1730-ca. 1946

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Personal and institutional bookplates collected by Ruby V. Elliot.

Biographical Sketch

Ruby Vanette Elliot was born 22 September 1872 in Centreville, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Calvin Hudson McCauley, a prominent railroad attorney, and his wife Juliette (McGibney). She attended Syracuse University from 1892-1893 and married John Seaver Elliot in July of 1895 in Syracuse, N.Y. The two were later divorced and census records and a passport application indicate that Ruby later lived in Garden City, N.Y. and worked as a secretary. She seems to have been collecting bookplates as early as 1917, and the collection contains her notes about bookplate collections and sources, as well as a few notes from correspondents sending along their bookplates for her collection.


Allen, Charles Dexter. American Book-Plates: A Guide to their Study. London: George Bell & Sons, 1895.

Bookplates and Other Engravings by Edwin Davis French. Cleveland: The Rowfant Club, 1911.

Castle, Egerton. English Book-Plates: An Illustrated Handbook for Students of Ex-Libris. London: George Bell & Sons, 1892.

Fowler, Alfred. A Directory of Bookplate Artists With Notes Concerning Their Work. Kansas City: Alfred Fowler, 1921.

Hardy, W. J. Book-Plates. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., 1893.

Warren, John Byrne Leicester. A Guide to the Study of Book-Plates (Ex-Libris). New York and London: John Lane, the Bodley Head, 1900.

Collection Description

Collection of personal and institutional bookplates, primarily American and British, compiled by Ruby V. Elliot. The collection comprises both armorial and pictorial designs by such noted designers as Carl Oscar Borg, Edwin D. French, W. F. Hopson, C. W. Sherborn, J. W. Spenceley, and Curt Szekessy (who designed Ms. Elliot's personal bookplate). The collection also includes two printing plates for bookplates, as well as a small amount of correspondence relating to the creation of the collection.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Juliette Tomlinson, May 1970.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Loose bookplates

Arranged alphabetically. Personal and institutional bookplates are interfiled. Box 2 contains printing plates and miscellaneous printed items.

Bookplates, A-M

Box 1Folder 1
Alton Road, Chicago and Alton RailroadBy J. W. Spenceley
Box 1Folder 2
Amherst College26 designs
Box 1Folder 3
Art Club of Philadelphia
Box 1Folder 4
Thos. Aston, Junr.Armorial
Box 1Folder 5
Theodore AtkinsonArmorial
Box 1Folder 6
Samuel Putnam AveryBy C. W. Sherborn, 1873
Box 1Folder 7
George H. BakerArmorial
Box 1Folder 8
[Thomas] Banton's Book
Box 1Folder 9
Everett Hosmer Barney
Box 1Folder 10
Bateman of Middleton Hall (by Youlgrave) in the County of DerbyArmorial
Box 1Folder 11
Bathurst of Sydney ParkArmorial
Box 1Folder 12
Emanuel Bergman
Box 1Folder 13
Ralph Holden Binns of Skipton his book
Box 1Folder 14
Sr. Edward Blount of Sodington in the County of Worcester Bart.Armorial
Box 1Folder 15
M. C. D. Borden
Box 1Folder 16
R. J. A. Boreman
Box 1Folder 17
Ex Libris Carl Oscar BorgBy Carl Oscar Borg
Box 1Folder 18
Ex Libris Lilly BorgBy Carl Oscar Borg, 1939
Box 1Folder 19
Ex Libris Madeline BorgBy Carl Oscar Borg
Box 1Folder 20
A. K. BowesArmorial
Box 1Folder 21
Edward Burrard BoyleArmorial; on sheet with bookplate of M. S. Biley
Box 1Folder 22
Brearley School LimitedArmorial
Box 1Folder 23
Benjamin H. BrewsterArmorial
Box 1Folder 24
Frederick Burgess Burgess Hall FinchleyArmorial
Box 1Folder 25
Clarence Willard ButlerArmorial
Box 1Folder 26
Ex Libris Harry Roberts CarsonSigned "A.H.N. MCMXI"
Box 1Folder 27
Ex Libris Centuriae MCM

Century Association of New York.

Box 1Folder 28
Chicago Historical Society, Gilpin Library
Box 1Folder 29
Reginald Cholmondeley, Condover HallArmorial
Box 1Folder 30
Clark UniversityBy Edwin D. French, 1904
Box 1Folder 31
Connecticut Valley Historical Society
Box 1Folder 32
Dorothy Burr Converse
Box 1Folder 33
Calvin CoolidgeBy Timothy Cole
Box 1Folder 34
Charles Purton Cooper Esq.Armorial
Box 1Folder 35
Thomas Peregrine CourtenayArmorial
Box 1Folder 36
Ex Libris Edward N. Crane
Box 1Folder 37
Ex Libris C. J. CresmerBy Carl Oscar Borg
Box 1Folder 38
Ex Libris Charles Cummings
Box 1Folder 39
Ex Libris Margaret Burrill Curtis
Box 1Folder 40
Cyrenius H. Booth Library, Newtown, Connecticut
Box 1Folder 41
John DaerdinArmorial
Box 1Folder 42
Rev. Edwin A. Dalrymple D.D.
Box 1Folder 43
Ex-Libris Frederick Willis Davis. Brooklin, N.Y. 1907Signed W. F. Hopson
Box 1Folder 44
Ex Libris John W. DavisSigned "F.H.M. 905"
Box 1Folder 45
Alexander Davison, SwarlandArmorial
Box 1Folder 46
Alfred Lewis Dennis
Box 1Folder 47
Alexr. Deuchar Seal Engraver to His Majesty, Edinburgh
Box 1Folder 48
Ex Libris Thomas Dickens
Box 1Folder 49
Thomas Dyke, Doctors Commons
Box 1Folder 50
Ex Libris Ruby V. ElliotSigned Curt Szekessy
Box 1Folder 51
Elliot or ElliottArmorial
Box 1Folder 52
EmilieSigned R. Lalique
Box 1Folder 53
William Crowninshield Endicott the youngerArmorial
Box 1Folder 54
Exeter Social Library A.D. 1779
Box 1Folder 55
Ex Libris Harris C. Fahnestock, New York
Box 1Folder 56
Box 1Folder 57
Ex Libris Cornelia DuBois Floyd
Box 1Folder 58
Forbes Library, Northampton, Mass.4 designs
Box 1Folder 59
John ForsterArmorial
Box 1Folder 60
Rodney Foster
Box 1Folder 61
Ex Libris Axel FredenholmSigned Carl Oscar Borg
Box 1Folder 62
Free Library of Philadelphia
Box 1Folder 63
Walter Edwin FrewArmorial
Box 1Folder 64
Ex Libris GarabrantSigned R.W.
Box 1Folder 65
Samuel Weare Gardiner, Esqr.Armorial
Box 1Folder 66
General Theological SeminarySigned Ames & Rollinson, N.Y.
Box 1Folder 67
Sir George Duncan Gibb, Bart.Armorial
Box 1Folder 68
Ex Libris Julia Goldsborough
Box 1Folder 69
Dr. John Randolph Graham
Box 1Folder 70
George Frederick de Grey and Ripon
Box 1Folder 71
Almon M. GriswoldArmorial
Box 1Folder 72
Hall of Otterburn, NorthumberlandArmorial
Box 1Folder 73
Hampshire Bookshop, Northampton, Mass.
Box 1Folder 74
Ex Libris Charles J. Hardy
Box 1Folder 75
Henry HarrisArmorial
Box 1Folder 76
Charles Sidney HawkinsArmorial
Box 1Folder 77
J. F. Hinckley
Box 1Folder 78
Ex Libris Edwin B. HoldenSigned E. D. French, 1894
Box 1Folder 79
Carl Olof HolmbergSigned Carl Oscar Borg, 1942
Box 1Folder 80
George Clarke Houghton, Priest and Doctor
Box 1Folder 81
Ex Libris Bessie Ingalls HusseySigned "F.W.B. 1933"
Box 1Folder 82
Ex Libris John Frederick Hussey
Box 1Folder 83
Marguerite Ingalls Hussey Her BookSigned Nana French Bickford 1919
Box 1Folder 84
Ex Libris International Garden Club
Box 1Folder 85
Ex Libris Christopher J. F. Jarchow
Box 1Folder 86
John Carter Brown Library4 designs; armorial
Box 1Folder 87
Charles C. Jones, Jr.Armorial
Box 1Folder 88
Ex Libris Abraham KambergSigned H.R.
Box 1Folder 89
P. A. Keyser
Box 1Folder 90
Ehrenfrid Klotz
Box 1Folder 91
Ex Libris Joseph Knight F.S.A.
Box 1Folder 92
Ex Libris Reginald Stanley LawsonSigned Carl Oscar Borg 1942
Box 1Folder 93
Roger LeeArmorial
Box 1Folder 94
Sir William Lemon Bart.Armorial
Box 1Folder 95
Dr. Maximilian LewsonSigned Curt Szekessy
Box 1Folder 96
Ex Libris Alfa LindstrandSigned Carl Oscar Borg '43
Box 1Folder 97
Ex Libris Lilly LindstrandSigned Carl Oscar Borg 1937
Box 1Folder 98
Linonian Library
Box 1Folder 99
H.E.L. [Herbert E. Lombard]
Box 1Folder 100
Robert Edward McIlree LomerArmorial
Box 1Folder 101
S. F. Mc.I. LomerArmorial
Box 1Folder 102
Adele Tylden LowBy J. W. Spenceley 1897
Box 1Folder 103
Arthur Lowndes
Box 1Folder 104
Ex Libris Hamilton Wright Mabie
Box 1Folder 105
Charles MacKenzie Esqr. of KilcoyArmorial
Box 1Folder 106
William Charles MacreadyArmorial
Box 1Folder 107
Robert H. Macworth-Praed of Mickleham Towns SurreyArmorial
Box 1Folder 108
Macmillan Co.Newspaper clipping; armorial
Box 1Folder 109
Joseph MarryatArmorial
Box 1Folder 110
Joseph Marryat, Junr.Armorial
Box 1Folder 111
Americana from the Marshall Library ... Buffalo Historical Society
Box 1Folder 112
Ex Libris Dwight Edwards Marvin
Box 1Folder 113
Daniel Gregory MasonArmorial
Box 1Folder 114
Hall McAllisterArmorial
Box 1Folder 115
McCauley or MacCawleyArmorial
Box 1Folder 116
Massachusetts Historical Society, Sibley Fund
Box 1Folder 117
Massachusetts Historical Society, gift plate
Box 1Folder 118
Massachusetts Historical Society W.B.H. Dowse fund
Box 1Folder 119
Ex Libris Anders Melin-Hogrell
Box 1Folder 120
Ex Libris George L. Meylan
Box 1Folder 121
Robert MooreArmorial
Box 1Folder 122
Dorothy Barrett MoultonArmorial
Box 1Folder 123
Julius MoviusArmorial

Bookplates, N-Z

Box 2Folder 124
Ex Libris A. Edward Newton Oak Knoll 1909Signed C.G.O. del., S.L.S. sc.
Box 2Folder 125
J. L. NewtonSigned Huntly, sc.Armorial
Box 2Folder 126
New York Yacht Club LibrarySigned E. D. French sc. 1900
Box 2Folder 127
Edward Duke of Norfolk, Earle, Marshall of EnglandArmorial
Box 2Folder 128
Ex Libris Hortense May Orcutt
Box 2Folder 129
Thomas ParesArmorial
Box 2Folder 130
Ex Libris Louis A. Parker
Box 2Folder 131
Frederick Dwight Parsons His BookSigned R. Everett 1918
Box 2Folder 132
Ex Libris Donald Culross PeattieSigned K.M.
Box 2Folder 133
Daylight Meteor Nov. 1925 A.D. Portsmouth, N.H. Witnessed & Painted by Helen Pearson Who Owns this Book
Box 2Folder 134
T. Edgar PembertonArmorial
Box 2Folder 135
Ex Libris Rev. Carl E. PetersenSigned R.C.P. 1895
Box 2Folder 136
Philadelphia Institute College of Medicine
Box 2Folder 137
Philadelphia Public Library
Box 2Folder 138
Honble. Augustus PhippsArmorial
Box 2Folder 139
Pine Villa, West Cornwall, Conn.Proofs of 2 different designs
Box 2Folder 140
Louise Hoyt Porter
Box 2Folder 141
A. Sydney Roberts M.D.
Box 2Folder 142
E. Robertson
Box 2Folder 143
Ex Libris Elizabeth De Witt Robinson
Box 2Folder 144
Nelson RobinsonArmorial
Box 2Folder 145
Charles Rollinson, Elizabeth New JerseySigned C. Rollinson fecit. 1895
Box 2Folder 146
Ex Libris Per Arne RooseSigned Carl Oscar Borg '46
Box 2Folder 147
Theodore RooseveltArmorial
Box 2Folder 148
Charles Savile RoundellArmorial
Box 2Folder 149
William Hamilton & Marie Johnson Russell
Box 2Folder 150
J. Rutter M.D.
Box 2Folder 151
St. Paul's University Library, Tokyo
Box 2Folder 152
Ex Libris Robert Heysham Sayre, South Bethlehem, Penn. 1900
Box 2Folder 153
Noah Hunt SchenckArmorial
Box 2Folder 154
Ex Libris Edith ScovilleSigned A.N.M 1913 [A. N. MacDonald]
Box 2Folder 155
Ex Libris Isaac N. Seligman, Willow BrookSigned J. W. Spenceley 1906
Box 2Folder 156
Shrewsbury, Mass. Public Library
Box 2Folder 157
Joseph SmithArmorial
Box 2Folder 158
South Ashfield Library
Box 2Folder 159
Ex Libris John Fremont Steel, Margaret Magee SteelSigned A. H. Euwher '03
Box 2Folder 160
Wm. L. Stone
Box 2Folder 161
Box 2Folder 162
Ex Libris Henrietta Maria Stout
Box 2Folder 163
T. L. Strong
Box 2Folder 164
E. SuartArmorial
Box 2Folder 165
Lord TeignmouthArmorial
Box 2Folder 166
O. R. Howard Thomson
Box 2Folder 167
T. L. Strong
Box 2Folder 168
Edith Barbara Tranter Her BookSigned James Thorpe
Box 2Folder 169
Ex Libris Per och Elisabet TydellSigned Carl Oscar Borg '42
Box 2Folder 170
R. TylerArmorial
Box 2Folder 171
Unidentified [initials D.R.C.]
Box 2Folder 172
Unidentified color bookplate, legend "Liberty 1875"
Box 2Folder 173
Unidentified, legend "Natus Nactus"
Box 2Folder 174
Unidentified armorial
Box 2Folder 175
Unidentified armorial, motto "Fuimus"
Box 2Folder 176
Unidentified armorial
Box 2Folder 177
Unidentified armorial, dated 1755
Box 2Folder 178
Unidentified armorial, motto "Omnia Bene"
Box 2Folder 179
Union League of Philadelphia
Box 2Folder 180
John Alpha Valentine
Box 2Folder 181
De la bibliotheque de Gustave Charles Antoine Marie Van HavreArmorial
Box 2Folder 182
Box 2Folder 183
Box 2Folder 184
Frances Evelyn Countess of WarwickArmorial
Box 2Folder 185
C. D. WatsonArmorial
Box 2Folder 186
Frederica Vanderbilt Webb
Box 2Folder 187
James Webber Student of Ch. Ch. OxfordArmorial
Box 2Folder 188
Daniel WebsterArmorial
Box 2Folder 188
Birthplace of Daniel Webster
Box 2Folder 189
Ex Libris Edmundi Caroli Wendt
Box 2Folder 190
WentworthSigned "N. Hurd, sc."Armorial
Box 2Folder 191
Ex Libris Walter James Franklin Williamson
Box 2Folder 192
Ex Libris John S. WoodSigned William F. Hopson, 1897
Box 2Folder 193
James WooleyArmorial
Box 2Folder 194
Ex Libris Margaret Burrell CurtisCopper printing plate
Box 2Folder 195
Ex Libris Ruby V. ElliotSteel printing plate
Box 2Folder 196
Blank bookplates designed by Hildegard Muller-Uri
Box 2Folder 197
Correspondence relating to the collection, n.d.-1970
Box 2Folder 198
Miscellaneous printed items

Includes calling cards, valentines, and an invitation to the U.S. Grant Inaugural Ball.

Box 2Folder 199
Notebook on bookplates and bookplate collectionsKept by Ruby V. Elliot

Album of miscellaneous bookplates

Arranged according to their order in the volume.

Vol. 1p. 1-2
Ruby V. ElliotSigned Curt Szekessy
Vol. 1p. 3
Daniel Cooper
Vol. 1p. 3
Thos. Netterville
Vol. 1p. 3
A. Storrs, Hinsdale, N.Y.
Vol. 1p. 3
C.P. Mk
Vol. 1p. 3
The property of Susan Burrall
Vol. 1p. 3
George Herbert Palmer
Vol. 1p. 4
Library of Congress
Vol. 1p. 4
Sir Ulysses Burgh
Vol. 1p. 4
C.P. Mk
Vol. 1p. 4
James Hustler of Acklam in Cleveland in the North Riding of the County of York Esqr 1730
Vol. 1p. 4
Lucie B. Carew
Vol. 1p. 5
Newspaper clipping about the Wentworth bookplate by Nathaniel Hurd
Vol. 1p. 6
Unidentified armorial, motto "Nobis Copia Venit" 1736
Vol. 1p. 6
Wm. Constable Esqr. F.R.S. & F.A.S.
Vol. 1p. 7
Bookplate missing
Vol. 1p. 8
Ernest Kempton AdamsBy Edwin D. French
Vol. 1p. 8
Ex Libris A. C. BernheimBy Edwin D. French, 1895
Vol. 1p. 8
Edward Dean AdamsBy Edwin D. French
Vol. 1p. 8
Ruth AdamsBy Edwin D. French
Vol. 1p. 9
Ex Libris R. Stockton PyneBy Edwin D. French
Vol. 1p. 9
Frances Amelia AdamsBy Edwin D. French
Vol. 1p. 9
Thomas Jefferson McKeeBy Edwin D. French
Vol. 1p. 9
Library of Wilhelmus MynderseBy Edwin D. French
Vol. 1p. 9
Ex Libris Beverly ChewBy Edwin D. French
Vol. 1p. 9
Samuel Smith SherwoodBy Edwin D. French
Vol. 1p. 10
Isaac NorrisArmorial
Vol. 1p. 11
Epaphroditus Champion, Jr.Signed P. Maverick sc.
Vol. 1p. 12
William Lyon PhelpsSigned W. F. Hopson
Vol. 1p. 13
Edmund Clarence StedmanTwo sizes
Vol. 1p. 13
John Gerard HeckscherSigned Tiffany & Co. 1870
Vol. 1p. 13
Ex Libris John Gerard HeckscherBy E. D. French
Vol. 1p. 13
John Gerard HeckscherSigned Tiffany & Co. 1899
Vol. 1p. 14
Charles N. BanckerArmorial
Vol. 1p. 15
T. H. TannerArmorial
Vol. 1p. 15
A. Palmer
Vol. 1p. 15
Vol. 1p. 15
Thomas BurghArmorial
Vol. 1p. 15
Jacob Houblon Esqr.Armorial
Vol. 1p. 16
Seward BriceArmorial
Vol. 1p. 16
Bynon WilkinsonArmorial
Vol. 1p. 16
Hugh Tuite Esqr.Armorial
Vol. 1p. 16
Lord HarrisArmorial
Vol. 1p. 17
Henry YoungArmorial
Vol. 1p. 17
Nelson RobinsonArmorial
Vol. 1p. 17
Bicknell Coney, 4th Light DragoonsArmorial
Vol. 1p. 17
George L. HarrisonArmorial
Vol. 1p. 17
Henry Robert YoungArmorial
Vol. 1p. 18
The Revd. John Rose M.A.Armorial
Vol. 1p. 18
Revd. John Lamb D.D.Armorial
Vol. 1p. 18
Revd. William Coney A.M. Fellow of Oriel Coll: Oxon:Armorial
Vol. 1p. 18
The Revd. Willm. PembertonArmorial
Vol. 1p. 19
C. T. CantuarArmorial
Vol. 1p. 19
Charles James Blomfield D.D.Armorial
Vol. 1p. 19
Thomas MusgraveArmorial
Vol. 1p. 19
Ex Libris Ernest Milmore Stires
Vol. 1p. 20
Asygell W. E. CarringtonArmorial
Vol. 1p. 20
Arthur H. JudgeArmorial
Vol. 1p. 20
Fra. WilkinsonArmorial
Vol. 1p. 20
B. Guy Phillips, Inner TempleArmorial
Vol. 1p. 21
Benjamin H. BrewsterArmorial
Vol. 1p. 21
James Quilter Esqr. Hadley MiddlesexArmorial
Vol. 1p. 21
Henry Martin Gibbs of Barrow Court Flax Bourton Co. SomersetSigned C.W.S. A.D. 1891Armorial
Vol. 1p. 21
T. J. Atherton Esqr. Walton, Lancashire of the 6th DragoonsArmorial
Vol. 1p. 22
Sr. John Anstruther of that ilk BaronetArmorial
Vol. 1p. 22
Herbert Rynaston, Ch.Ch.Armorial
Vol. 1p. 22
Sir William Forbes Bart. of PitsligoArmorial
Vol. 1p. 23
Vol. 1p. 24
Ex Libris George S. ChamblissSigned J.W.S. '99
Vol. 1p. 24
Ex Libris Hannah Adams PfaffSigned J. W. Spenceley Boston 1901
Vol. 1p. 24
Ex Libris Jacob Chester ChamberlainSigned J. W. Spenceley
Vol. 1p. 24
Ex Libris William J. CurtisSigned Spenceley 1910
Vol. 1p. 25
Ex Libris Robert Scoville Herbert ScovilleSigned J. W. Spenceley '99
Vol. 1p. 25
Ex Libris Frances SanfordSigned J.W.S. '99
Vol. 1p. 25
Ex Libris George GoodrichSigned J. W. Spenceley Boston 1905
Vol. 1p. 26
Ye Army and Navy Club of ye City of New York
Vol. 1p. 26
Authors Club LibrarySigned G.W.E.
Vol. 1p. 26
Lambs Club
Vol. 1p. 27
Ex Libris Lake Zurich Golf Club
Vol. 1p. 27
University Club of Chicago
Vol. 1p. 27
Ye Librarie of The Cloister Sea Island, Georgia
Vol. 1p. 28
Ex Libris Saint Paul's School
Vol. 1p. 28
Columbia University in the City of New York Library
Vol. 1p. 29
Dartmouth College Library, gift of Mellen Chamberlain
Vol. 1p. 29
John Carter Brown; Harold Brown
Vol. 1p. 29
Dogmersfield Library
Vol. 1p. 29
Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City
Vol. 1p. 30
Vol. 1p. 31
Shakespeare Library Stratford Upon Avon
Vol. 1p. 32
Dallas Bache PrattArmorial
Vol. 1p. 33-34
Vol. 1p. 35
J. West RooseveltArmorial
Vol. 1p. 35
Kate Shippen RooseveltArmorial
Vol. 1p. 35
Samuel Montgomery RooseveltArmorial
Vol. 1p. 36
Vol. 1p. 37
Ex Libris Ida Ring OrmsbeeSigned Curt Szekessy
Vol. 1p. 38-50
Vol. 1p. 51
Ex Libris Hans SchmidSigned Otto Lang 1911
Vol. 1p. 52
Vol. 1p. 53
This is the book of Charles Lewis Slattery a happy parson
Vol. 1p. 53
C.L.S. [Charles Lewis Slattery]
Vol. 1p. 54-58
Vol. 1p. 59
Library of Robert HoeLeather book label
Vol. 1p. 59
Ex Libris Freelands 1920. W. T. H. HoweLeather book label
Vol. 1p. 59
Ex Libris Robert HoeLeather book label
Vol. 1p. 59
Henry William PoorLeather book label
Vol. 1p. 60-67
Vol. 1p. 68
Ex Libris James Hazen Hyde
Vol. 1p. 69-74
Vol. 1p. 75
Marcus Benjamin
Vol. 1p. 76
E. F. WebbArmorial
Vol. 1p. 76-77
Clippings about Frederica V. Webb Jones

Preferred Citation

Ruby V. Elliot bookplate collection, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Borg, Carl Oscar, 1879-1947.
French, Edwin Davis, 1851-1906.
Hopson, William Fowler, 1849-1935.
Sherborn, Charles William, 1831-1912.
Spenceley, J. Winfred (Joseph Winfred), 1865-1908.
Szekessy, Curt.


Books and reading--Artifacts.
Coats of arms.
Printing plates.

Materials Removed from the Collection

Cole, Herbert. Heraldry and Floral Forms as Used in Decoration. New York: E. P. Dutton, 1922.

Ex Libris: Book Plates, Their Origin, Design, Execution and Cost. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., ca. 1902.

United States. President. To the Marshal of the Virginia District Greeting ... [Printed subpoena for the Aaron Burr trial, completed in ms]. Bdses-Sm 1807 June 29.