[ca. 1934?]

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This collection consists of graphite drawings of early New England houses and early sailing ships by artist Winthrop Pratt of Dorchester, Mass.

Biographical Sketch

Winthrop Ernest Pratt, Jr., was born 23 July 1906 in Reading, Massachusetts, to Winthrop and Harriet May (Hyde) Pratt. In October of 1934, Pratt had his first exhibition of watercolor ship portraits at the Medici Gallery on Newbury Street, Boston. He was a renowned model ship builder, having built his first model at age 9, and did restoration work at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and for private clients. Pratt lived in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and died in New Hampshire in 1989.

Collection Description

The Winthrop Pratt drawings comprise 106 undated graphite drawings of historic New England houses and ships. Although undated, at least some may have been preparatory sketches for his watercolor paintings shown in 1934.

Acquisition Information

Gift of David Taylor, April 1985.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Connecticut

Box 1Folder 1
Harrison Linsley House, Branford; Lyons House, Greenwich.
Box 1Folder 2
Baldwin House, Branford; Morrison House, West Haven.
Box 1Folder 3
Thomas Lee House, East Lyme.
Box 1Folder 4
Ogden House, Fairfield; Starr House, Guilford.
Box 1Folder 5
Clark House, Farmington; Gleason House, Farmington.
Box 1Folder 6
Cowles House, Farmington.
Box 1Folder 7
Whitman House, Farmington; Henry Whitfield House, Guilford.
Box 1Folder 8
Hyland House, Guilford; Moore House, Southold.
Box 1Folder 9
Norton House Guilford; Treat House, Milford.
Box 1Folder 10
Robert Webster House; John Talcott House, Hartford.
Box 1Folder 11
Theophilus Eaton House, New Haven; Glebe House, Woodbury.
Box 1Folder 12
Morris House, New Haven; Stowe House, Milford.
Box 1Folder 13
Hollister House, South Glastonbury; Patterson House, Berlin.
Box 1Folder 14
Thomas Stanton House, Stonington; Buttolph William House, Wethersfield.
Box 1Folder 15
Walter Flyer House, Windsor; Robert Hempstead House, New London.
Box 1Folder 16
John Moore House, Windsor; John Barnard House, Hartford.

II. Massachusetts

Box 1Folder 17
Wheeler House, Acton.
Box 1Folder 18
Thomas Macy House, Amesbury; Jason Russel House, Arlington.
Box 1Folder 19
John Balch House, Beverly.
Box 1Folder 20
John Hale House, Beverly; Dixon Pillsbury House, Byfield.
Box 1Folder 21
Peter Sargent House (Province House); Henry Bridgman House, Boston.
Box 1Folder 22
Old Feather Store; Nathaniel Reynolds House, Boston.
Box 1Folder 23
Peter Tufts House, Medford; Paul Revere House, Boston.
Box 1Folder 24
Wyman House, Burlington.
Box 1Folder 25
John Cooper House; John Vassal House, Cambridge.
Box 1Folder 26
Joseph Lee House, Cambridge; Thomas Pratt House, Chelsea.
Box 1Folder 27
Daniel Pratt House, Chelsea; Elisha Jones House, Concord.
Box 1Folder 28
Samuel Holten House, Danvers.
Box 1Folder 29
John Putnam House; James Putnam House, Danvers.
Box 1Folder 30
Rebecca Nurse House, Danvers; Jonathan Fairbanks House, Dedham.
Box 1Folder 31
Sampson Frary House; Bloody Brook Tavern, Deerfield.
Box 1Folder 32
John Sheldon House, Deerfield.
Box 1Folder 33
James Blake House, Dorchester; James Babson’s cooper shop, Gloucester.
Box 1Folder 34
Barnard Capen House, Dorchester.
Box 1Folder 35
Robert Pierce House; George Minot House, Dorchester.
Box 1Folder 36
Thomas Tileston House, Dorchester.
Box 1Folder 37
Jonathan Alden House; Alexander Standish House, Duxbury.
Box 1Folder 38
Thomas Whittier House, Haverhill; Old Ordinary, Hingham.
Box 1Folder 39
Brocklebank House, Georgetown.
Box 1Folder 40
Roger Conant House; Sargent House, Gloucester.
Box 1Folder 41
John Ward House, Haverhill; Samuel Stetson House, Hanover.
Box 1Folder 42
Thomas Corbett House; Thomas Emerson House, Ipswich.
Box 1Folder 43
Hart House, Ipswich; Stephen Swett House, Newbury.
Box 1Folder 44
Robert Paine House; Whipple House, Ipswich.
Box 1Folder 45
Ross Tavern, Ipswich.
Box 1Folder 46
House on High Street, Ipswich.
Box 1Folder 47
John Bradford House, Kingston; William Hartwell House, Lincoln.
Box 1Folder 48
Munroe Tavern; John Hancock House, Lexington.
Box 1Folder 49
Mason House; Buckman Tavern, Lexington.
Box 1Folder 50
Old Brig, Marblehead.
Box 1Folder 51
Benjamin Clark House, Medfield; Tristram Coffin House, Newbury.
Box 1Folder 52-54
Phineas Upham House, Melrose.
Box 1Folder 55
Jethro Coffin House, Nantucket; James Hartshorne House, Wakefield.
Box 1Folder 56
Bradstreet House, North Andover; Abbot House, Andover.
Box 1Folder 57
Old Manning Manse, North Billerica.
Box 1Folder 58
Witch House; Old Castle, Pigeon Cove.
Box 1Folder 59
Sparrow House; Allyne House, Plymouth.
Box 1Folder 60
Jacob Mitchell House, Plymouth.
Box 1Folder 61
Sgt. William Harlow House, Plymouth.
Box 1Folder 62
John Howland House, Plymouth.
Box 1Folder 63
John Adams House, Quincy.
Box 1Folder 64
John Quincy Adams House, Quincy; Joseph Chaplin House, Rowley.
Box 1Folder 65
Platts-Bradstreet House; Unidentified house, Rowley.
Box 1Folder 66
Simon Bradstreet House; Hunt House, Salem.
Box 1Folder 67
Jonathan Corwin House; John Becket House, Salem.
Box 1Folder 68
Phillip English House; Thomas Beadle’s Tavern, Salem.
Box 1Folder 69
Narbonne House; Procter House, Salem.
Box 1Folder 70
John Pickering House, Salem.
Box 1Folder 71
Pickering House; John Turner House, Salem.
Box 1Folder 72
Pickering House, Salem.
Box 1Folder 73
John Ward House; Benjamin Hooper House, Salem.
Box 1Folder 74
Roger Williams House; Shattuck House, Salem.
Box 1Folder 75
Abraham Noxie House, Sandwich; Barker House, Scituate.
Box 1Folder 76
Main Street House, Sandwich.
Box 1Folder 77
Boardman House; Thomas Dexter House, Saugus.
Box 1Folder 78
Stockbridge Mill, Scituate.
Box 1Folder 79
William Pyncheon House, Springfield; Leonard House, Taunton.
Box 1Folder 80
Wayside Inn, Sudbury; Old Ordinary, Duxbury.
Box 1Folder 81
Joseph Capen House, Topsfield; Parker Tavern, Reading.
Box 1Folder 82
Abraham Brown House, Watertown; Deane Winthrop House, Winthrop.
Box 1Folder 83
Robert Mac Claflin House, Wenham.
Box 1Folder 84
Haskell House, West Gloucester.
Box 1Folder 85
Unidentified house, Yarmouthport; John Thacher House, Yarmouth.

III. Maine

Box 1Folder 86
Pepperell House, Kittery.
Box 1Folder 87
Old McIntyre Garrison; Old York Gaol, York.

IV. New Hampshire

Box 1Folder 88
Cave with dressed stone entry.
Box 1Folder 89
Dam Garrison House, Dover.
Box 1Folder 90
Wentworth House, Little Harbor; House, Great Island.
Box 1Folder 91
Richard Jackson House, Portsmouth.

V. Rhode Island

Box 1Folder 92
Joseph Reynolds House, Bristol; William Coddington House, Newport.
Box 1Folder 93
Eleazer Arnold House, Lincoln; Old Gambrel, Newport.
Box 1Folder 94
Amasa Gray House, Little Compton; Daggett House, Pawtucket.
Box 1Folder 95
Newport Tower.
Box 1Folder 96
Wanton House, Newport.

VI. Ships

Box 1Folder 97
Norse Knorr and Danish ship.
Box 1Folder 98
16th c. Spanish ship; 15th c. English ship.
Box 1Folder 99
French ship, 1540-1560.
Box 1Folder 100
Fluyt, 17th c.
Box 1Folder 101
Dutch ships, 1596, 1660.
Box 1Folder 102
Unidentified ships.
Box 1Folder 103
English merchant ship, 17th c.
Box 1Folder 104
New England gundelow, 17th c.
Box 1Folder 105
English sloop, 17th c.
Box 1Folder 106
Brigantine, 17th c.

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Winthrop Pratt drawings, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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