1900-2010; bulk: 1969-1978

Guide to the Collection

Restrictions on Access

The Ben and Jane Thompson Faneuil Hall Marketplace records are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Collection Summary


This collection consists of professional records of Ben and Jane Thompson in relation to the restoration and revitalization of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace area, including Quincy Market and the North and South Market buildings. Material consists of site development documents from the planning, construction, and opening phases of the project; correspondence from pre-construction and post-openings; publicity from the project's various phases; and visual material.

Historical Sketch

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a European-style festival marketplace in downtown Boston that includes four historic buildings: Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market, and South Market. Following the designation in 1966 of the entire area as a National Historic Landmark and its subsequent placement on the National Register of Historic Places, funds were awarded to the city of Boston to restore the three market buildings to their original 19th-century appearances and to revitalize the area as a shopping and dining destination.

In 1971, the combined Van Arkel and Moss, Inc. of Philadelphia and R. M. Bradley & Co. of Boston were designated as project developers, with the restoration designed by Benjamin Thompson and Associates. Following the removal of Van Arkel and Moss-R. M. Bradley, the Rouse Company of Columbia, Maryland, was designated developers and managers of the project in March 1973. The design by Thompson closed the streets between the market buildings to vehicles and opened them to pedestrian traffic, with Quincy Market as the retail and food-focused center and the North and South Markets also providing shopping and eating options. The design was meant to retain the original spirit of the markets as places to buy meat, produce, dairy, baked goods, and wine, as well as adding cafes, restaurants, a theater, night clubs, boutiques, and kiosks.

The area was to play a key part in the Boston 200 celebrations, marking the city's observance of the American Revolution beginning in 1975. On 26 August 1976, Quincy Market held its grand opening, followed by the opening of South Market in 1977 and North Market in 1978.

Benjamin Thompson was born 3 July 1918 in St. Paul, Minnesota, to Benjamin Thompson and Lillian Mudge Thompson. He received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Yale School of Architecture in 1941. In 1946, he was one of the founders of The Architects Collaborative, which included Walter Gropius. In 1953, he founded Design Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and then Benjamin Thompson and Associates in 1966. Thompson, along with his wife Jane, also became the owner of Landmark Inn, the four-story restaurant in the North Market building. It included the Flower Garden Cafe on the street level, which was originally going to be called the Grasshopper Restaurant; Thompson's Chowder House on the lower level; Wild Goose Rotisserie on the 2nd level, along with its private room the Wine Bin; and Bunch of Grapes Tavern located on the 3rd floor. In 1969, he married Jane Fiske McCullogh. Thompson died 17 August 2002.

Jane Fiske McCullogh Thompson was born 30 June 1927 in Champaign, Illinois, to David Lewis Fiske and Ahna Anderson Fiske. After attending Vassar College, she worked at the Museum of Modern Art and was a co-founder of Industrial Design magazine. She then became a partner at Design Research, followed by partner of planning at Benjamin Thompson and Associates, and later headed her own firm Thompson Design Group. Jane Thompson died 22 August 2016.

Collection Description

The Ben and Jane Thompson Faneuil Hall Marketplace records consist of 8 record cartons, 2 document boxes, and 3 OS boxes. The collection pertains to the planning, development, construction, and opening phases of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace restoration and revitalization project, mainly focusing on the Quincy, North, and South Market buildings. Included in the collection is reports; proposals; surveys; design and usage concepts; historical research; retail and merchandising; research; correspondence from Ben and Jane Thompson, affiliates at Benjamin Thompson Associates (BTA), The Rouse Company (TRC), Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), city officials, contractors, and project partners; news clippings; published articles about the project, as well as articles by the Thompsons; other press material; printed publicity and advertising; photographs; negatives; contact sheets; reprints; transparencies; slides; plans; elevations; sketches; artistic renderings; and maps.

Arrangement Note

This collection is loosely arranged chronologically within each series.

Processing Information

This collection has been minimally processed and retains most of the original folders.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Jane Thompson, 2003 and 2005.

Restrictions on Access

The Ben and Jane Thompson Faneuil Hall Marketplace records are stored offsite and must be requested at least two business days in advance via Portal1791. Researchers needing more than six items from offsite storage should provide additional advance notice. If you have questions about requesting materials from offsite storage, please contact the reference desk at 617-646-0532 or

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Site development, 1965-2010

Loosely arranged chronologically.

This series consists of material relating to the development of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace restoration and revitalization. It includes bids, proposals, reports, surveys, and design and space usage concepts during the pre-construction, construction, post-construction, and opening phases of Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, and the North and South Market buildings. Also included is retail, merchandising, and historical research material for the project.

Carton 1Folder 1SH 1AV1

"Downtown Waterfront-Faneuil Hall Urban Renewal Plan," 8 April 1965

Carton 1Folder 2SH 1AV1

"Faneuil Hall Markets Real Estate and Marketing Strategy Development and Disposition Strategy" by Stahl and Webb, October 1969

Carton 1Folder 3SH 1AV1

Faneuil Hall Markets Restoration proposal, 1969-1971

Carton 1Folder 4SH 1AV1

Faneuil-Quincy Market development plan, 1969-1974

Carton 1Folder 5SH 1AV1

"Faneuil Hall Markets Urban Design and Architectural Report; Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Reports," 1969

Carton 1Folder 6-7SH 1AV1

"Faneuil Hall Markets Historical Study," revised edition second printing, 1969

Carton 1Folder 8SH 1AV1

Building restoration, Architectural Heritage Inc., 1969

Carton 1Folder 9SH 1AV1

R. M. Bradley & Co. bid, 1970

Carton 1Folder 10SH 1AV1

Arthur Monks Associates, Inc. bid, 1970

Carton 1Folder 11SH 1AV1

Boston Redevelopment Authority bid with notes, 1970

Carton 1Folder 12SH 1AV1

Revised proposal, 1970-1971

Carton 1Folder 13SH 1AV1

Conceptual design, 1971

Carton 1Folder 14SH 1AV1

Promotion budget, 1971

Carton 1Folder 15SH 1AV1

Income potential, 1971

Carton 1Folder 16SH 1AV1

Retail research, 1971

Carton 1Folder 17-19SH 1AV1

Income projections sets I, II, III, 1971

Carton 1Folder 20-21SH 1AV1

Graphics signage press kit/pre-opening, 1972

Carton 1Folder 22SH 1AV1

"Market Analysis of Faneuil Hall Marketplace" by The Rouse Company, December 1972

Carton 1Folder 23SH 1AV1

Proposal summary and timeline by The Rouse Company, 1972

Carton 1Folder 24SH 1AV1

"A Program for the Redevelopment of Faneuil Hall Marketplace" by The Rouse Company, 1972

Carton 1Folder 25-26SH 1AV1

The Rouse Company-Boston Redevelopment Authority bid, 1972

Carton 1Folder 27SH 1AV1

The Rouse Company project outline, August 1972

Carton 1Folder 28SH 1AV1

Program and projections background, August 1972

Carton 1Folder 29SH 1AV1

Waterfront park and arts center proposal by The Rouse Company, 1972

Carton 1Folder 30SH 1AV1

North and South Markets demolition, 1972

Carton 1Folder 31SH 1AV1

Project history—George McClure and Malcolm Montague Davis, 1972

Carton 1Folder 32SH 1AV1

Financing notes, 1972

Carton 1Folder 33-34SH 1AV1

Window restoration, 1972-1976

Carton 1Folder 35SH 1AV1

Project history—Quincy Market tenant relocation planning, 1973

Carton 1Folder 36SH 1AV1

Chatham Street buildings and Boston Historic National Park bill, 1973

Carton 1Folder 37SH 1AV1

Boston Redevelopment Authority-The Rouse Company lease agreement, 1973

Carton 1Folder 38SH 1AV1

Design criteria, 1973

Carton 1Folder 39SH 1AV1

Boston Redevelopment Authority-The Rouse Company—City council lease summary, 1973

Carton 1Folder 40SH 1AV1

Boston Redevelopment Authority-The Rouse Company—Outline specifications, October 1973

Carton 1Folder 41SH 1AV1

Retail plan analysis, 1973

Carton 1Folder 42SH 1AV1

Space analysis North, South, and Quincy Markets, 1973

Carton 2Folder 1SH 1AV2

Areaway design, 1974

Carton 2Folder 2SH 1AV2

Tenant design criteria graphics program, 1974-1975

Carton 2Folder 3SH 1AV2

Project history—Fact sheet-principles The Rouse Company, 1974

Carton 2Folder 4SH 1AV2

Chase Manhattan Bank construction loan, 1974

Carton 2Folder 5-10SH 1AV2

Design issues, 1975-1980

Carton 2Folder 11SH 1AV2

Descriptive captions, January 1973

Carton 2Folder 12SH 1AV2

Hyatt Hotel proposal commentary, 1975

Carton 2Folder 13SH 1AV2

"Proposal for Development Marketplace Services Building-Parcel E-8 Waterfront project" by The Rouse Company, 1 September 1976

Carton 2Folder 14SH 1AV2

Tenant design criteria South Market building retail, 20 October 1976

Carton 2Folder 15SH 1AV2

South Market building office tenant design criteria, 20 October 1976

Carton 2Folder 16SH 1AV2

Faneuil Hall Marketplace consumer survey analysis of results, December 1976

Carton 2Folder 17SH 1AV2

KIOSK original document, November 1976

Carton 2Folder 18SH 1AV2

Tenant—Harvard Fruit Co., 1976

Carton 2Folder 19SH 1AV2

South Market building tenant design criteria arcade and gallery, 29 April 1977

Carton 2Folder 20SH 1AV2

North Market building plans, 1977-1978

Carton 2Folder 21-22SH 1AV2

North Market building retail tenant design criteria lease exhibit B-1 with notes, 1 December 1977

Carton 2Folder 23SH 1AV2

Faneuil Hall Marketplace survey selected results, January 1977

Carton 2Folder 24-27SH 1AV2

Tenant criteria, 1977-1978

Carton 2Folder 28SH 1AV2

"Faneuil Hall, Dock Square Historical Report" by Betty Amadon, 1977

Carton 2Folder 29SH 1AV2

Project history—Ed Logue, November 1977

Carton 2Folder 30-31SH 1AV2

Benjamin Thompson Associates downtown office proposal, 1977

Carton 2Folder 32SH 1AV2

Extra design work approved, 1977

Carton 2Folder 33SH 1AV2

Extra landscaping indoor and outdoor, 1977

Carton 2Folder 34-35SH 1AV2

Lighting, 1977

Carton 2Folder 36SH 1AV2

Developments Ben Thompson, 1977

Carton 2Folder 37-38SH 1AV2

McLean/Treger-Rouse operations department, 1977

Carton 2Folder 39-40SH 1AV2

South Market building, 1977

Carton 2Folder 41SH 1AV2

North Market building, 1977

Carton 2Folder 42-50SH 1AV2

Quincy Market building banquet facilities, 1977

Carton 3Folder 1SH 1AVE

Rotunda dome, ca. 1977

Carton 3Folder 1SH 1AVE

Quincy Market Rotunda dome, ca. 1977

Carton 3Folder 2-10SH 1AVE

North Market building Grasshopper Restaurant, 1977-1978

Carton 3Folder 11SH 1AVE

Project history—Harleston Parker medal speech, 1978

Carton 3Folder 12SH 1AVE

"Delight in Faneuil Hall Marketplace" Jane Thompson research notes, 1978

Carton 3Folder 13SH 1AVE

"Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace in 1978: Some Observations on Public Response to its Qualities as a Place in the City" Jane McC. Thompson, 1978

Carton 3Folder 14SH 1AVE

"Strategies for Achieving Quality Standards on a Lasting Basis," 7 August 1979

Carton 3Folder 15-16SH 1AVE

Quincy Market design critique, 1979

Carton 3Folder 17SH 1AVE

The Great Hall-Grasshopper Restaurant procedures, 1979-1984

Carton 3Folder 18-21SH 1AVE

Improvements, 1980

Carton 3Folder 22SH 1AVE

Improvements—Early retail design criteria, 1980

Carton 3Folder 23SH 1AVE

Improvements—Program summary, 1980

Carton 3Folder 24SH 1AVE

Improvements—Program summary, 1980

Carton 3Folder 25SH 1AVE

Improvements—North Market improvements, 1980

Carton 3Folder 26-27SH 1AVE

"Marketplace Center/D-10 Downtown Waterfront Faneuil Hall Renewal Plan," 1982

Carton 3Folder 28SH 1AVE

"The Original Marketplace" speech notes, 1982

Carton 3Folder 29SH 1AVE

Notes on granite, 1983

Carton 3Folder 30-32SH 1AVE

General growth purchase of The Rouse Company and purchase attempts, 2002-2010

Carton 3Folder 33-34SH 1AVE

AIA New England 25 Year Award and Boston Society of Architects 25 Year Award, 2001-2009

Carton 3Folder 35SH 1AVE

Consumer research survey, undated

Carton 3Folder 36SH 1AVE

Snapshots of problems, undated

Carton 3Folder 37SH 1AVE

Historic site and landmark registrations, undated

Carton 3Folder 38SH 1AVE

Development timeline, undated

Carton 3Folder 39-40SH 1AVE

Project history, undated

Carton 4Folder 1SH 1AV6

Merchandising research, 1970-1977

Carton 4Folder 2SH 1AV6

Draft proposal and summary by Jane Thompson, January 1972

Carton 4Folder 3-6SH 1AV6

Quincy Market program development concepts by The Rouse Company, 1972-1973

Carton 4Folder 7SH 1AV6

"Preliminary Market Analysis for State Street South Site Quincy, Mass." by The Rouse Company, June 1973

Carton 4Folder 8SH 1AV6

"Comparative Specialty Retail Center Survey" by The Rouse Company, August 1973

Carton 4Folder 9SH 1AV6

Consumer research, April 1978

Carton 4Folder 10SH 1AV6

Retail merchandising studies, 1973

Carton 4Folder 11SH 1AV6

Restaurant sources, undated

Carton 4Folder 12-13SH 1AV6

Leasing and tenant inquiries, 1973-1975

Carton 4Folder 14SH 1AV6

Great Hall bazaar, 1976

Carton 4Folder 15SH 1AV6

Great Hall, garage general, 1978

Carton 4Folder 16SH 1AV6

"Visions of the City" California AIA speech, 17 November 1979

Carton 4Folder 17SH 1AV6

Polaroid at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 1980

Carton 4Folder 18SH 1AV6

Other markets, undated

Carton 4Folder 19SH 1AV6

Calendar of development, undated

Carton 4Folder 20-25SH 1AV6

Merchandise ideas and research, undated

Carton 4Folder 26SH 1AV6

Design criteria-signage, undated

Carton 4Folder 27SH 1AV6

Retail data, undated

Carton 4Folder 28-30SH 1AV6

Retail areas, undated

Carton 4Folder 31SH 1AV6

Books Cellar-concepts for tenants, undated

Carton 4Folder 32SH 1AV6

Food/liquor, undated

Carton 4Folder 33SH 1AV6

Chronological-Quincy Market, undated

Carton 4Folder 34SH 1AV6

Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs, city tours and events, undated

Carton 4Folder 34SH 1AV6

Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs, city tours and events, undated

Box 1Folder 1SH 1BD1

City Council-Webb development meeting, 1972

Box 1Folder 2SH 1BD1

Historic inventory, 1973-1974

Box 1Folder 3SH 1BD1

Marketing the development team on Boston politics, 1972

Box 1Folder 4SH 1BD1

Prints and poster reference, undated

Box 1Folder 5-9SH 1BD1

The Rouse Company, undated

Box 1Folder 10SH 1BD1

Miscellaneous, undated

Box 1Folder 11SH 1BD1

"Blood in the Streets: The Boston Massacre" published by the Revolutionary War Bicentennial Commission and the Trustees of the Boston Public Library, 1970

Box 2Vol. 1SH 1BD2

Faneuil Hall and Market of Peter Faneuil and His Gift volume I by Abram English Brown, 1900

Box 2Folder 1Vol. 2SH 1BD2

Faneuil Hall and Market of Peter Faneuil and His Gift volume II by Abram English Brown, 1900

OS 1Folder 1SH 1BD3

Quincy Market development proposal by Benjamin Thompson and Associates (2 copies), undated

OS 1Folder 2SH 1BD3

"Boston's Faneuil Hall Markets Area: A Redevelopment Proposal," undated

OS 1Folder 3SH 1BD3

Restaurant program, undated

OS 1Folder 4SH 1BD3

Quotations of significance, undated

II. Correspondence, 1966-1990

Loosely arranged chronologically.

This series contains the correspondence of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace restoration and revitalization project. It consists of letters between project architects Benjamin Thompson Associates, Boston Redevelopment Association, and project developer The Rouse Company. Also included are letters from Ben Thompson, Jane Thompson, numerous officials, contracts, and project partners.

Carton 5Folder 1-4SH 1AVD

Original correspondence pre-Rouse development, 1966-1972

Carton 5Folder 5-12SH 1AVD

Original correspondence Boston Redevelopment Authority, Benjamin Thompson Associates, and The Rouse Company team, 1972-1976

Carton 5Folder 13-14SH 1AVD

Letters of congratulations, 1976-1978

Carton 5Folder 15-16SH 1AVD

General, 1977-1990

Carton 5Folder 17SH 1AVD

Urban Marketplace Association, 1971

Carton 5Folder 18SH 1AVD

The Rouse Company initial contact Edwin Baker, 1971

Carton 5Folder 19SH 1AVD

Faneuil Hall Marketplace partnership, 1971

Carton 5Folder 20SH 1AVD

The Rouse Company, 1971-1973

Carton 5Folder 21SH 1AVD

Preservation, 1971-1972

Carton 5Folder 22SH 1AVD

Developer rejection, 1972

Carton 5Folder 23SH 1AVD

The Rouse Company-Press, 1972-1973

Carton 5Folder 24SH 1AVD

Chronological, 1972-1973

Carton 5Folder 25SH 1AVD

General, 1972

Carton 5Folder 26SH 1AVD

Press contacts, 1973-1975

Carton 5Folder 27SH 1AVD

George McCue, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1972

Carton 5Folder 28SH 1AVD

Tenant correspondence, 1972

Carton 5Folder 29SH 1AVD

General contacts, 1973-1974

Carton 5Folder 30SH 1AVD

David Rockefeller, 1974

Carton 5Folder 31SH 1AVD

Boston Redevelopment Authority-Trees/Landscaping, 1976

Carton 5Folder 32SH 1AVD

Quincy Market, 1976-1977

Carton 5Folder 33SH 1AVD

General, 1978-1981

Carton 5Folder 34SH 1AVD

Article requests, 1977-1978

Carton 5Folder 35-38SH 1AVD

Ben Thompson, September-December 1978

Carton 5Folder 39SH 1AVD

Ben Thompson personal, 1978

Carton 5Folder 40SH 1AVD

Press, 1978

Carton 5Folder 41SH 1AVD

Visitors, 1978

Carton 5Folder 42SH 1AVD

Global Architecture article draft, 1979

Carton 5Folder 43SH 1AVD

Letters of praise, 1979

Carton 5Folder 44SH 1AVD

General, 1984-1987

Carton 5Folder 45SH 1AVD

Press/Promotional, 1987

Carton 5Folder 46SH 1AVD

General, 1990

Carton 5Folder 47SH 1AVD

Reference for chronological correspondence files, 1970-1980

III. Publicity, 1969-2006

Loosely arranged chronologically.

This series contains publicity material for the Faneuil Hall Marketplace restoration and revitalization project. Included are local, national, and international news clippings and articles on the development, construction, and opening phases of the project.

Carton 6Folder 1-3SH 1AV5

Faneuil Hall Marketplace in the news, 1969-1977

Carton 6Folder 4SH 1AV5

Homer Winslow's Boston cards (reprints), undated

Carton 6Folder 5-6SH 1AV5

Articles about Faneuil Hall Marketplace, undated

Carton 6Folder 7SH 1AV5

Special publications, collector's issues, and collectibles, undated

Carton 6Folder 8-21SH 1AV5

Original press clippings, 1971-1988

Carton 6Folder 22-29SH 1AV5

Reprint press clippings, 1972-1977

Carton 6Folder 22-29SH 1AV5

Reprint press clippings, 1972-1977

Carton 6Folder 30SH 1AV5

Faneuil Hall and Quincy Marketplace critique by Dept. of City and Regional planning at Harvard University, 1978

Carton 6Folder 31SH 1AV5

Opening press and printed material, 1976

Carton 6Folder 32-35SH 1AV5

Opening press and printed material, 1977

Carton 6Folder 36-38SH 1AV5

Opening press and printed material, 1978

Carton 6Folder 39SH 1AV5

Articles about preservation, 1967-1969

Carton 6Folder 40SH 1AV5

Sequence of critiques, 1960-2006

Carton 7Folder 1SH 1AV9

Faneuil Hall Market: An Account of its Many Likenesses by Christopher Monkhouse, January 1969

Carton 7Folder 2SH 1AV9

Original articles by Ben and Jane Thompson, 1960s-1970s

Carton 7Folder 3SH 1AV9

Boston Impressions woodcuts by Naoko Matsubara and text by Sinclair Hitchings, 1970

Carton 7Folder 4SH 1AV9

Miscellaneous articles and printed material, 1970s

Carton 7Folder 5SH 1AV9

Press release city council, 1973

Carton 7Folder 6SH 1AV9

An Illustrated History and Guide to Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston Mass. by Douglas Alvord, 1978

Carton 7Folder 7SH 1AV9

Semi-Centennial Celebration of the Opening of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, August 26, 1876 reprint, ca. 1978

Carton 7Folder 8SH 1AV9

Quincy Marketplace Evaluation by Dept. of City and Regional Planning, Harvard University, January 1977

Carton 7Folder 9SH 1AV9

Environmental Programming: Faneuil Hall Market thesis by Gus Jones, Jr., May 1978

Carton 7Folder 10SH 1AV9

Rhythm in the Marketplace thesis by Catherine E. Weary, 23 March 1979

Carton 7Folder 11SH 1AV9

Marketplace Dynamics thesis by Ruth M. Shriber, August 1984

Carton 7Folder 12SH 1AV9

The Use of Circulation Devices in Four Marketplaces thesis by George M. Nicholos, December 1984

Carton 7Folder 13SH 1AV9

Festival Market Places as Urban Resort: Cities of Tomorrow thesis by Youichi Oshima, 25 October 1988

Carton 7Folder 14SH 1AV9

Towards Achieving a Sense of Place: Urban Design as Extended Architecture thesis by Valeriano C. Zarro, 1988

Carton 7Folder 15SH 1AV9

Critiques by college students, 1978, 1987

OS 3Folder 1SH 1BD5

Printed material information packet, 1975

OS 3Folder 2SH 1BD5

Evaluations by students and visitors, undated

OS 3Folder 3SH 1BD5

Miscellaneous articles, 1979

OS 3Folder 4SH 1BD5

Global Architecture special issue 1970-1980, p. 256, 1980

OS 3Folder 5SH 1BD5

Printed material, undated

IV. Visual material, 1967-1977

Loosely arranged chronologically.

Visual materials of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace restoration and revitalization project consist of photographs, negatives, contact sheets, slides, transparencies, reprints, plans, elevations, maps, artist renderings, and sketches. The material covers the development, construction, and opening phases of the project.

Carton 7Folder 16SH 1AV9

Photographs—Early development, 1969-1977

Carton 7Folder 17-18SH 1AV9

Slides—Openings, Old Market, planning, and construction, 1967-1978

Carton 7Folder 19SH 1AV9

Photographs—Models, 1969-1973

Carton 7Folder 20SH 1AV9

Photographs—Plans, Carlos Diniz rendering, ca. 1974

Carton 7Folder 21SH 1AV9

Photographs—Opened Quincy Market set by Steve Rosenthal, 1976

Carton 7Folder 22SH 1AV9

Photographs—Opening day, 17 August 1976

Carton 7Folder 23-24SH 1AV9

Photographs—Building interior and exterior, October-November 1976

Carton 7Folder 25SH 1AV9

Photographs—Opening and post-opening, ca. 1976

Carton 7Folder 26-30SH 1AV9

Photographs—General, 1978, 1981, 2004

Carton 7Folder 31SH 1AV9

Photographs—Restaurants, August 1979

Carton 7Folder 32SH 1AV9

Photographs—Restaurants-Wild Goose Rotisserie event with Rosalynn Carter, 28 February 1980

Carton 7Folder 33SH 1AV9

Photographs—Restaurants-Wine Bin opening, February 1980

Carton 7Folder 34SH 1AV9

Photographs—Restaurants-Queen Sirikit, 1980

Carton 7Folder 35SH 1AV9

Photographs—Restaurants-Concepts, undated

Carton 7Folder 36SH 1AV9

Photographs—Restaurants-Thompson's Chowder House, undated

Carton 7Folder 37SH 1AV9

Photographs—Restaurants-Flower Garden Cafe, undated

Carton 8Folder 1-4SH 1AV7

Photographs—Faneuil Hall, undated

Carton 8Folder 5-20SH 1AV7

Photographs—Quincy, North, and South Markets, undated

Carton 8Folder 21-22SH 1AV7

Contact sheets and negatives—Windows, 1974-1976

Carton 8Folder 23-24SH 1AV7

Contact sheets and negatives—Quincy Market, 1963, 1973

Carton 8Folder 25SH 1AV7

Contact sheets and negatives—Pre-restoration, undated

Carton 8Folder 26-31SH 1AV7

Contact sheets and negatives—Historic photos, undated

Carton 8Folder 32-35SH 1AV7

Photographs—Aerials, 1969-1988

Carton 8Folder 36-43SH 1AV7

Photographs—Signage, undated

Carton 8Folder 44SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Boston views 18th century, undated

Carton 8Folder 45SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Boston view 1865 Ballou's pictorial, undated

Carton 8Folder 46SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Boston views after Great Fire 1872 and 1905, undated

Carton 8Folder 47SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Old Feather Store and Boylston Market, undated

Carton 8Folder 47SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Old Feather Store and Boylston Market, undated

Carton 8Folder 48SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Portrait of Josiah Quincy by G. Stuart, 1824, undated

Carton 8Folder 49SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Portrait of Alexander Parris by W. E. Chickering, ca. 1845, undated

Carton 8Folder 50SH 1AV7

Photographs—Boston scenes-Spring in the City, undated

Carton 8Folder 51SH 1AV7

Photographs—Boston scenes-Fourth of July on Boston Common, undated

Carton 8Folder 52SH 1AV7

Photographs—Boston scenes-Steam fire engine Eclipse, undated

Carton 8Folder 53SH 1AV7

Photographs—Boston scenes-State Street in 1770, undated

Carton 8Folder 54-59SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Scenes by Winslow Homer, undated

Carton 8Folder 60-61SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Plan renderings, 1974-1976

Carton 8Folder 62SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Plan renderings by Pat Ullmark, 1967

Carton 8Folder 63SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Plan renderings by Nick Solovioff, 1974

Carton 8Folder 64SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Plan renderings by Judy Maiewski, ca. 1974

Carton 8Folder 65SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Plan renderings by Carlos Diniz, ca. 1977

Carton 8Folder 66SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Site plans-1823, undated

Carton 8Folder 67SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Site plans-Quincy Market 1841, undated

Carton 8Folder 68SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Site plans-Government Center and market area, undated

Carton 8Folder 69SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Site plans, undated

Carton 8Folder 70SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Site plans, January 1974

Carton 8Folder 71SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Site plans, 4 September 1976

Carton 8Folder 72SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Floor plan and marketing plans, undated

Carton 8Folder 73SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Elevation details North and South Markets, October 1977

Carton 8Folder 73-74SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Elevations, 1967, 1974

Carton 8Folder 75SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Section transverse, undated

Carton 8Folder 76-79SH 1AV7

Prints and negatives—Sketches, ideas, and images, undated

Carton 8Folder 80-81SH 1AV7

Plans, undated

Carton 8Folder 82SH 1AV7

Elevations, undated

Carton 8Folder 83SH 1AV7

Sketches—Tenant spaces, undated

Carton 8Folder 84SH 1AV7

Maps—18th-20th centuries, undated

OS 1Folder 5SH 1BD3

2 mounted original preliminary sketches of market plan, undated

OS 1Folder 6SH 1BD3

Photographs—Aerials, 1979

OS 1Folder 7SH 1BD3

Photographs—3 mounted images of signage, undated


Scrapbook, ca. 1976


Scrapbook, 1976-1978

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Ben and Jane Thompson Faneuil Hall Marketplace records, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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