Box VII.2Folder 48
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CVIII: The good things of the year, Thanksgiving. 'Thou shalt rejoice in every good thing which the Lord thy God hath given thee,' Deuteronomy XXVI:11," King's Chapel, 24 Nov. 1864


Box VII.2Folder 49
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CXII: The Preparation by John the Baptist; 'And this is the record of John, etc.,' John I:19, 23," King's Chapel, 18 Dec. 1864


Box VII.2Folder 50
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CXI: Jesus by the well of Jacob... John IV:6, 7," King's Chapel, 15 Jan. 1865


Box VII.2Folder 51
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CXIX: Our imperfect discipleship of Christ. 'But Peter followed him afar off,' Matthew XXXVI:58," King's Chapel, 5 Feb. 1865


Box VII.2Folder 52
[Henry Wilder Foote?], "Old Testament Lesson at King's Chapel," King's Chapel, 10 Apr. 1865


Box VII.2Folder 53
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CXXXVII: Temptation no cause for our yielding to it. 'But with many of them God was not well pleased; for they were overthrown in the wilderness,' I Corinthians X:5," King's Chapel, 5 Nov. 1865


Box VII.2Folder 54
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CXXXV: Humility. 'If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet...' John XIII:14, 15," King's Chapel, 26 Nov. 1865


Box VII.2Folder 55
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CXL: National Thanksgiving: The Inward Fruits of the Years of Trial. 1865. 'Break forth into joy, sing together, ye waste places of Jerusalem, etc.,' Isaiah LII:9," King's Chapel, 7 Dec. 1865


Box VII.2Folder 56
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CXLII: Hospitality: 'Use Hospitality one to another without grudging,' I Peter IV:9," King's Chapel, 24 Dec. 1865


Box VII.2Folder 57
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CLXI: Perseverance: 'But that on the good ground, etc...having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience,' Luke VIII:15," King's Chapel, 16 Sep. 1866


Box VII.2Folder 58
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CLXX: Work and duty of minister and congregation. 'For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake,' II Corinthians IV:5," King's Chapel, 23 Dec. 1866


Box VII.2Folder 59
Andrew P. Peabody, The Power of the Resurrection: A Sermon Preached at King's Chapel, on Easter Sunday, April 21, 1867, on the dedication of a monument in memory of the young men of the parish who fell during the recent war (Boston: J.H. Eastburn's Press), 1867
Box VII.2Folder 60
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CLXXXI: Christmas, 1867. 'And a little child shall lead them,' Isaiah XI:6," King's Chapel, 25 Dec. 1867


Box VII.2Folder 61
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CXCI: Lessons of the Great Exhibition. 'For the spirit of the living creature was within the wheels,' Ezekiel I:20," King's Chapel, 23 Feb. 1868


Box VII.2Folder 62
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CXCIX: 'Thy Statutes have been my song in the House of My Pilgrimage,' Psalms CX IX 54," King's Chapel, 3 Jan. 1869


Box VII.2Folder 63
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CCXXVIII: Thanksgiving--1869. 'Your Fathers, where are they? And the prophets, do they live for ever?' Zechariah I:5," King's Chapel, Nov. 1869


Box VII.2Folder 64
[Henry Wilder Foote], "Psalm CIV:24: 'O Lord, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all," n.p., 187?


Box VII.2Folder 65
[Henry Wilder Foote], "Soldiers' Memorial, 1870. 'Men and Brethren let me freely speak to you of...David, that he is both dead and buried, and his sepulcher is with us into this day,' Acts II:29," King's Chapel, 29 May 1870


Box VII.2Folder 66
Henry Wilder Foote, excerpt from a sermon preached on the 10th anniversary of his ministry at King's Chapel, 1871


Box VII.2Folder 67
Henry Wilder Foote, The Ideal and the Real, in a Christian Church: A Discourse at the end of Ten Years' Ministry; Sunday, December 24, 1871 (Boston: Barker, Cotter & Co.), 1872
Box VII.2Folder 68
Henry Wilder Foote, Personal Responsibility for Public Honesty: A Sermon Preached at King's Chapel, on Sunday, March 2, 1873 (Boston: Alfred Mudge & Son), 1873
Box VII.2Folder 69
Francis William Pitt Greenwood, "Prayer read by Dr. Greenwood at the funeral of Dr. Freeman, -- altered for funeral of Hon. William Minot - June 1873," [1873]


Box VII.2Folder 70
Henry Burroughs, A Historical Account of Christ Church, Boston: An Address, delivered on the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Opening of the Church, December 29th, 1873, By the Rector, the Rev. Henry Burroughs (Boston: A. Williams & Co.), 1874
Box VII.2Folder 71
"Price Lectures in King's Chapel," 1874

Manuscript list of lecturers, dates, and titles of lectures.

Box VII.2Folder 72
[Henry Wilder Foote], "XIII. The Church Universal. 'There is one body and one Spirit, etc.,' Ephesians IV:4," King's Chapel, 15 Feb. 1874


Box VII.2Folder 73
[Henry Wilder Foote], "XV. Christian Nurture. 'When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, etc.,' II Timothy I:5," King's Chapel, 1 Mar. 1874


Box VII.2Folder 74
[Henry Wilder Foote], "XXIV. Address on a Memorial Day. King's Chapel," 30 May 1874


Box VII.2Folder 75
Henry Wilder Foote, The Wisdom from Above: Sermon Preached at King's Chapel, Sunday, January 3, 1875, occasioned by the Death of Rev. James Walker, D.D., LL.D., Late President of Harvard University (Boston: Alfred Mudge & Son), 1875
Box VII.2Folder 76
James Freeman Clarke, "Oration Delivered Before the City Government and Citizens of Boston, in Music Hall, July 5, 1875," Boston Daily [Advertiser?], 7 July 1875
Box VII.2Folder 77
[Henry Wilder Foote], "CXL." [Memorial day sermon, n.p.], [3 June 1877]


Box VII.2Folder 78
[Sermons on: Matthew VI:6, 28 Oct. 1877; Matthew XIX:21, 4 Nov. 1877; Matthew XXV:40, 8 Nov. 1877; and John VI:60, 25 Nov. 1877, all delivered in Brookline]

Manuscript in bound notebook.

Box VII.2Folder 79
Daniel L. Furber, Religion and Education in a Republic: A Sermon Delivered at the Annual Election, Massachusetts, In King's Chapel, Wednesday, January 5, 1881 (Boston: Rand, Avery & Co.), 1881
Box VII.2Folder 80
[Henry Wilder Foote], "Exodus XII:14. 'And this day shall I be unto you for a memorial.' Delivered at King's Chapel May 29, 1881 before Post 15 (J.A. Andrew) of the Grand Army J of the Republic," [1881]


Box VII.2Folder 81
Henry Wilder Foote and James Freeman Clarke, The Centenary of the King's Chapel Liturgy: Discourse by...given in King's Chapel, Sunday, April 12, 1885 (Boston: George H. Ellis), 1885
Box VII.2Folder 82
[Henry Wilder Foote], "DXXXIII. Quarter Millennium of Harvard College. 'The Fruit of the Righteous is a Tree of Life,' Proverbs XI:30," King's Chapel, 7 Nov. 1886


Box VII.2Folder 83
[List of ministers delivering sermons, 1889-1895, and list of ministers ordained, 1899]


Box VII.2Folder 84
James Freeman Clarke, Unitarian Belief. II. What do Unitarians believe about God? (Boston: George H. Ellis), 1890
Box VII.2Folder 85
Andrew Preston Peabody, A Book of Remembrance: A Sermon (Boston: George H. Ellis), 1893
Box VII.2Folder 86
John Carroll Perkins, "A. P. Peabody," Portland, Me., 12 Mar. 1893


Box VII.2Folder 87
[Words spoken at the installation of the Rev. Howard Nicholson Brown], [10 Nov. 1895]


VIII. Price estate papers, 1736-1864

Arranged chronologically.

This series contains records related to the Price estate litigation, including indentures, wills, testimonies, and notes about members of the congregation in 1776 and 1787 taken by Joseph May. For an explanation of the history of the Price estate, see the Historical Sketches above.

Box VIII.1Folder 1
Indentures, 1736
Box VIII.1Folder 2
Inventories of documents pertaining to Price estate litigation, 1764-1828
Box VIII.1Folder 3
King's Chapel bond to William Price, 31 May 1770, and bond to Sarah Price, 21 July 1771
Box OS
Will of William Price, 1771
Box VIII.1Folder 4
Will of William Price, probated, 24 May 1771
Box VIII.1Folder 5
John Haskins' reasons for dissenting from the proposed alterations in the liturgy of the church, 2 Apr. 1785
Box VIII.1Folder 6
Summons to King's Chapel proprietors, 6 Dec. 1786
Box VIII.1Folder 7
Sarah Creese and Margaret Creese vs. King's Chapel, 1787
Box VIII.1Folder 8
Minutes from the will of Sarah Creese, 1806
Vol. 29
Records of the trustees of William Price's will, 1807-1829
Box VIII.1Folder 9
Notice to William Pelham, 26 Apr. 1809
Box VIII.1Folder 10
Will of William Price (copy), will of Sarah Price (copy), and other extracted materials; notebook, 10 May 1809
Box VIII.1Folder 11
Indentures, 1813
Box VIII.1Folder 12
Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, writ of seizen and possession against William Pelham, 6 Apr. 1813
Box VIII.1Folder 13
Opinion of the duties required of the officers of King's Chapel under the will of William Price by John Lowell, 10 June 1813
Box VIII.1Folder 14
William Sullivan's notes on the Price lectures, 8 Apr. 1817
Box VIII.1Folder 15
Notes by Joseph May, ca. 1820
Box VIII.1Folder 16
Lists of refugees, those opposed to the ordination of Mr. Freeman, proprietors of pews, and witnesses at the King's Chapel vs. William Pelham trial, ca. 1820-1828
Box VIII.1Folder 17
Indenture, 1821
Box VIII.1Folder 18
G.L. Gilin's notes taken from King's Chapel records and records of other churches, needed for litigation, 1695-1821
Box VIII.1Folder 19
Questions posed to Joseph May re: King's Chapel, ca. 1821
Box VIII.1Folder 20
Deposition and testimony of Joseph May, 21 Oct. 1821
Box VIII.1Folder 21
David Sears respecting Price estate, 1822
Box VIII.1Folder 22
Papers, 1824
Box VIII.1Folder 23
Trinity Church vs. Jonathan Stoddard, et al., 7 Nov. 1825
Box VIII.1Folder 24
Joseph May testimony on Price estate controversy, 21 Oct. 1826
Box VIII.1Folder 25
Deposition of Joseph Foster, June 1826
Box OS
Indenture between Trinity Church and King's Chapel (2 copies), 21 Nov. 1828
Box VIII.1Folder 26
Minutes of court testimony, ca. 1828
Box VIII.1Folder 27
Trinity Church vs. Jonathan Stoddard and Benjamin C. Forbisher, writ of entry sur disseizin in quibus, 1 Nov. 1828
Box VIII.1Folder 28
Indenture between Trinity Church and King's Chapel resolving the Price Fund controversies, 21 Nov. 1828
Box VIII.1Folder 29
Papers regarding the use of the Price Fund, ca. 1860
Box VIII.1Folder 30
Trinity Church vs. Attorney General, Supreme Judicial Court, 1860+
Box VIII.1Folder 31
Report of the diocesan committee on the subject of the will of William Price, 1861
Box VIII.1Folder 32
Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff, summons to the rector and church wardens of Trinity Church, 4 Apr. 1862
Box VIII.1Folder 33
Attorney General vs. Trinity Church, et al., Supreme Judicial Court, Sep. 1862
Box VIII.1Folder 34
Attorney General vs. Trinity Church, et al., Supreme Judicial Court, statement of facts, 17 Feb. 1864

IX. Ephraim Peabody papers, 1816-1873

Arranged chronologically.

The bulk of this series consists of the correspondence of Ephraim Peabody with his wife, Mary Jane Derby Peabody. The series also contains letters received from Rhoda Peabody, Dorcas Peabody, Cyrus Bartol, Frederick Dan Huntington, and others, as well as letters of condolence to Mary Jane Derby Peabody on the death of her husband, a few lectures and prayers, and several poems. For a list of correspondents in this series, see the Index of Select Correspondents. For a timeline of the life of Ephraim Peabody, see the Historical Sketches above.

See also: Series VI. Correspondence; and Series VII. Lectures and sermons.

Box IX.1Folder 1-4
Correspondence, n.d.
Box IX.1Folder 5
Essay on the childhood of Ephraim Peabody, n.d.
Box IX.1Folder 6
Fragments, n.d.
Box IX.1Folder 7
New Bedford covenant, n.d.
Box IX.1Folder 8
Poetry, n.d.
Box IX.1Folder 9
Ephraim Peabody's poems to his wife, n.d.

See also: Box OS.

Box IX.1Folder 10
Robert Swain Peabody, "In a Colonial Church," n.d.
Box IX.1Folder 11
Correspondence, 1816
Box IX.1Folder 12
Correspondence, 1818
Box IX.1Folder 13
Correspondence, 1819
Box IX.1Folder 14
Correspondence, 1820
Box IX.1Folder 15
Correspondence, 1821
Box IX.1Folder 16
Correspondence, 1822
Box IX.1Folder 17
Correspondence, 1824
Box IX.1Folder 18
Correspondence (extracts), 1824-1832
Box IX.1Folder 19
Correspondence, 1826
Box IX.1Folder 20
Correspondence, 1828
Box IX.1Folder 21
Correspondence, 1829
Box IX.1Folder 22
Correspondence, 1830
Box IX.1Folder 23
Correspondence, 1831
Box IX.1Folder 24
Correspondence, 1832
Box OS
Papers, 1832-1856
Box IX.1Folder 25
Correspondence, 1833
Box IX.1Folder 26
Correspondence, 1835
Box IX.1Folder 27
Ephraim Peabody, "New England Emigration Westward," delivered before Phi Beta Kappa, 27 Sep. 1835
Box IX.1Folder 28
Ephraim Peabody's poems to his wife, 1835-1851
Box IX.1Folder 29
Correspondence, 1836
Box IX.1Folder 30
Correspondence, 1837
Box IX.1Folder 31
Correspondence, 1838
Box IX.1Folder 32
Correspondence, 1839
Box IX.1Folder 33
Correspondence, 1840
Box IX.1Folder 34
Correspondence, 1841
Box IX.1Folder 35
Correspondence, 1842
Box IX.1Folder 36
Correspondence, 1843
Box IX.1Folder 37
Correspondence, Feb. 1843
Box IX.1Folder 38
Correspondence, Mar.-May 1843
Box IX.1Folder 39
Minutes of a meeting of the First Congregational Society of New Bedford, 4 Mar. 1843
Box IX.1Folder 40
Minutes of a meeting of the First Unitarian Society [New Bedford?], 5 Mar. 1843
Box IX.1Folder 41
Correspondence, Aug. 1843
Box IX.1Folder 42
Ephraim Peabody, "Matthew 17:16: Sermon preached at New Bedford," 23 June 1844
Box IX.1Folder 43
Correspondence, 1845
Box IX.1Folder 44
Correspondence, Jan.-May 1845
Box IX.2Folder 45
Correspondence, Aug.-15 Oct. 1845
Box IX.2Folder 46
Correspondence, 16-31 Oct. 1845
Box IX.2Folder 47
Correspondence, 1-10 Nov. 1845
Box IX.2Folder 48
Minutes of a meeting of the proprietors of the Hollis Street Society, 4 Nov. 1845
Box IX.2Folder 49
Correspondence, 11-20 Nov. 1845
Box IX.2Folder 50
Correspondence, 21-30 Nov. 1845
Box IX.2Folder 51
Minutes of a meeting of the First Congregational Society of New Bedford, 24 Nov. 1845
Box IX.2Folder 52
Correspondence, Dec. 1845
Box IX.2Folder 53
Lease of house from Ebenezer Francis to Ephraim Peabody, 15 Dec. 1845
Box IX.2Folder 54
Correspondence, 1846
Box IX.2Folder 55
Order of proceedings, installation of Ephraim Peabody as minister, King's Chapel, 11 Jan. 1846
Box IX.2Folder 56
Correspondence, 1847
Box IX.2Folder 57
Correspondence, 1848
Box IX.2Folder 58
Certificate of honorary doctorate conferred upon Ephraim Peabody by Bowdoin College, 6 Sep. 1848
Box IX.2Folder 59
Correspondence, 1849
Box IX.2Folder 60
Correspondence, 1850
Box IX.2Folder 61
Ephraim Peabody, "The Religious Culture of the Young" (Boston: William Crosby and H.P. Nichols), 1850
Box IX.2Folder 62
Papers, 1851
Box IX.2Folder 63
Correspondence, 1852
Box IX.2Folder 64
Correspondence, 1853
Box IX.2Folder 65
Correspondence, 1854
Box IX.2Folder 66
Prayer for Anthony Burns, 28 May 1854
Box IX.2Folder 67
Correspondence, 1855
Box IX.2Folder 68
Correspondence, Jan.-Apr. 1856
Box IX.2Folder 69
Correspondence, May-Oct. 1856
Box IX.2Folder 70
Correspondence, Nov.-11 Dec. 1856
Box IX.2Folder 71
Correspondence, 11-31 Dec. 1856
Box IX.2Folder 72
Obituary of Ephraim Peabody, New Bedford, 1856
Box IX.2Folder 73
Will of Ephraim Peabody, 10 Nov. 1856
Box IX.2Folder 74
Resolution of the Boston Provident Association on the death of Mr. Peabody, 1856
Box IX.2Folder 75
Correspondence, 1856+
Box IX.2Folder 76
Correspondence, Jan. 1857
Box IX.2Folder 77
Correspondence, Feb.-Dec. 1857
Box IX.2Folder 78
Appraisal of Mr. Peabody's books, ca. 1857
Box IX.2Folder 79
Correspondence, 1859-1865
Box IX.2Folder 80
Bills, 1867-1868
Box IX.2Folder 81
Correspondence, 1869, 1873

X. Miscellaneous collections, 1715-1942

Arranged chronologically.

This series consists of wills (except that of William Price), broadsides, papers concerning trusts and bequests, James Freeman's visit books, unidentified lists and notes, and other miscellaneous items. Significant items include a volume of epitaphs from King's Chapel Burial Ground, a box of choir and organ music, and five Books of Common Prayer, 1715-1828.

See also: William Price's will (Price estate papers).

Box OS
Catalog of the King's library, n.d.
Box X.1Folder 1
Notes from the records of King's Chapel, n.d.
Box X.1Folder 2
Notes on religious services, n.d.
Vol. 42 (XT)
Book of Common Prayer, 1715
Box X.1Folder 3
Architectural plan of King's Chapel windows, ca. 1749
Box X.1Folder 4
Last will and testament of Johanna Brooker of Boston, 1759
Box X.1Folder 5
List of owners of tombs under King's Chapel, ca. 1760
Vol. 43 (XT)
Book of Common Prayer, 1768
Vol. 48
Book of Common Prayer, inscribed to Rev. Sydney B. Snow from Alfred T. White, 1774
Vol. 49
Book of Common Prayer, inscribed to Nathaniel Coffin, 1785
Box X.1Folder 6
Protest of Episcopalian ministers against King's Chapel, 1787
Box X.1Folder 7
James Freeman's record book of visits paid and received, 1799
Box OS
Commissioners upon insolvent estates, broadside, 1800+
Box X.1Folder 8
Catalog of books in the theological library in the town of Boston, 1808
Box X.1Folder 9
Liturgies collected: comparison of English, Protestant English (1789), and King's Chapel (1785 and 1811) liturgies, ca. 1811
Box X.1Folder 10-11
James Freeman's record books of visits paid and received, 1810, 1811-1812, 1812-1813, 1814James Freeman's record book of visits paid and received, 1814, located at King's Chapel.
Box OS
Exemplification of the will of Reverend Roger Price, 1821
Vol. 35
Book of Common Prayer, 1828
Box OS
Plan and evaluation of pews in the Trinity Church, Boston, to be sold at public auction on Thursday, 12 Nov. 1829
Box X.1Folder 12
Salaries of ministers in Boston, 1835
Box X.1Folder 13
Directory of King's Chapel and subscriptions by the ladies of King's Chapel for Nancy Herrick, 1842
Box X.1Folder 14
Drawing of dimension of King's Chapel, ca. 1850
Box X.1Folder 15
Translation of epitaph on Winthrop family tomb, ca. 1850
Box X.1Folder 16
Tombs under King's Chapel, drawings and notes, ca. 1875
Box X.1Folder 17
Boston, Department for the Survey and Inspection of Buildings, notice of laws and regulations, 1876
Box X.1Folder 18
Attendance records, 1877
Box X.1Folder 19
King's Chapel Burial Ground, dispute with city of Boston, 1879
Box X.1Folder 20
Specifications for building an organ, Hook and Hastings, 1884
Box X.1Folder 21
List of former parishioners and children of the church, 1886
Vol. 45
Epitaphs from King's Chapel Burial Ground in Boston, Mass., transcribed by Arthur Bruce Coburn, L.L.B., 1887
Box X.1Folder 22
Record book of Arthur Theodore Lyman, senior warden, 1889
Box X.1Folder 23
History of King's Chapel Burial Ground (verso); edited gallery proofs of a section of the Annals with manuscript annotations by Henry Wilder Foote (recto), 1890+
Box X.1Folder 24
Notes on liturgy, 1890+
Box X.1Folder 25
John Carroll Perkins' daily journal of services, 1893-1910
Box X.1Folder 26
Trustees of the Mrs. Arthur T. Lyman Fund, minutes, 1894-1942
Box X.1Folder 27
Parish list, 1896
Box X.2
Choir part books, 1849-ca. 1863

Nine manuscript volumes and two folders containing music for the various parts of the choir and organ (1 volume) of King's Chapel.

Index of Select Correspondents

Listed below are the names of correspondents in Series VI (Correspondence) and Series IX (Ephraim Peabody papers), as well as the boxes and folders in those series where the correspondence with each individual can be found. Letters transcribed into the record books of the wardens and vestry have not been indexed.

Name of Correspondent Location(s)
Abbot, Abigail Box IX.1, Folder 11, 14, 16
Abbot, Frances E. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Adams, Charles Frederick Box VI.3, Folder 8
Allen, Joseph Henry Box VI.3, Folder 3, 7, 8
Allen, L. W. Box VI.5, Folder 2
Allen, Ralph Box VI.1, Folder 10, 11
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Box IX.2, Folder 64
American Antiquarian Society Box VI.1, Folder 34, 35
American Unitarian Association Box VI.3, Folder 15
Amory, William Box VI.3, Folder 9, 11, 21; Box VI.4, Folder 12
Amory, William, Jr. Box VI.3, Folder 10
Andrew, John A. Box VI.3, Folder 15
Anonymous Box 1L, Folder 14
Anti-Slavery Society Box VI.2, Folder 10
Antram, William Box VI.1, Folder 8
Appleton, Elizabeth Box IX.1, Folder 38
Appleton, Hattie Box IX.1, Folder 1
Appleton, Mary Box IX.2, Folder 68
Appleton, Samuel Box VI.2, Folder 14; Box IX.2, Folder 54, 60, 66
Appleton, Samuel (Estate) Box VI.3, Folder 2
Appleton, W. Box VI.3, Folder 2
Appleton, William Box VI.3, Folder 2
Apthorp, Charles Box VI.1, Folder 8, 9, 13; Box 1L, Folder 4
Apthorp, John Trecothick Box VI.1, Folder 45
Archer, Jonathan Box VI.1, Folder 41
Armington, Asa Watson Box VI.3, Folder 8
Associated Charities of Boston Box VI.5, Folder 5
Babson, Robert T. Box VI.5, Folder 11
Bacon, Francis Box VI.2, Folder 20
Bacon, William B. Box VI.3, Folder 10
Baily, L. Box IX.1, Folder 20; Box IX.2, Folder 56
Baker, L. C. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Baker, S. M. Box IX.1, Folder 3
Baker, W. H.? Box VI.5, Folder 4, 10
Ball, Thomas Box VI.4, Folder 16, 17
Bangs, William Augustus Box VI.3, Folder 20
Barlow, Joel Box VI.1, Folder 20
Barnard, Charles F. Box VI.2, Folder 20
Barnard, C. F. Box VI.3, Folder 5
Barnette, Fannie E. Box VI.4, Folder 24
Barrell, Charles Box VI.1, Folder 30
Bartlett, George Box VI.3, Folder 12
Bartlett, Mary F. Box VI.4, Folder 21, 22; Box VI.5, Folder 9, 11, 15, 17
Bartlett, Matthew Box VI.4, Folder 5
Bartlett, Thomas Box VI.2, Folder 19
Bartol, Cyrus A. Box IX.1, Folder 2, 32, 33, 34, 37, 41, 44; Box IX.2, Folder 46, 47, 50, 52, 64, 67, 68, 78
Barton, Edmund M. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Bates, Miss G. H. Box VI.4, Folder 21
Batt, William J. Box VI.5, Folder 21
Bayley, R. W. Box VI.2, Folder 16
Bayley, Thomas Box 1L, Folder 10
Bazeley, William Alliston Ley Box VI.5, Folder 10
Bazin, Eliza Seaver Box VI.3, Folder 6
Bazin, Joanna Buckley Box VI.3, Folder 6
Bazin, Judith Box VI.3, Folder 6
Bazin, Louisa Box VI.3, Folder 6
Bazin, Mary Box VI.3, Folder 6
Beals, Walter B. Box VI.4, Folder 22
Beecher, Catharine E. Box IX.2, Folder 62
Belknap, Jeremiah Box 1L, Folder 4
Belknap, Mrs. John Box VI.3, Folder 20
Bell, G. K. A. Box VI.5, Folder 21
Bellows, Robert P. Box VI.5, Folder 21
Beman, Jehiel C. Box VI.2, Folder 16
Bennett, Anna M. (Mrs. Theodore W. Bennett) Box VI.5, Folder 9
Benson, Henry E. Box VI.2, Folder 10
Bigelow, Francis H. Box VI.5, Folder 11
Bigelow, George Tyler Box VI.3, Folder 7, 9
Bigelow, John Box VI.3, Folder 8
Bigelow, Kennard and Company Box VI.3, Folder 20
Bigelow, Mary A. Box IX.1, Folder 3; Box IX.2, Folder 63
Billings, Hammett Box VI.3, Folder 6
Blake, Edward Box VI.3, Folder 9
Blake, George Baty Box VI.3, Folder 23; Box VI.4, Folder 5; Box IX.2, Folder 67
Blake, Jonathan Box IX.2, Folder 68
Blake, J. A. Lowell Box VI.5, Folder 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
Blake, William P. Box VI.5, Folder 15, 16
Boardman, Charles H. Box VI.3, Folder 22
Bolton, Charles K. Box VI.5, Folder 8
Bond, Louisa C.? Box VI.3, Folder 18
Boott, Kirk Box 1L, Folder 12
Boston, Board of Alderman Box VI.3, Folder 6
Boston, Building Department Box VI.5, Folder 12
Boston, Cemetery Department Box VI.5, Folder 12, 13
Boston, City Registrar Box VI.3, Folder 7, 8
Boston, Committee on Cemeteries Box VI.3, Folder 7
Boston, Commission on the Treatment of the City Poor Box VI.4, Folder 2, 4
Boston Episcopal Charitable Society Box VI.3, Folder 22
Boston, Firewards Box VI.1, Folder 38, 41
Boston, Office of the Board of Fire Commissioners Box VI.4, Folder 6
Boston, Office of the Board of Health Box VI.4, Folder 1, 3
Boston Transit Commission Box VI.4, Folder 21
Bostonian Society Box VI.4, Folder 12
Bowditch, Alfred Box VI.5, Folder 17
Bowditch, Jonathan Ingersoll Box VI.2, Folder 22; Box VI.3, Folder 2; Box IX.2, Folder 49, 52
Bowman, George Ernest Box VI.5, Folder 3
Box, John Box VI.1, Folder 13
Box, Mrs. John Box VI.1, Folder 17
Brackett, T.? E. Box VI.2, Folder 19
Bradford, Alden Box VI.1, Folder 45
Bradford, Edith Fiske (Mrs. Edward H. Bradford) Box VI.5, Folder 12, 13, 20
Bradley, Anna J. Box VI.5, Folder 21
Bragdon, J. D. Box VI.4, Folder 1
Brattle Square Church Box VI.1, Folder 45
Brewer, Gardner Box VI.3, Folder 5, 6, 9, 12, 18, 22
Briggs, George W. Box VI.2, Folder 18; Box VI.3, Folder 6
Brimmer, Herman Box VI.1, Folder 23
Brinley, George Box VI.2, Folder 4, 8
Brockwell, Charles Box VI.1, Folder 7
Brooks, Charles Box IX.2, Folder 68
Brooks, Charles T. Box VI.2, Folder 19
Brooks, Charles Timothy Box VI.3, Folder 8
Brooks, Clara G. Box VI.5, Folder 3, 11
Brooks, Francis Box VI.4, Folder 12
Brooks, James Box VI.4, Folder 11
Brooks, L. Box VI.3, Folder 19
Brooks, Phillips Box VI.4, Folder 7
Brooks, Susan Olier Box VI.4, Folder 2
Brooks, William P. Box VI.5, Folder 2
Brown, Buckminster Box VI.4, Folder 16
Brown, Francis Box VI.3, Folder 8
Brown, Helen Tyler Box VI.5, Folder 20
Brown, Howard Nicholson Box VI.4, Folder 19, 20, 22, 24; Box VI.5, Folder 3, 11, 20, 21
Brown, Mrs. Howard Nicholson Box VI.4, Folder 21
Brown, Joshua Box VI.1, Folder 2
Brown, Louise Box VI.5, Folder 21
Brown, Maybin W. Box VI.5, Folder 12
Brown, William Box VI.1, Folder 40
Browne, Thomas Quincy Box VI.5, Folder 10
Brundage, N. W. Box VI.4, Folder 24
Bryant, Gridley F. Box VI.3, Folder 6
Bulfinch, Charles Box 1L, Folder 15
Bulfinch, Stephen Greenleaf Box VI.3, Folder 8
Bulfinch, Susan Box VI.1, Folder 35
Bulfinch, Thomas Box VI.1, Folder 17, 18, 21, 22, 24; Box VI.3, Folder 3, 8, 11, 12, 13
Bullard, Stephen Hopkins Box VI.3, Folder 14, 15
Burgess, Mary E. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Burnett, John Box VI.4, Folder 21
Burnett, Robert M. Box VI.5, Folder 16
Burroughs, Henry Box VI.3, Folder 22
Bush, S. W. Box VI.4, Folder 3
Bushrod, Frank Box VI.4, Folder 17
Byington, Edwin H. Box VI.5, Folder 19
C. S. Parker and Sons Box VI.4, Folder 2
Campbell, L. S. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Caner, Henry Box VI.1, Folder 6, 7, 8, 9, 13; Box 1L, Folder 4
Carpenter, J. Eslin Box VI.4, Folder 19
Cary, Mary P. Box IX.2, Folder 49
Cary, Samuel Box VI.1, Folder 30, 35, 36; Box 1L, Folder 11
Cary, Thomas Greaves Box VI.3, Folder 6, 7
Casley, Joseph G. Box VI.3, Folder 5
Chadwick, John W. Box VI.5, Folder 5
Chamberlain, Nathan H. Box VI.3, Folder 8
Chandler, A. W. Box VI.3, Folder 22
Chandler, P. W. Box IX.1, Folder 1; Box IX.2, Folder 59, 63, 73, 74
Chaney, George Leonard Box VI.3, Folder 22
Channing, George G. Box IX.2, Folder 49
Channing, William Ellery Box VI.2, Folder 5
Chapman, Henry Grafton Box VI.2, Folder 10
Chapman, Jonathan Box VI.2, Folder 14
Charfinot, M. R. Box VI.5, Folder 7
Child, Dudley R. Box VI.4, Folder 23
Childs, John E. M. Box VI.5, Folder 3, 7
Choate, William G. Box VI.4, Folder 11, 13
Christie, Francis A. Box VI.5, Folder 6
Church (Brooklyn, Conn.) Box VI.1, Folder 43
Church of Christ (Trenton, N.Y.) Box VI.1, Folder 36
Church of Christ (Waltham, Mass.) Box VI.1, Folder 31
Church of the Disciples (Boston) Box VI.2, Folder 19
Clap, William Box VI.1, Folder 30
Clapp, Dexter Box VI.3, Folder 8
Clapp, Frederick Box VI.4, Folder 3
Clapp, Theodore Box IX.2, Folder 63
Clark, James F. Box VI.2, Folder 16
Clark, John, Jr. Box VI.1, Folder 41
Clarke, Anna H. (Mrs. James Freeman Clarke) Box IX.2, Folder 73
Clarke, James Freeman Box VI.3, Folder 7, 8, 20; Box VI.4, Folder 2, 7, 12; Box IX.1, Folder 32
Cleveland, N. B. Box IX.1, Folder 16; Box IX.2, Folder 62
Clifford, John H. Box IX.2, Folder 54, 68, 70
Cobb, Elijah Box VI.2, Folder 16
Codman, C. R. Box VI.2, Folder 16; Box VI.5, Folder 11
Codman, Charles T.? Box VI.3, Folder 22
Codman, John Box VI.4, Folder 2
Coffin, L. F. Box IX.1, Folder 44
Coffin, M. A. P. Box IX.2, Folder 54
Colby, Alfred H. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Collamore, A. F. Box VI.2, Folder 16
Collar, W. C. Box VI.4, Folder 8
Committee for Celebration of Peace (1814) Box VI.1, Folder 35
Committee for Rebuilding King's Chapel in Boston Box VI.1, Folder 8, 9, 15; Box 1L, Folder 4
Committee of Eighty Box VI.2, Folder 16
Committee of Proprietors of Trinity Church Box VI.1, Folder 45
Conner, Rev. Ralph E. Box VI.5, Folder 16
Conway, M. D. Box IX.1, Folder 3
Cooke, Isaac Box VI.2, Folder 1
Coolidge and Carlson Box VI.5, Folder 20
Coolidge, Catharine Box VI.1, Folder 38
Coolidge, Harold Jefferson Box VI.5, Folder 20
Coolidge, John Randolph Box VI.3, Folder 20, 21, 22
Coolidge, Joseph Box VI.1, Folder 30, 36
Coolidge, Joseph, Jr. Box VI.1, Folder 41, 43; Box VI.2, Folder 5
Coolidge, Joseph Randolph Box VI.3, Folder 22; Box VI.4, Folder 1, 5, 11
Coolidge, Joseph Randolph, Jr. Box VI.5, Folder 2, 4, 6, 12, 17, 18, 20, 21
Coolidge, Mary F.? (Mrs. Joseph Randolph Coolidge, Jr.) Box VI.4, Folder 22; Box VI.5, Folder 10, 11, 13, 19
Coolidge, W. D. Box VI.3, Folder 5
Cordner, Caroline P. Box VI.5, Folder 21
Cornish, Louis C. Box VI.4, Folder 24
Cotting, Charles U. Box VI.3, Folder 9
Cracknell, John E. Box VI.5, Folder 5
Cradock, George Box VI.1, Folder 13
Crocker, George U. Box VI.5, Folder 19
Crothers, S. M. Box VI.4, Folder 18
Cummings, Louis Curtiss Box VI.5, Folder 16
Cunningham, Andrew Box VI.1, Folder 38, 41
Cunningham, Henry W. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Curtis, Charles P. Box VI.5, Folder 2, 4, 6, 8, 19, 21; Box IX.1, Folder 1, 37, 38; Box IX.2, Folder 60, 68
Curtis, Charles Pelham Box VI.2, Folder 1, 2, 7, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24; Box VI.3, Folder 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; Box VI.4, Folder 12, 18, 19, 20, 24
Curtis, Fannie G. Box IX.1, Folder 1, 2; Box IX.2, Folder 67, 68, 73, 74, 76
Curtis, Greeley Stevenson Box VI.4, Folder 5
Curtis, Harris L. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Curtis, Helen R. (Mrs. J. F. Curtis) Box VI.5, Folder 17
Curtis, Isabelle P. Box VI.5, Folder 5
Curtis, Laura G. Box IX.1, Folder 1
Curtis, Margaret S. Box IX.1, Folder 1; Box IX.2, Folder 63, 68
Curtis, Mary Box VI.5, Folder 17
Curtis, T. R. Box VI.4, Folder 1
Cushing, Charles Box VI.2, Folder 1
Cushing, T. Box VI.3, Folder 17
Dale, Ebenezer Box VI.3, Folder 3
Dalton, Caroline Mary Box VI.3, Folder 9
Dalton, Mrs. Henry Box VI.5, Folder 18
Dalton, Samuel Fales Box VI.3, Folder 9
Dalton, Susan Maria Box VI.3, Folder 9
Dalton, Tristram Box VI.1, Folder 33
Davis Box VI.1, Folder 45
Davis, C. Box 1L, Folder 10
Davis, C. S. Box IX.2, Folder 56
Davis, Helen Box IX.2, Folder 57
Deblois, John Brown Box VI.3, Folder 13
Denlinger, Rev. Henry K. Box VI.5, Folder 19
DeNormandie, James Box VI.4, Folder 20; Box VI.5, Folder 10
Derby, George Box VI.2, Folder 23; Box VI.3, Folder 2, 4, 7
Derby, Marianne B. Box IX.2, Folder 72
Devens, Samuel Adams Box VI.3, Folder 20
Devlin, John Edward Box VI.5, Folder 10, 11
Dewey, Mrs. L. F. Box IX.2, Folder 73
Dewey, Orville Box VI.3, Folder 4, 5
Dexter, G.? Box VI.2, Folder 16
Dexter, G. M. Box VI.3, Folder 10
Dexter, W. S. Box VI.3, Folder 20
Disavell, E. S. Box IX.2, Folder 74
Dowse, Joseph Box VI.1, Folder 7, 13
Drummond, Chester Arthur Box VI.5, Folder 8
Dudley, Joseph Box 1L, Folder 2
Dumaresq, Julia M. Box VI.4, Folder 22
Dunham, John W.? Box VI.1, Folder 30
Dutton, Henry Hill Warren Box VI.1, Folder 39
Dwight, Edmund Box VI.2, Folder 19
East Parish (Salem, Mass.) Box VI.1, Folder 41, 42
Eastburn, Manton Box VI.3, Folder 10
E. B. Badger and Sons Box VI.4, Folder 23
Eaton, Rev. Asa Box VI.1, Folder 35, 36, 39
Eaton, James Box VI.4, Folder 2
Eaton, Mrs. James Box VI.4, Folder 2
Economy Printing and Manufacturing Company Box VI.5, Folder 21
Edes, Henry H. Box VI.4, Folder 12, 21, 22, 23, 24; Box VI.5, Folder 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 18
Edes, M. R. C. Box IX.1, Folder 35
Edmund, Lord Bishop of London Box VI.1, Folder 5
Eells, James Box VI.4, Folder 24
Eliot, C. R. Box VI.4, Folder 19
Eliot, Charles William Box VI.4, Folder 20
Eliot, John L. Box VI.3, Folder 20
Eliot, Samuel A. Box VI.5, Folder 2, 16, 18; Box IX.2, Folder 73
Eliot, Samuel Atkins Box VI.2, Folder 14, 16, 17, 19, 23; Box VI.3, Folder 9
Eliot, T. D. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Ellis, Jonathan Box VI.2, Folder 16
Emerson and Norris Company Box VI.5, Folder 16
Emerson, George Barrell Box VI.2, Folder 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24; Box VI.3, Folder 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17, 23; Box IX.2, Folder 43, 52
Emerson, Sylvia W. Box VI.4, Folder 12
Emery, Miss M.? Box IX.1, Folder 2; Box IX.2, Folder 68
Emmons, John L. Box VI.3, Folder 3
Emmons, N. H. Box VI.3, Folder 18
Emmons, Robert Wales, Sr. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Endicott, William Box VI.5, Folder 10
Endicott, William, Jr. Box VI.4, Folder 5
Ervine, H. J. Box VI.5, Folder 20
Eustis, W. T. Box VI.2, Folder 16
Everett, A. C. Box VI.3, Folder 20
Everett, William Box VI.4, Folder 20; Box VI.5, Folder 3, 12
F. O. Rogers and Company Box VI.4, Folder 2
Fairbank, Stephen Box VI.2, Folder 16
Fairbanks, Arthur Box VI.5, Folder 11
Farley, Frederick A. Box VI.3, Folder 7, 8
Farley, Frederick Box VI.4, Folder 11
Federal Street Church Box VI.1, Folder 45
Fenner, C. G. Box VI.2, Folder 19
Ferris, W. W. Box VI.5, Folder 7
Field, Joseph Box VI.1, Folder 39
First Church (Boston) Box VI.2, Folder 17
First Congregational Church (New York) Box VI.1, Folder 42
First Parish (Salem, Mass.) Box VI.2, Folder 16
First Unitarian Church (Chelsea, Mass.) Box VI.4, Folder 2
First Unitarian Church (Danvers, Mass.) Box VI.2, Folder 2
Fiske, Redington Box VI.5, Folder 10, 11, 17
Flagg, G.? F. Box VI.2, Folder 16
Flagg, L. H. Box IX.2, Folder 73
Foote, Frances Eliot (Mrs. Henry Wilder Foote) Box VI.4, Folder 14, 15, 19, 20
Foote, Henry Wilder Box VI.3, Folder 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23; Box VI.4, Folder 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11
Foote, Henry Wilder, Jr. Box VI.5, Folder 8, 10, 20, 21
Forbes, I. M. Box IX.2, Folder 67
Forbes, Margaret Box IX.1, Folder 2, 4
Fowle, James Box VI.3, Folder 8
Fox, George W. Box VI.3, Folder 15
Fox, James C. Box VI.5, Folder 15
Fox, Thomas Bayley Box VI.2, Folder 20; Box VI.3, Folder 8
Francis, C. Box VI.2, Folder 19
Frankland, Sir Henry Box VI.1, Folder 9
Fraternity of Churches (Boston) Box VI.2, Folder 20
Free Hospital for Women (Boston) Box VI.5, Folder 20
Freeman, James Box VI.1, Folder 17, 24, 25, 32, 34, 39
Friends of Liberty Box VI.2, Folder 16
Frothingham, Nathaniel Langdon Box VI.2, Folder 17, 18; Box IX.2, Folder 67
Fuller, Henry H. Box IX.2, Folder 47
Fuller, Josephine W. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Fuller, Seth W. Box VI.3, Folder 23
Furness, Homer Howard Box VI.4, Folder 7; Box IX.1, Folder 3
G. and J. Page Box VI.3, Folder 23
Gannett, Ezra Stiles Box VI.2, Folder 18
Gardiner, John Sylvester Box VI.1, Folder 35, 39
Gardiner, Silvester Box VI.1, Folder 13
Gardiner, William H. Box VI.1, Folder 46; Box VI.2, Folder 1, 8, 16; Box VI.3, Folder 10
Gardner, E. M. Box IX.2, Folder 73
Gardner, George Box VI.2, Folder 20; Box VI.3, Folder 5; Box VI.4, Folder 10
Gardner, John L. Box VI.3, Folder 16; Box VI.4, Folder 5, 10
Gardner, John Lowell Box VI.2, Folder 19, 20
German Lutheran Society Box VI.2, Folder 16
German Reformed Church (Boston) Box VI.4, Folder 2
Gibbins, John Box VI.1, Folder 13
Gibson, Edmund (Lord Bishop of London) Box VI.1, Folder 5
Gilbert, Louisa A. Box VI.5, Folder 20
Gilman, S. Box IX.2, Folder 73
Gilmore, George L. Box VI.5, Folder 21
Goodell, M. Box IX.2, Folder 73
Goodwin, Fannie Box IX.1, Folder 3
Goodwin, Maria Box IX.1, Folder 3
Gordon, George Angier Box VI.4, Folder 23; Box VI.5, Folder 13, 15
Gordon, James Box VI.1, Folder 7, 13
Gorham, Mary T. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Gould, Jeremiah Box VI.2, Folder 16
Grant, Moses Box VI.1, Folder 45
Grant, Samuel O.? Box VI.1, Folder 45
Gray, C. M. Box VI.5, Folder 20
Gray, Clifton D. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Gray, E. P. Box VI.3, Folder 21
Gray, Miss F. L. Box VI.3, Folder 10
Gray, F. T. Box VI.2, Folder 16
Gray, John C. Box VI.5, Folder 9, 10
Gray, Samuel S. Box VI.5, Folder 20
Greele, Samuel Box VI.1, Folder 45
Greene, Benjamin H. Box VI.2, Folder 19
Greene, Gardner Box VI.1, Folder 45
Greene, Kate Box IX.2, Folder 62
Greene, Rufus Box VI.1, Folder 13
Greene, W. Box IX.1, Folder 2, 26, 29, 30, 31, 34, 38; Box IX.2, Folder 45, 54, 61
Greenlaw, William Prescott Box VI.5, Folder 10
Greenleaf, Alfred Box IX.1, Folder 17
Greenwood, Francis William Pitt Box VI.1, Folder 45; Box VI.2, Folder 5, 9, 10, 16
Greenwood, William Pitt Box VI.1, Folder 34; Box VI.2, Folder 19
Gregg, James B. Box VI.5, Folder 18
Grenville, Joseph Box IX.1, Folder 37
Grinnell, Nellie (see: Cornelia Grinnell Wilkes)
Hages, John Box VI.2, Folder 16
Hale, Edward Everett Box VI.2, Folder 19; Box VI.3, Folder 7, 17; Box IX.2, Folder 66
Hale, L. Box VI.1, Folder 46
Hales, William Box VI.2, Folder 5
Hall, E. B. Box VI.3, Folder 6, 8
Hall, Edward H. Box VI.3, Folder 8
Hall, James Box VI.2, Folder 15
Hall, Nath Box VI.3, Folder 7
Hall, Thomas B. Box VI.4, Folder 2, 3, 4, 6
Halsy, James Box 1L, Folder 4
Hamblin, N. P. Box VI.2, Folder 20
Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute Box VI.4, Folder 17, 24; Box VI.5, Folder 5, 7
Handel and Haydn Society Box VI.1, Folder 36, 37, 38
Hanson, Josiah Box IX.2, Folder 57
Hanson, Maggie Box IX.2, Folder 73
Harley, Charles R. Box VI.5, Folder 6
Harris, George R. Box VI.4, Folder 10, 11, 13
Harris, Henry Box 1L, Folder 2
Harrison, Peter Box VI.1, Folder 9
Hartwell, Richardson and Driver Box VI.5, Folder 2
Harvard Church Society (Charlestown, Mass.) Box VI.3, Folder 17
Harvard College Box VI.3, Folder 8
Harvey, Jean A. Box VI.5, Folder 4
Haskell, Adeline Locke Clark Box VI.5, Folder 10
Haskell, Elias Box VI.2, Folder 11
Haskell, Nelson C. Box VI.5, Folder 2
Haskins, Thomas Box VI.1, Folder 35
Hastings, O. Box IX.1, Folder 24
Hastings, Mrs. A. Box IX.2, Folder 73
Hawding, Thomas Box VI.1, Folder 13
Hawkins and Hawley (Firm) Box VI.4, Folder 2
Hayes, B. F. Box VI.4, Folder 7
Hayward, George, Jr. Box IX.2, Folder 74
Hedge, Frederic Henry Box VI.2, Folder 19
Hepworth, George H. Box VI.3, Folder 15, 16
Herford, Brooke Box VI.4, Folder 9
Herlzer, Sidney M. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Hewes, Samuel H. Box VI.1, Folder 39, 45
Higginson Box VI.3, Folder 4
Hill, Mrs. Hamilton A. Box VI.4, Folder 21
Hill, Thomas Box VI.3, Folder 8
Hinckley, Frederic Box VI.3, Folder 8
Hinckley, M. Box IX.1, Folder 25
Hitchcock, Elizabeth L. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Holbrook, Anna E. N. (Mrs. F. F. Holbrook) Box VI.5, Folder 21
Hollis Street Church (Boston) Box VI.1, Folder 40; Box VI.2, Folder 20; Box IX.2, Folder 47
Holmes, John Box VI.3, Folder 19; Box VI.4, Folder 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
Holmes, Nathaniel Box 1L, Folder 4
Holmes, Oliver Wendell (1809-1894) Box VI.4, Folder 4
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr. Box VI.4, Folder 20
Homan, Benjamin Box VI.2, Folder 16
Homans, Robert Box VI.5, Folder 17, 18, 21
Homans, William P. Box VI.5, Folder 19
Hook and Hastings (Firm) Box VI.2, Folder 18; Box VI.4, Folder 8, 9, 13, 14, 17
Hooper, E. W. Box VI.3, Folder 21
Hooper, Joseph Box VI.5, Folder 7, 9
Hooper, Nathaniel Box VI.3, Folder 8
Hooper, William Box VI.1, Folder 13
Hopkins, Gladys Crosby Box VI.5, Folder 10
Hopkinson, Elinor Box VI.5, Folder 10
Hopkinson, Grace M. Box IX.1, Folder 3
Horne, Alice G. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Horne, Rev. Thomas Hartwell Box VI.1, Folder 46; Box VI.2, Folder 1; Box 1L, Folder 16
Hosmer, George W. Box IX.2, Folder 47, 54, 63
Houghton, Mifflin and Company Box VI.4, Folder 24
Howe, William Box IX.2, Folder 51
Hudson, Adelbert Lathrop Box VI.5, Folder 14
Hunnaman, William C. Box VI.2, Folder 11
Hunnewell, John L. Box VI.3, Folder 6
Hunting, Henry A. Box VI.3, Folder 4
Huntington, C. W. Box VI.4, Folder 13
Huntington, Charles W. Box VI.4, Folder 10
Huntington, Frederic Dan Box VI.3, Folder 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; Box IX.2, Folder 46, 73
Hutchings, Plaisted and Company Box VI.4, Folder 8
Hutchinson, Eliakim Box VI.1, Folder 13
Hutchinson, Shrimpton Box VI.1, Folder 21, 22, 24
Hyde, William DeW. Box VI.5, Folder 6
Indicott, John Box 1L, Folder 1
Ingersoll, George Goldthwait Box VI.2, Folder 19
Ivers, James Box VI.1, Folder 17, 18
J. H. Willcox and Company Box VI.3, Folder 19
Jackson, Anna P. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Jackson, Charles Box VI.1, Folder 45
Jackson, Edward Box VI.3, Folder 17, 18
Jackson, Eleanor B. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Jackson, Ernest Box VI.5, Folder 5
Jackson, J. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Jackson, James Box VI.5, Folder 10
Jarvis, Samuel F. Box VI.2, Folder 1
Jeffries, David Box 1L, Folder 8, 9
Jellison, Zachariah Box VI.3, Folder 5
Jenkins, J. L. Box VI.5, Folder 6
Jenks, Palmer and Company Box VI.3, Folder 1
Jewell, Benjamin R. Box VI.4, Folder 3
Jewett, Jedidiah Box VI.2, Folder 20
John Evans and Company Box VI.4, Folder 20; Box VI.5, Folder 18
John H. Pray and Sons Box VI.5, Folder 19
Johnson, Edward C. Box VI.3, Folder 20
Johnson, Elizabeth Box VI.5, Folder 21
Johnson, Lesly Augustin Box VI.5, Folder 17
Jones, John Box VI.1, Folder 41
Josselyn, G. B. Box VI.3, Folder 9
Keating, John Frank Box VI.5, Folder 12, 13
Kebler, Lucy Box IX.2, Folder 56
Keene Congregational Society (N.H.) Box VI.1, Folder 46
Kennedy, John Box VI.2, Folder 18
Kent, Frederic H. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Kentgen, Charles Box VI.2, Folder 16
Kenwood, Peter Box 1L, Folder 6, 7
Kerr, Robert H. Box VI.3, Folder 19
Kidder, Jerome George Box VI.3, Folder 12
Kidder, Peabody and Company Box VI.5, Folder 17, 21
Kinget, Mrs. A. B. Box VI.4, Folder 23
King's Chapel, Committee for Rebuilding King's Chapel in Boston Box VI.1, Folder 8, 9, 15; Box 1L, Folder 8
King's Chapel, Vestry Box VI.3, Folder 2
King's Chapel, Wardens Box VI.1, Folder 37; Box VI.3, Folder 4, 20; Box IX.2, Folder 46, 52, 67
King's Chapel, Wardens and Vestry Box VI.1, Folder 7, 8, 9, 20, 45; Box 1L, Folder 8; Box VI.2, Folder 9, 16, 17
Kneeland, John Box VI.3, Folder 21
Knight, William A. Box VI.5, Folder 19
Lang, B. J. Box VI.4, Folder 13
Lang, M. G. Box VI.5, Folder 12
Langtry, Albert P. Box VI.5, Folder 18
Lash, Robert Box VI.2, Folder 16
Lee, Henry Box VI.4, Folder 5
Lee, James, Jr. Box VI.3, Folder 7, 9, 10
Lee, Jeremiah Box VI.2, Folder 20
Leeds, B. Frank Box VI.4, Folder 9
Lewis, Edwin J., Jr. Box VI.5, Folder 20
Lincoln, F. W., Jr. Box VI.3, Folder 5
Lindsey, M. Box IX.2, Folder 73
Littlefield and Pope Box VI.4, Folder 1
Livermore, A. A. Box IX.2, Folder 54, 59, 60, 66, 68
Livermore, L. J. Box VI.3, Folder 19
Longfellow, Alexander Wadsworth Box VI.5, Folder 18
Lord, Augustus M. Box VI.5, Folder 11
Lord Bishop of London Box VI.1, Folder 5, 9
Loring, Charles G. Box VI.3, Folder 21
Loring, Edward Greely Box VI.3, Folder 10
Loring, F. W. Box VI.3, Folder 23
Loring, Francis Caleb Box VI.3, Folder 8, 10
Lothrop, Anne M. Box VI.5, Folder 10, 21
Lourides, Arthur Box VI.4, Folder 24
Lovejoy, Persis Box IX.2, Folder 68
Lowell, Abbot Lawrence Box VI.4, Folder 14, 16
Lowell, Francis C. Box VI.4, Folder 11, 18, 22; Box VI.5, Folder 5, 6, 7, 11
Lowell, Francis Cabot Box VI.2, Folder 22
Lowell, John Box VI.1, Folder 40
Lowell, John Amory Box VI.2, Folder 14, 16, 17; Box VI.3, Folder 4, 7, 23
Lowell, Lucy Box VI.5, Folder 6
Lowell, Sara P. Box VI.3, Folder 13
Lucas, John Box 1L, Folder 10
Lyman, Arthur Box VI.5, Folder 20
Lyman, Arthur T. Box VI.3, Folder 10, 13, 14, 17, 20, 23; Box VI.5, Folder 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17
Lyman, Arthur Theodore Box VI.4, Folder 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24; Box 1L, Folder 17; Box VI.5, Folder 1
Lyman, George William Box VI.2, Folder 20
Lyman, Mrs. George William Box VI.3, Folder 20
Lyman, Herbert Box VI.5, Folder 19, 20
Lyman, Theodore, Jr. Box VI.1, Folder 44
McClennen, Wm. J. Box VI.2, Folder 1
McGlenen, Edward W. Box VI.5, Folder 10
McKean, Joseph Box VI.1, Folder 34
McNeil Bros. Box VI.5, Folder 2
Marsh, Ephraim Box VI.2, Folder 16
Mason, Jon. Box 1L, Folder 8, 9
Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society Box VI.1, Folder 38
Massachusetts Historical Society Box VI.1, Folder 34
Massachusetts, Office of the Secretary Box VI.5, Folder 18
Matchett, William F. Box VI.4, Folder 9
Mathews, Henry H. Box VI.5, Folder 17
May, John J. Box VI.3, Folder 20, 21
May, Joseph Box VI.1, Folder 30, 33, 34, 37, 42, 45, 46; Box VI.2, Folder 1, 2, 3, 4; Box VI.4, Folder 6
May, Samuel Box VI.1, Folder 40
May, Samuel Joseph Box VI.1, Folder 43; Box VI.2, Folder 10
Maynard, S. G. Box VI.5, Folder 2
Merrick, John Box VI.1, Folder 45
Merrill, George Box VI.3, Folder 6, 7
Merrill, J. Warren Box VI.5, Folder 10
Merriman, Dorothea Foote (Mrs. Roger B. Merriman) Box VI.5, Folder 18
Miles, Henry A. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Miller, Samuel R. Box VI.1, Folder 33
Millikin, E. P. Box VI.2, Folder 15
Mills, Charles Henry Box VI.2, Folder 19, 22, 23, 24
Mills, Sarah H. Box VI.4, Folder 10
Minchen and Welch Box VI.1, Folder 30
Minns, Thomas Box VI.4, Folder 5, 9, 11
Minot, George Richards Box VI.1, Folder 24A
Minot, W[illiam] Box VI.3, Folder 6, 10
Mixter, Wm. C. Box VI.5, Folder 5
Montague, William Box VI.1, Folder 46
Monthly Union Prayer and Conference Box VI.2, Folder 18
Moore, Sarah P. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Moors, Francis J. Box VI.5, Folder 21
Moors, Marjory J. D. Box VI.5, Folder 20
Morison, John H. Box VI.2, Folder 19
Morison, John Hopkins Box VI.3, Folder 5, 6, 9
Morwell, Abraham Box VI.1, Folder 2
Motley, Edward Box VI.4, Folder 1
Mumford, T. J. Box VI.3, Folder 22; Box IX.2, Folder 67
Myers, J. N. Box IX.1, Folder 1
Myles, Samuel Box 1L, Folder 1, 2, 3
Neahgood, Theodore B. Box VI.5, Folder 2
Nelson, Paschal Box VI.1, Folder 12
New North Church (Boston) Box VI.2, Folder 16
New North Church Plate Subscription Box VI.3, Folder 20
New South Church (Boston) Box VI.1, Folder 39, 45
New Unitarian Socieety (Hallowell) Box VI.1, Folder 45
Newberry (West Precinct) Box VI.1, Folder 2
Newbury (Belville) Church Committee Box VI.1, Folder 37
Newton, Solon L. Box VI.4, Folder 18
Nichols, Arthur H. Box VI.5, Folder 2, 10
Oakey, J. W. Box IX.2, Folder 73
Old English Slate Company Box VI.5, Folder 17
Old South Church (Boston) Box 1L, Folder 17
Oliver, Ebenezer Box VI.1, Folder 34, 42, 45
Oliver, Francis Johonnot Box VI.2, Folder 5, 10
Osgood, Samuel Box VI.3, Folder 23; Box IX.1, Folder 29
Otis, Harrison Gray Box VI.1, Folder 35
Packard, Alpheus S. Box IX.2, Folder 73
Padelford, Seth Box VI.3, Folder 15
Page, J. H. W. Box IX.2, Folder 46
Paige, J. W. Box VI.3, Folder 1B
Paige, James William Box VI.2, Folder 21
Paige, Joseph Box VI.4, Folder 3
Palfrey, J. H. Box VI.4, Folder 20
Palfrey, John Gorham Box VI.1, Folder 45
Palfrey, William Box VI.2, Folder 16
Parker, Charles Henry Box VI.3, Folder 10, 22
Parker, F. E. Box VI.3, Folder 9, 18
Parker, Lucy C. Box VI.3, Folder 16
Parker, Samuel Dunn Box VI.1, Folder 45
Parker, William W. Box VI.5, Folder 20
Parkman, Francis Box VI.2, Folder 16, 23, 24
Patterson, Joseph W. Box VI.4, Folder 2
Peabody Box VI.4, Folder 5
Peabody, Anna Huidekoper Box VI.3, Folder 8, 10
Peabody, Andrew Preston Box VI.3, Folder 8, 9; Box VI.4, Folder 1, 17
Peabody, Dorcas Box IX.1, Folder 1, 13, 16, 22, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35; Box IX.2, Folder 63, 67
Peabody, Ephraim Box VI.2, Folder 19, 22, 23; Box VI.3, Folder 1, 2, 3, 4; Box IX.1-2, all folders
Peabody, Francis G. Box VI.4, Folder 14
Peabody, Frank E. Box VI.5, Folder 11
Peabody, George Swain Box IX.2, Folder 63
Peabody, Mary Box IX.1, Folder 4
Peabody, Mrs. Mary Jane (Derby) Box VI.2, Folder 24; Box IX.1-2, all folders
Peabody, Rhoda Box IX.1, Folder 12, 16, 19, 22, 23, 30, 31, 32
Peabody, Robert Swain Box VI.5, Folder 17, 18, 19
Perkins, Sarah E. Box IX.2, Folder 60
Peabody and Stearns Box VI.4, Folder 12, 22, 23
Peirce, H. A. Box VI.3, Folder 6
Peirce, Henry A. Box VI.4, Folder 5
Peirce, James Mills Box VI.3, Folder 8
Pelham, William Box VI.1, Folder 32, 34
Pennell, Gibbs and Quiring Company Box VI.5, Folder 17, 21
Perkins, Edward N. Box VI.3, Folder 22
Perkins, John Carroll Box VI.5, Folder 6
Perkins, Palfrey Box VI.5, Folder 14
Perkins, William Box VI.2, Folder 21; Box VI.4, Folder 11
Phillips, Mrs. John C. Box VI.5, Folder 21
Phillips, Jonathan Box VI.1, Folder 45
Phillips, William Box 1L, Folder 8, 9
Phipps, Charles E. Box VI.5, Folder 11
Pickering, Edward Box VI.3, Folder 20, 21; Box VI.4, Folder 1
Piper, George F. Box VI.4, Folder 2
Pitts Street Chapel (Boston) Box VI.2, Folder 20
Potter, Barrett Box VI.5, Folder 6
Potter, David S. C. M. Box VI.3, Folder 9
Pratt, G. W. Box VI.3, Folder 19
Pray, Lewis G. Box VI.2, Folder 16; Box VI.3, Folder 8
Price, William Box VI.1, Folder 7
Proprietors of King's Chapel Box VI.3, Folder 12
Provost, Samuel (Bishop of New York) Box VI.1, Folder 22
Putnam, George Box VI.3, Folder 4; Box IX.1, Folder 38; Box IX.2, Folder 46, 47
Putnam, Lizzie C. Box VI.3, Folder 12; Box IX.2, Folder 68
Putnam, William L. Box VI.5, Folder 13
Quincy, Josiah Box 1L, Folder 13; Box VI.2, Folder 2, 17; Box VI.4, Folder 7
Quincy, J. P. Box VI.4, Folder 7
Rand, Col. Arnold A. Box VI.5, Folder 10, 17
Ranson, Alex E. Box VI.4, Folder 1
Rathman, Dr. F. Box IX.2, Folder 67
Raymond, John T. Box VI.2, Folder 16
Redknap, John Box VI.1, Folder 2
Reed, James Box VI.4, Folder 11
Reid, William B. Box VI.5, Folder 16
Revere, John Box VI.4, Folder 2
Revere, Joseph W. Box VI.4, Folder 11
Reynolds, Grindall Box VI.3, Folder 15
Reynolds, J. Box IX.2, Folder 73
Rhoades, James Ford Box VI.5, Folder 10
Rice, Edwin T. Box VI.3, Folder 21, 23
Richardson, George Carter Box VI.3, Folder 20; Box VI.4, Folder 2
Richardson, Margaret W. (Mrs. Maurice H. Richardson) Box VI.5, Folder 21
Richmond, F. L. Box VI.5, Folder 20
Riddle, C. L. Box VI.4, Folder 2
Robbins, Chandler Box VI.2, Folder 19; Box VI.3, Folder 7, 8, 20; Box IX.1, Folder 44; Box IX.2, Folder 49
Robbins, E. H. Box VI.2, Folder 4
Robinson, George J., Jr. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Rogers, Ellen D. Box IX.1, Folder 2; Box IX.2, Folder 67
Rogers, Henry Newman Box VI.1, Folder 30
Ropes, John C. Box VI.3, Folder 23
Ropes, [W. J.?] Box VI.3, Folder 10
Rotch, Joanna Box IX.2, Folder 68
Russell, Mary Otis Box VI.5, Folder 10
Russell, Samuel H. Box VI.3, Folder 12, 14, 15, 16, 23
S. A. Stetson and Co. Box VI.4, Folder 2, 3
Saltonstall, Anne E. Box IX.2, Folder 72
Saltonstall, Richard M. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Samuel, Bishop of New York Box VI.1, Folder 22
Sandford, Thomas Box VI.1, Folder 3, 4, 8
Santer, Louis L. Box VI.5, Folder 3
Sargent, Lucius M. Box VI.4, Folder 15
Savage, William Box VI.1, Folder 45
Sawyer, Warren Box VI.3, Folder 15
Schwarz, Louis B. Box VI.4, Folder 2
Scollay, John Box VI.1, Folder 16
Scorgie, James C. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Scott, Mary Howard Box VI.5, Folder 10
Scott, S. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Sears Box VI.5, Folder 20
Sears, Philip Howes Box VI.3, Folder 22
[Seaves?], Benjamin Box VI.3, Folder 15
Second Congregational Church (Greenfield, Mass.) Box VI.4, Folder 18
Second Unitarian Church (Portland, Me.) Box VI.2, Folder 20
Sedgwick, Henry D. Box VI.1, Folder 42
Sewall, Henry D. Box VI.1, Folder 42
Shandelle, (Rev.) Henry J. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Sheafe, William Box VI.4, Folder 3
Sherlock, Thomas (Lord Bishop of London) Box VI.1, Folder 9
Shippin, Rush R. Box VI.4, Folder 3; Box IX.2, Folder 62
Simmons, William Benjamin Dearborn and Co. Box VI.3, Folder 16
Simpson, Jonathan Box VI.1, Folder 45
Skimmer, Charles F. Box VI.3, Folder 22
Skinner, Francis Box VI.5, Folder 6
Smith, Abiel Box VI.1, Folder 31
Smith, Charles C. Box VI.3, Folder 15; Box VI.4, Folder 3, 4
Smith, Fitz-Henry, Jr. Box VI.5, Folder 18
Smith, John Box 1L, Folder 4
Smith, Martin Box VI.2, Folder 6, 22
Smith, S. V. C. Box VI.3, Folder 2
Snapp, L. Fletcher Box VI.4, Folder 22
Snow, Gideon Box VI.2, Folder 4
Snow, Sydney B. Box VI.5, Folder 16, 20, 21
Snowden, Samuel Box VI.2, Folder 16
Sohier, William Davies Box VI.2, Folder 20
South Congregational Society (Boston) Box VI.2, Folder 16
South Society Box 1L, Folder 17
Sparhawk, Sarah B. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Spooner, William B. Box VI.4, Folder 3
Sprague, Frank W. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Sprague, W. B. Box IX.2, Folder 64
Spring, Romney Box VI.5, Folder 21
Stanley, Richard C. Box VI.4, Folder 7
Stanton, J. Box VI.4, Folder 7
Stark, James H. Box VI.5, Folder 6
Stebbins, Heman Box VI.3, Folder 5
Stebbins, Horatio Box VI.3, Folder 7
Stetson, F. E. B. Box IX.1, Folder 34, 35; Box IX.2, Folder 68
Stevenson, Hannah E. Box VI.3, Folder 16
Stevenson, J. Thomas Box VI.3, Folder 9
Stevenson, Robert Hooper Box VI.3, Folder 13, 14; Box VI.4, Folder 2, 5
Stone, John C. Box VI.5, Folder 8
Story, Franklin Howard Box VI.2, Folder 21
Story, Franklin H., Jr. Box VI.3, Folder 16
Stowell, E. Channing Box VI.5, Folder 10
Sturgis, Roger F. Box VI.5, Folder 7
Sullivan, George Box VI.1, Folder 42
Sullivan, William Box VI.1, Folder 35, 41; Box VI.2, Folder 1, 3, 9, 12
Sumner, Charles Box IX.1, Folder 3
Sunday School Society Box VI.2, Folder 16
Swain, William W. Box IX.2, Folder 61
Swan, Hepzibah Box VI.1, Folder 30
Swett, T. Box VI.2, Folder 19
Swett, W. B. Box VI.4, Folder 7
Tailer, William Box 1L, Folder 2
Tappan, E. Sewell Box VI.3, Folder 9
Tappan, Elizabeth S. Box VI.4, Folder 12
Tappan, Lewis W. Box VI.3, Folder 9
Tappan, Sewell Box VI.3, Folder 8
Taylor, James Box VI.1, Folder 45
Thacher, Peter O. Box VI.1, Folder 45
Thayer, Edward F. Box VI.3, Folder 20, 21
Thayer, G. F. Box VI.2, Folder 16
Thayer, Nathaniel Box VI.2, Folder 20
Thomas, Lord Bishop of London Box VI.1, Folder 9
Thomas, William Box VI.2, Folder 18, 19; Box VI.3, Folder 1, 7, 8, 9, 10; Box IX.2, Folder 66
Thomlinson, Trecothick and Co. Box VI.1, Folder 14
Thompson, Daniel G. Box VI.4, Folder 11
Thompson, F. M. Box VI.5, Folder 2
Thompson, James W., Rev. Box VI.2, Folder 19
Thompson, Sarah Box IX.1, Folder 1
Ticknor and Fields Box VI.3, Folder 13
Ticknor, Anna (Mrs. George Ticknor) Box VI.3, Folder 20
Ticknor, [W. G.?] Box VI.2, Folder 16
Tileston, Roger E. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Tilley, George Box 1L, Folder 5
Tillinghast, W. H. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Torrington, F. H. Box VI.2, Folder 17; Box VI.3, Folder 18
Townsend, M. Box VI.1, Folder 41
Traill Family Box VI.4, Folder 7
Treadwell, James William Box VI.5, Folder 10
Trecothick, Barlow Box VI.1, Folder 10
Trinity Church (Boston) Box VI.1, Folder 45
Trinity Church (Boston), Committee of Proprietors of Trinity Church Box VI.1, Folder 45
Troutbeck, Miss Box VI.1, Folder 24
Tufts, J. A. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Turfrey, George Box 1L, Folder 1
Tyler, Moses Box 1L, Folder 4
Unitarian Society (Washington) Box 1L, Folder 43
Unitarian Sunday School Society Box VI.4, Folder 2
Upton, George B. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Vaughan, J. Box VI.1, Folder 32
Vaughan, William Warren Box VI.4, Folder 10; Box VI.5, Folder 20, 21
Wadlin, Horace G. Box VI.5, Folder 9
Waldron, M. M. Box VI.4, Folder 21
Waldron, Dr. M. M. Box VI.5, Folder 7
Wales, George N. Box VI.3, Folder 16
Walker, Cornelius Box VI.3, Folder 8
Walker, Daniel Box VI.2, Folder 20
Walker, James Box VI.3, Folder 6, 7, 8
Wallberg and Sherry Box VI.4, Folder 1
Walley, Samuel A. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Walton, Perry Box VI.5, Folder 21
Ware, Charles E., Jr. Box VI.5, Folder 19
Ware, Henry Box IX.1, Folder 22
Ware, John F. W. Box VI.3, Folder 8, 15
Warren, C. H. Box IX.2, Folder 46, 68
Warren, Nathaniel Box VI.2, Folder 20
Warren Street Chapel (Boston) Box VI.2, Folder 20
Waterston, R. C. Box VI.2, Folder 20
Watson, Irving A. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Webb, Thomas Smith Box VI.1, Folder 36, 37
Weiss Box IX.2, Folder 68
Welch, Francis Box VI.1, Folder 30
Weld, Daniel Box VI.2, Folder 20
Wells, Benjamin W. Box VI.5, Folder 21
Wells, Charles A. Box VI.2, Folder 16
Weltch, Samuel Box VI.3, Folder 14, 19, 22
Wentworth, Mrs. E. A. Box VI.3, Folder 7
West, Benjamin Box VI.1, Folder 40
West Boston Committee Box VI.1, Folder 28
West Church (Boston) Box VI.1, Folder 28; Box VI.2, Folder 1, 10
Weston, Frances Erving Box VI.5, Folder 5
Wheaton, Henry Box VI.1, Folder 42
Wheeler, Alexander Box VI.5, Folder 18, 19
Wheeler, Henry Box VI.5, Folder 16, 17, 19, 20
Wheelwright, A. W. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Wheelwright, Edmund M. Box VI.5, Folder 10
Wheelwright, Elizabeth (Mrs. Edmund C. Wheelwright) Box VI.5, Folder 17
Whipple, Oliver Box VI.1, Folder 17
White, Warren Box VI.2, Folder 20
White, Will O. Box VI.2, Folder 19
White, William O. Box VI.3, Folder 9
Whitman, M. C. Box VI.4, Folder 21
Whitman, Samuel W. Box VI.4, Folder 20, 21
Whitney, Henry A. Box VI.3, Folder 16
Whitney, Joseph Box VI.3, Folder 7
Wigglesworth, Louisa G. Box IX.2, Folder 68
Wilde, Samuel Sumner Box VI.2, Folder 19
Wilkes, Cornelia Grinnell Box IX.2, Folder 54, 67
Williams, Henry M. Box VI.5, Folder 21
Williams, J. E. Box IX.2, Folder 68, 74
Williams, John D. Box VI.2, Folder 20
Williams, John Earl Box VI.3, Folder 4, 8
Williams, Samuel King Box VI.1, Folder 27
Williams, Tim Box VI.1, Folder 38
Wills, Js. Box VI.1, Folder 11
Windeler, John Box VI.5, Folder 10
Winslow, George Box VI.3, Folder 4
Winthrop, Robert Box IX.2, Folder 68
Wolcott, Roger Box VI.4, Folder 11
Women's Educational and Industrial Union Box VI.4, Folder 5
Woods, Leonard, Jr. Box IX.1, Folder 3
Worthington, William Box VI.1, Folder 45

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King's Chapel (Boston, Mass.) records, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Foote, Henry Wilder, 1838-1889.
Freeman, James, 1759-1835.
Greenwood, F. W. P. (Francis William Pitt), 1797-1843.
Peabody, Ephraim, 1807-1856.
Price, William, d. 1771.


Church of England--United States.
Church of England--United States--Clergy.
King's Chapel Burial Ground (Boston, Mass.).


Boston (Mass.)--Statistics, Vital.
Pews and pew rights.
Unitarian churches--Clergy.
Unitarian churches--Massachusetts--Boston.