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This collection consists of diaries kept by Eliza Lee Lothrop Homans on various trips, as well as other volumes.

Biographical Sketch

Eliza Lee Lothrop Homans was the daughter of Mary Lyman (Buckminster) Lothrop (d. 1859) and the Reverend Samuel K. Lothrop {1804-1886). She married Charles Dudley Homans, M.D. (1826-1886), the son of John Homans, M.D. (1793-1868).

Collection Description

The collection contains 12 volumes of diaries kept by Eliza Lee Lothrop Homans on various trips, primarily to Europe, but also to Algeria, Egypt, India, New York, and New Hampshire. The collection also contains a commonplace-book; four volumes of notes on books and other material Homans read; and a "Book of Sorrows," a scrapbook she compiled on the deaths of family members.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Cornelia Perkins Zinsser, Mar. 1989.

Other Formats

Digital facsimiles of the Eliza Lee Lothrop Homans diaries are available on Leisure, Travel & Mass Culture: The History of Tourism, a digital publication of Adam Matthew Digital, Inc. This digital resource is available at subscribing libraries; speak to your local librarian to determine if your library has access. The MHS makes this resource available onsite; see a reference librarian for more information.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Reel 1Box 1Folder 1
Diary/narrative, beginning 29 Sep. 1871

This diary describes a trip to the Adirondack Mountains, New York, that Eliza Lee Lothrop Homans took with her husband.

Diary, 1874-1875

3 volumes.

This diary was kept on a journey to England, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, France, Algeria, and Italy.

Reel 1Box 1Folder 2
18 Nov. 1874-15 Jan. 1875
Reel 1Box 1Folder 3
19 Jan.-18 Feb. 1875
Reel 1Box 1Folder 4
21 Feb.-28 Mar. 1875
Reel 1Box 1Folder 5
Diary, 14-19 Nov. 1881

This diary describes a trip to Utica, New York.

Reel 1Box 1Folder 5
Diary, 24-31 July 1888

This diary describing a trip to the White Mountains, N.H., was kept in the same volume as the 1881 diary above.

Reel 1Box 1Folder 6
Diary, 10 May-27 Aug. 1884

This diary describes a trip to Europe, including England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France.

Diary, 1894-1896

4 volumes.

This diary describes a trip to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Egypt, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, England, Scotland, and India. Included are photographs pasted in.

Reel 1Box 1Folder 7
"Volume I," 22 July-21 Dec. 1894
Reel 1Box 1Folder 8
"Volume II," 24 Dec. 1894-24 Apr. 1895
Reel 1Box 1Folder 9
"Volume III," 25 Apr.-10 July 1895
Reel 1Box 2Folder 1
"Volume IV," 10 July-5 Oct. 1895
Reel 1Box 2Folder 2
"Volume V," 6 Oct. 1895-11 Apr. 1896
Reel 1Box 2Folder 3
Diary, 1-25 Dec. 1897

This diary describes a trip to Italy and also contains notes on books read, Nov. 1903.

Reel 2Box 2Folder 4
Commonplace book, 1858-1912

This volume contains poetry and quotations.

Reel 2Box 2Folder 5
Notes on books, etc., 1859-1893
Reel 2Box 2Folder 6
Notes on books, etc., 1885-1889
Reel 2Box 3Folder 1
Notes on books, etc., 1895-1898
Reel 2Box 3Folder 2
Notes on books, etc., 1898-1908
Reel 2Box 3Folder 3
"Book of sorrows," 1859-1886

This scrapbook was kept by Eliza Lee Lothrop Homans to record the deaths of family members, including her mother, father, father-in-law, husband, and two infant children. Included are newspaper clippings, copies of sermons preached, journal-type entries by Homans, poetry, and some letters pasted in.

Preferred Citation

Eliza Lee Lothrop Homans diaries, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Homans, Charles Dudley, 1826-1886.
Homans, John, 1793-1868.
Lothrop, Mary Lyman Buckminster, -1859.
Lothrop, Samuel Kirkland, 1804-1886.


Adirondack Mountains (N.Y.)--Description and travel.
Algeria--Description and travel.
Europe--Description and travel.
India--Description and travel.
Italy--Description and travel.
Utica (N.Y.)--Description and travel.
Voyages and travels--Diaries.
White Mountains (N.H. and Me.)--Description and travel.
Women's commonplace-books.
Women's diaries.
Women travelers--Diaries.

Materials Removed from the Collection

The following printed item was removed from collection and catalogued separately, March 1989: A Collection of Papers Relative to the Transactions of the Town of Milton, in the State of Massachusetts, to Promote a General Inoculation of the Cow Pox, or Kine Pock, as a Never Failing Preventive Against Small Pox Infection. Boston: Printed for the town of Milton, by J. Belcher, 1809.