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This collection consists of papers of the Price, Osgood, and Valentine families, three interrelated New England families, as well of as the Bull family of Boston.

Biographical Sketches

William Price (d. 1749) was an Anglican minister who apparently spent all of his life in his native England, mostly in the town of Beckley. He married in 1694 Elizabeth Izard (d. 1754) and had eleven children: Elizabeth, Roger (1696-1762), Thomas, John, Sarah, Mary, William, Susannah, Philadelphia, Catherine, and Cornelius.

Roger Price, the eldest son, was educated at Oxford, where he took his B.A. at Balliol College in 1717. After his admission into Priest's Orders, he accepted a chaplaincy at Widdaw, a trading outpost on the coast of Guinea. He left Guinea to become the minister of St. Ann's Parish in Jamaica for three years. He then returned to England for a two-year stay at the Parish of Leigh in Essex. In 1729, he accepted a position at King's Chapel in Boston (New England). The Bishop of London gave Price commissarial power over all the churches in New England in 1730. In 1734, Price communicated his intention of leaving the Church and returning permanently to England. It was soon after this time, however, that he met and subsequently married in 1735 Elizabeth Bull (d. 1780), the daughter of John Bull and Mary Sweet of Boston. He gave up his intention of leaving New England and remained in the Church. He retired at Hopkinton in 1748 and returned to England on orders in 1749, where he remained until his death in 1762.

Roger and Elizabeth had six children: William (1737-1802), Henry, Elizabeth (1736-1826), Thomas, Mary, and Andrew (1747-1827). After Roger died in 1762, William and Elizabeth journeyed back to New England to try to sell some of their father's Boston and Hopkinton properties. William and Elizabeth remained in America for the rest of their lives. Elizabeth never married and supported herself through the management of the estate. William Price, a career army man, married Mary Lawton in 1765. Andrew, whose letters are numerous to both William and Elizabeth, attended Oxford's Magdeline College, becoming a minister in April of 1777.

William Price and Mary (Lawton) had two daughters: MaryAnn and Olivia. Olivia married Robert Hall, a lawyer in Troy, New York. MaryAnn married Lawson Valentine, of the merchant firm Parker, Goodnow, & Valentine of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Lawson died prematurely, leaving MaryAnn with four children: Andrew P., Frances E., Edward L., and Patrick B. Valentine. MaryAnn (Price) Valentine married (2nd) in 1825 Isaac Osgood, a friend of Lawson Valentine and an attorney for Valentine's merchant company.

Of the three Valentine children who were living at the time of their mother's remarriage, two had children. In 1838, Andrew married Elizabeth Finch and had two sons, Lawson and Edward. Frances married in 1847 James Weston, a Boston lawyer, and had three children: Mary, Ann, and Edward.

Captain Isaac Osgood of Andover, Massachusetts, married in 1747 Betsy Flint. They had four sons: Kendell (d. 1801), David (1748-1822), Joshua, and Jacob. Kendell became a physician and settled in Peterborough, New Hampshire. He married and had two children, Elizabeth and Isaac Osgood. Isaac went on to become a Cambridge attorney and later the second husband of MaryAnn (Price) Valentine. Joshua and Jacob were apparently yeoman farmers.

David Osgood was the third minister of the First Congregational Church of Medford, Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard in 1771 and married in 1786 Hannah Breed (d. 1818). They had three children: Lucy, Mary, and David Osgood. The son David graduated from Harvard in 1813 and became a distinguished Boston physician. Rev. Osgood's fame was to rest not on his preaching, but on his political polemics. Of the 22 of his sermons which were separately published, eleven were on political subjects, and several of those were widely reprinted.

Collection Description

The Price-Osgood-Valentine papers consist of letters, deeds, legal papers, diaries and memoranda books, account books, orderly books, genealogical material, and other miscellaneous documents beginning in 1588 and ending in 1910.

The Price family documents consist primarily of correspondence between Roger Price (1696-1762) and his children, especially William, Elizabeth, and Andrew; and the correspondence between these three children throughout their adult lives into the 1800s. The letters of MaryAnn Price, daughter of William Price, are also numerous. Roger's letters cover such topics as his running of King's Chapel in Boston and the politics involved, as well as insights into the early Church in Boston and the power that it held.

William Price, a career army officer, sent many letters to his father Roger during the 1750s, while he was away on the Continent fighting in the Seven Years' War. The letters describe the military actions of the war and military life in general during the 1750s. Included is an orderly book kept by Captain Price while serving under Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, during the Seven Years' War. There are, in addition, numerous legal documents, especially concerning land acquisitions and Roger's estate.

The Osgood papers are mostly letters between Kendell and David discussing family matters, as well as receipts for interest charges on loans made by Kendell Osgood to various people. The other Osgood represented in the collection is Isaac, son of Kendell, husband of MaryAnn (Price) Valentine. His personal correspondence and his business records from his legal practice comprise the bulk of his papers.

The majority of the Valentine papers consists of correspondence of MaryAnn (Price) Valentine. These are letters from both her friends and her children, as well as from her Price relatives. Lawson Valentine's correspondence pertains mainly to his merchant business.

The Bull family appears at the beginning of the collection. Elizabeth (Bull) Price's correspondence mainly concerns her claim to her father Jonathan's (d. 1729) estate (Bull's Wharf) in Boston. In 1750, when administration of the estate was turned over to Roger Price, the Bull estate became Price property. By 1821, Andrew Price was the only living heir to the estate. He sold Bull's Wharf to Lawson Valentine, the merchant. Elizabeth Bull also had correspondence with her family and relatives on this matter.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mrs. Frances Erving Weston, October 1910.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Loose papers, 1588-1910

Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 4
Box 5
Box 6
Box 7Folder 1-6
Roger Price letters, undated
Box 7Folder 7
Miscellaneous papers
Box 7Folder 8-11
Miscellaneous genealogical materials
Box 8Folder 1-4
Miscellaneous genealogical materials
Box 8Folder 5-15
Receipts, 1734-1854

II. Volumes, 1736-1831

Box 9Folder 1
Kendell Osgood estate, 1801-1813
Box 9Folder 2
Kendell Osgood medical daybook, Peterboro, New Hampshire, 1788-1794
Box 9Folder 3
Kendell Osgood accounts, 1783-1797
Box 9Folder 4
Kendell Osgood accounts, 1783
Box 9Folder 5
Valentine accounts, 1799-1813
Box 9Folder 6
Accounts, 1790-1814
Box 9Folder 7
Accounts, 1805-1811
Box 10Folder 1
School exercise book, undated
Box 10Folder 2
Memorandum book, undated
Box 10Folder 3
Account book, 1786-1798
Box 10Folder 4
Account book, 1782
Box 10Folder 5
Account book, 1791-1809
Box 10Folder 6
Kendell Osgood credit book, 1786-1789
Box 10Folder 7
Kendell Osgood account book, 1781-1784
Box 10Folder 8
Notebook, written in Latin, undated
Box 10Folder 9
Account book and Latin text, 1783-1786
Box 10Folder 10
A. P. Valentine account book, 1828-1831
Box 10Folder 11
"Comparison of Animal & Vegetable Food," undated
Box 10Folder 12
"First Lines of the Practice of Physic," undated
Box 10Folder 13
Medical lectures, undated
Box 10Folder 14
Shorthand exercise book, undated
Box 11Folder 1
Kendell Osgood diary, 1786-1791
Box 11Folder 2
Kendell Osgood diary, 1792-1795
Box 11Folder 3
Hopkinton lands of Rev. Roger Price, 1736-1766
Box 11Folder 4
Capt. Osgood orderly book/credit book, 1758
Box 11Folder 5
William Price orderly book, 1758-1760

This orderly book was kept by William Price while serving under Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, during the Seven Years' War.

Available on microfilm, P-363 (Reel 13).

Box 11Folder 6
Elizabeth Price ladies' memoranda book,1753
Box 11Folder 6
Elizabeth Price ladies' memoranda book, 1755
Box 11Folder 7
Elizabeth Price ladies' memoranda book, 1776
Box 11Folder 7
Elizabeth Price ladies' memoranda book, 1804
Box 12
Orderly book, 29 March-24 October 1769
Box 12
Orderly book, 11 November 1772-22 March 1774
Box 12
Orderly book, 2 April-9 August 1778
Box 12
Orderly book, 10 August 1778-28 July 1779

III. Oversize papers, 1680-1830

This series contains oversize papers removed from the rest of the collection.

Box OS

Preferred Citation

Price-Osgood-Valentine papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, 1721-1792.
Lennox, George Henry, 1737-1805.
Osgood, David, 1747-1822.
Osgood family.
Osgood, Isaac, 1713-1792.
Osgood, Isaac, 1793-1867.
Osgood, Kendall, 1757-1801.
Price, Andrew, 1747-1827.
Price, Elizabeth Bull, 1736-1826.
Price family.
Price family--Genealogy.
Price, Roger, 1696-1762.
Price, William, -1749.
Price, William, 1737-1802.
Valentine family.
Valentine, Lawson.
Valentine, Maryann Price.


King's Chapel (Boston, Mass.).
Massachusetts. Provincial Forces. Regiment, Ebenezer Nichols'.


Account books--1783-1813.
Church history--Massachusetts--Boston.
Church of England--Massachusetts--Clergy.
Decedents' estates.
Family history--1600-1649.
Family history--1650-1699.
Family history--1700-1749.
Family history--1750-1799.
Family history--1800-1849.
Family history--1850-1899.
Family history--1900-1949.
Hopkinton (Mass.)--History.
Massachusetts--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
Medical fees--New Hampshire--Peterborough.
Minorca (Spain)--History.
Orderly books.
Physicians--New Hampshire--Peterborough.
Prussia (Germany)--History--1740-1789.
Real property--Massachusetts--Boston.
Real property--Massachusetts--Hopkinton.
Seven Years' War, 1756-1763--Personal narratives.
United States--History--French and Indian War, 1754-1763--Campaigns.
United States--History--French and Indian War, 1754-1763--Pay, allowances, etc.
United States--History--French and Indian War, 1754-1763--Regimental histories--Massachusetts Militia, Ebenezer Nichols' regiment.