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This collection contains the papers of the Coolidge and Dame families, including the papers of the following individuals and their families: Lorin Low Dame; Nancy Isabel Arnold Dame; Ruth Dame Coolidge; Richard Bradford Coolidge; Olive Dame Campbell; Jean Thoits Coolidge; and William Bradford Coolidge. The collection includes correspondence, personal papers, diaries, writings, financial papers, legal papers, political papers, printed material, and volumes.

Biographical Sketches

Below are brief biographical sketches of the individuals represented most prominently within the collection.

George Morgan Bacon (1872-1952), known as Morgan, was the husband of Isabel Dame Bacon and the brother-in-law of Ruth Dame Coolidge. He was born on 28 March 1872 in Worcester, Mass. to George A. and Susan Hillman Bacon. He had three siblings: Carl, Paul, and Anne. Morgan grew up in Syracuse, New York, and graduated from Cornell University with a degree in civil engineering. From 1894 to 1898, Morgan oversaw Boston street surveys for the Boston Transit Commission and helped build the local subway. He went into private practice in 1898 and worked on various sewer and electrical projects. On 5 February 1898, he married Isabel Dame, and the couple brought up five daughters in Salt Lake City. Morgan traveled throughout Utah and neighboring states as an engineer, overseeing the construction of dams, tunnels, canals, pipe lines, mines, power plants, and other projects. He worked as the U.S. deputy mineral surveyor for Utah, Idaho, and Nevada and became state engineer for Utah from 1925 to 1932. He belonged to many professional engineering societies such as the Utah Society for Engineers, American Society for Civil Engineers and the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education. He was a Mason and wrote poetry as an avocation. Morgan lived and worked in Salt Lake City until his death in 1952.

Isabel Gerry Dame Bacon (1869-1933), often called Belle, was the daughter of Lorin L. and Isabel Arnold Dame, and an older sister of Ruth Dame Coolidge. She was born on 7 June 1869 in Braintree, Mass. at the home of her maternal grandparents, John Bass and Nancy B. T. Arnold. She attended Medford High School and Symonds Kindergarten Normal Training Class in Boston. On 5 February 1898, she married George Morgan Bacon in Medford. Early in 1900, Morgan and Belle moved to Love, Colo. and then Colorado Springs where Morgan worked as a civil engineer. In 1901, they settled permanently in Salt Lake City, Utah. Isabel and Morgan had five daughters: Isabel Lyman (1899-1973); Dorothy York (1901-1963); Lois Bigelow (1904-1986); Barbara Dame (b.1905); and Priscilla Alden (b.1910). Isabel was an educational and social service activist in Salt Lake City. She organized the first Salt Lake City PTA and served as its president for many years. She also helped to establish the Home and School League (also known as the Salt Lake Council of Parents and Teachers) which promoted home economics and manual training. In 1917, Isabel fought for and won passage of a law in the state legislature to aid under-nourished children and promote mandatory education for children. She was president of the Salt Lake City Civic Center for twelve years and was influential in establishing a community baby clinic, a visiting nurses association, a social welfare league and a society for mental hygiene. In 1923, she became chairwoman of the Better Homes Committee and later served as a member of the Utah White House Conference on Child Study and Child Care and the Educational Relief Program. Isabel died on 10 June 1933 in Salt Lake City.

Olive Dame Coolidge Butman (1920-2008) was the third child of Richard and Ruth Dame Coolidge. Born on 26 January 1920 in Medford, Mass., Olive was named after her aunt, Olive Dame Campbell. She graduated from Wellesley College in 1941 and soon after, she became a doctor's assistant at the Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan, Kent.. In 1942, Olive left the Settlement School to marry Robert Charles Butman, who she had known since grade school. During World War II, Bob entered the navy, and they moved to different naval facilities across the United States including Washington, D. C., Oklahoma and Philadelphia. Olive and Bob had three children: Marcia (b.1945); Bradford (b.1947); and John (b.1951) before settling permanently in Concord, Mass. After raising her children, Olive worked as an elementary school guidance counselor in the Littleton, Mass. public school system for 17 years. An outdoor enthusiast, Olive was a sailor, skier, and skater who summered in Nantucket, Mass. throughout her life. She died on 23 May 2008, a victim of Alzheimer's disease.

Robert Charles Butman (b.1920) was the husband of Olive Coolidge Butman and the son-in-law of Richard and Ruth Dame Coolidge. He was born on 9 September 1920. Bob graduated from MIT with a B.S. in electrical engineering, and in 1941, he began working in the Department of the Navy in Washington, D.C. A year later, he married Olive Coolidge and in 1943, entered the navy. During World War II, Bob and Olive lived at naval facilities in Washington D.C., Oklahoma and Philadelphia. In 1952, Bob began working at Lincoln Labs on the MIT campus outside of Boston. He and Olive settled in nearby Concord, Mass. where they raised three children: Marcia (b.1945); Bradford (b.1947); and John (b.1951).

Olive Arnold Dame Campbell (1882-1954) was born in Medford, Mass. on 11 March 1882, the youngest child of Lorin L. Dame and Nancy Arnold Dame, and the sister of Ruth Dame Coolidge. She attended Medford High School, where her father was principal, and like her father and her sister Ruth, she studied at Tufts College where she helped write and edit the The Tufts Weekly and The Tuftonian, Tuft’s literary magazine. On 21 March 1907, she married John C. Campbell, President of Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia, and the couple had two daughters, Jane and Barbara, who died in infancy.

In 1908, John received a grant to survey the people and living conditions of the Southern Mountain Region of Appalachia for the Russell Sage Foundation, and Olive assisted him with his work. During their travels, Olive began to document the ballads sung in the Southern Mountain Region with connections to English and Scots-Irish folk songs. With Cecil J. Sharpe, a British musicologist, she later published a compilation of ballads, English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians. John and Olive moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 1913 when John became secretary of the Russell Sage Foundation’s newly established Southern Highland Division. Upon his death in 1919, Olive assumed his position, and in 1921 completed John’s unfinished work, The Southern Highlander and his Homeland. After touring folk schools in Scandinavia in 1922 and 1923, Olive established the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina, which she directed for over 25 years. Olive summered on Nantucket at her cottage, Cachalot, where she entertained many nieces, nephews, and family friends. She died on 14 June 1954.

Harry M. Cary (1910-1988) was the husband of June Coolidge Cary and the son-in-law of Richard and Ruth Coolidge. He was born in Cragsmoor, New York to Maude Simington Lyon and Henry Monfort Cary. His father was a Universalist minister, and he grew up in Elbridge, Auburn, and Little Falls, New York. As a teenager, he and his parents moved to Tokyo, Japan where his father served as a Universalist missionary. Harry attended Tufts College in the mid-1930s where he met June Coolidge. In 1936, after graduating from Tufts, he and June moved to Japan and married. Two years later they returned to the United States, settling in Brasstown, North Carolina and working for the John C. Campbell Folk School. Harry became the publicity and extension agent for the school, a position he held until 1942. With the outbreak of World War II, Harry joined the navy as an intelligence officer. After the war, he was recruited by the CIA where he worked until his retirement. He and June had two sons, Lorin and Richard.

Ruth Alden Coolidge Cary (1912-1996), always called June, was the oldest child of Richard and Ruth Dame Coolidge. A native of Medford, Mass., she was born on 19 June 1912. June attended public elementary and high schools in Medford, and chose Swarthmore College in Philadelphia for undergraduate study. She transferred to the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston and eventually to Tufts College, the family alma mater. At Tufts, June met her future husband, Harry Cary, before graduating in 1935. A year later, June and Harry married in Tokyo, Japan where Harry served as a missionary for the Universalist Church. In 1938, they moved to Brasstown, North Carolina where Harry became the publicity and extension agent for the John C. Campbell Folk School and June taught art classes. June and Harry had two children, Lorin and Richard. The Cary family settled in the Washington, D.C. area after World War II where June taught art at the Sidwell Friends School. She passed away in 1996.

Jean Elizabeth Thoits Coolidge (1913-1996) was the wife of William Bradford Coolidge, and the daughter- in-law of Ruth Dame Coolidge. She was born on 27 September 1913 in Palo Alto, California, the second child of Willis C. and Hazel Lamson Thoits. Jean grew up with four siblings: Eleanor; Warren; Edward; and Willis. She attended San Jose State College, but graduated from Stanford College. In 1936, Jean moved to Tokyo, Japan to tutor the son of Cabot Coville, an American diplomat. While in Japan, Jean met William Bradford (Bread) Coolidge and they married on 22 June 1943 in California.

In the early 1940s, Jean became a YWCA administrator in San Jose, Calif. Part of her work was to help Japanese American students who had been relocated from war zones into internment camps in the western United States to transfer into colleges in other parts of the country. During World War II, Jean and Brad moved to Minneapolis, Minn. and Ann Arbor, Mich. so that Brad could attend U.S. Army Japanese language schools. After the war, they settled in Washington D.C. where Brad worked as a State Department research analyst. Jean and Brad had three children: Eunice Ann (b. 1947); Oliver (b. 1949); and Elizabeth (b. 1951). Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Jean and the children accompanied Brad to his Foreign Service postings in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan; Bangkok, Thailand and Ankara, Turkey. Upon the family's return to the Washington, D.C. area, Jean became involved in the River Road Unitarian Church and in community affairs. She was especially active in the Home Study program for African American children at Cabin John and the Girl Scouts. Jean was also interested in the arts and had a special talent for ikebana, kiri-e and ceramics. On 1 June 1995, she died of cancer at her home in Bethesda.

Merrit Bradford Coolidge (1839-1926) was the father of Richard B. Coolidge. Born on 8 April 1839 in Hallowell, Maine, he was the third child of Merrit and Flora Coolidge. Merrit, brought up in the Universalist Church, attended Westbrook Seminary and Tufts College. He taught grade school in Maine during college vacations. In 1876, Merrit married Lucy French, and the two settled in Portland where Merrit helped run the family's wholesale foods business. He later became the treasurer of the Standard Oil Company office in Portland. Merrit served as a trustee of Westbrook Seminary and treasurer of the Universalist Maine State Convention. On 1 February 1926, he died in Portland at the age of 87.

Richard Bradford Coolidge (1879-1957) was born on 14 September 1879 in Deering, Maine to Merrit B. and Lucy French Coolidge. Richard attended the Ocean Street Grammar School in Portland and Westbrook Seminary in Deering. In 1898 he entered Tufts College where he was a member of Theta Delta Chi and Phi Beta Kappa and served as editor-in-chief of The Tuftonian, a student literary magazine. Richard met his future wife, Ruth B. Dame, at Tufts. Like Ruth, he graduated with both a B.A. and M.A. after only four years of study. In the summer of 1903, Richard worked as a reporter for the Portland Evening Express and considered becoming a journalist. He opted instead for Harvard Law School, where he graduated in 1906. Soon after, Richard joined the law firm of French and Curtiss, the practice of his uncle, William B. French. Upon his uncle's death in 1912, Richard became a partner in the firm. In September 1908, Richard married Ruth B. Dame and settled in Medford. They had three children: Ruth Alden (June) (b.1912), William Bradford (b.1916) and Olive Dame (b.1920).

Richard became active in Massachusetts politics during the 1910s. Around 1912-1914, he ran unsuccessfully for the state legislature as a Progressive party candidate. His first successful election came in 1917, when he was elected to the local Board of Aldermen. From 1920 to 1922, Richard served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives for the Medford/Winchester District. His final elective office was that of mayor of Medford, a position he held from 1923 to 1926. Richard left politics in 1926 to become president and director of the First National Bank in Medford. He remained director until 1950 when he became a board member of its successor Middlesex County National Bank. In addition to his political and business contributions to Medford, Richard was active in the social and civic life of the city. He belonged to the Medford Historical Society and the Royall House Association and was a founder and president of the Lawrence Memorial Hospital. A treasurer of Tufts College from 1934 to 1952, he was elected a lifetime trustee in 1950. On 17 February 1957, Richard died at the home of his daughter Olive in Concord, Mass.

Ruth Burleigh Dame Coolidge (1880-1951) was born on 21 November 1880 in Medford, Mass. She was the third child of Lorin L. and Isabel Arnold Dame. Ruth attended Medford High School where her father was principal. After graduating in 1898, she entered her father's alma mater, Tufts College, where she was a member of the Delta Sigma sorority and the Tower Cross Society. She also served on the editorial board of the Tufts literary magazine, The Tuftonian. Ruth was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and graduated in four years with both a B.A. and an M.A. After graduating in 1902, Ruth taught in the public schools including Medford High School. Ruth married Richard B. Coolidge in 1908, and they had three children: Ruth Alden (June) (b.1912); William Bradford (b.1916); and Olive Dame (b.1920). Ruth worked as a writer and journalist. She penned articles for magazines and newspapers, specializing in pieces about colonial Massachusetts. She also wrote several historical pageants: The Pageant of the Royall House (1915); The Pageant of the Mystic (1930); and The Pageant of the Centenary of Medford High School (1935). Ruth's love of history led to her membership in many historical organizations including the Royall House Association and the Nantucket Historical Society. In the 1930s, she served as president of the Medford Historical Society for four years and of the Bay State Historical League for two. She was also a member of the Medford Shakespeare Club, the First Parish Unitarian Church and the Medford Girl Scouts. Ruth and her family summered in Nantucket at Hinckley Farm. On 20 September 1951, at the age of 70, Ruth died of a heart attack while vacationing in Nantucket.

William Bradford Coolidge (1916-2010), the second child of Richard B. and Ruth Dame Coolidge, was born on 20 January 1916 in Medford, Mass. William, nicknamed Brad, grew up in Medford with his two sisters, June and Olive and his maternal aunt, Daisy Dame. Brad attended Medford High School and graduated in 1932 at the top of his class. Brad summered in Nantucket, often with extended family. From 1933 to 1937, Brad studied at Tufts College on a Trustees Fellowship and was editor of the college newspaper, The Tufts Weekly in 1936, leading him to explore a career in journalism. Upon graduating from Tufts in 1937, Brad moved to Tokyo, Japan where his sister June and brother-in-law Harry Cary taught at a Universalist mission. In hopes of becoming a foreign correspondent, he wrote copy for The Japanese Advertiser, an English-language newspaper printed in Tokyo. In 1939, he traveled as a string correspondent for United Press to Japanese-occupied northern China, Manchuria and Canton. While in Tokyo, Brad met his future wife, Jean E. Thoits, the governess to the children of an American diplomat. On his return to the United States in 1939, he courted Jean by mail before they were married on 22 June 1943. They had three children: Eunice Ann (b.1947); Oliver (b.1949); and Elizabeth (b.1951).

In the fall of 1939, Brad returned to the United States to begin graduate work in international affairs at Harvard University. Upon graduation in 1941, he accepted a position with the Foreign Broadcasting Information Service (FBIS) in Oregon where he helped to translate Japanese broadcasts for the U.S. government. In 1944, Brad was drafted into the U.S. Army as a foreign language specialist. He was sent to the Army Intensive Japanese Language School at the University of Michigan in 1945 and to Alabama in early 1946 for basic training. In the fall of 1946, Brad became an analyst for the State Department's Office of Intelligence Research. His first assignment took him back to Tokyo where he served as a political officer at the U.S. Embassy. He was then chosen as the head of the American Consulate in Nagoya. After two years stateside, Brad and his family moved to Bangkok, Thailand for a posting on the international staff of SEATO, the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. Later, the Coolidge family moved to Ankara, Turkey where Brad served as the assistant to Abbas Ali Khalatbari, Secretary General of CENTO, the Central Treaty Organization for the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan.

From 1968 to 1969, Brad served as diplomat in residence at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He retired from the State Department in 1972 and returned to his home in Bethesda, Maryland where he became involved with the River Road Unitarian Church, the John C. Campbell Folk School, and the Japan-America Society. He was a member of the board of directors for the John C. Campbell Folk School from 1976 to 1992.

Daisy Gertrude Dame (1868-1932) was the oldest sister of Ruth Dame Coolidge. She was born on 5 March 1868 in Nantucket, Mass., the first of four daughters born to Lorin and Isabel Dame. Daisy attended public school and graduated from Medford High School in 1885. A graduate of Symonds Kindergarten Normal Training Class in Boston, Daisy taught kindergarten beginning in 1887. In 1892 she was appointed principal of the James A. McDonald Kindergarten in Boston, a position she held until her retirement in 1922. From 1909 to 1910, Daisy took a leave of absence without pay to help establish a kindergarten in the mountains of Kentucky at the Oneida Institute. Daisy never married. She lived with her mother and Ruth and Richard Coolidge and their family in Medford, Mass. In 1922, Daisy accompanied Olive Campbell and Marguerite Butler to Scandinavia where they studied folk schools. The trip photographer, Daisy captured images of the trip that appear in Olive's book, The Danish Folk School. Daisy enjoyed genealogy and was an active member of the West Medford Reading Club. She died in September 1932.

Lorin Low Dame (1838-1903) was the father of Ruth Dame Coolidge. Born on 12 March 1838 in Newmarket, New Hampshire, he was the only child of Samuel and Mary Ann Dame. In 1845, his family moved to Lowell, Mass., where he attended public high school. From 1856 to 1860, Lorin studied at Tufts College, and after graduation became a high school principal in Braintree, Mass. The Civil War intervened and late in 1862, Lorin mustered into the 15th Battery, Massachusetts' Volunteer Light Artillery as a second lieutenant. On 1 March 1863, eight days before reporting to duty, he married a former Braintree student, Nancy Isabel Arnold. During the war, Lorin served in New Orleans and saw action in the Arkansas expedition and the fall of Mobile. He was promoted to first lieutenant before mustering out on 4 August 1865. After the war ended, Tufts College honored Lorin by granting him an M.A. Over the next eleven years, Lorin served as the principal of high schools in several Massachusetts towns including Lexington (1866-1867), Nantucket (1867-1869) and Stoneham (1869-1876). In 1876, he became the principal of Medford High School, a position he held for 27 years. In addition to administering the high school, he taught Latin and Greek.

Lorin was an avid botanist as well as an educator. During the 1880s, he served as president of the Middlesex Institute, and published several articles about New England flora. He is best known for his two books, Typical Elms and other Trees of Massachusetts published in 1890 with an introduction by Oliver Wendell Holmes, and The Handbook of the Trees of New England, with Ranges Throughout the United States, co-authored with Henry Brooks and published in 1902. In recognition of his scientific achievements, Lorin received an honorary doctorate of science from Tufts in 1895. Literature, writing, and history were also of keen interest to Lorin. To earn additional income, he wrote for newspapers and magazines, often under pseudonyms including J. Gerry, J. M. Arnold, and Viator. Lorin was a member of the West Medford Reading Club and the Medford Historical Society. From 1895 to 1903, he served as a trustee of Tufts College and sat on its Executive Committee. Lorin belonged to the First Parish Unitarian Church in Medford and founded the Unitarian club connected to the church. On 27 January 1903, he died of a heart attack.

Nancy Isabel Arnold Dame (1844-1916) was the mother of Ruth Dame Coolidge. She was born in Braintree, Mass. on 20 September 1844 to Nancy B. T. and John Bass Arnold. The seventh of nine children, Isabel was a bright student and fine musician. In 1860, she met Lorin Dame, a new teacher at her high school. They married on 1 March 1863, eight days before Lorin mustered into the Union Army. Lorin served in the gulf theatre of the Civil War until 1865, when he returned to teaching. He held jobs as a high school principal in several Massachusetts cities including Lexington, Nantucket, and Stoneham. In 1876, the couple permanently settled in Medford, where Isabel and Lorin raised four daughters: Daisy Gertrude (b.1868); Isabel Gerry (b.1869); Ruth Burleigh (b.1880); and Olive Arnold (b.1882). The family summered on Nantucket and Isabel bought a house and land there called Hinckley Farm. Isabel was socially active in Medford and belonged to many charitable organizations and clubs. She was especially devoted to the musical work of the Women's Club. During 1915, Isabel became ill with an eye affliction. She died on 10 December 1916.

William Riley French (1814-1893) was the maternal grandfather of Richard B. Coolidge. He was born on 8 June 1814 in Turner, Maine to Charles and Nancy French. Nancy died of consumption when William was small. At the age of ten, he was apprenticed to a cabinetmaker in Turner, who allowed him to attend high school while working for him. After finishing his apprenticeship, he attended Kent's Hill Academy to prepare for college, and taught school to support himself. In the late 1830s, William entered Waterville College (today known as Colby College), where he embraced the Universalist Church. In 1841, after reading theology with the Rev. Zenas Thompson, he became a Universalist minister. William preached in Lewiston and Auburn, but needed to teach school to make a living wage. In 1843, he married Marcia Bradford in Lewiston, and they had four children. Several years later, William moved to Turner to become minister of the First Universalist Church. He remained in Turner for twenty years and became a leader of the Universalist church in Maine. In 1885, Tufts conferred upon him an honorary doctorate of divinity. William died on 7 August 1893 after many years of illness.

Barbara Bacon McConnell (1905-2000) was the fourth daughter of Morgan and Isabel Dame Bacon and the niece of Ruth Dame Coolidge. Born on 11 September 1905 in Salt Lake City, Utah, she attended the University of Wisconsin where she earned a degree in psychology. She married Phillip McConnell and they lived in La Crosse, New Jersey, where they brought up three sons: Mark, Allen, and David. Barbara taught 8th grade for many years. After Phillip's death in 1959, she entered the Peace Corps in 1962 and spent 15 months in Nigeria teaching mathematics at a teacher's training college. In the 1970s, Barbara moved to Alexandria, Virginia to live near her sisters. She traveled extensively through Europe, the former Soviet Union, China, and the Americas. Barbara died on 1 January 2000.


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Collection Description

The Coolidge and Dame family papers are divided into the following ten series: Lorin Low Dame papers; Nancy Isabel Arnold Dame papers; Richard Bradford Coolidge papers; Ruth Dame Coolidge papers; Papers of the descendants of Lorin Low Dame and Nancy Isabel Arnold Dame; Papers of families related to Richard Bradford Coolidge; Papers of families related to Ruth Dame Coolidge; Jean Thoits Coolidge papers; William Bradford Coolidge papers; and Miscellaneous papers. The papers were largely collected by William Bradford Coolidge.

The Lorin Low Dame papers primarily reflect Lorin's teaching career and his interest in botany. Material related to Lorin's position as principal of high schools in Medford, Stoneham, and several other Massachusetts towns includes correspondence, lesson plans, teachers' meetings notes, printed material, and writings. Lorin's interest in botany is seen in correspondence regarding his botanical publications and in printed material. Lorin's writings are also a strong part of this series, and include essays on his various interests, historical fiction, and schoolwork. Courtship letters and several diaries are also included in this series.

The papers of Nancy Isabel Arnold Dame, Lorin Dame's wife, include writings, printed material, volumes, and family correspondence covering such topics as Isabel's trip to Europe and family celebrations. The series contains thirty-four diaries that describe daily life, household accounts, and community activities.

The papers of Richard Bradford Coolidge, husband of Lorin and Isabel Dame's daughter Ruth, include personal papers, financial and legal papers, and political papers. Personal papers consisting of correspondence, diaries, and writings reflect Richard's education at Tufts College and his family life. Financial and legal papers relate to Richard's career with law firm French and Curtiss and with the First National Bank of Medford, as well as his advisory role to Olive D. Campbell and the John C. Campbell Folk School. Richard's political papers derive from his political campaigns and positions; printed material, writings, and correspondence relate to his two terms as a representative in the Massachusetts legislature, two terms as mayor of Medford, and his Progressive party campaign for the state legislature.

The papers of Ruth Dame Coolidge, Lorin and Isabel Dame's daughter, include correspondence, personal papers, diaries, and printed material. Ruth was a writer and amateur historian, and her pieces on local history appear in the printed material. This series also includes scrapbooks from Ruth's high school and Tufts College years that document social and college life.

The papers of descendants of Lorin Low Dame and Nancy Isabel Arnold Dame pertain to Isabel Dame Bacon, George Morgan Bacon, Barbara Bacon McConnell, Daisy G. Dame, Olive Dame Campbell, Ruth Alden (June) Coolidge Cary, Harry M. Cary, Olive Coolidge Butman, and Robert C. Butman. Of particular interest are: Barbara McConnell's travel writings; Daisy Dame's papers from her trip studying folk schools in Scandinavia and her establishment of a kindergarten in Oneida, Kentucky; Olive Dame Campbell's sketchbooks, Tufts University scrapbooks, and her "Cachelot Log," illustrating summers at her Nantucket cottage; June Cary's family newspaper created in childhood and her correspondence from Japan; and the Butman family's travel logs.

The papers of families related to Richard B. Coolidge contain material related to the Coolidge, Bradford, and French families. The Coolidge family subseries contains women's diaries, business papers, political papers, and writings. Other items of interest include William Riley French's Universalist Church account books, and Merrit Bradford Coolidge (1839-1926)'s diary as a Tufts student.

The papers of families related to Ruth Dame Coolidge contain material related to the Arnold, Dame, Gilman, and Thayer families, including family correspondence, personal papers, military appointments, and newspaper clippings.

The papers of Jean Thoits Coolidge, the wife of Richard and Ruth Dame Coolidge's son, William Bradford Coolidge, include correspondence describing Jean's experiences living in Japan from 1936 to 1939, her return to America and long-distance relationship with Brad, and their life together in Minnesota and Michigan during World War II. Japanese American internment papers contain correspondence and printed materials related to her work with the YWCA helping to transfer Japanese American students from internment camps and western war zones to colleges in other parts of the country. The series also contains a number of papers and tests from Jean's years at college, her journal entries from the 1960s, ephemera and miscellaneous news clippings, and records from the Minneapolis Blind Study Committee in 1945-1946.

The papers of William Bradford (Brad) Coolidge, son of Richard and Ruth Dame Coolidge, include material from his time as a journalist in pre-World War II Japan and China and his employment with the Foreign Broadcasting Information Service and State Department. Japan and China papers include letters, writings, and printed material. Government employment papers such as forms and correspondence reflect Brad's diplomatic postings in Japan, Thailand, and Turkey. This series also includes correspondence, writings, printed material, and diaries reflecting Brad's Tufts College education, family life, and army service.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Elizabeth J. Coolidge, Ann C. Nitzburg, and Oliver B. Coolidge, November 2010.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Lorin Low Dame papers, 1850-1951

This series documents Lorin L. Dame's personal and family history and his long career as an educator. It reflects his service in the Union Army during the Civil War and his many avocations including botany, history, literature and writing. Lorin served as the high school principal of several Massachusetts towns, including Stoneham and Medford. His teaching career is reflected in his correspondence, personal papers, writings, and printed material. Personal papers include lesson plans and notes from teachers' meetings. Writings include Lorin's thoughts on education and an elocution exercise for students.

Lorin was also a naturalist and environmentalist. Journals, booklets, and reports about flora illustrate Lorin's interest in the subject. Autographs and personal notes by colleagues in booklets and reports underscore his valued contributions to the field, as do reviews of Lorin's two monographs Typical Elms and other Trees of Massachusetts and The Handbook of the Trees of New England. Although manuscripts of these two works and paperwork dealing with their publication are not a part of collection, several letters from Oliver Wendell Holmes (who wrote the introduction to Typical Elms) are found here. In the late 1800s, Lorin became a proponent of preserving Massachusetts' forests and wilderness areas. Reports and articles he wrote for the Middlesex Fells Association document the group's efforts to preserve Middlesex Fells, a wilderness area near Boston and Medford.

Lorin's writings are another strong and extensive element of this series. Notes and snippets, schoolwork, poems, essays, speeches, and short stories on a large variety of topics make up Lorin's Writings subseries. Published scientific and literary articles as well as poems comprise the printed material subseries. Also included are Reading Club papers and historical short fiction, although several of Lorin's fictional pieces are incomplete or missing significant sections. Lorin's diaries are also included in this series, as well as his correspondence with his wife Isabel Arnold Dame.

A. Correspondence, 1856-1901

Arranged chronologically

This subseries includes Lorin L. Dame's courtship correspondence with his future wife Nancy Isabel Arnold, correspondence with his Tufts College roommate Edward Dascomb concerning college life and the Civil War, and correspondence related to his educational and botanical work. The latter includes letters of recommendation for Lorin's teaching career and correspondence about his books Typical Elms and other Trees of Massachusetts and The Handbook of the Trees of New England.

Box 1Folders 1-11

B. Personal papers, 1865-1903

Arranged chronologically.

This sub-series consists of a Civil War return of ordnance stores document, accounts and other financial papers, miscellaneous compositions by others, papers from Lorin's teaching career such as a notebooks on teachers' meetings and lesson plans, and a copy of Lorin's will.

Box 1Folder 12
Quarterly return of ordnance stores, 1865
Box 1Folder 13
Accounts, 1881-1889
Box 1Folder 14
Writings by others, 1895
Box 1Folder 15
Fire insurance policy, 1902
Box 1Folder 16
Will (copy), 1902
Box 1Folder 17
Notebook of teachers' meetings, 1902-1903

Includes Ruth Dame Coolidge notes and William B. Coolidge drawings.

Box 1Folder 18
Notebook of lesson plans, n.d.

C. Diaries, 1857-1895

Arranged chronologically

This sub-series consists of Lorin L. Dame's diaries, which cover such topics as his 1880 sightseeing trips to England and France and his trip to the World's Fair in Bremen, Germany in 1890. Other topics include life at Tufts College, trips to Nantucket, his career, amateur archaeology, botany and gardens, and daily life.

Box 1Folder 19
Box 1Folder 20
Box 1Folder 21
Box 1Folder 22
Box 2Folder 1
Box 2Folder 2
Box 2Folder 3
Box 2Folder 4
Box 2Folder 5
Loose letters from diary, 1880
Box 2Folder 6
Box 2Folder 7

D. Writings, ca. 1850-1902

Arranged alphabetically by folder title

This series includes notes, poems, essays, speeches and multi-chapter stories on such topics as botany, travel, education, the environment, and Lorin L. Dame's life. Works include Reading Club papers on authors and historical short stories such as "The Blazing Heart" and "Western Scenes: A Tale of Love and Treachery." There are also writings related to Lorin's teaching career, such as an elocution exercise written for his students, and notes from Lorin's own education.

Box 2Folder 8
"American Elm Tree," n.d.
Box 2Folder 9
"American Tourists and English Scenery," n.d.
Box 2Folder 10
"Blazing Heart," n.d.
Box 2Folder 11
Book accounts and story, possibly by Ruth D. Coolidge, 1895-1897
Box 3Folder 1
Botanical notes, n.d.
Box 3Folder 2
Civics, n.d.
Box 3Folder 3
Confessions of a victim to symptoms, n.d.
Box 3Folder 4
Dame genealogy notebook, n.d.
Box 3Folder 5
Documents and addresses relating to Middlesex Institute, n.d.
Box 3Folder 6
English countryside and Ruth D. Coolidge's notes on literature, n.d.
Box 3Folder 7
English history and law notes, n.d.
Box 3Folder 8
English history notes, n.d.
Box 3Folder 9
Essays and notes on education, n.d.
Box 3Folders 12-14
Fragments, misc., n.d.
Box 3Folder 10
"Idyl of Podunk" (incomplete), n.d.
Box 3Folder 15
Journal of botany, 1870
Box 4Folder 1
"Life of Audubon" and Sabbath school exercises notebook, n.d.
Box 4Folder 2
Meal, Shells, Lessons in versification, n.d.
Box 4Folder 3
"Middlesex Canal" (incomplete), n.d.
Box 4Folder 4
Middlesex Fells writings, n.d.
Box 4Folder 5
Miscellaneous notes, n.d.
Box 4Folder 6
My summer saunterings, n.d.
Box 4Folder 7
Narrative of the robbery, n.d.
Box 4Folder 8
Nobility of labor and Isaiah, n.d.
Box 3Folder 11
Notes on New Orleans, n.d.
Box 4Folder 9
"Old Man of the Mountain, or Scenes of Western Life" (incomplete), n.d.
Box 4Folder 10
"The Orange," in Good Times, 1884
Box 4Folder 11
Poems, n.d.
OS Box 1Folder 2
"Poetry of City Life," n.d.
Box 4Folders 12-13
Reading club papers (Carlyle, Spencer, English essayists), ca. 1881
Box 4Folders 14-15
Reading club papers (Shakespeare, Browning, Persiles and Sigsmunda), n.d.
Box 4Folders 16-17
Reading club papers (Podunk, London, Emerson, Meister), n.d.
Box 4Folders 18-19
Reading club papers (Darwin), n.d.
Box 4Folder 20
"Recess in the Wall," n.d.
Box 4Folder 21
"Ro-land and Di-a-na," ca. 1880-1890
Box 4Folder 22
"Rudolpho the Bravo or the Haunted Castle," n.d.
Box 4Folder 23
"Sachem's Day" and letters concerning the story, 1902
Box 5Folders 1-2
School papers, ca. 1850-1859
Box 5Folder 3
"Shattered Altar," n.d.
OS Box 1Folder 2
"Shattered Altar," n.d.
Box 5Folder 4
"Shells" and "The Air," notebook, n.d.
Box 5Folder 5
Short essays, n.d.
Box 5Folder 6
Speeches, 1890
OS Box 1Folder 2
Town meeting, n.d.
Box 5Folder 7
Tree pieces, n.d.
Box 5Folder 8
"True Story of Echo," n.d.
Box 5Folder 9
Valedictory for Isabel, 1857
Box 5Folder 10
"Western Scenes: a Tale of Love and Treachery," n.d.

E. Printed material, 1850-1951

i. Ephemera, 1850-1903

Arranged chronologically.

Lorin L. Dame's ephemera includes printed material from his high school and Tufts College education and from his teaching career at Medford High School and the Middlesex Institute. It also includes Lorin's published poems, reports, articles, and eulogies.

Box 5Folder 11
Rewards of merit, ca. 1850-1859
OS Box 1Folder 1
Lowell High School exam certificates, 1850-1859
Box 5Folder 12
District annual reports, 1857-1867
Box 5Folder 13
Miscellaneous, 1859-1901
Box 5Folder 14
Tufts commencement order of exercises, 1860-1866
Box 5Folder 15
Pamphlet, Annual reports of the Middlesex Institute, Report of Lorin L. Dame, 1882
Box 5Folder 16
Poems, L. L. Dame, "Contribution to a Vexed Question" in the Continent, and "The Orange" in Good Times, 1883-1884
Box 5Folder 17
"Historic Trees," The Granite Monthly, Vol. VIII, Nos. 11 & 12, 1885
Box 5Folder 18
Pamphlet, Middlesex Fells, 1886
Box 5Folder 19
Pamphlet, History of Medford High School, 1892
Box 5Folder 20
Pamphlets, Medford High School Order of Exercises, 1896-1902
Box 5Folder 21
Tufts honorary degree article, 1902
Box 5Folder 22
Pamphlet, Annual Report, School Committee, Medford, Mass., 1903
Box 5Folder 23
Eulogy, "Lorin Low Dame," in Rhodora, 1903
Box 5Folder 24
"In Memorium," 1903

ii. Clippings, 1860-1951

Arranged chronologically.

Lorin L. Dame's clippings include pieces written by him on literature and other topics, as well as articles about his life and works, such as book reviews and obituaries.

OS Box 1Folder 1
L. L. Dame, "A National Literature," Gospel Banner and Maine Family Visitant, 1860
OS Box 1Folder 1
The Daily True Delta, 1863

Contains Port Hudson article, possibly from Lorin L. Dame's war diary.

OS Box 1Folder 1
"Nantucket," probably by Lorin L. Dame, 1875
OS Box 1Folder 2
Clippings, book reviews, and obituaries, 1891-1902
OS Box 1Folder 1
The Stoneham Independent, 1876
OS Box 1Folder 1
"Mr. Dame's Address," The Universalist, 1878

Dame's address at Tufts College commencement.

OS Box 1Folder 1
Daily Memorial, 1881
OS Box 1Folder 2
Congregationalist, 1886

Poem by J.M. Arnold.

OS Box 1Folder 2
Sconset Pump, 1888
OS Box 1Folder 2
Medford Mercury, 1898

Wedding announcement of Isabel Dame.

OS Box 1Folder 2
American Citizen, 1902
Box 5Folder 25
Obituaries, 1903
OS Box 1Folder 2
Obituaries and clippings, 1903-1909
OS Box 1Folder 2
"Lorin Dame, Early Headmaster Led Colorful Pioneering Career," Medford Daily Mercury, 1951

F. Volumes, 1860-1903

Arranged chronologically

Box 5Folder 26
Autograph album, 1860-1874
Box 65Volume 1
Album, botanical prints, ca. 1880-1890
Box 65Volume 2
Condolence scrapbook, 1903

II. Nancy Isabel Arnold Dame papers, ca. 1850-1929

This series consists of materials documenting Isabel Arnold Dame's personal and family life. Correspondence includes letters from son-in-law George M. Bacon and daughter Ruth Dame Coolidge, and letters on such topics as the birth of Isabel's daughter and the Braintree High School 50th anniversary gala. Correspondence also includes Isabel's letters to her daughters during her trip to Europe.

Isabel's thirty-four diaries describe her daily interactions with friends and relatives as well as her many household and community activities. They also contain household account information, addresses, notes, and recipes. The series also contains writings, programs, receipts, certificates, cards, invitations, an obituary, autograph albums, and a scrapbook.

Items pertaining to Lorin L. Dame and Isabel Arnold Dame's nuclear family have been placed in this series, although Isabel's correspondence with Lorin is in Series I.A.- Lorin L. Dame correspondence.

A. Correspondence, 1851-1914

Arranged chronologically

This subseries consists mainly of family correspondence. Family correspondents include George M. Bacon and Ruth Dame Coolidge, writing in 1902. There is also extensive correspondence from Isabel Arnold Dame to her daughters during her 1904 trip to Europe. In addition, the subseries includes items related to Henry S. Wyer, Isabel's 1911 will, RSVPs to the 50th anniversary gala for Braintree High School, and correspondence congratulating Isabel on the birth of her daughter. Correspondence addressed to both Lorin and Isabel also has been placed in this subseries.

Box 6Folders 1-12

B. Diaries, 1857-1929

Arranged chronologically

Isabel's thirty-four diaries span almost forty-four years of her life, from 1857 to 1914, but contain gaps including 1859, 1862-1865, 1867-1870, and 1904. Diary entries describe Isabel's daily interactions with friends and relatives as well as her many household and community activities. A majority of Isabel's diaries also contain household account information, addresses, notes, and recipes in the back section of the volumes. One memorable diary entry (3 Sept.1860) describes her first meeting with Lorin L. Dame, "A new teacher Mr. Dame. I can't tell whether I shall like him as yet or not."

Box 6Folder 13
Diary (almanac), 1857
Box 6Folder 14
Box 6Folder 15
Box 6Folder 16
Box 6Folder 17
Box 6Folder 18
Box 6Folder 19
Box 7Folder 1
Box 7Folder 2
Box 7Folder 3
Box 7Folder 4
Box 7Folder 5
Box 7Folder 6
Box 7Folder 7
Box 8Folder 1
Box 8Folder 2
Box 8Folder 3
Box 8Folder 4
Box 8Folder 5
Box 8Folder 6
Box 8Folder 7
Box 9Folder 1
Box 9Folder 2
Box 9Folder 3
Box 9Folder 4
Box 9Folder 5
Box 9Folder 6
Box 9Folder 7
Box 10Folder 1
Box 10Folder 2
Box 10Folder 3
Box 10Folder 4
Box 10Folder 5
Box 10Folder 6
Box 11Folder 1
Box 11Folder 2
Box 11Folder 3
Box 11Folder 4
Box 11Folder 5
Line-a-day diary, 1905-1909
Box 11Folder 6
Line-a-day diary, 1910-1914
Box 12Folder 11
Loose items from diaries, ca. 1858-1929

C. Writings, ca. 1855-1880

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains Isabel Arnold Dame's high school compositions and other writings. These include "Ruth," a poem to her baby daughter, and the memoir "An Old Fashioned Day at Nantasket."

Box 12Folder 2
Braintree, Mass. high school compositions, ca. 1855-1860
Box 12Folder 3
Writings, 1863-1880

D. Printed material, 1856-1917

Arranged chronologically.

Isabel Arnold Dame's ephemera includes programs, receipts, certificates, cards, and invitations. Also here are certificates for the American Board of Commissions for Foreign Missions and the Daughters of the American Revolution, programs for the dedication of the Lorin L. Dame School and Braintree High School 50th reunion, a dance card, and material related to the birth of Isabel's daughters. A 1917 clipping contains Isabel's obituary.

Box 12Folder 4
Box 12Folder 5
Daughters' birth mementos, 1868-1882
Box 12Folder 6
Cards and invitations, 1879-1882
OS Box 1Folder 3
DAR certificate, 1896
Box 12Folder 7
Programs for dedication of the Lorin L. Dame School and Braintree High School 50th reunion, 1909
Box 12Folder 8
Isabel Arnold Dame obituary, 1917

E. Volumes, ca. 1850-1899

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries consists of three autograph albums and a scrapbook of clippings and ephemera related to news of the day, the Civil War, academic topics, and medical recipes.

Box 66Volume 3
Scrapbook, ca. 1850-1899
Box 66Folder 1
CD-ROM of scrapbook, ca. 1850-1899
Box 66Folders 2-3
Loose ephemera and clippings from scrapbook, ca. 1850-1899
Box 12Folder 9
Autograph album, 1857
Box 12Folder 10
Autograph album, 1858
Box 12Folder 11
Autograph album, 1860-1867

III. Richard Bradford Coolidge papers, 1887-1957

The material in this series reflects the life work of Richard B. Coolidge, illustrating his activities with business, family, school, and community. The bulk of Richard's personal papers describe his schooling and family life. Richard's correspondence series and diaries highlight family interactions and his early relationship with his wife Ruth. Diaries and clippings also reflect other personal and business interests. Writings include material from Richard's education, as well as humorous pieces such as "Fragments from the Memoirs of Preow" and "Something of a Dr. Johnson." The printed material includes many Westbrook Seminary, Tufts College and Harvard Law School documents. It also provides information on Richard's community activism, especially his role in establishing the Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

Richard's financial and legal papers include material from his career with the law firm French and Curtiss starting in 1906, and his tenure with the First National Bank of Medford from 1927 to 1947. Also in this subseries are three decades of letters between Richard and his sister-in-law, Olive Dame Campbell, concerning the operations of the John C. Campbell Folk School. A member of the school's board of directors, Richard provided financial, legal and administrative advice to Olive.

Richard's political papers cover several of his campaigns and political positions, including two terms as a member of the Massachusetts legislature for the Winchester and Medford districts from 1920 to 1922, and two terms as the Republican mayor of Medford from 1923 to 1926. Richard's mayoral documents include speeches, campaign ephemera and literature, and a few clippings. Also in this subseries is campaign ephemera from his unsuccessful campaign for the state legislature as a Progressive party candidate about 1912, including "Vote for Richard B. Coolidge" postcards.

A. Personal papers, 1889-1957

i. Correspondence, 1898-1956

Arranged chronologically and by subject or correspondent.

The personal correspondence of Richard B. Coolidge includes letters with family members, including his father Merrit B. Coolidge (1839-1926), mother Lucy French Coolidge, wife Ruth Dame Coolidge, sister-in-law Daisy Dame, daughter Ruth (June) Coolidge Cary, son William B. (Brad) Coolidge, daughter Olive Coolidge Butman, and aunt Flora Bradford Coolidge. Topics of family discussion include family news and business activities. Family financial matters such as Brad's mortgage are also discussed; however, papers related to Richard's involvement with sister-in-law Olive Dame Campbell's accounts and his parents' estate are located in his financial and legal papers. Letters between Richard and Ruth, including many courtship letters, have been separated from the rest of the correspondence, as have letters that Richard saved in a wooden box, mostly consisting of letters from Ruth.

In addition to family correspondence, Richard's personal correspondence includes letters related to his participation in clubs and other groups, including the Lawrence Light Guard of Medford. Richard's participation with Tufts College alumni groups is also included here, but correspondence related to his paid work for Tufts College as a trustee and board member is filed under financial correspondence. A significant amount of correspondence consists of sympathy letters sent upon the death of Richard's wife, Ruth, in 1951 and of his brother, Arthur William Coolidge, in 1952.

a. Correspondence with Ruth Dame Coolidge, 1900-1951

Box 12Folders 12-26
Box 13
1904-Aug. 1907
Box 14
Sept. 1907-25 July 1911
Box 15Folders 1-15
26 July 1911-1951

b. Letters from wooden box, 1906-1934

Box 15Folders 16-20

c. Personal correspondence, 1898-1956

Box 15Folders 21-28
Box 16Folders 1-17
Box 16Folders 18-28
Sympathy letters, 1951-1952
Box 17Folders 1-16

ii. Diaries, 1889-1955

Arranged chronologically

Richard B. Coolidge's diaries reflect his high school activities, Tufts College life, business interests, hobbies, and family life, including his early relationship with Ruth Dame Coolidge.

Box 17Folder 17
Box 17Folder 18
Box 17Folder 19
Box 17Folder 20
Daybook/diary, 1934
Box 18Folder 1
Daybook/diary, 1935
Box 18Folder 2
Daybook/diary, 1936
Box 18Folder 3
Daybook/diary, 1938
Box 18Folder 4
Daybook/diary, 1939
Box 18Folder 5
Daybook/diary, 1940
Box 18Folder 6
Daybook/diary, 1941
Box 18Folder 7
Daybook/diary, 1942
Box 19Folder 1
Daybook/diary, 1943
Box 19Folder 2
Daybook/diary, 1944
Box 19Folder 3
Daybook/diary, 1945
Box 19Folder 4
Daybook/diary, 1946
Box 19Folder 5
Daybook/diary, 1947
Box 19Folder 6
Daybook/diary, 1948
Box 19Folder 7
Daybook/diary, 1949
Box 19Folder 8
Daybook/diary, 1950
Box 19Folder 9
Daybook/diary, 1951
Box 19Folder 10
Loose pages from daybook/diary, 1951
Box 20Folder 1
Daybook/diary, 1952
Box 20Folder 2
Daybook/diary, 1953
Box 20Folder 3
Daybook/diary, 1954
Box 20Folder 4
Diary entries, 1954
Box 20Folder 5
Daybook/diary, 1955

iii. Writings and notes, 1890-1952

Arranged alphabetically by folder title

The writings and notes of Richard B. Coolidge include schoolwork from his Ocean Street Grammar School, Westbrook Seminary, Tufts College, and Harvard Law School education; humorous pieces; addresses; poems; and essays and notes on law, the culture and news of the day, and Massachusetts and world history.

Box 20Folder 6
Addresses, 1931-1944
Box 20Folder 7
Biography of Preow, personality of Preow, and fragments from the memoirs of Preow, ca. 1910
Box 20Folder 8
College themes, 1900-1902
Box 20Folder 9
Elder Waters' successor, 1901
Box 20Folders 10-11
Grade school tests, math and geography, 1890-1892
Box 20Folders 12-13
Grade school tests, spelling, language and grammar, 1890-1893
Box 20Folder 14
Grammar school poem, 1894
Box 20Folder 15
Great War essay, n.d.
Box 20Folder 16
Historical notes, n.d.
Box 20Folders 17-18
History of Massachusetts and Medford notes, n.d.
Box 20Folders 19-22
Legal notes, n.d.
Box 21Folder 1
Miscellaneous, n.d.
Box 21Folder 2
Nantucket essays and notes, n.d.
Box 21Folder 3
"New Man " n.d.
Box 21Folder 4
Notes, 1949-52
Box 21Folder 5
"Olympic Hero at Colburn Hill," n.d.
Box 21Folder 6
Poems and short pieces, 1903
Box 21Folder 7
Post World War I Europe, ca. 1930-1935
Box 21Folder 8
Shifting engine plays a new game, n.d.
Box 21Folder 9
Some aspects of the American Newspaper Guild, ca. 1950
Box 21Folder 10
Some idiosyncrasies of the law, n.d.
Box 21Folder 11
"Something of a Dr. Johnson," n.d.
Box 21Folder 12
"Valedictory," Tufts College, 1903
Box 21Folder 13
"Walnut Tree Hill," 1942
Box 21Folder 14
"William Riley French" and "When Aubrey Wed," n.d.

iv. Printed material, 1893-1957

a. Ephemera, 1893-1957

Arranged chronologically and by subject.

Richard B. Coolidge's ephemera includes printed material from his education and alumni participation with the Ocean Street Grammar School, Westbrook Seminary, Tufts College, and Harvard Law School. It also includes pamphlets, writings, and programs related to Medford, Richard's participation in local clubs, his trip to Europe, and his death.

Box 21Folder 15
Ocean Street Grammar School Savings Society receipts, 1893-1894
OS Box 1Folder 3
Ocean Street Grammar School certificate, 1894
Box 21Folder 16
Westbrook Seminary report cards, 1894-1898
Box 21Folders 17-18
Westbrook Seminary, 1895-1898
Box 21Folder 19
Trip to Europe, 1902
Box 21Folder 20
Harvard Law School ephemera, 1903-1909
Box 21Folder 21
Medford, 1903-1955
Box 21Folder 22
Harvard Law School report cards and bills, 1904-1906
Box OS 1Folder OF 3
Harvard Law School diploma, 1906
Box 21Folders 23-25
Harvard Law School Class of 1906 alumni booklets, 1922-1956
Box 21Folder 26
Club Participation, 1940-1952
Box 21Folder 27
Tufts College Alumni, 1952-1956
Box 21Folder 28
Richard B. Coolidge memorial service, 1957
Box 21Folder 29
Tributes upon death, 1957
Box 21Folders 30-31
Miscellaneous, 1898-1956
OS Box 1Folder 5
Historic Medford prints, n.d.

b. Clippings, 1898-1957

Arranged chronologically and by subject.

Richard B. Coolidge's clippings include articles related to Tufts College, the Lawrence Light Guard, Medford, and history. Clippings also include articles related to Richard's life, such as his passing of the bar exam, marriage, and death. Published stories written by Richard are also located in this subseries.

OS Box 1Folder 3
Tufts College, 1898-1902
OS Box 1Folder 3
"Maine Forts" and other Portland stories written by Richard Coolidge, 1903-1908
OS Box 1Folder 3
Bar exam article, 1906
Box 21Folder 32
Marriage announcement, 1908
OS Box 1Folder 5
Historical, 1916-1935
Box 21Folder 33
Medford, 1930-1955
OS Box 1Folder 5
Medford, 1930-1955
OS Box 1Folder 5
Lawrence Light Guard, 1934
Box 21Folder 34
Obituaries, 1957
OS Box 1Folder 5
Obituaries, 1957

v. Miscellaneous, ca. 1900-1957

Arranged chronologically.

Miscellaneous personal papers include a sketch by Richard, stamps, genealogical material, and notes and correspondence related to the family's Hinckley Lane property and the inheritance of family furniture.

Box 22Folder 1
Sketch, ca. 1900
OS Box 1Folder 5
Sketch of Richard, 1929
OS Box 1Folder 5
Voting tally, 1930
Box 22Folders 2-3
Hinckley Lane notes and correspondence, 1952-53
Box 22Folder 4
Furniture dispersal per wills, notes, and correspondence, 1957
Box 22Folder 5
Bradford/Coolidge genealogical materials, n.d.
Box 22Folder 6
Stamps, n.d.
Box 22Folder 7
Hastings Lane property notes, n.d.

B. Financial and legal papers, 1887-1957

i. Financial correspondence, 1903-1957

Arranged chronologically.

The financial correspondence of Richard B. Coolidge primarily concerns his legal career with the firm of French and Curtiss and his everyday financial transactions. Also included here is correspondence related to Richard's work as a trustee of Tufts College and his correspondence with nurse Maribel Gibbs about the care of his aunt Flora Bradford Coolidge. In addition, there are letters regarding Richard's attempts to sell an article and photographs by his son William B. (Brad) Coolidge about his experience in Japan. Copies of Brad's article and photographs are enclosed with these letters.

Box 22Folders 8-27

ii. Olive Dame Campbell and John C. Campbell Folk School papers, 1919-1956

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

The papers of Olive Dame Campbell and the John C. Campbell Folk School consist of Richard B. Coolidge's correspondence and accounts related to his sister-in-law Olive Dame Campbell and the administration of the John C. Campbell Folk School founded by her husband in Brasstown, North Carolina. Richard was a member of the Folk School's Board of Directors. He provided financial, legal, and administrative advice to Olive and the Folk School. Included in these papers is Olive's will and correspondence on the creation of a fund in her honor at the Folk School.

Box 22Folders 28-30
Correspondence, 1925-1956
Box 23Folder 1
Account book, 1919-1942
Box 23Folders 2-3
Accounts, 1936-1949

iii. Legal papers, 1926-1953

Arranged chronologically.

Richard B. Coolidge's legal papers concern the estates of his mother Lucy French Coolidge and father Merrit B. Coolidge (1839-1926), and related mortgages. The papers also include Richard's birth certificate.

Box 23Folders 4-9

iv. Volumes, 1890-1942

Arranged chronologically.

Legal and financial volumes include a case docket and notebook on probate and estate cases from Richard B. Coolidge's career with the law firm of French and Curtiss.

Box 67Volume 4
Probate/Estate Information, 1890-1920
Box 23Folder 10
Account book, 1901-1926
Box 23Folder 11
All cases docket, 1915-1931
Box 67Volume 5
Ledger, 1936-1942
Box 67Volume 6
Individual and business profiles, n.d.

v. Printed material, 1887-1952

Arranged chronologically and by subject.

Richard B. Coolidge's financial and legal printed material includes checks, a checkbook, Richard's notary public certificate, and pamphlets and other material from Richard's career with law firm French and Curtiss and the First National Bank in Medford.

Box 23Folder 12
Legal practice, 1907-1952
OS Box 1Folder 4
Notary public certificate, 1928
Box 23Folder 13
First National Bank in Medford, 1933-1939
Box 23Folder 14
Checks and checkbook, 1936-1943
Box 23Folder 15
Miscellaneous, 1887-1926

C. Political material, 1912-1950

i. Mayoral papers, 1920-1926

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

Richard B. Coolidge's mayoral papers include correspondence with constituents and other politicians, documents nominating him as Medford's mayor, and demographic figures on Medford. See also (iii) Writings and (iv) Printed material in this series.

Box 23Folder 16
Correspondence, 1920-1925
Box 23Folder 17
Nomination papers, 1924
Box 23Folder 18
Medford recapitulation figures, 1926

ii. Republican Finance Committee and Arthur Coolidge campaign papers, 1950

Arranged chronologically

Richard B. Coolidge's brother Arthur W. Coolidge was the unsuccessful Republican candidate for Massachusetts governor in 1950. Included here is material from Richard's campaign and correspondence with constituents and other politicians.

Box 23Folders 19-23

iii. Writings, ca. 1913-1949

Arranged chronologically

The political writings of Richard B. Coolidge include his addresses and an essay on a local politician, as well as material on the Progressive party under which Richard ran for the state legislature.

Box 24Folder 1
Mr. Prime (politician) essay and notes, ca. 1913
Box 24Folder 2
Progressive party, 1914
Box 24Folder 3
Non-mayoral political addresses, ca. 1920-1929
Box 24Folders 4-13
Mayoral address binder, 1922-1926
Box 24Folders 14-16
Mayoral addresses, 1923-1926
Box 24Folder 17
Miscellaneous, 1922-1949
Box 24Folder 18
Incomplete addresses, n.d.

iv. Printed material, 1912-1950

Richard B. Coolidge's political printed material reflects his Medford mayoral terms and campaigns and his campaign for the state legislature as a Progressive party candidate. There is also material from Arthur W. Coolidge's campaign for governor of Massachusetts. Material includes postcards, printed addresses, pamphlets, posters, campaign cards, and clippings

a. Ephemera, ca. 1912-1950

Arranged chronologically.

Box 24Folder 19
Progressive party campaign postcards, "Vote for Richard B. Coolidge," ca. 1912-1914
Box 24Folder 20
Miscellaneous mayoral items, 1920-1927
OS Box 1Folder 4
Miscellaneous committee posters, 1921-1927
Box 24Folder 21
Pamphlet, Inaugural Address of Mayor Richard B. Coolidge, 1923
OS Box 1Folder 5
Mayoral campaign posters and literature, "Re-Elect Coolidge," 1924
Box 24Folder 22
Pamphlet, Inaugural Address of Hon. Richard B. Coolidge,1925
Box 24Folder 23
Pamphlet, Medford Historical Register, 1925
Box 24Folder 24
Pamphlet, Inaugural Address of Hon. Richard B. Coolidge, 1926
Box 24Folder 25
8th District delegate campaign card, 1928
Box 24Folder 26
Republican Finance Committee and Arthur Coolidge campaign, 1950

b. Clippings, 1920-1939

Richard B. Coolidge's clippings cover his political career, including his Medford mayoral terms and his campaigns for Medford mayor and the state legislature.

Box 24Folder 27
Legislative and mayoral clippings, 1920-1926
OS Box 1Folder 3
Mayoral clippings, 1922-1926
OS Box 2Folder 5
"Draft Coolidge for US Senate," 1939

IV. Ruth Dame Coolidge papers, 1890-1957

This series contains material related to Ruth Dame Coolidge's experiences at Tufts College, her life-long interest in local history and writing, and her family life. Ruth's correspondence includes family correspondence, letters of recommendation, and engagement congratulations. Her personal papers contain Dame genealogical items, poems, papers on the Dame and Smith estates, obituaries, and Coolidge family artwork. This series also includes several diaries, Tufts College essays, a poem, Ruth's "Recollections of Lorin L. Dame and Isabel A. Dame," dance cards, holiday cards, calling cards, invitations, Tufts College clippings, and obituaries

A writer and historian, Ruth penned many articles, essays, plays and pageants that are included in this series. Her poems and essays published in The Tuftonian, Tufts' literary magazine, are found in Series III - Richard B. Coolidge papers.

During her last years of high school and her years at Tufts College from 1898 to 1902, Ruth created several scrapbooks of dance cards, letters, pressed flowers, playbills, clippings, and photographs, which are also found in this series.

A. Correspondence, 1897-1951

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries includes Ruth Dame Coolidge's family correspondence with sister Olive Dame Campbell, daughter Ruth (June) Coolidge Cary, son William B.(Brad) Coolidge, daughter-in-law Jean Thoits Coolidge, daughter Olive Coolidge Butman, and son-in-law Robert C. Butman. The bulk of the letters discuss family news and activities. Other correspondence includes letters of recommendation and engagement congratulations.

Correspondence with husband Richard B. Coolidge may be found in Series III.A. - Richard B. Coolidge, Personal papers. Correspondence addressed to both Ruth and her husband is filed here.

Box 24Folders 28-35
Box 25Folders 1-19

B. Personal papers, 1895-1951

Arranged chronologically and by subject.

This subseries contains Ruth Dame Coolidge's family genealogical material, poems, papers on the Dame and Smith estates, obituaries, and Coolidge family artwork. The collection of Dame genealogical papers includes letters by Lorin L. Dame, Olive Dame Campbell, and Ruth herself, as well as a marriage certificate. The Dame and Smith estates papers relate to the inheritance of family furniture and include a will.

Box 25Folders 20-21
Dame genealogical items, 1895-1903
Box 25Folder 22
Poem and photograph, 1905
Box 25Folder 23
Wedding poem for Richard and Ruth Coolidge, ca. 1908
Box 25Folder 24
Family tree of Richard B. and Ruth Dame Coolidge, 1908
Box 25Folder 25
Dame and Smith estates, 1932-1940
Box 25Folder 26
Shakespeare Club list of plays read, 1937-1957
Box 25Folder 27
Memorial service and obituary, 1951
Box 25Folder 28
Poems, n.d.
Box 25Folder 29
Calling cards, n.d.
Box 25Folder 30
Coolidge family art work, n.d.
Box 25Folder 31
Miscellaneous, 1911-1944

C. Diaries, 1895-1934

Arranged chronologically.

This sub-series contains several diaries written by Ruth Dame Coolidge concerning family, school, and social life. The 1896 diary was written during a summer trip to Nantucket, Mass., the 1906 diary was written during Ruth's travels to Great Britain and France, and the ca. 1933 diary was written during Ruth's travels to Denmark.

Box 25Folder 32
Diary, 1895
Box 25Folder 33
Diary, 1896
Box 26Folder 1
Travel diary, 1906
Box 26Folder 2
Travel diary, ca. 1933-1934

D. Writings, 1898-1951

Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

This subseries includes Ruth Dame Coolidge's Tufts College essays, a poem, and her "Recollections of Lorin L. Dame and Isabel A. Dame."

Box 26Folders 3-6
College themes, 1898-1902
Box 26Folder 7
"Piebald Pome," n.d.
Box 26Folder 8
"Recollections of Lorin L. Dame and Isabel A. Dame," ca. 1950-1951
Box 26Folder 9
Writings, on CD-ROM (originals mold damaged), n.d.
Box 26Folder 10
Miscellaneous, n.d.

E. Printed material, 1896-1957

i. Ephemera, 1896-1957

Arranged chronologically and by subject.

Ruth Dame Coolidge's ephemera includes many of her printed articles, essays, plays and pageants. The majority of her pieces discuss New England and Medford history during the colonial period. Many stem from her involvement with the Medford Historical Society and the Royall House Association. Ruth wrote two pageants depicting Medford's role in the Revolutionary War, The Pageant of the Royall House and The Pageant of the Mystic. Other material includes dance cards, holiday cards, calling cards, and invitations. The "Coolidge family World War II materials" folder holds ration books and a Red Cross certificate.

Box 26Folder 11
Medford history materials, 1896-1944
Box 26Folder 12
Dance cards, 1897-1902
Box 26Folder 13
Legal and financial, 1898-1942
Box 26Folder 14
Calling cards and invitations, 1908-1952
OS Box 2Folder 1
Pageant of the Royall House..., words by Ruth D. Coolidge, 1915
Box 26Folder 15
Royall House, 1915-1952
Box 26Folder 16
Program, "The Reading Club of West Medford," 1928-1929
Box 26Folder 17
Ruth D. Coolidge, Pageant of the Mystic, 1930
Box 26Folder 18
Massachusetts history materials, 1930-1952
Box 26Folder 19
Ruth D. Coolidge, ed. Round about Middlesex Fells, 1935

Includes Ruth Coolidge's article "A Foot Through the Fells"

Box 27Folder 1
Historical Register, 1933-1938

Includes Ruth Coolidge's play "President Washington Visits General Brooks" and article "Simon Tufts the Third, Merchant of India."

Box 27Folder 2
Holiday cards, 1938
Box 27Folder 3
Nantucket, 1941-1949
Box 27Folder 4
Coolidge family World War II materials, 1942-1944
Box 27Folder 5
Vibrations from a Danish Bell; the John C. Campbell Folk School, 1945
Box 27Folder 6
Folded Wings, 1947
Box 27Folder 7
Miscellaneous, 1900-1957

ii. Clippings, 1902-1951

Arranged chronologically.

Ruth D. Coolidge's clippings include articles related to Tufts College and obituaries.

OS Box 2Folder 1
Tufts College, 1902-1903
OS Box 2Folder 1
Tufts College article, Leslie's Weekly, 1902
OS Box 2Folder 1
"Little Rebel of the Lexington Road," in Youth's Companion, and other articles, 1909-1912
OS Box 2Folder 1
Miscellaneous articles by and about Ruth D. Coolidge, 1915
OS Box 2Folder 1
Historical Society clippings, 1915-35
Box 27Folder 8
Obituaries and Historical Society clippings, 1937-1951
OS Box 2Folder 1
Obituaries, 1951

F. Volumes, 1890-1951

Arranged chronologically

Ruth Dame Coolidge produced several scrapbooks during her last years of high school and her years at Tufts College from 1898 to 1902. Made up of dance cards, letters, pressed flowers, playbills, clippings and photographs, they document the life of a Tufts College student. They illustrate the abundance of campus activities, the rigors of academics, and the fraternity- and sorority-based social world. Also included in this subseries are an autograph album and a baby book Ruth kept about the childhood of William B. Coolidge. There are also two notebooks, one about inheritance of furniture from the family's Hastings Lane property, and one containing notes on the history of the American Revolution.

Box 27Folder 9
Autograph album, 1890-1895
Box 27Folders 10-18
Scrapbook #1, ca. 1894-1898
Box 68Volume 7
Scrapbook #2, 1898-1900
Box 68Folder 1
Loose items from scrapbook #2, 1898-1900
Box 69Volume 8
Scrapbook #3, ca. 1900-1901
Box 69Volume 9
Scrapbook #4, 1901-1902
Box 28Folder 1
Scrapbook #5, Tufts commencement, 1902
Box 28Folders 2-3
Misc. loose items from scrapbooks, ca. 1898-1902
Box 66Volume 10
Baby book of William B. Coolidge, 1916-1920
Box 66Folder 4
Loose material from baby book of William B. Coolidge, 1916-1920
Box 28Folder 4
Notebook, furniture at Hastings Lane, 1951
Box 28Folder 5
Notebook, n.d.

V. Papers of descendants of Lorin L. and Nancy Isabel Arnold Dame, 1869-2008

This series consists of material related to Lorin and Isabel Dame's children, grandchildren, and their families. Series are based on family unit or individual and include: George Morgan Bacon and Isabel Dame Bacon family; Daisy G. Dame; Harry M. Cary and Ruth (June) Coolidge Cary family; and Robert C. and Olive Coolidge Butman family.

The Morgan and Isabel Dame Bacon family papers subseries contains family correspondence, subject files, writings, printed material, and volumes. Barbara Bacon McConnell's travel letters and essays make up the bulk of the writings.

The Daisy G. Dame papers subseries includes correspondence from her trip studying folk schools in Scandinavia, papers from her time establishing a kindergarten in Oneida, Kentucky, other personal papers, ephemera, and diaries.

The Olive Dame Campbell volumes include sketchbooks, line-a-day diaries, a log of photos and reminiscences of visitors to Cachalot, her Nantucket cottage, scrapbooks kept during her years at Tufts, and the baby book of her daughter, Jane Campbell.

The Harry M. and June Coolidge Cary family papers subseries contains correspondence, personal papers, printed material, and volumes. Highlights include correspondence from June's time living in Japan and the family newspaper created by June and her siblings.

The Robert C. and Olive Coolidge Butman family papers subseries consists of correspondence, personal papers, educational printed material, and volumes on family travel.

A. George Morgan Bacon and Isabel Dame Bacon family papers, 1891-1997

This subseries includes correspondence, subject files, writings, printed material, and volumes created by the family of Morgan and Isabel Dame Bacon. Correspondents include Lorin L. Dame, Isabel Dame Bacon, Ruth Dame Coolidge, Morgan Bacon, and Lois B. Bacon. Subject files primarily relate to legal negotiation over family property and to Dame and Bacon genealogy. Writings consist of pieces by Isabel Dame Bacon and Barbara Bacon McConnell's global travel letters and essays. Printed material includes Isabel Dame Bacon's wedding announcement, the birth announcement of Isabel L. Bacon, pamphlets written by Morgan Bacon, and a memorial pamphlet about Isabel Dame Bacon. Clippings relate to Isabel Dame Bacon's work with the Civic Center and Barbara Bacon McConnell's Peace Corps service. Also here is a genealogical notebook on the Dame and Bacon families.

i. Correspondence, 1897-1972

Arranged chronologically.

Box 28Folders 6-11

ii. Subject files, ca. 1917-1986

Arranged alphabetically.

Box 28Folders 12-13
Amendments to Cachalot legal materials, 1966-1981
Box 28Folders 14-16
Cachalot and Bacon family, 1954-1986
Box 28Folder 17
Dame and Bacon genealogical materials, ca. 1917
OS Box 2Folder 2
Genealogy of the Dame and Bacon families, n.d.

iii. Writings, 1904-1993

Arranged chronologically by author.

Box 28Folder 18
Isabel D. Bacon, "One Summer in Finland," 1904
Box 28Folder 19
Isabel D. Bacon, "The Catholicon," n.d.
Box 28Folder 20
Barbara B. McConnell, "The Dames," n.d.
Box 28Folder 21
Barbara B. McConnell travel letters and essays, Soviet Union and Europe, 1964-1965
Box 28Folder 22
Barbara B. McConnell travel letters and essays, copies, 1964-1992
Box 28Folder 23
Barbara B. McConnell travel letters and essays, Mexico, Europe, Middle East, Jamaica, Panama, Caribbean, 1971-1977
Box 28Folder 24
Barbara B. McConnell travel letters and essays, Greece, England, Canada, Australia, 1983-1985
Box 28Folder 25
Barbara B. McConnell travel letters and essays, Tunisia, Europe, China, Colorado, 1986-1988
Box 28Folder 26
Barbara B. McConnell travel letters and essays, Alaska, Toronto, southwest U.S., Panama Canal cruise, 1989-1991
Box 28Folder 27
Barbara B. McConnell travel letters and essays, Norway, Lesser Antilles, Florida, Costa Rica, California, Washington DC, 1992-1993
Box 28Folder 28
Barbara B. McConnell travel letters and essays, Portugal, n.d.
Box 28Folder 29
Miscellaneous, 1913

iv. Printed material, 1891-1997

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

OS Box 2Folder 2
Ephemera, 1891-1917
Box 28Folders 30-34
Ephemera, 1893-1997
Box 29Folders 1-2
Clippings, 1930-1986

v. Genealogy notebook, ca. 1931

Box 29Folders 3-6

B. Daisy G. Dame papers, 1869-1932

Arranged chronologically and record type.

Daisy G. Dame's correspondence includes letters to family from Daisy's 1922-1923 trip studying folk schools in Scandinavia with Olive Dame Campbell and Marguerite Butler. Letters by Olive from this trip are also present here. Personal papers contain letters and diaries from Daisy's 1909- 1910 trip to help establish a kindergarten in the mountains of Kentucky at the Oneida Institute. Other personal papers include a resume, genealogical material, and legal material. This subseries also includes Daisy's diaries, which discuss her trip to Great Britain and France in 1906, the 1922-1923 folk school trip, daily social and family life, and her work.

i. Correspondence, 1869-1930

Box 29Folder 7
Box 29Folders 8-22

Letters from Daisy Dame in Scandinavia to her family.

Box 29Folder 23

ii. Personal papers, 1903-1931

Box 29Folders 24-28
Genealogical correspondence and notes, 1903-1931
Box 29Folders 29-30
Letters and diary from Oneida, Kent., 1909-1910
Box 29Folder 31
Resume, 1922
Box 29Folder 32
Will, 1930
Box 29Folder 33
Family furniture history, n.d.

iii. Ephemera, 1900-1932

Box 29Folder 34

iv. Diaries, 1906-1922

Box 29Folder 35
Diary, trip to Europe, 1906
Box 30Folder 1
Diary, 1911-1915
Box 30Folder 2
Diary, 1916-1922

C. Olive Dame Campbell volumes, 1888-1944

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

Olive's sketchbooks contain pencil sketches created during her teenage years, including landscapes and interiors in Medford, Nova Scotia, and Nantucket as well as figures and portraits, most of which are dated and identified. Her two five-year, line-a-day diaries date from January 1908 to April 1917, and include brief descriptions of the weather, daily activities, visitors, correspondence, and social events in Demorest, Georgia; Nantucket; and Appalachia. The "Cachalot Log" contains photographs and handwritten reminiscences of visitors to her Nantucket cottage, Cachalot. Photographs include those of family and friends, interiors and exteriors of the cottage, and Nantucket scenes with dated entries from 1919 to 1924 in numerous hands. Several 1944 photos are also included in the volume.

Scrapbooks document Olive's college years at Tufts University from 1899 to 1903. They contain letters; clippings; athletic and theatre programs; invitations; dance cards; photos of friends in Nantucket, Medford, and Tufts; and sketches of friends and activities. The 1902-1903 scrapbook contains newspaper obituaries and memorials of her father, Lorin L. Dame. Jane Campbell's baby book was compiled by Olive to chronicle the brief life of her daughter from her birth in April 1912 until her death in February 1913. It includes photos of the baby and her family, a program of baptism, lists of flowers and condolence letters, sympathy notes, and Olive's telegram to her husband John upon their daughter's death.

For other papers related to Olive Dame Campbell, see Series III.B. ii. - Richard B. Coolidge papers - Olive Dame Campbell and John C. Campbell Folk School papers; and, for Olive's correspondence, Series V. B. Daisy G. Dame papers.

i. Sketchbooks, 1894-1900

Box 70SH 1A7HFolder 1
Box 70SH 1A7HFolder 2
Box 70SH 1A7HFolder 3

ii. Diaries, 1908-1917

Box 70SH 1A7HFolder 4
Box 70SH 1A7HFolder 5

iii. Cachalot Log, 1914-1944

Box 70SH 1A7HFolder 6

iv. Scrapbooks, 1888-1903

Carton 71SH 17IL6Folders 1-3
Carton 71SH 17IL6Folders 4-7
Carton 71SH 17IL6Folders 8-11
Carton 71SH 17IL6Folders 12-15
1888, 1902-1903

v. Jane Campbell's baby book, 1912-1913

Carton 71SH 17IL6Folders 16-18

D. Harry M. and Ruth (June) Coolidge Cary family papers, 1922-2006

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

This subseries consists of correspondence, personal papers, printed material, and volumes created by the family of Harry M. and June Coolidge Cary. Correspondence primarily consists of June's letters to her family about living in Japan. Some diary entries and writings are enclosed with the letters, which concern married life, a Japanese friend named Sachi, June's teaching and fashion endeavors, the war, and social life. Other correspondence includes letters from Harry M. Cary to June's family, and letters from June's mother Ruth Dame Coolidge, father Richard B. Coolidge, sister Olive Coolidge Butman, and aunts. Letters between Ruth Dame Coolidge and the rest of the family about her trip to visit June in Japan are also present.

Personal papers include the family newspaper created by June and her siblings as children. It covers family news and activities, and includes clippings on current events, comics, poems, illustrations, advice columns, fiction, communications between family members, event programs, and magazine clippings. Ephemera consists of woodblock print cards made by June for the John C. Campbell Folk School and a poem by Richard Montfort Cary. June Cary's notebook contains songs, poems, and sketches.

i. Correspondence, 1928-2006

Box 30Folders 3-27

ii. Personal papers, 1926-1930

Box 31Folder 1
Sketches, June Cary, 1926-30
Box 31Folders 2-8
Family newspaper, ed. June Cary, 1929
OS Box 2Folder 2
Pencil sketch of Priscilla Bacon Gans, ca. 1929
Box 31Folder 9
Dame genealogical materials, n.d.

iii. Printed material, 1935-2006

Box 31Folder 10
Ephemera, ca. 1940-1970
Box 31Folders 11-12
Clippings, 1935-2006
OS Box 2Folder 2
Clippings, 2006

iv. June Cary notebook, 1922-1926

Box 31Folder 13

E. Robert C. and Olive Coolidge Butman family papers, 1924-2008

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

This subseries consists of correspondence, personal papers, printed material, and volumes created by the family of Robert C. and Olive Coolidge Butman. Correspondence includes letters to Olive, including sympathy letters upon the death of her father Richard B. Coolidge. Legal papers concern the estates of Olive Dame Campbell, Richard B. Coolidge, and Ruth Dame Coolidge. Printed material relates to the family's education at Brooks School, Hobbs Junior High School, and Medford High School. Volumes cover family travel to Brasstown, North Carolina, and to the American West, including Ohio, California, Nevada, and Washington.

i. Correspondence, 1935-1958

Box 31Folders 14-15
Box 31Folders 16-21
Sympathy cards and letters, 1957
Box 31Folders 22-23

ii. Personal papers, 1955-1968

Box 31Folders 24-31
Legal papers, 1955-1968
Box 31Folder 32
Compositions, n.d.

iii. Printed material, 1929-2008

a. Ephemera, 1929-2008

Box 31Folder 33
Brooks School material, 1929-1931
Box 31Folder 34
Hobbs Junior High School pamphlet and program, 1932-1934
Box 31Folder 35
Medford High School material, 1936-1937
Box 31Folder 36
Miscellaneous ephemera, 1936-2008

b. Clippings, 1933-2008

Box 31Folder 37
Hobbs Junior High School theater, 1933
OS Box 2Folder 2
Olive Coolidge Butman, 1964
Box 31Folder 38
Olive Coolidge Butman obituary, 2008

iv. Volumes, 1924-1936

Box 32Folder 1
Trip logs, Coolidge family trips to Brasstown, North Carolina, 1924-1935
Box 32Folder 2
Autograph book, 1931-1933
Box 32Folder 3
Trip log, American West, 1936

VI. Papers of families related to Richard B. Coolidge, 1810-2000

This series contains the papers of relatives of Richard B. Coolidge. Material is divided into four sub-series: Bradford family; Coolidge family; French family; and Miscellaneous papers. These sub-series include papers relating to the following individuals and their families: Benjamin F. Bradford, Martha Bisbee Bradford, Hannah Bradford, Philip Bradford, Lucy Greenwood Bradford, Betsy Richardson Bradford, William Bradford, Martha Bradford Locke, Arthur William Coolidge, Mabel Tilton Coolidge, Flora Bradford Coolidge, Henry Franklin Coolidge, Elizabeth Willard Coolidge, Penelope Willard Coolidge, Flora Chandler Coolidge, Merrit Bradford Coolidge (1806-1863), Lucy French Coolidge, Merrit Bradford Coolidge (1839-1926), Sarah Albina Coolidge, Arthur Philip French, Marcia Bradford French, William Bradford French, Elizabeth Dennis French, William Riley French, Mary Elizabeth French Herms, and Emil Herms.

Included in this series are correspondence, personal and legal papers, ephemera, and clippings. The Coolidge family subseries contains several notable diaries, business papers, political papers, and writings. Much of the series' material documents aspects of the Universalist Church in Maine and Universalist institutions such as Westbrook Seminary in Deering, Maine and Tufts College in Medford, Mass. The account books, articles, and notebooks of William R. French illustrate the life of a Universalist minister and the operations of his various congregations in Turner Center, Maine and nearby towns and cities.

The series contains much material relating to Tufts College. Five years after the founding of Tufts, Richard B. Coolidge's father, Merrit, attended the college. Merrit kept a journal from 1857 to 1860, documenting some of his experiences. Thirty-eight years later, in 1898, Richard became a Tufts student. Four years of correspondence to his parents while at Tufts provide a lively account of life on campus. A large number of Coolidge family members attended Tufts including William B. French, Arthur P. French, Arthur W. Coolidge, and William B. Coolidge.

The miscellaneous papers sub-series contains papers clearly related to the Bradford, Coolidge and French families, but not to a specific individual or family unit.

A. Bradford family papers, 1839-1906

The Bradford family subseries consists of material related to the Benjamin F. Bradford family (including wife Martha Bisbee Bradford); Hannah Bradford; Philip Bradford family (including wives Lucy Greenwood Bradford and Betsy Richardson Bradford); William Bradford; and Martha Bradford Locke. The subseries contains correspondence, legal papers such as wills, and clippings, mainly obituaries.

i. Benjamin F. Bradford family papers, 1839-1865

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

a. Correspondence, 1839-1850

Box 32Folders 4-5
Letters to Benjamin Bradford, Jr., 1839-1850
Box 32Folder 6
Letters to Franklin Bradford, 1841-1842
Box 32Folder 7
Letters to Henry Bradford, 1841-1844

b. Personal papers, 1857-1865

Box 32Folder 8

c. Legal documents, n.d.

OS Box 2Folder 4

ii. Hannah Bradford papers, 1863

Box 32Folder 9
Will of Nancy Hanson, 1863

iii. Philip Bradford family papers, 1879-1906

Box 32Folders 10-11
Letters from William B. French, 1896-1906
OS Box 2Folder 3
Clippings-obituary of Charles E. Bradford, 1879

iv. Martha Bradford Locke obituary (clipping), 1896

OS Box 1Folder 3

v. William Bradford clippings, 1920

OS Box 1Folder 4

B. Coolidge family papers, 1810-1995

The Coolidge family subseries consists of material related to the Arthur William Coolidge family (including wife Mabel Tilton Coolidge); Flora Bradford Coolidge; Henry Franklin Coolidge family (including wives Elizabeth Willard Coolidge and Penelope Willard Coolidge); Merrit Bradford Coolidge (1839-1926) family (including wife Lucy French Coolidge); Merrit Bradford Coolidge (1806-1863) family (including wife Flora Chandler Coolidge); and Sarah Albina Coolidge.

The subseries includes correspondence, personal papers, and printed material. Notable Arthur W. and Mabel Tilton Coolidge family material includes ephemera related to Arthur's political career and Arthur's account book. Flora Bradford Coolidge's papers include family correspondence and a detailed diary that covers politics, the effects of war, and social and daily life. The Henry F. Coolidge family papers primarily relate to Henry's wholesale groceries and provisions business with his brother Merrit B. Coolidge (1839-1926). The Merrit B. (1839-1926) and Lucy French Coolidge family papers include Lucy's writings and Merrit's diary, which chronicles his Tufts College education as well as family and daily life. The Merrit B. (1806-1863) and Flora Chandler Coolidge family papers contain business and legal papers related to Merrit's Maine mercantile partnership, textile manufacturing business, and wholesale grocery partnership. Flora's thoughtful diary details the everyday life of a mother and wife.

i. Arthur William Coolidge family papers, 1898-1995

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

This subseries includes correspondence to Arthur from Richard B. Coolidge, ephemera related to Arthur's political career, clippings, and Arthur's account book.

a. Correspondence, 1898-1902

Letters to Arthur W. Coolidge from Richard B. Coolidge

Box 32Folder 12

b. Printed material, 1910-1995

Box 32Folder 13
Cards and invitations, 1910
Box 32Folder 14
Political profile of Arthur W. Coolidge, ca. 1940-1949
Box 32Folder 15
Arthur W. Coolidge governor's campaign papers, 1950
Box 32Folder 16
Arthur W. Coolidge memorial, 1952
OS Box 2Folder 4
Clippings, 1950-1975
Box 32Folder 17
Clippings, 1952-1995

c. Arthur W. Coolidge account book, 1899-1902

Box 32Folder 18

ii. Flora Bradford Coolidge papers, 1854-1946

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

Flora Bradford Coolidge's papers include family correspondence, printed material, and volumes. Much of the early correspondence is with Bradford family members living in Minnesota and with other family members. Correspondence also includes congratulations on Flora's hundredth birthday. Ephemera includes financial material such as receipts, a high school merit certificate, and a ration book. Volumes include a friendship book and a five-year diary detailing politics of the day, the effects of war, social life and club activity, and daily life activities such as church attendance and washing clothes.

a. Correspondence, 1862-1945

Box 32Folders 19-20
Letters from Bradford family, 1862-1896
Box 32Folders 21-22
General correspondence, 1869-1903
Box 32Folders 23-26
Letters from Richard B. Coolidge, 1898-1940
Box 32Folder 27
Letters from Arthur W. Coolidge, 1908-1928
Box 32Folder 28
Letters from Ruth Dame Coolidge, 1908-1944
Box 32Folder 29
Letters from Olive Coolidge Butman, 1936-1944
Box 32Folder 30
Letters from William B. and Jean Thoits Coolidge, 1940-1945
Box 32Folder 31
100th birthday letters and cards, 1941
Box 32Folder 32
Letters from June Coolidge Cary, 1942-1943

b. Printed material, ca. 1859-1944

Box 33Folder 1
Ephemera, ca. 1859-1944
Box 33Folder 2
Clippings, 1902-1946

c. Volumes, 1854-1919

Box 33Folder 3
Friendship booklet, 1854
Box 33Folders 4-5
Autograph album, 1857-1884
Box 33Folder 6
Five-year diary, 1914-1919

iii. Henry Franklin Coolidge family papers, 1857-1879

The Henry F. Coolidge family papers consist of personal papers, real estate documents, accounts, and legal papers relating to Henry's wholesale grocery and provisions business with his brother Merrit B. Coolidge (1839-1926). Also here are Penelope Willard Coolidge's accounts.

Box 33Folder 7
Real estate and legal papers, 1857-1879
Box 33Folder 8
Penelope W. Coolidge accounts, n.d.

iv. Merrit Bradford Coolidge (1839-1926) family papers, 1810-1940

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

The Merrit B. Coolidge (1839-1926) family papers include family correspondence, personal papers, the writings of Merrit's wife, Lucy French Coolidge, printed material, and Merrit's diary. Personal papers include real estate documents and a poem and painting by Lucy. Ephemera includes Westbrook Seminary anniversary exercises programs and notes, Maine teacher's certificates, a marriage certificate, receipts, and a eulogy for Lucy. Merrit's diary chronicles his Tufts College education and covers college activities such as classes and fraternity life, family news, politics, and travel.

a. Correspondence, 1866-1939

Box 33Folders 9-12
Letters to Lucy French Coolidge, 1866-1911
Box 33Folder 13
Letters to Merrit B. Coolidge, 1895-1913
Box 33Folders 14-26
Letters from Richard B. Coolidge, 1898-1901
Box 34Folders 1-27
Letters from Richard B. Coolidge, 1902-1909
Box 34Folder 28
Letters from Ruth Dame Coolidge, 1908-1911
Box 34Folder 29
Postcards to Lucy French Coolidge from Ruth Dame Coolidge, 1918-1939
Box 34Folder 30
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1879

b. Personal papers, ca. 1810-1919

Box 34Folder 31
Alexander Greenwood genealogy, ca. 1810
Box 34Folder 32
Warranty deeds, 1891
Box 34Folder 33
Agreement of sale for real estate, 1919

c. Lucy French Coolidge writings, ca. 1870-1871

Box 34Folder 34
Poem and painting, ca. 1870
Box 35Folder 1
Collected poems, 1871
Box 35Folder 2
Writings, n.d.

d. Printed material, 1865-1940

Box 35Folders 3-4
Ephemera, 1865-1940
Box 35Folder 5
Lucy French Coolidge clippings, 1897-1939
OS Box 2Folder 4
Lucy French Coolidge clippings, 1934-1937

e. Merrit B. Coolidge diary, 1857-1860

Box 35Folder 6

v. Merrit Bradford Coolidge (1806-1863) family papers, 1837-1870

The Merrit B. Coolidge (1806-1863) family papers include correspondence, business and legal papers, and the diary of Merrit's wife, Flora Chandler Coolidge. Business and legal papers relate to Merrit's partnerships with his brother Jefferson, including a Maine mercantile business, textile manufacturing business, and wholesale grocery. Flora's diary details the everyday life of a mother and wife, and includes mentions of presidential elections, her sons' schooling, her social life and sewing circle, and her feelings about motherhood. It also includes a clipping and letter from Henry F. Coolidge to Merrit.

Box 35Folder 7
Letters to Flora Chandler Coolidge, 1862-1870
Box 35Folders 8-9
Business and legal papers, 1837-1854
Box 35Folder 10
Flora Chandler Coolidge diary, 1844-1846

vi. Sarah Albina Coolidge papers, 1898-1900

Sarah A. Coolidge's papers include a letter from Richard B. Coolidge, obituary, and undertaker's bill.

Box 35Folder 11

C. French family papers, 1821-1945

This series includes the papers of Arthur Philip French; the William Bradford French family (including wife Elizabeth Dennis French); the William Riley French family (including wife Marcia Bradford French); and the Elizabeth French Herms family (including husband Emil Herms).

i. Arthur Philip French ephemera, 1866-1873

This subseries consists of Arthur P. French's Bowdoin College and Tufts College educational ephemera such as grades, matriculation records, and bills.

Box 35Folder 12

ii. William Bradford French family papers, 1892-1904

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

Material relating to the William B. and Elizabeth Dennis French family includes correspondence, printed material, and William's personal account books. Correspondence consists of letters to William B. French, primarily from Penelope French Coolidge. Ephemera includes material from William's education.

Box 35Folders 13-16
Correspondence, 1892-1904
Box 35Folders 17-19
Personal papers, 1901-1903
OS Box 2Folder 3
Tufts University diploma, ca. 1870
Box 35Folders 20-21
William B. French account books, 1883-1884

iii. William Riley French family papers, 1821-1918

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

Material relating to the William R. and Marcia Bradford French family includes correspondence, genealogical material, clippings, and volumes. Correspondence includes birthday congratulations to William, letters recommending him as a teacher, and letters concerning his appointment to the Advisory Council on Religious Congresses. Clippings include the obituaries of Marcia (1884) and William (1893). Volumes consist of writings on the history of Turner, Maine and account books from William's work as a First Universalist Society minister.

a. Correspondence, 1821-1893

Box 35Folder 22
Box 35Folder 23
Letters to Marcia Bradford French, 1841
OS Box 2Folder 3
Letter of appreciation to William R. French, 1887
Box 35Folder 24
Letters from Merrit B. Coolidge, 1889-1892
Box 35Folder 35
Correspondence related to appointment of William R. French to the Advisory Council on Religious Congresses, 1893

b. Genealogical papers, n.d.

Box 35Folder 26

c. Printed material, 1884-1893

Box 35Folder 27
Ephemera, 1886
OS Box 2Folder 3
Clippings, 1884-1893

d. Volumes, 1844-1918

Box 35Folders 28-29
Account book, First Universalist Society of Lewiston Falls, Turner, North Auburn, Bowdoinham, Canton and Brunswick, 1844-1892
Box 35Folder 30
William R. French thermometer table, 1879-1885
Box 36Folders 1-2
Subscription book for William R. French, History of Town of Turner, Maine, 1886-1891
Box 36Folders 3-4
Account book, First Universalist Society of Turner, 1889-1918

iv. Elizabeth French Herms family papers, 1861-1945

Elizabeth French Herms and Emil Herms family papers include family correspondence, obituary clippings, and a volume of farm records possibly kept by Elizabeth F. Herms.

Box 36Folder 5
Letters from Charles E. Bradford to Elizabeth French, 1861
Box 36Folders 6-7
Letters to Elizabeth French Herms, 1939-1938
Box 36Folder 8
Obituaries (clippings), 1945
Box 36Folder 9
Farm record book, 1898-1900

D. Miscellaneous papers, 1882-2000

Box 36Folder 10
Writings, 1882-1885
Box 36Folder 11
Ephemera, 1928-1938
Box OS 2Folder OF 4
Clippings, Laurence Coolidge, 2000
Box 36Folder 12
Clippings, Alfred G. Coffin, n.d.

VII. Papers of families related to Ruth Dame Coolidge, 1809-1930

This series contains the papers of the Arnold, Dame, Gilman, and Thayer families, Ruth Dame Coolidge's nineteenth century ancestors. The Arnold family sub-series includes a poem, a print, and a hymn by Nancy Thayer Arnold, as well as Nancy's obituary. Dame family papers consist of Samuel Dame's correspondence and his New Hampshire militia appointment. The Gilman family subseries contains the correspondence of Eldridge Gerry Gilman concerning the death of his brother, general correspondence, Eldridge's will, and Mehitable Burleigh's copybook. Thayer family papers consist of correspondence to Elisha Thayer from son John H.B. Thayer, a poem by Elisha Thayer, and clippings. The miscellaneous papers subseries contains material belonging to the Arnold, Dame, Gilman, or Thayer families, but not clearly belonging to a particular family.

A. Arnold family papers, 1851-1891

Box 36Folder 13
Poem, n.d.
Box 36Folder 14
Print of unknown gentleman, n.d.
Box 36Folder 15
Clippings - Nancy B. T. Arnold, 1851-1891

B. Dame family papers, 1893-1897

Box 36Folders 16-17
Samuel Dame correspondence, 1893-1897
OS Box 2Folder 2
Appointment of Samuel Dame as major in 4th regiment of New Hampshire militia, n.d.

C. Gilman family papers, 1809-1880

Box 36Folder 18
Eldridge G. Gilman correspondence, 1853-1854
Box 36Folder 19
Family correspondence, 1880
Box 36Folder 20
Will of Eldridge Gilman, 1872
Box 36Folder 21
Mehitable Burleigh's copybook, 1809

D. Thayer family papers, 1858-1930

Box 36Folder 22
Personal papers, 1858
OS Box 2Folder 2
Clippings, 1930

E. Miscellaneous papers, 1884-1899

Box 36Folder 23
Correspondence, ca. 1884
Box 36Folder 24
Emily Weeks' "History of the Class of '99," 1899

VIII. Jean Thoits Coolidge papers, 1894-1995

The papers of Jean Thoits Coolidge include correspondence describing Jean's experiences living in Japan from 1936 to 1939, her return to America and long-distance relationship with William Bradford Coolidge, and their life together in Minnesota and Michigan during World War II. Japanese American internment papers contain correspondence and printed materials related to her work with the YWCA helping to transfer Japanese American students from internment camps and western war zones to colleges in other parts of the country. The series also contains a number of papers and tests from Jean's years at college, her journal entries from the 1960s, ephemera, miscellaneous news clippings, and records from the Minneapolis Blind Study Committee in 1945-1946.

Jean Thoits Coolidge's post-1960 correspondence is closed to researchers until 1 Nov. 2035.

A. Correspondence, 1931-1959

Arranged chronologically.

The bulk of Jean Coolidge's correspondence comprises letters and cards between Jean and her family and friends describing her time in Japan from 1936 to 1939 and life after she returned to America during World War II. Some letters in this subseries were written by Jean's sister Eleanor Thoits to her mother and other relatives when she visited Jean in Japan in 1939. After 1940, most correspondence consists of letters written to Jean, including many 1943 letters related to her engagement to William Bradford Coolidge.

See also Jean's YWCA/Japanese American internment correspondence in Subseries C.

Box 37
Box 38
Jan.-Aug. 1937
Box 39
Sept. 1937-Dec. 1938
Box 40

B. Personal Papers, 1932-1995

Arranged chronologically and by subject.

Jean Thoits Coolidge personal papers consist of school papers and class notes, genealogical material, committee records and reports, and a copy of her obituary. School papers contain class notes, papers, and tests from Jean's college courses. Class notes from the 1970s document her study of ceramics and Japanese flower arrangement. The Blind Study Committee records pertain to a study sponsored by the Board of the Council of Social Agencies on behalf of blind persons in Minneapolis, Minn. Jean joined the committee as a staff aid in February 1946. Records include meeting minutes and agendas, surveys, and reports of the committee and its subcommittees. Genealogical papers include copies of family photographs, genealogical charts, and a memorial of Jean's mother, Hazel Lamson.

Box 41
School papers and class notes, 1932-ca. 1970s
Box 42
Blind Study committee records, 1945-1946
Box 43Folder 1
Cabin John Home Study report and memo, 1965-1985
Box 43Folder 2
Genealogical material, 1976
Box 43Folder 3
"Jean's obituary and service," 1995
Box 43Folders 4-5
Miscellaneous personal papers, 1968-1989
OS Box 2Folder 5
Thoits family tree, n.d.

C. YWCA - Japanese American internment files, 1941-1944

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

This subseries contains papers related to Jean Thoit's work as executive secretary for the YWCA at San Jose State College in San Jose, Calif., and the YWCA's efforts to assist Japanese American students who had been placed in western internment camps during World War II to relocate to other colleges and universities. The files include correspondence between Jean and displaced Japanese college students, staff of other student and charitable organizations, co-workers, government officials, and college administrators. Letters primarily concern efforts to help Japanese American students transfer to colleges outside U.S. war zones, and later, life inside Japanese American internment camps. Records pertain to the YWCA efforts on behalf of the Japanese American students, and Jean's records and notes from the 1942 Peace Training Institute. Printed material includes U. S. Army proclamations related to the western war zones, Japanese American internment camp newsletters, and articles and clippings about the internment.

i. Correspondence, 1942-1943

Box 43Folders 6-28

ii. Records, 1941-1943

Box 43Folder 29-38
Aug. 1941-Nov. 1943
Box 44Folders 1-2
Peace Training Institute records, 1942
Box 44Folders 3-4
YWCA songs, prayers, and essays, n.d.

iii. Printed material, 1942-1944

Box 44Folder 5
Public proclamations, 1942-1943
Box 44Folders 6-7
Internment camp newsletters, 1942-1943
Box 44Folders 8-13
Pamphlets and articles, 1942-1944
Box 44Folder 14
Clippings, 1942-1944

iv. Artwork, 1943

Watercolor paintings from Heart Mountain, Wyoming, by Estelle Ishigo, 1943

OS Box 2Folder 6

D. Printed material, 1894-1995

Arranged chronologically.

Ephemera contains Edward C. Thoits commencement exercises, the invitation to the wedding of Jean Thoits to William B. (Brad) Coolidge, a photograph, and a news article on the event. Clippings range from 1906 to 1995 and include articles on Japan, northern California, the Thoits family, Brad's death and funeral, and miscellaneous articles and editorials from the 1980s and 1990s.

Box 44Folders 15-19
OS Box 2Folder 2

E. Volumes, 1913-ca. 1960

Arranged chronologically.

Volumes consist of a baby book documenting Jean's birth and infancy, a daily diary written by Jean in 1938 while living in Japan, several undated journals (ca. 1960s), a notebook of pressed leaves, and an undated sewing book.

Box 45Folder 1
"A Record of our Baby's Life," 1913
Box 45Folder 2
Diary, 1938
Box 45Folders 3-5
Journals, ca. 1960
Box 45Folder 6
Japanese notebook, n.d.
Box 45Folder 7
Sewing book, n.d.

IX. William Bradford Coolidge papers, 1908-2010

This series contains William B. (Brad) Coolidge 's correspondence, personal papers, Japan and China papers, government papers, writings, printed material, and volumes. Brad's correspondence covers his education, courtships, career, and family happenings. In the Japan and China subseries, detailed letters, writings, and newspaper clippings provide a unique glimpse of life in pre-World War II Japan from an American perspective, and document the increasing militarization of Japan and the Japanese occupation of eastern China.

Brad's government papers were created through his government positions with the Foreign Broadcasting Information Service (FBIS) from 1941 to 1944 and with the State Department from 1946 to 1972. The papers include correspondence, printed material, and volumes from Brad's State Department postings in Japan, Thailand, and Turkey. Brad's writings and printed material primarily consist of educational and army material. Volumes include diaries, travel notebooks, a diary kept during Brad's army service, and volumes created during Brad's childhood.

Portions of William B. Coolidge's post-1960 correspondence, personal papers, Japan and China papers, government papers, and diaries are closed to researchers until 1 Nov. 2035.

A. Correspondence, 1926-1959

William B. (Brad) Coolidge 's correspondents include: Elizabeth Burrel, aunt Olive Dame Campbell, sister June Coolidge Cary, brother-in-law Harry M. Cary, Catherine Chippendale, Lillian Colville, father Richard B. Coolidge, and mother Ruth Dame Coolidge. There is a significant amount of courtship correspondence with Harriet Coverdale. There is also notable correspondence with Brad's Japanese friend Sachi about her life and societal pressures to marry. Letters in this subseries with wife Jean Thoits Coolidge are separated from the rest of Brad's correspondence. They concern Jean and Brad's activities when away from each other, such as when Jean moved to the United States from Japan, and when Brad began his Army service.

Early correspondence concerns Medford High School, Tufts College, Brad's work for the Tufts Weekly, Harvard, and Brad's thoughts as he decided on career and other life choices. Correspondence also concerns family happenings and Brad and Jean's careers. In addition, Brad writes extensively of his experience in the army from 1944 to 1946.

See also Brad's Japan and China correspondence in this series in Subseries C, and his government correspondence in Subseries D.

i. Correspondence with Jean Thoits Coolidge, 1938-1956

Box 46
1938-Mar. 1943
Box 47
Apr. 1943-Jan. 1945
Box 48
Feb. 1945-May 1946
Box 49
June 1946-Nov. 1946
Box 50
Dec. 1946-Oct. 1952
Box 51Folders 1-6
Nov. 1952-1956

ii. General correspondence, 1926-1959

Box 51Folders 7-34
1926-Apr. 1937
Box 52
May 1937-June 1939
Box 53
July 1939-Aug. 1940
Box 54
Sept. 1940-1942
Box 55

B. Personal papers, 1908-2007

Arranged chronologically and by subject.

This subseries includes genealogical papers, material on family property in Nantucket, material about the family dog King Tut, retirement planning, and Brad's oral history.

OS Box 3Folder 6
Genealogical papers, 1908-2005
Box 56Folders 9-12
Genealogical papers, 1923-2005
Box 56Folders 13-18
Nantucket, Hinckley Farm, legal, 1922-1929
Box 56Folder 19
Watercolor and Catherine Chippendale sketch, 1933
OS Box 3Folder 1
Tufts College document, 1934
Box 56Folders 20-25
Nantucket, Hinckley Farm, land purchase, 1934-1954
Box 56Folder 26
"People we have known," 1945-1976
Box 56Folder 27
King Tut (dog), 1958-1959
Box 56Folder 28
Eulogy of Mabel Weeks, 1964
Box 56Folder 29
"Ideas and opportunities after retirement," 1965-1970
Box 56Folder 30
Global Volunteers in China, 1999
Box 56Folder 31
Oral history, 2007
Box 56Folder 32
Miscellaneous, 1933-1965

C. Japan and China papers, 1937-1940

This subseries covers William B. (Brad) Coolidge's 1937 to 1939 stay in Japan and China. During this time, Brad wrote copy for The Japanese Advertiser and traveled as a string correspondent for United Press to Japanese-occupied northern China, Manchuria, and Canton. The subseries includes correspondence to family, writings from Brad's journalistic work, his collection of clippings on politics and culture, a diary, and his notebooks on Japan and China.

i. Correspondence to family, 1937-1939

Arranged chronologically.

Brad's letters home from Japan and China have been placed in this subseries due to the unusual size of the paper on which they are written. The letters cover his impressions of Japanese culture and politics, his journalistic work, and, in December 1937, the life of his Japanese friend, Sachi.

Box 57Folders 1-15

ii. Writings, 1938-1939

Arranged alphabetically by folder title

Brad's writings and notes from his time in Japan and China primarily relate to his newspaper work, and are mainly drafts of potential articles. Brad reported on Japanese and Chinese politics and culture. Of interest is the folder "Life Behind the Front Door," which includes notes from Brad's interviews of a range of Japanese people of diverse backgrounds, occupations, and classes. The newspaper publications folder contains published versions of articles by Brad.

Box 57Folder 16
"Attitudes from the Far East," 1938
Box 57Folder 17
Bokuenshu, n.d.
Box 57Folder 18
Canton, 16 Aug. reporting, n.d.
Box 57Folder 19
China notes and research, 1939
Box 57Folder 20
Correspondent notes, 1939
Box 57Folders 21-23
Domei Home News Service, n.d.
Box 57Folder 24
First Impressions, n.d.
Box 57Folder 25
Japan's Continental Tide, n.d.
Box 57Folder 26
Japan's Patriotic Emigrants, n.d.
Box 57Folder 27
Japanese Ski Scene, n.d.
Box 57Folder 28
Japanese Weekend, n.d.
Box 57Folder 29
Kigensetsu, n.d.
Box 57Folder 30
Life behind the front door, 1938-1939
Box 57Folder 31
Macao as a Wartime Host, ca. 1939
Box 57Folder 32
Newspaper publications of articles, n.d.
Box 57Folder 33
Outward Bound, n.d.
Box 57Folder 34
Personal notes, 1938-1939
Box 57Folder 35
Scraps of unidentified writings, ca. 1938-1939
Box 57Folder 36
Shanghai Express, n.d.
Box 57Folder 37
Shantung Province Recovering, n.d.
Box 57Folder 38
Speech, n.d.
Box 57Folder 39
Wang Keh-Min, n.d.

iii. Printed material, 1937-1940

Japan and China clippings have been kept in Brad's arrangement of themed alphabetical files, with his original file titles. Some files contain multiple themes. Clippings concern Japanese and Chinese culture and politics as well as United States and world politics. Ephemera from Brad's time in Japan and China consists of certificates and visas.

a. Ephemera, 1937-1939

Box 58Folder 1

b. Clippings, 1938-1940

Arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Box 58Folder 2
"Attitude toward foreign powers," writings, misc. clippings, n.d.
Box 58Folder 3
"Clips to Herring," 1940
Box 58Folder 4
"Cultural etc. for America," 1938; and "Eventual articles, lectures," 1938
Box 58Folder 5
"Japanese government policies, foreign and domestic," 1938
Box 58Folder 6
"Official texts and comments," "Prop.," and "Old folks at home," n.d.
Box 58Folder 7
"Other countries, and letters" (including sub-themes "Trade," "Worthwhile- mostly war," "Neutrality and interlaw"), 1938-1940
Box 58Folder 8
"Other countries, and letters" (including sub-themes "Latin America," "The Far East," "Balkans and Central Europe"), 1938-1940
Box 58Folder 9
Other countries, and letters" (including sub-theme "Manchukuo"), 1938-1940
Box 58Folders 10-12
"Press comments," 1938
Box 58Folder 13
"Reaction," 1938
OS Box 3Folders 2-4
Japan/China, 1938-1940

iv. Volumes, 1937-1939

Arranged chronologically.

Volumes from Brad's time in Japan and China include notebooks in which he wrote about his impressions of the cultures and brainstormed article topics. They also include a diary detailing his social life, newspaper work, and career and life plans. Volumes also contain a clippings scrapbook, accounts, and engagement book pages.

Box 58Folder 14
Scrapbook, 1937-1938
Box 58Folder 15
Account book, 1937-1938
Box 58Folder 16
Notebooks, 1937-1939
Box 58Folder 17
Diary/datebook, 1939
Box 58Folder 18
Japan-China notebook, 1939
Box 58Folder 19
Memo/engagement book, 1939

D. Government papers, 1941-2002

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

William B. (Brad) Coolidge's government papers relate to his government positions with the Foreign Broadcasting Information Service (FBIS) from 1941 to 1944 and with the State Department from 1946 to 1972. The papers contain correspondence and other material concerning Brad's hiring, promotion, pay, and assignments. Assignments include Brad's diplomatic postings in Japan as a political officer at the U.S. Embassy and head of the American Consulate in Nagoya; his posting in Thailand, as part of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO); and his posting in Turkey, as part of the Central Treaty Organization for the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan (CENTO). The papers also relate to Brad's position as diplomat in residence at the University of Arizona in Tucson from 1968 to 1969. Printed material includes passports, FBIS reunion material, and gift souvenirs, clippings, and Japanese event programs. Volumes include personal notes from Brad's time with the State Department in Japan, and a notebook relating to his work with CENTO.

i. Correspondence, 1941-1976

Box 59
Box 60Folders 1-3

ii. Personal papers - passports, 1956

Box 60Folder 4

iii. Printed material, 1956-2002

Box 60Folders 5-8
Japan ephemera, 1956-1959
Box 60Folder 9
FBIS ephemera, 1991-2002
Box 60Folder 10
Miscellaneous ephemera, 1960-1966
Box 60Folders 11-12
Clippings, 1956-1959

iv. Volumes, 1947-1968

Box 60Folders 13-14
Japan trip notebooks, 1947-1952
Box 60Folder 15
CENTO notebook, 1968

E. Writings, 1925-2002

Arranged alphabetically by folder title

William B. (Brad) Coolidge's writings contain notes and essays from his education at Medford High School, American University, Harvard University, Tufts College, and the translation section of the U.S. Army's Japanese language programs. Writings for pleasure date from later in Brad's life, such as his vignettes from a John C. Campbell Folk School writing class.

Box 60Folder 16
American University, "History of the American Labor Movement," 1947
Box 60Folder 17
Harvard University, "Far Eastern History," 1939-1940
Box 61Folders 1-2
Harvard University, "Government 522b," 1941
Box 61Folders 3-4
Harvard University, "Group Pressures in the Beginnings of American Censorship in the World War," 1940
Box 61Folders 5-12
Harvard University, "International Law," 1939-1940
Box 61Folders 13-18
Harvard University, "Modern Far East," 1939-1940
Box 61Folders 19-21
Harvard University, "Recent Political Theories," 1939-1940
Box 61Folder 22
Poems/writings by others, 1945
Box 61Folder 23
Public speaking and debate, 1932-1935
Box 61Folder 24
"Reflections at 78," 1994
Box 61Folder 25
School papers, ca. 1925-1934
Box 61Folder 26
Translation section, 1946
Box 61Folders 27-31
Tufts College, "American Foreign Policy," 1936-1937
Box 62Folder 1
Tufts College, "Concerning wartime propaganda," 1935
Box 62Folder 2
Tufts College, papers, 1939
Box 62Folder 3
Vignettes from John C. Campbell Folk School writing classes, 1999-2002
Box 62Folders 4-7
"Writings and Reflections," 1939-1974
Box 62Folders 8-9
Miscellaneous, ca. 1985-1987

See also William B. Coolidge's Japan and China writings in subseries C ii.

F. Printed material, 1916-2010

Arranged chronologically and by record type.

Printed material in this subseries dates from William B. (Brad) Coolidge's time at Medford High School, Tufts College, and Harvard University. There is also material related to his army service and his interest in Nantucket and the Potomac Canal development.

i. Ephemera, 1916-2010

OS Box 3Folders 5-6
Vital records and letters, 1916-1995
Box 62Folder 10
College entrance exam and junior and senior high school report cards, 1924-1933
Box 62Folder 11
Nantucket, 1929-1970
Box 62Folder 12
All New Hampshire high school orchestra, 1932
Box 62Folder 13
Medford High School graduation program and valedictorian speech, diploma, 1933
Box 62Folders 14-19
Tufts College, 1933-1938
Box 62Folder 20
Medford High School, 1934-1936
OS Box 3Folder 1
Medford Opera House program, ca. 1935
OS Box 3Folder 1
Tufts College diploma, 1937
Box 62Folder 21
Harvard University, 1939-1941
Box 62Folder 22
Army materials, ca. 1945-1947
Box 62Folder 23
Medford reunion, Class of 1933, 1958-1983
Box 62Folder 24
Potomac Canal, 1965-1975
Box 62Folder 25
Tufts College Reunion, Class of 1937, ca. 1987
Box 63Folders 1-2
Miscellaneous, 1930-2010

ii. Clippings, 1930-2010

Box 63Folder 3
All New Hampshire high school orchestra, 1932
Box 63Folder 4
Medford High School graduation, 1933
OS Box 3Folder 1
Medford Mercury, "Scholarship Awards for Four Students" (including Bradford Coolidge), 1933
Box 63Folder 5
Army articles, 1946
OS Box 3Folder 1
Army articles, 1946
Box 63Folder 6
Obituary and death notice, 2010
Box 63Folder 7
Miscellaneous, 1930-1981

G. Volumes, ca. 1920-1986

Arranged chronologically.

William B. (Brad) Coolidge's volumes consist of diaries and travel notebooks, including a diary kept during his army service. This subseries also includes volumes from his childhood, such as a ledger with his drawings, a cash book and notebook kept with his sister June Coolidge Cary, and a notebook on his boating hobby.

See also volumes in Subseries C.iv. - Japan and China papers and in Subseries D.iv. - Government papers.

Box 63Folder 8
Ledger containing drawings, ca. 1920-1929
Box 63Folder 9
June and Brad's cash book, ca. 1920-1929
Box 63Folder 10
Boating notebook, ca. 1927
Box 63Folder 11
Notebook, "Music of Nantucket by Brad and June," 1927
Box 63Folder 12
Diary, 1927
Box 63Folder 13
5-year Diary, 1933-1937
Box 64Folder 1
Expense notebooks, 1933-1938
Box 64Folder 2
Diary, 1940
Box 64Folder 3
NCO Diary and Army Notebook (unbound), 1946
Box 64Folder 4
Diary, 1959-1966
Box 64Folder 5
Travel notebook, 1969
Box 64Folder 6
Travel notebook, 1976
Box 64Folder 7
Travel notebook, 1979
Box 64Folder 8
Travel notebook, 1980
Box 64Folder 9
Travel notebook, 1981-1986
Box 64Folder 10
Travel notebook, memo book, n.d.

X. Miscellaneous papers, 1893

This series consists of papers that do not clearly belong to any other series in the collection. It includes writings, a Masonic certificate, a merit certificate for schoolwork, accounts, cards, and a notebook on the estate account of Sarah M. Greely.

Box 64Folder 15
Estate account of Sarah M. Greely, 1893
Box 64Folder 11
Poems and short pieces, n.d.
Box 64Folder 12
Master Mason certificate of the Grand Lodge of Mass., to Thomas Walter Godfrey Hay, n.d.
Box 64Folders 13-14
Miscellaneous ephemera, n.d.

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Coolidge and Dame family papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Dame, Lorin Low, 1838-1903.
Dame, Nancy Isabel Arnold, 1844-1916.
Campbell, Olive D. (Olive Dame), 1882-1954
Coolidge, Jean Elizabeth Thoits, 1913-1996.
Coolidge, Merrit Bradford, 1839-1926.
Coolidge, Richard Bradford, 1879-1957.
Coolidge, Ruth Burleigh Dame, 1880-1951.
Coolidge, William Bradford, 1916-2010.
Bacon, Isabel Gerry Dame, 1869-1933.
Bacon, George Morgan, 1872-1952.
Dame, Daisy Gertrude, 1868-1932.
Cary, Ruth Alden Coolidge, 1912-1996.
Cary, Harry M., d. ca. 1995.
Butman, Olive Dame Coolidge, 1920-2008.
Butman, Robert Charles, b. 1920.
French, W. R. (William Riley), 1814-1893.
McConnell, Barbara Bacon, 1905-2000.
Dame family.
Bradford family.
French family.
Butman family.
Bacon family.
Coolidge family.
Cary family.


Tufts University--Students.
John C. Campbell Folk School (Brasstown, N.C.)
United States. Foreign Broadcast Information Service.
United States. Dept. of State.
United States. Army. Massachusetts Light Artillery Battery, 15th (1861-1865).


Account books--1844-1942.
Family history, 1800-1849.
Family history, 1850-1899.
Family history, 1900-1949.
Family history, 1950-1999.
School principals--Massachusetts--Stoneham.
School principals--Massachusetts--Medford.
Voyages and travels.
Europe--Description and travel.
Japan--Description and travel--1901-1945.
Japan--Foreign relations--United States.
Japan--Social life and customs.
Japanese--United States.
Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945.
China--Description and travel--1901-1948.
China--Social life and customs.
China--Foreign relations--United States.
China--Social life and customs.
Thailand--Foreign relations--United States.
Turkey--Foreign relations--United States.
United States--Foreign relations--China.
United States--Foreign relations--Japan.
United States--Foreign relations--Thailand.
United States--Foreign relations--Turkey.
Women travelers.
Medford (Mass.)--Social life and customs.
Nantucket (Mass.)--Social life and customs.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Personal narratives.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Regimental histories--Massachusetts Artillery (Light), 15th Battery.

Materials Removed from the Collection

Photographs Removed

Photographs have been removed from the collection and placed in the MHS Photo Archives.

Museum Objects Removed

The following objects and been removed from the collection and placed in the MHS museum collection: campaign banner, "Coolidge for Mayor," 1922; medical case, ca. 1830s-1840s; cane, ca. 1850s-1860s; Arnold family silhouettes; sketch of Catherine Chippendale, 29 Jan 1933; 11 sketches, primarily pencil, of various subjects, 1926-1930, by June C. Cary.

Printed Material Removed:

The following printed items have been removed from the collection and cataloged with the MHS printed materials:

The Children in the Wood: an Affecting Tale (Cooperstown: H. & E. Phinney, 1838)

Home Pastimes; or Agreeable exercises for the mind, consisting of enigmas, charades conuncrums, etc. (New York: J. S. Redfield, 18--)

The Instruction of the Rising Generation in the Principles of the Christian Religion Recommended (Andover: New England Tract Society, 1818)

A Key to the Moveable Planisphere (1876)

Payson, Edward. The Bible above all Price: a Discourse before the Bible Society of Maine (Andover: Flagg and Gould, 1818)

Teachem, Mr. The Infant School Reader (Montpelier, Vt.: E. P. Walton & Sons, 1841)