1742-1884; bulk: 1861-1867

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This collection consists of the papers of Albert Gallatin Browne of Massachusetts, kept while serving as a special supervising agent of the Treasury Department in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida during the Civil War.

Biographical Sketch

Albert Gallatin Browne was born in Salem, Mass., on December 8, 1805, to James Browne and Lydia Vincent Browne. Before the Civil War, Browne was a partner in the ship chandler and ropemaker firm of Whiton, Browne, and Wheelwright of Boston and Salem. During the Civil War, Browne served as the special supervising agent, 5th Special Agency of the U.S. Treasury Department in Beaufort, Port Royal, and Charleston, S.C., and Savannah, Ga. He was in charge of seizing supplies and goods left behind by the Confederate Army for shipment to the North and supervising trade and commerce in areas of the Confederacy occupied by U.S. forces. Under certain acts, the agency received and collected abandoned, captured, and seizable property. Albert G. Browne died in 1885.

Collection Description

The Albert Gallatin Browne papers contain correspondence with government officials, the War Department, and others relating to Browne's duties as special supervising agent; lists of captured and abandoned property; expenditures; deposits and receipts; printed and manuscript government regulations pertaining to treasury agents; orders for subsistence stores; vouchers for seized merchandise; legal documents regarding the ownership of cotton and other confiscated items; letterbooks; printed material; and account books. Also included are letters written to Browne by his son Albert G. Browne, Jr. (1835-1891), who served as military secretary to Massachusetts Governor John A. Andrew during the Civil War, and miscellaneous letters collected while in the South.

Acquisition Information

Gift of the estate of Charlotte Crowninshield Browne, through Warburton K. VerPlanck, Jan. 1981 and May 1987.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Professional papers, 1863-1868

A. Correspondence, 1863-1867

Loose correspondence

Letters sent by Browne to War Department officials, government officials, the treasury secretary, local special treasury agents, and businessmen about the shipment of goods and supplies, cotton, and other subjects relating to his duties as special supervising agent for the Treasury Department.

Box 1
1863-5 Nov. 1865
Box 2
7 Nov. 1865-1867

Bound correspondence

Letterbooks of correspondence sent and received by Browne and records relating to his duties as special supervising agent in the South. Letters in Vol. 1 were received by Browne. Vols. 2-4, labeled "department" on the spine, include letters sent by Browne to local special agents, Customs Commissioner Nathan Sargent, and Secretaries of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase, William P. Fessenden, and Hugh McCulloch. Vols. 5-6 include correspondence written by Browne to local special agents, mostly in the 4th Special Agency. Vols. 7-9 include letters written by Browne's secretaries regarding shipments of supplies and goods, business transactions, and information relating to the acquisition of seized property. Vol. 10 is a list of reports and communications sent by Albert G. Browne, Jr.

Vol. 1
Letterbook, Oct. 1863-Sep. 1864
Vol. 2
Letterbook, Oct. 1864-Nov. 1865
Vol. 3
Letterbook, Nov. 1865-Jan. 1866
Vol. 4
Letterbook, Dec. 1865-Oct. 1866
Vol. 5
Letterbook, Oct. 1863-Jan. 1864
Vol. 6
Letterbook, Feb. 1864-Feb. 1865
Vol. 7
Letterbook, Feb.-Dec. 1865
Vol. 8
Letterbook, Dec. 1865-Oct. 1866
Vol. 9
Letterbook, 1864-1865
Vol. 10
Reports and communications of Albert G. Browne, Jr., 1865

B. Financial records, 1863-1868

Loose financial records

Material related to the financial aspects of Browne's position as special supervising agent. Included are receipts for confiscated property, expenditures, deposits, lists of captured and abandoned property, statistics of delivered cotton, quartermaster store lists, orders for subsistence stores, receipts for property captured aboard ships, abstract returns for the 4th and 5th Special Agency, and miscellaneous accounts, vouchers, and receipts.

Box 3Folder 1-7
Receipts, 1864-1866
Box 3Folder 8-10
Abstract of expenditures, 1864-1866
Box 3Folder 11
Abstract of deposits, 1863-1865
Box 3Folder 12
Captured/abandoned property reports, 1865
Box 3Folder 13
List of quartermaster stores, 1865
Box 3Folder 14
Cotton delivery papers, 1865-1866
Box 3Folder 15
Miscellaneous receipts, vouchers, and documents, 1865-1868
Box 3Folder 16
Accounts and inventory book, 1865
Box 4
Orders for subsistence stores, 1865
Box 5-6
Receipts for property captured aboard ships, Jan.-Mar. 1865
Box 7
Abstract returns for the 4th and 5th Special Agency, 1864-1866
Box OS 1
Abstract returns for the 4th and 5th Special Agency, 1864-1866
Box OS 2
Abstract returns, July-Sep. 1864
Box OS 3
Abstract returns, Dec. 1864 and 1865

Bound financial records

Records of goods shipments; records of captured and abandoned property; invoice books; a stamp account book; sales of cargo of the ship Rebecca Hunt; unsold inventory and appraisal books for St. Helena, Ladies, and Port Royal Islands; certificate and expense books; and federal rules and regulations concerning abandoned property.

Vol. 11
Records of shipments, 1865
Vol. 12
Captured and abandoned property, 1864-1865
Box 8Vol. 13
List of articles remaining unsold on St. Helena, Ladies, and Port Royal Islands, undated
Box 8Vol. 14
List of bonds, 2nd Local Special Agency, 4th Special Agency, U.S. Treasury Department, undated
Box 8Vol. 15
Copy of expenses to 1 May 1865
Box 8Vol. 16
Copy of expenses to May 1865
Box 8Vol. 17
Copy of expenses to Aug. 1865
Box 8Vol. 18
Cash accounts, 1863-1865
Box 8Vol. 19
Appraisals, St. Helena Island, undated
Box 8Vol. 20
Appraisals, Port Royal, Ladies, & St. Helena Islands, Dec. 1863
Box 8Vol. 21
Sales of cargo of the Rebecca Hunt, Mar. 1865
Box 8Vol. 22
Stamp account (L. A. Dodge, Savannah, Ga.), 1865
Box 8Vol. 23
Invoice book of storehouse (H. S. Kimball), 18 Feb. 1865
Box 8Vol. 24
Invoice book of storehouse (A. G. Browne, Savannah, Ga.), Feb.-Mar. 1865
Box 8Vol. 25
Invoice book (L. A. Dodge), 1865

II. Personal papers, 1830-1873

A. Correspondence, 1852-1873

This subseries contains personal correspondence sent and received by Browne, mostly from his son Albert G. Browne, Jr., military secretary to Massachusetts Governor John A. Andrew. Letters discuss happenings at home in Massachusetts, thoughts on the war, and family information. Also included in this subseries is a typed transcription of a diary kept by Browne while in Jacksonville, Fla., describing his work environment and transactions, traveling with the army, and daily activities.

Box 9Folder 1-9
Personal correspondence, 1852-1873
Box 9Folder 10
Transcription of diary, 1864

B. Papers collected, 1830-1865

This subseries contains a memorandum book, correspondence, and other papers, mostly written by people living in South Carolina, confiscated by Browne as abandoned and captured property while he was stationed in South Carolina. Also included is a letterbook from the National Alarm Corporation.

Box 9Folder 11-14
Miscellaneous confiscated papers, 1830-1865
Box 9Folder 15
Confederate correspondence and memorandum book, 1844-1865
Vol. 26
National Alarm Corporation letterbook, 1871-1872

III. Printed material, 1742-1884

This series contains pamphlets, broadsides, and broadsheets related to the Treasury Department and local and national politics during the Civil War. Included are bound volumes of printed Union Army orders and rules and regulations concerning captured and abandoned property.

Box 10Folder 1
Government regulations pertaining to special treasury agents, 1862-1865
Box 10Folder 2
Printed material, 1860-1870
Box 10Folder 3-4
Broadsides and broadsheets, 1862-1875
Box 11
Miscellaneous pamphlets, 1742-1884

Sermons and prayers; historical and biographical sketches; almanacs; legal reports and depositions related to the Treasury Department; reports and regulations of the Treasury Department; House resolutions; political speeches; articles and legal decisions related to slavery; newspaper clippings; and other printed material.

Vol. 27-28
Union Army orders, 1864-1865
Vol. 29-31
Rules and regulations concerning captured and abandoned property, 1863-1864

Preferred Citation

Albert Gallatin Browne papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Browne, Albert Gallatin, 1835-1891.
Chase, Salmon P. (Salmon Portland), 1808-1873.
Fessenden, William Pitt, 1806-1869.
McCulloch, Hugh, 1808-1895.
Sargent, Nathan, 1794-1875.


National Alarm Corporation.
United States. Dept. of the Treasury. Officials and employees.
United States. War Dept.


Account books--1863-1865.
Cotton--South Carolina.
Real property--Florida.
Real property--Georgia.
Real property--South Carolina.
Reconstruction--South Carolina.
Southern States--Economic conditions.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Economic aspects.

Materials Removed from the Collection

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