1685-ca. 1963

Guide to the Collection

Collection Summary


Personal and institutional bookplates from America, Australia, Canada, England, and Germany.

Historical Sketch

Bookplates, sometimes called Ex Libris, have a long and interesting history. Initially a tool to identify the owner of a book and to prevent theft (or ensure safe return) of valuable property, bookplates evolved from mere identification into tiny works of art and reflections of the owner's personality and aspirations. The first known bookplate dates from 15th-century Germany, but the earliest bookplate found here is from 1685, a plate bearing the inscription "Gulielmus Payne Me suis addidit MDC,LXXXV." Perhaps the most common bookplates to be found are armorial bookplates, featuring family coats of arms and mottoes, which became prevalent in bookplate design from an early date. As Charles Dexter Allen somewhat cheekily observed, these armorial designs display both "pride of ancestry and love of the display of aristocratic claims." Also quite common are simple labels with the owner's name, sometimes enclosed in a border of engraving or type ornaments. Around the turn of the last century, bookplate design became much more creative and personal, with designers creating plates that reflected the interests of their clients—homes, pets, hobbies, portraits. In this period, many of the bookplates never made it into books, but instead were collected and traded among fellow enthusiasts. The collecting and trading of bookplates reached its peak between the 1880s and 1950s, and most of the plates in the MHS collection date from this era.


Allen, Charles Dexter. American Book-Plates: A Guide to Their Study. London: George Bell & Sons, 1895.

Bookplates and Other Engravings by Edwin Davis French. Cleveland: The Rowfant Club, 1911.

Castle, Egerton. English Book-Plates: An Illustrated Handbook for Students of Ex-Libris. London: George Bell & Sons, 1892.

Fowler, Alfred. A Directory of Bookplate Artists With Notes Concerning Their Work. Kansas City: Alfred Fowler, 1921.

Hardy, W. J. Book-Plates. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., 1893.

Warren, John Byrne Leicester. A Guide to the Study of Book-Plates (Ex-Libris). New York and London: John Lane, the Bodley Head, 1900.

Collection Description

The MHS bookplate collection contains early American designs by Nathaniel Hurd and Joseph Callender, but the bulk of this collection dates from the turn of the 19th century and includes such notable bookplate designers as Edwin Davis French, Stanley Harrod, Sidney Lawton Smith, and J. Winfred Spenceley. American, Australian, Canadian, and European designs are all included in this grouping. There are also many women's bookplates, in addition to bookplates designed by women, including designer/collectors Sara Eugenia Blake and Ella Dwyer. Where known, the designers of bookplates have been added to the entry and an index to bookplate artists appears at the end of the guide.

In addition to bookplates of individuals, the MHS also holds many bookplates from libraries, private and public, from across the country, including early examples of bookplates from the MHS and other institutions.

Acquisition Information

This collection has been created by the MHS from individual gifts, exchanges, and removals from manuscript collections.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Personal bookplates

Arranged alphabetically by last name of bookplate owner.

Personal bookplates, A-C

Box 1Folder 1
Ex Libris Charles Francis Adams 1905 John Adams 1783.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 2
Henry Brooks Adams.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 2a
Daniel Dulany Addison & Julia deWolf Addison.
Box 1Folder 3
Julia De W. Addison.
Box 1Folder 4
Ex Libris John Albree.Signed W.H.
Box 1Folder 5
Ex Libris Frances Louise and Charles Dexter Allen.Signed H.C. Brown 1892.
Box 1Folder 6
Ex Libris M. A. Allen.Signed J.J.H. P.N.B.Signed in graphite, P.N. Barnet.
Box 1Folder 7
Joseph J. Allison.Photograph of armorial plate.
Box 1Folder 8
James Sullivan Amory.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 8
Thomas Coffin Amory.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 9
Samuel Amory.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 10
Thomas C. Amory.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 11
J.M.A. [Joseph M. Andreini].Designed by Lucien Pissaro.
Box 1Folder 12
Ex Libris Cornelia Eames Anthony, Frank Dell Anthony.Signed Evans.
Box 1Folder 13
Henry B. Anthony.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 14
Elizabeth and Elisha Atkins.
Box 1Folder 15
Henry H. Austin Boylston Street.
Box 1Folder 16
John Avery, His Book. 1741.
Box 1Folder 17
The property of Joshua Avery West-Cambridge.
Box 1Folder 18
Ex Libris MCMXVII Morley J. Ayearst.By Stanley Harrod.
Box 1Folder 19
Ex Libris Morley James Ayearst.By Stanley Harrod.
Box 1Folder 20
From the books of Morley Ayearst.Signed S.H. 1917.
Box 1Folder 21
Ex Libris James Bourne Ayer M.D.Signed S.L.S. Mar. 1908.
Box 1Folder 22
B., B. C.
Box 1Folder 23
Ex Libris W. E. Baillie.Signed G.M.B. 1905.
Box 1Folder 24
Geo. L. Balcom.
Box 1Folder 25
The property of Esther E. Bancroft. Groton.
Box 1Folder 26
George Bancroft.
Box 1Folder 27
Phyllis [Barnet] Her Book.Signed in graphite P. N. Barnet.
Box 1Folder 28
Percy Neville Barnett.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 29
Ex Libris Percy Neville Barnett.
Box 1Folder 30
Percy Neville Barnett.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 31
[Eunice] Barrows.
Box 1Folder 32
The property of Benjamin Beale, Boston.
Box 1Folder 33
Ex Libris William Sturgis Bigelow.
Box 1Folder 34
Natala Washburne Bishop.Signed E. D. French 1902.
Box 1Folder 35
Dr. Philip Biss, Lord Bishop of St. Davids.Reproduction of armorial plate.
Box 1Folder 35
Thomas Bisse Soc. Corp. Ch. Coll. Oxon.Reproduction of armorial plate.
Box 1Folder 36
S.E.B. [Sara Eugenia Blake].Design after Thomas Bewick.
Box 1Folder 37
Ex Libris Sara E. Blake.Design by Valentin le Campion.
Box 1Folder 38
The property of Lephe Blanding, Rehoboth, Mass.
Box 1Folder 39
Ex Libris Wm. Ernest Bolton Montreal.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 40
John Trotter Brockett.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 41
H. W. Bryant, Portland, Me.Signed [W.F.H.], dated 1893.
Box 1Folder 42
Ex Libris Philip Alexander Bruce L.L.D. of Virginia.Signed H.A.W. 1915.
Box 1Folder 43
Caleb Butler's.
Box 1Folder 44
Jeremiah Bumstead, His Book, 1700.Torn.
Box 1Folder 44a
Lyman Henry Butterfield.
Box 1Folder 45
Ex Libris Katharine Preston Byington.Signed H.L.G. [Harry Lawrence Gage].
Box 1Folder 46
From among the books of Mabel Gertrude Capper.Plate signed Ella Dwyer 1931, also signed in graphite.Proof.
Box 1Folder 47
Carol.Signed S.E.B. sc. Signed in graphite Sarah Eugenia Blake.
Box 1Folder 48
Ex Libris Clifford Nickels Carver.Signed A.N.M sc., Tiffany & Co. [Arthur Nelson MacDonald].
Box 1Folder 49
Daniel Chamier, junr. MDCCLXII.
Box 1Folder 50
Ex Libris J. W. Chester.Signed S. Harrod 1918. [Stanley Harrod].
Box 1Folder 51
Ex Libris Thomas Warner Chesterton.Signed J. H. Elwell 1928.Photomechanical reproduction.
Box 1Folder 52
Edward Delos Churchill.
Box 1Folder 53
Willm. Clark.Signed Wells, sc.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 54
Sq. Clarke.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 55
William Clarkson.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 56
John Clinch.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 57
Ex Libris Alexander and Caroline Cochran.Merrymount Press.
Box 1Folder 58
Edwin B. Coddington.Signed Rob. [Lund?].
Box 1Folder 59
James Colles.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 60
Ex Libris Thomas Warner Chesterton.Signed J. H. Elwell 1928.Photomechanical reproduction.
Box 1Folder 61
George Henry Corey.Signed S.E.B. sc. Signed in graphite Sara Eugenia Blake.Proof.
Box 1Folder 62
Richard Cox, 1743.Armorial.
Box 1Folder 63
Ex Libris Hugh Craig Jr.Signed A.N.M. 1916. [Arthur Nelson MacDonald].
Box 1Folder 64
Stanley & Ada Crowe Ex Libris.Signed S.C. 33.
Box 1Folder 65
Robert Cutting.Signed C.W.S. R.E. 1909.

Personal bookplates, D-G

Box 2Folder 66
Samuel S. Dale.Armorial.
Box 2Folder 67
Simon De Vaulchier.
Box 2Folder 68
Ex Libris Walter DeVoe.
Box 2Folder 69
Elizabeth Watson Diamond.Designed by Valentin le Campion.
Box 2Folder 70
Ex Libris Theodor Diller.Signed R. Hohne.
Box 2Folder 71
Ex Libris Theodor Diller.Signed A.G. [Abel Gustav].
Box 2Folder 72
From the library of Epes Sargent Dixwell.
Box 2Folder 73
The property of John Doane.Signed William Greenough fecit.
Box 2Folder 74
Box 2Folder 75
Ex Libris Aniceta Ruth Dorman.Signed S. Harrod 1918.
Box 2Folder 76
Anna E. Dorman.Signed S. Harrod 1918.
Box 2Folder 77
Ex Libris Guilielmi E. D. Downes.
Box 2Folder 78
Library of the Honble. George A.P.H. Duncan.Armorial.
Box 2Folder 79
Ella Dwyer her book.Signed in graphite Ella Dwyer.
Box 2Folder 80
Ex Libris Vera G. Dwyer.Signed in graphite Ella Dwyer.
Box 2Folder 81
Levi W. Eaton.Signed J. W. Spenceley Del Sc 1898.
Box 2Folder 82
Pelham Edgar.Signed M.A. [Morley J. Ayearst].
Box 2Folder 83
Ex Libris Joseph C. Egbert M.D.Signed Sidney L. Smith, del & sc.
Box 2Folder 84
George E. Ellis.
Box 2Folder 85
John Harvard Ellis.
Box 2Folder 86
Victoria Ellis.Designed by Julia Bracken Wendt 1914.
Box 2Folder 87
William Crowninshield Endicott the younger.Armorial.
Box 2Folder 88
Mary Alice Ercolini.Signed D.P. 1943.Stamped on verso: "Double process lithograph Dorothy S. Payne."
Box 2Folder 89
Ex Libris Mary Alice Ercolini.Signed Vannucci [Enrico Vannucci].Proof, signed in graphite.
Box 2Folder 90
Mary Alice Ercolini.Signed Vannucci [Enrico Vannucci].Proof, signed in graphite.
Box 2Folder 91
Mary Alice Ercolini.Signed S.E.B. [Sara Eugenia Blake].Proof, verso stamped: "Etching Sara E. Blake."
Box 2Folder 92
Mary Alice Ercolini.Signed S.E.B. [Sara Eugenia Blake].Proof, verso stamped: "Etching Sara E. Blake."
Box 2Folder 93
Mary Alice Ercolini.Signed S.E.B. sc. [Sara Eugenia Blake].Proof on Japanese paper, verso stamped: "Etching Sara E. Blake."
Box 2Folder 94
Ex Libris Mary Alice Ercolini.Stamped on verso: "Frans J. Ijserinkhuijsen, Jacon Marisstraat 69, Amsterdam W. Nederland."
Box 2Folder 95
Box 2Folder 96
Colonel John Skey Eustace, State of New York.Inscribed in ink Wm. Jenks 1798.
Box 2Folder 97
J. E. Everett his book.
Box 2Folder 98
Reef Point Gardens Library.

Library of Beatrix Farrand.

Box 2Folder 99
Ex Libris John W. Farwell.Signed S.L.S. June 1908. Signed in graphite Sidney L. Smith.Proof.
Box 2Folder 100
John W. Farwell.Armorial.
Box 2Folder 101
Walker Field.
Box 2Folder 102
Ex Libris Edward Albert Filene.
Box 2Folder 103
Ex Libris Isabel Crichton Fleming.
Box 2Folder 104
Ex Libris Allyn Bailey Forbes.Signed E.S.Armorial.
Box 2Folder 105
Susan E. P. Forbes.Signed J. W. Spenceley Boston 1905.Armorial.
Box 2Folder 106
Ex Libris L.M. Fortier.Armorial.
Box 2Folder 107
Henry Frankland Esqr.Armorial.
Box 2Folder 108
Ex Libris Caroline Sumner Freeman.
Box 2Folder 109
Ex Libris Mary Brainerd French.Signed E.D.F. sc. 1893. [Edwin D. French].
Box 2Folder 110
Ex Libris Donald McKay Frost Jr.Signed A.J.D. 1934.
Box 2Folder 111
Ex Libris Dorothy Furman.Signed J. W. Spenceley Boston 1907.
Box 2Folder 112
Ex Libris Dorothy Furman.Signed A. N. MacDonald 1907.
Box 2Folder 113
Ex Libris Dorothy Furman.Signed with monogram E.D.F. 1902 [Edwin D. French].
Box 2Folder 114
Ex Libris Gwendolen Game.Signed on plate and in graphite Ella Dwyer. 1932.Proof.
Box 2Folder 115
Joseph Gerrish His Book. 1746.Damaged.
Box 2Folder 116
Ex Libris George Seymour Godard.Signed W.F.H. [William F. Hopson] sc. 1921.
Box 2Folder 117
Ex Libris Jonathan Godfrey Fairfield, Conn.Signed E. D. French sc. 1894.
Box 2Folder 118
From the Books at Farandnear [Library of Charles Goodspeed].
Box 2Folder 119
Ex Libris Arthur Fairfield Gray.
Box 2Folder 120
Ex Libris John Chipman Gray.Signed E.D.F. [Edwin D. French].
Box 2Folder 121
Joshua Green's Property. Return this with care.
Box 2Folder 122
Dr. Joshua Green.
Box 2Folder 123
Box 2Folder 124
Ex Libris Mary Eleanor Guthrie.Signed [F.]S. '09.

Personal bookplates, H-N

Box 3Folder 125
Andrew Mack Haines.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 126
Ex Dono Edward Henry Hall. S.T.D. 1831-1912. First Parish Plymouth 1859-1865.Signed S.L.S. 1914 [Sidney L. Smith].
Box 3Folder 127
The property of Thomas Hancock.
Box 3Folder 128
Stanley Harrod His Book.Signed S. Harrod 1918.
Box 3Folder 129
Ex Libris Stanley Harrod.
Box 3Folder 130
Albert Bushnell Hart.Signed G.
Box 3Folder 131
The Property of Charles C. Haven, Portsmouth, July 1800.
Box 3Folder 132
The Property of Josiah Heard, Worcester.
Box 3Folder 133
Etta B. Heath.Signed S.E.B. Also signed in graphite Sara Eugenia Blake.
Box 3Folder 134
Ex Libris Herbert d'E. and Mary Y.S. Heathfield 1904.Signed W. F. Hopson.
Box 3Folder 135
Ex Libris John Gerard Heckscher.Signed E.D.F. 1900.
Box 3Folder 136
Major Genl. Brydges Hennicker.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 137
The library of Sarah Cooper Hewitt presented in memory of her father Abram S. Hewitt and her sister Eleanor Garnier Hewitt.
Box 3Folder 138
Ex Libris Phyllis Hilder.Signed J.J.H. P.N.B. Also signed P. N. Barnett in graphite.
Box 3Folder 139
[George Frisbie] Hoar.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 140
Joseph W. Hodgetts.Signed T. Baker. Printed by Engelmann & Co.
Box 3Folder 141
Ex Libris Charles Edward Holbrook.Designed and engraved by J. W. Spenceley.
Box 3Folder 142
Ex Libris Amor Hollingsworth, Jr.
Box 3Folder 143
Ex Libris Eleanor M. Homer.Signed V.M. '30.
Box 3Folder 144
Ex Libris Nona Newlin Hooper.Signed with monogram E.D.F.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 145
Mary Hopkins.
Box 3Folder 146
Ex Libris W. F. Hopson 1909.Signed by W. F. Hopson.
Box 3Folder 147
Ex Libris Lucius Lee Hubbard.Images signed R. Everett '15.Plate signed S.L.S., sc.
Box 3Folder 148
Ex Libris Lucius L. Hubbard.Signed R. Everett; W.M. Aikman sc. 1915.
Box 3Folder 149
Ex Libris Lucius L. Hubbard.Signed R. Everett; A.N. MacDonald sc. 1915.
Box 3Folder 150
Ex Libris Bertram Perry Huggins.Signed S.L.S. Feb. 1901.
Box 3Folder 151
H. [Bertram Perry Huggins].Signed S.L.S. 1900.
Box 3Folder 152
The books of E. Harold Hugo.
Box 3Folder 153
The property of David Hyslop, Brookline.
Box 3Folder 154
Honble. William Henry Irby.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 155
David Russell Jack.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 156
David Russell Jack.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 157
James Jackson.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 158
From the personal books of Lucy Wortham James.
Box 3Folder 159
John Jebb, D.D. F.R.S. Bishop of Limerick, Adfert and Aghadoe.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 160
Ex Libris Frances Key Brooke Jones.
Box 3Folder 161
Ex Libris M.B.J. [M. B. Jones].
Box 3Folder 162
L., S.Signed S.L.S. del sc.
Box 3Folder 163
Ex Libris Maurice Emile Lavanoux.
Box 3Folder 164
The wicked borrow, and returneth not. Silvanus Lazell, his book, 178-.
Box 3Folder 165
Marietta [Leach] her book.
Box 3Folder 166
William Lechmere.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 167
Henry Lee.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 168
Ex Libris John Thomas Lee.Signed W. F. Hopson sc. 1916.
Box 3Folder 169
Ex Libris John Thomas Lee.Signed S.L.S. 1921.
Box 3Folder 170
Ex Libris. Mabelle Hattie Lee.Signed J. W. Spenceley June 1905.
Box 3Folder 171
Katherine Leonard her book.
Box 3Folder 172
B. B. Levick his book.Signed in graphite P. N. Barnett.
Box 3Folder 173
Frida Linz her book.Signed Ella Dwyer; also signed in pencil Ella Dwyer 1931.
Box 3Folder 174
Ex Libris Wilford J. Litchfield.Signed A.C.C. copyright 1911.
Box 3Folder 175
Mary Eleanor Lloyd Ex Libris.Signed E. B. Bird.
Box 3Folder 176
Herbert Edwin Lombard Ex Libris.Signed W.F.H. Dec. 1915.
Box 3Folder 177
Ex Libris Herbert Edwin Lombard.Signed E.D.F. del. J.B. sc.
Box 3Folder 178
Arthur Lord, Plymouth.
Box 3Folder 179
Ex Libris Arthur Lord.Signed Edmund H. Garrett 1917.
Box 3Folder 180
John Lowell Jr.Signed Annin & Smith.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 181
John Lowell Jr.Signed B. S. & Co.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 182
Ex Libris Payson Tucker Lowell.Signed F.H.C. sc., G.H. eng.
Box 3Folder 183
John Lucas.
Box 3Folder 184
Ex Libris Frances McMahon Lyng.Signed S.E.B.; signed Sara Eugenia Blake in graphite.
Box 3Folder 185
Thomas S. McClelland.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 186
Ex Libris Robert R. McCormick.Signed Carl S. Junge.
Box 3Folder 187
Ex Libris Catharine M. MacDonald.Signed A.N.M. 1908.
Box 3Folder 188
Ex Libris Horace E. MacDonald.
Box 3Folder 189
From the books o' Horace E. MacDonald.Signed A.N.M. sc. 1930.
Box 3Folder 190
Ex Libris W. MacDonald MacKay.Signed R.T. [R. Thomson] Sept. 1896.
Box 3Folder 191
K.M. [Kingsmill Marrs].
Box 3Folder 192
V.P.M. [Jane Van Polien Marrs].
Box 3Folder 193
L.N.M. [Laura Norcross Marrs].
Box 3Folder 194
Philip Mason Marston."After N. Hurd."Armorial.
Box 3Folder 195
T. B. M. Mason.Armorial.
Box 3Folder 196
Roger Bigelow Merriman.Signed E.D.F. 1901.
Box 3Folder 197
George von Lengerke Meyer.
Box 3Folder 198
Jessie F. T. Mitchell Her Book.Signed Ella Dwyer 1932; also signed in pencil.Proof.
Box 3Folder 199
S.M. [Stewart Mitchell].Signed Richard Andrew del 1937; Edward L. Doty sc. 1938.
Box 3Folder 200
John Hill Morgan Farmington Connecticut.
Box 3Folder 201
Ex Libris Mendon Morrill.
Box 3Folder 202
Ex Libris Samuel Robert Morrill.Signed with "N" inside a square.
Box 3Folder 203
Clare Montgomery her book.Signed Ella Dwyer 1932.
Box 3Folder 204
William Morris.
Box 3Folder 205
Anna L. Mosher her book.Signed E.C.H. 1914.
Box 3Folder 206
Ex Libris Mdcccxcvij Thomas B. Mosher.
Box 3Folder 207
Ex Libris. John C. Neltnor. His book.Signed F.D.A. [F. D. Anthony]
Box 4Folder 208
Thou shalt not covet this my book Shelley Butler Neltnor L.L.D.Signed F. D. Anthony del. G. R. Hall, sc.

Personal bookplates, O-S

Box 4Folder 209
Ex Libris Robert Lincoln O'Brien.
Box 4Folder 210
Fytche Edward Oliver.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 211
Peter Oliver.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 212
Virginia Otis.Signed Inv. W. Phillips Barrett 1903.
Box 4Folder 213
Ex Libris Isabella Anne Owen.Signed D. M. N. Stauffer.
Box 4Folder 214
Jacob Miller Owen Annapolis Royal, N.S.Signed Stauffer.
Box 4Folder 215
W. Owen.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 216
Pour les livres de broderie Irene Greene Dwen Pace.Signed S.E.B. Signed in graphite Sara Eugenia Blake.
Box 4Folder 217
Box 4Folder 218
The property of Samuel Parker, Charlton 1801.
Box 4Folder 219
Gulielmus Payne Me suis addidit MDC,LXXXV.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 220
Thomas Maynard Peck, his book, 177-. The wicked borroweth, and returneth not.
Box 4Folder 221
The W. H. Perry Library 1897.
Box 4Folder 222
William Graves Perry his book, 19.
Box 4Folder 223
[Richard Peter of Launceston, Cornwall].Armorial.
Box 4Folder 224
This book belongs to Robert Phelps, Ledbury.
Box 4Folder 225
Lawrence Clinton Phipps Ex Libris.Signed in graphite D. C. Sturges.Proof.
Box 4Folder 226
John Pickering, Junr.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 227
Benjamin Pickman.
Box 4Folder 228
The Property of Daniel A. Poor Andover.Imperfect.
Box 4Folder 229
Ex Libris M. C. Porter.Imperfect.
Box 4Folder 230

Identified as Noah Porter, president of Yale University.

Box 4Folder 231
James Bissett Pratt Ex Libris.Signed E.T.
Box 4Folder 232
Ex Libris Walter Merriam Pratt.Signed J.I.C. [Julian I. Chamberlain] del. A.N.M. sc.
Box 4Folder 233
Ex Libris Winward and Hazel Prescott.Signed S.L.S. 1912.Center panel drawn by C. W. Sherborn 1911.
Box 4Folder 234
Ex Libris Georgia Medora Preston.Signed J. W. Spenceley 1905.
Box 4Folder 235
Josiah Quincy.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 236
Ex Libris Herman Theodore Radin.Signed T. Cole fecit.
Box 4Folder 237
John Randolph of Roanoke.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 238
Daniel Ravenel Charleston, S.C. 1890.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 239
Ex Libris Thomas Vincent Reiners.Signed Lyon.
Box 4Folder 240
George Richardson.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 241
Ex Libris William King Richardson.Signed Alf. J. Downey fecit London 1929.Accompanied by proof signed in graphite.
Box 4Folder 242
Ellen A. Robbins.
Box 4Folder 243
Samuel Forbes Rockwell North Andover, Massachusetts.Signed Tiffany & Co.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 244
Henry B. Rogers.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 245
The property of Robert Rogers.
Box 4Folder 246
Ex Libris William Ladd Ropes.
Box 4Folder 247
Ex Libris James Leith Ross.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 248
B. S. Rotch.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 249
Daniel Rust.
Box 4Folder 249a
Leverett Saltonstall.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 250
G. W. Sargent.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 251
Ex Libris George H. Sargent.Proof signed in graphite A. N. MacDonald.
Box 4Folder 252
Philip Schuyler Esqr.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 253
David Sears.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 254
Ex Libris Oliver Clement Sheean.Signed Lankes 1942 [Julius J. Lankes].
Box 4Folder 255
Estate of William P. Sheffield.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 256
The property of Jonathan Simonds. Presented to.
Box 4Folder 257
Hans Wolfgang Singer's Buch.Signed Franz Hein.
Box 4Folder 258
Carl J. Smalley.Signed W.R.
Box 4Folder 259
Ex Libris Andrew Smith of Whitchester and Cranshaws Esqr. 1897.Signed J. W. Spenceley.
Box 4Folder 260
Charles C. Smith.
Box 4Folder 261
Ex Libris Margaret Pollard Smith.Signed Tim. Cole.
Box 4Folder 262
The property of Lydia Souther. Hingham.
Box 4Folder 263
Ex Libris Arthur E. Sproul.Attributed to E. B. Bird, engraving by E. D. French.
Box 4Folder 264
C. A. Stearns Ex-Libris.
Box 4Folder 265
Richard Steevens His Book, 1702.
Box 4Folder 266
Ex Libris Maria M. Sterling.Signed W.F.H. 1896.
Box 4Folder 267
Benjamin F. Stevens.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 268
Ex Libris Judd Stewart.Signed A. N. MacDonald sc. 1909.
Box 4Folder 269
Frederick J. Stimson.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 270
Charles Augustus Stoddard.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 271
Ex Libris Martha B. Stone.Signed S.L.S. 1917.
Box 4Folder 272
Box 4Folder 273
Carl F. Stowe.Framed armorial.
Box 4Folder 274
Ex Libris M. Norcross Stratton.
Box 4Folder 275
James Sullivan.Signed J. Callender sc.Armorial.
Box 4Folder 276
Ex Libris Thomas Russell Sullivan.Signed I.L.S.
Box 4Folder 277
William Sutton.
Box 4Folder 278
Ebenezer Swan, His Book. 1745.

Personal bookplates, T-Z

Box 5Folder 279
Chas. H. Taylor, Jr.Signed Bird; E.D.F. sculp. 1896.
Box 5Folder 280
John C. Ten Broeck.Armorial.
Box 5Folder 281
Thomas Thaxter's 1791.
Box 5Folder 282
B. Thompson.
Box 5Folder 283
1898 Katherine Cecil Sanford Thorne.Signed E. D. French sculp.
Box 5Folder 284
George Ticknor.
Box 5Folder 285
Ex Libris Emma Toedteberg MDCCCCIV.Signed E.D.F.
Box 5Folder 286
Nathaniel Tracy. Signed N.H. [Nathaniel Hurd] sc.Armorial.
Box 5Folder 287
Ex Libris Emil Traub.
Box 5Folder 288
Ex Libris Edythe Gettys Truesdell.Signed A.M. [A. N. MacDonald] 1926.
Box 5Folder 289
Winfred Porter Truesdell.Signed E.D.F.Armorial.
Box 5Folder 290
Ex libris W. Porter Truesdell Truesdell.Signed A. de Riquer.
Box 5Folder 291
Presented to [blank] with the compliments of Winfred Porter Truesdell.Signed A.N.M. [A. N. MacDonald].
Box 5Folder 292
The property of Jeremiah Tucker, Charlton 1801.
Box 5Folder 293
Property of Jeremiah Tucker.
Box 5Folder 294
Jonathan Tucker's property.
Box 5Folder 295
The property of William Tucker, Charlton 1801.
Box 5Folder 296
The property of William Tucker.
Box 5Folder 297
William Tucker's 1804.
Box 5Folder 298
Property of William Tucker.
Box 5Folder 299
Ex Libris Alice Jenney Tufts.Signed H. M. Beal 1902.
Box 5Folder 300
Mary Greenleaf Turner Ex Libris.Signed S.L.S. sc. 1905.
Box 5Folder 301
William George Arthur Turner.Signed S.L.S. sc. 1906. C.S. Ipsen Dec. MCMV.
Box 5Folder 302
Ex Libris Elizabeth Farley Underwood.
Box 5Folder 303
Carl Volkmar.By E. V. Engel.
Box 5Folder 304
Ex Libris Carl Volkmar Muenchen 1900.By G. Neuner.
Box 5Folder 305
Ex Libris Fritz Volkmar.Signed H. Stockmann.
Box 5Folder 306
Ex Libris Fritz Volkmar.Signed Lyon [William Lyon].
Box 5Folder 307
Ex Libris Horatio Loomis Wait.
Box 5Folder 308
Ex Libris Robert Walcott.
Box 5Folder 309
Marga[re]tta Phil[e]na Wale.Armorial.
Box 5Folder 310
J. L. Wales, Library.
Box 5Folder 311
Thomas Wallcut His Book 17--.
Box 5Folder 311
Thomae Wallcut Ejus Liber 17--.
Box 5Folder 312
Thomas Wallcut His Book.
Box 5Folder 313
Ex Libris Bevereley Warner, M.A.Signed E. D. French sc. 1894.
Box 5Folder 314
John C. Warren.
Box 5Folder 315
J. Mason Warren.Armorial.
Box 5Folder 315a
Winslow Warren.Armorial.
Box 5Folder 316
George Washington.Armorial. Restrike.
Box 5Folder 317
George Washington.Armorial. Restrike.
Box 5Folder 318
George Washington.Armorial. Restrike.
Box 5Folder 319
Alfred C. E. Welby.
Box 5Folder 320
The property of William Wetmore, jun.
Box 5Folder 321
Ex Libris Stephen Wheatland.By Rudolph Ruzicka.
Box 5Folder 322
George Robert White.Signed Augustus Lukerman sculptor. A. W. Elson & Co.
Box 5Folder 323
Charles C. Whiteford.Armorial.
Box 5Folder 324
Ex Libris Louise B. Whittier.Name supplied in ms.
Box 5Folder 325
M.E. Whitten His'n.
Box 5Folder 326
Anne Wight her book.
Box 5Folder 327
Ex Libris Jerome Kear Wilcox.Signed R.H.W.
Box 5Folder 328
George Clinton Fairchild Williams.Signed S.L.S. 1924, also signed in graphite.Proof.
Box 5Folder 329
The property of N. Willis, Boston, 1800.
Box 5Folder 330
Amos Windship.
Box 5Folder 331
J.P.C. Winship.
Box 5Folder 332
Grenville Lindall Winthrop.Armorial.
Box 5Folder 333
Robert C. Winthrop.Armorial.
Box 5Folder 334
1773. Dudley Woodbridge's book.
Box 5Folder 335
Ex Libris John Page Woodbury 1894.Signed E. D. French sc.
Box 5Folder 336
Ralph Wormeley. Rosegill.Armorial.
Box 5Folder 337
John B. Yates.

II. Corporate bookplates

Arranged alphabetically by name of library.

Corporate bookplates, A-L

Box 6Folder 337
American Academy of Arts and Sciences.2 types.
Box 6Folder 338
American Antiquarian Society.16 types.
Box 6Folder 339
American Numismatic Society.
Box 6Folder 340
Ames Free Library (Easton, Mass.).
Box 6Folder 341
Amherst College.41 types.
Box 6Folder 342
Appalachian Mountain Club.Signed W. H. W. Bicknell 1922.
Box 6Folder 343
Association of the Bar of the city of New York.
Box 6Folder 344
Bar Association of the City of Boston.
Box 6Folder 345
Bates College.12 types.
Box 6Folder 346
Birmingham [Ala.] Public Library.
Box 6Folder 347
Boston Athenaeum.38 types.
Box 6Folder 348
Boston College.3 types.
Box 6Folder 349
Boston Public Library.26 types.
Box 6Folder 350
Boston Society of Natural History.Merrymount Press.
Box 6Folder 351
Boston University.Merrymount Press.
Box 6Folder 352
Bostonian Society.
Box 6Folder 353
Bowdoin College.3 types.
Box 6Folder 354
Boylston Chapel Teachers' Library.
Box 6Folder 355
Bristol Education Society.
Box 6Folder 356-363
Brown University.203 types.
Box 6Folder 364
Brunswick Sabbath School Society.
Box 6Folder 365
Butler Hospital Library.
Box 6Folder 366
Calvin Coolidge Memorial Library.
Box 6Folder 367
Calvinist Church Worcester. Pastor's Library.
Box 6Folder 368
Cambridge Public Library.
Box 6Folder 369
Chaffey Library.
Box 6Folder 370
Chelmsford Social Library.
Box 6Folder 371
Clark University.16 types.
Box 6Folder 372
Club of Odd Volumes.Signed E. D. French.
Box 6Folder 373
Colby College.20 types.
Box 6Folder 374
College of St. Thomas.Signed Swann.
Box 6Folder 375
Columbia University.4 types.
Box 6Folder 376
Concord Free Public Library.4 types.
Box 6Folder 377
Connecticut State Library.
Box 6Folder 378
Connecticut, University of.
Box 6Folder 379
Cornell University.2 types.
Box 6Folder 380
Dalton, Mass.Signed Edmund H. Garrett MCMIII.
Box 6Folder 381
Dartmouth College.83 types.
Box 6Folder 382
Dartmouth College Medical Library.10 types.
Box 6Folder 383
Dartmouth College Social Friends Library.71 types.
Box 6Folder 384
Dartmouth College United Fraternity Library.81 types.
Box 6Folder 385
Dedham First Parish Juvenile Library.
Box 6Folder 386
Dedham Public Library.
Box 6Folder 387
District of Columbia Public Library.
Box 6Folder 388
Ecole Florence Nightingale de Bordeaux.
Box 6Folder 389
Fly Club.
Box 6Folder 390
Fogg Memorial Library.
Box 6Folder 391
Free Public Library, St. John's, N.B.2 types.
Box 6Folder 392
Gray's Inn Library.
Box 6Folder 393
Harvard Law School Library.
Box 6Folder 394
Harvard Medical School Library.2 types.
Box 6Folder 395
Harvard University Library.9 types.
Box 6Folder 396
Hathaway House.
Box 6Folder 397
Hobart College.
Box 6Folder 398
Houghton Mifflin Private Library Department.
Box 6Folder 399
Huntington Library.
Box 6Folder 400
Inner Temple Library.2 types.
Box 6Folder 401
John Crerar Library.
Box 6Folder 402
Johns Hopkins Library.2 types.
Box 6Folder 403
King's Chapel Library.
Box 6Folder 404
Lancaster, Mass. Library.
Box 6Folder 405
Library of Congress.
Box 6Folder 406
Library of Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal, N.S.
Box 6Folder 407
Lincoln's Inn Library.
Box 6Folder 408
Liverpool (Eng.) Public Library.
Box 6Folder 409
Lynn (Mass.) Public Library.4 types.

Corporate bookplates, M-Z

Box 7Folder 410
Maine Genealogical Society.
Box 7Folder 411
Maine Historical Society.5 types.
Box 7Folder 412
Maine, University of.7 types.
Box 7Folder 413
Malden Public Library.
Box 7Folder 414
Marlborough Public Library.
Box 7Folder 415
Massachusetts Historical Society.This book is the property of the Historical Society, established in Boston, 1790. With floral garland.
Box 7Folder 416
Massachusetts Historical Society.This book is the property of the Historical Society, established in Boston, 1790. With type ornament border.
Box 7Folder 417
Massachusetts Historical Society.Gift plates, 7 types.
Box 7Folder 418
Massachusetts Historical Society founded 1791.By Rudolph Ruzicka.
Box 7Folder 419
Massachusetts Historical Society, Savage Fund.
Box 7Folder 420
Massachusetts Historical Society, Henry Adams Library.By Alfred J. Downey, 1930.
Box 7Folder 421
Massachusetts Historical Society, From the Library of Lyman Butterfield.
Box 7Folder 422
Massachusetts Historical Society, Dowse Library.
Box 7Folder 423
Massachusetts Historical Society, Sibley Fund.
Box 6Folder 424
Massachusetts Historical Society, Franklin Place bookplate.
Box 7Folder 425
Massachusetts Historical Society, In Memory of Kingsmill Marrs.
Box 6Folder 426
Massachusetts Historical Society, W.B.H. Dowse Fund.By Sidney L. Smith.
Box 7Folder 427
Massachusetts Historical Society, Waterston Library.By Sidney L. Smith, 1908.
Box 7Folder 428
Massachusetts State Library.2 types.
Box 7Folder 429
Massachusetts, University of. Goodell Library.
Box 7Folder 430
Mayflower Inn.Signed Conklin, 1921.
Box 7Folder 431
Medical Society, County of Kings, N.Y.12 types.
Box 7Folder 432
Medill School of Journalism.
Box 7Folder 433
Michigan, University of.
Box 7Folder 434
Middle Temple Library.
Box 7Folder 435
Milton Academy.
Box 7Folder 436
Monasterio de Santo Domingo de Silos.
Box 7Folder 437
Morristown Library.
Box 7Folder 438
Mount Holyoke College.29 types.
Box 7Folder 439
New Hampshire Historical Society.
Box 7Folder 440
New Hampshire, University of.6 types.
Box 7Folder 441
New Haven Free Public Library.
Box 7Folder 442
Northeastern University.6 types.
Box 7Folder 443
Northwestern University.
Box 7Folder 444
Oregon, University of.
Box 7Folder 445
Peabody Museum of Salem.2 types.
Box 7Folder 446
Pennsylvania State Library.
Box 7Folder 447
Petersham Memorial Library.
Box 7Folder 448
Princeton University.
Box 7Folder 449
Reuben Hoar Library.
Box 7Folder 450
Rhode Island Historical Society.2 types.
Box 7Folder 451
Rhode Island, University of.
Box 7Folder 452
Rochester Historical Society.
Box 7Folder 453
St. Mark's Hospital Book Fund.
Box 7Folder 454
St. Mark's School.3 types.
Box 7Folder 455
St. Paul's Cathedral.
Box 7Folder 456
St. Paul's School.
Box 7Folder 457
Salmagundi Club.2 types.
Box 7Folder 458
Second Social Library, Medfield, Mass.
Box 7Folder 459
Simmons College.4 types.
Box 7Folder 460
Social Law Library.9 types.
Box 7Folder 461
Social Library, Randolph.
Box 7Folder 462
Social Library at Scituate Harbor.
Box 7Folder 463
Society for Propagating the Gospel.
Box 7Folder 464
Stockbridge Social Library.4 types.
Box 7Folder 465
Suffolk Circulating Library.
Box 7Folder 466
Tabitha Inn.
Box 7Folder 467
Toronto, University of.2 types.
Box 7Folder 468
Tufts University.12 types.
Box 7Folder 469
United States Naval Institute & Library.
Box 7Folder 470
University Club of Chicago.
Box 7Folder 471
Vassar College.3 types.
Box 7Folder 472
Vermont Historical Society.
Box 7Folder 473
Vermont State Library.
Box 7Folder 474
Wesleyan University.
Box 7Folder 475
Weston Public Library.
Box 7Folder 476
William L. Clements Library.
Box 7Folder 477
Williams College.10 types.
Box 7Folder 478
Winthrop Ames Memorial Fund.
Box 7Folder 479
Yale University Library.

Index of Bookplate Artists

Listed below are artists, designers, and engravers of signed bookplates in this collection, followed by the folder number(s) containing plates by that person.

Aikman, Walter M. (1857-1939): 148
Andrew, Richard: 199
Anthony, Frank D.: 207, 208
Ayearst, Morley J. (1899-1893): 82
Baker, T.: 23
Barnet, P. Neville: 6, 27, 138, 172
Barrett, William Phillips (active 1896-1928): 212
Beal, H. Martin: 299
Bicknell, W. H. W.: 342
Bird, Elisha Brown: 175, 263, 279
Blake, Sara Eugenia (1886-1973): 47, 61, 91-93, 133, 184, 216
Brown, H. C.: 5
C., S.: 64
Callender, John: 275
Chamberlain, Julian I.: 232
Cole, Timothy (1852-1931): 236, 261
Conklin: 430
Cox, Arthur Cleveland: 174
Doty, Edward L.: 199
Downey, Alfred J.: 110, 241, 420
Dwyer, Ella Maggie (1887-1979): 46, 79, 80, 114, 173, 198, 203
Elwell, John H.: 51, 60
Engel, E. V.: 303
Everett, R.: 147, 148
French, Edwin Davis (1851-1906): 34, 109, 113, 117, 120, 135, 144, 177, 196, 263, 279, 283, 285, 289, 313, 335, 372
Gage, Harry Lawrence: 45
Garrett, Edmund H. (1853-1929): 179, 380
Greenough, William: 73
Gustav, Abel: 71
H., E. C.: 205
Harrod, Stanley: 18-20, 50, 75, 76, 128
Hein, Franz: 257
Hohne, R.: 70
Hopson, William Fowler (1849-1935): 41, 116, 134, 146, 168, 176, 266
Hurd, Nathaniel (1730-1777): 286
Junge, Carl S. (1880-1972): 186
Lankes, Julius J. (1884-1960): 254
Le Campion, Valentin (1903-1952): 37, 69
Lukerman, Augustus: 322
Lyon, William: 239, 306
MacDonald, Arthur Nelson (1866-1940): 48, 63, 112, 149, 187, 189, 232, 251, 268, 288, 291
Merrymount Press: 57, 350, 351
Neuner, G.: 304
Payne, Dorothy: 88
Pissaro, Lucien: 11
Riquer, Alexandre de (1856-1920): 290
Ruzicka, Rudolph (1883-1978): 321, 418
Sherborn, Charles William (1831-1912): 65, 233
Smith, Sidney Lawton (1845-1929): 21, 83, 99, 126, 147, 150, 151, 162, 169, 233, 271, 300, 301. 328, 426, 427
Spenceley, J. Winfred (1865-1908): 81, 105, 111, 141, 170, 234, 259
Stauffer, David McNeely (1845-1914): 213, 214
Stockmann, H.: 305
Sturges, Dwight Case (1874-1940): 225
Thomson, R.: 190
Vannuccini, Enrico (1900-1990): 89, 90
W., H. A.: 42
Wells: 42
Wendt, Julia Bracken: 86

Preferred Citation

Massachusetts Historical Society bookplate collection, Massachusetts Historical Society.

Access Terms

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Blake, Sara Eugenia.
Callender, Joseph, 1751-1821.
Dwyer, Ella.
French, Edwin Davis, 1851-1906.
Harrod, Stanley.
Hurd, Nathaniel, 1730-1777.
Smith, Sidney Lawton, 1845-1929.
Spenceley, J. Winfred (Joseph Winfred), 1865-1908.


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