Guide to the Microfilm Edition

Microfilm Note

Although most of the Edward Everett papers are included in this microfilm edition, the papers of Everett's daughters Anne Gorham Everett and Charlotte Everett Wise (Vol. 1-19) have not been microfilmed. Use the call number Ms. N-1201 to request these items.

Collection Summary


This collection consists of the correspondence, letterbooks, speeches, and other papers of educator, statesman, and orator Edward Everett (1794-1865).

Biographical Timeline

11 Apr. 1794
Born in Dorchester.
Attends Webster School; first meets Daniel Webster.
Attends Boston Latin School.
Attends Phillips Exeter Academy; delivers Valedictory Latin Oration; enters Harvard College.
Receives Harvard A.B. with highest honors.
Receives Harvard A.M. in divinity studies; installed as pastor, Brattle Street Church (Unitarian), Boston.
Appointed professor of Greek literature at Harvard.
Travel and study in Europe.
Receives Göttingen Ph.D. (first doctorate awarded an American).
Edits North American Review.
Professor of Greek literature at Harvard.
Marries Charlotte Gray Brooks.
United States representative from Middlesex District.
Governor of Massachusetts.
Publication of Orations and Speeches on Various Occasions in 4 volumes and numerous later editions.
Rest and travel.
United States minister to Court of St. James's.
President of Harvard University.
Drafts letter to Hülsemann for Secretary of State Daniel Webster.
Secretary of state.
United States senator from Massachusetts.
Resigns from Senate after failure to vote on Kansas-Nebraska Act.
Career as orator; composes famous lecture on George Washington; works to save Mount Vernon as national shrine; publication of The Mount Vernon Papers.
Constitutional Union Party nominee for vice president.
19 Nov. 1863
Oration at Gettysburg.
Presidential elector for Massachusetts.
15 Jan. 1865
Dies in Boston.


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Collection Description

The Edward Everett papers consist of the correspondence, letterbooks, diaries, speeches, and other papers of Edward Everett (1794-1865). Among the correspondence are letters collected by Everett of early American statesmen George Washington, James Madison, John Adams, and many others, as well as letters and other material relating to Everett's studies in Europe and his careers as a Harvard professor, Massachusetts senator and governor, and orator. Included are diaries kept by Everett while studying and traveling in Europe, 1815-1819, and almost daily in Cambridge, Mass., Washington, D.C., and other homes, 1825-1865, as well as manuscript drafts of his speeches and articles, sermons, newspaper clippings, and printed works. The collection also contains the diaries and other papers of two of his daughters, Anne Gorham Everett (1823-1843) and Charlotte Everett Wise (1825-1879).

Other family members represented in the collection are: Everett's wife Charlotte Gray Brooks Everett, his brother Alexander Hill Everett, his father-in-law Peter Chardon Brooks, his brother-in-law Charles Francis Adams, and his son-in-law Henry A. Wise. Other individuals represented include: Daniel Webster, Robert C. Winthrop, John Quincy Adams, and many others.


The bulk of the Edward Everett papers was given to the Massachusetts Historical Society (MHS) in 1930, and their arrangement was largely maintained for the present edition. However, a few additional items have been incorporated into the collection: Everett items received after 1930, microfilmed following Vol. 279; a few typewritten copies of Everett materials from other MHS collections, inserted chronologically into his general correspondence, including some documents on Everett at Gettysburg in 1863 on Reel 18; and a substantial number of Edward Everett's diaries and letterbooks, which had been microfilmed previously.

The first 38 volumes of this collection have been disbound and rehoused in document boxes.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Grenville Norcross, 1914; Mrs. Archibald Hopkins, 1920, 1930s; and Mrs. John Downes, 1924.

Microfilm Note

Although most of the Edward Everett papers are included in this microfilm edition, the papers of Everett's daughters Anne Gorham Everett and Charlotte Everett Wise (Vol. 1-19) have not been microfilmed. Use the call number Ms. N-1201 to request these items.

Other Formats

Extracts of Everett's diary have been transcribed as "Selections from Edward Everett's diary, 1825-1865, selected and annotated by Irving H. Bartlett." This transcription is located in the MHS printed collection (call number: E340.E8 .B3 2000).

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Correspondence (disbound), 1675-1865

This series primarily consists of letters to Everett from a variety of American and European correspondents, but also contains letters from him and a few other papers. Among the correspondents represented in this series are Daniel Webster, Robert C. Winthrop, Peter Chardon Brooks, Charlotte Gray Brooks Everett, Charlotte Everett Wise, Abbott Lawrence, Alexander Hill Everett, James Madison, Joseph Story, S. Austin Allibone, Henry Clay, Lord Aberdeen, Rufus Choate, Petty Vaughan, Count Wallenstein, Henry A. S. Dearborn, Caleb Cushing, Harrison G. Otis, and many others. The series also contains some correspondence between Daniel Webster and his son Fletcher Webster.

Much of the early correspondence was apparently collected by Everett as examples of the letters of men important in early American history. Notable correspondents include George Washington, Aaron Burr, John Adams, Caesar Rodney, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Nathan Hale, Albert Gallatin, Noah Webster, John C. Calhoun, Martin Van Buren, Washington Irving, Louis Agassiz, Charles Francis Adams, John Marshall, Andrew Jackson, Henry W. Longfellow, Edgar Allan Poe, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ralph W. Emerson, Harriet Martineau, Dolley Madison, William H. Harrison, Josiah Quincy, John Tyler, P. T. Barnum, Charles Lyell, Benjamin Disraeli, James K. Polk, James Buchanan, John Harvard, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Alexis de Tocqueville, Henry Hallam, Lord Ashburton, Prince Albert, Jenny Lind, Charles Sumner, William M. Thackeray, Franklin Pierce, Jefferson Davis, Thomas Carlyle, William Seward, John A. Andrew, George B. McClellan, Abraham Lincoln, and many others.

Other papers in this series include certificates of some of Everett's elections and appointments (Reel 2, 18), a draft of his statement on the question of slavery in Texas (Reel 9), papers related to the Mount Vernon Association (Reel 16-17), Everett's address on the death of Washington Irving (Reel 17), a document by Winfield Scott on the danger of secession (Reel 17), materials relating to the dedication of the cemetery at Gettysburg (Reel 18), and resolutions passed by various organizations after Everett's death in 1865 (Reel 19).

The correspondence in this series was originally bound into volumes (Vol. 1-38), but the volumes have been disbound and the documents rehoused in boxes.

Reel 1Box 1
1675-Mar. 1818
Reel 1Box 2
Apr.-Dec. 1818
Reel 2Box 2
1819-May 1825
Reel 2Box 3
June 1825-1827
Reel 3Box 4
Reel 4Box 5
1830-Feb. 1831
Reel 4Box 6
Mar.-Dec. 1831
Reel 5Box 6
1832-Aug. 1833
Reel 5Box 7
Sep. 1833-1834
Reel 6Box 7
Jan.-May 1835
Reel 6Box 8
June 1835-May 1838
Reel 6Box 9
June 1838-1839
Reel 7Box 9
1840-Aug. 1841
Reel 7Box 10
Sep. 1841-May 1842
Reel 8Box 10
June 1842
Reel 8Box 11
July 1842-Feb. 1843
Reel 8Box 12
Mar. 1843
Reel 9Box 12
Apr.-Aug. 1843
Reel 9Box 13
Sep.-Dec. 1843
Reel 10Box 13
Jan.-Apr. 1844
Reel 10Box 14
May-Dec. 1844
Reel 11Box 14
Jan. 1845
Reel 11Box 15
Feb.-Dec. 1845
Reel 12Box 16
1846-May 1848
Reel 12Box 17
June 1848-1849
Reel 13Box 17
Reel 13Box 18
Reel 14Box 18
Jan.-Feb. 1852
Reel 14Box 19
Mar. 1852-Apr. 1853
Reel 14Box 20
May-Dec. 1853
Reel 15Box 20
1854-July 1855
Reel 15Box 21
Aug. 1855-1856
Reel 16Box 21
Jan.-Mar. 1857
Reel 16Box 22
Apr. 1857-1858
Reel 17Box 22
Jan. 1859
Reel 17Box 23
Feb. 1859-June 1860
Reel 17Box 24
July-Dec. 1860
Reel 18Box 24
1861-Apr. 1862
Reel 18Box 25
May 1862-1863
Reel 19Box 25
Jan.-June 1864
Reel 19Box 26
July 1864-1865

II. Everett family volumes, 1834-1847

This series consists of the diaries, letterbooks, and other volumes of two of Everett's daughters, Anne Gorham Everett and Charlotte Everett Wise.

Note: The volumes in this series have not been microfilmed. Use the call number Ms. N-1201 to request these items.

A. Diaries, 1834-1847

This subseries contains the diaries of Anne Gorham Everett and Charlotte Everett Wise. The diaries of Anne Gorham Everett describe her daily life in Boston and Cambridge, Mass., and later London, England; school and church attendance; time spent with family members; the sickness and death of her sister Grace Webster Everett; sightseeing in England; travels in Europe in 1840; social engagements, including a meeting with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1842; and her battle against rheumatic attacks and influenza that led to her death a few weeks after the last entry.

The diary of Charlotte Everett Wise describes her daily life in Cambridge, Mass.; the election of her father Edward Everett as president of Harvard in 1846; time spent with family and friends, including Mary Ward; social events such as lectures, balls, bowling, and trips to Newport, R.I.; church attendance; "home visits" with her mother; and other events.

Vol. 1-2
Anne Gorham Everett diaries, 25 Nov. 1834-4 Sep. 1835
Vol. 3-4
Anne Gorham Everett diaries, 5 Sep. 1835-1 Sep. 1836
Vol. 5-6
Anne Gorham Everett diaries, 2 Sep. 1836-23 Feb. 1838
Vol. 7-8
Anne Gorham Everett diaries, 24 Feb. 1838-31 May 1839
Vol. 9-10
Anne Gorham Everett diaries, 1 June 1839-4 Sep. 1840
Vol. 11-12
Anne Gorham Everett diaries, 5 Sep. 1840-26 Sep. 1841
Vol. 13-14
Anne Gorham Everett diaries, 27 Sep. 1841-17 Feb. 1843
Vol. 15
Anne Gorham Everett diary, 18 Feb.-29 Sep. 1843
Vol. 16
Charlotte Everett Wise diary, 30 Apr. 1846-23 Jan. 1847

B. Composition book, 1837

This subseries consists of a composition book of Charlotte Everett Wise.

Vol. 17

C. Letterbooks, 1837-1841

This subseries consists of the letterbooks of Anne Gorham Everett.

Vol. 18
Anne Gorham Everett letterbook, 1841
Vol. 19
Anne Gorham Everett letterbook, 1837

III. Correspondence (bound), 1840-1853

This series primarily consists of letters from Everett, but also contains some letters to him.

A. Letters of introduction, 1840-1845

This subseries contains letters of introduction written to Everett by various correspondents. Each volume has two indexes, one of the writers of the letters, the other of the people introduced. Correspondents include Mrs. John Quincy Adams, Peter Chardon Brooks, John C. Calhoun, Lewis Cass, Rufus Choate, Henry Clay, Caleb Cushing, C. A. Davis, W. W. Ellsworth, N. L. Frothingham, Abbott Lawrence, William H. Seward, Jared Sparks, John Tyler, Daniel Webster, Robert C. Winthrop, Nathan Hale, William R. King, Martin Van Buren, and others.

Reel 20Vol. 39
Reel 20Vol. 40

B. Diplomatic correspondence, 1841-1845

This subseries contains letters to and from Everett, as well as related documents. Correspondents include Lord Aberdeen, George Canning, and others. Among the subjects discussed are: ship cases, including the Lintin case in China, the Hermosa case in the Bahamas, the Caroline case, and the Creole case; the slave trade; the China trade; duties on rice; the Northeastern Boundary dispute; and other matters. Some of the letters in this subseries were written by Everett's assistant A. Stevenson. Other papers include the affidavit of Warren Delano, American Vice Consul in China, on the Lintin affair; and a letter from Lord Aberdeen granting permission for qualified U.S. citizens to examine official British records of the colonial period. Vol. 42 and Vol. 43 include indexes at the back.

Reel 21Vol. 41
Reel 21Vol. 42
Reel 21Vol. 43

C. Letters from London, 1841-1845

This subseries contains letters from Everett to a wide variety of British and American correspondents, as well as copies of official dispatches. Correspondents include Lord Aberdeen, Daniel Webster, John Tyler, Peter Chardon Brooks, James Hagarty, Lewis Cass, George Bancroft, A. P. Upshur, Baring Brothers, Nathan Hale, William H. Prescott, Abbott Lawrence, Joshua Bates, Caleb Cushing, Robert C. Winthrop, C. A. Davis, E. E. Hale, H. Wilding, Lord Canning, John C. Calhoun, J. G. Palfrey, W. R. King, F. R. Rives, A. Davy, Sir Robert Peel, James Buchanan, George Ticknor, family members, and others. All of the volumes include at least one index. Vol. 52 contains two indexes to all of the volumes in this subseries: an index of correspondents and a chronological list of letters.

Reel 22Vol. 44
Reel 22Vol. 45
Reel 22Vol. 46
Reel 22Vol. 47
Reel 22Vol. 48
Reel 23Vol. 49
Reel 23Vol. 50
Reel 23Vol. 51
Reel 23Vol. 52

D. Secretary of state correspondence, 1852-1853

This subseries contains drafts and copies of official correspondence from Secretary of State Everett to various correspondents, including J. F. Crampton, the British Chargé in Washington; J. R. Ingersoll, American Minister in London; the Comte de Sartiges, French Minister; Calderon de la Barca, Spanish Minister; William C. Rives; Alexander de Bodisco, Russian Minister; D. M. Barringer in Madrid; President Fillmore; and a variety of American and foreign officials.

Reel 24Vol. 53
Nov. 1852- Mar. 1853
Reel 24Vol. 54
Nov. 1852-Mar. 1853

Copies of the correspondence in Vol. 53.

E. Letterbooks, 1825-1865

This subseries contains copies of letters from Everett to a wide variety of correspondents, including Daniel Webster, Jared Sparks, Robert C. Winthrop, Sidney Brooks, Henry Holland, Samuel A. Eliot, Alexander Hill Everett, Robert Bonner, Hiram Powers, Charles Francis Adams, Peter Chardon Brooks, Joshua Bates, T. W. Harris, E. E. Hale, S. Austin Allibone, William H. Seward, Joseph E. Sprague, Nathan Hale, Caleb Cushing, John C. Warren, William Everett, Lord Aberdeen, C. A. Davis, Baring Bros. & Co., John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, Simon Greenleaf, Millard Fillmore, George J. Abbot, Louis Agassiz, James Buchanan, J. C. Heywood, Charles Folsom, Thomas Aspinwall, P. P. F. Degrand, W. P. Farrand, John Binns, Charlotte Gray Brooks Everett, Lewis Cass, J. L. Sibley, Fletcher Webster, Martin Van Buren, John Marshall, Jacob Graberg, J. B. Sartori, Charlotte Everett Wise, James Madison, Zachary Taylor, and many others.

Most of the volumes in this subseries have indexes at the back to the correspondents in that volume. Note: The first letterbook, Vol. 55, has been missing from the collection for many years and has not been microfilmed.

Reel 25Vol. 56
8 Aug.-22 Oct. 1825
Reel 25Vol. 57
26 Oct. 1825-7 Aug. 1826
Reel 25Vol. 58
9 Aug.-9 Nov. 1826
Reel 25Vol. 59
10 Nov.-31 Dec. 1826
Reel 25Vol. 60
1 Jan.-14 June 1827
Reel 25Vol. 61
16 June-11 Oct. 1827
Reel 25Vol. 62
11 Oct. 1827-29 Sep. 1828
Reel 25Vol. 63
10 June-2 Oct. 1828
Reel 25Vol. 64
6 Oct.-30 Dec. 1828
Reel 25Vol. 65
2 Jan. 1829-4 Jan. 1830
Reel 25Vol. 66
6 Jan. 1830-5 Oct. 1835
Reel 25Vol. 66A
20 Oct. 1835-21 Jan. 1851
Reel 25Vol. 67
9 Nov. 1835-17 Jan. 1838
Reel 26Vol. 68
12 Mar. 1836-5 June 1840
Reel 26Vol. 69
20 July-25 Nov. 1840
Reel 26Vol. 70
26 Nov. 1840-11 May 1841
Reel 26Vol. 71
14 May-23 Nov. 1841
Reel 26Vol. 72
28 Nov. 1841-12 Mar. 1842
Reel 26Vol. 73
13 Mar.-10 Sep. 1842
Reel 26Vol. 74
10 Sep. 1842-20 June 1843
Reel 26Vol. 75
22 June 1843-31 July 1844
Reel 27Vol. 76
8 Mar. 1844-7 Oct. 1845
Reel 27Vol. 77
9 Oct. 1845-24 Jan. 1846
Reel 27Vol. 78
26 Jan.-1 June 1846
Reel 27Vol. 79
2 June-15 Oct. 1846
Reel 27Vol. 80
14 Oct. 1846-19 Mar. 1847
Reel 27Vol. 81
19 Mar.-2 July 1847
Reel 28Vol. 82
5 Apr.-29 Oct. 1847
Reel 28Vol. 83
29 Oct. 1847-4 Feb. 1848
Reel 28Vol. 84
4 Feb.-30 Apr. 1848
Reel 28Vol. 85
1 May-25 July 1848
Reel 28Vol. 86
25 July-19 Oct. 1848
Reel 28Vol. 87
19 Oct. 1848-23 Jan. 1849
Reel 29Vol. 88
22 Jan.-11 Apr. 1849
Reel 29Vol. 89
12 Apr.-25 June 1849
Reel 29Vol. 90
25 June-18 Oct. 1849
Reel 29Vol. 91
18 Oct. 1849-24 Jan. 1850
Reel 29Vol. 92
25 Jan.-20 May 1850
Reel 29Vol. 93
20 May-9 Sep. 1850
Reel 29Vol. 94
8 Sep.-27 Nov. 1850
Reel 30Vol. 95
28 Nov. 1850-22 Mar. 1851
Reel 30Vol. 96
24 Jan. 1851-29 Sep. 1853
Reel 30Vol. 97
22 Mar.-30 June 1851
Reel 30Vol. 98
30 June-21 Oct. 1851
Reel 30Vol. 99
22 Oct. 1851-16 Feb. 1852
Reel 30Vol. 100
16 Feb.-9 June 1852
Reel 30Vol. 101
8 June-11 Oct. 1852
Reel 30Vol. 102
12 Oct. 1852-9 Aug. 1853
Reel 30Vol. 103
12 Aug. 1853-23 Sep. 1854
Reel 31Vol. 104
4 Oct. 1854-5 Oct. 1855
Reel 31Vol. 105
5 Oct. 1855-21 Apr. 1856
Reel 31Vol. 106
22 Apr.-20 Dec. 1856
Reel 31Vol. 107
22 Dec. 1856-18 Sep. 1857
Reel 31Vol. 108
21 Sep. 1857-9 June 1858
Reel 31Vol. 109
10 June-10 Dec. 1858
Reel 31Vol. 110
11 Dec. 1858-21 Sep. 1859
Reel 31Vol. 111
23 Sep. 1859-31 Mar. 1860
Reel 31Vol. 112
1 Apr.-2 Oct. 1860
Reel 31Vol. 113
4 Oct. 1860-17 Mar. 1861
Reel 32Vol. 114
23 Mar.-16 Aug. 1861
Reel 32Vol. 115
17 Aug.-30 Dec. 1861
Reel 32Vol. 116
1 Jan.-25 Apr. 1862
Reel 32Vol. 117
25 Apr.-11 Nov. 1862
Reel 32Vol. 118
11 Nov. 1862-24 Apr. 1863
Reel 33Vol. 119
24 Apr.-22 Oct. 1863
Reel 33Vol. 120
23 Oct. 1863-28 Mar. 1864
Reel 33Vol. 121
28 Mar.-25 Aug. 1864
Reel 33Vol. 122
27 Aug. 1864-14 Jan. 1865

IV. Personal journals, 1814-1865

This series contains the personal journals of Edward Everett, including a few letters and other documents.

A. Travel journals, 1814-1819

Reel 34Vol. 123
Sermons, correspondence, and Washington journal, May-Nov. 1814

Two of Everett's sermons, dated 21 May 1814 and 28 May 1814; two letters to his brother Alexander Hill Everett, dated 16 May 1814 and 26 May 1814; a manuscript account of his visit to Washington in Nov. 1814 and a typewritten copy of this manuscript.

Reel 34Vol. 124
Journal of England and Holland, 1815

Journal of Everett's trip to England, including accounts of his visits to various places in England and of his month-long stay in Holland before going to Göttingen. Also a typewritten copy of the manuscript journal.

Reel 34Vol. 125
"Journey from Amsterdam to Göttingen and Life in Göttingen," 30 July 1815-20 Mar. 1816

The first 68 pages of the manuscript cover the events of the title; the last 8 are notes on scholarly matters. Also a typewritten copy of the first 68 manuscript pages.

Reel 34Vol. 126
"Journey to Holland," 23 Apr.-3 May 1816

Also a typewritten copy of the manuscript.

Reel 34Vol. 127
"Journey from Göttingen to Dresden and Berlin," 13 Sep.-2 Nov. 1816

Also a typewritten copy of the manuscript.

Reel 34Vol. 128
"Journey to the Harz," 26 June-4 July 1817

Everett's journal of his visit to the Harz Mountains. Also a typewritten copy of the manuscript.

Reel 34Vol. 129
"Journey from Göttingen to Paris," 26 Oct.-7 Nov. 1817

Also a typewritten copy of the manuscript.

Reel 34Vol. 130
"Miscellaneous Papers and Notes Belonging to the First Visit to Europe," 1815-1818

Consists of lists of books purchased, lecture notes, notes on trips, and similar documents.

Reel 35Vol. 131
Journal of Paris and England, 14 Mar.-1 June 1818

Everett's journal of his trip from Paris to England and his subsequent travels in England.

Reel 35Vol. 132
Journal of England, Wales, and Scotland, 2 June-16 July 1818

Continuation of Vol. 131 and containing Everett's journal of his travels in England, Wales, and Scotland.

Reel 35Vol. 133
Journal of England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, and Italy, 21 July-17 Oct. 1818

Continuation of Everett's journal of his travels in Europe: travels in England and Scotland, 21-30 July 1818, and travels in France, Switzerland, and northern Italy, especially Milan, Verona, and Venice, 3 Sep.-17 Oct. 1818.

Reel 35Vol. 134
Journal of Italy, 1818-1819

Everett's journal of his travels in Italy, especially Rome, Florence, and Naples, during the period 18 Oct. 1818 to early 1819.

Reel 35Vol. 135
Journal of Italy, Greece, and Constantinople, 21 Mar.-2 July 1819

Everett's journal of his travels from Italy through Greece to Constantinople; most of the volume devoted to Everett's extensive travels in Greece.

Reel 35Vol. 136
"Journal of a Voyage in Albania, Greece, and Asia Minor, made in the Spring of 1819," 1819

Includes the period 1-20 Mar. 1819 and appears to be the first part of Vol. 135.

Reel 35Vol. 137
Correspondence, 1819

Copies of letters to G. B. Niccolini in Florence; Dr. Koster in Göttingen; Professor di Rossi in Parma; Professor Dessen at Göttingen; Ignatius, Metropolitan of the Greek Church at Pisa; and Professor Boeckh in Berlin.

Reel 35Vol. 138
"Trip through Greece," 1819

Apparently a revision of Vol. 135 and 136.

B. Diaries, 1825-1865

Reel 36Vol. 139
11 Apr. 1825-9 Aug. 1827
Reel 36Vol. 139A
19 Nov. 1825-12 Feb. 1826
Reel 36Vol. 140
10 Aug. 1827-2 June 1828
Reel 36Vol. 141
3 June 1828-28 Feb. 1829
Reel 36Vol. 142
2 Mar.-23 Oct. 1829
Reel 36Vol. 142A
28 May-24 June 1829
Reel 36Vol. 143
24 Oct. 1829-30 Sep. 1830
Reel 36Vol. 144
1 Oct. 1830-15 Nov. 1831
Reel 36Vol. 145
18 Nov. 1831-31 Dec. 1832
Reel 36Vol. 146
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1833
Reel 36Vol. 147
1 Jan. 1834-15 Sep. 1835
Reel 36Vol. 148
17 Sep. 1835-24 Sep. 1836
Reel 36Vol. 149
25 Sep. 1836-12 Aug. 1837
Reel 36Vol. 150
13 Aug. 1837-10 Apr. 1838
Reel 36Vol. 151
11 Apr.-26 Oct. 1838
Reel 37Vol. 152
27 Oct. 1838-31 May 1839
Reel 37Vol. 153
1 June-8 Dec. 1839
Reel 37Vol. 154
9 Dec. 1839-5 June 1840
Reel 37Vol. 155
6 June-23 Oct. 1840
Reel 37Vol. 156
23 Oct. 1840-26 June 1841
Reel 37Vol. 157
27 June 1841-15 Mar. 1842
Reel 37Vol. 158
16 Mar.-18 Sep. 1842
Reel 37Vol. 159
19 Sep. 1842-22 Mar. 1843
Reel 37Vol. 160
23 Mar.-21 Oct. 1843
Reel 37Vol. 161
22 Oct. 1843-12 June 1844
Reel 37Vol. 162
13 June 1844-17 Jan. 1845
Reel 37Vol. 163

A few journal entries but mostly notes and anecdotes about famous personages taken down by Everett.

Reel 38Vol. 164
18 Jan.-9 Oct. 1845
Reel 38Vol. 165
10 Oct. 1845-31 Dec. 1846
Reel 38Vol. 166
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1847
Reel 38Vol. 167
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1848
Reel 38Vol. 168
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1849
Reel 38Vol. 169
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1850
Reel 38Vol. 170
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1851
Reel 38Vol. 171
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1852
Reel 38Vol. 172
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1853
Reel 39Vol. 173
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1854
Reel 39Vol. 174
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1855
Reel 39Vol. 175
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1856
Reel 39Vol. 176
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1857
Reel 39Vol. 177
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1858
Reel 39Vol. 178
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1859
Reel 40Vol. 179
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1860
Reel 40Vol. 180
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1861
Reel 40Vol. 181
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1862
Reel 40Vol. 182
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1863
Reel 40Vol. 183
1 Jan.-31 Dec. 1864
Reel 40Vol. 184
1-12 Jan. 1865
Reel 40Vol. 185
Memorandum book with scattered entries, 1844
Reel 40Vol. 186
Pocket diary with scattered entries, 1849
Reel 40Vol. 187
Pocket diary with scattered entries, 1861
Reel 40Vol. 188
Pocket diary with scattered entries, 1862
Reel 40Vol. 189
Pocket diary, 1864

V. Miscellany, 1683-1910

This series consists of a wide variety of material, including drafts of speeches and sermons, manuscripts of writings appearing in The Mount Vernon Papers, printed copies of speeches, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, etc., as well as a small amount of additional papers acquired after 1930.

Reel 41Vol. 190
Accounts and vouchers, 1841-1845

Everett's accounts and vouchers as minister to England. Also a list of books and maps.

Reel 41Vol. 191
Names and addresses, 1841-1845

List of names and addresses, possibly of people who called on Everett in England.

Reel 41Vol. 192
Autobiography, begun 20 Feb. 1855

Manuscript of the start of Everett's autobiography up to his first visit to London in 1815.

Reel 41Vol. 193
London engagement book, 1842-1845
Reel 41Vol. 194
Mount Vernon lectures, 1850s

Manuscripts of most of the 53 Mount Vernon papers that Everett gave as lectures to help preserve Mount Vernon as a national shrine.

Reel 41Vol. 195
"Washington Album," June 1864

Presented to Everett for his work helping to preserve Mount Vernon. Consists of a testimonial and a list of names.

Reel 41Vol. 196
Newspaper clippings, 1850s

Reprints of the 53 Mount Vernon papers.

Reel 41Vol. 197
Account book, 20 Mar. 1839-6 June 1840

Account book listing mostly groceries. Not in Everett's hand and not identified.

Reel 41Vol. 198
Article: "General State of the Country at the Close of the War [Revolution],"11 Apr. 1839
Reel 41Vol. 199
Pennsylvania Institute petition, 3 Feb. 1858

Petition from the Pennsylvania Institute to Everett to lecture there.

Reel 41Vol. 200
Draft: "The Character of Washington," 22 Feb. 1856

Draft of Everett's lecture, delivered in Boston.

Reel 41Vol. 201
Draft: "The Character of Washington," 1850s

Revised draft of Everett's lecture, together with a list of places where the lecture was given.

Reel 42Vol. 202
Eulogy of Lafayette, 6 Sep. 1834
Reel 42Vol. 203
"Report of the Minority of the Committee for Investigating the Affairs of the Bank of the U. States," 1830s

Manuscript copy, with 82 pages of documents relating to the report.

Reel 42Vol. 204
Account book, 1864

Account book recording donations for East Tennesseans.

Reel 42Vol. 205
Printed work: "Monuments of Washington's Patriotism," 1841
Reel 42Vol. 206
Correspondence, 1827-1858

Letters from William H. Prescott to Everett.

Reel 42Vol. 207
Correspondence, 1818-1859

Letters to Everett, the first 5 from Zachary Macaulay and the rest from Thomas B. Macaulay.

Reel 42Vol. 208
George Washington's diary, 1 Oct. 1789-10 Mar. 1790

Manuscript copy.

Reel 42Vol. 209
George Washington's diary, 12 Mar. 1790-11 June 1791

Manuscript copy.

Reel 42Vol. 210
List of books, undated

List of 4,362 books on a wide variety of subjects. This may be a catalog of part of Everett's library but is not identified as such.

Reel 42Vol. 211
List of books, undated

Continuation of Vol. 210; lists books from number 4,363 to 7,079.

Reel 42Vol. 212
"Miscellanea," ca. 1864

Notebook containing a 5-page article on discipline, 3 pages of Agenda, a printed copy of a letter from Everett to George Bancroft dated 25 Oct. 1864, and an unidentified poem.

Reel 42Vol. 213
Autobiographical sketch, up to May 1833
Reel 42Vol. 214
Translation of Prof. John Gottfried Eichhorn's "An Introduction to the Old Testament," 12 Apr. 1818

The original was published in 1787.

Reel 43Vol. 215
Articles: "Ashes Pot and Pearl" and "Cotton," undated
Reel 43Vol. 216
"Common-Place Book of Law and other subjects connected with it," 1807
Reel 43Vol. 216A
Correspondence, 2 Aug. 1838

Letter from Everett to Gales and Seaton, editors of the National Intelligencer.

Reel 43Vol. 217
Copy of Louisa Walter's "Practical Arithmetic," 1813

Includes miscellaneous items in back of volume.

Reel 43Vol. 218
Manuscript: "Notes on Archaeology," undated
Reel 43Vol. 219
Translations of Hugo's History and Antiquities of the Civil Law and Mr. Wahrnkoenig's Lectures on the Civil Law, undated

In German script.

Reel 43Vol. 220
Commonplace book, 27 Oct. 1860

Commonplace book containing the autograph of George Canning and presented to Everett.

Reel 43Vol. 221
Address book, 18 Aug. 1833
Reel 43Vol. 222
Notebook, undated

Small notebook with notes on a variety of subjects.

Reel 43Vol. 223
Notebook written in Greek, 4 Jan. 1818
Reel 43Vol. 224
List of books, undated

Alphabetical list of books, possibly of Everett's library.

Reel 43Vol. 225
Lists of recipients, 1850s

List of 247 people to whom Everett sent copies of his published Orations and Speeches. Also an additional list of 38 people to whom the third volume of his Orations and Speeches, published in 1859, was sent.

Reel 43Vol. 226
Account book, undated

Unidentified account book detailing ordinary living expenses. Random notes on a variety of subjects at the end of the book.

Reel 44Vol. 227
"Manuscripts Relating to Spanish Affairs," vol. 1 of 2, 1825-1829

Contains some of the diplomatic papers of Alexander Hill Everett, often long statements in Spanish accompanied by an English translation.

Reel 44Vol. 228
"Manuscripts Relating to Spanish Affairs," vol. 2 of 2, 1825-1829
Reel 45Vol. 229
"The Madison Papers, Volume I," 1787

A manuscript copy of Madison's notes on the Constitutional Convention entitled "Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 by James Madison, a member." This copy seems almost identical to that published by Gaillard Hunt in his edition of Madison's writings.

Reel 45Vol. 230
"The Madison Papers, Volume II," 1780-1787

Described in a note written by Everett in 1842 as "Mr. Madison's Report on Debates in the Congress of the Old Confederation with Correspondence from 1780-1787, supposed to be contained in the Congressional edition of his writings." Copy of one letter from Madison to "Mr. Niles" dated 8 Jan. 1822. Also a copy of a report on the debates in 1776 on the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation preserved by Thomas Jefferson and furnished by him to James Madison.

Reel 46Vol. 231
"The Madison Papers, Volume III," 1817-1836

Contains copies of letters written by James Madison, plus short essays on "Sovereignty," "Majority Government," "Nullification," and other topics. Among the correspondence are letters from Madison to Joseph C. Cabell, W. C. Rives, Martin Van Buren, Andrew Stevenson, N. P. Trist, Judge Roane, George McDuffie, Edward Livingston, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Dr. Thomas Cooper, and Charles Francis Adams.

Reel 46Vol. 232
Miscellaneous papers, 1844-1910

Mostly papers dating from the 1850s: a 47-page typescript of the life of Everett sent to his grandson in 1910; items relating to the Hülsemann letter, including Daniel Webster's original proposal to Everett on the subject; items dealing with the problem of international copyright; drafts of Everett's speeches, including the one nominating Daniel Webster for president in 1851; and a copy of Leverrier's memoir on periodical comets with a translation of the same.

Reel 46Vol. 233
Miscellaneous papers, 1850-1863

Mostly papers relating to Everett's speech at the dedication of the cemetery at Gettysburg in Nov. 1863. Included are biographical sketches of Everett, items relating to arrangements, copies of reviews of the speech, and personal correspondence on the subject. Also material on Daniel Webster, including items relating to the Webster Memorial Fund and sketches of Webster written by Everett, and drafts for articles and speeches on Civil War subjects and miscellaneous family papers.

Reel 47Vol. 234
Speeches and other writings, 1823-1860s

Printed and manuscript speeches by Everett when a representative in Congress in the late 1820s and early 1830s and also from the Civil War period. From the first period are speeches on the Second Bank of the United States, imports, relations with Brazil, and other matters, as well as papers relating to the case of Commonwealth v. S. Russell. From the second period are drafts for articles on George Washington, including one for Appletons' Cyclopaedia; the manuscript for a lecture on international law; and drafts for speeches on various Civil War subjects.

Reel 47Vol. 235
Speeches and other writings, 1812-1859

Manuscript drafts of various writings by Everett, including a copy of his Harvard Phi Beta Kappa poem of 1812; notes on the Second Bank of the United States; copies of a speech delivered before leaving for England in 1840; a copy of his lecture on Benjamin Franklin; speeches given at various times in Massachusetts; a copy of an ode, "L'Amerique," by Lucien Bonaparte; and other miscellaneous papers and newspaper clippings.

Reel 47Vol. 236
Speeches and other writings, 1827-1861

Copies of speeches and articles by Everett on a wide variety of subjects: papers on the Northeastern Boundary controversy, including a copy of a long letter from Albert Gallatin to Henry Clay dated 12 Dec. 1827; a manuscript on the history of the steam engine; a draft of an article on George Washington; drafts of articles entitled "The Formation of a State," "The History of the Romans," and "On Improvement in the Social System in America"; drafts of articles on the negotiations for peace in 1763, the history of the English language, the discovery of America by the Northmen, and British-American relations, all dated 1839; and other miscellaneous speeches and papers.

Reel 47Vol. 237
Writings, 1850s-1860s

Various numbers of a series entitled "Leisure Hours" written by Everett in the late 1850s and early 1860s; drafts of articles entitled "National Insults"; and drafts of articles, notes, letters to editors, etc., on a variety of Civil War subjects.

Reel 48Vol. 238
Sermons, 1815-1821

Manuscripts of 16 of Everett's sermons, including one delivered before the Asylum for Indigent Boys.

Reel 48Vol. 239
Sermons, 1813-1814

Manuscripts of 34 of Everett's sermons.

Reel 48Vol. 240
Speeches and articles, ca. 1860

Printed material and manuscripts. Printed material includes a set of The Mount Vernon Papers, some pages of "Leisure Hours," and articles and speeches on Civil War subjects. Manuscript material consists of two drafts of articles on George Washington.

Reel 48Vol. 241
Speeches and articles, 1812-1864

Printed and manuscript copies of Everett's speeches, articles on a wide variety of subjects, and other miscellaneous documents. Included are articles on Lord Ashburton, "The Presidency," and "The Lexington Monument"; an address delivered at Everett's installation as Greek professor at Harvard in 1815; various political speeches; addresses at the dedications of schools, the Franklin Statue, etc.; and a partial bibliography of Everett's works.

Reel 48Vol. 242
Sermons, 1813-1820

Manuscripts of 29 of Everett's sermons.

Reel 49Vol. 243
Harvard papers, 1817-1822

Various documents relating to Everett's life as Greek professor at Harvard and associated matters. Included are a letter from Everett to President Kirkland from Göttingen in 1817; a sermon dated 1821; Everett's plan of Greek instruction; notes on his classroom lectures; two unidentified printed Greek texts; and a memorandum on rhubarb.

Reel 49Vol. 244
Speeches and lectures, 1817-1863

Miscellaneous manuscript drafts of various speeches and lectures by Everett, together with some printed copies. Included are notes on the Hebrew language; a translation of Lessing's Emilia Galotti; manuscripts on the French Revolution; lectures on the history of architecture; various political speeches; addresses to charitable organization; and a list of invitations received by Everett from May 1863.

Reel 49Vol. 245
Manuscript: "A Biographical Memoir of the Public Life of Daniel Webster, with a few anecdotes of his Parentage, Education, and Early Life," by Ezekiel Webster, undated
Reel 49Vol. 246
Early New England sermons, 1683-1809

Manuscript sermons of early New England clergymen and other miscellaneous documents. Included among the authors of the sermons are Cotton Mather, J. S. Buckminster, Samuel Langdon, President Davis, Dr. Osgood, Samuel Mather, Jonathan Edwards, Dr. Tappan, and Samuel Willard.

Reel 49Vol. 247
Newspaper clippings and eulogies of Everett, Jan. 1865
Reel 50Vol. 247A
Manuscript: "An Introduction to the Old Testament," undated

Includes an appendix on the Septuagint version of the Old Testament.

Reel 50Vol. 248
Newspaper clippings, 1822-1856This volume has been removed to Series VI. Oversize material.

Newspaper clippings on a variety of subjects relating to Everett, including articles from British newspapers, accounts of Everett's inauguration as president of Harvard in 1846, a short printed biographical sketch of Everett, and articles on judicial impartiality written by Everett for the Boston Courier in 1839.

Reel 50Vol. 249
Newspaper clippings, 1801-1865

Newspaper clippings on a variety of subjects related to Everett, mostly for the period 1830-1865, including accounts of his speeches, letters to editors, and similar material.

Reel 50Vol. 250
Papers of the Congress at Florence, 1841This volume has been removed to Series VI. Oversize material.

Primarily printed documents, most in Italian. About half grouped under the title "Proceedings of the Congress at Florence"; the other half mostly diarios, presumably accounts of the same Congress.

Reel 50Vol. 251
Treaties and foreign affairs, 1783-1854

Printed copies of treaties and other important documents relating to U.S. foreign affairs, including copies of the treaties of 1783, 1794, and 1814; proclamations of Pres. James Monroe and Pres. John Quincy Adams; and conventions between the U.S. and other nations, mostly in the 1820s.

Reel 50Vol. 252
Treaties and foreign affairs, 1830-1853

Printed copies of treaties, conventions, and presidential proclamations relating to various Latin American countries, various German states, Hawaii, China, and others.

Reel 50Vol. 253
Printed material: "Correspondence with Foreign Powers not Parties to Conventions giving the Right of Search of vessels suspected of the Slave Trade," 1842-1843
Reel 51Vol. 254
Printed material, 1840-1865

Printed documents on a variety of subjects, including documents accompanying an address of Governor Andrew delivered in 1862; speeches given at a banquet for Rear Admiral Lessoffsky held in Boston in 1864 and at the inauguration of the Dudley Observatory in Albany, N.Y., in 1856; measures for the relief of the Scotch and the Irish (Boston, 1847); correspondence about the King of Denmark's comet and the record of proceedings at the awarding of a medal to Maria Mitchell, 1849; John E. Todd's sermon on Everett, 1865; a memoir of Nathan Appleton, 1861; and catalogs of naval officers at Newport, R.I., 1862-1863, and of the Eagleswood Military Academy in Perth Amboy, N.J., 1862-1863.

Reel 51Vol. 255
Printed material, 1821-1865

Printed material on the lives of Everett and Daniel Webster, with other documents: a notice of Everett's death; Richard H. Dana, Jr.'s eulogy of Everett; Everett's speech nominating Webster for president in 1852; ceremonies at the dedication of a statue of Webster in 1852; Webster's address at the laying of a cornerstone for the Capitol in Washington in 1851; a biographical sketch of Webster from the American Quarterly Review, 1831; and a book of poems (Boston, 1821) by William B. Walter.

Reel 51Vol. 256
Printed material, 1824-1876

Printed sermons and speeches on a variety of subjects, including two sermons by Edward Everett Hale, one on the future of Southern civilization, 1862, and one on Everett, 1865; a sermon by A. P. Putnam on Everett, 1865; reports of the Boston Public Library Trustees, 1861, and the Boston School Committee, 1860; speeches at the dedication of the Everett Grammar School, 1860; a history of Christ Church, Boston, 1824, and the Old South Church, 1876; a speech by Col. William Gilpin on the Pacific Railroad problem, 1849; and records of the ceremonies at the 50th anniversary of the founding of South Carolina College, 1855, and the inauguration of Washington University in St. Louis, 1857.

Reel 51Vol. 257
Printed material, 1823-1860

Printed articles on a variety of subjects, including relations between the U.S. and the Cherokees, 1829; a review in the Southern Quarterly Review of Everett's Orations and Speeches, 1851; a memoir of Peter Chardon Brooks [by Everett], 1855; copies of Leverrier's article in French on the planet Neptune, 1848; copies of the Boston Courier account of a union meeting held at Faneuil Hall on 8 Dec. 1859; notes on the Boston school system; and newspaper clippings, including an 1823 report on the Monroe Doctrine.

Reel 52Vol. 258
Printed material, 1828-1863

Printed documents, most of them treaties and conventions with foreign powers during the period 1850-1854; also Indian treaties and an address delivered by Governor Andrew on 11 Nov. 1863.

Reel 52Vol. 259
Printed material, 1820-1865This volume has been removed to Series VI. Oversize material.

Copies of Boston and New York newspapers during the 1850s and 1860s and other miscellaneous documents, including a memorial dinner menu, seating plans of the House of Representatives in the 1820s and 1830s, a handbill for a British parade in 1844, a memorandum by Everett on shorthand, and a map of the world.

Reel 52Vol. 260
Printed material, 1830-1859This volume has been removed to Series VI. Oversize material.

Numbers of the Cherokee Phoenix for 1830-1832 and copies of Boston and New York newspapers for 1852-1859.

Reel 52Vol. 261
Miscellaneous papers, 1812-1865

Includes a copy of Richard H. Dana, Jr.'s "Life and Services of Edward Everett," printed in 1865; a copy of the Cherokee alphabet; various printed handbills and Senate bills; other eulogies of Everett; and a copy of Everett's 1812 poem entitled "American Poets."

Reel 52Vol. 262
Mount Vernon papers, 1858-1860

Numbers of the Mount Vernon Journal, some of them duplicates, and other items dealing with Everett's efforts to preserve Mount Vernon as a national shrine.

Reel 52Vol. 263
Scrapbook, 1815-1818

Scrapbook of cards received by Everett on his first trip to England and the continent.

Reel 52Vol. 264
Empty lettercase, undated
Reel 52Vol. 265
Scrapbook, 1850s

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, most of them referring to Everett.

Reel 52Vol. 266
Scrapbook, undated

Scrapbook entitled "Souvenirs" containing pictures of European scenes and some pressed flowers.

Reel 52Vol. 267
Scrapbook, 1850-1865

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings on various subjects, with an index.

Reel 52Vol. 268
Scrapbook, 1833-1865

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, relating mostly to Everett, with an index.

Reel 52Vol. 269
Album, undated

Album of prints on a variety of European subjects.

Reel 52Vol. 270
Album, 1840s

Album of calling cards, all apparently received by Everett while minister in London.

Printed works by Everett

Reel 52Vol. 271
Address at the funeral of J. L. Abbot, 1814
Reel 52Vol. 271
Sermon, 1821
Reel 52Vol. 271
Memorial to the Harvard Corporation signed by Everett and others, 1824
Reel 52Vol. 271
Harvard Phi Beta Kappa oration (3 copies), 1824
Reel 52Vol. 271
Plymouth oration (2 copies), 1824
Reel 52Vol. 271
Synopsis for Harvard course on the history of Greek literature
Reel 53Vol. 272
Oration at Concord, 19 Apr. 1825
Reel 53Vol. 272
Speech on Amending the Constitution, 1826
Reel 53Vol. 272
Remarks on Relief for Revolutionary Officers, 1826
Reel 53Vol. 272
Cambridge Oration, 4 July 1826
Reel 53Vol. 272
Address on Adams and Jefferson, 1 Aug. 1826
Reel 53Vol. 272
Address on the Claims of Naples, Holland, and France, 1826
Reel 53Vol. 272
Report on the Georgia Controversy, 3 Mar. 1827
Reel 53Vol. 272
Report on Spoliations, 23 Feb. 1827
Reel 53Vol. 272
Report on the Beaumarchais Claim, 1 Apr. 1828
Reel 53Vol. 272
Oration at Charlestown, Mass., 4 July 1828
Reel 53Vol. 272
Address on the John Harvard Monument, 26 Sep. 1828
Reel 53Vol. 273
Address on Removing Indians, with another edition, 1830
Reel 53Vol. 273
Address in favor of the Indian Tribes, 1831
Reel 53Vol. 273
Address on the Apportionment Bill, 1832
Reel 53Vol. 273
Address on the Tariff, 1832
Reel 53Vol. 273
Address at the Bicentennial of the Arrival of Governor Winthrop at Charlestown, Mass., 1830
Reel 53Vol. 273
Address on the Working Men's Party, 1830
Reel 53Vol. 273
Address before the American Institute, 1831
Reel 53Vol. 273
Introduction to the Franklin Lectures, 1831
Reel 53Vol. 273
Address at Worcester, Mass., 4 July 1833
Reel 53Vol. 273
Phi Beta Kappa Address at Yale, 20 Aug. 1833
Reel 53Vol. 273
Address on the Conduct of the Administration, by Alexander Hill Everett, 1832
Reel 53Vol. 273
Address at Amherst College on the History of Civilization, by Alexander Hill Everett (2 copies), 27 Aug. 1833
Reel 53Vol. 274
Address on Lafayette, 1834
Reel 53Vol. 274
Address on the French Question, 1835
Reel 53Vol. 274
Report of the House Educational Committee, 1835
Reel 53Vol. 274
Speech at Lexington, Mass., with other editions, 1835
Reel 53Vol. 274
Address at Amherst College, 1835
Reel 53Vol. 274
Address at Bloody Brook in South Deerfield in Commemoration of the Fall of the "Flower of Essex," 1835
Reel 53Vol. 274
Governor's Address, 1836
Reel 53Vol. 274
Address before the Charitable Mechanics Association, 1837
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address on John Lowell, with another edition, 1839
Reel 53Vol. 275
Addresses at Everett's Inauguration as President of Harvard, 1846
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address at the New Medical College, 1846
Reel 53Vol. 275
Remarks at the Education Committee Hearing, 1848
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address on John Quincy Adams, 1848
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address on Memorials of Colleges, 1849
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address on Bunker Hill, 1850
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address at Middlesex, 1852
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address before the American Colonization Society, with another edition, 1853
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address on the Central American Treaty, 1853
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address on the Discovery of America, 1853
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address before the New-York Historical Society, 1853
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address at the Plymouth Festival, 1853
Reel 53Vol. 275
Address on Cuba, 1853
Reel 54Vol. 276
Speech in Defense of the Daniel Webster Statue, 1859
Reel 54Vol. 276
Address on Thomas Dowse, 1859
Reel 54Vol. 276
Address at Albany, N.Y., on the Uses of Astronomy, 1856
Reel 54Vol. 276
Address on George Peabody, 1857
Reel 54Vol. 276
Oration before the Municipal Authorities of Boston by John S. Holmes, together with Speeches at Faneuil Hall, 5 July 1858
Reel 54Vol. 276
Address on Daniel Webster's Birthday, 1856
Reel 54Vol. 276
Address on the Kansas-Nebraska Bill, 1854
Reel 54Vol. 276
Address at Faneuil Hall, 1859
Reel 54Vol. 276
Speech at the Dedication of the Daniel Webster Statue, 1859
Reel 54Vol. 277
Oration before the City Authorities of Boston, 4 July 1860
Reel 54Vol. 277
Address entitled Self-Government in the United States, 4 July 1860
Reel 54Vol. 277
Addresses given at the Inauguration of Cornelius Conway Felton as President of Harvard College, 19 July 1860
Reel 54Vol. 277
Speeches at the Dedication of the Everett Grammar School House, 17 Sep. 1860
Reel 54Vol. 277
Mr. Adams and Mr. Everett on the Union and the Southern Rebellion, 1861
Reel 54Vol. 277
Address at the Dinner given for the Prince Napoleon, with a poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 25 Sep. 1861
Reel 54Vol. 277
Address delivered at the Academy of Music, N.Y., with another edition, 4 July 1861
Reel 54Vol. 277
Address on Recruiting, 27 Aug. 1862
Reel 54Vol. 277
Address delivered before the Union Agricultural Society, 12 Sep. 1861
Reel 54Vol. 278
Address at Gettysburg and other Exercises of the Occasion, with other editions, 19 Nov. 1863
Reel 54Vol. 278
Address at the Annual Examination of the United States Naval Academy, 28 May 1863
Reel 54Vol. 278
Address at the Inauguration of the Union Club, 9 Apr. 1863
Reel 54Vol. 279
Account of the Fund for the Relief of East Tennessee, 1864
Reel 54Vol. 279
Article on the Monroe Doctrine, 1863
Reel 54Vol. 279
Address at Faneuil Hall, 1864
Reel 54Vol. 279
The Burial of the Massachusetts Dead at Gettysburg, with Everett's oration, 1863
Reel 54Vol. 279
Address at Gettysburg, 19 Nov. 1863
Reel 54Vol. 279
Proceedings of the Thursday Evening Club on the Occasion of the Death of Edward Everett, 1865
Reel 54Vol. 279
Tributes to Edward Everett by Robert C. Winthrop, 1865
Reel 54
Miscellaneous papers, 1819-1861

Material acquired by the MHS after the receipt of the main Everett collection: a copy of a letter from Mrs. Kate Bowyer to Everett, 3 June 1861; correspondence between Everett and Miss Lettie Burwell, 1858-1861, including letters both to and from Everett; letters relating to the purchase of the Everett-Burwell correspondence; Everett's sermon before the Roxbury Charitable Society, 9 Sep. 1820; Everett's "Charity Lecture," 3 Dec. 1820; Everett's eulogy of Dr. William Bentley, 1 Jan. 1819; Everett's notebook with copies of letters, 1822; and Everett's sermon entitled "The Support of Religion by the State," 5 Apr. 1824.

VI. Oversize material

This series consists of oversize items removed from the rest of the collection. Items in Box OS 1-5 may be found on the microfilm in their original locations above. Items in Box OS 6 have not been microfilmed.

Box OS 1
Vol. 248
Box OS 2
Vol. 250
Box OS 3
Vol. 259
Box OS 4
Vol. 260
Box OS 5
Items removed from loose papers and journals
Box OS 6
Miscellaneous oversize items

Includes a translation of the Gettysburg Address into German (supplement to the Bremen Courier, May 1864). Note: These items have not been microfilmed.

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Edward Everett papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848.
Adams, John, 1735-1826.
Allston, Washington, 1779-1843.
Everett family.
Madison, James, 1751-1836.
Washington, George, 1732-1799.


Harvard University. Faculty.
Massachusetts. Governor (1836-1840 : Everett).


Europe--Description and travel--1800-1918.

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