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Restrictions on Access

The Moorfield Storey papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Collection Summary


This collection consists of papers of lawyer and author Moorfield Storey of Boston, Massachusetts, including correspondence, business and legal papers, writings, and scrapbooks.

Biographical Sketch

Moorfield Storey (1845-1929) was a lawyer and author in Boston, Massachusetts. He served as private secretary to Charles Sumner from 1867-1869 and practiced law in Boston from 1869-1929, becoming a senior member of the firm of Storey, Thorndike, Palmer, and Dodge. He also served as president of the American Bar Association in 1896, as well as the Anti-Imperialist League, Massachusetts Civil Reform Club, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Thursday Evening Club, Game Club, and Good Government Association, and as an overseer of Harvard College in 1872-1888 and 1892-1910.

Collection Description

The papers of Moorfield Storey include original correspondence, typescript letters, business and legal papers, writings, a copy of his autobiography, a facsimile of Gen. George Washington's accounts (1775-1783), and scrapbooks. In addition to papers documenting Storey's interest in anti-imperialism and civil service reform, the collection contains scrapbooks related to Philippines independence, as well as Native American and African American civil rights. Also included are typescript diary extracts of Fiske Warren enclosed in a letter that Warren sent to Storey, 1903. Correspondents include Charles Francis Adams, Gamaliel Bradford, Phillip P. Chase, Francis Ward Chandler, Richard Henry Dana, Henry Herbert Edes, Marcus Perrin Knowlton, John Torrey Morse, Charles Sumner, Charles Moorfield Storey, Gertrude Cutts Storey, Erving Winslow, and George Fred Williams.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Charles M. Storey, 1969. Additions from Palmer and Dodge, November 1994.

Restrictions on Access

The Moorfield Storey papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Loose correspondence and other papers, 1848-1935

This series contains correspondence and other papers of Moorfield Storey, including his correspondence with Charles Francis Adams and other Adams family members; unverified typescripts of letters apparently copied out of Storey's letterbooks; and speeches, essays, and miscellaneous other writings by Storey.

Box 1SH 1AIA
Charles Francis Adams correspondence, 1882-1915
Box 1SH 1AIA
Other Adams family correspondence, 1872-1930
Box 2SH 1AIB
Correspondence and papers, 1848-1906
Box 3SH 1AIC
Correspondence and papers, 1907-1929
Box 4SH 1AID
Correspondence and papers, 1930-1935 and undated
Box 4SH 1AID
Speeches and writings, 1895-191929 folders.
Box 4SH 1AID
Undated speeches and writings, no. 1-11
Box 5SH 1AIE
Undated speeches and writings, no. 12-22

This box includes Storey's autobiography (#20).

Box 5SH 1AIE
Miscellaneous papers, photographs, and printed matter/ephemera9 folders.
Box 5SH 1AIE
Anti-Imperialist League account books, 1898-19023 slim volumes.
Box 6SH 1AIF
Letter typescripts, 1895-1924 (unverified)

II. Letterbooks, 1894-1929

This series consists of 32 letterbook volumes (in cases) containing typescript copies of Storey's outgoing correspondence.

Carton 1SH 1AIIVol. 1
17 March 1894–31 July 1896
Carton 1SH 1AIIVol. 2
15 September 1896–13 January 1900
Carton 1SH 1AIIVol. 3
15 January 1900–10 February 1902
Carton 2SH 1AK5Vol. 4
10 February 1902–10 April 1903
Carton 2SH 1AK5Vol. 5
10 April 1903–15 February 1904
Carton 2SH 1AK5Vol. 6
15 February 1904–17 May 1905
Carton 3SH 1AK6Vol. 7
17 May 1905–29 May 1906
Carton 3SH 1AK6Vol. 8
31 May 1906–9 August 1907
Carton 3SH 1AK6Vol. 9
19 August 1907–18 November 1908
Carton 4SH 1AK7Vol. 10
19 November 1908–20 January 1910
Carton 4SH 1AK7Vol. 11
20 January 1910–24 January 1911
Carton 4SH 1AK7Vol. 12
24 January 1911–20 November 1911
Carton 5SH 1AK8Vol. 13
20 November 1911–16 October 1912
Carton 5SH 1AK8Vol. 14
17 October 1912–7 July 1913
Carton 5SH 1AK8Vol. 15
17 July 1913–7 April 1914
Carton 6SH 1AK9Vol. 16
10 April 1914-2 April 1915
Carton 6SH 1AK9Vol. 17
2 April 1915–10 March 1916
Carton 6SH 1AK9Vol. 18
11 March 1916–16 November 1916
Carton 7SH 1AKAVol. 19
16 November 1916–6 September 1917
Carton 7SH 1AKAVol. 20
7 September 1917–14 August 1918
Carton 7SH 1AKAVol. 21
14 August 1918–28 May 1919
Carton 8SH 1AKBVol. 22
29 May 1919–13 April 1920
Carton 8SH 1AKBVol. 23
13 April 1920–9 March 1921
Carton 8SH 1AKBVol. 24
9 March 1921–13 February 1922
Carton 9SH 1AKCVol. 25
13 February 1922–6 January 1923
Carton 9SH 1AKCVol. 26
12 January 1923–6 October 1923
Carton 9SH 1AKCVol. 27
5 October 1923-16 May 1924
Carton 10SH 1AKDVol. 28
16 May 1924–15 April 1925
Carton 10SH 1AKDVol. 29
15 April 1925–12 March 1926
Carton 10SH 1AKDVol. 30
12 March 1926–29 December 1926
Carton 11SH 1AKEVol. 31
29 December 1926–27 October 1927
Carton 11SH 1AKEVol. 32
28 October 1927–18 November 1929

III. Scrapbooks, 1850s-1928

This series consists of nine scrapbook volumes kept by Moorfield Storey, mostly newspaper clippings on topics of interest to him, such as African American civil rights, Philippines independence, civil service reform, and anti-imperialism.

Scrapbooks 1, 2, 3, and 5 are housed in cases, and the others are stored in two document boxes. Scrapbooks 1-7 were numbered in that order by Storey.

Carton 11SH 1AKEScrapbook 1
1914–1927 (mostly 1923-1927)
Carton 12SH 1AKFScrapbook 2
Carton 12SH 1AKFScrapbook 3
Box 7SH 1AIGScrapbook 4

This volume includes invitations, ephemera, miscellaneous writings, and newspaper clippings. Many of the invitations are undated.

Carton 12SH 1AKFScrapbook 5
Box 7SH 1AIGScrapbook 6

This scrapbook consists mostly of clippings concerning the Philippines and World War I.

Box 8SH 1AIHScrapbook 7
Box 8SH 1AIHScrapbook 8
Box 8SH 1AIHScrapbook 9
"The Second Inaugural of Ulysses S. Grant"

This scrapbook contains a small number of newspaper clippings.

Preferred Citation

Moorfield Storey papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915.
Bradford, Gamaliel, 1831-1911.
Chandler, F. W. (Francis Ward), 1844-1926.
Chase, Philip Putnam, 1878-1978.
Dana, Richard Henry, 1851-1931.
Edes, Henry Herbert, 1849-1922.
Knowlton, Marcus Perrin, 1839-1918.
Morse, John T., Jr. (John Torrey), 1840-1937.
Storey, Charles Moorfield, 1889-1980.
Storey, Gertrude Cutts, -1912.
Sumner, Charles, 1811-1874.
Warren, Fiske.
Washington, George, 1732-1799.
Williams, George Fred, 1852-1932.
Winslow, Erving, |d 1839-1922


American Bar Association.
Anti-Imperialist League (Boston, Mass.).
Game Club (Boston, Mass.).
Good Government Association.
Harvard University. Board of Overseers.
Massachusetts Reform Club.
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Boston Branch.
Thursday Evening Club (Boston, Mass.).


African Americans--Civil rights.
Anti-imperialist movements--United States.
Authors, American--19th century.
Boston (Mass.)--Politics and government.
Civil rights--United States.
Civil service reform--United States.
Indians of North America--Civil rights.
Lawyers as authors.
Law firms |z Massachusetts |z Boston.
Philippines--History--Autonomy and independence movements.

Materials Removed from the Collection

Loose pamphlets, serials, and bound volumes of miscellaneous pamphlets collected by Moorfield Storey have been removed to the MHS printed collections.