Portraits of Members of the Massachusetts Historical Society

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ca. 1800-1970

Guide to the Photograph Collection

Collection Summary


This collection consists of photographic and print portraits of members of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Collection Description

This collection consists of photographic and print portraits of members of the Massachusetts Historical Society, ca. 1800-1970, arranged alphabetically. Not all members are included. Although each individual is listed below only once, many folders contain multiple portraits.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box 1Folder 1
Abbot, Wilbur C.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 1Folder 2
Adams, Brooks
Box 1Folder 3
Adams, Charles F. (1807-1886)
Box 1Folder 4
Adams, Charles F. (1835-1915)
Box 1Folder 5
Adams, Charles F. (1866-1954)
Box 1Folder 6
Adams, HenryAlso in Box OS 1.
Box 1Folder 7
Adams, John (1735-1826)Also in Box OS 1.
Box 1Folder 8
Adams, John (1875-1964)
Box 1Folder 9
Adams, John Q.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 1Folder 10
Agassiz, Alexander
Box 1Folder 11
Agassiz, George R.
Box 1Folder 12
Aiken, John A.
Box 1Folder 13
Allen, Alexander V. G.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 1Folder 14
Allen, Gardner W.
Box 1Folder 15
Ames, Ellis
Box 1Folder 16
Ames, John B.
Box 1Folder 17
Ames, Seth
Box 1Folder 18
Amory, Thomas C.
Box 1Folder 19
Amory, William
Box 1Folder 20
Andrew, John A.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 1Folder 21
Appleton, Francis H.
Box 1Folder 22
Appleton, John
Box 1Folder 23
Appleton, Nathan
Box 1Folder 24
Appleton, Samuel
Box 1Folder 25
Appleton, William
Box 1Folder 26
Appleton, William S. (1840-1903)
Box 1Folder 27
Appleton, William S. (d. 1947)
Box 1Folder 28
Aspinwall, Thomas
Box 1Folder 29
Babson, John J.
Box 1Folder 30
Bacon, Gaspar G.
Box 1Folder 31
Bancroft, George
Box 1Folder 32
Bancroft, Hubert H.
Box 1Folder 33
Bangs, Edward
Box 1Folder 34
Banks, Charles E.
Box OS 1
Barbour, Thomas
Box 1Folder 36
Barker, James M.
Box 1Folder 37
Barry, John S.
Box 1Folder 38
Bassett, John S.
Box 1Folder 39
Baxter, James P.
Box 2Folder 1
Beal, Boylston A.
Box 2Folder 2
Beardsley, Eben E.
Box 2Folder 3
Belknap, Jeremy
Box 2Folder 4
Bell, Luther V.
Box 2Folder 5
Bellows, Robert P.
Box 2Folder 6
Barrien, John M.
Box 2Folder 7
Bigelow, Albert F.
Box 2Folder 8
Bigelow, Erastus B.
Box 2Folder 9
Bigelow, George T.
Box 2Folder 10
Bigelow, Jacob
Box 2Folder 11
Bigelow, John
Box 2Folder 12
Bigelow, Melville M.Also in Box OS 1.
Box OS 1
Bigelow, William S.
Box 2Folder 13
Billington, Ray A.
Box 2Folder 14
Binney, Horace
Box OS 1
Bird, Charles S., Jr.
Box 2Folder 15
Blagden, George W.
Box OS 1
Blake, Maurice C.
Box 2Folder 16
Blakeslee, George H.
Box 2Folder 17
Bolton, Charles K.
Box OS 1
Bond, Henry
Box 2Folder 18
Bortman, Mark
Box 2Folder 19
Boudinot, Elias
Box 2Folder 20
Bowditch, Charles P.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 2Folder 21
Bowditch, Harold
Box 2Folder 22
Bowdoin, James
Box 2Folder 23
Bowen, Francis
Box 2Folder 24
Bowles, Francis T.
Box 2Folder 25
Bradford, AldenAlso in Box OS 1.
Box 2Folder 26
Bradford, Gamaliel (1831-1911)
Box 2Folder 27
Bradford, Gamaliel (1863-1932)
Box 2Folder 28
Brayton, John S.
Box 2Folder 29
Brewington, Marion V.
Box 2Folder 30
Brewster, Ellis W.
Box 2Folder 31
Briggs, LeBaron R.
Box 2Folder 32
Brigham, Clarence S.
Box 2Folder 33
Brigham, Lincoln F.
Box 2Folder 34
Brigham, William
Box 2Folder 35
Brimmer, Martin
Box 2Folder 36
Brinton, Crane
Box 2Folder 37
Brooks, Charles
Box 2Folder 38
Brooks, PhillipsAlso in Box OS 1.
Box 2Folder 39
Brooks, William G.
Box OS 1
Brown, Davenport
Box 2Folder 40
Bryant, William C.
Box 2Folder 41
Bryce, James, viscount
Box 2Folder 42
Buck, Paul H.
Box 2Folder 43
Buckminster, Joseph S.
Box 2Folder 44
Bugbee, James M.
Box 2Folder 45
Bulfinch, Charles
Box 2Folder 46
Bullard, Frederic L.
Box 2Folder 47
Bullock, Alexander H.
Box 2Folder 48
Bynner, Edwin L.
Box OS 1
Cabot, George E.
Box OS 1
Cabot, Godfrey L.
Box 3Folder 1
Cabot, James E.
Box 3Folder 2
Canham, Erwin D.
Box 3Folder 3
Carr, LucienAlso in Box OS 1.
Box 3Folder 4
Cary, Thomas G.
Box 3Folder 5
Cass, Lewis
Box 3Folder 6
Chadbourne, Paul A.
Box OS 1
Chafee, Zechariah
Box 3Folder 7
Chamberlain, Daniel H.
Box 3Folder 8
Chamberlain, Mellen
Box 3Folder 9
Chandler, Peleg W.
Box 3Folder 10
Channing, Edward
Box 3Folder 11
Channing, Henry M.
Box 3Folder 12
Chase, George B.
Box 3Folder 13
Chase, Philip P.
Box 3Folder 14
Choate, Joseph H.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 3Folder 15
Choate, RufusAlso in Box OS 1.
Box 3Folder 16
Chorley, Kenneth (?)
Box 3Folder 17
Claflin, William H.
Box 3Folder 18
Clarke, Hermann F.
Box 3Folder 19
Clarke, James F.
Box 3Folder 20
Clarke, John
Box 3Folder 21
Clement, Edward H.
Box 3Folder 22
Clifford, John H.
Box 3Folder 23
Clinton, DeWitt
Box 3Folder 24
Cobb, Samuel C.
Box 3Folder 25
Codman, Charles R.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 3Folder 26
Codman, John
Box 3Folder 27
Cogswell, Willard G.
Box 3Folder 28
Cohen, I. Bernard
Box 3Folder 29
Cole, Arthur H.
Box OS 1
Coles, Edward
Box 3Folder 30
Conant, James B.
Box OS 1
Coolidge, Calvin
Box 3Folder 31
Corning, Howard
Box 3Folder 32
Coolidge, Archibald C.
Box 3Folder 33
Coolidge, John C.
Box 3Folder 34
Coolidge, Thomas J. (1831-1920)Also in Box OS 1.
Box 3Folder 35
Coolidge, Thomas J. (1893-1959)
Box 3Folder 36
Courtenay, William A.
Box 3Folder 37
Crapo, William W.
Box 3Folder 38
Crocker, Uriel H.
Box 3Folder 39
Cullum, George W.
Box 3Folder 40
Cummings, Abbot L.
Box 3Folder 41
Cunningham, Henry W.
Box 3Folder 42
Currier, Thomas F.
Box 3Folder 43
Curry, Jabez L. M.
Box 3Folder 44
Curtis, Benjamin R.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 3Folder 45
Curtis, Charles P.
Box 3Folder 46
Curtis, George T.
Box 3Folder 47
Curtiss, Frederic H.
Box 3Folder 48
Cushing, Caleb
Box 3Folder 49
Cushing, Harvey
Box 3Folder 50
Cushing, John D.
Box 3Folder 51
Cutler, Manasseh
Box 4Folder 1
Dalton, Charles H.
Box 4Folder 2
Dana, Henry W. L.
Box 4Folder 3
Dana, Richard H. (1815-1882)
Box 4Folder 4
Dana, Richard H. (1851-1931)Also in Box OS 1.
Box 4Folder 5
Dane, Nathan
Box 4Folder 6
Davenport, Charles M.
Box 4Folder 7
Davis, Andrew M.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 4Folder 8
Davis, Charles T.
Box 4Folder 9
Davis, George T.
Box 4Folder 10
Davis, Isaac P.
Box 4Folder 11
Davis, John
Box 4Folder 12
Davis, William T.
Box 4Folder 13
Darling, Arthur B.
Box 4Folder 14
De Normandie, JamesAlso in Box OS 1.
Box 4Folder 15
Deane, Charles
Box 4Folder 16
Devens, CharlesAlso in Box OS 1.
Box 4Folder 17
Dewing, Arthur S.
Box 4Folder 18
Dexter, GeorgeAlso in Box OS 1.
Box 4Folder 19
Dexter, Henry M.
Box 4Folder 20
Dexter, MortonAlso in Box OS 1.
Box 4Folder 21
Dodd, Edwin M.
Box 4Folder 22
Dodge, Ernest S.
Box 4Folder 23
Dodge, Theodore A.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 4Folder 24
Donald, Elijah W.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 4Folder 25
Dow, George F.
Box 4Folder 26
Dowse, William B. H.Also in Box OS 1.
Box 4Folder 27
Dunbar, Charles F.
Box 4Folder 28
Dwight, Timothy
Box 5Folder 29
Edes, Henry H.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 5Folder 30
Eliot, Charles W.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 5Folder 31
Eliot, John
Box 5Folder 32
Eliot, Samuel
Box 5Folder 33
Eliot, Samuel A.
Box 5Folder 34
Ellis, Arthur B.
Box 5Folder 35
Ellis, George E.
Box 5Folder 36
Emerson, Edward W.
Box 5Folder 37
Emerson, George B.
Box 5Folder 38
Emerson, Ralph W.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 5Folder 39
Emerson, William
Box 5Folder 40
Emerton, Ephraim
Box OS 2
Endicott, William
Box 5Folder 41
Endicott, William C. (1826-1900)Also in Box OS 2.
Box 5Folder 42
Endicott, William C. (1860-1936)
Box 5Folder 43
Ernst, Harold C.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 5Folder 44
Evarts, William M.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 5Folder 45
Everett, Alexander H.
Box 5Folder 46
Everett, EdwardAlso in Box OS 2.
Box 5Folder 47
Everett, WilliamAlso in Box OS 2.
Box 6Folder 1
One unidentified, possible F
Box 6Folder 2
Farlow, John W.
Box 6Folder 3
Fay, Sidney B.
Box 6Folder 4
Field, Walbridge A.
Box 6Folder 5
Felt, Joseph B.
Box 6Folder 6
Felton, Cornelius C.
Box OS 2
Field, Fred T.
Box 6Folder 7
Fiske, JohnAlso in Box OS 2.
Box 6Folder 8
Fitz, Reginald H.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 6Folder 9
Folsom, Charles
Box 6Folder 10
Foote, Henry W. (1838-1889)
Box 6Folder 11
Foote, Henry W. (1875-1964)
Box 6Folder 12
Forbes, Allan
Box 6Folder 13
Forbes, Allyn B.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 6Folder 14
Forbes, Robert B.
Box 6Folder 15
Ford, Worthington C.
Box 6Folder 16
Foster, Francis A.
Box 6Folder 17
Fox, Gustavus V.
Box 6Folder 18
Francis, John W.
Box 6Folder 19
Freeman, James
Box 6Folder 20
Freiberg, Malcolm
Box 6Folder 21
French, AllenAlso in Box OS 2.
Box 6Folder 22
Frost, Donald M.
Box 6Folder 23
Frothingham, Nathaniel L.
Box 6Folder 24
Frothingham, Octavius B.
Box 6Folder 25
Frothingham, Paul R.
Box 6Folder 26
Frothingham, Richard
Box 6Folder 27
Frothingham, Thomas G.
Box 6Folder 28
Fuess, Claude M.
Box 6Folder 29
Gage, Thomas H.
Box 6Folder 30
Gardiner, Samuel R.
Box 6Folder 31
Garnett, Richard
Box 6Folder 32
Gay, Edwin F.
Box 6Folder 33
Gay, Frederick L.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 6Folder 34
Gilbert, Edward H.
Box 6Folder 35
Gilman, Daniel C.
Box 6Folder 36
Gilmore, Myron P.
Box 6Folder 37
Goddard, Delano A.
Box 6Folder 38
Goodell, Abner C., Jr.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 6Folder 39
Goodspeed, Charles E.
Box 6Folder 40
Goodspeed, George T.
Box 6Folder 41
Goodwin, William W.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 6Folder 42
Gordon, George A.
Box 6Folder 43
Gordon, William
Box 6Folder 44
Gore, Christopher
Box 7Folder 1
Grant, RobertAlso in Box OS 2.
Box 7Folder 2
Gray, Edward
Box 7Folder 3
Gray, Francis C.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 7Folder 4
Gray, Horace
Box 7Folder 5
Gray, John C. (1793-1881)
Box 7Folder 6
Gray, John C. (1839-1915)Also in Box OS 2.
Box 7Folder 7
Gray, Roland
Box 7Folder 8
Gray, William
Box 7Folder 9
Green, Samuel A.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 7Folder 10
Greenough, Charles P.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 7Folder 11
Greenough, Chester N.
Box 7Folder 12
Greenough, William W.
Box 7Folder 13
Greenslet, Ferris
Box 7Folder 14
Grinnell, Frank W.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 7Folder 15
Gross, CharlesAlso in Box OS 2.
Box 7Folder 16
Guild, Curtis, Jr.Also in Box OS 2.
Box 7Folder 17
Gumere, Richard M.
Box 8Folder 18
Hale, Edward E.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 8Folder 19
Hale, George S.
Box 8Folder 20
Hale, Nathan
Box 8Folder 21
Hall, Edward H.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 8Folder 22
Hall, Granville S.
Box 8Folder 23
Hamilton, Edward P.
Box 8Folder 24
Hammond, Mason
Box 8Folder 25
Handlin, Oscar
Box 8Folder 26
Haring, Clarence H.
Box 8Folder 27
Harris, Edward D.
Box 8Folder 28
Harris, Thaddeus M.
Box 8Folder 29
Harrison, Frederic
Box 8Folder 30
Hart, Albert B.
Box 8Folder 31
Hart, Francis R.
Box 8Folder 32
Haskins, Charles H.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 8Folder 33
Hassam, John T.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 8Folder 34
Haven, Samuel F.
Box 8Folder 35
Haynes, Henry W.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 8Folder 36
Hay, John M.
Box 8Folder 37
Hedge, Frederic H.
Box 8Folder 38
Herrick, Samuel E.
Box 8Folder 39
Higginson, Henry L.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 8Folder 40
Higginson, Thomas W.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 8Folder 41
Hill, Clement H.
Box 8Folder 42
Hill, Don G.
Box 8Folder 43
Hill, Hamilton A.
Box 8Folder 44
Hill, Thomas
Box 8Folder 45
Hillard, George S.
Box 8Folder 46
Hoar, Ebenezer R.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 8Folder 47
Hoar, George F.
Box 8Folder 48
Hoar, Samuel
Box 8Folder 49
Hodges, GeorgeAlso in Box OS 3.
Box 8Folder 50
Holland, Josiah G.
Box 8Folder 51
Hollingsworth, Zachary T.Also in Box OS 3.
Box OS 3
Holmes, Abiel
Box 8Folder 52
Holmes, Oliver W. (1809-1894)Also in Box OS 3.
Box 9Folder 1
Homans, George C.
Box 9Folder 2
Hoppin, Nicholas
Box 9Folder 3
Hovgaard, William
Box 9Folder 4
Howe, Henry S.
Box 9Folder 5
Howe, Henry F.
Box 9Folder 6
Howe, Mark D.
Box OS 3
Howe, Parkman D.
Box 9Folder 7
Hudson, Charles
Box 9Folder 8
Hugo, E. Harold
Box 9Folder 9
Hunnewell, James F.Also in Box OS 3.
Box OS 3
Hunnewell, James M.
Box 9Folder 10
Jackson, Charles (1775-1855)
Box 9Folder 11
Jackson, Charles (d. 1969)
Box 9Folder 12
Jackson, William A.
Box 9Folder 13
Jenkins, Lawrence W.
Box 9Folder 14
Jenks, Henry F.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 9Folder 15
Jenks, William
Box 9Folder 16
Johnson, Edward T.
Box 9Folder 17
Jones, Matt B.
Box 9Folder 18
Jordan, Wilbur K.
Box 9Folder 19
Joy, Benjamin
Box 9Folder 20
Judd, Sylvester
Box 9Folder 21
Kellin, William V.
Box 9Folder 22
Kennedy, John F.
Box 9Folder 23
Kennedy, John P.
Box 9Folder 24
Kilham, Walter H.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 9Folder 25
King, Rufus
Box 9Folder 26
Kinnicutt, Lincoln N.
Box OS 3
Kirkland, John T.
Box 9Folder 27
Kittredge, George L.
Box 9Folder 28
Lamson, Alvan
Box 9Folder 29
Langer, William L.
Box 9Folder 30
Latham, Williams
Box 9Folder 31
Lathrop, JohnAlso in Box OS 3.
Box 9Folder 32
Lawrence, Abbott (1792-1855)
Box 9Folder 33
Lawrence, Abbott (1828-1893)
Box 9Folder 34
Lawrence, Amos A.
Box 9Folder 35
Lawrence, James, Jr.
Box 9Folder 36
Lawrence, John S.
Box 9Folder 37
Lawrence, Robert M.
Box 9Folder 38
Lawrence, William
Box 9Folder 39
Lee, Henry (1817-1898)
Box 9Folder 40
Lefavour, Henry
Box 9Folder 41
Lewis, Alonzo
Box 9Folder 42
Lincoln, Benjamin
Box 9Folder 43
Lincoln, Levi, Jr.
Box 9Folder 44
Lincoln, Solomon (1804-1881)
Box 9Folder 45
Lincoln, Solomon (1838-1907)
Box 9Folder 46
Lincoln, Waldo
Box 10Folder 1
Little, Bertram K.
Box 10Folder 2
Little, David B.
Box 10Folder 3
Livermore, George
Box 10Folder 4
Livermore, Thomas L.
Box 10Folder 5
Livermore, William R.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 6
Lodge, Henry C. (1850-1924)Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 7
Lodge, Henry C. (1902-1985)
Box 10Folder 8
Long, John D.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 9
Longfellow, Henry W.
Box 10Folder 10
Lord, ArthurAlso in Box OS 3.
Box OS 3
Lord, Milton E.
Box 10Folder 11
Lord, Robert H.
Box 10Folder 12
Loring, Augustus P. (1915-1986)
Box 10Folder 13
Loring, Charles G. (1794-1867)
Box 10Folder 14
Loring, Charles G. (d. 1902)Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 15
Lothrop, Samuel K.
Box 10Folder 16
Lothrop, Thornton K.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 17
Lovering, Henry M.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 18
Lowell, Abbott L.
Box 10Folder 19
Lowell, Augustus
Box 10Folder 20
Lowell, CharlesAlso in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 21
Lowell, Edward J.
Box 10Folder 22
Lowell, Francis C.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 23
Lowell, James R.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 24
Lowell, John (1769-1840)
Box 10Folder 25
Lowell, John (1824-1897)Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 26
Lowell, John A.
Box 10Folder 27
Lowell, Ralph
Box 10Folder 28
Lunt, William P.
Box 10Folder 29
Lyman, Arthur T.Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 30
Lyman, George H.
Box 10Folder 31
Lyman, Theodore (1792-1849)Also in Box OS 3.
Box 10Folder 32
Lyman, Theodore (1833-1897)
Box 11Folder 1
McCall, Samuel W.
Box 11Folder 2
McCleary, Samuel F.
Box 11Folder 3
McIlwain, Charles H.
Box OS 4
McKeane, Joseph
Box 11Folder 4
McKenzie, Alexander
Box 11Folder 5
Mahan, Alfred T.
Box 11Folder 6
Malone, DumasAlso in Box OS 4.
Box 11Folder 7
Margry, Pierre
Box 11Folder 8
Marshall, John
Box 11Folder 9
Mason, Charles E.
Box 11Folder 10
Mason, Robert M.
Box 11Folder 11
Matthews, Albert
Box 11Folder 12
Mayo, Lawrence S.
Box 11Folder 13
Mead, Edwin D.
Box 11Folder 14
Merriam, George S.
Box 11Folder 15
Merriman, Roger B.
Box 11Folder 16
Merk, Frederick
Box 11Folder 17
Metcalf, Keyes D.
Box 11Folder 18
Metcalf, Theron
Box 11Folder 19
Miller, Perry
Box 11Folder 20
Minns, ThomasAlso in Box OS 4.
Box 11Folder 21
Minot, George R.
Box 11Folder 22
Minot, Joseph G.
Box 11Folder 23
Minot, William
Box 11Folder 24
Mitchell, StewartAlso in Box OS 4.
Box 11Folder 25
Monroe, George H.Also in Box OS 4.
Box OS 4
Moody, Robert E.
Box 11Folder 26
Moore, George F.
Box 11Folder 27
Morse, Horace H.
Box OS 4
Morse, John T., Jr.
Box 11Folder 28
Motley, John L.
Box 11Folder 29
Murdock, Harold
Box 11Folder 30
Murdock, Kenneth B.
Box 11Folder 31
Nash, Chauncey C.
Box 11Folder 32
Nash, Norman B.
Box 11Folder 33
Newell, William
Box 11Folder 34
Nichols, Charles L.
Box OS 4
Nielson, William A.
Box 11Folder 35
Noble, JohnAlso in Box OS 4.
Box 11Folder 36
Norcross, Grenville H.
Box OS 4
Northrop, George M.
Box 11Folder 37
Norton, Charles E.Also in Box OS 4.
Box 11Folder 38
Nourse, Henry S.
Box 11Folder 39
Nutter, George R.Also in Box OS 4.
Box 11Folder 40
O'Brien, Robert L.
Box 11Folder 41
Oliver, Fitch E.
Box 11Folder 42
Olney, RichardAlso in Box OS 4.
Box 12Folder 1
Paige, Lucius R.
Box 12Folder 2
Paine, John B., Jr.
Box 12Folder 3
Paine, NathanielAlso in Box OS 4.
Box 12Folder 4
Paine, Richard C.
Box 12Folder 5
Palfrey, Francis W.
Box 12Folder 6
Palmer, Joseph
Box 12Folder 7
Park, Charles E.
Box 12Folder 8
Park, Edwards A.
Box 12Folder 9
Park, Lawrence
Box 12Folder 10
Parker, Francis E.
Box 12Folder 11
Parker, Joel
Box 12Folder 12
Parkman, Francis (1823-1893)Also in Box OS 4.
Box 12Folder 13
Parkman, Francis (d. 1990)
Box 12Folder 14
Parsons, Theophilus
Box 12Folder 15
Parsons, Usher
Box 12Folder 16
Peabody, Andrew P.
Box 12Folder 17
Peabody, GeorgeAlso in Box OS 4.
Box 12Folder 18
Pearson, Henry G.
Box 12Folder 19
Perkins, Augustus T.
Box 12Folder 20
Perkins, Charles C.
Box 12Folder 21
Perkins, Elliott
Box 12Folder 22
Perkins, Palfrey
Box 12Folder 23
Perry, Arthur L.
Box 12Folder 24
Perry, Bliss
Box 12Folder 25
Perry, Carroll
Box 12Folder 26
Phillips, James D.Also in Box OS 4.
Box 12Folder 27
Phillips, John C.
Box 12Folder 28
Phillips, William
Box 12Folder 29
Pickering, John
Box 12Folder 30
Pickman, Edward M.
Box 12Folder 31
Pier, Arthur S.
Box 12Folder 32
Pierce, Edward L.
Box 12Folder 33
Pierce, John
Box 12Folder 34
Pond, Shepard
Box 12Folder 35
Porter, Edward G.
Box 12Folder 36
Potter, Alfred C.
Box OS 4
Pound, Roscoe
Box 12Folder 37
Preble, George H.
Box 12Folder 38
Prescott, William H.
Box 12Folder 39
Prince, John
Box 12Folder 40
Punchard, George
Box 12Folder 41
Pusey, Nathan M.
Box OS 4
Putnam, Franklin D.
Box 12Folder 42
Putnam, Frederic W.Also in Box OS 4.
Box 12Folder 43
Quincy, Edmund
Box 12Folder 44
Quincy, Josiah
Box 12Folder 45
Quincy, Josiah P.Also in Box OS 4.
Box 12Folder 46
Quint, Alonzo H.
Box 13Folder 1
Rand, Arnold A.Also in Box OS 4.
Box 13Folder 2
Rand, Edward K.
Box 13Folder 3
Rantoul, Robert S.
Box 13Folder 4
Rathbone, Perry T.
Box 13Folder 5
Renwick, William G.
Box 13Folder 6
Rhodes, James F.Also in Box OS 4.
Box 13Folder 7
Riley, Stephen T.Also in Box OS 4.
Box 13Folder 8
Robbins, Chandler
Box 13Folder 9
Robbins, James M.Also in Box OS 4.
Box 13Folder 10
Rogers, Henry M.
Box 13Folder 11
Robes, John C.
Box 13Folder 12
Rugg, Arthur P.
Box 13Folder 13
Russell, George R.
Box 13Folder 14
Russell, William G.
Box 13Folder 15
Ruzicka, Rudolph
Box 13Folder 16
Sabine, Lorenzo
Box 13Folder 17
Salisbury, Stephen (1798-1884)
Box 13Folder 18
Salisbury, Stephen (1835-1905)Also in Box OS 5.
Box 13Folder 19
Saltonstall, Edward P.
Box 13Folder 20
Saltonstall, Leverett (1783-1845)
Box 13Folder 21
Saltonstall, Leverett (1825-1895)
Box 13Folder 22
Saltonstall, Leverett (1892-1979)
Box 13Folder 23
Sanborn, Franklin B.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 13Folder 24
Sanford, John E.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 13Folder 25
Sargent, Lucius M.
Box 13Folder 26
Savage, James
Box 13Folder 27
Schaff, Morris
Box 13Folder 28
Schlesinger, Arthur M. (1888-1965)
Box 13Folder 29
Schlesinger, Arthur M. (b. 1917)Also in Box OS 5.
Box 13Folder 30
Schouler, JamesAlso in Box OS 5.
Box 13Folder 31
Schurtz, Carl
Box 13Folder 32
Scott, Austin W.
Box 13Folder 33
Scudder, Horace E.
Box 13Folder 34
Sears, David
Box 13Folder 35
Sears, Edmund
Box 13Folder 36
Seaver, Edwin P.
Box 13Folder 37
Seaver, Henry L.
Box 13Folder 38
Sedgwick, Ellery
Box OS 5
Sedgwick, Henry D.
Box 13Folder 39
Seward, William H.
Box 14Folder 1
Shattuck, Frederick C.
Box 14Folder 2
Shattuck, George C.
Box 14Folder 3
Shattuck, George O.
Box 14Folder 4
Shattuck, Henry L.
Box 14Folder 5
Shattuck, Lemuel (d. 1859)
Box 14Folder 6
Shattuck, Lemuel (d. 1861)
Box 14Folder 7
Shaw, Lemuel
Box 14Folder 8
Shaw, Robert G.
Box 14Folder 9
Shaw, Samuel S.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 14Folder 10
Shaw, William S.
Box 14Folder 11
Sheldon, George
Box 14Folder 12
Shipton, Clifford K.
Box 14Folder 13
Shurtleff, Nathaniel B.
Box 14Folder 14
Shurtleff, William S.
Box 14Folder 15
Sibley, John L.
Box 14Folder 16
Slafter, Edmund F.
Box 14Folder 17
Smith, Charles C.
Box 14Folder 18
Smith, Fitz-Henry, Jr.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 14Folder 19
Smith, Jonathan
Box 14Folder 20
Smith, Justin H.
Box 14Folder 21
Smith, Theodore C.
Box 14Folder 22
Smythe, Egbert C.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 14Folder 23
Somerby, Horatio G.
Box 14Folder 24
Sparks, Jared
Box 14Folder 25
Spooner, William
Box 14Folder 26
Sprague, Charles
Box 14Folder 27
Spring, Leverett W.
Box 14Folder 28
Stanwood, EdwardAlso in Box OS 5.
Box 14Folder 29
Stephen, Sir Leslie
Box 14Folder 30
Stimson, Frederic J.
Box 14Folder 31
Storer, Malcolm
Box 14Folder 32
Storey, Charles M.
Box 14Folder 33
Storey, Moorfield
Box 14Folder 34
Story, JosephAlso in Box OS 5.
Box 14Folder 35
Story, William W.
Box 14Folder 36
Strobel, Edward H.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 14Folder 37
Strong, Caleb
Box 14Folder 38
Sullivan, James
Box 14Folder 39
Sullivan, Thomas R.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 14Folder 40
Sumner, Charles
Box 14Folder 41
Sumner, William H.
Box 14Folder 42
Swift, Lindsay
Box 15Folder 1
Taft, Henry W.
Box 15Folder 2
Tate, Vernon D.
Box OS 5
Taylor, Charles H.
Box 15Folder 3
Thacher, Peter
Box 15Folder 4
Thayer, James B.
Box 15Folder 5
Thayer, Nathaniel
Box 15Folder 6
Thayer, William R.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 15Folder 7
Thomas, Benjamin F.
Box 15Folder 8
Thomas, Isaiah
Box 15Folder 9
Thorndike, Samuel L.
Box 15Folder 10
Ticknor, George
Box 15Folder 11
Toppan, Robert N.
Box 15Folder 12
Torrey, Henry W.
Box 15Folder 13
Tozzer, Alfred M.
Box 15Folder 14
Tudor, Frederic
Box 15Folder 15
Tudor, William (1750-1819)
Box 15Folder 16
Tudor, William (1779-1830)
Box 15Folder 17
Turner, Frederick J.
Box 15Folder 18
Tuttle, Charles W.
Box 15Folder 19
Tuttle, Julius H.
Box OS 5
Updike, Daniel B.
Box 15Folder 20
Upham, Charles W.
Box 15Folder 21
Upham, William P.
Box 15Folder 22
Viets, Henry R.
Box 15Folder 23
Villari, Pasquale
Box 15Folder 24
Walcott, Henry P.
Box 15Folder 25
Walcott, Robert
Box 15Folder 26
Waldeck, Jean F.
Box 15Folder 27
Walker, Francis A.
Box OS 5
Walker, James
Box 15Folder 28
Wallcut, Thomas
Box 15Folder 29
Walsh, Michael J.
Box 15Folder 30
Ware, Henry, Jr.
Box 15Folder 31
Warren, Charles
Box 15Folder 32
Warren, Charles H.
Box 15Folder 33
Warren, John
Box 15Folder 34
Warren, John C.
Box 15Folder 35
Warren, Joseph
Box 15Folder 36
Warren, Winslow
Box 15Folder 37
Washburn, Charles G.
Box 15Folder 38
Washburn, Emory
Box 15Folder 39
Washburn, Henry B.
Box 15Folder 40
Washburn, John D.
Box 16Folder 1
Waters, Henry F.
Box 16Folder 2
Waters, Thomas F.
Box 16Folder 3
Waterston, Robert C.
Box 16Folder 4
Watson, Benjamin M.
Box 16Folder 5
Webb, Thomas H.
Box 16Folder 6
Webster, Daniel
Box 16Folder 7
Weiss, Frederick L.
Box 16Folder 8
Wendell, Barrett
Box 16Folder 9
Wentworth, Sir Charles M.
Box 16Folder 10
Wheatland, Henry
Box 16Folder 11
Wheatland, Stephen
Box 16Folder 12
White, Andrew D.
Box 16Folder 13
White, Daniel A.
Box 16Folder 14
Whitehill, Walter M.
Box 16Folder 15
Whitmore, William H.
Box 16Folder 16
Whitney, Henry A.
Box 16Folder 17
Whitney, Peter
Box 16Folder 18
Wilkins, Raymond S.
Box 16Folder 19
Willard, Joseph
Box 16Folder 20
Williamson, William D.
Box 16Folder 21
Wilson, Thomas W.
Box 16Folder 22
Winship, George P.
Box 16Folder 23
Winsor, Justin
Box 16Folder 24
Winthrop, Frederic (d. 1932)
Box 16Folder 25
Winthrop, James
Box 16Folder 26
Winthrop, Robert C. (1809-1894)Also in Box OS 5.
Box 16Folder 27
Winthrop, Robert C. (1834-1905)
Box 16Folder 28
Wisner, Benjamin B.
Box 16Folder 29
Wolcott, Roger (1847-1900)
Box 16Folder 30
Wolcott, Roger (1877-1965)
Box 16Folder 31
Wolkins, George G.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 16Folder 32
Woods, Henry E.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 16Folder 33
Worcester, Joseph E.
Box 16Folder 34
Wyman, Jeffries
Box 16Folder 35
Wyzanski, Charles E., Jr.
Box 16Folder 36
Young, Alexander
Box 16Folder 37
Young, Edward J.Also in Box OS 5.
Box 16Folder 38
MHS proofs, ca. 1990, board of trustees, other officers, staff

Preferred Citation

Massachusetts Historical Society portraits of members, Photo. Coll. 20, Massachusetts Historical Society Photo Archives.

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Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915--Photographs.
Adams, Henry, 1838-1918--Photographs.
Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848--Photographs.
Cushing, John D., 1922---Photographs.
Deane, Charles, 1813-1889--Photographs.
Ellis, George Edward, 1814-1894--Photographs.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882--Photographs.
Everett, Edward, 1794-1865--Photographs.
Forbes, Allyn Bailey, 1897-1947--Photographs.
Ford, Worthington Chauncey, 1858-1941--Photographs.
Green, Samuel A. (Samuel Abbott), 1830-1918--Photographs.
Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909--Photographs.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963--Photographs.
Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1850-1924--Photographs.
Long, John Davis, 1838-1915--Photographs.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882--Photographs.
Lowell, James Russell, 1819-1891--Photographs.
Mitchell, Stewart, 1892-1957--Photographs.
Parkman, Francis, 1823-1893--Photographs.
Riley, Stephen T.--Photographs.
Whitehill, Walter Muir, 1905-1978--Photographs.
Winthrop, Robert C. (Robert Charles), 1809-1894--Photographs.
Winthrop, Robert C. (Robert Charles), 1834-1905--Photographs.


Massachusetts Historical Society--History.
Massachusetts Historical Society--Photographs.


Boston (Mass.)--Societies, etc.--Photographs.
History--Societies, etc.--Massachusetts--Boston--Photographs.