ca. 1850-1915

Guide to the Photograph Collection

Collection Summary


This collection contains photographs belonging to traveler and collector Kingsmill Marrs and his wife, Laura Norcross Marrs. Some of the subjects include portraits of family members and European royalty, views of Marrs family homes, travels in Europe and Egypt, and photographs taken by Kingsmill Marrs. There are also two volumes of photographs of the American Southwest taken by California photographer Adam Clark Vroman.

Biographical Sketch

Kingsmill Marrs (d. 1912) was the son of Dana Francis Marrs (b. 1826) and Jane Van Poelien (b. 1832) of Saxonville, Mass. Late in his life, Kingsmill Marrs married Laura Norcross (see below). From 1896-1905, the pair lived at "South Park," the Marrs family home in Wayland, Mass. They also spent time at their other home, "Maitland Cottage," in Maitland, Fla., where they were active in the Florida Audubon Society, established in 1900. Laura Norcross Marrs served as an executive committee member for the Society during the early 1900s and was instrumental in creating a National Association of Audubon Societies. For many years, Kingsmill Marrs also wrote the Florida Audubon Society's annual reports for Bird-Lore, the first official magazine of the National Audubon Society. He was also an amateur photographer. After 1905, the Marrses went abroad to Europe and Egypt, where they devoted their time to travel and the collection of books and European prints and artwork. They were often accompanied in the United States and on their travels by members of the Marrs family, as well as their friend, photographer William Wilson Barker. The Marrses eventually settled in Florence, Italy, where Kingsmill Marrs died in 1912 after a prolonged illness.

Kingsmill Marrs had a sister, Evangeline Marrs (1857-1930). She was married first to Michael Simpson of Saxonville, Mass. and second in 1896 to Henry Benjamin Whipple (1822-1901), Episcopal Bishop of Minnesota. Among Evangeline's close friends was Rose Elizabeth Cleveland, sister of President Grover Cleveland, with whom she lived in Bagni di Lucca, Italy after the death of Bishop Whipple and until her own death in 1930.

Laura Norcross Marrs (1845-1926) was the daughter of Otis Norcross (1811-1882), mayor of Boston in 1867, and Lucy Ann Lane (1816-1916). She had two siblings: Otis Norcross (b. 1848) and Grenville H. Norcross (1854-1937).

Collection Description

This collection mostly contains 547 photographs in 1 box, 1 oversize box, and 8 volumes. These photographs were collected by Kingsmill Marrs and his wife, Laura Norcross Marrs, and date from ca. 1850-1915.

1 box and 1 oversize box contain loose photographs. Most of these photos consist of portraits of various European royalty from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These photographs were collected by Kingsmill and Laura Norcross Marrs. Other portraits include photographs of Kingsmill and Laura Norcross Marrs, various other Marrs family members, and of their friends William Wilson Barker, Rose Elizabeth Cleveland, and the novelist Julia C. R. Dorr. The loose photographs also contain various views of the Marrs family homes in Wayland, Mass. and Maitland, Fla., as well as a trip to Colorado and California taken and photographed by Kingsmill Marrs and William Wilson Barker, among other subjects. The oversize photograph also contain several photographs of European artwork, collected by Laura Norcross Marrs during her travels abroad.

There are also 8 volumes of photographs in the collection. Three volumes contain photographs collected by the Marrses of portraits of European royalty and Roman artwork and architecture. Two additional volumes contain photographs that were possibly taken by Kingsmill Marrs or William Wilson Barker, ca. 1896-1910; these depict "South Park," the Marrs family home in Wayland, Mass.; various Marrs family members at home; and Jan Van Poelien Marrs's travels in Europe and Egypt. A fifth volume contains snapshot landscape and portrait photographs taken by Kingsmill Marrs, ca. 1896-1910.

This collection also includes two volumes of photographs of Native Americans of the American Southwest and their pueblos that were taken by Adam Clark (A. C.) Vroman between 1895-1904. Vroman was a Pasadena, Calif. photographer and bookseller who made many trips to the Southwest, especially to New Mexico, to photograph American Indian pueblos. These photographs were collected by Kingsmill Marrs, probably during his travels to California during 1901-1902. They also include landscape photographs by Vroman of New Mexico and Arizona.

This collection contains cartes de visite, cabinet cards, one tintype, photochromes, platinotypes, and other paper-based photographs. Photographers represented in this collection include Kingsmill Marrs, William Wilson Barker, Schemboche (Florence, Italy), and Montabone (Rome and Torino, Italy), among many others.

Two daguerreotypes are stored apart from this collection by format in the Daguerreotype collection (Photos. 1.322-323) .

Acquisition Information

This collection was removed from the Kingsmill Marrs book collection, which was given to the Massachusetts Historical Society by Laura Norcross Marrs in May 1919, with additions to the photographs in 1920, 1921, 1923, and 1924.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Loose photographs

This series is divided into 3 subseries: (A) Portraits; (B) Views; and (C) Oversize photographs.

A. Portraits

Organized into two groups (Individual portraits and Group portraits) and arranged alphabetically.

This subseries contains individual and group portraits and snapshots, mostly commercial carte de visite photographs of European royalty, as well as prominent American and European authors, actresses, and singers. Among other subjects are photographs of author and friend Julia C. R. Dorr; Rose Elizabeth Cleveland, sister of Pres. Grover Cleveland and friend of Evangeline Marrs (Simpson) Whipple; Jane Van Poelien Marrs; Kingsmill and Laura Norcross Marrs; Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple; and artist Winslow Homer visiting the Marrs in Wayland, Mass. See also two daguerreotypes of a portrait bust of an unidentified man (Photos. 1.322-323), which are stored apart from the collection by format in the Daguerreotype collection.

Box 1#165.1-72

B. Views

Arranged alphabetically by place name.

This subseries mostly contains views of various places in the United States of significance to Kingsmill and Laura Norcross Marrs. Subjects include photographs of Colorado and California, taken by Kingsmill Marrs and William Wilson Barker during their travels in the American West, 1901-1902; views of the Marrs family homes in Maitland, Fla. and Wayland, Mass.; photographs of author and friend Julia C. R. Dorr's house in Rutland, Vt.; and Augustus Saint-Gaudens' memorial to Marian Hooper Adams in Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C. There are also a number of photochromes of the Dolomites in Switzerland.

Box 1#165.73-110

C. Oversize photographs

This subseries contains oversize portraits, views, and photographs of artwork. Subjects include portraits of various European royalty; views of Yosemite, possibly taken by Adam Clark Vroman, William Wilson Barker, or Kingsmill Marrs ca. 1901-1902, as well as Venice, Italy; and photographic reproductions of various European artworks.

OS Box 1#165.111-125

II. Photographs in albums

This series contains 8 volumes.

A. Vol. 1. Carte de visite album of European royalty, ca. 1870-1875

This volume contains carte de visite portraits of various European royalty, probably collected by Kingsmill Marrs ca. 1870-1875. Subjects include Queen Victoria of Great Britain and members of the British royal family, as well as members of the French, Italian, and Prussian royal families. The album includes an index in which the photographs are identified in the hand of Kingsmill Marrs.

Vol. 1#165.126-144

B. Vol. 2. Roman artwork photograph album, ca. 1880-1890

This volume contains photographic reproductions of artwork from Rome, Italy, probably collected by Laura Norcross Marrs. The photographs date from ca. 1880-1890, and the photographers are unknown. Most are identified. The cover of the album is inscribed, "Roma."

Vol. 2#165.145-204

C. Vol. 3. South Park photograph album, ca. 1896-1905

This volume contains photographs of "South Park," Kingsmill and Laura Norcross Marrs' home in Wayland, Mass. from 1896-1905. The photographs date from that period and were taken by either Kingsmill Marrs or William Wilson Barker. Some of the photographs are identified.

Vol. 3#165.205-219

D. Vol. 4. Jane Van Poelien Marrs photograph album, ca. 1896-1910

This volume contains photographs belonging to Jane Van Poelien Marrs. The photos depict interiors of the Marrs family home, "South Park," in Wayland, Mass., as well as views of Kingsmill and Laura Norcross Marrs, Jane Van Poelien Marrs, and others at the house. There are also views of unidentified buildings, historic ruins, and landscapes, probably taken in Great Britain, Switzerland, and Italy, as well as photographs taken while Jane Van Poelien Marrs, Kingsmill Marrs, and other members of the Marrs family were traveling in Egypt. Most of the photographers are unidentified, but many of the images may have been taken by either Kingsmill Marrs or William Wilson Barker; one photograph is also identified as having been taken by "Mr. Dana Marrs." The interior album cover has a bookplate with the initials "JVPM."

Vol. 4#165.220-260

E. Vol. 5. Kingsmill Marrs photograph album, ca. 1896-1910

This volume contains snapshot photographs, possibly taken by Kingsmill Marrs. Most of the photographs are unidentified views of a home and its gardens and grounds. There are also portraits of various members of the Marrs family, including Jane Van Poelien Marrs, and photographs taken while Kingsmill and Laura Norcross Marrs were traveling in Italy. Some of the photographs also depict William Wilson Barker with his camera and tripod. Two loose photographs (Photos. #165.304-305) are enclosed in an envelope inside the volume.

Vol. 5#165.221-305

F. Vols. 6-7. Adam Clark Vroman photograph albums, ca. 1895-1904

A typescript index to Vols. 6-7 is located in Box 2.

Two volumes contain platinotype photographs of the American Southwest and Native Americans, taken by California photographer and bookseller Adam Clark Vroman during his travels in the Southwest ca. 1895-1904. These photographs were bought by Kingsmill Marrs, possibly from Adam Clark Vroman himself during Marrs' travels to California in 1901-1902 with William Wilson Barker. Each photograph in the volumes has an inscription on the verso in Vroman’s hand. The volumes are accompanied by a typescript index of titles written by Adam Clark Vroman, arranged in the order of the numbers that Vroman gave to each photograph. Marrs arranged the photographs into these volumes and changed Vroman's original order. Vroman's titles and photograph numbers for each photograph in the volume are listed below.

NOTE: Some of the photographs in this subseries have been digitized. Click on the links below to see digital images.

Vol. 6#165.306Vroman Negative #1439.
"Clouds," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.307Vroman Negative #1425
"In Arizona," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.308Vroman Negative #1436
[Clouds in Arizona], n.d.
Vol. 6#165.309Vroman Negative #1001
"Across the Desert 10 miles in Arizona," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.310Vroman Negative #1437
"Clouds," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.311Vroman Negative #670
"Navajo Gallo Race (Chicken Race)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.312Vroman Negative #1147
"Navajo family," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.313Vroman Negative #1135
"Navajo Silversmith at work," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.314Vroman Negative #1181
"Navajo woman weaving blanket (Keams Canon)," 1900.
Vol. 6#165.315Vroman Negative #1143
"Finding a good piece of Pottery," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.316Vroman Negative #1146
"Navajo woman and Blanket," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.317Vroman Negative #1127
"Navajo," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.318Vroman Negative #1129
"Navajo Boy," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.319Vroman Negative #1119
"Navajo. (Our Cook for two months, and a good one)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.320Vroman Negative #1121
"Navajo (Ho-Kah-E-To-He)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.321Vroman Negative #1122
"Navajo (Udakai)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.322Vroman Negative #1162
"Navajo Woman (one of the handsomest on the Reservation)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.323Vroman Negative #1125
"Navajo (Del-pet-dle-je-ne), Black sheep owner," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.324Vroman Negative #1117
"A Navajo Woman," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.325Vroman Negative #1165
"Navajo Woman with baby on her back," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.326Vroman Negative #1163
"Navajo Baby," n.d.

Vroman's full annotation in index: "Navajo baby, (Child of 1162.)" See also Photo. #165.325.

Vol. 6#165.327Vroman Negative #C198
"Navajo Boy," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.328Vroman Negative #C171
"Navajo Baby," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.329Vroman Negative #1116
"A Navajo Mother and Babe," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.330Vroman Negative #1203
"Walpi from the N-E (Hopi Town)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.331Vroman Negative #1310
"Walpi from the N.W. (Hopi Town)," ca. 1900.
Vol. 6#165.332Vroman Negative #1022
"Walpi, from the N-E (Hopi Town," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.333Vroman Negative #620
"Walpi from the North-east (Hopi Town," 1895.
Vol. 6#165.334Vroman Negative #1016
"Near the top of Walpi Trail (Hopi Towns)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.335Vroman Negative #1205
"Walpi from the South (Hopi Town)," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.336Vroman Negative #623
"Walpi from the roof tops (Hopi Town)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.337Vroman Negative #C45
"A Walpi Mother and Babe," 1897.
Vol. 6#165.338Vroman Negative #1207
"The Plaza and Dance, or Snake Rock at Walpi?," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.339Vroman Negative #1018
"Early morning at Walpi, Waiting for the Flute Dance Runners to come," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.340Vroman Negative #1217 1/2
"The Snake Dance at Walpi," n.d.

This photo is a composite photo; the original photograph is Vroman #1208, taken 1895 (not in this collection, see Webb, p. 100).

Vol. 6#165.341Vroman Negative #1230 1/2
"Walpi Snake Priest as he starts to gather snakes for the dance," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.342Vroman Negative #1218
"Walpi Snake Priest in costume (Harry, the Head Priest)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.343Vroman Negative #C20
"Kopeli, Head Snake Priest at Walpi (now dead)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.344Vroman Negative #1218
"Walpi Snake Priest in Costume (Harry, the Head Priest)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.345Vroman Negative #1252
"Quo-wang-ni-mas House (Sichumovi Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.346Vroman Negative #630
"Girls grinding Corn at Metate (Sichumovi Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.347Vroman Negative #1313
"Ahbah, Katchina blanket weaver, (Sichumovi)," ca. 1902.
Vol. 6#165.348Vroman Negative #1248
"A Sichumovi Girl," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.349Vroman Negative #1235
"Daughter of Kah-kop-ti, Walpi," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.350Vroman Negative #1246G
"Sikatsie (Sichumovi Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.351Vroman Negative #C12
"Sichumovi Bellese and Beaux (Hopi)," 1895.

See Webb, p. 32 and 47, where the photo is identified as having been taken at the Hopi village of Moqui.

Vol. 6#165.352Vroman Negative #628
"A Hopi Interior (Sichumovi Pueblo)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.353Vroman Negative #1360
"Looking across from Shemopavi to Shepaulovi and Mishongnivi," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.354Vroman Negative #1355
"Pueblo of Shemopavi," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.355Vroman Negative #696
"Neiman Katchina, Dance (Shepaulovi Pueblo)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.356Vroman Negative #1327
"Pueblo of Mishongnivi, from the S.E. (Hopi, second Mesa)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.357Vroman Negative #1286
"Small Plaza & Kiva at Mishongnivi Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.358Vroman Negative #647
"Group of Women and Girls (Mishongnivi Pueblo)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.359Vroman Negative #C36
"A Mishongnivi Bille" [sic]," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.360Vroman Negative #C39
"Watching the strangers (Mishongnivi)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.361Vroman Negative #1251
"Juliet," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.362Vroman Negative #1292
"A six year old," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.363Vroman Negative #689
"Full grown Squash Blossoms?," ca. 1901.

Vroman's full annotation on the index: "Full grown Squash Blossoms? (see 681. 682. and 686.)" See also Photos. #165.364-366.

Vol. 6#165.364Vroman Negative #681
"Hopi Hair Dresser, No. 4 (Mishongnivi Pueblo)," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.365Vroman Negative #682
"Hopi Hair Dresser, No. 5 (Mishongnivi Pueblo)," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.366Vroman Negative #686
"Hopi Hair Dresser, No. 6 (Mishongnivi Pueblo)," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.367Vroman Negative #677
"Pueblo Basket maker (Mishongnivi Pueblo)," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.368Vroman Negative #1291
"In Full Dress at Mishongnivi Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.369Vroman Negative #1255
"Group of First Mesa Boys (Hopi)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.370Vroman Negative #1028
"Before the Cloud Symbols at the Altar in Plaza," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.371Vroman Negative #1343
"Entering the Plaza Flute ceremony Mishongnivi," 1902.
Vol. 6#165.372Vroman Negative #1025
"At the Spring, Flute Dance (Mishongnivi Pueblo)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.373Vroman Negative #1026
"Making the Cloud Symbols at the Spring, Flute Dance," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.374Vroman Negative #1351
"Flute Priests going up the Trail from spring (Mishongnivi)," 1902.
Vol. 6#165.375Vroman Negative #1352
"Altar of the Flute Priests (Mishongnivi)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.376Vroman Negative #1341
"Making Cloud Symbols at the Flute ceremony (Mishongnivi)," 1902.
Vol. 6#165.377Vroman Negative #1344
"Chanting at the Kisi, Flute ceremony Mishongnivi," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.378Vroman Negative #1041
"The Plaza at Oraibe," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.379Vroman Negative #662
"Children waiting for Candy (Oraibe Pueblo)," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.380Vroman Negative #1043
"A Three story front at Oraibe Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.381Vroman Negative #1044
"A Roof Party at Oraibe," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.382Vroman Negative #1258
"Nambaya, the best of the Pueblo Potters, Coiling the Clay," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.383Vroman Negative #1259
"Nambaya, the best of the Pueblo Potters, Moulding," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.384Vroman Negative #1262
"Nambaya, the best of the Pueblo Potters, Fireing [sic]," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.385Vroman Negative #1260
"Nambaya, the best of the Pueblo Potters, Decorating," 1901.
Vol. 6#165.386Vroman Negative #1366
"An Oraibe Weaver, weaving the woman [sic] Manta, or Dress," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.387Vroman Negative #1368
"An Oraibe woman at home," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.388Vroman Negative #1373
"Young Oraibe Woman," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.389Vroman Negative #1274 1/2
"Na-qui-is-ti-wa, of Oraibe, Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.390Vroman Negative #1299L
"The early sunrise Race from the spring, 5.45 A.M.," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.391Vroman Negative #1299I
"Flute Ceremony at Oraibe, Dressing," ca. 1901.
Vol. 6#165.392Vroman Negative #1299J
"Playing on the Flutes," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.393Vroman Negative #1299H
"Flute Ceremony at Oraibe, Sprinkling the meal," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.394Vroman Negative #1377
"Antelope Priests entering Plaza at the Snake Dance at Oraibe," 1902.
Vol. 6#165.395Vroman Negative #1051
"Snake and Antelope Priests Chanting at the Altar or Kisi, Praibe," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.396Vroman Negative #660
"Carrying Snakes, Snake Dance (Oraibe Pueblo)," 1898.
Vol. 6#165.397Vroman Negative #1060
"Carrying the Snakes at Snake Dance at Oraibe," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.398Vroman Negative #1048
"Antelope Priests at the Kisi, at Snake Dance at Oraibe," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.399Vroman Negative #1042
"An Oraibe Basket maker, " n.d.
Vol. 6#165.400Vroman Negative #C44
"Natives of Oraibe," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.401Vroman Negative #1038
"Navajos, at Oraibe Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.402Vroman Negative #1184
"Hopi Children on the way to opening of school, Keams Canin, Ariz.," n.d.
Vol. 6#165.403Vroman Negative #1002
"Capt. Keams collection of Ancient Pottery (Keams Canon, Ariz.," 1900.
Vol. 6#164.404Vroman Negative #1003
"Capt. Keams collection of Ancient Pottery (Kemas Canon, Ariz.)," ca. 1900.
Vol. 7#165.405Vroman Negative #1282
"Cloud effect 6.30 A.M.," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.406Vroman Negative #868
"Down the Rio-Grande from Old San Felipo Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.407Vroman Negative #939
"Cibollita Mesa, 40 Miles south of Grants station N-M. (Some of the finest Pre-historic Ruins known are on the top of this Mesa.)," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.408Vroman Negative #1142
"Excavating for Pottery at a Ruin," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.409Vroman Negative #617
"Along the east side of Walpi (Hopi Towns)," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.410Vroman Negative #896
"Two Isleta Women, Native Costume," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.411Vroman Negative #1097
"Three Isleta Pueblo Women," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.412Vroman Negative #C110
"An Isleta Boy," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.413Vroman Negative #C113
"An Isleta Girl," n.d.

Vroman's full annotation in index: "An Isleta Girl. (sister of C110.)" See also Photo. #165.412.

Vol. 7#165.414Vroman Negative #C112
"An Isleta Boy," n.d.

Vroman's full annotation in index: "An Isleta Biy. (brother of C110.)" See also Photo. #165.412.

Vol. 7#165.415Vroman Negative #C104
"Two Isleta Pueblo women," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.416Vroman Negative #1401
"An Isleta Girl," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.417Vroman Negative #973
"Cloud Effect, near Enchanted Mesa, N-M," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.418Vroman Negative #972
"Cloud Effect, near Enchanted Mesa, N-M," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.419Vroman Negative #757
"Acoma form [sic] Mile and half S-W," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.420Vroman Negative #1092
"Formations around Acoma," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.421Vroman Negative #763
"The Burro Trail, Axoma," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.422Vroman Negative #761
"Formations along the walls of Acoma, near the Burro Trail," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.423Vroman Negative #760
"The Foot holes along the Padres Trail, Acoma," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.424Vroman Negative #759
"Camino del padre, (Trail of the Feathers,) Acoma," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.425Vroman Negative #762
"The Burro Trail, Acoma," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.426Vroman Negative #768
"A Street in Acoma," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.427Vroman Negative #764
"Pueblo of Acoma, from the roof of the old Mission Church. Enchanted Mesa in distance, 3 Miles," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.428Vroman Negative #776
"La Fiesta de San Estevan, Sept. 3rd. Acoma," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.429Vroman Negative #772
"Old Mission Church at Acoma, erected about 1700," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.430Vroman Negative #773
"Interior of Old Mission Church at Acoma," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.431Vroman Negative #781
"Enchanted Mesa from Acoma, Three miles distant," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.432Vroman Negative #780
"Mesa Encantada, or Enchanted Mesa, North end," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.433Vroman Negative #787
"Enchanted Mesa from Acoma, from S-W," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.434Vroman Negative #876
"Pueblo boy (Santa Ana Pueblo)," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.435Vroman Negative #C179
"Ongha, Ahono Boy," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.436Vroman Negative #C106
"An Acoma Girl," 1899.
Vol. 7#165.437Vroman Negative #753
"Interior of church at Laguna Pueblo," 1897.
Vol. 7#165.438Vroman Negative #1305
"Twin Buttes, distant view," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.439Vroman Negative #1307
"Twin Buttes, distant view, showing both peaks," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.440Vroman Negative #1306
"Twin Buttes, closer views showing both peaks," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.441Vroman Negative #1420
"General view in the petrified Forest," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.442Vroman Negative #1419
"General view in the petrified Forest," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.443Vroman Negative #981
"Log under a 12 ft. strata of Rock. Pet[rified] Forest," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.444Vroman Negative #1084
"Formations in the Petrified Forest," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.445Vroman Negative #976
"Erosions in the Petrified Forest of Arizona," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.446Vroman Negative #978
"A side hill in the Petrified Forest of Arizona," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.447Vroman Negative #977
"Eagle Rock in the Petrified Forest of Atisona," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.448Vroman Negative #980
"A good Wood yard in the Petrified Forest of Arizona," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.449Vroman Negative #986
"The Three Sisters. Pet[rified] Forest," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.450Vroman Negative #985
"General Views in Forest. Pet[rified] Forest," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.451Vroman Negative #987
"Some large logs, Pet[rified] Forest," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.452Vroman Negative #983
"Petrified Bridge, Pet[rified] Forest," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.453Vroman Negative #990
"In the Petrified Forest of Arizona," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.454Vroman Negative #990A
"In the Petrified Forest of Arizona," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.455Vroman Negative #990C
"In the Petrified Forest of Arizona," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.456Vroman Negative #990B
"In the Petrified Forest of Arizona," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.457Vroman Negative #988
"Clay bank 200 ft. high, scattered through which is [sic] pieces of logs," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.458Vroman Negative #990F
"In the Petrified Forest of Arizona," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.459Vroman Negative #702
"Clouds, on the way to Zuni," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.460Vroman Negative #703
"Clouds, on the way to Zuni," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.461Vroman Negative #718
"A narrow street and the Terraces Zuni Pueblo," 1897.
Vol. 7#165.462Vroman Negative #713
"Zuni Pueblo from the S-E," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.463Vroman Negative #733
"Water Carriers, Zuni Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.464Vroman Negative #720
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Vol. 7#165.466Vroman Negative #708
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Vol. 7#165.467Vroman Negative #723
"Old Mission Church, Zuni Pueblo. dating from about 1700," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.468Vroman Negative #730
"Turquoise Driller, making Beads. Zuni Pueblo," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.469Vroman Negative #726
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Vol. 7#165.470Vroman Negative #725
"Interior, Macaw Clan, Zuni Pueblo," 1899.
Vol. 7#165.471Vroman Negative #734
"Rain Dance, Zuni Pueblo," 1899.
Vol. 7#165.472Vroman Negative #735
"Rain dance, Zuni Pueblo," 1899.
Vol. 7#165.473Vroman Negative #1073
"The Rain Dance at Zuni," 1899.
Vol. 7#165.474Vroman Negative #1086
"Window Rock, on the way to Acoma, near the Enchanted Mes," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.475Vroman Negative #1070
"A Zuni Boy," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.476Vroman Negative #1069
"Carlito, a Zuni Man," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.477Vroman Negative #1068
"Tsenehey, a Zuni man," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.478Vroman Negative #1066
"Oste, a Zuni Man," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.479Vroman Negative #1076
"Ta-a-yal-lon-na Mountain, from Zuni," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.480Vroman Negative #739
"Ta-a-yal-lona-na Mountain, Zuni Pueblo," n.d.

Vroman's full annotation in index: "Ta-a-yal-lon-na Mountain, Zuni Pueblo. (Zuni was at one time located on top of this mountain, 700 ft. above the valley."

Vol. 7#165.481Vroman Negative #746
"Shrine of the Priest of the Bow (Near Zuni)," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.482Vroman Negative #744
"West end of Taayallonna," n.d.
Vol. 7#165.483Vroman Negative #741
"The Twins (Taayallonna Mt.)," n.d.

Vroman's full annotation in index: "The Twins (Taayallonna Mt.) Tradition is that ages ago during a great flood when the water rose to the top of the Mt and it looked as if the top would be covered, as a last resort two children were thrown over the cliff to appease the Rain God after the water subsided the 'Twins' were there to mark the spot?"

G. Vol. 8. Scrapbook of Roman art and architecture, 1885-1886.

This scrapbook was added to the Kingsmill Marrs photographs in Oct. 2005. It contains commercial photographs of Roman arches, ruins, friezes, and artifacts, as well as photographs of busts of Roman emperors, all annotated by Kingsmill Marrs. The scrapbook was assembled by Marrs between 1885-1886. The photographers are unidentified.

Vol. 8#165.484-547

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Kingsmill Marrs photographs, Photo. Coll. 165, Massachusetts Historical Society Photo Archives.

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Cleveland, Rose Elizabeth, 1846-1918--Photographs.
Dorr, Julia C. R. (Julia Caroline Ripley), 1825-1913--Photographs.
Marrs, Jane Van Poelien, b. 1832--Photographs.
Marrs, Kingsmill, d. 1912--Photographs.
Marrs, Laura Norcross, 1845-1926--Photographs.
Marrs family--Photographs.
Marrs family--Homes and haunts--Florida--Maitland--Photographs.
Marrs family--Homes and haunts--Massachusetts--Wayland--Photographs.
Barker, William Wilson, photographer.
Marrs, Kingsmill, d. 1912, photographer.
Montabone, Luigi, photographer.
Vroman, A. C. (Adam Clark), 1856-1916, photographer.


Kings and rulers--Europe--Photographs.
Indians of North America--20th century--Photographs.
Indians of North America--Dwellings--20th century--Photographs.
Voyages and travels--Photographs.
California--20th century--Photographs.
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