1717-1962; bulk: 1809-1921

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Collection Summary


This collection consists of papers of the Hayward family of Milton, Mass., including correspondence; diaries, sketchbooks, and other volumes; estate and financial papers; printed matter; and other papers of Joseph H. Hayward, Sarah (Hayward) Dorr, Joshua H. Hayward, Harriet (Hayward) Wyman, and their families.

Biographical Sketch

Lemuel Hayward (d. 1821) was married first to Sarah Savage, then to Sarah "Sally" Henshaw (1768-1849). With Sally, he the following children: Charles Hayward (1787-1855), who married Ellen Dorr; George Hayward (1791-1863), whose second wife was Mary Ann Binney, previously married to Amos Binney; Joseph Henshaw Hayward (1789-1853); Sarah A. Hayward (b. 1794), who married Samuel Adams Dorr; Joshua Henshaw Hayward (1797-1856); and Harriet Stillman Hayward (1803-1883), who married Thomas W. Wyman.

Joseph H. Hayward was married to Mary May Davenport (1795-1843), and their children included Mary Davenport Hayward (1818-1886), who married George A. Whitney; Louisa Davenport Hayward (1826-1876), who married George H. Frothingham; Isaac Davenport Hayward (1828-1878); Harriet Stillman Hayward (b. 1830), who married William C. Winslow; Catherine Davenport Hayward (1833-1923), who married Samuel H. Savage; and Josephine Hayward (1836-1917), who married Henry P. Binney.

Joshua H. Hayward married Sarah Ann McLean (d. 1840), and they had three children: Rebecca McLean Hayward, who died as a child; John "Mac" McLean Hayward (1837-1886); and Sarah Henshaw Hayward (b. 1839). John M. Hayward received his M.D. from Harvard in 1858 and married Katherine "Kitty" Hay Cobb (1839-1917). He was a surgeon during the Civil War. Their son Sidney Willard Hayward (1871-1950) married actress Beatrice Brooke Herford (1868-1952). Their other son Harry died as a teenager.

Isaac Davenport Hayward acquired the Milton, Mass. property through his grandfather Isaac Davenport, as well as purchases from his aunt and siblings, with whom he was heir to the estate. He married twice: first to Mary Williams Griswold (1833-1859), with whom he had George Griswold Hayward (1854-1910), and second to Mary Bartlett Vose (1830-1901), with whom he had Mary May Hayward (1863-1929) and Roland Hayward (1865-1906). Mary May Hayward married Henry W. Cunningham. Griswold S. Hayward, son of George Griswold Hayward, inherited part of the Milton estate from his aunt Mary (Hayward) Cunningham after her death in 1929.

For information on members of the Hayward family, see the Hayward Family Tree below.


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Graham, Shelby, Annie Rotner, and Claire Dempsey. "The History of the Wakefield Property, Milton, MA." Mary M. B. Wakefield Charitable Trust: History and Background, June 2007. October 2006.

Mary M. B. Wakefield papers, on deposit from the Mary M. B. Wakefield Charitable Trust, Massachusetts Historical Society.

Collection Description

This collection consists of papers of the Hayward family of Milton, Mass., including correspondence; diaries, sketchbooks, and other volumes; estate and financial papers; and printed matter. Many generations of family members are represented in the collection, primarily the four younger children of Lemuel and Sarah (Henshaw) Hayward and their families. Included are papers of Joseph Henshaw Hayward and his children Louisa Davenport (Hayward) Frothingham, Isaac Davenport Hayward, and Harriet Stillman (Hayward) Winslow; Sarah A. (Hayward) Dorr, her husband Samuel Adams Dorr, and their son Morris Dorr; Joshua Henshaw Hayward, his wife Sarah Ann (McLean) Hayward, their children John McLean Hayward and Sarah Henshaw Hayward, and their daughter-in-law Katherine Hay (Cobb) Hayward; and Harriet Stillman (Hayward) Wyman. Among the related family members represented are Henry P. Binney, Francis Davis Cobb, Phebe Bliss (Farnham) Cobb, Rev. Orville Dewey, Rev. Frederick Frothingham, John J. Frothingham, Judge John McLean, Rebecca (Edwards) McLean, Thomas Wigglesworth, and others. Non-family correspondents include Civil War nurse and hospital reformer Dorothea Lynde Dix and author and illustrator Francesca "Fanny" Alexander.

The collection contains correspondence between members of the Hayward family pertaining primarily to family matters, but also includes letters and other papers related to the Civil War and the service of surgeon John M. Hayward. Among the personal papers of individual family members are a large number of diaries, including travel diaries, of Sarah (Hayward) Dorr, Samuel Adams Dorr, Harriet (Hayward) Wyman, Phebe (Farnham) Cobb, Harriet (Hayward) Winslow, Morris Dorr, and Katherine (Cobb) Hayward. Also included are financial papers of Joseph H. Hayward; recipe books; commonplace books; sketchbooks of Joshua H. Hayward and Harry S. Hayward; papers documenting the acting career of Beatrice (Herford) Hayward; miscellaneous personal papers; genealogical material; estate papers, including papers related to family property in Massachusetts and Maine; account books; and printed matter about Hayward family members.

For information on members of the Hayward family, see the Hayward Family Tree below.

Acquisition Information

On deposit from the Mary M. B. Wakefield Charitable Trust, September 2011.

Custodial History

The Henry P. Binney family papers, Cunningham family papers, Davenport family papers, Joseph H. Hayward family papers, and Mary M. B. Wakefield papers originally formed one large collection at the Wakefield Estate in Milton, Mass. Before the papers were deposited at the MHS, they were separated into these five separate but closely related collections.

Other Formats

Digital facsimiles of the Samuel Adams Dorr diaries and Morris Dorr travel journal are available on Life at Sea, a digital publication of Adam Matthew Digital, Inc. This digital resource is available at subscribing libraries; speak to your local librarian to determine if your library has access. The MHS makes this resource available onsite; see a reference librarian for more information.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Family correspondence, 1788-1952

This series consists of correspondence between members of the Hayward family and the Cobb, Frothingham, and other related families, primarily on family matters. The earliest item is a letter from Benjamin Henshaw to his brother Col. William Henshaw about family deaths and Benjamin's financial hardship, 13 June 1788. The series also contains a copy of a long letter from Daniel Henshaw to Joshua H. Hayward about the Henshaw genealogy, 16 Aug. 1829. Other early letters include correspondence between Joseph H. Hayward and Mary May Davenport (later his wife) while Joseph was in Liverpool, England, 1814-1815, discussing his travels in England, the Treaty of Ghent, and other subjects. One letter from Joseph to his father Lemuel, 18 Sep. 1814, describes his voyage on the Amigo Protector from New York to Liverpool, news of the War of 1812, the fall of Napoleon, and military action in the Irish Sea.

Letters from Joshua H. Hayward to his wife Sarah Ann (McLean) Hayward, 1830-1837, relate to family matters, her health, and their daughter Rebecca McLean Hayward, who died as a child in 1832. Also included are letters to Sarah from her parents John and Rebecca (Edwards) McLean and other McLean and Hayward family members, as well as letters from Harriet (Hayward) Wyman to Joshua and Sarah, 1832-1840, and to her niece Sarah Henshaw Hayward, 1854-1875. One letter from Rebecca McLean, 18 Oct. 1833, describes the serious illness of her daughter Arabella (McLean) Weed, and another to her son-in-law Augustus Richards, 15 May 1838, relates to the custody of his daughter Rebecca.

The series also contains letters to Isaac Davenport Hayward, 1839-1843, from his mother Mary (Davenport) Hayward, his aunt Maria Louisa (Binney) Wells, and his sister Mary Davenport Hayward; correspondence of Morris Dorr with his parents Samuel Adams Dorr and Sarah (Hayward) Dorr, 1844-1857, including letters written by Morris on a trip to China describing unrest during the Second Opium War, 1856-1857; and letters to Frederick Frothingham from his nephew John J. Frothingham and others, 1852-1871, about world events, Lajos Kossuth, and other subjects. One letter from John to Frederick, 19 Jan. 1871, mentions his meeting Louisa and May Alcott in Rome and the death of their brother-in-law John Pratt. Also included is correspondence between Mary Ann (Binney) Hayward and her son Henry P. Binney, 1857-1858.

Through the 1860s, the correspondence relates primarily to John M. Hayward and Katherine (Cobb) Hayward. Included is a letter from John McLean to his grandson John M. Hayward, 26 July 1860, about McLean's work as a judge and other subjects. Letters from Phebe (Farnham) Cobb, 1859-1867, to her daughter Katherine Hayward, her son Matthew Cobb, and her sister Louisa (Farnham) Dewey discuss family matters, the Civil War, the service of John M. Hayward and Louisa's son Charles, Abraham Lincoln, politics, and the work of Louisa's husband Orville Dewey. One letter, 20 Jan. 1862, describes Phebe's fears of the coming war. The series also contains correspondence between John M. Hayward and his aunt Harriet Wyman during his service in Maryland and Virginia, 1861-1862, about his deployment, conditions at camp, his work as a surgeon, the weather, etc., as well as letters from Katherine to John, 1862, about the progress of the war, various campaigns, and her opinion of the Confederacy. Also included is a letter to Katherine from her uncle Orville Dewey regarding his son Charles, stationed at Port Hudson, La., 16 Jan. 1863. Letters from Francis "Frank" Davis Cobb to his sisters Katherine Hayward and Ellen Maria Cobb, his mother Phebe Cobb, and others, 1863-1891, as well as letters from Ellen Maria Cobb to him, 1862-1869, relate to family and business matters. Some of the letters were written during Frank's service as U.S. vice consul in Singapore, 1863-1864.

Post-Civil War correspondence includes letters from George Henry Frothingham to his brother-in-law Henry P. Binney, 1868-1869; Harriet, May, and Ethel Frothingham to their aunt Lois (Wright) Frothingham, 1877; Roland Hayward to his mother Mary (Vose) Hayward, 1883; and Sidney W. Hayward to his mother Katherine Hayward while he was traveling in Europe, 1897. Letters from Lois Frothingham to her niece Harriet, 1908-1921, discuss World War I and Harriet's work with the Red Cross.

For information on members of the Hayward family, see the Hayward Family Tree below.

Box 1

II. Personal papers, 1717-1951

Arranged chronologically by generation.

This series contains papers of individual members of the Hayward family and related families, including personal correspondence with non-family members, diaries, sketchbooks, and other papers. Among the individuals represented are Sarah (Henshaw) Hayward, Caroline Hayward, Joseph Henshaw Hayward, Sarah (Hayward) Dorr, Samuel Adams Dorr, Joshua Henshaw Hayward, Sarah (McLean) Hayward, Harriet (Hayward) Wyman, Phebe (Farnham) Cobb, Louisa (Hayward) Frothingham, Frederick Frothingham, Harriet (Hayward) Winslow, Morris Dorr, John McLean Hayward, Katherine (Cobb) Hayward, Sarah Henshaw Hayward, Beatrice (Herford) Hayward, and Harry Stillman Hayward. Also included are a few miscellaneous papers of Lemuel Hayward, George Hayward, Roland Hayward, and other family members, as well as papers related to Hayward genealogy.

For information on members of the Hayward family, see the Hayward Family Tree below.

A. Sarah (Henshaw) Hayward papers, 1829, 1849

This subseries consists of a volume of recipes and knitting instructions written by Sarah (Henshaw) Hayward and her daughter Sarah (Hayward) Dorr, as well as a manuscript memorial to Hayward written by Dorothea L. Dix at Montgomery, Ala. and a newspaper obituary.

Box 2Folder 1
Recipe book, 1829
Box 2Folder 2
Memorial by Dorothea L. Dix and obituary, 1849

B. Caroline Hayward recipe book, 1815-1834

Included are recipes in various hands, some printed recipes inserted, and an index.

Box 2Folder 3

C. Joseph Henshaw Hayward papers, 1814-1853

This subseries contains Joseph H. Hayward's passport to England, 7 May 1814; correspondence with his friend Joseph Goddard in Liverpool, England on personal matters and politics; a few letters related to business and financial subjects; bills and receipts for goods and services, including medical supplies; 16 small paperbound bank books; and 9 paperbound account books for groceries and other personal expenses.

See Series III for correspondence, accounts, and other papers of Joseph H. Hayward related to Hayward estate matters and family property.

Box 2Folder 4
Correspondence, 1814-1826
Box 2Folder 5-17
Bills and receipts, 1814-1853
Box 3Folder 1-2
Bank books, 1827-1853
Box 3Folder 3
Account books, 1836-1853

D. Sarah A. (Hayward) Dorr papers, 1858-1859, 1867

This subseries consists primarily of the diaries of Sarah (Hayward) Dorr, kept on two trips to Europe. The first diary describes a trip to France and Italy, 1858-1859, including Dorr's activities with her brother George Hayward, her son Morris Dorr, and other family members and friends; sights seen; letters written and received; and the outbreak of the Italian War of 1859. The second diary describes a trip to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, and Scotland, 1867, including details of the steamer voyage, sights seen, and Dorr's activities with her son Morris, her niece Grace S. Hayward, and other family members and friends. Each of the two diaries is accompanied by a partial manuscript copy made by Sarah Dorr, with minor revisions. Loose papers include a manuscript copy of a letter from John Adams to Jedidiah Morse about Unitarianism, 15 May 1815, probably copied by Dorr, and a calligraphy sample.

See Subseries M for Sarah (Hayward) Dorr's 1867 passport.

Box 3Folder 4
Diary, 7 Apr. 1858-12 May 1859

Note: Many of the pages of this diary are faded and difficult to read.

Box 3Folder 5
Partial manuscript copy of 1858-1859 diary [paperbound volume]
Box 3Folder 6
Diary, 10 May-9 Oct. 1867
Box 3Folder 7
Partial manuscript copy of 1867 diary [loose pages]
Box 3Folder 8-9
Loose papers, undated

E. Samuel Adams Dorr volumes, 1809-1818, 1827

This subseries contains two diaries and one book of accounts and memoranda by Samuel A. Dorr. The first diary was kept on two trips to Canton, China, first while serving as supercargo on the brigantine Pilgrim of Salem (Charles Pearson, master), 1809, and later while a passenger on the ship Canton (John Haskell, master), 1818. Entries describe the weather; the ship's latitude, longitude, and distance traveled; sightings of animals and ships; and other details of the voyages. The second diary, kept on a trip to France and Switzerland, 1827, contains only a few short entries describing sights seen, as well as information on contacts in Europe. The third volume consists of miscellaneous accounts and memoranda kept in The Gentleman's Annual Pocket Remembrancer (Philadelphia: A. Small, 1816).

Digital facsimiles of the Samuel Adams Dorr diaries are available on Life at Sea, a digital publication of Adam Matthew Digital, Inc. This digital resource is available at subscribing libraries; speak to your local librarian to determine if your library has access. The MHS makes this resource available onsite; see a reference librarian for more information.

Box 4Folder 1
Diary on board the brigantine Pilgrim, 28 Mar.-15 Nov. 1809, and the ship Canton, 27 May-24 Sep. 1818
Box 4Folder 2
Accounts and memoranda book, 1815-1817
Box 4Folder 2
Pocket diary, 1827

F. Joshua Henshaw Hayward papers, 1823-1856

This subseries consists of 8 sketchbooks and loose drawings, primarily portraits and scenes drawn in pencil, as well as a few miscellaneous loose papers of Joshua H. Hayward. Most of the drawings are undated, and some are captioned. Included are portraits of family members, colored drawings and/or watercolors of flowers and leaves, copies of museum pieces, studies of buildings, and a series of scenes in a story. The first undated sketchbook also contains medical notes. Loose papers include Henshaw's commission as surgeon in the Massachusetts Militia, a manuscript poem, and newspaper clippings.

See Subseries G and H for additional sketches by Joshua H. Hayward.

Box 4Folder 3-5
Undated sketchbooks
Box 4Folder 6
Sketchbook, 1823-1832
Box 4Folder 7
Sketchbook, 1835-1844
Box 5Folder 1
Sketchbook, 1848-1856
Box 5Folder 2-4
Sketchbooks, ca. 1850s
Box 5Folder 5
Loose papers, 1830-1856

G. Sarah Ann (McLean) Hayward commonplace book, 1831

Included are newspaper clippings of poems and articles, pencil sketches, quotations, and a drawing of "Judge McLean's Farm house at Ridgeville, Ohio," by Joshua H. Hayward.

Box 5Folder 6

H. Harriet Stillman (Hayward) Wyman papers, 1814-1892

This subseries contains four diaries of Harriet (Hayward) Wyman; miscellaneous loose papers, including letters and printed items; a manuscript volume written by Wyman for John McLean Hayward and Sarah Henshaw Hayward about the lives of their parents, with original sketches by Joshua H. Hayward and miscellaneous poems; and a recipe book.

Diaries, 1843-1863

Wyman's diaries describe her daily activities, social calls, news of family members, health matters, trips, etc. The 1853-1854 diary describes a voyage to Europe with her husband Capt. Thomas W. Wyman; sights seen in France, Italy, and England; and her husband's failing health and death on 24 Feb. 1854. The 1859 volume contains an account of another trip to England and Scotland. Diary entries written between 1861-1863, primarily in Wayland and Boston, document the outbreak of the Civil War, John McLean Hayward's commission as surgeon, his departure for the war, Wyman's anxiety for him, news of battles, and her hopes for peace. Wyman also discusses John's engagement and marriage to Katherine "Kitty" Cobb, as well as Sarah "Sally" Henshaw Hayward's progress at school. Included is a description of Wyman's visit with Sally to Washington, D.C. via Philadelphia, Feb.-Apr. 1863, and sights seen in both cities. While in Washington, Wyman visited hospitals for wounded soldiers, including Douglas Hospital; met with Dorothea Dix; and glimpsed President Lincoln and his family. Included are transcriptions of poems.

Box 6Folder 1
23 Aug.-ca. Sep. 1843, 29 Oct.-ca. Nov. 1851
Box 6Folder 2
29 Oct. 1853-12 May 1854
Box 6Folder 3
6 Aug. 1854-21 Aug. 1863
Box 6Folder 4
7 June-19 July 1859
Box 6Folder 5
Loose papers, 1814-1892
Box 6Folder 6
History of Joshua Henshaw Hayward and Sarah Ann (McLean) Hayward, 1819-1852
Box 6Folder 7
Recipe book, 1846

I. Phebe Bliss (Farnham) Cobb diaries, 1831-1871

These diaries, kept primarily in Boston and Barnstable, describe Phebe (Farnham) Cobb's daily activities, family matters, health, and church attendance. Also included are accounts and memoranda, ca. 1845; poems; quotations; and prayers. The 1841 diary documents a trip Cobb took across Pennsylvania and down the Ohio River to Kentucky to visit her sister Charlotte (Farnham) Leonard.

Box 6Folder 8
Dec. 1831-1871
Box 6Folder 9
1 June-3 Oct. 1841, ca. 1845

J. Louisa Davenport (Hayward) Frothingham papers, ca. 1843-1851, 1873-1874

This subseries includes a commonplace book of Louisa (Hayward) Frothingham containing copies of poems, original poems, and some sketches, as well as loose papers, primarily miscellaneous undated poems.

Box 6Folder 10
Commonplace book, ca. 1843-1851
Box 6Folder 11
Loose papers, undated, 1873-1874

K. Frederick Frothingham papers, 1833-1855

This subseries consists of the papers of Unitarian minister Frederick Frothingham, Louisa (Hayward) Frothingham's brother-in-law, including letters from J. Stewart Thorndike, Samuel Osgood, and others. The series also contains two letters of introduction for Frothingham, written by Convers Francis to William Wetmore Story and James Russell Lowell, 30 Mar. 1852.

Box 7Folder 1

L. Harriet Stillman (Hayward) Winslow diaries, 1850-1855, 1865-1866

This subseries contains three diaries of Harriet Stillman Hayward (later Winslow). The first diary, kept in Boston, includes descriptions of her social activities, feelings of loneliness, and reaction to the Parkman-Webster murder case. The second and third diaries document a trip she took to Europe with Mary Ann (Binney) Hayward, William Greene Binney, and Marie Louise (Chamberlain) Binney. Entries discuss the trans-Atlantic passage, including her seasickness, and sights seen in England, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Scotland. Included is a letter from William Greene Binney to his brother about the trip.

Box 7Folder 2
1 Jan.-23 Sep. 1850, 1851-1855
Box 7Folder 3
27 Sep. 1865-14 May 1866
Box 7Folder 4
15 May-12 Oct. 1866

M. Morris Dorr papers, 1818-1886

This subseries consists of a journal kept by Dorr on a trip to China, 1856-1857; passports for Morris Dorr, his mother Sarah A. (Hayward) Dorr, and his cousin Grace S. Hayward, as well as receipts from a trip to France; miscellaneous correspondence, poems and other writings, printed matter, and receipts; and papers related to a settlement with Abraham Jackson, including correspondence with John F. Newton. Among the loose papers are three Harvard diplomas of Dorr's cousins Ebenezer Ritchie Dorr (1799-1873) and Edward Dorr (1800-1844).

"Journal kept on board Ship 'Romance of the Sea,'" 1856-1857

This journal, addressed by Dorr to his mother Sarah (Hayward) Dorr, was kept first on loose sheets for the trip from New York around Cape Horn to San Francisco, then in a bound volume for the trip from San Francisco to China. Long daily entries describe the sea voyage and events on board; the weather; his homesickness and boredom; sightings of land, animals, and other ships; time spent in California; the trans-Pacific passage to China and arrival in Shanghai; sights seen and social activities there; the Chinese people and their customs; news of violence in Canton and Hong Kong during the Second Opium War; and his return voyage westward around the Cape of Good Hope.

Digital facsimiles of the Morris Dorr travel journal are available on Life at Sea, a digital publication of Adam Matthew Digital, Inc. This digital resource is available at subscribing libraries; speak to your local librarian to determine if your library has access. The MHS makes this resource available onsite; see a reference librarian for more information.

Box 7Folder 5
3 July-17 Nov. 1856
Box 7Folder 6
17 Nov. 1856-26 May 1857
Box 7Folder 7
Passports and travel receipts, 1867
Box 7Folder 8-10
Loose papers, undated, 1818-1886

N. John McLean Hayward papers, 1855-1865

This subseries contains a letter from Nathaniel Parker Willis accepting a poem for publication; letters from Sidney Willard with drawings and local news, including the filling of the Back Bay in Boston; a letter of recommendation from Oliver Wendell Holmes; and a letter from Edward Lord Clark about mutual friends. Papers related to John M. Hayward's service during the Civil War include certificates appointing him surgeon's mate, assistant surgeon, and surgeon; a letter by Hayward describing his capture and parole at Warrenton, Va., 26 Nov. 1862, with the certificate of parole signed by Capt. Robert Randolph of the Black Horse Cavalry, 19 Nov. 1862; and orders. Letters from Col. James L. Bates discuss Hayward's illness, his service at Antietam, life at camp in Virginia, fighting by the regiment, and other subjects. The subseries also contains the patent certificate, including diagrams, for a horse- or mule-drawn ambulance invented by Hayward for use on the battlefield, 16 May 1865.

Note: The patent certificate has been moved to Manuscripts Large.

Box 7Folder 11

O. Katherine Hay (Cobb) Hayward papers, 1830-1898

This subseries consists primarily of Katherine (Cobb) Hayward's diaries, but also includes a scrapbook, 1830-1898, compiled by Hayward for Sidney and Beatrice Hayward, containing clippings, poems, genealogical notes, letters and drawings by Harry S. Hayward, letters from Rev. Brooke Herford, and other papers; a commonplace book of poems; miscellaneous poems and printed matter; personal letters to Katherine (Cobb) Hayward from Dorothea Dix, Anne W. Daniell, Lucia Alexander, and Fanny Alexander; and bills and receipts for groceries and household items, expenses related to the education of Hayward's sons, and other goods and services.

Diaries, 1855-1898

Included are 30 volumes, mostly printed pocket diaries with brief handwritten entries describing Hayward's daily activities, social engagements, church attendance, correspondence, news of friends and family, etc. The diaries were kept primarily at Wayland, Milton, and Boston, Mass., and many include personal accounts. Pre-1860 entries describe trips to Augusta, Me.; the preaching of William Edmond Armitage, Alexander Hamilton Vinton, and others; and religious matters. The 1855 diary was also used as a commonplace book and includes manuscript poems and clippings of poems and articles, 1855-1875. The 1860-1872 volume contains only brief notes of major life events. Other diaries describe her courtship and marriage to John McLean Hayward; their honeymoon to towns in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts; the activities of their sons Sidney and Harry; and Harry's death as a teenager in 1887. Entries related to the Civil War discuss various battles, John M. Hayward's service, and the assassination of President Lincoln. Included in the sixth volume are three entries written by John M. Hayward, 29 Oct.-16 Nov. 1862, prior to his capture by Confederate forces, describing the march to Warrenton, Va., the weather, and his illness and homesickness.

Box 8Folder 1
31 July-26 Aug. [1855], 1855-1875
Box 8Folder 2
13 June 1858-19 Feb. 1860
Box 8Folder 3
29 Mar. 1860-20 Sep. 1872
Box 8Folder 4
Pocket diary, 1861
Box 8Folder 4
Pocket diary, 1863
Box 8Folder 5
18 June- 6 July 1863, 29 Oct.-16 Nov. 1862
Box 8Folder 6
Pocket diary, 1864
Box 8Folder 6
Pocket diary, 1865
Box 8Folder 7
Pocket diary, 1866
Box 8Folder 7
Pocket diary, 1867
Box 8Folder 7
Pocket diary, 1868
Box 9Folder 1
Pocket diary, 1871
Box 9Folder 1
Pocket diary, 1872
Box 9Folder 1
Pocket diary, 1873
Box 9Folder 2
Pocket diary, 1874
Box 9Folder 2
Pocket diary, 1875
Box 9Folder 3
Pocket diary, 1876
Box 9Folder 3
Pocket diary, 1877
Box 9Folder 4
Pocket diary, 1879
Box 9Folder 4
Pocket diary, 1881
Box 9Folder 5
Pocket diary, 1882
Box 9Folder 5
Pocket diary, 1883
Box 9Folder 6
Pocket diary, 1885
Box 9Folder 6
Pocket diary, 1887
Box 9Folder 7
Pocket diary, 1888
Box 9Folder 7
Pocket diary, 1891
Box 10Folder 1
Pocket diary, 1894
Box 10Folder 1
Pocket diary, 1895
Box 10Folder 2
Pocket diary, 1897
Box 10Folder 2
Pocket diary, 1898
Box 10Folder 3
Scrapbook, 1830-1898
Box 10Folder 4
Commonplace book, 1856-1857
Box 10Folder 5
Poems and printed matter, 1863-1891
Box 10Folder 6
Correspondence, 1870-1897
Box 10Folder 7-10
Bills and receipts, 1886-1893

P. Sarah Henshaw Hayward correspondence, 1863-1875

This subseries contains the non-family correspondence of Sarah Henshaw Hayward, including letters from Dorothea Dix, Martha B. Wight, Lizzy Whitney, Sarah R. Willard, and Lydia Maria Child. Also included is a letter from Sarah W. Faber about Civil War nurse Mary Ann Bickerdyke, as well as several letters from author and illustrator Fanny Alexander about her writing and illustration work and her life in Italy.

Box 11Folder 1

Q. Beatrice Brooke (Herford) Hayward papers, 1832-1951

This subseries consists of printed matter related to Beatrice (Herford) Hayward's theatrical career; two copies of the magazine The House Beautiful (Dec. 1915), containing an article about her home in Wayland, Mass.; typed transcripts of parts of the article; a short letter from Harry Houdini, 31 Dec. 1925; and miscellaneous notes, poetry, and other papers.

Box 11Folder 2

R. Harry Stillman Hayward sketchbooks, 1886-1887

Included are two sketchbooks containing pencil sketches by Harry S. Hayward of unidentified individuals and scenes.

See Subseries O for additional drawings and correspondence of Harry S. Hayward.

Box 11Folder 3

S. Miscellaneous personal papers, 1717-1922

This subseries consists of unidentified and miscellaneous personal papers of the Hayward family and related families. Included are manuscript poems, recipes, and empty envelopes; an unidentified Boston shop account, 1717; papers of Dr. Lemuel Hayward, including a receipt for interest on loan certificates, 22 May 1786, a letter from Joseph Allen about his store on Long Wharf, 28 Mar. 1806, and manuscript and typed copies of Hayward's obituary, July 1821; the transcript of a letter to Rebecca Warren from her sister Louisa, 2 Apr. 1812; papers of Dr. George Hayward, including a newspaper article, a prescription, and a document certifying his degree from Harvard College, written by John T. Kirkland, 19 June 1812; a document from the Mendon Association recommending John Burt Wight for the ministry, 14 Oct. 1812; a letter from Ferdinand Kelly at Delafield, Wis. to Isaac Davenport Hayward, 22 Sep. 1862, about the Civil War, the threat of Indians, and agriculture; notifications to Roland Hayward of his election to the Harvard Natural History Society, 31 Jan. 1884, and the Boston Stock Exchange, 30 Dec. 1887; and other miscellaneous papers.

The subseries also contains a volume of minutes of the Young Ladies Benevolent Association of Wayland, Mass., 1835-1846. Included is the association's constitution, lists of members, accounts, reports, and copies of letters from Rev. Harvey Hyde and others. The connection of this volume to the Hayward family is unknown.

Box 11Folder 4-7

T. Genealogical papers, undated, 1891-1951

This subseries contains correspondence; ancestral charts; the Hayward coat of arms; anecdotes about members of the family; and notes, letters, and other papers of Huldah E. Henshaw, Henry W. Cunningham, and Frank Farnsworth Starr related to Hayward genealogy.

Box 11Folder 8-9

III. Estate papers, 1810-1951

This series contains deeds, agreements, correspondence, leases, mortgages, accounts, receipts, memoranda, powers of attorney, inventories, and other legal and financial papers related to Hayward and Davenport family estates and to family property in Boston, Mass. (including Long Wharf); Milton, Mass.; and Bangor, Me. Individuals represented also include members of the related Wigglesworth, Whitney, Frothingham, and Shaw families. The bulk of the series before 1853 consists of papers related to the estate of Isaac Davenport, including papers of trustees Joseph H. Hayward and Louisa Goddard (Davenport) Wigglesworth; letters to Joseph H. Hayward and Thomas Wigglesworth from Wiggins Hill, William Abbot, Charles J. Abbott, Albert W. Paine, and others about the Maine land, 1835-1851; and letters from Theron Metcalf to Joseph H. Hayward on estate matters, 1838-1840. Also included is an oversize map of the city and vicinity of Boston, 1852, and a small unidentified account book recording payments to Ferdinand Kelly and William Kirkpatrick, 1852-1859.

After 1853, the series contains papers of the Joseph H. Hayward estate; papers of Isaac Davenport Hayward, including letters from Joseph S. Spear and receipts; letters and accounts of Lemuel Shaw, Jr.; and papers of the Harriet S. (Hayward) Winslow trust, including letters from Albert W. Paine and others to trustee Samuel Savage Shaw, 1884-1885, and letters from William C. Winslow and others to trustee Henry P. Binney, 1915; and an inventory of the furniture at Hayward Place for the Harriet S. (Hayward) Wyman estate, 1897. The series also contains 6 small paperbound account books of the Lemuel Hayward and Isaac Davenport estates, kept by trustee Joseph H. Hayward, as well as an account book related to family land in Bangor, Milton, etc.

See Series II.C. for personal correspondence and financial papers of Joseph H. Hayward.

Box 12
Loose papers, 1810-1860
Box 13Folder 1-11
Loose papers, 1861-1951
Box 13Folder 12-13
Joseph H. Hayward account books, 1822-1853
Box 13Folder 14
Account book related to family land, 1830-1841

IV. Printed matter, 1788-1962

Arranged alphabetically.

This series consists of pamphlets, books, and newspaper clippings related to, written by, or owned by members of the Hayward, Henshaw, and related families. Some items include annotations.

Box 14Folder 1
Ames, Ellis. History of the Redman Farm, So Called, and of the Title Thereto, Situate in Canton, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Now Mostly Owned by Henry L. Pierce, Esq. of Boston. Boston: William Bense, 1870. [with newspaper clipping, 1927]
Box 14Folder 2
Byron on America: An Unpublished Letter to Dr. Joshua Henshaw Hayward, 29 March 1823. Cambridge, Mass.: Houghton Library, 1942.

Included is the original manuscript letter from Joshua H. Hayward to Lord Byron, 29 Mar. [1823].

Box 14Folder 3
Catalogue of a Large Collection of Books, Bound and in Sheets, Being the Stock of a Bookseller, to be Sold at Auction on Tuesday, 5th of March, 1816, at Blake & Cunningham's Office, No. 5 Kilby Street. [Boston: s.n.], 1816.
Box 14Folder 4
Dix, Dorothea Lynde. Memorial of D. L. Dix, Praying a Grant of Land for the Relief and Support of the Indigent Curable and Incurable Insane in the United States. Washington, D.C.: United States Congress, 1848.
Box 14Folder 5
Dix, Dorothea Lynde. Memorial to the Legislature of Massachusetts. Boston: Munroe & Francis, 1843.
Box 14Folder 6
Dodsley, Robert. The Economy of Human Life. Walpole, N.H.: Charter & Hale, 1807.
Box 14Folder 7
Hayward, George. Case of Hydrophobia. Boston: David Clapp, 1854. [2 copies]
Box 14Folder 8
Henshaw, Samuel. Annual Report of the Curator of the Museum of Comparative Zoölogy at Harvard College, to the President and Fellows of Harvard College for 1905-1906. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1906.
Box 14Folder 9
Henshaw, Samuel. "Roland Hayward." Psyche: A Journal of Entomology. Ed. W. L. W. Field. Boston: Cambridge Entomological Club, Aug. 1906. 101-3. [with newspaper obituary, 1906]
Box 14Folder 10
The History of Little Dame Crump and Her Little White Pig. [London: J. L. Marks, 1820.] [with newspaper clippings]
Box 14Folder 11
Huntington, Enoch. Receiving the Cup of Affliction After the Example of the Suffering Saviour: A Discourse, Delivered in the First Church and Society in Middletown, on the Lord's Day, September 23d, 1787. To Which is Added, an Address to a Numerous Collection of Sympathizing Friends, Met at the House of Mourning, to Condole with Mr. Benjamin Henshaw, and His Weeping Family, Under a Very Singular, Complicated Affliction, by the Sudden, Surprising Death of Two Amiable Sons, Shipwrecked in a Violent Storm at Sea. Made by Particular Desire on the Wednesday Evening Following. Also Two Sermons Delivered the Lord's Day Following. Middletown, Conn.: Woodward and Green, 1788.
Box 14Folder 12
Incomes of the Citizens of Boston and Other Cities and Towns in Massachusetts. Boston: Worthington, Flanders & Company, 1867.
Box 14Folder 13
The Orderly Book of Colonel William Henshaw, of the American Army, April 20-Sept. 26, 1775. Including a Memoir by Emory Washburn, and Notes by Charles C. Smith. With Additions by Harriet E. Henshaw. Boston: A. Williams and Company, 1881.
Box 14Folder 14
"Our First Men," or a Catalogue of the Richest Men of Massachusetts, Containing a List of Those Persons Taxed in the State of Massachusetts, Credibly Reported to be Worth One Hundred Thousand Dollars, and Upwards. With Biographical Notices of the Principal Persons. Boston: Fetridge and Company, 1851. [with newspaper clipping, 1905]
Box 14Folder 15
Pierce, John. A Discourse Delivered in Brookline, at the Request of Its Inhabitants, on 15 March, 1847, the Day, Which Completed Half a Century From His Ordination. Boston: James Munroe and Company, 1847.
Box 14Folder 16
Viets, Henry R. Four Famous Boston Doctors: George Hayward, David Humphreys Storer, Henry Jacob Bigelow, James Read Chadwick. Boston: Massachusetts Medical Society, 1961.
Box 14Folder 16
Viets, Henry R. Hinckley's Who Was Who on Ether Day. Boston: Massachusetts Medical Society, 1962.
Box 14Folder 17
Miscellaneous clippings and newspapers (mostly from Boston), 1794-1876

V. Oversize papers, 1794-1876

This series contains oversize papers removed from the rest of the collection. A note has been inserted at the original location of each item indicating its removal to oversize.

Box OS 1
Accounts, appointments, diplomas, estate papers, and other oversize papers
Box OS 2
Oversize newspapers, 1794-1876

Hayward Family Tree

Listed below are members of the Hayward family, their spouses, and their children, beginning with the children of Lemuel Hayward (d. 1821) and his second wife, Sarah (Henshaw) Hayward (1768-1849). Some family members may not be included.

1. Charles Hayward (1787-1855)

m. ca. 1814 Eleanor/Ellen Dorr (d. 1863)

2. John Dorr Hayward (d. 1861)

m. in 1853 Helen Cornelia Strong (1833-1884)

3. Charles Alexander Hayward (1857-1862)

3. Evangeline Hayward (1858-1865)

3. Catherine Hayward (1860-1865)

2. Grace S. Hayward (ca. 1830-1870)

1. Dr. George Hayward (1791-1863)

m. 1st in 1815 Caroline (d. 1854)
m. 2nd in 1856 Mary Ann Binney (1805-1884)

For a list of the children of Mary Ann Binney (the stepchildren of George Hayward), see the Binney Family Tree in the Henry P. Binney family papers collection guide.

1. Joseph Henshaw Hayward (1789-1853)

m. in 1816 Mary May Davenport (1795-1843)

2. Mary Davenport Hayward (1818-1886)

m. in 1841 George Alfred Whitney (1809-1860)

3. James Phineas Whitney (1847-1871)

3. George A. Whitney (1848-1870)

2. Isaac Davenport Hayward (1820-1823)

2. Sarah Henshaw Hayward (1823-1833)

2. Louisa Davenport Hayward (1826-1876)

m. in 1844 George Henry Frothingham (1823-1875)

3. May Frothingham (1846-1900)

m. Robert Moat (1835-1885)

3. Ethel Norton Frothingham (1850-1912)

m. George F. Benson (1849-1910)

2. Isaac Davenport Hayward (1828-1878)

m. 1st Mary Williams Griswold (1833-1859)
m. 2nd Mary Bartlett Vose (1830-1901)

3. Dr. George Griswold Hayward (1854-1910)

m. in 1885 Mabel Sargeant

3. Mary May Hayward (1863-1929)

m. in 1889 Henry Winchester Cunningham (1860-1930)

3. Roland Hayward (1865-1906)

2. Harriet Stillman Hayward (b. 1830)

m. in 1867 Rev. William Copley Winslow (1840-1917)

3. Mary Whitney Winslow (b. 1873)

2. Catherine Davenport Hayward (1833-1923)

m. in 1860 Samuel Hay Savage (1827-1901)

3. Adelaide Hay Savage (b. 1861)

m. in 1886 Francis Tiffany Bowles (b. 1858)

3. Henry Savage (b. 1864)

m. in 1899 Helen Laurie Alexander (b. 1874)

2. Josephine Hayward (1836-1917)

m. in 1860 Henry Prentice Binney (1838-1878)

For a list of the children of Josephine (Hayward) Binney and Henry P. Binney, see the Binney Family Tree in the Henry P. Binney family papers collection guide.

1. Sarah A. Hayward (b. 1794)

m. Samuel Adams Dorr (1775-1855)

2. Morris Dorr (b. 1835)

1. Dr. Joshua Henshaw Hayward (1797-1856)

m. in 1830 Sarah Ann McLean (d. 1840) [dau. of Judge John McLean (1785-1861) and Rebecca E. (Edwards) McLean]

2. Rebecca McLean Hayward (ca. 1831-1832)

2. Dr. John McLean Hayward (1837-1886)

m. in 1863 Katherine Hay Cobb (1839-1917) [dau. of Matthew and Phebe Bliss (Farnham) Cobb (1801-1875)]

3. Sidney Willard Hayward (1871-1950)

m. in 1897 Beatrice Brooke Herford (1868-1952) [dau. of Rev. Brooke Herford (1830-1903)]

3. Harry Stillman Hayward (1872-1887)

2. Sarah Henshaw Hayward (b. 1839)

1. Harriet Stillman Hayward (1803-1883)

m. in 1849 Thomas White Wyman (1793-1854)

2. Robert Harris Wyman (1822-1882) [her stepson]

Preferred Citation

Joseph H. Hayward family papers, on deposit from the Mary M. B. Wakefield Charitable Trust, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Alexander, Francesca, 1837-1917.
Binney, Henry Prentice, 1838-1878.
Cobb, Francis Davis, 1837-1915.
Cobb, Phebe Bliss Farnham, 1801-1875.
Dewey, Orville, 1794-1882.
Dix, Dorothea Lynde, 1802-1887.
Dorr, Morris, b. 1835.
Dorr, Samuel Adams, 1775-1855.
Dorr, Sarah A. Hayward, b. 1794.
Frothingham, Frederick, 1825-1891.
Frothingham, John J.
Frothingham, Louisa Davenport Hayward, 1826-1876.
Hayward family.
Hayward family--Genealogy.
Hayward, Beatrice Brooke Herford, 1868-1952.
Hayward, Harry Stillman, 1872-1887.
Hayward, Isaac Davenport, 1828-1878.
Hayward, John McLean, 1837-1886.
Hayward, Joseph Henshaw, 1789-1853.
Hayward, Joshua Henshaw, 1797-1856.
Hayward, Katherine Hay Cobb, 1839-1917.
Hayward, Sarah Ann McLean, d. 1840.
Hayward, Sarah Henshaw, b. 1839.
McLean, John, 1785-1861.
McLean, Rebecca E. Edwards.
Wigglesworth, Thomas, 1814-1907.
Winslow, Harriet Stillman Hayward, b. 1830.
Wyman, Harriet Stillman Hayward, 1803-1883.


United States. Army. Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, 12th (1861-1865).
United States. Army--Surgeons.


Account books--1822-1853.
Account books--1830-1841.
Account books--1836-1853.
Actresses--United States.
Family history--1750-1799.
Family history--1800-1849.
Family history--1850-1899.
Family history--1900-1949.
Family history--1950-1999.
Real property--Maine.
Real property--Massachusetts.
Surgeons--United States.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Hospitals.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Medical care.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Personal narratives.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Regimental histories--Massachusetts Infantry, 12th Volunteers.
Voyages and travels--19th century.
Women travelers.
Women's commonplace-books.

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