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Collection Summary


This collection consists of papers of the interrelated Fay and Mixter families, primarily cotton merchant Joseph Story Fay, including family and personal correspondence; business, financial, and legal papers; and genealogies and memoirs.

Biographical Sketches

Fay Family

Samuel Prescott Phillips Fay (1778-1856) married Harriet Howard (1782-1847) and had the following children: Samuel Howard Fay (1804-1847), who married Susan Shellman (1808-1887); Richard Sullivan Fay (1806-1865), who married Catherine Saunders Pickman (1810-1900); Charles Fay (1808-1888), who married first Charlotte Emily Hopkins (1817-1856) and second Sophronia Adams White (1828-1892); Harriet Howard Fay (1810-1885), who married William H. Greenough; Joseph Story Fay (1812-1897), who married Sarah Smith Bryant (1812-1887); Maria Denny Fay (1820-1890); and Eliza Davis Fay (1825-1885), who married first Heman Allen (1779-1852) and second Robert R. Fox (1809-).

Joseph Story Fay (1812-1897), known as "Story," was born in Cambridge, Mass. and became a cotton merchant, industrialist, and businessman. As a young man, he worked as a shipping agent in New York in partnership with L. H. Brigham. In 1838, he moved to Savannah, Ga. and joined his brother Samuel H. Fay in the cotton trade as part of the firm Padelford, Fay & Co. He worked in that business until 1861, when the company dissolved and he moved back to Massachusetts. He eventually settled in Woods Hole, Mass., where he had bought a summer home and land in 1850.

In 1840, Joseph S. Fay married Sarah "Sally" Smith Bryant (1812-1887), the daughter of John (1780-1865) and Mary Cleveland (Smith) Bryant (1784-1860). The couple had three children that lived to adulthood: Joseph Story Fay, Jr. (1847-1912), who married first Rebecca Rodman Motley (1849-1905) and second Mabel Grace Ely (1865-1950); Henry Howard Fay (1848-1929), who married Elizabeth Elliot Spooner (1851-1945); and Sarah Bryant Fay (1856-1936). Dorothy Fay (1886-), the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Spooner) Fay, married William Jason Mixter (1880-1958) in 1911.

Mixter Family

William R. Mixter (1809-1884) was the son of Jason (1772-1850) and Susan (Cutler) Mixter (1777-1861). Three of his siblings lived to adulthood: Charles (1811-1873), Susan (1814-1894), and George (1815-1897). Mixter was a merchant and banker in Boston. He married Mary Ruggles (1818-1904) and had the following children: George Mixter (1842-1910); Mary Ann "Mamie" Mixter (1845-1922); Fanny Louise Mixter (1850-), who married Daniel Waldo Howard (1847-); Samuel Jason Mixter (1855-1926), who married Wilhelmina "Willie" Galloupe (1858-1925); and William Anson Mixter (1856-1859).

Samuel Jason Mixter (1855-1926) was born in Hardwick, Mass. and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1875 and Harvard Medical School in 1879. From 1879-1881, he lived in Vienna and studied medicine, returning to practice in Boston as a surgeon at various hospitals and to teach at Harvard Medical School. He married Wilhelmina "Willie" Galloupe (1858-1925) and had the following children: William Jason Mixter (1880-1958), who married Dorothy Fay (1886-); Charles Galloupe Mixter (1882-1965), who married Helen Worthington McIntosh; Roger Conant Mixter (1885-1886); George Mixter (1889-1968), who married Muriel Eaton (1892-); and Samuel Mixter (1891-1967), who married Anne Dudley Williams. The two oldest sons, William and Charles, also became doctors.

Collection Description

This collection contains papers of the interrelated Fay and Mixter families, including family and personal correspondence; business, financial, and legal papers; and genealogies and memoirs. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, business papers, an account book, and other papers of cotton merchant Joseph Story Fay. Business papers relate primarily to the cotton trade in Savannah, Ga. in the 1840s and 1850s and the firm of Padelford, Fay & Co. Material in the collection related to slavery includes deeds for people enslaved by Fay, correspondence between Fay and John Bryant on the issue, and letters about the slave-trading vessel Wanderer. Papers related to the Civil War include letters by Henry Bryant of the 20th Mass. Regiment and a letterbook of Daniel Nicolson Spooner containing material on the 5th Mass. Cavalry, an all-Black regiment. Additional topics of correspondence include family matters and politics.

Members of the Fay and Mixter families represented in the collection include Charles Fay, Elizabeth Elliot (Spooner) Fay, Harriet (Howard) Fay, Henry Howard Fay, Maria Denny Fay, Richard Sullivan Fay, Samuel Howard Fay, Samuel Prescott Phillips Fay, Sarah Bryant Fay, Sarah Smith (Bryant) Fay, Harriet Howard (Fay) Greenough, Charles Mixter, Fanny Louise Mixter, George Mixter, Jason Mixter, Mary Ann Mixter, Mary (Ruggles) Mixter, Samuel J. Mixter, Wilhelmina (Galloupe) Mixter, and William R. Mixter. Non-family correspondents include Alexander Dallas Bache, L. H. Brigham, Marie Depage, and Edward Padelford. The collection also contains wills, family trees, memoirs, printed material, and papers related to World War I relief work.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Elizabeth B. Gardner, February 2013. With additions, April 2015.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Family correspondence, 1813-1958

This series consists of correspondence of the Fay and Mixter families arranged in two subseries. The letters date almost exclusively from before the marriage of William Jason Mixter and Dorothy Fay in 1911.

A. Fay family correspondence, 1813-1925

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains correspondence between members of the Fay family and related families, primarily letters of two generations, those of Joseph Story Fay and his children. Related families include the Bryant, Spooner, Torrey, and Nicolson/Nicholson families.

The bulk of the subseries consists of correspondence of Joseph Story Fay, 1835-1890, including letters from his parents Samuel Prescott Phillips Fay and Harriet (Howard) Fay and his siblings Samuel Howard Fay, Richard Sullivan Fay, Charles Fay, Harriet Howard (Fay) Greenough, and Maria Denny Fay. Also included is extensive correspondence between Joseph Story Fay and his father-in-law John Bryant of Bryant, Sturgis & Co., 1838-1858, about personal matters, politics, and the cotton, railroad, and steamship businesses in Savannah, Ga. Some letters contain detailed tables of cotton prices, as well as correspondence from Edward Padelford written jointly with Fay. Among the personal subjects covered in this subseries are Fay's proposal to Sarah Smith Bryant, his prospects, family births and deaths, health, and household matters. Letters written during the 1840s and 1850s discuss events leading up to the Civil War and the issue of slavery, including the question of whether Fay should become an enslaver. Bryant family members represented in the correspondence include Mary Cleveland (Smith) Bryant, John Bryant, Jr., and Henry Bryant. A few letters from Henry Bryant were written during his Civil War service as surgeon of the 20th Mass. Regiment, 1861-1862.

The subseries also contains correspondence of Sarah (Bryant) Fay with family members, 1832-1880, including her mother Mary (Smith) Bryant, her grandmother Susan Smith, and her brother Henry, as well as undated letters from Maria Denny Fay. In one long letter to her mother, dated 28 July 1858, Sarah Fay describes her experiences during a hotel fire.

Correspondence of the next generation consists primarily of letters to and from Henry Howard Fay, his sister Sarah Bryant Fay, and his wife Elizabeth Elliot (Spooner) Fay. Correspondence of Henry Howard Fay includes letters to his parents and sister from Europe, 1865, 1870, and to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spooner during their courtship, 1874-1875. Papers of Sarah Bryant Fay include correspondence with her parents and letters she wrote to Alice Nicholson, possibly one of the Nicholson/Nicolson relatives of Elizabeth (Spooner) Fay. Some of these letters to Nicholson contain sketches. Also included in this subseries are letters from Ellen Otis Spooner in Macao and Singapore to her young niece Lizzie Spooner, 1857-1861.

Box 1
Box 2Folder 1-3
Box 2Folder 4-5

B. Mixter family correspondence, 1839-1958

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains correspondence between members of the Mixter family and related families, primarily letters of two generations, those of William R. Mixter and his son Samuel Jason Mixter. Related families include the Ruggles, Galloupe, and Cutler families.

The bulk of the correspondence to 1863 consists of letters to William R. Mixter, with a few to his wife Mary (Ruggles) Mixter. Also included are several letters from William's brother, Boston merchant Charles Mixter, to William and their father Jason Mixter on business. Additional correspondents are George Mixter, David R. Stevenson, Daniel Ruggles, and others. Most of the letters relate to family matters, including estates, but also include references to events before and during the Civil War and to family members serving.

Correspondence of the next generation, primarily between Samuel J. Mixter, his parents William and Mary (Ruggles) Mixter, and his siblings George, Mary Ann ("Mamie"), and Fanny Louise Mixter, begins in 1857. Included are letters to and from Samuel J. Mixter at boarding school in Amherst, Mass. and from Fanny L. Mixter at school in Stamford, Conn., as well as many letters from Samuel and Wilhelmina "Willie" (Galloupe) Mixter while they lived in Vienna after their marriage, 1879-1881, mostly to William R. Mixter, Mary (Ruggles) Mixter, and Wilhelmina's aunt Helen "Nell" Maria Kittredge (1831-1902). These letters discuss social activities and sightseeing; trips to Greece, Turkey, France, England, and other places in Europe; Samuel's medical studies; and family matters, including the birth of William Jason Mixter in 1880.

Box 2Folder 6-26

II. Joseph Story Fay papers, 1831-1907

This series consists of personal and business papers of Joseph Story Fay, including his correspondence with non-family members; correspondence and other papers related to his business interests but written by or to other individuals; and an account book.

For personal papers of family members other than Joseph Story Fay, see Series III.

A. Personal correspondence, 1836-1897

Arranged chronologically.

Joseph Story Fay's personal correspondence up to 1861 consists primarily of letters on business and political matters from L. H. Brigham, Edward Padelford, and Alexander Dallas Bache, superintendent of the U.S. Coast Survey. Many letters discuss the Civil War and secession. Other correspondents include Isaac Scott and Edwin Parsons. This subseries also contains letters documenting disputes with newspaper editors, including Fay's public denial of support for abolition; a letter from Minda Campbell (1793?-1886) about her children and grandchildren enslaved by Fay, 28 Aug. 1860; papers related to the constitution of the Union Club of Boston, 1863; two letters from George B. McClellan, 6 July 1863 and undated; and papers related to Fay's protest of the suspension of habeas corpus in the case of the Charleston, Ill. rioters in 1864, including a letter of support from Amos A. Lawrence.

Box 3Folder 1-17

B. Business papers, 1839-1907

This subseries contains papers related to Joseph Story Fay's business interests of Brigham & Fay and Padelford, Fay & Co., primarily letters to and from people other than Fay. Also included are papers related to the slave-trading vessel Wanderer.

For business letters to or from Joseph Story Fay, see Series I (correspondence with family members) or Series II.A. (correspondence with non-family members). Some of Fay's letters to his father-in-law John Bryant, located in Series I, include correspondence from Edward Padelford on the same sheet.

Box 3Folder 18
Brigham & Fay papers, 1839-1854

Arranged chronologically.

These papers relate to the insolvency of Brigham & Fay due to the New York fire of 1835 and the settlement of the firm's accounts. Included are receipts for dividends; letters from L. H. Brigham to William Sturgis and Bryant, Sturgis & Co. explaining the firm's losses; and a list of creditors.

Box 3Folder 19-27
Padelford, Fay & Co. papers, 1843, 1861-1862

Arranged chronologically.

Papers of Padelford, Fay & Co. of Savannah, Ga. consist primarily of letters from Molyneux, Taylor & Co. of Liverpool, Baring Bros. & Co. of Liverpool and London, and William Barber, 1861-1862, related to trade in cotton and iron with England and the effects of the U.S. blockade on international shipments. Included are some printed circulars and four letters from Edward Padelford to John Bryant, July-Dec. 1843.

Box 4Folder 1
Papers related to the Wanderer, 1860, 1907

Arranged chronologically.

Included are letters from Charles Augustus Lafayette Lamar, Gazaway Bugg Lamar, and C. R. Moore to E. D. Brigham, Jan.-Apr. 1860, related to the Wanderer, a luxury yacht refitted as a slave trader in 1858 and engaged in the illegal Atlantic slave trade until seized by the U.S. government. Letters discuss the upcoming trial and the Lamars' attempts to recover the vessel. Joseph Story Fay held a bond of indemnity for the Wanderer. Henry Howard Fay sent the papers to Sarah Bryant Fay in 1907.

C. Account book, 1856-1866

This volume contains Joseph Story Fay's personal and business accounts in Savannah, Woods Hole, and Boston. Accounts beginning in May 1865 are kept in another hand.

Box 4Folder 2

D. Notes, 1831-1854, undated

Included are memoranda on legal cases and other miscellaneous notes.

Box 4Folder 3

III. Personal papers, 1801-1962

This series contains personal papers of other Fay and Mixter family members, as well as John Bryant and Daniel Nicolson Spooner.

A. Fay family personal papers, 1807-1927

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains personal (non-family) correspondence of members of the Fay and related families, primarily Sarah Smith (Bryant) Fay, but also Mary (Cleveland) Bryant, Sarah Bryant Fay, Elizabeth (Spooner) Fay, and Ellen Spooner. Included are letters from Mary Jackson, who had been wet nurse for the Fay children, and letters from Grace (Fletcher) Webster, Joseph Story, Francesca "Fanny" Alexander, and Dorothea Lynde Dix. Sarah (Bryant) Fay's record of household staff documents her dealings with servants, including Mary Jackson and the enslaved man Scipio, with notations of start dates, pay and expenses, disputes and dismissals, etc. The subseries also contains letters related to Daniel Webster, receipts of Samuel Prescott Phillips Fay, reports on school exercises of Sarah Smith Bryant at the Boston Lyceum for the Education of Young Ladies, and a subscription book for the New England Refugees' Aid Society listing contributions by Fay, Spooner, and Bryant family members. The New England Refugees' Aid Society was a charitable organization founded in 1865 "for the relief of the Unionists in the Border States who are suffering from the devastations of the war."

Box 4Folder 4
Samuel P. P. Fay receipts, 1807-1815
Box 4Folder 5
Sarah Smith Bryant school reports, 1827-1829
Box 4Folder 6-8
Correspondence, 1827-1927
Box 4Folder 9
Record of household staff kept by Sarah (Bryant) Fay, 1841-1859
Box 4Folder 10
New England Refugees' Aid Society subscription book, 1865

B. Mixter family personal papers, 1843-1962

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains personal (non-family) correspondence of members of the Mixter and related families, including letters to Jason and William R. Mixter on business, financial, and political matters. Correspondents include John Milton Niles, Jabez C. Howe, and Horace Greeley. The subseries also contains a long letter from James Warren Sever about the Hoosac Tunnel, recent Massachusetts elections, and related political subjects, 1857; a letter from Civil War officer Henry H. Granger asking for a loan, 1863; and three letters from Phillips Brooks to members of the Galloupe family.

The Samuel J. Mixter World War I papers relate to Madame Marie (Picard) Depage and the Belgian Red Cross. In 1915, Depage traveled to the United States to raise money for Belgian field hospitals, and Dr. Mixter served as treasurer of the Boston fund. Included are letters from Depage and others, newspaper clippings, and lists of donations. Depage was killed in the sinking of the Lusitania on 7 May 1915. The Wilhelmina (Galloupe) Mixter papers document her World War I relief work with the Special Aid Society for American Preparedness and Emergency War Relief. Included are detailed notes of meetings and lectures, newspaper clippings, and sewing patterns for hospital clothing. The subseries also contains the 1903 passport of William Jason Mixter, signed by John Hay, and a scrapbook of clippings, invitations, and other material related to the debut of Elizabeth Elliot Mixter.

Box 4Folder 11-12
Correspondence, 1843-1892
Folder OS
William J. Mixter birth records and passport, 1880, 1903
Box 7Folder 1-6
Samuel J. Mixter World War I papers, 1910-1916
Box 7Folder 7-16
Wilhelmina (Galloupe) Mixter World War I papers, 1914-1921
Box OS
Elizabeth E. Mixter scrapbook: "My Coming Out Year 1932-1933," 1932-1935
Box 7Folder 17-19
Papers removed from scrapbook, 1932-1962

C. John Bryant personal papers, 1801-1866

Arranged chronologically.

John Bryant (1780-1865) was the father of Sarah Smith Bryant, who married Joseph Story Fay. This subseries contains receipts, bills of lading, insurance policies, acknowledgements of gifts, and other personal papers. Included is a receipt signed by Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1 Jan. 1825, for instruction of Bryant's daughter Mary Cleveland Bryant (1808-1876). Receipts from Canton, China, dated Sep.-Nov. 1809, include Chinese characters.

Box 4Folder 13-16
Folder OS
Oversize insurance policies, 1811

D. Daniel Nicolson Spooner letterbook, 1864-1869

Boston merchant Daniel Nicolson Spooner (1819-1869) was the father of Elizabeth Elliot Spooner, who married Henry Howard Fay. Spooner had been a China trade merchant in the 1840s and 1850s. This letterbook contains copies of his outgoing correspondence on business and financial matters to William Sturgis, J. B. Pearson, Samuel Hooper, members of the Torrey and Spooner families, and many others. Also included are letters related to the recruitment of the 5th Mass. Cavalry, an all-Black Civil War regiment, and to the Massachusetts Soldiers Fund (of which Spooner was treasurer), as well as letters written to or about Spooner's young brother-in-law Rollins Torrey, who died in Dec. 1865. Many of the letters in this volume are faded and difficult to read.

Box 4Folder 17

E. Unidentified personal papers, 1868, undated

This subseries includes an 1868 autograph of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and other miscellaneous personal papers.

Box 4Folder 18

IV. Legal papers, 1775-1945digital content

This series consists of legal papers of the Fay, Mixter, and related families, including wills, deeds for land, and deeds for enslaved people.

A. Family wills, 1778-1945

Arranged chronologically.

Included are wills of Edward Ruggles, Jonathan Fay, Daniel Ruggles, John Bryant, Joseph Story Fay, Joseph Story Fay, Jr., Henry Howard Fay, Sarah Bryant Fay, and Elizabeth Elliot (Spooner) Fay, as well as legal notes related to Sarah B. Fay's inheritance rights. Some wills are photocopies, typed transcripts, or printed copies.

Box 4Folder 19-20

B. Deeds, 1775-1894digital content

Arranged chronologically.

Folder OS
Land deeds, 1775, 1874, 1894

Included is a deed for land in Rowley, Mass. sold by Benjamin Cheney to Joseph Smith; a grant of 80 acres of land in Lincoln, Neb. to H. Spencer Black, signed by Ulysses S. Grant; and a typed transcript of a deed for Goodwill Park in Falmouth, Mass., sold to the Trustees of Public Reservations by Joseph S. Fay for one dollar.

Box 4Folder 21digitized
Deeds for enslaved people, 1851-1858

Included are six deeds for the following enslaved people: a "mulatto" girl named Isabel, 18, sold in Savannah to Thomas J. Walsh by James Potter for $300; Cornelia, 27, William, 6, Stephen, 4, and Douglass, 5 months, sold in Savannah to Thomas J. Walsh by James Potter for $600; [Demmock], 55, sold in Savannah to Benjamin Gammon by William M. Davidson for $570; Robert, 18, sold in Savannah to Joseph S. Fay by William Wright for $1,000; Judy, 28, and her two children Lucy and Henrietta, sold in Savannah to Joseph S. Fay by George W. Lavinder for $1,600; and Tom, 18, sold in Savannah to Joseph S. Fay by James A. Templeton for $1,000. The deeds are enclosed with a note by Fay, 15 Dec. 1858, that reads: "The enclosed Bills of Sale belong to Minda Campbell, and are of her children who she has bought from time to time, and now holds as free." Fay's note may refer to all six deeds or only the first two.

For a letter from Minda Campbell to Joseph S. Fay, 28 Aug. 1860, regarding her children and grandchildren enslaved by Fay, see Series II.A.

V. Genealogy and family history, 1788-1960

This series contains material related to the genealogy and history of the Fay, Mixter, and related families. Included are memoirs written by various family members, transcripts of original letters and diaries, family trees, and genealogical notes.

A. Memoirs and recollections, 1886-1930, undated

Arranged chronologically by generation.

Box 5Folder 1
Memoirs of Rev. John Smith (1752-1809) and Sarah Smith (1789-1812), undatedManuscript copy in unidentified hand
Box 5Folder 2
Notes and memoranda of James Story Fay, Apr. 1886, with notes by Sarah Bryant FayTypescript and typescript copy
Box 5Folder 3
Biography of Joseph Story Fay by unidentified author, undatedTypescript and photocopy of typescript
Box 5Folder 4-6
Memoirs of Elizabeth Elliot (Spooner) Fay, ca. 1925-1930, undatedPhotocopies of typescripts
Box 5Folder 7
Recollections of Sarah Bryant Fay, undatedTypescript and photocopy of typescript
Box 5Folder 8-9
Wilhelmina (Galloupe) Mixter stories, undatedManuscript in her hand
Box 5Folder 10
Unidentified and partial memoirs, undated

B. Transcripts, 1788-1852

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries consists primarily of typed transcripts of original documents, including a letter from Sally (Mason) Lyman to her sister Hannah (Mason) Bryant, 14 Oct. 1797; letters and diary entries by Samuel Prescott Phillips Fay, 20 June-20 Aug. 1813; and letters from Maria Denny Fay to her cousin Mary Green (White) Elliott, 15 Oct. 1851-25 Feb. 1852. Also included are manuscript copies of letters of Frances Theodora Apthorp, 1788.

The original Samuel P. P. Fay letters are located in Series I of this collection. This collection does not include his original diary or originals of the other documents in this subseries.

Box 5Folder 11-14

C. Family trees and notes, 1871-ca. 1960

This subseries contains a letter from William Mixter to the editor of the Barre Gazette in Barre, Mass. about the family's name change from Mixer to Mixter, 1871; a printed volume entitled The Record of My Ancestry, filled out in manuscript by Dorothy (Fay) Mixter, ca. 1960; family trees; and genealogical notes.

Box 5Folder 15-18
1871-ca. 1960
Folder OS
Oversize family trees, undated

D. Mixter genealogy, undated

Box 5Folder 19-24

VI. Printed material, 1803-1927

Arranged chronologically.

This series consists of miscellaneous printed items, including books, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings.

For a list of printed material removed from this series and cataloged separately, see Materials Removed from the Collection below.

Box 5Folder 25
A Hebrew Grammar Without Points: Designed to Facilitate the Study of the Scriptures of the Old Testament in the Original, by John Smith (Boston: Printed by David Carlisle for John West, 1803)Book.
Box 5Folder 26
"Our First Men:" A Calendar of Wealth, Fashion and Gentility (Boston: Published by all the booksellers, 1846)Pamphlet.
Box 6Folder 1
An Address Delivered Before the New York Historical Daniel Webster (New York: Press of the Historical Society, 1852)Pamphlet.

This pamphlet is signed, "For Mrs Bryant; from her old & true friend, Danl Webster," and was sent by Webster to Mary Cleveland (Smith) Bryant. The envelope is also signed.

Box 6Folder 2
Miscellaneous printed material, 1854-1900

Included are newspaper clippings and a small booklet entitled Oak Hall Pictorial (Boston: Oak Hall Clothing House, 1854).

Box 6Folder 3
Mixter Farm Guernsey Dispersal Sale, June 1925Book.

This volume relates to Samuel J. Mixter's cattle breeding and contains, bound together, two different issues of the Guernsey Breeders' Journal (Peterboro, N.H.: American Guernsey Cattle Club, 1925); the Dispersal Sale Catalogue of the Mixter Farm Guernseys (Sparks, Md.: Herrick-Merryman Sales Co., 1925); and scrapbook pages of newspaper clippings and photographs.

Box 6Folder 4
"Map of Existing Open Spaces in Massachusetts," Committee on Needs and Uses of Open Spaces, 1927Printed map.

This map was sent to Dr. William J. Mixter.

Preferred Citation

Fay-Mixter family papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Fay family--Genealogy.
Mixter family--Genealogy.
Bache, A. D. (Alexander Dallas), 1806-1867.
Brigham, L. H.
Bryant family.
Bryant, Henry, 1820-1867.
Bryant, John, 1780-1865.
Depage, Marie.
Fay family.
Fay, Elizabeth Elliot Spooner, 1851-1945.
Fay, Henry Howard, 1848-1929.
Fay, Joseph Story, 1812-1897.
Fay, Maria Denny, 1820-1890.
Fay, Richard Sullivan, 1806-1865.
Fay, Samuel Howard, 1804-1847.
Fay, Samuel Prescott Phillips, 1778-1856.
Fay, Sarah Bryant, 1856-1936.
Fay, Sarah Smith Bryant, 1812-1887.
Galloupe family.
Lamar, Charles Augustus Lafayette, 1824-1865.
Lamar, Gazaway Bugg, 1798-1874.
Mixter family.
Mixter, Charles, 1811-1873.
Mixter, Fanny Louise, 1850-
Mixter, Mary Ann, 1845-1922.
Mixter, Mary Ruggles, 1818-1904.
Mixter, Samuel Jason, 1855-1926.
Mixter, Wilhelmina Galloupe, 1858-1925.
Mixter, William R., 1809-1884.
Padelford, Edward, 1799-1870.
Ruggles family.
Spooner family.
Spooner, Daniel Nicolson, 1819-1869.
Torrey family.


Brigham & Fay.
Lusitania (Steamship).
New England Refugees' Aid Society.
Padelford, Fay & Co.
Special Aid Society for American Preparedness. Massachusetts Branch for Women.
Wanderer (Ship).
United States. Army. Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment, 5th (1862-1865).


Account books--1857-1866.
Enslaved persons--Georgia--Savannah.
Europe--Description and travel--1800-1918.
Family history--1800-1849.
Family history--1850-1899.
Family history--1900-1949.
Savannah (Ga.)--Commerce.
Savannah (Ga.)--History.
Secession--Southern States.
Slave bills of sale.
Slave trade--United States.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Causes.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Participation, African American.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Recruiting, enlistment, etc.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Regimental histories--Massachusetts Cavalry, 5th Volunteers.
Vienna (Austria)--Social life and customs.
World War, 1914-1918--Belgium.
World War, 1914-1918--Civilian relief.
World War, 1914-1918--Hospitals--Belgium.
World War, 1914-1918--Participation, Female.
World War, 1914-1918--War work.
World War, 1914-1918--Women.

Materials Removed from the Collection


Photographs from this collection have been removed to the Fay-Mixter family photographs (Photo. Coll. 232).


Artifacts from this collection have been removed to the MHS Artifacts Collection.

Printed Materials

The following printed materials have been removed from the collection and cataloged separately:

American Colonization Society. [Membership certificate, 1846].

Beacon Theatre. Grand Complimentary Testimonial...April 18, 1854...

Boston Art Club. School of Drawing. Circular.

Gilman, Caroline. Concerning Major John Lillie, Officer in the Revolutionary War of 1776; Aid to General Knox (1838).

National Aegis. [Subscription blank], 1851.

Notice. Wednesday the 30th January 1811 at the Royal Theatre of St. Carlos...

O'Hart, John. The Ancient Family of Fay (Asbury Park: Martin & Allardyce, n.d.).

Second Annual Banquet of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, Nov. 14, 1867.

Senate Chamber of the United States (Washington: J. V. N. Throop, 1846).

Song of the Savannah Fire Company, composed and sung by the Chief (Savannah, 1850).

Washington Fire Company, Number Nine (Savannah, Ga.). Act of Incorporation and By-laws of... (Savannah: G. N. Nichols, 1850).

Webster Bank. Sixth Semi-Annual Report, Sept. 26th, 1856.

Trade bills and cards: Moulton, Terry & Co.; East India Bedding Co.; Frederic N. Benson Employment Bureau; Bouquet Millinery Store; Albert E. Parsons; Vincent Ballard; Terry & Cook; Richard Briggs, European Commissions; J. P. Clark, florist.