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Collection Summary


This collection consists of the papers of the Saltonstall family of Haverhill, Salem, and Chestnut Hill, Mass., primarily those of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845) and Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895). Papers of the Leverett, Cooke, Badger, Sanders, Lawrence, and Brooks families are also represented. Included are family letters; personal papers; business, legal, and financial papers; diaries; and genealogical material.

Biographical Sketches

Below are brief biographical sketches of the Saltonstall family and related families, highlighting the individual members represented most prominently within the collection.

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The Saltonstall Family

Arranged alphabetically.

Mary Cooke Saltonstall Badger (1749-1791) was the daughter of Richard Saltonstall (1703-1756) and Mary Cooke Saltonstall (later Harrod) (1723-1804). She was the sister of Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815) of Haverhill, Mass. and Leverett Saltonstall (1754-1782), a Loyalist, who served in the British army. She married Rev. Moses Badger (1743-1792), a chaplain in the British Navy, in 1771. She fled with her Loyalist husband to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1776, then to New York, Newport, and Providence, Rhode Island, where she died in 1791. She was the mother of Richard Saltonstall Badger, Nathaniel Badger, and George Badger.

Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall (1867-1961) was the daughter of Peter Chardon Brooks (1831-1920) and Sarah Lawrence Brooks (1845-1915). She married Richard Middlecott Saltonstall (1859-1922) in 1891. A founder of the Community Fund and an officer in the American Red Cross, she was appointed a member of the National Women's Committee for Mobilization of Human Needs in 1936. She was the mother of Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979), Eleanor "Nora" Saltonstall (1894-1919), Muriel Gurdon Saltonstall Lewis (1896-1990), and Richard Saltonstall (1897-1979).

Eleanor "Nora" Saltonstall (1894-1919) was born in Chestnut Hill (Brookline), Mass., the daughter of Richard Middlecott Saltonstall (1859-1922) and Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall (1867-1961), and the sister of Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979). She graduated from Miss Winsor's school in 1911 and continued her education at Miss Ferris' School in Paris in 1911-1912. When World War I began, she organized the Active Corps of the Special Aid Society in Boston and earned a First Aid Certificate in June 1917. She served in France with the American Red Cross from 1917 to 1918 during World War I and was awarded the Croix-de-Guerre in 1918. After returning home in March 1919, she went on a camping trip in the western U.S. and contracted typhoid fever, dying in July 1919 at the age of 24.

Endicott Peabody Saltonstall (1872-1922) was the son of Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895) and Rose Lee Saltonstall, and the brother of Richard Middlecott Saltonstall (1859-1922). Earning an A.B. from Harvard College in 1894 and an LL.B. from Harvard Law School in 1897, he practiced law in Boston and was appointed district attorney for Middlesex County in 1921-1922. He married Elizabeth Baldwin Dupee in 1898.

Leverett Saltonstall (1754-1782) was the son of Judge Richard Saltonstall (1703-1756) and his third wife Mary Cooke Saltonstall (later Harrod) (1723-1804). Although he had apprenticed to become a merchant in Boston, Saltonstall became a Loyalist and served in the British Army as a 2nd lieutenant in the 23rd Regiment of Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) under Sir William Howe in 1778. He later served under Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown. Saltonstall returned to New York as a parolee after the British surrender in 1781, joining his sister Mary Badger and her family. He died in New York City in 1782 at his sister's home.

Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845) was the son of Dr. Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815) and Anna White (1752- 1841). Graduating from Harvard College in 1802, he practiced law in Salem, Mass. from 1805 until about 1835. He served as a Massachusetts state senator and representative intermittently between 1813-1834 and again in 1844, and served as president of the Massachusetts Senate from 1831 to 1832. The first mayor of Salem, Mass. in 1836-1837, Saltonstall was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives as a Whig, serving from December 1838 to March 1843 (25th-27th Congresses). He was also an overseer of Harvard University from 1835 to 1845. Saltonstall married Mary Elizabeth Sanders (1788-1858), the daughter of Thomas Sanders and Elizabeth Elkins Sanders of Salem. Their children were Anne Elizabeth Saltonstall (1812-1881), Caroline Saltonstall (1815-1883), Lucy Saltonstall [Tuckerman] (1822-1890), and Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895).

Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895) was the son of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845) and Mary Elizabeth Sanders Saltonstall (1788-1858). He graduated from Harvard College in 1844 and received his law degree from Harvard in 1847. He practiced law until 1860, when he became active in the Massachusetts Democratic Party, and although he was frequently nominated as a candidate for Congress, he was never elected. In 1876, he was appointed chief Massachusetts commissioner for the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition and also helped to oversee the 1876 Florida ballot controversy that arose as part of the Tilden-Hayes presidential election. He was appointed the collector of the port of Boston by Pres. Grover Cleveland in 1885, serving until 1889, and was a member of the Board of Overseers of Harvard University from 1889 until his death in 1895. Saltonstall married Rose Smith Lee (b. 1835) of Salem in 1854, and they lived in Chestnut Hill (Brookline), Massachusetts. His children were Leverett Saltonstall (1855-1863), Richard Middlecott Saltonstall (1859-1922), Rose Lee Saltonstall [West] (1861-1891), Mary Elizabeth Saltonstall [Shaw] (b. 1862), Philip Leverett Saltonstall (1867-1919), and Endicott Peabody Saltonstall (1872-1922).

Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979) was the son of Richard Middlecott Saltonstall (1859-1922) and Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall (1867-1961). He was a graduate of Harvard College (1914) and Harvard Law School (1917) and served in the U.S. Army from 1917 to 1919. A Republican, he was elected to the Massachusetts Senate from 1922 to 1937, serving as speaker of the House from 1929-1937. Saltonstall was the governor of Massachusetts from 1939 to 1945 and a U.S. Senator from 1945 to 1967, serving as Senate Republican Whip, chair of Senate Republican Conference, and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Saltonstall married Alice Wesselhoeft (1893-1981) in 1916. His children were Leverett Saltonstall (1917-1966), Rosalie Saltonstall (1919-1920), Emily Saltonstall [Byrd] (1920-2006), Peter Brooks Saltonstall (1921-1944), William Lawrence Saltonstall (1927-2009), and Susan Saltonstall (1930-1994).

Mary (Cooke) Saltonstall (1723-1805) was the daughter of Jane Middlecott and Elisha Cooke, Jr., one of the wealthiest men in Massachusetts. It is Mary, through her father's line, who connected the Saltonstall family to the Leverett family. (Mary's paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Leverett, daughter of Gov. John Leverett.) She married Judge Richard Saltonstall of Haverhill in 1744 as his third wife, and after Saltonstall's death in 1756, married Benjamin Harrod, a Haverhill widower. She was the mother of Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815), with whom she lived in Haverhill, Mass. after Harrod died in 1780; Mary Cooke Saltonstall [Badger] (1749-1791); and Leverett Saltonstall (1754-1782). Both Mary Badger and Leverett were Loyalists who were forced to flee Massachusetts in 1776.

Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815) was the son of Richard Saltonstall (1703-1756) and Mary Cooke Saltonstall (1723-1804) of Haverhill, Mass. A child of 10 when his father died and his mother remarried Benjamin Harrod, he was largely brought up by his uncle Middlecott Cooke of Boston. Saltonstall graduated from Harvard College in 1766 and became a physician, practicing in Haverhill, Bradford, Andover, and Amesbury, Mass. He married Anna White (1752-1841), daughter of Samuel White and Sarah Brown White of Haverhill, in 1780. His children were Mary Cooke Saltonstall [Varnum] (1781-1817), Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), Nathaniel Saltonstall (1784-1838), Anna Saltonstall [Merrill] (1787-1865), Sarah Saltonstall [Howe] (1790-1870), Richard Saltonstall (1794-1834), and Matilda Saltonstall [Howe] (1796-1831).

Nathaniel Saltonstall (1784-1838) was the son of Dr. Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815) and Anna White Saltonstall (1752-1841), and the brother of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845). He was a merchant in Baltimore and later in Salem, Mass., where he married Caroline Sanders (1793-1882), daughter of Thomas Sanders of Salem and sister of his brother Leverett's wife Mary Elizabeth. Nathaniel was the father of Catherine Pickman Saltonstall [Peirson] (1823-1852), Elizabeth Sanders Saltonstall [Silsbee] (1825-1887), Henry Saltonstall (1828-1894), and William Gurdon Saltonstall (1831-1889).

Richard Middlecott Saltonstall (1859-1922) was the son of Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895) and Rose Smith Lee Saltonstall (b. 1835). A classmate of Theodore Roosevelt, he graduated from Harvard College in 1880. He studied law at Harvard and at the office of William Caleb Loring and was admitted to the bar in 1884. A businessman and investor, Saltonstall was president and director of the E. Howard Clock Company, a trustee of Constitution Wharf Trust, and a director of the Globe Newspaper Co., Boston Storage Warehouse Co., and Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co. He married Eleanor Brooks (1867-1961), daughter of Sarah Lawrence and Peter Chardon Brooks, in 1891. Their children were Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979), Eleanor "Nora" Saltonstall (1894-1919), Muriel Gurdon Saltonstall [Lewis] (1896-1990), and Richard Saltonstall (1897-1979).

William Gurdon Saltonstall (1831-1899) was the son of Nathaniel Saltonstall (1784-1838) and Caroline Sanders (1793-1882). An East India merchant, he served in the U.S. Navy from 1861-1865 and was the acting master of the Commodore Hull, a ship involved in the North Atlantic blockade of the Confederacy. Saltonstall married Josephine Rose Lee in 1867 and was the father of Robert Saltonstall (1870-1941), Lucy Sanders Saltonstall [Rantoul] (b. 1871), John Lee Saltonstall (1878-1959), and Rosamund Saltonstall [Auchincloss] (b. 1881).

Related Families

Arranged alphabetically.

Peter Chardon Brooks (1831-1920) was the son of Gorham Brooks (1795-1855) and Ellen Shepherd Brooks (1809-1884). He prepared for college under Samuel Eliot, graduating from Harvard in 1852. Holding extensive real estate investments in Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois, Brooks devoted much of his time to agriculture, art, and travel. He married Sarah Lawrence Brooks (1845-1915), daughter of Amos A. Lawrence (1814-1886) and Sarah Elizabeth Appleton Lawrence (1822-1891), and was the father of Eleanor Brooks [Saltonstall] (1867-1961) and Lawrence Brooks (b. 1868).

Sarah Lawrence Brooks (1845-1915) was the daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Appleton (1822-1891) and Amos Adams Lawrence (1814-1886), an industrialist and leader in the American abolitionist movement. Sarah was an amateur and prolific photographer. She had six siblings, including William Lawrence (1850-1941), who was elected a Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Massachusetts in 1893. She married Peter Chardon Brooks and was the mother of Eleanor Brooks [Saltonstall] (1867-1961) and Lawrence Brooks (b. 1868).

Elisha Cooke, Jr. (1678-1737) was the son of Elisha Cooke (1637-1715) and Elizabeth Leverett (1651-1715), daughter of Gov. John Leverett. Graduating from Harvard in 1697, Cooke became a physician, a member of the Massachusetts General Court, and served as speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1720. Politically, Cooke was one of the leaders of the party in opposition to the Royal Governor. One of the wealthiest men in the province, Cooke bought up large tracts of timberland in Maine and challenged the Crown's rights to these forests. Cooke married Jane Middlecott (1682 -1743), daughter of Sarah Paine and Richard Middlecott, in 1703. He was the father of Middlecott Cooke (1705-1771) and Mary Cooke [Saltonstall] [Harrod] (1723-1804).

Middlecott Cooke (1705-1771) was the son of Elisha Cooke, Jr. (1678-1737) and Jane Middlecott Cooke (1682-1743), and the brother of Mary Cooke [Saltonstall] [Harrod] (1723-1804). After receiving his Master's degree from Harvard College in 1726, he helped his father manage the family lands in what is now Maine, making several voyages to new settlements there. He also worked as a merchant in the firm of Goldthwaite and Cooke, serving as a clerk in the Suffolk County court and as a Boston selectman. Unmarried and childless, Cooke took in his sister Mary Cooke Saltonstall and her children after the death of Mary's husband, Judge Richard Saltonstall. Upon Cooke's death in 1771, he left his Saltonstall niece and nephews his mansion, stores, warehouses, and ropewalks in Boston, and his land in Massachusetts and Maine.

Mary Cooke Saltonstall Harrod - see Mary Cooke Saltonstall

Gov. John Leverett (1616-1679) was the son of Thomas Leverett, an alderman of Boston, England. He emigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony with his parents in 1633, but went back to England in 1644 to fight for Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War. Returning to Massachusetts by 1647, Leverett became active in the colonial militia and served in the General Court. In 1654, Cromwell appointed Leverett the military governor of Acadia (present-day Nova Scotia), a position he held until 1657. Leverett was appointed the Massachusetts Bay Colony agent or representative to England from 1655 to 1662 and served as major-general in the Massachusetts militia from 1663 to 1673 and as governor of Massachusetts from 1673 to his death in 1679. He married Hannah Hudson in 1639, and upon her death married Sarah Sedgwick (1629-1704) in 1647. One of their twelve children, Elizabeth (1651-1715), married Elisha Cooke, Sr., whose granddaughter Mary Cooke married Judge Richard Saltonstall.

John Leverett (1662-1724) was the grandson of Gov. John Leverett (1616-1679) and the son of Hudson and Sarah Payton Leverett. He received his A.B. from Harvard College in 1680 and his A.M. from Harvard in 1683. He served as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives (1696-1702), speaker of the House (1700-1702), justice of the Superior Court (1702-1708), judge of the Probate Court for Middlesex County (1702-1708), and member of the Provincial Council (1706-1708). He was appointed resident fellow at Harvard under Increase Mather's administration from 1685 to 1697 and became the first secular president of Harvard College in 1708, serving until his death in 1724. He married Margaret Rogers Berry in 1697, and they had nine children, six of whom died in infancy. After Margaret's death in 1720, Leverett married Sarah Crisp Harris.

Elizabeth Elkins Sanders [or Saunders] (1762-1851) was the daughter of Thomas Elkins and Elizabeth White Elkins of Salem. She was an author and social critic, particularly on issues of injustices to Native Americans and wrongs perpetrated by foreign religious missions. She published Conversations, Principally on the Aborigines of North America (Salem, Mass. 1828); First Settlers of New England (Boston, 1829); and Tract of Missions (Salem, 1844), the last when she was 82. She also published numerous essays of literary criticism. She married Thomas Sanders [Saunders] in 1782 and was the mother of Charles Sanders (b. 1783), Catherine Sanders [Pickman] (b. 1784), Mary Elizabeth Sanders [Saltonstall] (1788-1858), Caroline Sanders [Saltonstall] (1793-1882), Lucy Sanders (bapt. 1793), and George Thomas Sanders (b. 1804).

Thomas Sanders [or Saunders] (1753-1844) was the son of Thomas Sanders (1729-1774) and Lucy Smith Sanders of Gloucester, Mass. Although Sanders's family could not afford to give him a college education, he nevertheless became one of wealthiest merchants in Salem, Mass. He married Elizabeth Elkins (1762-1851) of Salem and was the father of Charles Sanders (b. 1783), Catherine Sanders [Pickman] (b. 1784), Mary Elizabeth Sanders [Saltonstall] (1788-1858), Caroline Sanders [Saltonstall] (1793-1882), Lucy Sanders (bapt. 1793), and George Thomas Sanders (b. 1804). His daughter Mary Elizabeth married Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), and his daughter Caroline married Leverett's brother Nathaniel Saltonstall (1784-1838). Sanders built his daughters and their husbands a double house on Chestnut St. in Salem next door to his own.


The collection was originally arranged by the Saltonstall family in several different formats. The largest portion, dating from the mid-18th century, was stored in a series of blue notebooks or "Tengwell volumes" at the Saltonstall's Chestnut Hill (Mass.) home. Other documents in the collection were kept in folios, organized topically by family, country, or individual. Folios dated from the 16th to the 18th century and included papers collected and purchased by the Saltonstalls, as well as those handed down within the family. These formats have been combined in the collection's current arrangement to reflect series and chronological order. The original volume or folio numbers are penciled at the top of each document and have also been retained in the Saltonstall Online Catalog. Lists of the original folios and other inventories can be found in Series VII, Collection History.

A small group of Saltonstall family papers donated by Robert Saltonstall Ward of Cambridge in 1933 has also been incorporated into this collection.

Oversize documents have been removed from the collection and replaced with removal forms. They are housed chronologically in oversize boxes 1-5. For additional information, see Series VIII, Oversize Material.

Other Finding Aids

The Saltonstall Online Catalog contains records describing approximately 3,000 documents in the Saltonstall family papers dating from 1524 to 1880. Records include information on author, recipient, date, and original location of documents, and in some cases include item descriptions and select subjects.

Collection Description

Click on the highlighted text to view web presentations of select Saltonstall family documents.

The Saltonstall family papers consist of 47 boxes and 5 oversize boxes of manuscripts and printed material, as well as 22 manuscript and printed volumes. They are arranged in seven series that document the Saltonstall family of Haverhill, Salem, and Chestnut Hill (Brookline), Mass. from the 17th to the 20th century. The bulk of the collection consists of the papers of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), his son Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895), his grandson Richard Middlecott Saltonstall (1859-1922), and their families.

Of particular significance are the papers of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), a Massachusetts state representative and senator, the first mayor of Salem, Mass., and a Whig member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In addition to his personal and political correspondence, which includes letters from Lewis Cass, Rufus Choate, Caleb Cushing, Edward Everett, Lemuel Shaw, Joseph Story, and Levi Lincoln, Saltonstall's papers contain extensive correspondence with his family when he served in Washington, D.C. These letters vividly describe political and social life at the capital, offering Saltonstall's detailed observations of Washington personalities and events.

The papers of Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895) include business and political correspondence related to his career as a leader of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, commissioner to the Philadelphia Centennial Expedition, and collector of the Port of Boston. Of note are Saltonstall's papers related to the controversy surrounding Florida's electoral votes in the Hayes-Tilden presidential election of 1876. Personal diaries chronicle his journey to Europe and the Middle East in 1847-1849. In addition to family correspondence, a large portion of Saltonstall's personal papers relate to genealogical research and family history.

Family papers form the largest and broadest series in the collection, ranging from 16th-century English deeds to the 1985 correspondence of William L. Saltonstall (1927-2009). Included are the papers of Dr. Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815) of Haverhill, Mass.; Mary Elizabeth Sanders Saltonstall, wife of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845); Mary's daughters Anne and Caroline Saltonstall; Richard Middlecott Saltonstall and his wife Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall; and other family members. Papers of Saltonstall family ancestors and related families are also represented, including the Leverett, Cooke, Badger, Sanders, Lawrence and Brooks families. Highlights include political and military papers of John Leverett (1616-1679); Middlecott Cooke's diaries describing his 1734 trip to an outpost in Maine; the correspondence of Mary Cooke Saltonstall Harrod with her Loyalist children during and after the Revolutionary War; the 1840-1843 Washington, D.C. diaries of Anne E. Saltonstall; William Gurdon Saltonstall's Civil War reminiscences; and letters to Richard Middlecott Saltonstall from Harvard classmate Theodore Roosevelt. Later family papers relate almost exclusively to family history and genealogy.

Genealogical papers include the research of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895), Richard Middlecott Saltonstall, and numerous professional genealogists. The bulk of genealogical material consists of the correspondence and research of Louise Emerson Carlisle, who worked as an archivist for the family from the 1930s to the 1960s. Carlisle also compiled information on the history of the Saltonstall family's manuscript, portrait, and artifact collections.

Other documents in the collection, not directly related to the Saltonstall family, include a 1694 copy of Charles Morton's "A Logick System"; 1682 papers of Daniel Gookin pertaining to a Natick, Mass. trial of a Native American; and the papers of Boston dentist David K. Hitchcock (1813-1895).

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mrs. George Lewis, Jr., Leverett Saltonstall, Richard Saltonstall, and Mrs. Richard M. Saltonstall, June 1948 and May 1959.

Gift of William L. Saltonstall, July 1991, with later additions.

Gift of Robert Saltonstall Ward, 1933 (previously the Ward-Saltonstall papers, Ms. S-784).

Restrictions on Access

Three cartons of the Saltonstall family papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Other Formats

Highlights from the Saltonstall Family Collections is a web presentation containing images and transcriptions of selected documents from the Saltonstall family papers.

Most letters and diaries of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845) have been published in The Papers of Leverett Saltonstall 1816-1845, Vols. 1-5, edited by Robert E. Moody, Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1978-1992.

Early papers of the Saltonstall family and related families have been published in The Saltonstall Papers 1607-1815, Vols. 1-2, edited by Robert E. Moody, Boston: Massachusetts Historical Society, 1972-1974.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845) papers, 1796-1854

This series contains the papers of Leverett Saltonstall of Salem, Mass., who served as a Massachusetts state representative and senator, the first mayor of Salem, and a Whig member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Included are Saltonstall's family, personal, legal, and political correspondence; manuscript drafts of Saltonstall's speeches as a Massachusetts state representative and senator, and as a U.S. representative; a series of personal diaries kept from 1803 to 1814 describing daily activities, current events, and travel; and several bound volumes, including a scrapbook kept by Saltonstall's son that chronicled his father's life.

A. Loose papers, 1796-1854

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries includes the correspondence, personal papers, and business papers of Leverett Saltonstall (1785-1845). Family correspondence, which comprises the bulk of the series, contains letters between Leverett and his father Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815); mother Anna White Saltonstall; siblings Anna, Richard, and Nathaniel; and cousin George Badger. In 1812, Leverett began his correspondence with his wife, Mary Elizabeth Sanders Saltonstall, which continued throughout his life. The majority of letters from Leverett to Mary, and later from Leverett to his children Anne, Caroline, Lucy, and Leverett, were written during his trips to Washington, D.C. as a lawyer before the Supreme Court in 1824-1826 and as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Dec. 1838 to Jan. 1843. View the web presentation of selected letters from Leverett to his family.

Personal correspondence includes letters from his Exeter and Harvard classmates, including William Minot, John Gorham, and James S. Dunning. Letters from Exeter classmate Lewis Cass illustrate his impressions of the Northwest Territory and the new state of Ohio.View the web presentation of selected Saltonstall-Cass correspondence. Also included is correspondence with Rev. John E. Abbot, minister of North Church in Salem and Saltonstall's close friend, whose sermons and religious papers are also in this series. A small amount of correspondence and business papers pertain to Saltonstall's Salem law practice, including correspondence with William Prescott and James C. Merrill, wills, deeds, and other documents associated with legal cases. Some material relates to the Brazen-Upham controversy, a libel case between two ministers in Salem in which a large part of the town took sides.

Among Saltonstall's political correspondents, primarily during his tenure as a Congressional representative, are Rufus Choate, Caleb Cushing, Lemuel Shaw, Levi Lincoln, Edward Everett, Horace Mann, Joseph Story, Abbott Lawrence, and Harrison Gray Otis. Also found here is a memorial of Saltonstall's life written by David A. White of Salem in 1854.

To search for specific correspondents, locations, dates, or keywords in this subseries, see the Saltonstall Online Catalog.

Box 1
Box 2
Box 3Folders 1-4
Box 3Folders 5-7
John E. Abbot religious papers, 1814-1818
Box 3Folders 8-30
Box 4
Box 5
Box 6
Box 7Folders 1-3
Box 7Folders 4-7
Brazen-Upham controversy, 1837
Box 7Folders 8-29
Box 8
1840-May 1841
Box 9
June 1841-April 1842
Box 10
May-December 1842
Box 11
1843-June 1844
Box 12Folders 1-14
July 1844-May 1845
Box 12Folders 15-16
D. A. White's memorial, 1854

B. Speeches, 1804-1842

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains manuscript drafts of speeches written and delivered by Leverett Saltonstall, primarily in his capacity as a member of the Massachusetts General Court and later as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. They include speeches to various social and religious groups, public orations marking anniversaries and special events, and speeches that he gave on the floor of the House. His speech on the U.S. tariff also exists in printed form.

See also Leverett Saltonstall's speeches and reports in Printed Material (Series V.A.).

Box 12Folder 17
"A Charge Delivered to the Porcellian Club," October 1804
Box 12Folders 18-19
Independence Day oration delivered in Salem (draft), July 1814
Box 12Folder 20
Address to members of the Merrimack Humane Society, September 1816
Box 12Folders 21-22
Endicott anniversary speech, 1827
Box 12Folder 23
Address to North Church Sunday School, ca. 1830
Box 12Folders 24-25
"Memorial of Citizens of Massachusetts to Congress, concerning the Cherokee Indians, ca. 1831

Draft and final copy.

Box 12Folder 26
Speech on the Maine boundary, March 1839
Box 12Folder 27
Eulogy of President William Henry Harrison, April 1841
Box 12Folder 28
Speech on the tariff, June 1842

C. Diaries, 1803-1814

Arranged chronologically.

Diaries written by Leverett Saltonstall date from February, 1803, when he still practiced law in Haverhill, Mass., until 1814, shortly before he became active in politics. 1803-1804 volumes are small folios that chronicle the weather, Saltonstall's daily activities in Haverhill and Salem, Mass., and some observations about current events. Beginning with his July 1804 diary, Saltonstall kept larger journals, with more comments on politics, events, and courses of study in which he had interest. These volumes also include a journal of a trip to Portland, Maine in 1806; a diary and expense account (1806-1821); and an 1814 journal of a trip to western Mass. and New York. Transcriptions of all diaries are published in The Saltonstall Papers, Vol. 2, except for the Jan. 1806-Apr. 1807 diary, which is published in the MHS Proceedings 89 (1977): 127-177.

Box 13Folder 1
Diary, February-March 1803
Box 13Folder 1
Diary, May 1803
Box 13Folder 1
Diary, October 1803
Box 13Folder 1
Diary, December 1803
Box 13Folder 2
Diary, March 1804
Box 13Folder 2
Diary, April 1804
Box 13Folder 3
Diary, July 1804-December 1805
Box 13Folder 4
Diary, January 1806-April 1807
Box 13Folder 5
"Trip to Portland," August-September 1806
Box 13Folder 6
Diary and expense account, 1806-1821
Box 13Folder 7
Diary, May-October 1807
Box 13Folder 8
Diary, November 1807-February 1808
Box 13Folder 9
Diary, March-April 1808
Box 13Folder 10
Diary, July 1814

D. Bound volumes, 1800-1845

Arranged chronologically.

Vol. 1
"Mathematical manuscript," November 1800

This volume was Saltonstall's copybook for his studies in mathematics at Harvard and includes sections on geometry, trigonometry, surveying, and navigation.

Box 13Folder 11
Bank book, 1843-1845

This small ledger records Saltonstall's deposits and withdrawals at the Commercial Bank of Salem.

Box 13Folder 12
Memorial scrapbook, 1845

Compiled by Leverett Saltonstall's son Leverett (1825-1895) and entitled "Sketches of My Father's Life," the scrapbook contains newspaper clippings and miscellaneous obituaries and memorials.

Box 13Folder 13
Copy book with prayers, n.d.

II. Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895) papers, 1836-1895

This series contains the papers of Leverett Saltonstall of Boston and Chestnut Hill (Brookline), Mass., who served as a leader of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, commissioner to the Philadelphia Centennial Expedition, and collector of the Port of Boston. Included are Saltonstall's family, personal, and political correspondence, as well as manuscript drafts of his speeches and essays, including his "Recollections of Chestnut Street" about his youth in Salem, Mass. A series of personal diaries chronicle his journey to Europe and the Middle East in 1847-1849 and later record his political activities and events related to the Civil War. Also in this series are letterbooks containing copies of Saltonstall's personal and professional correspondence, as well as scrapbooks, including one comprised of letters, newspaper clippings, and printed material related to the 1876 controversy surrounding the Hayes-Tilden presidential electors in Florida.

A. Loose papers, 1836-1895

Arranged chronologically.

Included in this subseries are Leverett Saltonstall's family, political, and personal correspondence and papers. Before 1870, the bulk of the series is comprised of family correspondence with his mother Mary Elizabeth Sanders Saltonstall; sisters Caroline, Anne, and Lucy; his wife Rose Lee Saltonstall; and other family members. (Saltonstall's correspondence with his father Leverett Saltonstall [1783-1845] can be found in Series I.) Saltonstall's 1847-1849 letters discussing his trip to Europe and the Middle East have been transcribed, and include passports to Palestine written in Arabic. Many of his letters are addressed to his sister Anne, to whom he wrote weekly for many years. Also here are numerous letters congratulating Saltonstall on his engagement to Rose Lee in 1854, letters from his sisters Anne and Caroline from Europe in 1869-1870, letters from his son Richard from London in 1885, and letters from his daughter Rose in Florida in 1886.

A large portion of Saltonstall's political papers relate to his role as a leader of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and as a frequent candidate for political office. Included are correspondence and records pertaining to the controversy surrounding the Florida electoral votes in the Hayes-Tilden presidential election of 1876, in which Saltonstall traveled to Florida to oversee the election returns. View the web presentation of selected documents related to Saltonstall's part in the Florida election controversy. An October 1885 letter from Pres. Grover Cleveland confirms Saltonstall's political appointment as collector of the Port of Boston; among the numerous congratulatory letters is a 15 Nov. 1885 note from Theodore Roosevelt. View the web presentation of Roosevelt's letters to Leverett Saltonstall and his son Richard Middlecott Saltonstall. Also among Saltonstall's political papers is an April 1886 letter from Pres. Grover Cleveland asking Saltonstall's opinion of potential political appointees, as well as correspondence related to his removal from political office in 1890.

Personal papers include correspondence related to Saltonstall's numerous Harvard club affiliations, his board positions at the Perkins Institute and School for the Blind and the National Conference of Unitarians, his position as overseer of Harvard University, and his presidency of the Harvard College Alumni Association. Correspondents include Oliver Wendell Holmes, Charles Eliot, Edward Wheelwright, and Charles E. Norton. A large portion of personal papers relates to Saltonstall's longtime interest in his family genealogy, including correspondence with William Endicott, William Brampton Gurdon, James Hubbard, Henry Saltonstall, and Robert C. Winthrop, Jr. This correspondence discusses Saltonstall's interest in collecting family documents and portraits, as well as his research for his book Ancestry and Descendants of Sir Richard Saltonstall, which was published posthumously. See also Series IV, Family History and Genealogy.

To search for specific correspondents, locations, dates, or keywords in documents dated before 1880 in this subseries, see the Saltonstall Online Catalog.

Box 14Folders 1-6
Box 14Folders 7-32

Includes transcriptions.

Box 14Folders 33-35
Box 15
Box 16
1869-October 1885
Box 17
November 1885-1893
Box 18Folders 1-8

B. Speeches and writings, ca. 1850-1894

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries includes Saltonstall's address to the Franklin County Agricultural Society at its inaugural meeting about 1850, a lecture about Alexander Hamilton delivered to the Salem Young Men's Union in 1857, an 1885 essay about his recollections of the Salem of his youth (ca. 1830-1845), copies of speeches given at the 50th anniversary of the Harvard class of 1844, and other miscellaneous writings.

Box 18Folder 9
Address to Franklin Agricultural Society, ca. 1850
Box 18Folder 10
Lecture on Alexander Hamilton, 1857
Box 18Folder 11
"Recollections of Chestnut Street, Salem (Mass.)," 1885
Box 18Folder 12
Harvard Class of 1844 fiftieth anniversary speech, 1894
Box 18Folder 13
Miscellaneous writings, n.d.

C. Diaries, 1847-1895

Arranged chronologically.

Most of the diaries in this subseries are small, page-a-day-format bound volumes. Saltonstall began keeping a diary during his trip to Europe and the Middle East from 1847-1849 and returned to the practice in 1855 until his death in 1895. The 1847-1849 travel diaries contain details of his journeys to France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Constantinople, Greece, England, and Scotland. Later diaries primarily record daily activities, weather, and occasional current events. Beginning in 1860, Saltonstall mentions details of his political activities, and in 1861 through 1865 he regularly discusses events related to the Civil War. Diaries from 1855 to 1861 also contain newspaper clippings. Diaries from 1847-1849, 1855-1865, and 1881-1884 include transcriptions. There are no diaries for the years 1850-1854, 1864, 1869, and 1885-1889.

Box 18Folder 14
Diary, August-October 1847
Box 18Folder 15
Transcription of August-October 1847 diary
Box 18Folder 16
Diary, October 1847-November 1848
Box 18Folders17-22
Transcription of October 1847-November 1848 diary
Box 19Folder 1
Diary, 1849 (with passport)
Box 19Folders 2-5
Transcription of 1849 diary
Box 19Folder 6
Diary, 1855
Box 19Folders 7-9
Transcription of 1855 diary
Box 19Folder 10
Diary, 1856
Box 19Folder 11
Papers removed from 1856 diary
Box 19Folders 12-14
Transcription of 1856 diary
Box 20Folder 1
Diary, 1857
Box 20Folders 2-4
Transcription of 1857 diary
Box 20Folder 5
Diary, 1858
Box 20Folders 6-8
Transcription of 1858 diary
Box 20Folder 9
Diary, 1859
Box 20Folders 10-12
Transcription of 1859 diary
Box 20Folder 9
Diary, 1860
Box 20Folders 13-15
Transcription of 1860 diary
Box 21Folder 1
Diary, 1861
Box 21Folders 2-4
Transcription of 1861 diary
Box 21Folder 1
Diary, 1862

This diary contains minimal entries.

Box 21Folder 5
Diary, 1863
Box 21Folders 6-8
Transcription of 1863 diary
Box 21Folder 9
Diaries, 1865

Saltonstall kept two diaries in 1865, a page-a-day diary (which has been transcribed) and a smaller pocket diary.

Box 21Folders 10-13
Transcription of 1865 diary
Box 22Folder 1
Diary, 1866
Box 22Folder 1
Diaries, 1867

Saltonstall kept two diaries in 1867, a page-a-day diary and a smaller pocket diary.

Box 22Folder 2
Diary, 1868
Box 22Folder 2
Diary, 1870
Box 22Folder 2
Diary, 1871
Box 22Folder 3
Diary, 1872
Box 22Folder 3
Diary, 1873
Box 22Folder 3
Diary, 1874
Box 22Folder 4
Diary, 1875
Box 22Folder 4
Diary, 1876
Box 22Folder 5
Diary, 1877
Box 22Folder 5
Diary, 1878
Box 22Folder 6
Diary, 1879
Box 22Folder 6
Diary, 1880
Box 22Folder 7
Diary, 1881
Box 22Folder 7
Diary, 1882
Box 22Folder 8
Transcriptions of 1881 and 1882 diaries
Box 23Folder 1
Diary, 1883
Box 23Folder 1
Diary, 1884
Box 23Folder 2
Papers removed from 1883 and 1884 diaries
Box 23Folder 3
Louise Carlisle's notes and transcription of 1883 diary
Box 23Folders 4-5
Transcriptions of 1883 and 1884 diaries
Box 23Folder 6
Diary, 1890
Box 23Folder 6
Diary, 1891
Box 23Folder 7
Diary, 1892
Box 23Folder 7
Diary, 1893
Box 23Folder 8
Diary, 1894
Box 23Folder 8
Diary, 1895

D. Bound volumes, 1856-1895

Arranged chronologically and by format.

1. Letterbooks, 1856-1895

This set of large letterbooks contains copies of primarily business correspondence written by Leverett Saltonstall. A separate group of letterbooks, entitled "Collector's Private or Personal Book," overlap in dates with the "Saltonstall Letter Books," but the distinction between the two sets of correspondence is unclear.

Vol. 2
"Saltonstall Letter Book," 1856-1866
Vol. 3
"Saltonstall Letter Book," 1872-1877
Vol. 4
"Saltonstall #4," 1877-1882
Vol. 5
"Saltonstall Letter Book," 1882-1886
Vol. 6
"Collector's Private Book #1," 1885-1886
Vol. 7
"Collector's Personal Book #2," 1886-1887
Vol. 8
"Saltonstall Letter Book," 1887-1888
Vol. 9
"Collector's Private Letters #4," June-November 1888
Vol. 10
"Saltonstall Letter Book," 1888-1889
Vol. 11
"Saltonstall Letter Book," 1889-1895

2. Scrapbooks, 1866-1892

Vol. 12
Newspaper clippings, 1866-1892

This scrapbook was compiled by Leverett Saltonstall and contains newspaper clippings related to his political career with the Mass. Democratic Party and his position as collector of the Port of Boston from 1885-1890.

Vol. 13
Florida election controversy scrapbook, 1876-1878

Entitled by Saltonstall "Florida Conspiracy - Fraudulent Return for Hayes and Tilden 1876-1878. L. Saltonstall witness thereof," the scrapbook contains a note inside the front cover stating, "These scraps and documents were collected hastily after the Florida and Louisiana Fraud in 1876-78 by L. Saltonstall." The volume contains several letters, as well as newspaper clippings and other printed material related to the controversy surrounding Florida presidential electors and Saltonstall's participation in the events that followed.

3. Exhibition register, Centennial International Exhibition, 1876

This volume is the exhibition register for the Massachusetts pavilion at the 1876 Centennial International Exhibition in Philadelphia, listing companies and exhibitors in the departments of Education, Science, Art, and Machinery. Saltonstall served as the Massachusetts Commissioner to the U.S. Centennial and gave this volume to the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1885.

Vol. 14

III. Family papers, 1524-1985

This series contains the correspondence and papers of the Saltonstall family of Haverhill, Salem, and Chestnut Hill (Brookline), Mass., including Haverhill physician Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815), his mother Mary Cooke Saltonstall Harrod, and his Loyalist brother Leverett Saltonstall (1754-1782). Also here are the papers of Mary Elizabeth Sanders Saltonstall, the wife of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845); Mary's daughters Anne and Caroline Saltonstall; and other family members. The series also contains the papers of numerous Saltonstall ancestors and related families, including members of the Leverett, Cooke, and Sanders (Saunders) families, as well as several 16th- and 17th-century deeds and papers related to the Saltonstalls that were collected by family members.

Later family papers include those of Richard Middlecott Saltonstall, his wife Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall, and their children Eleanor "Nora" and Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979). The bulk of the correspondence of Richard, his wife, and his son Leverett relates to family history and genealogy and includes extensive correspondence with family archivist Louise Emerson Carlisle. Also in this series is the correspondence of the Lawrence family, primarily that of Sarah Lawrence Brooks to her parents and brother, and the Civil War papers of William Gurdon Saltonstall, including photocopies of the letterbook of the U.S.S. Commodore Hull, photocopies of letters to his mother, and his 1886 Civil War reminiscences.

Diaries in this series include Gurdon Saltonstall's 1745 journal of a surveying trip to Long Island, New York; the 1840-1843 diaries of Anne E. Saltonstall describing the political and social scene of Washington, D.C.; and Endicott P. Saltonstall's yearly diaries kept from 1898 to 1922. Bound volumes include the 1682-1685 court records of Judge Nathaniel Saltonstall (1639?-1707), the estate records of Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815) and Thomas Sanders, the 1876-1882 Harvard scrapbook of Richard M. Saltonstall, and the ca. 1911 library catalog of Endicott P. Saltonstall.

View the Saltonstall family tree.

A. Family notebook and folio collections, 1524-1880

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains early Saltonstall family papers that were collected primarily by Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), his son Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895), and his grandson Richard Middlecott Saltonstall, who organized them into a series of notebooks and folios. It includes 16th- and 17th-century English deeds related to lands held by the Saltonstall family or their ancestors, as well as papers of Saltonstall ancestors in the Leverett, Cooke, and Sanders families. Among these are the military and political papers of John Leverett (1616-1679), who fought for Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil War and served as governor of Acadia (now Nova Scotia) and later as governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. View the web presentation of a selection of John Leverett's military papers. Papers of John Leverett (1662-1724), grandson of Gov. John Leverett and president of Harvard College, are also found here.

Papers of other Saltonstall family ancestors include those of the Cooke family, primarily Elisha Cooke, Jr. (1678-1737), speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and a political populist, as well as his son, merchant Middlecott Cooke. View the web presentation of Middlecott Cooke's journal and letters to his father about his journey to new settlements in Maine. The correspondence of Elisha's daughter, Mary Cooke Saltonstall Harrod, with her Loyalist children Leverett Saltonstall (1754-1782) and Mary Saltonstall Badger during and after the Revolutionary War is also part of this subseries. View the web presentation of a selection of Mary Cooke Saltonstall Harrod's correspondence.

Also found here are the papers of Dr. Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815) of Haverhill, Mass., including correspondence with Gen. Henry Knox concerning an investment in Maine lands; the papers of Nathaniel Saltonstall (1784-1838), son of Dr. Nathaniel Saltonstall; the family correspondence of Mary Elizabeth Sanders Saltonstall, wife of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845); the papers of Mary's parents, Thomas and Elizabeth Elkins Sanders; and those of her brother, Charles Sanders. The correspondence of Anne Elizabeth and Caroline Saltonstall, daughters of Mary Elizabeth and Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), is also found here.

Early documents (1524-1603) include transcriptions.

To search for specific correspondents, locations, dates, or keywords in this subseries, see the Saltonstall Online Catalog.

Box 24
Box 25
Box 26Folders 1-5
Box 26Folders 6-12
Nathaniel Saltonstall estate settlement papers, 1838-1839
Box 26Folders 13-22
Box 26Folders 23-31
Thomas Saunders estate settlement papers, 1844-1845
Box 27

B. Later family papers, 1881-1985

Arranged chronologically.

Correspondence and papers in this subseries are primarily those of Richard Middlecott Saltonstall, his son Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979), and the Saltonstall family archivist, Louise Emerson Carlisle, and largely relate to family genealogy, history, portraits, and archival records. Non-genealogical topics include Richard Saltonstall's engagement to Eleanor Brooks in 1891; Richard's Harvard alumni activities; letters from Eleanor "Nora" Saltonstall to her mother Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall (1906) and to her family while she was in Europe (1911-1912, 1914); correspondence related to the family's property in Chestnut Hill, Mass.; correspondence related to the death and estate settlement of Richard M. Saltonstall; and condolences on the death of Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall in 1944.

Also here are awards and commendations, such as Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall's World War II Citation for Meritorious Service and honorary degree from Tufts University, as well as numerous political awards and recognitions of Leverett Saltonstall, sent to Carlisle for inclusion in the family papers. Other correspondents in this series include Peter Chardon Brooks; his daughter Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall; and Eleanor "Nora" Saltonstall, daughter of Richard M. and Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall. Letters to Richard from his Harvard classmate Theodore Roosevelt are also here. View the web presentation of Theodore Roosevelt's letters to the Saltonstall family.

Beginning about 1934, most of the correspondence in this series is that of Louise Emerson Carlisle, who was hired by Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall after the death of her husband to organize and research the family's genealogical papers. Carlisle corresponded regularly with Eleanor and Eleanor's son Leverett Saltonstall about family papers, portraits, silver, furniture, and other heirlooms. During Leverett's service as governor of Massachusetts and U.S. senator, he and Carlisle corresponded almost daily concerning genealogical or historical enquiries that came through his office or his personal correspondence. Later correspondents include Leverett's children Muriel Saltonstall Lewis and William L. Saltonstall.

Box 28
Box 29
Box 30
Box 31
Box 32
1938-May 1941
Box 33Folders 1-20
June 1941-1944
Box 33Folders 21-34
Eleanor B. Saltonstall condolence letters A-H, 1944
Box 34Folders 1-15
Eleanor B. Saltonstall condolence letters J-W, 1944
Box 34Folders 16-35
1945-April 1954
Box 35
May 1954-1958
Box 36Folders 1-17

C. Brooks-Saltonstall family financial papers, 1833-1981 [bulk: 1890-1940]


This subseries contains trust documents, deeds, mortgages, wills, and other financial records related to the Brooks and Saltonstall families, as well as information related to family owned properties in Chicago and Massachusetts.

1. Legal and financial records, 1833-1981

Carton 1SH11U9 0Folders 1-2
Peter C. Brooks will and memoranda, 1884-1915
Carton 1SH11U9 0Folder 3
Peter C. Brooks power of attorney, 1901-1910
Carton 1SH11U9 0Folders 4-24
Family trusts, 1904-1981
Carton 1SH11U9 0Folders 25-30
Guardianship of Lawrence Brooks, 1905-1907
Carton 1SH11U9 0Folders 31-34
Eleanor B. Saltonstall tax cases, 1920-1944
Carton 1SH11U9 0Folders 35-40
Miscellaneous financial documents, 1833-1932

2. Chicago property records, 1871-1964

Carton 2SH11UA 1Folders 1-3
Correspondence, 1871-1964
Carton 2SH11UA 1Folders 4-8
Title abstracts, 1871-1922
Carton 2SH11UA 1Folders 9-14
Monadnock Building, 1882-1960
Carton 2SH11UA 1Folders 15-25
Marquette Safety Deposit Company, 1888-1921
Carton 2SH11UA 1Folders 26-30
Chicago Real Estate Trust, 1890-1907
Carton 2SH11UA 1Folders 31-34
Brooks Building, 1909-1963

3. Massachusetts property records, 1883-1937

Carton 3SH11UB 2Folders 1-12
Brooks house, Deerfield Street, Boston, 1883-1937
Carton 3SH11UB 2Folders 13-16
63-65 Essex Street, Boston, 1897-1916
Carton 3SH11UB 2Folders 17-22
Saltonstall house, Bay State Road, Boston, 1899-1904
Carton 3SH11UB 2Folders 23-24
Landsdown Street stable lots, 1900-1923
Carton 3SH11UB 2Folder 25
Toby Club/Tobey Island, 1902-1925
Carton 3SH11UB 2Folder 26
Brooks estate, Trement Street, Boston, 1927
Carton 3SH11UB 2Folder 27
Leverett Saltonstall, "Real Estate Interests of the Brooks Family in West Medford, Boston, and Chicago," ca. 1976

D. Lawrence family correspondence, 1845-1885

Arranged chronologically.

The bulk of Lawrence family correspondence is that of Sarah Lawrence Brooks (1845-1915) to her mother Sarah Appleton Lawrence; her father Amos A. Lawrence; and her brother Amory Appleton Lawrence. One folder consists of letters from Amos A. Lawrence to his granddaughter Eleanor Brooks. The series also contains a few related documents, such as Sarah's baptismal record. Sarah Lawrence Brooks was the wife of Peter Chardon Brooks and the mother of Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall.

Box 36Folders 18-36

E. William Gurdon Saltonstall papers, 1862-1886

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

The papers of William Gurdon Saltonstall (1831-1889) include photocopies of the letterbook of the U.S.S. Commodore Hull, of which Saltonstall served as acting master commander during the siege of Washington, North Carolina in April 1863. Also in this series are photocopies of Saltonstall's letters to his mother Caroline Sanders Saltonstall, which describe his military experiences in great detail. The original letterbook and letters are held by the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass.

Drafts of Saltonstall's autobiography and Civil War reminiscences are written in pencil, or typed, with handwritten additions.

Box 37Folders 1-2
Letterbook, U.S.S. Commodore Hull, 1862-1865

Photocopies; originals are at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Box 37Folders 3-6
Letters to Caroline Sanders Saltonstall, 1863-1865

Photocopies; originals are at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Box 37Folders 7-9
Autobiography (manuscript), 1886
Box 37Folders 10-12
Civil War reminiscences (typescript), 1886

F. Family diaries, 1745-1922

Arranged chronologically.

1. Gurdon Saltonstall journal, 1745

A surveyor's notebook, Gurdon Saltonstall's 1745 journal contains details of his trip from New London, Conn. to Brookhaven on Long Island, New York. It discusses the divisions of land in Brookhaven, listing patents and conveyances, and surveys of various plots of land. The journal also includes an account of expenses incurred during the trip.

Box 37Folder 13

2. Middlecott Cooke diary, 1758

Middlecott Cooke (1705-1771) was the son of Jane Middlecott Cooke and Elisha Cooke, Jr. His 1758 diary is written within an almanac and contains daily accounts of the weather. Three entries on the back page, dated 12 Sept., 24 Oct., and 30 Oct., detail the movements of General Amherst's army after the Siege of Louisbourg.

Box 37Folder 14

3. Anne E. Saltonstall diaries, 1840-1843

This set of diaries was written by Anne Elizabeth Saltonstall (1812-1881), the daughter of Mary Elizabeth and Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845). The diaries chronicle Anne's experiences in Washington, D.C., where her father served as a U.S. representative from Massachusetts, and include her impressions of the city and Congress, her social activities, her trip to the Whig Convention in Baltimore in May 1840, her deep admiration for Henry Clay, and her friendship with Julia Henderson, daughter of Sen. John Henderson of Mississippi. Diaries from March-May 1840 are small bound volumes that include transcriptions by Saltonstall Papers editor Robert E. Moody. Later diaries are more sporadic and consist of larger unbound folios.

Box 37Folder 15
Diary, 17 March-2 May 1840
Box 37Folders 16-17
Transcription of 17 March-2 May 1840 diary
Box 37Folder 15
Diary, 3-26 May 1840
Box 37Folders 18-19
Transcription of 3-26 May 1840 diary
Box 37Folder 20
Diary, 22 June-21 November 1840
Box 37Folder 21
Diary, ca. February 1841
Box 37Folder 22
Diary, 1 July-2 August 1842
Box 37Folder 23
Diary, 21 August-18 October 1842
Box 37Folder 24
Diary, 22 October-7 December 1842
Box 37Folder 25
Diary, 8 December 1842-24 February 1843
Box 37Folder 26
Diary, November-December 1843

4. Eleanor B. Saltonstall infant diary, 1892-1897

In this diary, Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall (1867-1961) recorded information about her son Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979) from birth to 19 months. The volume also contains information about her other children, Eleanor, Muriel, and Richard, including weights, heights, teething, and feeding habits.

Box 37Folder 27

5. Endicott P. Saltonstall diaries, 1898-1922

Endicott Peabody Saltonstall (1872-1922) was the son of Rose Lee and Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895) and the brother of Richard Middlecott Saltonstall. His page-a-day diaries, which he kept from the age of 26 until his death at age 50, chronicle his daily activities, as well as weather, current events, and travel. Several contain newspaper clippings or photographs pasted onto the pages.

Box 38Folder 1
Diary, 1898
Box 38Folder 1
Diary, 1899
Box 38Folder 2
Diary, 1900
Box 38Folder 2
Diary, 1901
Box 38Folder 3
Diary, 1902
Box 38Folder 3
Diary, 1903
Box 38Folder 4
Diary, 1904
Box 38Folder 4
Diary, 1905
Box 38Folder 5
Diary, 1906
Box 38Folder 5
Diary, 1907
Box 39Folder 1
Diary, 1908
Box 39Folder 1
Diary, 1909
Box 39Folder 2
Diary, 1910
Box 39Folder 2
Diary, 1911
Box 39Folder 3
Diary, 1912
Box 39Folder 3
Diary, 1913
Box 39Folder 4
Diary, 1914
Box 39Folder 4
Diary, 1915
Box 40Folder 1
Diary, 1916
Box 40Folder 1
Diary, 1917
Box 40Folder 2
Diary, 1918
Box 40Folder 2
Diary, 1919
Box 40Folder 3
Diary, 1920
Box 40Folder 3
Diary, 1921
Box 40Folder 4
Diary, 1922

G. Bound volumes, 1682-ca. 1911

Arranged chronologically.

Box 41Folder 1
Court records of Nathaniel Saltonstall, 1682-1685

This volume contains the court records of Nathaniel Saltonstall (1639?-1707), who served as a magistrate in Haverhill, Mass. from 1678 to 1686. The docket is printed in the MHS Proceedings, 79 (1967): 151-186.

Box 41Folder 2
Elizabeth Elkins Sanders copy book, 1777

This copy book includes extracts of philosophical and religious essays and poems copied by 15-year-old Elizabeth Elkins (1762-1851) in 1777.

Box 41Folder 3
Nathaniel Saltonstall estate settlement book, 1815-1817

Recorded in this ledger are the income and expenses incurred in the settlement of the estate of Dr. Nathaniel Saltonstall (1746-1815) of Haverhill, Mass., the father of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845).

Box 41Folder 4
Elizabeth Elkins Sanders copy book, ca. 1840

This volume contains extracts of essays and poems copied by Elizabeth Elkins Sanders (1762-1851), as well as a draft of her will.

Box 41Folder 5
Thomas Sanders estate settlement account book, 1844-1848

Included in this volume are trust accounts set up by Thomas Sanders (1753-1844) of Salem, Mass. for his children Charles Sanders, Mary Elizabeth Saltonstall, and Caroline Saltonstall.

Box 41Folder 6
Charles Sanders account book, 1846-1860

This volume contains the accounts of the sale of Thomas Sanders's estate and the Elizabeth (Elkins) Sanders trust fund, of which Charles Sanders (b. 1783) was a trustee.

Box 41Folder 7
Charles Sanders account book, 1852-1858

Charles Sanders (b. 1783) used this small book as a "memorandum of accounts."

Vol. 15
Richard M. Saltonstall Harvard scrapbook, 1876-1882

Compiled by Richard M. Saltonstall during his years at Harvard University, this scrapbook contains printed college notices, report cards, theatre bills, and material related to courses, social events, the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, the Porcellian Club, and other Harvard activities.

Box 41Folder 8
Notebook of Robert Codman Cobb, 1906

The student notebook of Robert Codman Cobb, a Noble and Greenough School classmate of Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979), contains cartoon-like sketches of Saltonstall, as well as several diary entries.

Vol. 16
Endicott P. Saltonstall library catalog, ca. 1911

This volume contains of list of books in the library of Endicott Peabody Saltonstall (1872-1922), many of which were previously held by Endicott's father Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895).

IV. Family history and genealogy, ca. 1750-1998

This series consists of the family history and genealogy researched and collected by various members of the Saltonstall family, beginning with the research of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845) in preparation for his historical sketch of Haverhill, Mass. Other genealogical information was compiled and commissioned by Leverett's children Caroline Saltonstall (1815-1883) and Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895), including that of professional genealogists H. B. Somersby, who researched the family's British ancestry, and George Phippen, who researched the descendants of Sir Richard Saltonstall in England and the United States. A large portion of this series relates to the publication of Leverett Saltonstall's Ancestry and Descendants of Sir Richard Saltonstall, including research, drafts, proof sheets, publication expenses, a distribution list, and additions and corrections made after Saltonstall's death. Research of genealogist J. Gardner Bartlett, hired by Leverett's son Richard Middlecott Saltonstall to make corrections to his father's work, is also found here.

Also in this series are the research notes of Louise Emerson Carlisle, the Saltonstall family archivist who studied and arranged the family papers for Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall and her son Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979). Other genealogical information includes a 1930 article by Robert Saltonstall Miller; a scrapbook related to the Saltonstall family homestead in Haverhill, Mass.; a personal memoir by Robert Saltonstall describing a family reunion in England in 1986; a scrapbook related to the Saltonstall family and their history in Salem, Mass.; and genealogical material related to the Brooks, Mickle, and Cabot-Orne families. In addition, miscellaneous undated notes, memos, and pedigrees compiled by Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895) and his children are also located here.

View the Saltonstall family tree.

A. Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), "Historic Sketch of Haverhill," 1816

Arranged by record type.

Contained in this subseries are undated genealogical and historical notes and memos written by Leverett Saltonstall and others. A draft of Saltonstall's essay about the history of Haverhill, Mass. is also found here. See also Saltonstall's March 1815 correspondence with James Merrill, which discusses the sketch. Saltonstall's essay was printed anonymously in 1816 as "An Historical Sketch of Haverhill, in the County of Essex and Commonwealth of Massachusetts: with Biographical Notices" in the MHS Collections, 2nd Ser., 4: 121-176.

Box 42Folders 1-9
Notes, ca. 1816
Box 42Folder 10
Draft, 1816

B. Genealogical material collected by Caroline Saltonstall, ca. 1840-1880

Arranged chronologically.

Caroline Saltonstall (1815-1883), sister of Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895), organized this collection of material with a note to give it to her brother upon her death. The documents, most of which are written in Caroline's hand, contain sketches of family ancestors, including her father Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845); historic places of interest; and genealogical information.

Box 42Folders 11-17

C. H. B. Somersby, "Saltonstall Genealogy," 1854

This bound volume contains H. B. Somersby's extracts of 16th- and 17th-century wills of Saltonstall ancestors, extracts from parish registers, pedigrees, family trees, and other extracts copied from British records. Somersby was employed by Caroline Saltonstall and Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895) to research the family genealogy in England.

Box 42Folder 18

D. George Phippen, genealogical research, 1855

This subseries contains two essays written by Salem genealogist George Phippen, who was employed by Caroline Saltonstall and Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895) to research their family history. One article discusses the origin of the name and family of Saltonstall, and the other outlines the ancestry and descendants of Sir Richard Saltonstall, one of the founders of Watertown, Mass. Included in the second article are family pedigrees, a list of authorities and sources, Saltonstall residences in England, and biographical information about Sir Richard Saltonstall, his children, and later descendants, including Caroline and Leverett's father, Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845). Also included is biographical and genealogical information about the Ward, Cooke, and other related families. See also Family Papers (Series III) to find correspondence between Caroline Saltonstall and Phippen.

Box 42Folder 19
"Origin of the Name and Family of Saltonstall," 1855
Box 42Folders 20-25
"Ancestry and Descendants of Sir Richard Saltonstall," 1855

E. Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895), "Saltonstall Genealogy," ca. 1880-1904

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

These documents include the research, drafts, and records associated with the writing and publication of Leverett Saltonstall's Ancestry and Descendants of Sir Richard Saltonstall, First Associate of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Patentee of Connecticut. Saltonstall died in 1895 before the book was completed, and his son Richard Middlecott Saltonstall completed it and had it privately printed by Riverside Press in Cambridge, Mass. in 1897. Included here are Leverett Saltonstall's research notes; a bound volume of handwritten notes (not in Saltonstall's hand) entitled "Data for Saltonstall Genealogy"; "Directions and Suggestions" written by Leverett Saltonstall to his publishers in case something happened to him before the book went to press (it did); bills and receipts for the production of the printed volume; and a distribution list indicating who should receive copies of the book. An 1895 draft, proof sheets with engravings, and a bibliography are also part of the series. Corrections and additions were sent to the publisher after the original publication in 1897. The MHS holds two copies of the published volume in its collections.

Box 42Folders 26-29
Research, ca. 1880-1895
Vol. 17
"Data for Saltonstall genealogy," ca. 1894
Box 42Folders 30-32
Bills and receipts, 1894-1897
Box 43Folders 1-10
Draft, 1895
Vol. 18
Proof sheets, 1895

Printed, with engravings.

Box 43Folder 11
Bibliography, 1895
Box 43Folder 12
"Directions and suggestions," 1895
Box 43Folder 13
Coat of arms, 1896
Box 43Folder 14
Distribution list, ca. 1897
Box 43Folders 15-17
Additions and corrections, 1897-1904

F. J. Gardner Bartlett, genealogical research, 1921

Genealogist J. Gardner Bartlett was hired by Richard Middlecott Saltonstall to make corrections to Ancestry and Descendants of Sir Richard Saltonstall, compiled by his father Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895). This series contains notes from Bartlett's genealogical research, primarily pedigree charts. Bartlett's completed "Historical Genealogy of the Saltonstall Family in England and America" is a typed, bound manuscript with photographs pasted into the volume.

Box 43Folders 18-19
Loose papers, 1921
Vol. 19
"Historical Genealogy of the Saltonstall Family in England and America," ca. 1921

G. Robert Saltonstall Miller genealogical article, 1930

Entitled "Excerpts from an article on the Saltonstall Family written by Robert Saltonstall Miller of London, England, February 6th, 1930," this typescript also contains the penciled notations of Louise Emerson Carlisle, assistant to Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall.

Box 43Folder 20

H. Saltonstall-How house scrapbook, 1932

This scrapbook of articles and images related to the Saltonstall homestead in Haverhill, Mass. was compiled by A. L. Bartlett and presented to Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979) in 1932.

Vol. 20

I. Louise Emerson Carlisle papers, ca. 1935-1960

Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall employed Louise Emerson Carlisle as an assistant, after the death of her husband Richard Middlecott Saltonstall in 1922, to organize the Saltonstall family papers and research the Saltonstall genealogy. Carlisle later served Sen. Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979), Eleanor's son, in a similar capacity. Carlisle's genealogical papers contain undated research notes, pedigrees, extracts from historical articles and vital records. Also included is her research on Gurdon Saltonstall, governor of Connecticut (1666-1724), as well as the Lee, Brooks, Chardon, Sanders, and Rogers families. Genealogical and social correspondence between Carlisle and Bertha E. Sturgis is also located here. See also Series III, Family Papers, for Carlisle's extensive correspondence with Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall and Leverett Saltonstall, and Series VII, Collection History, for Carlisle's research on Saltonstall family portraits, artifacts, silver, books, and manuscripts.

Box 43Folders 21-35
Genealogical research, ca. 1935-1950
Box 43Folders 36-37
Correspondence with Bertha E. Sturgis, 1958-1960

J. Robert Saltonstall, "Rekindling Saltonstall Family Ties," Nov. 1987

This personal memoir by Robert Saltonstall describes his interest in family history and includes genealogical material, family pedigrees, photographs, places of interest to Saltonstalls in England, and a report about the Saltonstall family reunion in England in 1986.

Box 44Folder 1

K. Brooks family genealogy, 1998

This transcript records a talk given by an unknown speaker in Boston in June 1998. Although the transcript in entitled "Genealogy: Peter Chardon Brooks," the talk discusses early Brooks family history, beginning with Thomas Brooks's arrival in Watertown, Mass. in 1630.

Box 44Folder 2

L. Saltonstall family scrapbook (Saltonstall School), 1998

This scrapbook was created by Timothy Peter Erps, a student at Saltonstall Elementary School in Salem, Mass., and his grandfather Peter Doyle, a retired principal at the school. It consists of photocopied newspaper clippings, printed reports, and typed articles about the history of the Saltonstall family, Salem, and Saltonstall School.

Box 44Folders 3-4

M. Miscellaneous genealogical material, ca. 1750-1992

The miscellaneous genealogical material contained here is largely undated. It includes excerpts from numerous genealogical sources, notes, lists, and family pedigrees written in various hands, including that of Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895). Although some of the material relates to Sir Richard Saltonstall (1586-1661), much of the material describes genealogies of families not directly related to the Saltonstalls.

Box 44Folders 5-7

N. Genealogical material from Notebook 43, n.d.

Similar to the miscellaneous genealogical material described above, documents in this subseries include excerpts from genealogical sources, pedigrees, lists, and research notes about the Saltonstall family and families both directly and indirectly related to them. This material was originally housed in one of the "Tengwell volumes" or notebooks, compiled by Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895). Some of the research notes are written in Saltonstall's hand.

Box 44Folders 8-15

O. Mickle-Saltonstall genealogy (photocopies), n.d.

This undated genealogy is a photocopy of a 200-page bound manuscript of "A Record of Verified Ancestral Pedigrees showing the Lineal Descent of Sophie Forrest Mickle-Saltonstall and Muriel Winthrop Saltonstall."

Box 44Folders 16-20

P. Cabot-Orne genealogy (photocopies), n.d.

The Cabot-Orne genealogy consists of photocopies of 19th-century documents, including a letter containing the pedigree of the Cabot family, with copies of supporting documents and notes.

Box 44Folder 21

V. Printed material, 1830-1999

This series contains the printed speeches and memorials of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845) and his son Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895), printed genealogical material related to the Saltonstall family, and other miscellaneous printed records. See also the oversized scrapbook in Series VIII, Oversize Material.

A. Material related to Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), 1830-1846

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

Included here are an 1830 Massachusetts House of Representatives Judiciary Committee report written by committee chair Leverett Saltonstall, a copy of the 1836 speech Saltonstall delivered to the City Council upon becoming Salem's first mayor, copies of several speeches that Saltonstall delivered in the U.S. House of Representatives (1839-1842), and other addresses and reports written by Saltonstall. Also in this series are obituaries and memorials written about Leverett Saltonstall after his death in 1845, including that of Benjamin Merrill, published in the MHS Collections, Series III, 9: 117-125.

1. Reports and speeches, 1830-1844

Box 45Folder 1
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, House . . . No. 61, Boston, 1830

Mass. Judiciary Committee report.

Box 45Folder 2
Leverett Saltonstall, Address to City Council at organization of city government in Salem, Salem, Mass., 1836
Box 45Folder 3
Speech of Mr. Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts on the New Jersey case, Washington, D.C., 1839
Box 45Folder 4
Speech of Mr. Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts in reply to Mr. Parmenter, Washington, D.C., 1840
Box 45Folder 5
Speech of Mr. Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts upon the tariff bills, Washington, D.C., 1842
Box 45Folder 6
Leverett Saltonstall, An address before the Essex Agricultural Society, Salem, Mass., 1843
Box 45Folder 7
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, House . . . No. 24, Boston, 1844

Bell Plot" investigation report.

Box 45Folder 8
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, House . . . No. 13, Boston, 1844

Mass. judges salary report.

2. Memorials, 1845-1846

Box 45Folder 9
John Brazer, Discourse on the Life and Character of the Late Hon. Leverett Saltonstall, Salem, Mass., 1845
Box 45Folder 10
Miscellaneous obituaries and memorials, May 1845
Box 45Folder 11
Benjamin Merrill, Notice of the Life of Hon. Leverett Saltonstall, Boston, 1846

B. Material related to Leverett Saltonstall (1825-1895), 1876-1899

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

This printed material includes a copy of a speech made by Leverett Saltonstall in his capacity as Massachusetts commissioner of the U.S. Centennial Commission during the centennial celebration at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Penn. on 2 July 1876; a reprint of Saltonstall's 1885 "Reminiscences of Salem," published by the Essex Institute in 1945; and a copy of a speech given at the commencement exercises of the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind ca. 1887. Also here are several memorials written after Saltonstall's death, including those printed in the Transactions of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts and the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

1. Speeches and writings, 1876-1899

Box 45Folder 12
100th Anniversary of the Introduction of Resolutions Respecting Independency (containing speech of Saltonstall), 1876
Box 45Folder 13
Reminiscences of Salem, 1885
Box 45Folder 14
"Address on the Kindergarten," Perkins Institute for the Blind, ca. 1887

2. Memorials, 1895-1899

Box 45Folders 15-18

C. Printed genealogical material, 1860-1939

Arranged chronologically.

Material in this subseries includes printed genealogies of Saltonstall ancestors and related families, historical essays, reprints from genealogical and historical journals, and newspaper clippings.

Box 46Folders 1-5
Loose papers, 1860-1939
Mss. Extra-Large
Genealogical chart, ca. 1900

D. Miscellaneous printed material, 1754-1999

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains a brief biography of Rev. John E. Abbot (1793-1819), Salem minister and friend of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845); an 1829 rule book for the Mass. House of Representatives given to Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979) when he served as Mass. Speaker of the House; Elizabeth Elkins Sanders's copy of Report of a Visit to Some of the Tribes of Indians, located West of the Mississippi River (1843) and an 1846 copy of Elizabeth Elkins Sanders's own Tract on Missions, originally published in 1844 when Sanders was 82. Several articles on Saltonstall family portraits, including a 1962 exhibition catalog from the Peabody Museum in Salem, Mass., are found here, as well as a copy of the 1979 memorial of Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979) published in the Congressional Record.

Additional printed material includes a ca. 1754 pamphlet regarding the plaintiffs' case in a trial involving land that is now part of the state of Maine; documents related to Harvard University commencements, exhibitions, and reunions; a souvenir booklet of Grover Cleveland's Inaugural Ball (1885); an invitation to the memorial service for Ulysses S. Grant; political newspaper clippings; various memorials and obituaries; and pamphlets related to several town and church celebrations. The bulk of 20th-century material is newspaper clippings.

Box 46Folder 6
Sketch of Life and Character of Rev. John E. Abbot, October 1819
Box 46Folder 7
Rules and Orders of the House of Representatives for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1829-1830
Box 46Folder 8
Report of Visit to Some of the Tribes of Indians..., 1843
Box 46Folder 9
Tract on Missions, Elizabeth Elkins Saunders, 1846
Box 46Folder 10
Saltonstall portraits, 1959-1962
Box 46Folder 11
Sen. Leverett Saltonstall memorial, Congressional Record, 1979
Box 46Folders 12-29
Miscellaneous, 1754-1999

VI. Unrelated papers, 1669-1907

Arranged chronologically.

This series contains documents that have an undetermined or questionable connection to the Saltonstall family. Some of the documents may have belonged to an unidentified family member, some may have been collected for historic interest, and others appear to have been given as gifts to Sen. Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979) by constituents and friends.

A. Sermon notes, 1692-1741

Included here are two booklets of sermon notes written in an unidentified hand, containing sermons that are dated 23 Feb. 1692, 10 Oct. 1697, 1698, 12 Oct. 1741, and 12 Nov. 1741.

Box 47Folder 1

B. "Mr. Morton's System of Logick," 1694

Transcribed by an unknown student, this manuscript notebook is a copy of "A Logick System" by Charles Morton (1627-1698). Morton was a non-conformist minister and educator who taught his classes in English and had students copy his systems for physics, ethics, logic and other courses into notebooks for further study. He probably wrote this work between 1675-1685, when he taught at Newington Academy near London. In 1686, he emigrated to Massachusetts to teach at Harvard College, becoming a fellow and the college's first vice president. This notebook, copied in 1694, was most likely that of a Harvard student. It may have become part of this collection among the papers of Elisha Cooke, Jr. (1678-1737), who attended Harvard from 1694-1697, or John Leverett (1662-1724), later president of Harvard University from 1708-1724, who taught at the college beginning in 1685. This notebook is believed to be only one of five manuscript copies of Morton's work. See "Aristotelian and Cartesian Logic at Harvard: Charles Morton's 'A Logic System' and William Brattle's 'Compendium of Logick'" (Rick Kennedy ed.), Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Vol. 67: Boston, 1995.

Box 47Folder 2

C. David Hitchcock papers, 1856-1887

David K. Hitchcock (1813-1895) of Newton and Boston, Mass. was a prominent dentist. Harvard-educated, he served as a Republican in the Massachusetts legislature about 1854. One of the directors of the American Peace Society, Hitchcock educated the dentist to the Sultan of Turkey and was recognized by the Turkish government. The connection with the Saltonstall family is unknown. Papers include letters from Charles Sumner (1856), former president Ulysses S. Grant in his capacity as president of the Mexican Southern Railroad in New York (1881), and Massachusetts Governor Oliver Ames (1887). Other papers include political and social correspondence and an 1862 commission as justice of the peace.

Box 47Folder 3

D. Young Men's Democratic Club of Massachusetts, Elections Committee records, 1892-1907

This subseries contains an account book and meeting record book of the Elections Committee of the Young Men's Democratic Club of Massachusetts. The club was founded in 1887 "to foster and disseminate Democratic principles and to help elect honest men." The volumes may have belonged to Richard Middlecott Saltonstall, who was a member in the late 1890s, but his name does not appear in the volumes, and they are not written in his hand. See also MHS collection Ms. N-505: Young Men's Democratic Club of Massachusetts, 1887-1903.

Vol. 21
Account book, 1892-1907
Vol. 22
Record book, 1893-1907

E. Miscellaneous unrelated records, 1669-1844

Records include the 1669 will of William Everton of Charlestown, Mass.; several 1682 warrants and notices from Daniel Gookin related to the arrest and trial of a Native American in Natick, Mass.; two letters from John Higginson of Salem (1694); a notice from Lt. Gov. William Stoughton to Capt. Stephen Sewall and John Higginson of Salem (1695); 18th-century copies of letters from Queen Anne of England to Princess Sophia (1714); and other miscellaneous letters, appointments, accounts, and notices.

Box 47Folders 4-9

VII. Collection history, ca. 1900-1979

Lists and notes in this series were largely compiled by Louise Emerson Carlisle, assistant to Eleanor Brooks Saltonstall and later Sen. Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979). Also in the series is correspondence related to the ca. 1704 Leverett quilt.

A. Collection lists, ca. 1900-1959

Arranged chronologically.

Included here are lists of documents as they were originally organized into folios, including an early undated list, a 1937 list of items which were kept in a vault in the office of Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979), and Louise Emerson Carlisle's handwritten list of documents (1939). Other lists include: an inventory of the Ward Collection, Saltonstall family papers given to the MHS by Robert Saltonstall Ward in 1933 and now integrated into the Saltonstall family papers; lists of artifacts and photographs; lists of material kept at the Saltonstall home in Chestnut Hill, Mass. (1934-1937); and lists of papers kept in "Tengwell volumes" (1959).

Box 47Folders 10-20

B. Louise E. Carlisle research, ca. 1933-1963

Arranged chronologically and by subject.

Carlisle's research notes include handwritten information about portraits, artifacts, silver, books, manuscripts, and pamphlets in the collection, compiled from 1937 to 1963.

Box 47Folders 21-36

C. Leverett Quilt papers, 1969-1979

This subseries contains the correspondence of Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979) and his son William L. Saltonstall with various museums, historical societies, and appraisers concerning a silk quilt made ca. 1704 by Sara Sedgwick Leverett, wife of Gov. John Leverett. The quilt, now in the possession of the Peabody Essex Museum, was originally backed by late 17th-century letters and a 1701 Harvard College catalog. The MHS holds the catalog and letter fragments.

Box 47Folder 37

VIII. Oversize material, 1543-1962

The oversize material in boxes 1-5 has been removed from the collection and replaced with removal forms. Documents have been housed chronologically, with the exception of the ca. 1761 plan of Crown Point, which is stored in OS Box 1 because of its size. All genealogical material, the bulk of which consists of charts and pedigrees, is stored in oversize box 5.

The oversize scrapbook contains printed material, with the exception of two genealogical charts compiled by George Phippen. Included are newspapers and newspaper clippings from the 1780s to the 1940s, as well as several awards and honors presented to Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979) in the 1950s, including an invitation to the presidential inauguration of Dwight D. Eisenhower. The scrapbook is heavily annotated by family archivist Louise Emerson Carlisle.

OS Box 1Folders 1-5
Saltonstall family papers, 1543-1692
OS Box 1Folder 6
Plan of Crown Point, ca. 1761
OS Box 2
Saltonstall family papers, 1709-1771
OS Box 3
Saltonstall family papers, 1802-1886
OS Box 4
Saltonstall family papers, 1914-1962
OS Box 5
Genealogical material, n.d.
OS Vol.
Scrapbook, 1787-1954

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Saltonstall family papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Cass, Lewis, 1782-1866.
Choate, Rufus, 1799-1859.
Cushing, Caleb, 1800-1879.
Everett, Edward, 1794-1865.
Gorham, John, 1783-1829.
King, Daniel Putnam, 1801-1850.
Lee family.
Lincoln, Levi, 1782-1868.
Minot, William, 1783-1873.
Prescott, William, 1762-1844.
Quincy, Josiah, 1772-1864.
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.
Saltonstall, Eleanor, 1894-1919.
Saltonstall, Endicott Peabody, 1872-1922.
Saltonstall family.
Saltonstall, Gurdon, 1666-1724.
Saltonstall, Leverett, 1783-1845.
Saltonstall, Leverett, 1825-1895.
Saltonstall, Leverett, 1892-1979.
Saltonstall, Mary Elizabeth Sanders, 1788-1858.
Saltonstall, Nathaniel, 1746-1815.
Saltonstall, Richard, 1610-1694.
Saltonstall, Richard, 1794-1836.
Saltonstall, Richard Middlecott, 1859-1922.
Saltonstall, William Gurdon, 1831-1889.
Shaw, Lemuel, 1781-1861.
Story, Joseph, 1779-1845.
Webster, Daniel, 1782-1852.
Winthrop, Robert Charles, 1809-1894.


Commodore Hull (Schooner).
Connecticut--Governor (1708-1724: Saltonstall).
Harvard College (1636-1780)--Class of 1766.
Harvard College (1780- )--Class of 1802.
Harvard College (1780- )--Class of 1844.
Harvard College (1780- )--Class of 1880.
Harvard College (1780- )--Class of 1914.
Harvard University--Board of Overseers.
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Massachusetts--General Court--House of Representatives.
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Phillips Exeter Academy.
United States--Collector of Customs (Boston, Mass.).
United States--Congress--House.
United States--Navy--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.


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Democratic Party (Mass.).
Democratic Party (U.S.).
Family history--1700-1749.
Family history--1750-1799.
Family history--1800-1849.
Family history--1850-1899.
Family history--1900-1949.
Family history--1950-1999.
Massachusetts--Politics and government.
Politicians--United States.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Blockades.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Naval operations.
United States--Politics and government.