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The Heath-Doliber-Hedge-Hammond family papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Collection Summary


This collection consists of papers of the interrelated Heath, Doliber, Hedge, and Hammond families, including typed transcripts of journals from the Heath family papers, diaries of Thomas Doliber, and genealogical material, as well as several generations of personal correspondence and legal and financial documents.

Biographical Sketches

Heath family

Charles Heath (1801-1868) was the son of Ebenezer (1765-1845) and Hannah (Williams) Heath (1771-1832). Among his siblings were John Heath (1792-1835), Susannah Heath (1795-1878), Ann Eliza Heath (1797-1878), Hannah Williams (Heath) Howe (1799-1883), Mary Heath (1804-1824), Elizabeth Williams Heath (1808-1838), Frederick Augustus Heath (1810-1880), and Abigail Louisa Hayden (Heath) Barnett (1814-1894). In 1828, Charles married Caroline Penniman (1806-1871), and they had the following children: Mary Caroline Heath (1830-1907), who married Edward Atkinson (1827-1905) in 1855; Charles Henry Heath (1832-1905), who married Lucy Wilson Ripley (1827-1899) in 1854; Ann Greene Heath (1834-1835); William Penniman Heath (1836-1886), who married Elizabeth Swan in 1861; and Sidney Heath (1842-1884), who married Ida Marion Cary (1853-1932) in 1876.

Charles Henry Heath and Lucy Wilson (Ripley) Heath had the following children: Ada Ripley Heath (1855-1910), who married Thomas Doliber (1837-1912) in 1876; Charles Matthews Heath (1859-1936); and Edith D. Heath (1861-).

Thomas Doliber (1837-1912)

Thomas Doliber was born in Marblehead, Mass. to John W. Smethurst and Sarah E. (Homan) Smethurst. His parents separated prior to his birth, Sarah Homan returned home, and Thomas's name was changed to Doliber, after Sarah's maternal grandparents. He was raised by his mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Doliber began work at the age of 14, first for a Marblehead cobbler and then for Roundy's Apothecary. In 1855, he left Marblehead for Boston and got a job at Brown's Drug Store on Tremont Street. Shortly after beginning this job, he met Franklin O. Whitney (made partner of Codman & Shurtleff & Co. in 1879), and the two men became lifelong friends. Doliber also worked for Theodore Metcalf & Company, where he was elevated to partner in 1859 at the age of 22. He graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1869 and eventually served as trustee. In the early 1880s, he chartered the U.S. manufacture and sale of Mellin's Food, an instant formula for infants previously available only in England. He dissolved his partnership with Theodore Metcalf in 1881 and formed Doliber, Goodale, & Co.

Thomas Doliber married his first wife, Eliza Moody Kimball (1834-1872), in 1862. She passed away from complications after the birth of their fifth child. He then married Ada Ripley Heath (1855-1910) in 1876. Two of the children of Ada and Thomas were: Eadith Heath Doliber (1878-1947), who married Henry Rogers Hedge (1876-1965); and Margaret Eleanor Doliber (1884-1950), who married William Attmore Robinson, Jr. (1876-1959).

John Wilkes Hammond, Jr. (1837-1922)

John Wilkes Hammond, Jr. of Cambridge, Mass. was born in Mattapoisett, Mass. to Maria Louisa (Southworth) (1814-1886) and John Wilkes Hammond (1808-1843). Hammond's father passed away when he was five years old, leaving his mother to support him alone. Hammond graduated from Tufts College in 1861. He taught in both Stoughton and Tisbury between 1861 and 1862, becoming principal of the high school in Tisbury.

In September 1862, Hammond enlisted as a "Nine Months Man" and served in North Carolina as a private in the 3rd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. After his service, he continued teaching at high schools in Wakefield and Melrose, Mass. and began studying at Harvard Law School in 1864. He was admitted to the bar in 1866 and elected to the Boston Bar Association in 1885. Between 1872 and 1886, he served in the Cambridge court system in multiple capacities as a lawyer and legislator. He was appointed to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on 7 Sep. 1898 and resigned on 1 Dec. 1914.

John Hammond married Clara Ellen Tweed (1842-1902) in 1866, and they had three children: Franklin Tweed Hammond (1870-1959), Clara Maria Hammond (1881-), and John Wilkes Hammond (1884-).

Franklin Tweed Hammond (1870-1959)

Franklin T. Hammond of Cambridge, Mass. was the son of John W. and Clara Ellen (Tweed) Hammond. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1892, was admitted to the bar in 1895, and was elected to the council of the Boston Bar Association in 1902. In 1898, he served as an assistant to the Massachusetts attorney general, and his special assignments included the Metropolitan Park Commission, the Massachusetts Highway Commission, the State Board of Charity, the State Board of Insanity, and Public Charitable Trusts.

Franklin Hammond married Mabel MacLeod in 1897.

Collection Description

This collection consists of papers of the interrelated Heath, Doliber, Hedge, and Hammond families. Heath family papers include correspondence of Charles Henry Heath, Ann Eliza Heath, Ada Ripley (Heath) Doliber, Mary (Heath) Atkinson, and Charles Heath about family matters and domestic life in Brookline, Mass.; letters of Charles H. Heath describing his travels to California, Jamaica, Italy, Greece, Nicaragua, and Mexico; typed transcriptions of journals and correspondence of various Heath family members; miscellaneous family volumes; and legal and financial papers. Doliber family papers consist primarily of diaries of Thomas Doliber, 1874-1904, but also include personal and family correspondence of his wife Ada Ripley (Heath) Doliber. Hedge family papers consist primarily of correspondence of Ada's daughter Eadith Heath (Doliber) Hedge and Eadith's daughters Catherine and Priscilla Hedge of Brookline. Hammond family papers include personal papers of John Wilkes Hammond, a teacher, lawyer, and Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court justice; his son Franklin Tweed Hammond, also a lawyer; Franklin Tweed Hammond, Jr.; and Henry Hammond. The collection also contains a large amount of genealogical material on the Heath, Doliber, Hedge, Hammond, and related families.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Henry Hammond, Dec. 2015.

Restrictions on Access

The Heath-Doliber-Hedge-Hammond family papers are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Heath family papers, 1772-1932

A. Correspondence, 1817-1932

Arranged chronologically.

The Heath family correspondence consists of letters exchanged between Charles Henry Heath, his aunt Ann Eliza Heath, his daughter Ada Ripley Heath (later Doliber), his sister Mary (Heath) Atkinson, and his father Charles Heath. Topics of discussion cover a broad range of family matters, including disagreements, the children's education, births, illnesses, deaths, and engagements (namely Mary Heath and Edward Atkinson in 1855). In addition to illustrating the domestic and social life of families in Brookline, Mass., the correspondence details Charles Henry Heath's travels, including his voyage from New York to California between 1850 and 1852. During this time, he wrote to his parents from Jamaica, Italy, Greece, Nicaragua, and Mexico. At the close of his travels, Charles H. Heath became a merchant in San Francisco. Business cards from several of his establishments are included. Also included are letters written during a family trip to Venice and Milan in 1852, with Charles Heath's reflections on the Austrian and French military occupation and the presence of child workers in the silk industry.

Box 1SH 1A32Folder 1-15

B. Transcriptions, 1772-1892

This subseries consists of typed and manuscript transcriptions of letters, journals, copybooks, account books, and other miscellaneous papers of the Heath family of Brookline, Mass.

Carton 1SH 1B0TFolder 1-65
Susannah Heath journals, 1812-1874

NOTE: The original journals of Susannah Heath are contained in the Heath family papers.

Carton 1SH 1B0TFolder 66-67
Susannah Heath journals [extracts], 1812-1874
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 1-7
Heath correspondence, 1772-1832
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 8
Elizabeth (Heath) Howe journal, 1804

NOTE: The original journal of Elizabeth (Heath) Howe is contained in the Heath family papers.

Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 9-18
Hannah Williams Heath journals, 1805-1813

NOTE: The original journals of Hannah Williams Heath (except the 1813 journal) are contained in the Heath family papers.

Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 18a
Hannah Williams Heath journals [extracts], 1805-1812

Ann "Nancy" White journal, 1783-1786

The diary of Ann White (later Goddard) describes preparations for the marriage of Susannah Heath to John Goddard; the wedding; daily activities; visits with Heath, Craft, and White family members and friends; local events; and the weather.

NOTE: The original journal of Ann White is contained in the Heath family papers.

Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 19
Typescript copy, 1783-1786
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 20
Manuscript copy by "Aunt Eliza," 1783 only
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 21-22
Susannah (Craft) Heath journal, 1792

NOTE: The original journal of Susannah (Craft) Heath is contained in the Heath family papers.

Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 23-24
Caroline (Penniman) Heath journals, 1835-1859

Included are entries about Caroline's daily activities and those of Heath and Penniman family members, including her husband Charles Heath; the behavior and lessons of their children Mary Caroline, Charles Henry, William Penniman, George Walter, and Sidney Heath; social calls; health matters; household help; and other subjects. Many entries relate to sicknesses and deaths in the family, including those of Caroline's children Ann and George and her sister Sophia (Penniman) Barlow. Entries in 1851-1852 relate to her son Charles' troubled engagement to Lucy Ripley.

Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 25-40
Abigail Louisa Hayden (Heath) Barnett journals, 1852-1861, 1885-1892

Included are brief entries about Abigail's daily activities in Brookline, Mass.; activities of her husband Robert Barnett and her step-daughter Mary Elizabeth Barnett; Heath and Barnett family matters; social calls; church attendance; sewing and other household work; and the weather. Entries in 1858-1859 relate to family members and friends with typhoid fever, including Abigail herself. Entries in 1861 relate to Abigail's efforts on behalf of victims of the Kansas drought and news of the Civil War.

Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 41
Charles Heath journal, 1848-1861

Titled by Charles Heath the "Hay Fever Journal," this journal contains very detailed entries about his health and treatment at Wesselhoeft's Water-Cure, a hydropathic institution in Brattleboro, Vt., under the care of Dr. Robert Wesselhoeft and Dr. Charles W. Grau; social activities and games there; the death of Rev. John Pierce; daily activities in Brookline; and trips to Nantasket Beach and to other places in New England. Family members mentioned in entries include his wife Caroline; his children Mary, Charles, William, and Sidney; and his sister Abby.

Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 42-45
Grace Heath letters, undated
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 46
Letters from James Higginson to Anne Heath, 1864-1872
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 47
"Contents of two wallets made and embroidered by Aunt White," [1783-1853]

Aunt White was Elizabeth (Craft) White (1747-1839).

Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 48
Letters to Elizabeth White, 1811-1816
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 49
Letters from Susannah Heath to Abigail (Heath) Barnett, 1871
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 50
Richard Knott's inventory, 1783
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 50a
"Index to All Journals," undated

Notebook containing synopses of journals.

C. Volumes, 1818-1822

Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 51
Elisha Penniman account book, 1818-1822
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 52-53
"Some Account of Two Brookline Doctors Who Were Pioneers in the Prevention of Smallpox," undated

Includes both a draft and a finished copy. This talk about Dr. Zabdiel Boylston and Dr. William Aspinwall was read by Eadith deC. Heath to the Hannah Goddard Chapter of the D.A.R. It contains extracts from the diary of Susannah (Craft) Heath, a patient at the inoculation hospital.

D. Legal and financial papers, 1843-1907

Arranged chronologically.

This subseries contains legal and financial papers pertaining to the estates and accounts of Charles and Ebenezer Heath.

Carton 3SH 1B0VFolder 1-9

II. Doliber family papers, 1863-1908

A. Correspondence, 1863-1908

Arranged chronologically.

Correspondence of the Doliber family consists primarily of letters between Ada Ripley (Heath) Doliber and her family and friends, including congratulations on her 1875 engagement to Thomas Doliber; letters about her move to London with Thomas and their two daughters in 1880; letters discussing her parents' travel across the U.S. and their stop at the 1893 World's Fair; and congratulations on her daughter Eadith Doliber's marriage to Henry R. Hedge in 1904.

Box 1SH 1A32Folder 16-24

B. Thomas Doliber diaries, 1874-1904

Arranged chronologically.

The diaries of pharmacist and merchant Thomas Doliber document his and his family's lives from 1874-1904. Included are detailed entries describing his daily activities and expenses, the weather, illnesses, travel itineraries, the growth and education of his children, and the growth and development of the Mellin's Food Company, of which he was president. Other topics include the family's diligent church attendance at the New Jerusalem Church, a Swedenborgian church in Boston, and their role in the church's committee; chemistry notes (possibly related to drug manufacturing); his attendance at Boston Druggist Association meetings; and his role as trustee of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.

Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 54Vol. 1
5 Jan. 1874-16 Aug. 1877
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 54Vol. 2
15 Aug. 1877-25 Jan. 1880
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 54Vol. 3
26 Jan. 1880-10 Feb. 1881
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 55Vol. 4
23 Apr. 1881-27 Jan. 1883
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 55Vol. 5
28 Jan. 1883-17 Sep. 1884
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 55Vol. 6
18 Sep. 1884-19 Sep. 1885
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 56Vol. 7
20 Sep. 1885-18 Sep. 1886
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 56Vol. 8
19 Sep. 1886-27 Aug. 1887
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 56Vol. 9
28 Aug. 1887-31 Dec. 1888
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 57Vol. 10
1 Jan. 1889-20 Dec. 1890
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 57Vol. 11
21 Dec. 1890-22 Apr. 1893
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 57Vol. 12
23 Apr. 1893-7 Mar. 1896
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 58Vol. 13
8 Mar. 1896-2 Jan. 1898
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 58Vol. 14
3 Jan. 1898-18 Mar. 1900
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 59Vol. 15
19 Mar. 1900-14 Sep. 1901
Carton 2SH 19HJ 5Folder 59Vol. 16
15 Sep. 1901-9 Sep. 1904

III. Hedge family papers, 1894-1936

Arranged chronologically.

Papers of the Hedge family consist primarily of correspondence of Eadith Doliber Hedge and her daughters, Catherine and Priscilla Hedge of Brookline, Mass. Eadith's correspondence covers general family and domestic matters, such as child care, education, and the births, deaths, and marriages of family and friends. Correspondence of Catherine and Priscilla includes letters from a trip to France in 1931, several from suitors. Many letters are written in French. Other notable documents include Eadith Doliber Hedge's 1916 First Aid Certificate, 1930 prescriptions from Melvin & Badger Co. Apothecaries, and postcards from the Château de Valençay.

Box 1SH 1A32Folder 25-33

IV. Hammond family papers, 1856-1967

A. John Wilkes Hammond papers, 1856-1916

The papers of John Wilkes Hammond include a disbound volume of letters from Hammond to his lifelong friend Albert between 1857-1864, written primarily during his education at Tufts College and documenting his time studying there. Additional materials include letters from friends and colleagues reacting to Hammond's resignation as justice of the Supreme Judicial Court on 1 Dec. 1914, papers related to his involvement with the Bar Association of the County of Middlesex, and his Honorary Doctorate of Law from Harvard in 1911.

Carton 3SH 1B0VFolder 10-12
Letterbook, 1856-1861
Carton 3SH 1B0VFolder 13
Carton 3SH 1B0VFolder 14
1916, undated

B. Franklin Tweed Hammond papers, 1911-1940

The papers of Franklin T. Hammond contain a disbound volume labeled "Commonplace Book & Miscellaneous," dated 1911-1953, consisting of poetry and newspaper clippings. Additional loose papers include checks from 1913 and a newspaper clipping about Hammond's resignation from the Massachusetts Superior Court in 1940.

Carton 3SH 1B0VFolder 15-17
"Commonplace Book & Miscellaneous," 1911-1953
Carton 3SH 1B0VFolder 18

C. Franklin Tweed Hammond, Jr. papers, 1953-1967

The papers of Franklin T. Hammond, Jr. consist primarily of correspondence about his legal work for the New England Wild Flower Preservation Society related to the settlement of Lee M. Friedman's estate. Additional documents of note include his father's death record from 1959, reports and newsletters from the Boston Legal Aid Society, and correspondence regarding his involvement with the community of Cambridge.

Carton 3SH 1B0VFolder 19-22

D. Henry Hammond papers, 1953-1958

Carton 3SH 1B0VFolder 23
"History of the Plant Club," by Lois Lilley Howe, 28 May 1953

Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Cambridge Historical Society, Vol. 35.

Carton 3SH 1B0VFolder 24
"President Lowell & the Sacco-Vanzetti Controversy," by Henry Hammond, 3 Mar. 1958

V. Genealogical material, undated

This series contains biographical sketches outlining the histories of various ancestors and a family friend of the Heath, Doliber, Hedge, and Hammond families, as well as notes from genealogical research conducted by primary contributors to the collection, including Henry H. Hammond, Eadith H. Hedge, and Ada Ripley Doliber. Subjects of the biographical sketches include Elisha Penniman, Reverend John Pierce, Colonel Joseph Willard, Joseph Williams, Samuel Goddard, Elizabeth "Betsey" Heath, Major General William Heath, and Thomas Doliber. Other notable manuscripts include "Two Old Brookline Homesteads" by Ada Ripley Doliber; "The Heath Elm"; "Extracts from Old Family Record Book"; and "From Historical Sketches of Brookline."

Carton 3SH 1B0VFolder 25-58

VI. Oversize material, 1847-1945

Arranged chronologically.

This folder includes oversize maps of the Heaths' land in Brookline, Mass.; plans for the construction of Boston Water Works; and plans for the Boston Oil Company.

OS Folder
Stored onsite.

Preferred Citation

Heath-Doliber-Hedge-Hammond family papers, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Atkinson, Mary Caroline Heath, 1830-1907.
Doliber, Ada Ripley Heath, 1855-1910.
Doliber family.
Doliber family--Genealogy.
Doliber, Thomas, 1837-1912.
Hammond family.
Hammond family--Genealogy.
Hammond, Franklin Tweed, 1870-1959.
Hammond, Franklin Tweed, 1901-
Hammond, Henry.
Hammond, John Wilkes, 1837-1922.
Heath, Ann Eliza, 1797-1878.
Heath, Charles, 1801-1868.
Heath, Charles Henry, 1832-1905.
Heath family.
Heath family--Genealogy.
Hedge, Catherine Russell, 1909-1976.
Hedge, Eadith Heath Doliber, 1878-1947.
Hedge family.
Hedge family--Genealogy.
Hedge, Priscilla.


Brookline (Mass.)--Social life and customs.
California--Description and travel--1848-1869.
Family history--1750-1799.
Family history--1800-1849.
Family history--1850-1899.
Greece--Description and travel.
Italy--Description and travel--1800-1860.
Jamaica--Description and travel.
Mexico--Description and travel.
Nicaragua--Description and travel.
Voyages and travels--19th century.

Materials Removed from the Collection

Photographs from this collection have been removed to the Heath-Doliber-Hedge-Hammond family photographs (Photo. Coll. 342).

Infant's bootie from this collection removed to Textiles--Shoes 009 East Stacks.

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